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Desi Lifestyle 2015


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Okay, I’ll be honest from the get go – I love Jeeps and I’ve owned three so far. There’s something about your first vehicle that always stays with you; my first, a two-door 1991 4.0 High Output Jeep YJ, painted in midnight blue......

Vol. 1 Issue 4 June / July 2015

ON THE COVER America has farming communities from every corner of the earth. Individually their cultures have been deeply imbibed in beliefs, customs and traditions of agriculture rather than institutions of arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievements......

Desi Lifestyle Magazine is the only bilingual magazine that provides the best platform to connect the South-Asian community in the Fresno area of California. This magazine will encapture all aspects of lifestyle that we enjoy or wish to enjoy


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Kiranjit Kaur Dhanjan History

Mohinder Singh Pujji

The Remarkable Tale of Sikh WWII Flying Ace

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Taj Randhawa

The Punjabi Ghagra Kurti


Kaieteur Falls is a waterfall on the Potaro River in Kaieteur National Park, central Essequibo Territory, Guyana. It is 226 metres (741 ft) high when measured from its plunge over a sandstone and conglomerate cliff to the first break. It then flows over a series of steep cascades that, when included......

Local Events - Fresno Relationship

Ensuring Your Wedding Dreams Come True

An Hour Of Television A Day Linked To Childhood Obesity

Desi Lifestyle 2015


Editorial Note “Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!”

“dUijAW dIAW glqIAW qoN is`Ko…..quhwfI aumr AYnI lMbI nhIN ik qusIN auh swrIAW glqIAW Awp krooN”

How many of us who take some time off to evaluate the causes our success or failure. Behind success there is always a good planning, lot of homework and right ways to implement the plan, same way behind failure there are many mistakes that one has done knowingly or unknowingly. It is said that we learn from our experience and it is right to some extent, it is one aspect. Do we have enough time and resources to take such kind of experiences? The answer is no. Neither we have time nor money to waste. So what is the solution? The solution lies in quotation “Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!”

swfy iv`coN ikMny ku hoxgy jo AwpxI s&lqw jW As&lqw dy kwrnW dI GoK jW ivcwr krdy hoxgy? iksy kMm dI s&lqw dy kwrnw iv`c, ies ip`Cy kIqI geI vDIAw pLYing, mu`Flw kMm, soc ivcwr Aqy bwAd iv`c ies plYinMg nUM suc`jy FMg nwl lwgU krnw huMdw hY[ iesy qrHW As&lqw dw kwrn ies dy ip`Cy jwxy-Axjwxy iv`c kIqIAW glqIAW huMdIAW hn[Awm qOr qy ieh ikhw jWdw hY ik mnu`K qzrby nwl hI is^dw hY, ieh g`l iksy h`d q`k TIk hY pr ieh ies dw ie`k pihlU hY[ kI swfy kol AYnW smW jW Dn hY ik AsIN qzrby kr-kr is`^Iey? jvwb hY nWh[ swfy kol brbwd krn leI smW jW Dn nhIN hY[ iPr ies g`l dw h`l kI hY? h`l hY is`Dw-is`Dw, “dUijAW dIAW glqIAW qoN is`Ko…..quhwfI aumr AYnI lMbI nhIN ik qusIN auh swrIAW glqIAW Awp krooN”

We must learn from the mistakes of others and need not to repeat on us. But how? The answer is to take advice of experts before you start anything, start a company or to take your company to the next level. You have to have a proper knowledge, pros and cons, and a plan. All this could take some extra time and money but believe me it will save you more money in the long run and contribute to make you a success. So let’s make a resolution that whatever we will do, will do properly.

