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Desi Lifestyle 2015


CONTENTS Vol. 1 Issue 6 - Oct / Nov 2015

07 12 16

Google CEO - Sundar Pichai








Top 10 Superfoods to boost immunity

Investing In Your Future

The Battle of Saragarhi Singh is Bling


Malka Nijjer













Paneer Bhurji

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Desi Lifestyle 2015


Crea ting Hap pines s & L astin g M emor ies

Desi Lifestyle 2015


From the editor Welcome to 6th edition of Desi Lifestyle Magazine and we would like to thank our sponsors and readers for their continuous support. We are continuously trying to improve our magazine as well and always ask you for your valuable feedback, we have refreshed our logo with your suggestions. Hope you would like it, please also suggest to us the topics you would like to read about. We often want others to improve and always criticise and blame them when they don’t. As the quote says, it is better to look at yourself and see if there are areas where you can improve yourself. Improve yourself to the level where you become a role model for others. Believe me, you can impress others around you and have them improve themselves without saying anything directly. This way, the benefit is two-fold: you have changed yourself and caused change in others as well. There are those who incorporate the good values of others, while leaving behind the bad ones. This way, after some time, such individuals have an abundance of good qualities, which makes them remarkable. Cheers! Be happy and make others happy. Raman Dhillon

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Desi Lifestyle 2015

Jag Dhatt Navneet Kaur Nidhi Ransi Ranju Bains

AsIN dysI lweI&stwiel mYZzIn dy CyvyN AMk iv`c quhwfw suAwgq krdy hW[ AsIN Awpxy mYgæjæIn nUM vI lgwqwr suDwrn dI koisæsæ kr rhy hW Aqy hmysæw quhwfy qoN v`fmu`ly suJwvW dI mMg krdy hW[ quhwfy suJwvW sdkw AsIN mYZzIn dy lOgo nUM nvW rUp id`qw hY Aqy Aws krdy hW ik quhwnUM psMd Awvygw[ dunIAW iv`c bhuqwq auhnW lokW dI hY jo Awpxw bhuqw smW dUijAW nUM kosx qy hI lwauNdy hn, hr vkq dUsirAW dI nukqwcInI krdy rihMdy hn auh hr kMm iv`c dUijAW nUM suDwrnw cwhuMdy hn auhnW dw pUrw iDAwn dUsry au`pr ligAw huMdw hY, mqlb auhnW dw iDAwn Awpxy au`pr nhIN huMdw[ jykr AsIN dUijAW au`pr Awpxw iDAwn kNydirq krn dI bjwey Awpxy qy kyNdirq krIey qW swnUM Awpxy iv`c hI bhuq swry Agux Aqy GwtW ids pYxgIAW ijnW nUM suDwrn dI loV huMdI hY[ jy AsIN auh swrw smW Aqy aUrjw Awpxy Awp nUM suDwrn qy lgw leIey qW AsIN ie`k rol mwfl bx skdy hW Aqy dUsry lokW au`pr swfw ibnW khy hI pRBwv pvygw Aqy ho skdw auh swfI rIs krn Aqy Awpxy Awp nUM suDwr lYx[ ies nwl do Pæwiedy hoxgy ie`k qW qusIN Awpxy Awp iv`c suDwr lY Awvogy, dUsrw qusIN ku`J hor lokW nUM vI suDwr idEgy[ ku`J ku lok Aijhy vI huMdy hn jo dUijAW au`pr iDAwn qW kyNdirq krdy hn pr auhnW dIAW cMigAweIAW dyKx leI[ auh dUsirAW dIAW cMgIAW g`lW gRihx kr lYNdy hn Aqy mwVIAW g`lW v`l koeI iDAwn nhIN idMdy[ ies qrHW ku`J smyN bwAd auh guxw dI guQlI bx jWdy hn[ Kusæ rho Awbwd rho…[

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Desi Lifestyle 2015



dy nvyN CEO suMdr ipceI

By Amisha Sampat


ichai hails from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India and attended the prestigious and competitive IIT Kharagpur undertaking Metallurgical Engineering as his major. He hails from a family of engineers – his father worked as an electrical engineer overseeing a components factory for a British corporation. His mother was employed as a stenographer prior to having children. His initial aim was to obtain a PhD in Materials Science and Semiconductor Physics and transition into an academic career, however, he consequently decided to drop out of the program, and got employed as an Engineer and Product Manager at a Silicon Valley semiconductor manufacturer (Applied Materials). He consequently attended Stanford University, renowned for launching the careers of several prominent Google founders and other early users of Google. Pichai commenced his tenure at Google eleven years ago, and was responsible for the presently defunct Google Toolbar, which provided the option for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers to make Google their default search engine. In his initial years with the company, he was regarded in a similar scope to many of his colleagues – intelligent, full of potential, and efficient. He played a pivotal role launching Chrome to the technology world seven years ago, which bedazzled and puzzled some critics. Could Google Chrome be an effective rival to the likes of Internet Explorer and Firefox, many wondered? 8

Desi Lifestyle 2015

A`j dy qknIkI Xu`g dI sB qoN qwzw-qrIn ^br, sMswr dI sB qoN v`fI AMqrwStrI kMpnI jo ik sMswr dy lokW dIAW ieMtrnY`t sbMDI loVW nMU pUrw krdI hY Aqy AmrIkw dI sB qoN s&l Aqy AmIr kMpnI, gUgl dy CEO suMdr ipceI dI ^br nMU Ax-gOilAW nhIN kIqw jw skdw[ ipceI ny BUqpUrv CEO lYrI pyc dI QW qy, gUgl dy qIjy pRmu`K kwrjkwrI AiDkwrI vjoN Ahudw sMBwilAw[ ies kMpnI ny swl 2000 qoN kwPI qbdIlIAW Aqy Pyr bdl dw swhmxw kIqw hY[ ies Koj swDn dy keI auqSwhI Aqy inStwvwn aupBogqwvW ny ies dy FWcy Aqy kwrj-Smqw ivc ipCly simAW dOrwn bhuq swrw pirvrqn mihsUs kIqw hY[ ies qbdIlI dy smyN, gUgl, ies dy inrmwqw lYrI pyj Aqy srjy ibRn dI nvIN jQybMdI kWglomIryt AlPwbYt dw iek ivBwg bx geI sI[ ipceI Bwrq dy d`KxI sUby qwimlnwfU nwl sbMD r`Kdy hn[ iehnW ny gOrvmeI ividAwlw AweI.AweI.tI. (IIT) KVHgpur qoN DwqU ivigAwn ivc ieMjInIAirMg dI ifgrI pRwpq kIqI[ Awp ieMjInIAr pRvwr nwl sbMD r`Kdy hn[ Awp dy ipqw ny ielYktrIkl ieMjInIAr vjoN iek ibRitS kMpnI leI kMm kIqw Aqy auqpwdn ivBwg dI dyK-ryK kIqI[ Awp dI mwqw jI ny b`icAW dy hox qoN pihlW stYnogRwPr vjoN syvw inBweI[ ipceI pihlW vsqU ivigAwn ivc pI.AYc.fI. (PhD) krky Akwdimk Kyqr ivc Awauxw cwhuMdy sn, pr Pyr Awp ny isilkwn vYlI ivc iek sYmIkMfktr auqpwdn kMpnI ivc ieMjInIAr Aqy mYnyjr vjoN syvw sMBwlI[ ipceI Pyr qoN stYnPort XUnIvristI dy ividAwrQI bxy[ ies XUnIvristI qoN keI au`Gy gUgl sMsQwpk ny Awpxy pySyvr jIvn dI SurUAwq kIqI hY[ ipceI ny 11 vrHy pihlW gUgl ivc


Pichai hails from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India and attended the prestigious and competitive IIT Kharagpur undertaking Metallurgical Engineering as his major. He hails from a family of engineers – his father worked as an electrical engineer overseeing a components factory for a British corporation. His mother was employed as a stenographer prior to having children. His initial aim was to obtain a PhD in Materials Science and Semiconductor Physics and transition into an academic career, however, he consequently decided to drop out of the program, and got employed as an Engineer and Product Manager at a Silicon Valley semiconductor manufacturer (Applied Materials).

A`j dy qknIkI Xu`g dI sB qoN qwzw-qrIn ^br, sMswr dI sB qoN v`fI AMqrwStrI kMpnI jo ik sMswr dy lokW dIAW ieMtrnY`t sbMDI loVW nMU pUrw krdI hY Aqy AmrIkw dI sB qoN s&l Aqy AmIr kMpnI, gUgl dy CEO suMdr ipceI dI ^br nMU Ax-gOilAW nhIN kIqw jw skdw[ ipceI ny BUqpUrv CEO lYrI pyc dI QW qy, gUgl dy qIjy pRmu`K kwrjkwrI AiDkwrI vjoN Ahudw sMBwilAw[ ies kMpnI ny swl 2000 qoN kwPI qbdIlIAW Aqy Pyr bdl dw swhmxw kIqw hY[ ies Koj swDn dy keI auqSwhI Aqy inStwvwn aupBogqwvW ny ies dy FWcy Aqy kwrj-Smqw ivc ipCly simAW dOrwn bhuq swrw pirvrqn mihsUs kIqw hY[ ies qbdIlI dy smyN,

He consequently attended Stanford University, renowned for launching the careers of several prominent Google founders and other early users of Google. Pichai commenced his tenure at Google eleven years ago, and was responsible for the presently defunct Google Toolbar, which provided the option for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers to make Google their default search engine. In his initial years with the company, he was regarded in a similar scope to many of his colleagues – intelligent, full of potential, and efficient. He played a pivotal role launching Chrome to the technology world seven years ago, which bedazzled and puzzled some critics. Could Google Chrome be an effective rival to the likes of Internet Explorer and Firefox, many wondered?

