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Expectations Parents Have for Their Kids

1. “My fear with my daughter Havana is, even when I used to drop her off at daycare or school, has been if I’ve taught her enough. Have I taught her to stand up for herself and her peers. Have I taught her to respect herself and others, taught her to love, and cope with life’s idiotic stuff. I think I don’t want her to feel empty, and if she ever does, to know not to fill any void with something or someone bad”. Araceli Diaz 2. “My kids are good students and I know they do their best. My fear would be them meeting the wrong people and being introduced to things that I try to keep them away from. I know they are smart and would make good decisions, I would just prefer nothing get in their way. This is just one of many of my fears for my children”. Cecilia Garcia 3. “Having children can be incredibly rewarding or a pain in the youknowwhat, depending on the situation. I know there are those who say that parenting is always wonderful. I think we all know they’re lying. Our children mess up. They lie to us, they’re sneaky, they don’t listen and they know how to push all the wrong buttons.I’m not telling you

something you don’t already know. However, despite what our kids do to make us mad at times, we do things that are probably just as irritating. I asked my kids about some of the things I’m going to talk about to you, and they informed me that I’m guilty of every one of them.” Stacey Pope 4. “It’s frustrating when our children mess up. It could be a dish dropped, door slammed or something bigger, like a accident. Hey, WE MESS UP TOO! Why do we try to hold our kids to a standard that we can’t maintain ourselves? Mistakes happen, we ALL mess up, that’s life. Don’t hold being human against your children.” Carol

they should also be accepting of that. In our culture, and the propaganda that has been enforced and pushed by our politicians, I want my kids to know the value of diversity. That someone may come from a different background, and have values that are not familiar to us, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not human. I want my kids to know humanity”. James King


7. “What more could I want as a father of my 9 year old daughter? That she doesn’t face bullies. That no one judges her by her looks, color, body. More of her mind. She’s a smart kid. And her mind runs like a rocket! I would want a man for her that respects her, or Daddy will come strong, with fists punching!”

5. “To see them grow into the people you wish them to be. To know that once they achieve each goal they have made for themselves in life is fulfilled. And most of all, to know that they are happy. As parents, that’s what we want for our kids. But it’s not something we can push, we can only hope that they do it!” Jasmine Khan

8. “Study. Study hard! Find a good job, live a good life, be set. Be so comfortable in your life that when we visit we have a good home to come to! Oh and learn to cook, because I’m not always going to around to make sure that there’s a good meal on the table. These kids need to learn that one their own!” Maninder Kaur

6. “As a parent, I strive to teach my children that people are different, but

Cesar Diaz

By Rajdeep Beasla

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8 Real Life Expectations Parents Have for Their Kids

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From the editor Everyone has dreams

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JUNE - JULY 2016

Everyone has dreams for his or her future. For some, their dreams come true; but for the majority, they remain just that – dreams. Those who do not have dreams cannot get as far as they want in their lives as they would like. In the same breath, those who have dreams but do not pursue them also can’t get far as well. We have been working in different industries. If you see a successful company and you dream of it as a profession, there is nothing wrong with it. First of all, get proper knowledge about this profession through formal education from industry experts and from those already working successfully in the profession. By doing this, you can pre-calculate the advantages and disadvantages of the profession. By attaining the preliminary knowledge of the profession, you can better decide if it is the right profession for you. The second step is to make a checklist of the required training you will need and pursue it step by step. The most important thing is to take the proper training and go through all necessary steps rather than taking any shortcuts. The time you spend in the beginning will pay off in the long run and make you a more successful professional. Now that you are in the profession, ensure that you know the rules, laws, and regulations, and never try to bypass them. It takes less time and effort to follow rules rather than face the consequences. By taking a shortcut, or breaking laws or regulations, you can easily lose your dreams and any acquired wealth. Learning is a never ending process. Keep learning, become better day-byday and see your dreams being fulfilled.