ibnW S`k swnUM dUijAW dIAW glqIAW qoN is`^xw pvygw Aqy cMgw hovygw ik AsIN ieh glqIAW duhrweIey nw[ pr is`^Iey ikvyN? ies g`l dw jvwb ieh hY ik koeI vI kMm SurU krn qoN pihlW swnUM mwihr lokW dI slwh kY lYxI cwhIdI hY[ cwhy AsIN AwpxI kMpnI ^olxI hovy jW iPr c`l rhI kMpnI nUM Agly p`Dr q`k lY ky jwxw hovy, quhwnMU ik`qy dy aus p`Dr dI v`D qoN v`D jwxkwrI hoxw bhuq jrUrI hY, ies dy cMgy mwVy pRBwv Aqy sB qoN v`D mh`qvpUrn g`l ik ie`k pLYn hoxw bhuq lwzmI hY[ieh sB kMmW leI ijAwdw smW jW pYsw zrUr l`g skdw hY pRMqU A`gy jw ky quhwnMU ies dw bhuq &wiedw hovygw Aqy ieh sB kuJ quhwfI s&lqw iv`c vI shweI hovygw[AwE AsIN pRx krIey ik AsIN jo vI kMm krWgy TIk qrIky nwl Aqy is`^ ky krWgy[

We always wish you a success and prosper life. Desi Lifestyle Magazine is celebrating 4th successful edition; we would like to thank our readers and advertisers for their contribution. Have a good time , work hard/smart and enjoy to the fullest…

AsIN hmySw quhwfy kMm dI qr`kI Aqy quhwfy vDIAw jIvn leI duAwvW krdy hW, pRmwqmW kry quhnUM kMm iv`c s&lqw hwsl hovy[dysI lweI& stwieL mYZzIn vI AwpxI s&lqw dy 4 AMk pUry hox qy Awpxy pwTkW Aqy ivEpwrI vIrW dw DMnvwd krdw hY[ ^uS rho, Abwd rho...

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Desi Lifestyle 2015

By: Arjan Singh Josan I

Culture and Agriculture:

Khushwant Singh, an eminent Indian journalist scholar has written about the Sikh farmers of Punjab thus, “The Sikhs never imbibed the culture of music and arts. The only culture they ever imbibed is agriculture”. It is quite true of every nationality engaged in agriculture on this earth. America has farming communities from every corner of the earth. Individually their cultures have been deeply imbibed in beliefs, customs and traditions of agriculture rather than institutions of arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievements. Their rituals and languages exhibit more of success or failure in agriculture. Whenever they have

siBAwcwr Aqy KyqIAwcwr auGy BwrqI p`qrkwr Aqy ivdvwn lyKk KuSvMq isMG, pMjwb dy is`K ikrswnW bwry ilKidAW kihMdy hn, “is`KW ny kdy klw Aqy sMgIq dy siBAwcwr nUM nhIN ApxwieAw[ iehnW ijs siBAwcwr nUM ApxwieAw hY, auh hY KyqI dw siBAwcwr” ieh s`cweI kyvl is`K ikrswnW qy nhIN sgoN ies DrqI qy KyqIbwVI nwl juVI hr kOmIAq qy lwgU huMdI hY[ DrqI dy hr kony qoN KyqI nwl juiVAw BweIcwrw AmrIkw ivc mOjUd hY[ ies smu`cy BweIcwry dw siBAwcwr, klw dy AdwirAW Aqy mnu`KI bOiDk pRwpqIAW nwloN KyqI nwl sbMDq ivSvws, Awcwr Aqy pRMprwvW nwl vDyry juiVAw hoieAw hY[ auhnW dIAW rsmW Aqy BwSw KyqI ivc auqrw Aqy lVweI dw rjvW ivKwvw krdIAW hn[ mYnUM pMjwbIAW bwry vDyry jwxkwrI hY[ jdoN

CULTURE, AGRICULTURE, DROUGHT and WATER CONSERVATION siBAwcwr, KyqIAwcwr, sokw Aqy pwxI dI sMBwl Desi Lifestyle 2015


Cover Story spare money to invest, agricultural lands and houses become their first priorities. They prefer to be called ‘landlords’.

Agriculture and Drought:

The good thing about agricultural communities in America is that their occupation has made them tough and hardy to face the pangs of drought courageously by stretching every drop of water rationally. While whole of America is facing drought conditions, it is more intense in California. The state is facing one of the most severe droughts on records. As on May 9, 2015; 46 percent of the state is in exceptional drought. It is a brutal dry spell. California woes are magnified because it produces 50 percent of nation’s fruits, vegetables and nuts. It is the number one agricultural state in US with more than 80,000 farms. Any decrease in water supply affects the state’s economy dearly. The state legislature has recently ordered cities and towns to reduce their water usage by 25 percent. The state has already lost 20, 000 agricultural jobs and that number could double to have a rippling effect across the country. It is very important that water conservation methods are imbibed and practiced both by the farmers and common man alike. What are these methods? I am giving a brief account of these underneath.