Desi Lifestyle 2015


Personality Despite the buzz surrounding the launch of Chrome, it ended up being the world’s most used web browser, most noted for its usability and minimalist design and functionality. Additionally, it even turned into a favorable and efficient operating system for Chromebook laptops, utilized for the most part by educational organizations around the globe. His contributions towards the company started piling up, as he rose to Vice President, and then Senior Vice President after the successful launch of Android. In 2014, Pichai essentially became the company’s Product Chief where he oversaw most Google software products that weren’t YouTube. He directs Google+, Google Wallet, Android Play and Google Apps services for companies. He is the name behind the brand at developers conferences where customers eagerly await to find out what capabilities the upcoming versions of Android and Chrome encompass. Another statistic to take into consideration – 89% of Google’s $66 billion revenue in 2014 was derived from the department Pichai will now be in charge of. Low-key, simple, and generally reserved, Pichai is a favorite amongst the Google team, not just for his stellar engineering skills, however his likeable and down-to-earth nature. And now

10 Desi Lifestyle 2015

A`j dy qknIkI Xu`g dI sB qoN qwzw-qrIn ^br, sMswr dI sB qoN v`fI AMqrwStrI kMpnI jo ik sMswr dy lokW dIAW ieMtrnY`t sbMDI loVW nMU pUrw krdI hY Aqy AmrIkw dI sB qoN s&l Aqy AmIr kMpnI, gUgl dy CEO suMdr ipceI dI ^br nMU AxgOilAW nhIN kIqw jw skdw[ ipceI ny BUqpUrv CEO lYrI pyc dI QW qy, gUgl dy qIjy pRmu`K kwrjkwrI AiDkwrI vjoN Ahudw sMBwilAw[ ies kMpnI ny swl 2000 qoN kwPI qbdIlIAW Aqy Pyr bdl dw swhmxw kIqw hY[ ies Koj swDn dy keI auqSwhI Aqy inStwvwn aupBogqwvW ny ies dy FWcy Aqy kwrj-Smqw ivc ipCly simAW dOrwn bhuq swrw pirvrqn mihsUs kIqw hY[ ies qbdIlI dy smyN, gUgl, ies dy inrmwqw lYrI pyj Aqy srjy ibRn dI nvIN jQybMdI kWglomIryt AlPwbYt dw iek ivBwg bx geI sI[ ipceI Bwrq dy d`KxI sUby qwimlnwfU nwl sbMD r`Kdy hn[ iehnW ny gOrvmeI ividAwlw AweI.AweI. tI. (IIT) KVHgpur qoN DwqU ivigAwn ivc ieMjInIAirMg dI ifgrI pRwpq kIqI[ Awp ieMjInIAr pRvwr nwl sbMD r`Kdy hn[ Awp dy ipqw ny ielYktrIkl ieMjInIAr vjoN iek ibRitS kMpnI leI kMm kIqw Aqy auqpwdn ivBwg dI dyK-ryK kIqI[ Awp dI mwqw jI ny b`icAW dy hox qoN pihlW stYnogRwPr vjoN syvw inBweI[ ipceI pihlW vsqU ivigAwn ivc pI.AYc.fI. (PhD) krky Akwdimk Kyqr ivc Awauxw cwhuMdy sn, pr Pyr Awp ny isilkwn vYlI ivc iek sYmIkMfktr auqpwdn kMpnI ivc ieMjInIAr Aqy mYnyjr vjoN syvw sMBwlI[

crowned the CEO of Google, he can add one more accomplishment to his distinguished portfolio, and bring forth additional products under his massive domain, where he oversees everything from searches, advertisements, maps, applications, Android, Chrome and YouTube. His promotion has been in the forefront of technological news globally, particularly amongst the South Asian diaspora. A few hours after his promotion, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, published a polite tweet to Pichai congratulating him on his advancements. Needless to say, his colleagues, friends and family members were the most ecstatic of all about news of his promotion, and remembered him most as a kind and sweet-natured student.

ipceI Pyr qoN stYnPort XUnIvristI dy ividAwrQI bxy[ ies XUnIvristI qoN keI au`Gy gUgl sMsQwpk ny Awpxy pySyvr jIvn dI SurUAwq kIqI hY[ ipceI ny 11 vrHy pihlW gUgl ivc Awpxy kwrjkwl dI SurUAwq kIqI[ aus vyly iehnW dI zMumyvwrI sI smwpq ho cu`ky gUgl tUlbwr nMU surjIq krnw qW jo ieMtrnY`t AYksplorr Aqy PwierPwks, gUgl nMU Awpxw muK Koj XMqr nIXq kr lYx[ ies kMpnI ivc SurUAwqI swlW dOrwn sihkrmI Awp nMU sUJvwn, sMBwvnw BrpUr Aqy kuSl swQI vjoN dyKdy sn[ A`j qoN 7 swl pihlW, kRom dI qknIkI dunIAW ivc SurUAwq smyN vI Awp dI pRmu`K BUimkw rhI hY[ ies Koj ny keI Awlockw nMU AcMiBq kIqw jo socdy sn ik kI kRom Awpxy pRiqdvMDI ieMtrnY`t AYksplorr Aqy PwierPwks dI qrHW aupXogI is`D hovygI[ keI rukwvtW Aqy A&vwhW dy m`dy-nzr, kRom dunIAW dw sB qoN v`D vriqAw jwx vwlw vY`b-bRwaujr ho inbiVAw[ ies dI aupXogqw, qknIk Aqy kwrj-Smqw dy sB qoN v`D crcy rhy[ ies dy nwl-nwl ieh kRombu`k lY`ptwp dy pircwln isstm leI vI bhuq lwBkwrI is`D hoeI[ cyqy rhy ik ies DrqI qy bhuqIAW ividAk sMgTnW ivc kRombu`k lY`ptwp dI hI vrqoN huMdI hY[ ipceI dIAW kMpnI leI kIqy XogdwnW ivc lgwqwr vwDw huMdw irhw Aqy AYfrOief dI s&lqw dy dOrwn Awp nMU vwies pRYsIfYNt Aqy Pyr sInIAr vwies pRYsIfYNt dy Ahudy qy inXukq kIqw igAw[ 2014 ivc ipceI kMpnI dy auqpwdn muKI bxy Aqy gUgl ivc bnx vwlw hr swPtvyAr isvwey XU-itaUb dy, iehnW dI ingrwnI ivc bxdw[ auh gUgl pls, gUgl vwilt, AYfrwief ply Aqy kMpnIAW leI gUgl AY`p syvwvW dw inrdySn krdy[ ieh p`K iDAwngocry r`Kxw zrUrI hY ik 2014 ivc gUgl dy 66 iblIAn fwlr dy munw&y dw 89% auhnW dy ivBwgW qoN AwieAw ijMnHW dw muKI ipceI sI[ ipceI kyvl ieMjInIAr vjoN hI nhIN sgoN Awpxy inmn suBwA krky vI gUgl tIm ivc hrmn ipAwry hn[ gUgl ivc hux auhnW dI CEO vjoN inXukqI qoN bwAd kMpnI vloN kIqy jWdy sB kwrj ijvyN, Koj, ivigAwpn, nkSy, AYplIkySn, AYNfwief, kRom Aqy XU-itaUb, sB Awp dy pRbMD hyT hovygw[ ipceI dI inXukqI dy kuJ GMitAW ivc hI Bwrq dy pRDwn mMqrI vloN tivtr zrIey iehnW nMU vDweI id`qI geI[ iehnW dI ies qr`kI dI ^br nwl Awp dy sihkrmI, im`qr, pirvwr, irSqydwrW ivc KuSI dI lihr dOV geI Aqy Awp nMU in`Gw im`qr, im`Ty suBwA dw ividAwrQI Aqy audwr ic`q ienswn vjoN Xwd kIqw igAw[

Desi Lifestyle 2015 11

12 Desi Lifestyle 2015


he Battle Of Saragarhi – When 21 Sikhs Faced 10,000 Pathans In A Sparta Style Last Stand In the summer of 1897, the British faced a major rebellion by the Pashtuns on the Samana range of the Hindu Kush Mountains in Pakistan. At the time the whole region was under the British rule but their hold on the North West Frontier was shaky. Saragarhi was a small communications post held by 21 soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment of the British Army. The post enabled communications between Fort Lockhart and Fort Gulistan and was a significant tactical line of defense. In order to cut-off any contact between Fort Lockhart and Fort Gulistan, the Pashtuns attacked the communications post in Saragarhi quite sure that a handful of soldiers could not do anything to stop the siege in any significant way. The leader of the pack Ishwar Singh had different plans, however Ishwar Singh knew that holding off the army of Pashtuns was neither practical nor logical but one thing that Sikhs are widely known for is their bravery. Ishwar Singh ordered his men to prepare for battle while he sent out the message to Lt. Col. John Haughton at Fort Lockhart to send in reinforcements. The main strategy of the Sikh Regiment was to force the Pashtuns to engage in a battle and hold them off till help arrived even if it meant sacrificing their lives to defend the post. When the battle began and the Pashtuns suffered heavy casualties in efforts to breach a part of the wall of the picket, offers were made to the soldiers in return for their surrender but they vehemently refused. Fierce had-to-hand fighting ensued as the regiment held-off the ferocious attacks courageously. The first man to get injured was Bhagwan Singh and shortly before the end, the lead commander Ishwar Singh ordered his men to retreat while he took the mantle to delay the Pashtun’s charge. The last man to fall was Gurmukh Singh, the heliograph operator, whose battle cry, “Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal,” was heard until the end. No Sikh survived the battle but the regiment till

When 21 Sikhs Faced 10,000 Pathans In A Sparta Style Last Stand then had made sure that reinforcements reach Fort Gulistan to prevent any losses on other Forts. The story of the courage shown by those 21 Sikhs is taught in schools of France and remembered as one of the eight collective stories on bravery published by UNESCO. 21 Sikhs inflicted heavy losses to the Pashtuns

taking out a total of 600 Pathans in the battle. The soldiers were awarded the Indian order of merit and the battle is still remembered today as one of the most epic last stands by an Indian regiment in its history.