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Where are All the High School Grads Going??? More Americans are getting their diplomas-but fewer are enrolling in college. Why the mismatch?


ust over 82 percent of the students who were high school seniors during the 2013-2014 year graduated, up from 81 percent the year before. In Fresno County graduation rates improved at several central San Joaquin Valley Schools districts, state data released in line small overall increase in the statewide average and big jumps at other local districts like Fresno Unified. In both Madera and Visalia unifieds, rates jumped by at least 3.5 percentage points. About 92% of Visalia seniors graduated last school year, a huge jump from just five years ago when less than 80% graduated. The district has put more money into students who have historically performed below their peers, like those still learning English, Superintendent Ed Gonzalez said. Allowing those students to take more electives in place of additional language classes has helped keep them engaged and in class More teacher training and giving students who failed classes

Desi Lifestyle 2016


more ways to gain those credits has helped, Hanford Superintendent Bill Fishbough said. Some students are now going online to take classes they previously flunked. “It allows students to take the classes while continuing their progress in other core” subjects, he said. This isn’t new information, but it is new data for a new year, so it’s worth asking again: Where are all those high-school graduates going if they’re not ending up in higher education? For economists and education experts, the answer is obvious.

As the Stanford economist Caroline Hoxby and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign economist Jeffrey Brown have famously argued, students were more likely to enroll and stay in college during the Great Recession; at a time when there are fewer jobs, would-be college students are more likely to invest in opportunities to develop skills and enhance their chances at getting employed. People are drawn back toward the workforce once the economy has started to recover, which is what experts suspect is happening now.

“People are pretty much just wandering around between youth dependency and adult dependence.” “We think that others and ourselves need to be asking some pretty hard questions about why this might have happened,” This information cries for more analysis. In some ways, the high-school graduates who head straight into the labor market are the most practical among diploma recipients. The types of institutions seeing the most significant declines in enrollment tend to offer degrees that provide only marginal improvements in job prospects compared to high-school diplomas. Today, the popularity of a given degree and its return on investment are often. The high-school graduates who tend to forgo college and make it in the economy, are also the ones who can land jobs that aren’t traditionally associated with higher-education degrees—blue-collar fields such as manufacturing, mining, and agriculture. There are only a few ways to beat the college wage premium—the income advantage of having a college degree—“and generally the only people who beat this game are boys.” In blue-collar jobs, “you can work your way up, learn on the job. But there’s none of that for females. Basically, there’s no real pathway for girls out of high school [except college].” No wonder women account for a majority of today’s college-degree-holders. “When enrollments go down, the first thing you lose are the boys.”

“When enrollments go down, the first thing you lose are the boys.” But going the non-college route is increasingly impractical, even when the objective is a job that’s more vocational in nature. While a job may certainly be an appealing alternative to an increasingly costly postsecondary education, the college wage premium has risen drastically since the early 1980s. And when today’s young adults are compared with previous generations, the disparity in economic outcomes between college graduates and those with a high school diploma or less formal schooling has never been greater in the modern era.” These economic benefits even affect those who start college but don’t complete 8

JUNE - JULY 2016

it, according to some research. Moreover, if recent trends are any indication, the people who skip out on school altogether probably won’t ever get a chance to get their degrees. The key obstacle to getting more high-school graduates enrolled in college is limited information; postsecondary education in the U.S. is “like a big computer with no operating system.” Americans, he said, have a “chaotic” understanding of the role of college in the economy. “Students are lost; they don’t know how to make these connections” between the value of a college degree and their position within the economy. This is why lobbying groups and businesses have been advocating for greater correspondence between careerand-technical education and the demands of the labor market and development of more alternative credentialing programs. There is “this information problem, this confusion, the Tower of Babel that you face when you’re looking at the economy and higher education,” he continued. “You’re young; you don’t want to take out loans … People are pretty much just wandering around between youth dependency and adult dependence.” And ultimately, even high-school graduation rates are falling short of expectations. This year marked the first time in a while that the country stumbled on its way to reaching a 90-percent graduation rate by 2020.

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10 JUNE - JULY 2016

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Happy Father’s Day

By: Ismelda Del Toro

You love us, care for us, scold us, lecture us until our ears hurts, but all in the name of love.