Usable Water Conservation:

To move past the difficult times of drought, every effort needs to be made to use available water rationally. In general two areas of water conservation count most: 1. Water conservation for agriculture operations: - The type of irrigation system in the field counts most. Drip and sprinkling systems use far less water (40 – 70 percent less) as compared to flooding irrigation system. So upgrade your irrigation system, if you can. - Make judicious use of water in case you grow a cover crop. Take care to eliminate weeds from fields throughout the year. - In case of horticultural crops (raisin grapes, almonds etc) and deep rooted annual crops (cotton, sorghum etc), start the growing season with a fully wet root zone, if possible. Don’t over irrigate at any stage of growth. - Plants like grape wines, cotton, sorghum, olive etc are less sensitive to reduced water supply as compared to almond, alfalfa, corn etc. Apply less water to insensitive crops, because the reduction in yields is far less than the optimum, and saved water is more valuable. - In case of new plantation, don’t plant on marginal lands. And if you want to abandon or pull trees in face of extreme water scarcity, do it first on marginal lands. - Make use of soil moisture manometers (tensiometers, sensors, gypsum blocks etc) or leaf water potential measurement instruments to plan irrigation needs of plants. When irrigating, make sure that you apply water just enough to moisten the soil up to rooting depth only. For this follow a simplified water budgeting procedure. Consult your farm advisor or an Ag expert. - In case of new plantations, select drought resistant varieties. Also grow crops and varieties that have shorter growing season. Even small amounts of water saved by adjusting dates and avoiding high evaporative demand periods go a long way to contribute to water conservation practices. - If your soil has salinity problems, keep leaching to the allowable minimum. - Fix leaks in your distribution system. - Always ensure uniform distribution of water supply. Avoid high wind conditions in irrigation by sprinklers. The real thing is to ‘Be Realistic’. Have an attitude of using less water. Always adjust planting acreage to your available water supply. 2. Water conservation for homes: - In California, almost 50 percent of residential water is used outside in the back and fore yards. Save water on both fronts. - Inside your home, save water in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. As 8

Desi Lifestyle 2015

auhnW kol lgwaux leI pYsy hox qwˆ auh KyqI leI zmIn jW Gr KrIdxgy[ auh Awpxy Awp nUM izMmIdwr khwaux ivc vDyry mwx mihsUs krdy hn[

KyqI Aqy sokw :

AmrIkw ivcly KyqI nwl sbMDq BweIcwry dw mzbUq p`K ieh hY ik ies pySy ny iehnwˆ nUM soky vrgIAwˆ sm`isAwvwˆ dw dlyrI nwl swhmxw krx dw bl pRdwn kIqw hY ieh bVI sUJ Aqy smJdwrI nwl pwxI dI iek-iek bUMd nUM vrq skdy hn[ BwvyN swrw AmrIkw soky dy hlwqwˆ dw swhmxw kr irhw hY pr ies dw sB qoN vD Asr kYlI&ornIAwˆ ivc dyKx nUM imilAw hY[ ieh sUbw hux q`k dy ieiqhws dy sB qoˆ v`D Asrdwr soky ivcoN lMG irhw hY[ ieh hux q`k dw sB qoN inrdeI sokw swibq hoieAw hY[ kYlI&ornIAwˆ qRwsdI sB qoˆ v`D nSr hoeI hY ikauˆik dyS ivc pYdw hox vwly &l, sbzIAW Aqy igrIAW dw 50% ies sUby ivc huMdw hY[ ies dy nwl-nwl ieh sUbw AmrIkw ivc KyqI nwl sbMDq sUibAW ivc pihly nMbr qy hY Aqy ies ivc lgBg 80,000 Pwrm hn[ pwxI dI kmI sUby dI AwriQkqw qy fUMGw Asr pwauNdI hY[ srkwr ny swry SihrW Aqy ipMfW nUM AwdyS id`qw hY ik pwxI dI K`pq ivc 25 pRqISq kmI ilAWdI jwvy[ sUby ivc KyqI nwl sbMDq nOkrIAW ^qm ho geIAW hn[ so ieh AqI mh`qvpUrx hY ik ikrswn Aqy Awm AwdmI pwxI dI sMBwl leI aucycy kdm cu`kx[ hyT ilKy qrIky Apxw ky pwxI dI suc`jI sMBwl ho skdI hY[