Desi Lifestyle 2015 13


swrwgVHI dI jMg jdoN 21 is`KW ny 10,000

pTwxW nwl Aw^rI jMg lVI g`l 1897 dIAW grmIAW dI hY jdoN pwiksqwn dIAW ihMdU kuS phwVIAW dy smwnw ryNj ivc ibRitS POj nMU pSqUnW qoN v`fy ivdroh dw swhmxw krnw pY irhw sI[ auhnW simAW ivc swry Kyqr ivc AMgRyzW dw rwj sI pr au`qr-d`KxI PrMtIAr ivc auhnW dw kbzw fwvW fol sI[ swrwgVHI iek CotI ijhI cOkI sI ijs qy ibRitS &Oj dI is`K rYzImYNt dy 21 POjI qwienwq sn[ ieh cOkI iklHw lokwrt Aqy iklHw guilsqwn drimAwn rwbqw kwiem krdI sI Aqy sur`iKAw dI nzr ivc bhuq mh`qvpUrx sI[ iklHw lokwrt Aqy iklHw guilsqwn drimAwn rwbqw bMd krx leI pSqUnW ny ies cOkI qy hmlw kr id`qw[ auhnW nMU koeI SMkw nhIN sI ik cOkI ivc mOjUd mu`TI Br sYink ies hmly nMU rokx leI kuJ vI nhIN kr skxgy[ pr cOkI ivc mOjUd sYink tukVI dy AwgU ieSvr isMG dy ivcwr kuJ hor hI sn[ ieSvr isMG nMU cMgI qrHW pqw sI ik pSqUnw dI POz nMU rokxw hwridk Aqy ivvhwrI qOr ‘qy sMBv nhIN hY pr iek gux ijs krky is`K jwxy jWdy hn, auh hY-bhwdrI[ ieSvr isMG ny AwpxI POj nMU lVweI leI iqAwr rihx leI ikhw Aqy lYPtInYNt krnl jOn hgtn nMU iklHw lokwrt ivc hor POjW Byjx leI sunyhw ByijAw[ is`K rYjImYNt dI muK nIqI ieh sI iksy nw iksy qrHW pSqUn POj nMU lVweI ivc aulJweI r`iKAw jwvy jd q`k hor mdd nw Aw jwvy Aqy AwpxI jwn dI kImq qy cOkI dI r`iKAw kIqI jwvy[ jdoN lVweI SurU hoeI, pSqUnW nMU kw&I jwnI nukswn dw swhmxw krnw ipAw jdoN auh cONkI dI iek dIvwr ivc pwVH pwaux dI koiSS kr rhy sn[ is`K POjIAW nMU Awqm-smrpx krn leI vI pySkwrI kIqI geI jo auhnW Tukrw id`qI[ rYjImYNt ny bVy hOsly nwl hmlw nkwr id`qw Aqy ies qoN bwAd iBAwnk h`Qo-h`QI lVweI SurU hoeI[ ies lVweI ivc sB qoN pihlW Bgvwn isMG jKmI hoieAw[ ^qm hox qoN kuJ smW pihlW ieSvr isMG ny Awpxy POjIAW nMU ip`Cy htx dw hukm id`qw qW jo kuJ hor smW KrIidAw jw sky[ jMg ivc ShId hox vwlw AwKrI is`K, gurmuK isMG sI jo ik POj ivc hYlIEgRwPr sI[ aus dw nwhrw “boly so inhwl, siq SRI Akwl’’ jMg dy AKIr q`k suixAw jw skdw sI[ ies jMg ivc koeI is`K vI ijMdw nhIN bicAw pr auhnW ieh suinSicq kIqw ik ies cOkI jW horW cOkIAW qy koeI nukswn nw hovy[ A`j vI auhnW 21 is`KW dI bhwdrI dI khwxI PrWs dy skUlW ivc pVHweI jWdI hY[ XUnYsko vloN CwpIAW bhwdrI dIAW 8 khwxIAW ivc iek iehnW swrwgVHI dy ShIdW dIAW hn[ is`K POj ny p`SqUn POj dw r`j ky nukswn kIqw Aqy ies lVweI ivc 600 pSqUn mwry gey[ iehnW XoiDAW nMU mrn auprMq BwrqI “Awrfr Aw& mYirt’’ nwl snmwinAw igAw Aqy BwrqI POj dy ieiqhws ivc ies nMU sB qoN gOrvmeI Aw^rI jMg vjoN Xwd kIqw jWdw hY[ 14 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Desi Lifestyle 2015 15


MALKA NIJJER Malka Nijjer is a 12 year old girl who lives in Kerman and sounds like every other. Her favorite superhero is Superwoman, likes old Disney cartoons and ABC Family shows, listens to Sia, plays many different sports like swim and volleyball depending on the season, and wants to have a pet horse.

16 Desi Lifestyle 2015

But her journey to help those without their own voice began when she fell in love with animals when she would play with them at a daycare and volunteered at the SPCA. Once there, she did some research on what Kerman had to offer regarding animal shelters and realized that there wasn’t a decent one. She felt let down since Kerman was filled with so many different activities and offered things for many different things other than animals. From there she went on to present her ideas for a new animal shelter in front of the city council. After writing an article in The Kerman News to make the city aware of her efforts, she presented once more in front of city council and they approved for the construction of a new animal shelter! The annual fundraiser she usually had for the Fresno SPCA then went towards the new shelter. Her parents, family, teachers, and friends supported her throughout her journey since she started at age 7. Malka says

no one inspires her because she just randomly comes up with ideas for things. Joining sports, running for student body representative, volunteering at places comes to her randomly and she goes through with them!    Malka plans on helping out her community even more in the future, even with just the small things like her old teachers and friends. She says in the future she wants to do everything! With such a large passion for almost everything, staying limited to one career seems difficult though many around her say they can see her as the mayor or the President. As of right now she’s thinking about professional horseback riding. One advice that she gives anybody who wants to do what she is doing or just need a little encouragement in starting something is to just go for it. “Just do it and go for it in case your plan might work. Don’t listen to anyone no matter how crazy it sounds.”

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Melissa Dempsey DDS. MS.

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Paneer Bhurji is usually a dry or semi dry recipe. This gravy version is slightly different than the way the dry paneer bhurji is made. Fairly simple and easy and you don’t need to grind or puree anything. This is the recipe of making the bhurji with a tari or gravy.



- 250 grams paneer, crumbled - 2 medium onion, finely chopped or ½ cup finely chopped onion - 2 medium tomatoes, finely chopped or ½ cup finely chopped tomatoes - 1 green chili - 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste - 1 tsp coriander powder (dhania powder) - 1 tsp cumin powder (jeera powder) - ½ tsp red chili powder (lal mirch powder) - ¼ tsp turmeric powder (haldi) - ¼ tsp garam masala powder - 3 tbsp fresh curd (dahi) - ½ cup water - 3 tbsp chopped coriander leaves - 2 tbsp oil or butter - ½ inch ginger for garnish - salt as required

1. Crumble 250 grams paneer and keep aside. 2. Heat 2 tbsp butter or oil in a pan. 3. Add the whole spices - 1 inch cinnamon, 3 cloves, 2 green cardamoms, 5 to 6 black peppercorns and 2 small tej patta or 1 medium to large tej patta. saute till the spices become aromatic. 4. Then add ½ cup finely chopped onion. stir very well. 5. Saute the onions till light golden. 6. Add the chopped green chilies and 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste. 7. Saute till the aroma of ginger-garlic goes away. 8. Now add ½ cup finely chopped tomatoes. stir very well. 9. Saute till the tomatoes soften and you see oil releasing from the sides of the masala. 10. Add 1 tsp coriander powder, 1 tsp cumin powder, ½ tsp red chili powder, ¼ tsp turmeric powder and ¼ tsp garam masala powder. 11. Stir the ground spices well. 12. Keep the flame to its lowest, and now add 3 tbsp fresh curd. 13. As soon as you add curd, stir quickly and briskly. 14. Then add ½ cup water and stir. 15. Add 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves. stir. 16. Bring the curry or gravy to a simmer. 17. Then add the crumbled paneer. also add salt. 18. Stir very well and simmer for 1 to 2 minutes till the paneer is cooked. 19. Switch off and add 2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves. 20. Stir very well and serve paneer bhurji gravy with chapati, rotis, paratha or bread.

Whole garam masala or spices: -

1 inch cinnamon (dalchini) 3 cloves 2 green cardamoms 4 to 5 black peppercorns (sabut kali mirch) 2 small tej patta

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Hair & Makeup: Tania K Makeup Model: Tanpreet Parmar Photography by: Swank Studios

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Glam5 is my Passion for Fashion and Destination for all the Fashion Hungry Fashionistas! Unconventional Designs in ever colorful Indian attires will enrich your looks and Highlight the Best in you.


hough I was born and brought up in a small village in Punjab, it was never a challenge to pursue what I desired, but it has to be in educational field…to be exact “Sciences”, and that was never my cup of tea. Back in days career in Fashion or Music was considered a TABOO… therefore,( unwillingly)did my degree in Industrial Microbiology, so I could get a good paying job. However I never wanted to work in that field …I was still hungry, as I didn’t get to do what I absolutely loved…If you don’t Love what you do you may earn money, but will never earn happiness and satisfaction. I was growing up to be at my Best when it came to Fashion and Music, and knew it deep down that I want to do my own business in Fashion World, and waited for the right time.. Since childhood I was labelled as the one who would always go against the flow, and to be very honest that has helped me become a strong and ambitious person that I am today. It all began with what I would wear, and in no time I created an image of self-made Designer amongst my family and friends. I would be approached for fashion emer-

gencies and or to cultivate a particular look for any particular event or occasion. Putting my family First, I decided to open up a Home Based Boutique in Fall of 2012. If you want to stand out in the crowd, it is very important to NOT FOLLOW routine and conventional styles in your outfit and accessories. Wear what would look good on you, not what you saw looked good on someone else. Following what is new in the market is a good, but make sure you don’t get overwhelmed and try out everything that is out there. What looked good on someone else may or may not look good on you, so fight that craving of getting the copies made. I always educate my clients, that “Original is always better than Copy” and that is where customized outfits are THE BEST, as they are made JUST FOR YOU. If you don’t like to wait as customizing may take a bit of time, try to pick what is Right for You according to your Age, Body shape , Season and Style. Today’s commercialized world looking Beautiful has become important than ever before, so why not do it with your own Signature Style!

DRESS RIGHT: 5 RULES TO FOLLOW - Your outfit and accessories should complement your age, do not OVERDO it. - Go for Unconventional Designs and Styles to get that WOW Factor. - Always choose colors and fabrics according to the seasons and occasions Dark and Rich shades are great for Fall and Winter, whereas Soft and Perky colors are perfect addition in Spring and Summer. - Carry your outfit with confidence, and even a simple design would kill all the Bling in the room. - Last but not least, take care of your skin, Soul and Body.