12 JUNE - JULY 2016


lthough at the time we find it unbearable to hear one more thing that we have to do, such as cleaning our rooms or not finishing our homework on time, but it’s because you want to make us better people so that we can adapt in society. Even in your yells and screams we find love, and we say this only because we know you care. You don’t want us to end up without a better future for ourselves, or to not pursue the dreams we set out for when we were kids. Each day you make sure that we learn something new, have a plan of action, build our character so that we can face the toughest of challenges. You make it your personal task to know exactly what we do throughout the day so you can right our wrongs, and listen as we cry about how horrible our days were. You comfort us, make us stronger, seriously there is no one is the world like you. We are indebted to you. And without you, we are nothing. To all our Dad’s, may we be you, love like you, and be strong just like you.

Pwdrz fyA ‘qy qusIN swnUM ipAwr krdy ho, swfy bwry iPkr krdy ho, swnUM iJVkdy ho, ieMnIAW is`iKAwvW idMdy ho ky sux sux ky swfy kMn duKx l`g pYNdy hn- pr ieh sB ku`J ipAwr dy nWA ‘qy hI huMdw hY[keI vwr ies qrHW vI lgdw hY ik ieho ijhIAW g`lW suxnw Asih ho jWdw hY ijvyN ik- qusIN Awpxy kmry hor vDIAw swP kro, Awpxw skUl dw kMm smyN isr ikauN nhIN mukwieAw Awid[pr huMdw qW ieh sB ku`J qW hY ik qusIN cwhuMdy ho ik AsIN vDIAw ienswn bx ky ies suswietI dw vDIAw ih`sw bx skIey[quhwfIAW iJVkW Aqy au`cIAW AvwzW ‘c vI swnUM ipAwr idsdw hY[ ieh AsIN qW hI kihMdy hW ikauN ik quhwnUM swfw iPkr hY[qusIN cwhuMdy ho ik swfw Biv`K quhwfy nwLoN vI vDIAw hovy[nw hI qusIN ieh cwhMudy ho ik ijhVy supny AsIN Awpxy bcpn ‘c Awpxy leI isrjy sn, auh ADUry rih jwx hr roz qusIN ieh XkInI bxwauNdy ho ik AsIN ku`J hor nvW is`KIey, iksy kMm nUM isry cwVHn dI koeI Xojnw bxweIey, Awpxw ies qrHW dw cirqr bxweIey ik AsIN muSkl qoN muSkl cuxOqIAW dw vI swhmxw kr skIey[Asl ‘c qusIN ieh jwnxw Awpxw injI Prz smJ lYNdy ho ik AsIN idn Br kI kIqw, qW ik qusIN swfIAW glqIAW jwx ky aunHW nUM TIk kr sko[ nwL ieh vI ik qusIN ieh vI sux sko ik swfw idn iks qrHW dw AOKw lMiGAw[ieh sB ku`J sux ky swnUM qusIN swnUM idlwsw idMdy ho Aqy swnUM hor mzbUq bxwauNdy ho- ieh iblku`l scweI hY ik sMswr ‘c quhwfy vrgw hor koeI nhIN[ AsIN ies sB leI quhwfy dyxdwr hW[quhwfy ibnw qW AsIN ku`J vI nhIN[ myrI swry ipqwvW qoN ieh hI Aws hY ik auh swry quhwfy vrgy hox, quhwfy vWg ipAwr krn Aqy quhwfy vWg hI mzbUq hox!