in`qwpRqI vrqoN vwly pwxI dI sMBwl : 1. KyqI vrqoN vwly pwxI dI sMBwl : - isMcweI dy FMg qrIky pwxI dI sMBwl leI muK Xogdwn pwauNdy hn[ coxW qy qhweI FMg nwl hVH isMjweI FMg dI binspq 40-70 pRqISq G`t pwxI dI lwgq huMdI hY[ so isMjweI swDxw dw krjw vDwauxw isAwxp hY[ - jy koeI &sl bIj rhy ho qW pwxI dI vrqoN loV Anuswr kro[ Gwh-PUs nUM Kyq ivcoN k`Fx dw auprwlw swrw swl krdy rho[ - bwgbwnI &slwˆ ijvyˆ AMgUr, bdwm, sOgI Awid Aqy fUMGI jVH vwlIAwˆ swlwnw Pslwˆ ijvyˆ kpwh, jvwr Awid leI ru`q dy SurU ivc hI ig`lI jVH qknIk ApxwE[ vwDy dI iksy vI pVwA qy bhuqw pwxI nw idE[ - keI Pslwˆ ijvyˆ AMgUr, kpwh, jvwr, jYqUn Awid hor Pslwˆ ijvyˆ bdwm, m`kI, AlPw AlPw Awid dy mukwbly pwxI leI G`t sMvydnSIl huMdIAwˆ hn[ iehnwˆ G`t sMvydnSIl pOidAwˆ leI G`t pwxI dI vrqoN kro ikauˆik ies nwl JwV ivc koeI bhuqI kmI nhIˆ hovygI pr bhumu`ly pwxI dw bcwA kIqw jw skygw[ - nvIˆ pnIrI Kyq dy bwhrvwr nw lgweI jwvy[ pwxI dI A`q dI kmI ivc jy iksy pyVH-pOdy nUM C`fxw jwˆ k`Fxw hovy qwˆ hwSIey ivc pYˆdI zmIn ivcoˆ k`Fo[ - pOdy dI pwxI dI loV nUM jwnx leI nmI mItrwˆ dI vrqoˆ kro (Tensiometer, Sensor, Gypsum block, leaf water potential measurement)[ isMjweI vyly ies g`l dw iDAwn r`Ko ik aunHwˆ hI pwxI idE ijs nwl zmIn bUty dI jVH q`k hI ig`lI hovy[ ies leI pwxI dI bjt qknIk dw iesiqmwl kro[ Awpxy KyqI mwihr jwˆ Kyq slwhkwr dI rwie lvo[ ieh bhuq sOKw hY[ - nvIN pnIrI lwaux l`igAwˆ sokw AvroDI iksmwˆ dw iesiqmwl kro[ auh &slwˆ Aqy iksmwˆ bIjo jo QoVHy smyˆ ivc JwV dyx Xog hox[ &sl bIjx smyN mOsm Anuswr qrIkwˆ Adl-bdl lwhyvMd swibq ho skdw hY[ - jy im`tI KwrI hY qwˆ rswieixk DoAw-DoAweI kIqI jwvy[ - pwxI dI ivqrx ivvsQw ivcoˆ pwxI dw isMmxw bMd kIqw jwvy[ - pwxI dyx smyˆ hlwq ieko ijhy hox[ qyz hvwvwˆ dOrwn spirMklwˆ rwhIN pwxI nw id`qw jwvy[ - Asl g`l hY XQwrQvwdI rihxw Awpxw vqIrw hmySwˆ pwxI bcwaux vwlw r`Ko[ 2. GrW ivc pwxI dI sMBwl : - kYlIPornIAw ivc 50% pwxI Grwˆ dy A`gy Aqy ipCly ih`sy ivc iesiqmwl huMdw hY[ Grwˆ ivc bUitAwˆ leI rkbw pwxI dI splweI qy AwDwirq hovy[ - GrW dy AMdr, rsoeI, bwQrUm Aqy k`pVy Dox smyˆ pwxI dI bcq kro Swvr lYx smyˆ, 10 imMt dI Qwˆ 5 imMt lvo[ dMdwˆ qy burS krn smyˆ jwˆ Syv vyly pwxI dI tUtI bMd r`Ko[ - GrW dy bwhr lYNf-skyp, sPweI Aqy pUl gqIivDIAwˆ dOrwn pwxI dI sMBwl kro[ - lIk krdIAwˆ tUtIAwˆ, pweIpwˆ Aqy toAwielt PorI TIk krwey jwx[ - GrW ivc pwxI dI sMBwl dI jwxkwrI leI