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Hair & Makeup: Tania K Makeup Model: Eknoor Sandhar Photography by: Swank Studios

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ll-new vehicle designs are usually designed to catch the eye and attract attention, but the reasons for that attraction often depend on the numbers that appear on the price sheet. Since its arrival last year, the 2015 MercedesBenz C-Class has garnered its share of positive attention: it was named Best New Luxury Car under $50,000 by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) and World Car of the Year by a jury of international auto reviewers. I’ll be the first to admit that automotive awards programs have their flaws, and I’ve cast many a vote in the Canadian Car of the Year awards myself, but there’s no doubt that these awards tend to go to vehicles that are among the best in their respective classes. How you define ‘best’ in the C-Class’s case depends on your perspective. If BMW’s cars offer the self-proclaimed ‘ultimate driving experience,’ then Benz has traditionally played toward buyers

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looking for a more laid-back vehicle and a purer expression of German automotive luxury. This new C-Class, however, makes it clear that Mercedes is aiming to challenge BMW’s driving prowess. I hopped in to my C 400 tester, and my first hint of this car’s intentions was the driver’s seat, whose extra-firm cushions were a turn-off before I started the engine. My week in this car was limited to city driving stints of less than an hour at a shot, which I was actually glad for, as this seat discouraged thoughts of long highway hauls. On the upside, these chairs are supportive in the right places, including a power-adjustable underthigh bolster. Like most of its direct competitors, the C-Class retains compact interior dimensions: a friend who stands a tall-in-the-torso five-footnine was disappointed in how little headroom there was under my test car’s standard panoramic sunroof. There was plenty of space for my shorter frame, and only a steering wheel whose telescopic reach didn’t extend far enough for my liking took

Chris Chase

away from the driving position. Rear seat riders will find useful legroom, though headroom is again compromised, this time by the roofline as it slopes toward the rear window. Mercedes offers a range of interior colour combinations, but my test car came with basic black with aluminum trim. The metal bits felt like the real deal (including gorgeous grilles on the Burmeister stereo’s door-mounted speakers), but the all-black scheme made the car feel dark and close, and the piano black centre console looked a bit down-market next to the other materials. Mercedes-Benz is moving away from model names that directly reflect what’s under the hood: while the entry-level model with its 2.0-litre turbocharged fourcylinder is called the C 300, the C 400 label is reserved for cars using a turbo 3.0-litre V6. Never mind the name; pay attention to this engine, instead, because it’s a winner with its 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. It wasn’t so long ago that the high-performance AMG-tuned C 55 “only” boasted 362 hp/376 lb-ft, and while this C 400 is no AMG thunderbeast, the turbo six makes this a seriously quick car, especially from low speeds, where all that torque is available at just 1,600 rpm. Standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive is a good fit here, putting that torque down efficiently and without drama; there’s a reason so many powerful, upscale cars come with four-wheel traction as standard kit. The only transmission is a seven-speed automatic that works unobtrusively most of the time. It’s when you get an itchy right foot and engage the car’s ‘sport+’ mode that the gearbox lets the rest of the car down. While it holds gears longer and is more eager to downshift in that performance-oriented setting, it doesn’t snap off the crisp upshifts I expected, and manual downshifts commanded via the wheel-mounted paddles are sloppier and less-immediate than they should be. That’s a shame, because the optional ‘agility select’ system (part of the C 400 sport package) that lets you toggle between ‘eco,’ ‘comfort,’ ‘sport,’ and ‘sport+’ modes works on the steering, throttle response, and air suspension to change the character of the car from comfy cruiser to the closest you’ll get to the V8powered AMG-tuned C 63 without spending the extra $23,000 it commands. No matter what the agility select setup was set to, I found the ride to be on the firm side. Notably, the C 400 gets big, cross-drilled front brake rotors that provide solid stopping performance and good pedal feel. Against fuel consumption ratings of 11.1/8.4 L/100 km (city/ highway), my test car averaged 11.2 L/100 km in real-world city driving, which included liberal use of ‘sport+’ mode, and all that torque.

Mercedes offers the expected high-tech features here: blind spot assist, lane keeping assist, autonomous emergency braking, a rear-end collision mitigation system that aims to protect the driver of a stopped C 400 from injury when it senses a fast-moving car approaching from behind, and pedestrian recognition that activates the auto-brake system when it senses pedestrians in the road and the driver doesn’t react. More novel available extras include a park-assist system that

helps guide the car into a spot, intelligent cruise control that will keep the car in its lane in long curves, a console-mounted touchpad that recognizes “handwriting” gestures for entering navigation destinations, and that sweet-sounding Burmeister stereo with 13 speakers and 590 watts of amplification. Notable omissions from my C 400 tester were adaptive (steerable) headlights, which are a $1,200 stand-alone option (static LED headlights are standard at this trim level). I’d have liked to see them included in a car whose price came within spitting distance of $60,000. Overall, the new C-Class is a well-executed sport sedan that actually does challenge the BMW 3 Series’ driving feel, if only because the latest generation is less driver-focused than it used to be. The C 400 does have its flaws, but it’s a car well worth checking out to see if you think it deserves all the attention it’s been getting.

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hn) [ pr swrI kwLy rMg skIm vwLI kwr nUM gwVHy rMg vwLI Aqy CotI mihsUs krwauNdI hY[pr bwkI smwn nwloN ipAwno blYk sYNtr kMsol k`uJ GtIAw mtIArl dw bixAw lgdw hY[ mrsIfz - bYNz hux aunHW mwfl nwvW nMU vrqx qoN pRhyj kr rhI hY ijs nwL ik J`t hI pqw l`g jWdw sI ik ies dw ieMjx ikMnI pwvr vwLw hYY[ ies dw mu`Flw mwfl 2.0 -iltr trbocwrjf Por slMfr hY Aqy ies dw nWA hY sI-300 [ sI- 400 trbo 3.0 iltr vI-6 kwrW hn[ pr nWA dw bhuqw iPkr nw kro; sgoN ieMjx v`l iDAwn idE[ kwrn ieh ik 329 hwrspwvr Aqy 354 lb-ft of torque hY[ Ajy QoVHw smW pihlW dI g`l hY ik hweI pRPwrmYNs ey AYm jI itaUnf sI 55 vI kyvl 362 hwrspwvr/376 lb-ft vwLI hI huMdI sI[ ieh sI 400 BwvyN ey AYm jI vrgI SkqISwlI qW nhI pr trbo isks ny ies nUM s`cmu`c hI qyz kwr bxw id`qw hY, Kws krky loA spIf qoN, ij`Qy ik 1600 Awr pI AYm ‘qy hI pUrw tork iml jWdw hY[ stYNfrf 4 mYitk Awl vIHl clwaux leI vDIAw hY[ vDIAw tork dy kwrn krky hI bhuq swrIAW SkqISwlI kwrW Por vIHl trYkSn nwL stYNfrf ikt ‘c AwauNdIAW hn[ bhuq smW q`k ibnw rukwvt qoN c`lx vwLw ie`ko ie`k tRWsimSn sYvn spIf AwtomYitk hY, Aqy jdoN quhwfw mn krdw hY kwr nMU Bjwaux dw Aqy kwr dy sport+ mof nMu cwlU kr idMdy ho qW gyArbwks bwkI dI kwr nMU Q`ly lw idMdw hY[ ij`Qy ieh tRWsimSn gyArW nMU kwPI smyN qk holf krdw hY Aqy pRPwrmYNs sYitMg ‘c gyArW nMU fwaUniSPt krn leI kwPI auqwvlw jwpdw hY, ijs qrHW mYN Aws r`Kdw sI iesdI A`piSPitMg au`nI CyqI nhIN huMdI, Aqy mYnUAl fwaUniSPitMg jo ik vHIl ‘qy l`gy hoey pYflW duAwrw huMdI hY kwPI AwlsI jwpdw hY Aqy ijMnHI CyqI ies nMU irspONs krnw cwhIdw hY, au`nI CyqI ieh krdw nhIN[ ieh mwVI g`l hY ikauN ik AwpSnl ‘eyijltI sIlYkt’ isstm ( ijhVw sI 400 sport pYkyj dw ih`sw hY) jo ‘eIko’,’kMPort’, ‘sport’, Aqy ‘sport+’ mof clwauNdw styAirMg ‘qy kMm krdw hY , QrOtl irspONs ‘qy Aqy eyAr sspYNSn ‘qy, qW ik iesnMU ie`k Awrwm nwL

c`lx vwLI kwr qoN bdl ky 23,000 fwlr v`D Krc kIqy ibnHW hI quhwnMU V-8 pwvr vwLI ey AYm jI itaUnf C63 vrgw nzwrw dyvy[ BwvyN ik eyijltI mof ijhVw sI mYnMU ieh kwr ku`J Prm hI l`gI[ ^ws g`l ieh hY ik sI 400 dy krws firlf PRMt bRyk rotr v`fy hn ijs nwl ieh pUrI mzbUqI nwL rukdI hY[ ies dI pYfl PIl vI vDIAw hY[ jo ies dI qyl dI Kpq 11.1/8.4 iltr/100 iklomItr ( istI/hweIvyA) d`sI geI hY dI QW, myrI tYst kwr dI AOsq 11.2iltr/100 iklomItr sI auh vI jdoN Sihr ‘c clweI[ ies ‘c sport+ mof Aqy bwkI swry tork vI vrqy gey[ mrsIfz v`loN ies ‘c swry hweI tY`k PIcr vrqy gey hn: ijvyN blWeINf spot

‘c mdd krn vwLy, lyn ‘c rihx dI shwieqw krn vwLw, Awpxy Awp AYmrjYNsI bRyk l`gxw, jy ip`Cy Aw rhI kwr ies ‘c tkrwauNdI hY qW sI 400 fRweIvr nUM bcwauNdI hY, pYdl qurn vwLy dw pqw lwauxw ijs nwL fRweIvr nUM pqw nw l`gx ‘qy Awto bRyk isstm cwlU ho jWdw hY [ kwr nUM pwrk krn leI pwrk Aisst isstm l`gw hoieAw hY jo ik kwr nMU Awpxy Awp hI pwrk krn ‘c m`dd krdw hY[vDIAw krUz kMtrol hY, ijs nwl moVW ‘qy vI kwr AwpxI lyn ‘c rihMdI hY[ ies ‘c ie`k kMsol mwaUNtf t`cpYf vI hY ijhVw nYvIgySn isstm ‘c vrqx vwLy h`Q ilKqW nUM vI pCwx lYNdw hY[ies ‘c surIlI Avwz vwLy brmIstr stIrIE vI hY ijs dy 13 spIkr hn Aqy ijs dI AYNplIiPkySn 590 vwts dI hY[

myrI sI 400 ‘c jo GwtW l`gIAW aunHW ‘c AfYpitv (stIeyrbl) hY`flweItW, jo 1200 fwlr dI kImq dIAW stYNf Alon AwpSn vwLIAW hn ( stYitk AYl eI fI hY`flweIts ies itRm lYvl ‘qy stYNfrf sn)[ mYN cwhuMdw hW ik ieh aus kwr ‘c vI hox ijs dI kImq 60,000 fwlr qoN G`t hovy[ smu`cy qOr ‘qy nvI sI klws bhuq vDIAw sports sfYn hY ijhVI bI AYm fbilaU 3 sIrIz nUM clweI AnuBv ‘c vMgwrdI hY[ kwrn ieh ik nvIN jnrySn au`nI fRweIvr ADwrq nhIN ijMnI ieh huMdI sI[ sI 400 ‘c ku`J GwtW vI hn pr quhwnUM ieh kwr zrUr vyKxI cwhIdI hY jykr qusIN ieh smJdy ho ik ijs qrHW ies dI mShUrI hY iesnMU aunI mh`qqw imlxI cwhIdI hY jW nhIN[