Desi Lifestyle 2016


A Daughter’s Journey Twelve years ago, my life would forever be changed. God decided he needed my mother, Kim, beside him to carry out his plans. These past twelve years have been the hardest years as I have grown from a young girl to a young woman. It has taken lots of hard work, dedication, and the love of friends and family for me to become who I am today. The past six years wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have the support of my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. 14 JUNE - JULY 2016

Katie Khanna - Grad Class of 2016 CSUF This degree that I will be receiving at the end of May not only goes to me, but to them as well. I didn’t think I would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel, and now it’s finally here after six years of full time school and full time work.


obody in life has it easy – and neither have I. I believe all the trials that I have been put through in life has only made me stronger. This past year especially is where most of my progress has been. Losing my mother at such a prime age had caused me to close myself off to relationships and to people who wanted to be there; and I never let them. This last year I have found more love and compassion in the people around me than I ever have before. My mom knew I needed these people for this last leg of one of the many first huge life events of my life. As I go through more life experiences and graduation, I have found myself selfishly wanting her here more and more every day. I remember seeing how upset she was being unable to attend my 8th grade graduation, however I could also see

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how proud she was. She knew she wasn’t going to be there for my graduations, my wedding, or her future grandchildren – physically. There are days when I need it most, that I feel her presence. Sometimes, in order to better your soul – you need to talk, to let out your feelings, to cry. Nobody is alone in this world; and I have found this out the hard way. The people in your life are there for a reason – embrace and love them – no matter how difficult it maybe. I have found the most difficult relationships are the ones worth enduring. Come May 20, 2016 @ 5 PM, I will have the most proud mother in Heaven looking down at her daughter graduating with her Bachelor’s in Psychology. I know she will always be there in spirit, and will always be looking down on me with that smile of hers.

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Counselor Advice to Incoming College Freshmen My various experiences in college have provided me with a well-rounded perspective on education, since I am very fortunate to have earned a college degree from India and in the U.S. If one is not sure about a major or college, it is beneficial to take advantage of the State Center Community College and enroll in a diverse set of classes. Students need to help their parents and themselves save money, highlighting that community college is the best route to take when feeling indecisive. Also, it is necessary to escape that competitive mode or ego trip - what will my friends/ other families think, I am not smart enough that’s why I didn’t go to UC, etc. As long as a student has earned at least thirty units (taken required classes) and has taken classes for the major, they can transfer to a four-year college or a University.


his will bring more maturity and give enough time to decide what students want to do eventually. Don’t worry about having a lack of friends because your former classmates decided to pursue their education elsewhere. No one needs to be stuck with loans at a bachelor’s level of education, unless it is affordable. Always stay positive, if you fail a class it is not end of the world, you will have another chance. If you feel too overwhelmed, make sure you stop and reflect where you are going and access professional support. State Center Community College has TAG (transfer agreements) with certain colleges, and more information can be discovered by scheduling an appointment with the Transfer Center Counselor. It is crucial for students to take general education courses during their first two years of college. They get exposed to lower division classes in areas like Natural Science, Social &

18 JUNE - JULY 2016

Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, or the Language and Rationality area. Students should choose classes very carefully because this could be a life-changing event. Exposure to different subjects can spark an interest and could lead to a newly found major. Don’t lose your focus. Now universities are becoming strict about changing majors so make sure you have explored enough. It is highly recommended to attend any workshops being offered on campus, which include topics such as selecting a major, financial aid, and tax filing sessions. They are held to empower you to be a better student, or to learn something that you did not know previously. Also, always apply for scholarships and financial aid because you could become a recipient! The State Center Community College offers so many certificate and associate level degrees, which can ultimately help students earn a lot of money. A key point to remember is that it is all about what skills you get, not about having too many years of college education. Always reflect on yourself, your coursework, and decide which subject speaks to you. Also, don’t be afraid to take challenging classes. You can swallow the bitterness for a short time but keep your eye at the end result. You just need to put some extra effort and get through with it. As an incoming freshman to any College or University, each student needs to make sure to attend the events the college outreach team hosts for students. One gets to learn a lot about college life and various resources available to them. I understand it is hard to schedule an appointment with a Counselor because at college level you do not have an assigned counselor. However, you will learn so much just by meeting with a counselor. There is a lot of information that a student doesn’t know. Also the laws and requirements keep changing so it is imperative to keep yourself informed by meeting with a counselor regularly (at least once a year). We have AA/AS-T (Associates degrees for transfer) in place so you should ask a counselor about the various degrees available where you can earn AS/AA and can transfer at the same time. It is such a privilege to have a two-year degree to find an entry level job and keep working towards your chosen field. During the meetings with a counselor, perhaps it is in the student’s best interest to find out about various clubs/events directly connected with their major or career choice. For instance, if a student is majoring in biology, the counselor could inform them about the biology club on campus and provide brochures, handouts, or direct them towards the college activities office to discover more information. Also, the counselor can inform the student about various internship or research opportunities the students can take advantage of. By participating in an internship, the student will have the ability to whether their career interest is ultimately the ideal route for them to pursue in to long-run. If you like visiting a particular counselor, make sure you jot down their full name or get their business card so that you can have consistency in counseling or advising. You can talk about personal problems too and a counselor can provide you list of resources or guide you in the right direction. When entering college, it is a great opportunity for students to have a peer mentor who can guide their transition into a university. With peer mentors, incoming freshmen have the