Desi Lifestyle 2015


Cover Story an example, take a 5 minute shower instead of 10 minutes, turn off faucet while brushing teeth or shaving. Same way, save water by washing full loads in the machine each time. - Outside your home you can save water in landscaping, cleanups and pool activities. - Common tips for saving inside and outside water usage is to fix the leaks: pipe leaks, toilet leaks and faucet leaks. - Detailed information on water conservation for homes is available at All said and done, it is pertinent that we adopt water conservation habits for all times to come, drought or no drought. In ever increasing world population, the supply of fresh water is bound to be inadequate in the future. Anybody, and everybody, using it thriftily, economically and rationally serves the mankind in right perspective. It is a blessing for all

sokw hovy Bwvyˆ nw, swnUM hr vyly pwxI dI shI sMBwl krnI cwhIdI hY[ v`DdI AbwdI dy m`dynzr Biv`K ivc pwxI dI kmI hoxI lwzmI hY[ swnUM sB nUM mnu`Kqw dy Bly leI, pwxI dI vrqoN sMjm nwl krnI cwhIdI hY[ ieh hI shI ArQW ivc ‘srb`q dw Blw’ mMgxw hY[

10 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Personal Profile

Kiranjit Kaur Dhanjan Kiranjit Kaur Dhanjan was born in Clovis, CA. Her family is from Punjab, India. She attended Clovis High School and is now attending California State University, Fresno, majoring in Political Science and Economics and minoring in Middle East Studies. She has achieved few certificates in leadership and Legal Studies. Her job history includes representing the 23,000 students of Fresno State in the field of Parking and Safety from 2013 till present. She is currently the Student Body Vice President of External Affairs, representing the students and the CSU system as a whole at the local, state and federal level. She has always been involved with extracurricular activities since elementary school and has always been engaged in student advocacy and student leadership; which in turn, she believe is what makes her a leader. She has been involved in other organizations like the Fresno State Economics Student Association, the Fresno State debate Team, the Fresno State Moot Court team, the Fresno State Mock Trial team, the Middle East Studies Club as well as Phi Alpha Delta, which is the Pre-Law Fraternity on campus. She has held executive positions in every one of these organizations. In terms of community work, Kiranjit has volunteered in our local Gurudwara as a Punjabi and Religion teacher. Kiranjit has helped out with a few events that Jakara hosted in Fresno, and is a member of the Women’s Society which is a nonprofit group centered in Fresno that has quite a handful of female leaders, including her mother. She wants to continue her participation in these activities and bring light to the issues immigrant families face in terms of discrimination, immigration, social and civic injustice. Kiranjits’ parents, family and friends have supported her since she told them she wanted to attend law school in high school and she appreciates them greatly for that. They are the people who led her through her life with the strength and the knowledge of what the gurus did that revolutionized the way of thinking for people during the 1500s-1700s; and how their message still stands strong to this day. To sum it up, some of her hobbies include kirtan, reading, and running, hiking, teaching, and volunteering. There are tons more; but those are her top contenders.