Workers Compensation Commercial Agriculture Health & Disability Home & Auto Financial Services


Your Most Valuable Partners in Insurance

1635 Shaw Avenue Clovis, California 93611

P: (559) 324-7333 F: (559) 324-7336 VISALIA OFFICE

3924 West Caldwell #B Visalia, CA, 93277

P: 559-372-8184 F: 559-372-8194

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resh out of college, my first job was doing marketing research for McGraw Hill in New York City. I didn't know many people in the city, and, to me, networking was all about finding new friends to hang out with. Networking was purely social. What I discovered over the years is that networking is much more than that. It is an essential part of building a successful career, and, if done strategically and intentionally, it can be very powerful. Here are the seven secrets about networking I wish I learned in my 20s: Effective networking involves focus, attention, and strategy. Many of us network haphazardly. We join some industry groups. We meet coworkers after work for a drink, but we don't have a plan. We might even think the more people we meet, the better. But meeting the right people is most im30 Desi Lifestyle 2015

portant. The right people are those that can help you reach your career goal. The right people are those people who are willing to speak up for you. You need to focus on people with whom you can build strong, mutually beneficial relationships. There is a direct relationship between networking strategically and increased income. Upwardly Mobile, Inc., with the support of Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business Management, conducted research in April 2008 about how professionals use networking. They surveyed more than 600 high-earning "elite" professionals about how they use networking to cultivate richer relationships, gain more access, and enjoy more success in their careers and personal lives. Their findings confirm that "networking is a key driver behind higher salaries and career advancement."

Keeping in touch with former alums and colleagues is money in the bank. When I wanted to make a career move after having lost out on a promotion, I tapped into my network and let people know I was looking for a new opportunity. Almost immediately, a former colleague gave me information about an opening in her company. She worked in another business unit there and knew the management team. Not only did she give me the lead, but she also presold me to the key stakeholders. I interviewed for the position and landed the job. My income almost doubled. Paying it forward pays off. One important lesson I've learned is that the more you invest in your network, the more valuable your network is. Taking calls, responding to emails, offering to help people creates a strong bond. People trust that you will be there for them and are often willing to respond in kind. It's important to network proactively so you have these relationships when you need help. One of my clients is a great example of this. Lisa was always willing to offer her help and support to her former colleagues. An executive with a long history in banking, Lisa took a risk and joined a technology startup as COO. After one year, it was apparent that this new opportunity wasn't working out. Lisa was let go. The primary breadwinner in her family, she needed another high-level job as soon as possible. She immediately let her network know what she was looking for. They gave her leads about openings, and she was able to secure a senior executive position within a month and a half. The job had not even been formally posted yet. The time and energy she invested in helping her network contacts paid off.

and ask questions and listen. The things you might have in common help to establish a connection that will blossom over time. Don't just network with people you like and people like you. Our comfort zone is to hang out with people most like us, but research supports the benefits of diverse networks. Ronald S. Burt, professor of sociology and strategy at the University Of Chicago Booth School of Business, has done extensive research on the efficacy of diverse networks. "Indeed, it might not be who or what you know that creates advantage, but rather more simply, who you become by dint of how you hang out — the disadvantaged hang out with folks just like themselves, while the advantaged engage folks of diverse opinion and practice." How are you currently networking? It takes focus and intention to network effectively for your career advancement. Courtesy of Bonnie Marcus, Women's Success Coaching Courtesy of:

Collecting business cards is better than handing them out. Do you go to networking events armed with a stack of business cards? We have been instructed that giving out our cards is the best way to make connections. The secret to effective networking, however, is to make sure you collect business cards of those people you meet. This way you can control the follow up. You give away your card — you give away the control. After you go to a networking event, write notes on the back of the cards about the conversation you had with this person and potential ways to follow up. Forget the elevator pitch; find commonality. I often hear from clients that they don't know what to say when they first meet people at networking events. They stumble over their elevator pitch trying to impress someone with their title or expertise. Here's the thing to remember: It's the commonality that matters. Enter into conversations

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GSX-S750 W

hen Suzuki launched its first GSX-R750 in 1985, it turned the sportbike world on its head. Where had this idea been before and why had nobody thought of it earlier? A supersport bike for the road – what a novelty. The first Gixxers, as they turned out to be known, were purely road bikes taken directly from the track, well with some modifications to make them street legal. It was the notion of a reputed race-imitation, and with this single killer blow, Suzuki changed everybody’s reasoning from greater and all the more intense is best – to lighter and nimble is better. In reality, the Gixxers additionally created obscure levels of drive, so much so that the competition was racing to keep up. Luckily, and especially for those who have ridden them, Suzuki never stopped making the GSX-R750, and it is arguably the perfect Supersport motorcycle. It has much more power than a 600, which can feel a little lackluster unless it is revved to the moon, while the liter bikes are over-specified for the street, and can even be quite a handful on the track. But not everyone needs, or wants a supersport bike, and that’s where the S750 comes into play. For 2015, the Suzuki GSX-S750 gives an already titled bike even more road keen execution. Mixing only the right blend of present day sportbike execution with cutting edge street bike style, this S750 is reason fabricated for energy. Suzuki took the intense 749cc four-chamber fuel-infused sportbike motor from the GSX-R750, and tuned it to convey the ideal force bend for road riding. The motor’s cam profiles have been reexamined, and the admission and exhaust tracts have been reshaped to help low-end torque and mid-reach power. This gives the 750 unmatched throttle reaction and serious speeding up. Suzuki’s double throttle valve fuel infusion implies the execution is fresh and reliable. Also, the bike’s pulsed-secondary AIR-injection system pushes fresh air into the exhaust ports, which allows the Suzuki GSX-S750 to meet the latest emissions standards. Since this is not a supersport, the handlebars supplant the race bike’s clip-ons, conveying a more upright street bike style. A complete instrument panel is pretty simple and user friendly, complete with a tachometer, a computerized LCD speedometer, fuel-utilization meter, apparatus position pointer, fuel gauge, odometer/excursion meter and a clock. It’s pretty much all you need. Most motorcycles are fun, but the Suzuki GSX- S750 is fun all the time, mainly because Suzuki got the balance just right between easy-to-ride-manageability and high performance. If you’re used to a 600-class bike, you are losing out — it might be time to upgrade. The motor is redlined at a conservative 11,250 rpm, and the Gixxer motor simply rips to the rev limiter. If you want horsepower, it’s there — track day anyone? However, those happy to enjoy the performance without going nuts will be well rewarded with the decent mid-range and strong top-end pull from this engine. 32 Desi Lifestyle 2015

“Humble Value... BRILLIANT ENGINE”

Anuraag J Singh

Clutch action is light, and the six-speed transmission is so easy and smooth to engage that, a lot of the time, I simply used clutchless upshifting. I wouldn’t call this bike a beginner machine, but it is so user-friendly that novice and intermediate riders will quickly feel at home. Of course, that feeling is also because of the comfortable ergonomics and lightweight, neutral-handling chassis and suspension. The handlebars of the GSX create a slightly leaned forward riding position, with sporty feeling (but pleasantly rubbermounted) rear-set foot pegs and a 32-inch seat height. As I mentioned before, the S750 is quite easy to ride, but it still lacks the lighter-feeling and more agile Honda CBR650F. With the Honda, it all just works very well together. This is not to say that the GSX-S750 is a good bike; it’s quite good but just not as good as the Honda. With respect to city and highway riding, the Suzuki has lots of power, with that brilliant engine from the Gixxer. If I was doing more open road and highway riding, I may opt for the Yamaha FZ-09, simply for the additional power, torque, and size. Despite the humble value, taking a GSX-R and turning into a naked bike is quite an accomplishment. Other manufacturers have done the same with their supersports and many riders welcome the option of a naked alternative. The GSX-S750 is a great bike that just needs some more refinement, but for under $9000, it’s a great choice.

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As hard working men and women across the world rely on the power that coffee gives them early in the mornings and late at night, Chai Tea Latte is a go to sugary favorite for most Indians!

34 Desi Lifestyle 2015


ypically what most people have seen with older Indians is that they only order a chai tea latte, similar to the chai that they are used to drinking at home, and never order something new or different. This in turn can be due to them wanting to just stick to something that they know they will like and not wanting to explore and adventure out into the massive world that consists of coffees and teas.

   Though the Chai Tea Latte isn’t an exact replica of the daily chai that most Indians tend to make and drink in their own home, it comes as a close substitute. If you’re an Indian who is working constantly and don’t have time to make it yourself, someone else making it for you sounds like a good idea! Growing up drinking chai can make a habit that’s hard to cut, and with limited amount of time that you have in your life,

it’s easier to just buy what you like at a coffee shop. If you’re one of those people, why not venture out and try something else? Though it reminds you of the good ol’ times you had with your friends and family and helps you relax, that Chai Tea Latte isn’t any healthier than the chai that you can make at home. For the young ones reading this that tend to go to Starbucks, Dutch Bros, or any other coffee chains with their parents or older friends, see if they order the Chai Tea Latte or something similar every time. If they do, try and cut their


habit by making them try something new! They may just find that they like the Peach Tea or Passion Tea better than their old favorite. Sometimes all someone needs is a little push in a different direction. This lesson can go to anyone who typically sticks to their regular drink that they always order. Exploring around doesn’t hurt you and you can always go back to your old favorite, but how will you know you don’t like something until you try it? You may just end up finding a hidden diamond behind all of the coal.