convenience of emailing, texting, or meeting up with them periodically without having to worry about how busy they are. Since the peer mentors are students, they can aid incoming freshmen on which courses to take during certain semesters. This will enable students to map out a four-year plan and gain a better comprehension on how to form an ideal schedule for themselves. Some incoming freshmen have a difficult time adjusting to the course-load from professors. As high school students, they are accustomed to asking their teachers for help directly in class, before school, during lunch, or after school. However in college, students only have the ability to ask their questions for help during their scheduled office hours. Therefore, counselors should establish this awareness among incoming freshmen and encourage them to take advantage of tutoring services offered directly on campus. Most of the tutors tend to be students who have already passed the course. Therefore, it is in the student’s best interest to take advantage of these facilities offered on campus, especially since these are paid off through their fees when registering for courses. It is also important to be aware of academic policies and procedures when it comes to Probation status. If a student’s GPA falls below 2.0 they can repeat the classes to improve their GPA and continue to take limited number of units. Sometimes students overstretch themselves taking too many units or working several hours at their job. Always ask questions if you are not sure and make a list of questions that you want to have answers for. By: Poonam Singh

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• Braces for Children and Adults • Close to your Neighborhood • Free Consultation

• Spectacular Smiles & Superior Service Melissa Dempsey Dempsey Orthodontics

60” x 48”

Melissa Dempsey DDS. MS.

est 18598 Banner qty 1

Date: NOV27, 2012 Fax: 559274-0722

M e g a - P r i n t s c a n n o t b e h e l d r e s p o n s i b l e f o r sgra p em l l im ng a to i cra rro l e rs Preparedby: i n c usto mer s u p p l i e dopy. c P l e a s erev i e wyour pro o f s toro h u g lhy. CRC P M S c o l o r s m u s tprov b e i d e d f o r c o l o r s p e c i fi c o r d e r s . M e gs a - P r i n t

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quhwfI AglI pwrtI swfy nwl Free delivery to Truck stops, Hotels, Motels & Shops etc.

Restaurant • Bar • Banquet Call us at: (559) 229-1313 3035 West Ashlan Ave, Fresno, CA 93722 22 JUNE - JULY 2016

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The End to a New Beginning Gagan Beasla - Grad Class of 2016 Windsor High School

As graduation is slowly approaching, and high school is coming to an end, the reality of becoming an adult feels in arms reach.


igh School has been a constant cycle of conquering obstacles, and testing limits. The past four years have, without a doubt, defined my character and interests, as well as shaped my future-- very cliche, but true. With that said, I am feeling the pressures that come hand-in-hand with graduating, and entering the so-called “real world.” I am determined, and too persistent to not succeed. I know I might sound like a typical arrogant, soon-to-be high school graduate, that “will find out that the world isn’t a pretty place” once I enter it, but, I am fully equipped, and feel that I have acquired a skillset that can overcome the harsh realities of adulthood, thanks to school, and my family. My expectations

24 JUNE - JULY 2016

post-grad are above the average. I come from a family that expects me to follow through with a career that expresses my interests, as well as provides stability for a well-balanced lifestyle. Coming from a joint family, I intend to be the rolemodel for my two younger brothers, and my three younger cousins, and set the standards of achievement. I have been blessed with not only my parents, but a full family unit. A unit that consist of my uncle, aunts, and grandparents, who have played paternal roles in my life. That’s not just one one set of expectations to exceed, but four. My family has always emphasized on how I have to bypass all of the struggles they had to endure. Since I am more-or-less privileged, I know that I have no excuse, and therefore there is no room for failure.