Desi Lifestyle 2015 11

History During World War II dogfight, a Sikh fighter pilot miraculously escaped death due to the padding in his turban after being forced to ditch his airplane into the English Channel. Squadron Leader Mohinder Singh Pujji was amongst the few Indian ace flyers whose plane dived straight into the English Channel after it was shot down. Pujji, who had been instructed to divert the Hurricane towards the sea did not know how to swim and the plane ended up plummeting into the water. Fortunately, rescuers near the White Cliffs of Dover found the young fighter pilot who had suffered serious head traumas due to the fatal crash but was miraculously alive and pulled him out of the debris. The fighter pilot had another close encounter with death when his plane was fired down by Rommel’s army in the Western Desert in North Africa. Unsure of what to do, he drifted on his aircraft and carried on north hoping to get to the Mediterranean. In time, the British rescued Pujji when they found him waving his shirt whilst on the aircraft.

By: Amisha Sampat

Mohinder Singh Pujji The Remarkable Tale of Sikh WWII Flying Ace 12 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Pujji, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 92 believed it was his turban that provided the cushion he desperately needed to survive at the time of the crash. He refused to take off his turban, as he didn’t believe in sacrificing his religious morals for his job and thus had a special strap made to hold his earphones. A few years before he passed away, Pujji recalled how the plane had turned into a complete mess of debris in the aftermath of things. Although he was hospitalized for seven days, he achieved full recovery. In the late 1930s, Pujji’s passion for flying ignited his interest in becoming a pilot. He was one of the first Indian Sikh pilots to

devote his time and efforts with the Royal Air Farce. Additionally, he was one among eight pilots from the Empire Colony considered adept enough to perform fighter duties. He had flown several missions against Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the 1940s at the peak of the Battle of the Britain. Whether it was escorting convoys or inspecting occupied areas for enemies, risking death was something that became an everyday theme for Pujji. The squadron leader boasted plenty of wartime memorabilia from his early days in the War, including the Distinguished Flying Cross for his valor. His adventurous wartime encounters and accounts have been documented in Graham Russell’s 2010 publication titled For King and Another Country.

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Natural skin care rules: 5 tips for great skin Can you go natural and get a great looking glow? You can if you follow these five simple tips for creating the gentlest beauty regimen ever.

Avoid heavy-duty cleansers Unlike your pots and pans, “your skin needn’t be scrubbed or squeaky to be clean,” says Jeannette Graf, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center. So don’t overdo it. Mild, nondetergent cleansers—milks, gels, foams, or cloths—are your best bet. Scan the ingredient labels of products to see if they contain gentle, plantderived surfactants (the prefix coco- equals coconut, for example; gluco- equals fruit sugars). “The natural source is often hinted at in the name,” says Jim Hammer, a cosmetic chemist with and product-development manager at Pharmasol Corp. Ditch the toner These were originally invented to restore the natural pH of skin after it had been washed with an alkaline-detergent soap. “If you’re using a pH-balanced cleanser, there’s no need for toner,” Graf says. “It’ll only dry your skin. Make sure acid-laced products are pH-balanced This means their pH is in sync with skin, so “they gently remove sebum (an oily substance secreted by the skin) and makeup without stripping natural oils,” Graf says. Look for the words “pH-balanced” on cleansers that contain glycolic or lactic acids and on exfoliators, she adds, because some have a low pH, which can cause dryness. Opt for fragrance-free Fragrance is the most common cause of skin-care-related allergic reactions. If you’re sensitive, be sure to choose products that are labeled “fragrance-free.” The ones that are marked “unscented” typically contain small amounts of fragrance to help mask the odors of active ingredients. Choose multitasking moisturizers A good day cream juggles two jobs—hydration and protection. Pick one that has plantbased moisturizers (natural oils, butters, and essential fatty acids penetrate skin better than man-made emollients like petroleum, Graf explains) and antioxidants (those from natural sources may also contain bioflavonoids and other beneficial compounds not found in synthetic versions, Hammer says), plus nonirritating physical sunblocks, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Courtesy of

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SINGING TALENTS Ranjit Bawa Lakhwinder Wadali Kaler Kanth