ijvyN sMswr dy s^q imhnq krn vwly bhuq mrd Aqy iesqrIAW, auhnW nMU cldw r`Kx leI, svyry-Swm, kwPI qy inrBr hn, ausy qrHW bhuqy BwrqIAW dw mn BwauNdw im`Tw pyA hY 'cwie tI lwty'[ bhuqy lokW ny Awm qOr 'qy BwrqIAW nMU, iksy nvIN jW v`KrI firMk dy mukwbly cwie tI lwty hI Awrfr kridAW dyiKAw hY[ ieh firMk ausy qrHW dw hI hY ijs qrHW dI cwh AsIN GrW ivc pINdy hW[ Swied ies dw kwrn ieh vI ho skdw hY ik auh isrP auh hI krnw cwhuMdy hox jo auh jwxdy hn Aqy auhnW nMU cMgw lgdw hY jW auh v`K-v`K vMngIAW dIAW kwPIAW Aqy cwhW dy ivSwl sMswr ivc jwx dw au`dm BirAw Kqrw mu`l lYx qoN kMnI kqrwauNdy hox[ BwvyN cwie tI lwty dw auh svwd nhIN jo cwh bhuqy BwrqI inqwpRqI Awpxy GrW ivc pINdy hn, pr svwd p`KoN kwPI nyVy hY[ jy qusIN Aijhy BwrqI ho jo lwgwqr kMm krdy ho Aqy cwh AwpUM bnwaux dw smW quhwfy kol nhIN qW cMgw ivklp ieh hY ik koeI hor quhwfy leI cwh bxwey[ jo bcpn qoN hI cwh pI rhy hn auhnW leI ies Awdq nMU C`fxw hor vI AOKw hY Aqy jy smyN dI kmIN hY qW sB qoN sOKw ivklp ieh hY ik iksy kwPI Swp qoN cwh KrId leI jwvy[ cwie tI lwty quhwnMU auhnW

cMgy simAW dI Xwd muV qwzw krwauNdI hY jdoN qusIN cwh dIAW cuskIAW Brdy Aqy pirvwr Aqy im`qrW nwl susqwieAw krdy sI[ BwvyN ieh koeI cwh dy mukwbly koeI bhuqw ishqmMd ivklp nhIN hY[ nOjvwn, jo Awm qOr qy Awpxy mW-bwp jW hor v`fy im`qrW jW irSqydwrW nwl stwrbks, f`c bRos jW hor kwPI Swps qy jWdy hn Aqy ies AwrtIkl nMU pVH rhy hn, auh not krn ik kI auh cwie tI lwty dI jgHw koeI hor firMk vI Awrfr krdy hn jW nhIN[ jy nhIN, qW auhnW dI ies Awdq nMU Gtwaux leI auhnW nMU ku`J hor tRweI krn leI pRyro[ ho skdw hY auhnW nMU pIc tI jW pYSn tI vI psMd Awvy[ kdy kdy iksy iksy nMU v`KrI idSw v`l jwx leI hlkI pRyrxw dI loV pYNdI hY[ ieh sbk auhnW sB leI hY jo Awpxy inXimq pyA qoN Cut kuJ vI pIxw psMd nhIN krdy[ nvIAW cIzW dI Bwl dw kdy nukswn nhIN huMdw Aqy qusIN hmySW Awpxy purwxy mnpsMd v`l muV qoN jw skdy ho[ pr ibnW koiSS kIiqAW quhwnMU ikvyN pqw l`gygw ik quhwnMU nvIN cIz psMd nhIN[ ho skdw hY quhwfI Koj, koilAW dy ipCy, iksy luky hoey hIry nwl quhwfw rwbqw kwiem kr dyvy[

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t is absolutely vital to have a good, strong immune system to stay healthy. The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism to fight off illnesses and infections. Nutritional deficiencies as well as lack of physical exercise and too much stress can impair immune functions and compromise immunity, increasing both the risk and severity of infection. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The foods you eat have a great impact on your immune system which is a complex network of cells and organs. Feeding your body certain foods packed with nutrients and disease-fighting properties will help keep your immune system running strong.

1. GARLIC Garlic is one of best immune-boosting foods. It contains powerful antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal properties that help the body ward off and fight infections. Regular consumption of garlic helps your body fight infections and inflammatory diseases like the common cold, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and multiple sclerosis. Plus, it can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and aid in preventing various types of cancer. To stay healthy, eat one or two raw garlic cloves daily. 2. HONEY Daily consumption of honey has been found to strengthen the immune system. Its antioxidant, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties help fight infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Honey also can improve your digestive system, treat acid reflux, soothe a sore throat, treat a nasty cough, improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity, and heal wounds and scars quickly. Start each day with one teaspoon of honey along with a glass of lukewarm water to enjoy its numerous health benefits. Note: Honey should never be given to children under age 1. 3. GINGER This pungent herb has been used for ages to boost the immune system and treat many health problems. Apart from being a strong antioxidant, ginger has antimicrobial, antiseptic,

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antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. This herb helps eliminate congestion, ease throat pain, kill cold viruses, combat fever, inhibit pancreatic cancer cell growth, inhibit growth of peptic ulcer disease, promote gastric mobility, decrease chronic pain and lower high cholesterol. Drink one to two cups of ginger tea daily to keep your immune system functioning properly. 4. GREEN TEA Green tea is the best drink known to boost the immune system. It introduces a type of flavonoid called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) into the body that helps fight bacteria and prevent viruses from multiplying. It also has many powerful antioxidants that help protect against viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms that can cause health problems. Regular consumption of green tea also will help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, periodontal disease, and osteoporosis. Enjoy a soothing cup of green tea several times a day. Do not add milk, as it will make the tea less effective for this purpose. 5. YOGURT To boost your immune system, include yogurt with active cultures in your diet. The strains of ‘good’ bacteria such as Bifidobacterium lactis in yogurt boost the activity of immune system cells to destroy viruses

for the normal functioning of the immune system and helps develop resistance to infection. Sweet potatoes also help regulate blood sugar and lower insulin resistance; combat inflammatory problems like asthma, arthritis, and gout; relieve constipation and prevent colon cancer; protect against emphysema; and prevent strokes and heart attacks. Eat one-half cup of boiled sweet potatoes daily to improve your immune system and stay healthy. 8. CHICKEN SOUP A bowl of homemade chicken soup can boost your immune system and increase your chances of beating a viral infection quickly. Chicken soup provides a strong dose of protein, an important nutrient for immune system maintenance. Plus, it contains B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc, all of which strengthen your immune system. Chicken soup also helps you stay hydrated, which can speed up the healing process if you do get sick. Have chicken soup several times a day when dealing with symptoms of a cold, including a runny nose, nasal congestion and cough.

and ‘bad’ bacteria. The friendly bacteria also help the body absorb many essential nutrients. Eating yogurt on daily basis can reduce the incidence of intestinal infections, fight different types of viral infections, improve digestion, reduce the length of the common cold, and treat dysentery and various types of diarrhea. For maximum benefits, buy yogurt that has “live and active cultures” printed on the label. 6. ORANGES Oranges are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps boost your immune system. Vitamin C promotes the production of white blood cells, which are key to fighting infections. Oranges are also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B9 or folate, and copper that are important for immune functions. Also, they help lower both cholesterol and blood pressure levels. To improve your immune system, drink a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning and one glass later in the day. 7. SWEET POTATOES Sweet potatoes also are an excellent immunity-boosting food. They are full of the antioxidant beta-carotene, which protects against damaging free radicals and improves immune cell function. Plus, they have a high amount of vitamin A, which is required

9. CAYENNE PEPPER The compound capsaicin present in cayenne pepper can help boost your immune system. Cayenne pepper also has high beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A content, which is essential for a healthy immune system. It helps defend the body against invading pathogens to prevent illness. Cayenne pepper helps flush out toxins, stimulate digestion, clear congestion, and reduce symptoms of colds and other infections. It also works as a great pain reliever, aids blood circulation, prevents heart disease, psoriasis, stomach ulcers, prostate cancer, diabetes, migraines and headaches. To improve immunity, include at least a dash or two of hot cayenne peppers in your diet. 10. MUSHROOMS Mushrooms have high antioxidant content and are rich in the essential minerals selenium and copper that are important for the immune system. Research has shown that an increase in selenium intake can help improve the immune function. Mushrooms also nourish and protect the heart and liver and have the ability to help prevent breast and prostate cancer. They are also known to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. To boost your immune system, opt for shiitake, reishi or maitake mushrooms. Adding these superfoods to your diet will boost your immune system and help you remain healthy and free of disease.

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The A, B, C’s of Multi-Vitamins


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he first ever supplemental multi-vitamin was Also important for cardiovascular health. marketed and sold in 1934, and to this day, is still B5 (pantothenic acid) - helps support fatty acid synthesis and the same formula that is sold through a multi-level cellular energy production in the body. Also well known to many marketing company. In this generation of inventions, as the “anti-stress” vitamin. Supports the body as a whole. there are plenty of products in the market that one does not B6 (pridoxine) - involved in over 100 cellular reactions need to seek out an independent sales rep to access a quality throughout the body. It is instrumental in keeping various product. With a little effort and research, and help from the bodily functions performing optimally. Pyridoxine is required to internet, it’s easy to find the perfect performance products for metabolize amino acids and glycogen. It is also necessary for your needs. Alternately, just read this article, and then head to normal nervous system, hormone and red blood cell function. your local health food store and peruse the shelves of products B7 (biotin) - may help in the health of hair, skin & nails. Biotin that are widely available. Let’s start with the basics. There are 2 also supports healthy carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. types of vitamins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Vitamins like A, B12 (cobalamin) - plays a critical role in the pathways of the D, E, K and fatty acids (Vitamin F) are fat-soluble elements and body that produce cellular energy. It is also needed for DNA thus, do not require large doses, as they are stored in the body synthesis, red blood cell formation and for healthy nervous and remain there. If consumed in excess, they can become system function. Individuals who follow vegan or vegetarian toxic, so when taking your own separated vitamin extracts, diets may benefit from a B12 supplement since B12 is be cautious and take the recommended dosage on the label. predominantly found in foods of animal origin such as chicken, Also, cross reference your medications as they beef, fish, milk and eggs. may interfere with the absorption of each other, Folic Acid - is required for DNA synthesis, which may limit the use of a required prescription the formation of red blood cells and for the medicine. Water-soluble vitamins, the B-complex metabolism of amino acids. Folic acid is most vitamins and vitamin C, need be replenished commonly known for its role in fetal health daily as they are excreted in the urine, and are not (pregnancy related) and development as it stored in the body. They are also often cooked is critical for the formation of a baby’s spinal out of foods; thus, it’s imperative to establish cord and nervous system. This important a balance of intake through supplementation. developmental process occurs during the initial Antio-xidants are the vitamins A, C and E and are weeks of pregnancy, and so adequate folic acid critical elements in protecting your cell’s integrity intake is especially important for all women of and your heart. As we age, anti-oxidants protect child-bearing age. us from environmental toxins. Vitamin C - is required for the growth and Vitamins are essential nutrients found in repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It is foods. They perform specific and vital functions used to form an important protein used to make Dawn Thornton in a variety of body systems and are crucial skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels, for maintaining optimal health. Supplemental and is essential to help heal wounds and form formulas often contain the following: Vitamins, scar tissue. Also important in the repair and anti-oxidants, macro-minerals, trace or micro-minerals, and maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C is one of enzymes. We will discuss the vitamin portion, and the function many antioxidants. of each in your body in this article. Vitamin F - is a term for two essential fatty acids: omega-3 Vitamin A - an essential vitamin required for vision, boosting and omega-6. These fats’ primary function is to repair and immune function, and great skin health. create tissue in the body. Vitamin F is composed of two types The B Vitamins: of fatty acids: linoleic and alpha- linoleic. B1 (thiamine) - is needed to produce cellular energy from the The body cannot produce EFA’s by itself, so you foods you eat, and is also required for the synthesis of have to get them from food sources DNA and RNA. where they are known as unsaturated B2 (riboflavin) - is a basic building block for fatty acids or polyunsaturated normal growth and development. It is required fatty acids. The health benefits for healthy cellular energy production and also to consuming EFA’s are lower supports the anti-oxidant activity in the body. cholesterol and blood pressure B3 (niacin) - supports over 200 chemical levels and reduced risk of reactions in the body including cellular strokes and heart attacks. energy production and fatty acid synthesis. 38 Desi Lifestyle 2015