Knowing that my family has achieved so much, starting from so little, is the drive that I have fueling me to succeed and making them proud. I am blessed by having a loving, caring, and supportive family, that fully engaged in my academics and personal growth. Having a strong familial foundation has given me the opportunity and the confidence to continue my academic career, and aspire to be great. With that said, I would

like to take this opportunity to credit those, who have also provided the skillset necessary to succeed in future ventures: Ms. Krista Raszler, Mr. Pete Stefanisko, and Mr. Paul Kinunen; teachers from the Arete Media Academy in Windsor. I hope to explore many undiscovered interests, and excel in personal growth throughout the next few years, and look forward to the future unfolding before me.

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Central California is

Bulldog Country! Listen to complete coverage of all Fresno State Sports on 50,000 Watt

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Remembering Oak Creek Three years ago, a white supremacist shot and killed six worshipers (Paramjit Kaur Saini, Sita Singh, Ranjit Singh, Prakash Singh, Suvegh Singh Khattra, and Satwant Singh Kaleka) and injured four others at the Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA. At the time, it was the worst attack on a U.S. place of worship since the 1963 16th street church bombing, only to be unfortunately surpassed by yet another tragedy, the recent Charleston, South Carolina shooting. Sikhs, along with other minority groups, have been targets of increased hate since that fateful morning of 9/11. Almost 14 years later, we continue to face discrimination, hate, and the ever-soobvious “uneasy” glances from some of our fellow Americans. I have now lived half of my life in the

post-9/11 era. Words cannot explain how I went from never thinking twice about the way I look, to thinking three times before stepping foot outside. I went from never listening to comments, jeers, and snickering, to noticing them at every moment of the day. The glances or stares are so piercing that I have almost developed a sixth sense for them. What left me in disbelief is that there was not even the slightest link between those senseless terrorists and me. Why do people associate my image with those terrorists? The media spent months flashing pictures of turbaned men, almost perpetuating the image of a terrorist being one who ties a turban. Oak Creek was tragic and obvious proof of the media’s deadly role through its rating wars. Regardless of the outreach conducted post 9/11, there is limited knowledge of the Sikh faith. Even on that tragic

26 JUNE - JULY 2016

morning of August 5, 2012, the news channels were not even aware of what a “Sikh” was. The media was calling in individuals from the Hindu and Muslim religions, asking their opinions. At one point, the Gurdwara was referred to as a Hindu temple. 11 years after 9/11, it was obvious that there was work to be done. The possible silver lining? The Sikh community thought that Oak Creek would bring about national attention to the Sikh faith and the tragedy would raise awareness of the Sikh faith and help educate the masses. The thought was that those six “shaheeds” would save the lives of countless others who may possibly have been attacked or killed in the future due to hate. Unfortunately, I don’t think enough has happened. If you do a simple “Google” search of Oak Creek, you will see countless op-eds just like mine, Sikhs talking about Oak Creek. You won’t see major news outlets covering the tragedy, you won’t see news outlets stating it was “an attack on an American house of worship,” you will simply see “Sikhs commemorate Oak Creek”. I am not saying that we as Sikhs must not commemorate or educate, that is a must. I am saying that Oak Creek was not just a Sikh tragedy, it was an American tragedy. An attack on a house of worship or any attack that takes innocent lives should transcend faiths and even borders. However, the tragedy has been largely forgotten or many individuals don’t even know it occurred. Over the weekend, The Sikh Coalition successfully held a “Day of Seva” across 16 cities. I participated and led the Fremont, California, event. Over 95% of the attendees were non-Sikh. None of the attendees were aware of the Oak Creek shooting. At this moment, I was unsure of what was more disappointing, the lack of Sikh presence at the event or the fact that none of the attendees knew about the tragedy. Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Charleston are household names, but Oak Creek draws a blank. Even today, those other tragedies are slowly fading from our memories. Until Oak Creek becomes an American tragedy, it will continue to be forgotten. Unless all these tragedies are constantly covered, remembered, and observed, they will all be forgotten. I ask you to remember Oak Creek and learn from Oak Creek. Oak Creek can happen anywhere and at anytime. Take the time to educate your neighbors, your friends, and your own family. Learn about other faiths, traditions, and cultures. Let’s do our part to ensure there are no more Oak Creeks and no more Charleston, South Carolinas. “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it” - George Santayana By: Jasjit Singh - [The author is a Law-grad, activist, humanitarian and entrepreneur.]