16 Desi Lifestyle 2015

“February 15, 1989 in Wadala Granthian District Gurdaspur, Punjab,” answers Ranjit S. Bajwa for where he is born and raised. He is a graduate from Guru Nanak College, Batala and has achieved his MA in Political Science from GNDU. During his college days, he enjoyed singing in school events. We asked him how his family felt about him singing, he answered, “Meri family very supportive si, they love that I sing.” Some of his downtime passions include reading, and absolutely loves to shop. His favorite book is Pooranmashi Di Raat which is a novel by Nanak Singh Ji. “Lal Chand Yamla Jatt, Kuldeep Manak, Surinder Kaur, and the song ‘Mitti Da Bawa’ by Chitra Singh are all my favorites.” He says he alternated his singing name from this song. When he first went on stage to face an audience, he says, “Menu dar lagda si, I was young te mein Guru Ji da naam leh ke confidence boost kita.” He enjoyed visiting California and Central Valley to be specific because it reminds him of Punjab. Lakhwinder Wadali is born in Guru Ki Wadali, Amritsar, Punjab. This is the same place of birth for the 6th Patshahi Sri Guru Hargobind Singh Ji. “I graduated from Khalsa College with my BA Arts, and MA Music.” We asked Wadali Ji what he enjoys doing outside of singing, he says, “Reading poetry, ‘Lajwanti’ by Shiv Kumar Batalvi and ‘Aashiqui’ are my favorites to read, te menu cricket khedni pasand hai.” He says cricket is his first passion, but he followed his respected father from the Wadali Brothers. He is 4th generation in singing and Lakhwinder Wadali quotes, “Mere father hi mere Guru ne.” His respected father Puran Chand Wadali received the Padam Shri Award from the government. “Pehle mere father saab ne, te second favorite singer ne Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Menu sufi qawwali type pasand ne.” He says he keeps three particular cds in each one of his cars, and they are all from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and he laughs, “Je kise ni kad laiyan, ta odhi shamat aa jani aa.” “I am from Neki Da Dar, Nakodar District Jalandhar.” Kaler Kanth attended DAV college and achieved his BA in Arts. He rarely has spare time to relax, but when he does he enjoys reading sahit kitaaba, poetry, and magazines. Some his favorite authors are Surjit Patar Ji, Amrita Pritam Ji, and Gurdial Roshan Ji. He says, “Jere school time ja college de friend aa, mein ohna naal film dekhan jaroor jana jado vi free huna. Menu bada changa lagda.” When he began to sing, he had no aim to become a professional singer. He wanted to teach children the art of music as a professor. Ustad R.P. Rana ji his teaching Guru and brought out his talent. His favorite singer is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and out of his own collection of music, his favorite song is Moti because of the line, “Je tu samjhe ta moti je na samjhe ta paani.” Before starting any performance, he makes sure to do Ardaas and this makes the nervous feelings go away. First time he went on stage, he says, “I was shaking, te menu lagiya ki mein kaun aa. Why will these people want to listen to me sing.” The end result of his first performance was a bravo. He is also surprised by the Central Valley in California. He had heard it is similar to Punjab and found that it truly is.

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Business Profile

RE/MAX Gold (Commercial)

Business Profile

Taj Randhawa (Lic # 01495361) Twenty four years ago, December 1990, businessman Tajaishwar Jit Randhawa born in Amritsar, Punjab came to the United States. When he first arrived, he faced a great language barrier, felt discriminated against because of his turban and received discouragement from his peers that he will not find work or be successful. He had confidence in himself and began working at a liquor store. From California, he picked up a map and ended up in Utah to learn how to manage the liquor store and gas station business. He invested in his own businesses and led one of the most successful 7‐Elevens off the corner of Ashlan/Marks awhile back. Taj realized he needs to do more and thought about going into sales. His background in sales is strong due to his work experience as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in India and his Sales Management skills from Mohali, Punjab. His strong education background from GNDU and Bachelors in Medical Science taught him great critical thinking skills to be successful in his future. Taj Randhawa specializes in commercial properties. He is very curious to help you if you have any commercial properties to sell and are looking to buy. You can contact him for any brand name gas stations, hotels, motels, liquor stores, Subways, commercial lots, investment/NNN properties, retail shopping centers and agricultural farms. His professional expertise will leave you satisfied at the of any sale. Taj is ranked #1 all over California and is one of the top producing commercial agents nationwide. He has achieved the following prestigious awards of RE/MAX worldwide: Hall of Fame, Business Chairman Award, Diamond Club Award and is a part of the Platinum Club consistently from the last six years nationally and internationally. We asked Mr. Randhawa if he would like to quote something that inspires him to work hard, and he said, “Believe in yourself and your inner potential, if an opportunity knocks on the door, take it because it might not come back.” He also wanted to give a message to the youth, “Learn from your parents, if we can come here with little money and language barriers, then you kids should not have any excuses to why you’re not successful.”