mltI ivtwimn pihlI vwr mShUrI krky 1934 ‘c vyicAw igAw sI[ pr Ajy q`k ies dw auhI PwrmUlw hY jo ie`k mwrkIitMg kMpnI v`loN vyicAw jw irhw hY[ A`j KojW dy zmwny ‘c mwrikt ‘c AnykW auqpwd hn ijnHW leI ik iksy k`ly kihry sylz pRqIinD dI loV nhIN[ QoVHI ijhI ihMmq krky qusIN AwpxI loV Anuswr ieMtrnY`t qoN koeI vI cIz l`B skdy ho[ zrw ieh lyK pVHo Aqy pVH ky is`Dy Sihr dy iksy hYlQ PUf stor ‘qy cly jwE Aqy SYlPW ‘c pey hr qrHW dy auqpwd vwcoo[ AwE mu`F qoN SurU krIey[ ivtwimn do qrHW dy huMdy hn: pwxI ‘c GuLx vwLy Aqy PYt ‘c GuLx vwLy[ey, fI, eI, ky Aqy PYtI eyisf ( ivtwimn AYP) PYt ‘c Gulx vwLy hn ies leI ienHW dI bhuqI mwqrw ‘c loV nhIN huMdI ikauNik ieh srIr ‘c stor ho jWdy hn Aqy au`Qy hI pey rihMdy hn[ jykr ieh loVINdI mwqrw qoN v`D lY ley jwx qW ieh zihrIly bx skdy hn[ ies leI jykr qusIN ivtwimn dIAW goLIAW jW kYpsUl KWdy ho qW swvDwnI vrqo Aqy isrP au`ny hI lE ijMny ik lybl qy ilKy hoey huMdy hn[Aqy hor ijhVIAW vI dvweIAW qusIN lYNdy ho aunHW sB nMU iDAwn nwL cMgI qrHW cY`k kro ik ikDry ieh sB iek`TIAW lYx nwL quhwnMU koeI nukswn qW nhIN phuMcdw? pwxI ‘c GuLx vwLy ivtwimn ijvyN ik bI-kMplYks ivtwimn Aqy ivtwimn sI , hr roz lYx dI zrUrq hY ikauN ik ieh srIr ‘c stor nhIN huMdy sgoN ipSwb rwhIN srIr ‘coN bwhr inkl jWdy hn[ ieh Kwxw pkWdy smyN Kwxy ‘coN vI in`kl jWdy hn ies leI ienHW nMU golIAW jW kYpsUlW dI sUrq ‘c lYxw pYNdw hY[ ivtwimn ey, sI Aqy eI AYNtI-AwksIfYNt hn jo ik sY~lW Aqy idl leI bhuq hI zrUrI hn[ ijs qrHW swfI aumr vDdI jWdI hY AYNtI-AwksIfYNt swnMU ivtwimn ie`k zrUrI pOSitk hn jo ik Kwxy ‘c imLdy hn[ ieh srIr dy v`K v`K AMgW ‘c v`K v`K kMm krdy hn Aqy swnMU qMdrusq r`Kx ‘c bhuq shweI huMdy hn[ splImYNt PwrmUilAW ‘c Aksr ieh cIzW imLdIAW hn: ivtwimn, AYNtI-AwksIfYNt, mYkro-imnrlz, tRys jW mweIkRo-imnrlz, Aqy AYNzweImz[ AsIN ies AwrtIkl ‘c ivtwimn dI imkdwr Aqy quhwfy srIr ‘c hr ivtwimn dy kMm bwry d`sWgy[ ivtwimn ey - quhwfI nzr, ibmwrIAW nwL lVn dI SkqI vDwaux, Aqy nroeI cmVI leI ie`k bhuq hI zrUrI ivtwimn hY[ bI ivtwimnz: bI 1 (QwieAwmweIn) - ies dI zrUrq pYNdI hY KwDy hoey Kwxy dI sYlUlr AnrjI bxwaux leI, Aqy fI AYn ey Aqy Awr AYn ey dI imlwvt leI[

bI 2 (rIboPlyivn) - Awm srIrk vwDy Aqy ivkws leI zrUrI hY[ ies dI zrUrq sYlUlr AnrjI bxwaux leI Aqy quhwfy srIr ‘c AYNtI-AwksIfYNt dI m`dd krn leI[ bI 3 (nwieAwisn) - quhwfy srIr ‘c sYlUlr AnrjI bxwaux dy nwL 200 qoN vI v`D kYmIkl rIAYkSn dI Aqy PYtI AYisfs dI imlwvt krn ‘c shwieqw krdy hn[ bI 5 (pYNtoQYink AYisf) s r I r ‘c sYlUlr AnrjI bxwaux Aqy PYtI AYisfs dy imSrx krn ‘ c

shweI huMdy hn[ keI lok ies nMU “AYNtI strYs” ivtwimn vI kihMdy hn[ieh smu`cy qOr ‘qy swry hI srIr dI m`dd krdy hn[ bI 6 (pRIfOksweIn) - swry srIr ‘c 100 qoN vI v`D sYlUlr pRqIikirAw ‘c m`dd krdy hn[ ieh srIr dy v`K v`K BwgW nMU shI kMm krn ‘c m`ddgwr shweI huMdy hn[ ieh AmIno AYisf Aqy glweIkojn nMU hzm krn ‘c m`dd krdy hn[ ieh Awm nrvs isstm, hwrmon Aqy lwl bl`f sY`lW nMu kMm krn ‘c vI m`dd krdy hn[ bI 7 (bwieEitn) - vwlW, cmVI Aqy nhuMAW nMU qMdrusq r`Kx ‘c m`dd kr skdy hn[ bwieEton qMdrusq kwrbohweIfRyt, pRotIn Aqy PYt mtYboilzm dI vI m`dd krdy hn[ bI 12 (kobwlwimn) - sYlUlr AnrjI bxwaux vwLy srIr dy ih`sy ‘c ie`k Aihm Buimkw inBwauNdy hn[ ieh fI AYn ey imlwvt, lwl bl`f sY`l nMU bxwaux Aqy qMdrusq nrvs isstm leI vI bhuq zrUrI hn[ ikaNu ik bI 12 AwmqOr qy ickn, bIP, m`CI, du`D Aqy AWifAW ‘c imldy hn ies leI SwkwhwrI lokW nMU cwhIdw hY ik auh ies dy splImYNt lY lYx[ ivtwimn sI - srIr dy swry hI ih`isAW ‘c itSUAW dI aupj Aqy murMmq leI zrUrI hn[ ieh ie`k Kws pRotIn bxwaux leI vrqy jWdy hn jo ik cmVI, tYNfnz, ilgwmYNts Aqy KUn vwLIAW nwVW bxwaux ‘c shweI huMdy hn[ ieh zKmW nMU Brn ‘c vI m`dd krdy hn[ ieh kwrtlyz, h`fIAW Aqy dMdW dI murMmq Aqy sWB sMBwl ‘c vI m`dd krdy hn[ ivtwimn sI bhuq swry AYNtI-AwksIfYNtW ‘coN ie`k hY[ ivtwimn AYP - do mh`qvpUrn PYtI AYisfs dI ie`k trm hn; Emygw 3 Aqy Emygw [ ienHW dw mu`Flw kMm srIr ‘c itSU murMmq Aqy itSU bxwaux dw hY[ ivtwimn AYP do qrHW dy PYtI AYisfW dw sumyL hY; lweInolIAk Aqy AlPw- lweInolIAk[ srIr Awpxy Awp Kud eI AYP ey nhIN bxw skdw ies leI quhwnUM ieh Kwxy dy sRoqW qoN lYxw pYNdw hY ij`Qy ienHW nMU AnsYcUrytf Aqy pOlIAnsYcUrytf PYtI AYisfW dy nWA nwL jwixAw jWdw hY[ eI AYP ey lYx nwL klYstROl GtdI hY Aqy bl`f pRYSr lYvl shI rihMdw hY Aqy stRok jW idl dw dOrw pYx dw Kqrw Gt jWdw hY[ Desi Lifestyle 2015 39


“Beyond the financing, this is a people business, and people want to work with someone they know, like and trust.”– Douglas Smith

Sachit Verma Sr. Business Analyst at Biz4loans

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The Rise of Non-Banking Services

The loaning industry has encountered a significant change in the dynamics of lending volume. Before 2010, the top sources for business owners, home purchasers, and people to request loans were with big banks. But in today’s market, government actions have reduced incentives for banks to act as creditors due the mortgage crisis that occurred in 2007. Consequently, private lenders have acquired many of these borrowers as clients and have increased their volume of loans and shares of mortgage servicing. But what does this mean for you and your business? What this implies is that in today’s market, private lenders such as Biz4loans can offer you a deal banks are unwilling and unable to match. Biz4loans can present your company the opportunity to invest in its future. We have helped numerous companies expand their operations, increase their revenue, and acquire a steady cash flow. We have a highly qualified team with experts in analyzing business needs. Call our toll-free number, (888) 943-1497.

What’s Trending in Today’s Markets?