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ChargeAll ChargeTech Adapter

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

If you’re like me, you’re always tired of the slow charge rate in your vehicle for your electronic gadgets. Well, the ChargeTech adapter guarantees to charge your gadgets twice as fast as with supplied chargers. And it’s compact which is great for a bike. You can also charge up to two devices at once.

Piloti Pistone Shoes JAG D H AT T ’S

J U N E / J U LY 2016

Pistone offers a slim and sleek low-cut silhouette for everyday wear. The supple leather is exquisitely quilted and perforated for modern styling inspired by luxury automobiles. Featuring a next generation sole with a softly rounded heel and Piloti’s signature tire tread. Fully lined with soft pigskin for durability, a luxurious finish, and added comfort.

If you’re looking at taking your videography to the next level, invest in a drone. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional features 4K video/12 megapixel photos, an integrated 3-axis stabilization gimbal, and a variety of flight modes. It’s easy to fly thanks to its Intelligent Flight System. It comes with a dedicated remote controller in which you can link your smartphone or tablet.

Mac Modbook Pro X

Geco Mark II Don’t worry about trying to put a GoPro to your helmet. Try the tiny Geco Mark II action camera, which attaches to sunglasses. At 60x1230 mm and 20 grams, the Mark II is among the smallest HD action cameras on the market. Attaches via supplied elastic straps, this camera features a 100-degree lens. 28 JUNE - JULY 2016

The Modbook Pro X is the most powerful pen tablet computer ever. With up to a 2.8 GHz Intel quad-core processor, high performance graphics and 2,048 pen pressure levels, the Pro X works as a pen tablet, notebook or desktop.


Jill’s Baking Co. Jill’s Baking Co. is a new bakery that just recently opened in Kerman, CA. Owned and operated by Jill Silva, her mission is to make homemade baked goods for any special occasion, event, or if you have a craving for something really delicious. When I first heard about Jill’s company, I was happy to have stumbled upon a dear friend who I hadn’t spoken to in years! And the memories just came flooding back to me. Jill Garcia (as I knew her before she got married) was not only my friend, but my protector. Whenever I felt sad, bullied, or just needed her to be by me, she was always there. Sweet, just like her cookies. And when I tasted her product for the first time, it was something that needed to be shared. I saw that she was selling 8 of her best delicacies (which included 1 each of her big cookies) for an affordable of $15. The Big Cookie sampler included 1 each of: Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip with Oatmeal, Brown Sugar with Toffee (my fav!), Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. On the way home I devoured almost half the cookies, but I had to stop myself as I still had to give them to my family! If you’re ever in the need of a sweet treat, or want to give someone something special (your Grad!), then Jill’s Baking Co. is your one stop shop for such a gift! You can find her on Facebook under Jill’s Baking Co.



Mohan Singh Cheema NMLS ID #698952

Mortgage Consultant to assist the local Indian community.

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Desi Lifestyle 2016


MJD Photography Specializing in wedding, creative portraits, and fashion and your son or daughters GRAD PICS!

Contact: Marie JacquesDeLeon

(559) 3672560 1419 M. Street, Arts Complex Fresno, CA 93721

30 JUNE - JULY 2016

Desi Lifestyle 2016


32 JUNE - JULY 2016

DL June-July 2016  
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