Hobby farms are a hot product type in today’s real estate markets. For those unfamiliar with this term, it refers to a residence on a small farm not used as a source for primary income. But why in an era marked with urbanization would hobby farm property be trending? There are a few factors that make this product type a draw towards young and older consumers. According to Pete Hinrichs, a senior director of mortgage underwriting with AgStar Financial Services, lower interest rates, energy prices, and a stronger economy all make hobby farms a larger draw. Additionally, the emerging ability for workers to work and conduct their businesses from home increases the appeal of these properties. For those seeking to purchase any real estate, including this type, we can offer professional assistance in acquiring the property. Here at Biz4loans, we offer agricultural loans, commercial real estate loans, and we can offer nontraditional loans as well. To learn more

formation about us and what we do, visit us on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Investing in Your Career

For businesses seeking growth and expansion, it is important that they are fully committed and take the correct steps in ensuring they can increase their profits and revenues to grow. A few undervalued aspects of running a business are listed below. Biz4loans also offers consultancy and can provide the financial guidance needed to become successful in your particular field and industry. - Invest in Time: As they say, “time is money.” It is important for workers and business owners to be fully committed to their businesses. Time stops for nobody, but when it is valued, progress and development are direct results. - Invest Money: Another famous adage, “you have to spend money to make money,” is one that can bring significant changes and help to businesses trying to increase their revenue. Financing your business can become expensive for smaller companies, but investing your money for the future of your business pays dividends in increased profits, increased cash flow, and a more healthy company in the long run. Biz4loans is a leading lender for small to mid-sized businesses across the nation, and can help you achieve this. - Build Relationships: Don’t treat your business partners or customers just as clients. It is important that they feel a personal connection and receive high quality service. In addition, past clients can be a valuable asset. Build a solid foundation with your clients to promote your business and increase your

name brand. ⦁- Take Risks: All businesses make tough decisions that may directly affect clients and employees in a positive or negative way. Promote innovative and creative ideas in your company, and be willing to try new strategies or reach new target customers, even if you lose a little money along the way. Always look at the big picture.

What is Distinguishable About Biz4loans?

- Experience: Biz4loans has been involved in the lending business for a considerable number of years. Due to our experience, we are capable of analyzing critical components of your business, and providing financial tools your business needs to succeed. - Technology: We are pioneer lenders in providing both online and in-person services. Our website, ⦁ www.biz4loans. com, can be a useful tool to learn information about how to finance your business, and has a feature to apply for a loan at your convenience. We also are on social media platforms, so make sure to follow us to get updated information about us and our business. ⦁- Efficiency: Biz4loans provides fast closing of commercial loans. In addition, we also specialize in providing merchant cash advance, small business loans, and factoring services. Furthermore, we also work with a variety of customers with who we conduct business to provide their companies with funds needed as quickly as we can. We understand that businesses are in need of quick cash and loans, and are here to serve you.

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is Bliing's opening credits roll against a

remixed version of Sneha Khanwalkar's fantastically peppy "Tung Tung". We see a delirious Kumar cracking out bhangra moves with such gusto that you might just feel your muscles ache on his behalf. There's only one word to describe Kumar's performance as Raftaar Singh: octane. Whether he’s being the stereotypical empty-headed sardar or busting out dance moves or fighting bad guys, his energy is phenomenal. Kumar is proof that ageing is a wondrous thing. He didn’t have even a fraction of this onscreen charm when he was in the prime of his youth. It’s not just that Kumar looks infinitely better — the death of the Nineties’ mullet has been a boon in many heroes’ lives — but as a grizzled older man, he’s also commanding the screen with far more confidence and grace than he did before. Kumar plays Raftaar Singh, a good-for-nothing Punjabi lad whose chief qualification is that he’s momma’s boy. Raftar’s father has a friend in Goa who runs a casino. When Raftaar takes Rs 50,000 from his father’s cupboard without permission, his dad tells Raftaar that he’s got to grow up. How? By marrying an overweight village belle or going to work in Goa. Does this make logical sense? Of course not. But if you’ve come to see Singh is Bliing with expectations of realism, you’re more of an idiot than Raftaar, who lives up to the stereotype of sardars being loyal, bhangra-powered, lovable fools. In Goa, Raftaar meets a woman who is more than his match. Sara (Amy Jackson) is an arms dealer’s daughter who catches the eye of deranged gangster Mark (Kay Kay Menon). What better way to deal with an insane Indo-Romanian stalker than to chill out in Goa, at her dad’s friend’s bungalow? Raftaar is appointed as Sara’s chaperone in Goa. She doesn’t speak Hindi. He doesn’t speak English. Enter Lara Dutta as the translator, Emily (whom Raftaar and his friends call “imli”. Naturally). Adding heft to the theory that ageing can work wonders is Dutta. On the ‘wrong’ side of her thirties, Dutta is a revelation in Singh is Bliing. She looks great, even when she’s wearing blindingly bad outfits, and milks comedy from practically every moment she has onscreen. Over-the-top moments that should make us cringe and groan become cute and giggle-worthy, simply because of Dutta’s fine performance. When Kumar and Dutta come together in the “Dil Kare Chu Che” — a rare example of a song that is actually connected to the plot instead of being generic — it’s so funny that this reviewer started wondering whether director Prabhudheva has found ways of lacing popcorn.

naked, for no reason other than to titillate the audience. Another woman existed in the film only to get beaten up. The third was an idiot. From the director who made that film, you do not expect a follow-up in which the women characters really are heroines. Singh is Bliing may be Kumar’s film through and through, but he is ably supported by Rati Agnihotri as his stay-at-home mum, Dutta as the goofy translator and Jackson as the nut-busting Sara. Women blow each other up, stick up for one another and even behave like normal human beings from time to time. In a Prabhudheva film, this is downright shocking. It’s almost as though Singh is Bliing is Prabhudheva’s attempt to redeem himself after all the criticism that was (rightly) chucked at him for Action Jackson. Singh is Bliing pokes fun at the male ego again and again. Women take charge smoothly and don’t need men to save the day until the very end, when the alpha rises. (Let’s not forget this is commercial cinema, after all.) Still, for the bulk of Singh is Bliing, the men are the losers, but they think they’re macho and that’s the source of many of the film’s gags. Jackson’s Sara is a ninja warrior who can pummel a legion of men — including an Indian Khal Drogo lookalike named Boxer, who wears a locket with a boxer dog’s face. In case he forgets his name, perhaps? — without smudging her makeup. Raftaar, on the other hand, spends most of the film getting beaten up. Dutta runs circles around the men and has a wonderful sleepwalking interlude. Ladies, let us a raise a glass of tender coconut water to the actresses, Prabhudheva and Grazing Goat Pictures, who are credited with having scripted Singh is Bliing. It isn’t comsee the credit comCreideas out on sembly a shame humans for the of Singh is reduced

particularly forting to writing go to a pany. ative are rarely churned an asline and it’s that the responsible onscreen fun Bliing have to be to Grazing

Prabhudeva’s last film was the putrid pimple of human endeavour titled Action Jackson. Aside from its ridiculous script, deafening soundtrack and terrible acting performances, Action Jackson was also jaw-droppingly misogynist. One woman’s role was to roam around three-quarters

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ASK AUNTIE JI Dear Auntie Ji, How can I save money while I am in college? With the tuition being so expensive, having to buy books and certain things for classes, and splurging on other costs saving money seems to be such a hard thing! - Struggling College Student Dear Struggling College Student, When buying things, make a list to make sure you only get what you absolutely need. Over buying is always easy to do when you don’t have specific things you need to get and wander around. Sometimes, things online are much cheaper than buying through the school as well. As for textbooks, most students now rely on renting so they don’t spend as much money on buying the book and then having to sell it again. You can also buy used textbooks. If you’re living in a dorm, staying in a triple is usually the cheapest and even then only buy the things you need. Make a game plan and stick to it! The tuition has lots of “free” things that it covers, so instead of going out with your friends and spending excess money, there may be something going on the campus that can be an alternative. At the end of the day, it really just depends on how good you are with handling your money and sticking to what you need. I wish you good luck! Dear Auntie Ji, I am starting a business and as of now it just seems to be going slow and no where. Though there is some support coming in, it’s not how I imagined it to. I don’t know if I should stick to the plan or change what I’m doing. - Business Freshman Dear Business Freshman, When opening a business, even the little things make the biggest difference. Who you’re catering to, where you’re located, what you’re providing, whether the business is seasonal or not, etc. I’m figuring that you had a game plan of some sort before you actually started your business and had some sort of backing to get you started. Things don’t always go as they plan in anything. That’s just how life is. The ultimate decision of whether you want to change your direction or stick to what you have is in your hands. Before making a decision, do think about the amount of work, time, and money you put into developing your business and whether you think you’ll get a profit out of it if you make a small change. Sometimes a small change is all someone needs to make the big difference! It is a big decision, so don’t rush it and thoroughly think it through.

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MonoPrice External Battery Pack

Shedrain WindPro Umbrella

The late August wind storm knocked out power to over 330,000 people in the GVRD. Keep this MonoPrice Battery pack with you so that you can charge your cell phone, tablet, or even a laptop in case of such emergencies.

Thule EnRoute Triumph Backpack



With the coming fall weather, better carry a good umbrella. The 40-inch span and fast drying fabric make the WindPro handy in a storm. The canopy won’t flip inside out in breezy conditions so it’s perfect for Vancouver.

O C T / N OV 2 015

The Thule EnRoute Triumph 2 is the way to go for those who want a backpack that can do double-duty as a school bag and as hiking equipment. The laptop compartment fits a 14-inch PC, as well as a tablet. Airflow channels on the back, padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap will make trekking easier. And don’t forget your water bottle.

Outdoor Research Aspire Women’s Rain Jacket

ZenBook Ultrabook

ZenBook UX305FA is designed to go everywhere you go. Weighing a mere 1.2kg and just 1.23cm thin, it’s never a burden, always a delight. But it’s not just an amazinglybeautiful, lightweight laptop: it’s seriously powerful too, packed with the latest high-performance technology. With ZenBook UX305FA, you can do all the incredible things you’ve always wanted to do, wherever you are. 46 Desi Lifestyle 2015

The Aspire is a jacket that will not disappoint, whether you’re hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, traveling, biking, or heading to the office. This rain shell is optimized for mountain and even winter use. But it also has a certain, je ne sais quoi--on top of all of its rugged functionality, this jacket is outdoor chic.

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Central California is

Bulldog Country! Listen to complete coverage of all Fresno State Sports on 50,000 Watt 48 Desi Lifestyle 2015

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