7050 N Fresno St. #204 Fresno, CA 93720 Ph: 559-394-9000 18 Desi Lifestyle 2015


Awr•eI•/ mYks golf (vpwrk) kwrobwrI vrnx (qwj rMDwvw LIC # 01495361) A`j qoN 25 swl pihlW, dsMbr 1990 nMU AMimRqsr, pMjwb dw jMmpl kwrobwrI qwjieSvr jIq rMDwvw AmrIkw AwieAw[ SurU SurU ivc aus nMU bhuq muSiklW dw swhmxw krnw ipAw[ BwSw iek v`fI rukwvt sI[ aus dy isr qy bMnHI p`g aus leI Byd-Bwv dw kwrn bxI Aqy aus dy Awpxy im`qrW ny hI aus dI ihMmq qoVI ik aus nMU kMm nhIN iml skdw jW auh kwmXwb nhIN ho skdw[ pr aus nMU Awpxy Awp ‘qy ivSvws sI[ SurU ivc ilkr stor qy kMm kIqw[ Pyr nkSw cu`k kYlIPornIAW qoN XUtw jw phuMicAw ijQy aus ny is`iKAw ik ilkr stor Aqy gYs stySn dy vpwr dw pRbMD ikvyN krIdw hY[ aus ny Awpxy vpwr ivc pUMjI lgweI Aqy AYSlyn Aqy mwrks dy kony qy 7-11 qy s&lqw nwl vpwr kIqw[ qwj nMU l`igAw ik aus nMU ies qoN v`D ku`J krnw cwhIdw hY so aus ny ivkrI dy Kyqr ivc Awaux bwry soicAw[ Bwrq ivc aus dw dvweIAW dy s&l ivkryqw vjoN Aqy mohwlI (pMjwb) ivc ivkrI pRbMDk vjoN hunr bhuq lwhyvMd is`D hoey[ gurU nwnk dyv XUnIvristI ivc qkVw ividAk ipCokV Aqy mYfIkl swieMs ivc ifgrI ny aus nMU Biv`K ivc kwmXwb hox leI bhuq ku`J isKwieAw[ qwj rMDwvw ny kwrobwrI pRwprtI dy vpwr ivc Kws muhwrq hwisk kIqI hY[ jy qusIN koeI kwrobwrI pRwprtI KrIdxI jW vycxI cwhuMdy ho

qW auh quhwfI loVINdI mdd kr skdw hY[ qusIN iksy vI qrHW dy gYs stySn, hotl-motl, ilkr stor, sbvyz, kwrobwrI zmIn, invySk pRwprtI, rItyl SwipMg sYNtr Aqy KyqIbwVI &wrm leI rwbqw kwiem kr skdy ho[ aus dw vpwirk qzrbw quhwfI hr vpwrk loV nMU pUrw kr skdw hY[ qwj nMU kYlI&ornIAW dw nMbr 1 Aqy dyS dy cotI dy kwrobwrI eyjMt vjoN jwixAw jWdw hY[ aus ny dunIAW Br ivc Awr·eI·/mYks pwsoN keI snmwn hwsl kIqy[ ijvyN ik - hwl Aw& Pym, ibzns cyArmYn Avwrf, fwiemMf kl`b Avwrf Aqy rwStrI Aqy AMqrwStrI p`Dr qy auh ipCly Cy swlW qoN plYitnm kl`b dw ih`sw bixAw qy cilAw jw irhw hY[ jdoN AsIN rMDwvw qoN auhnW dI ies lgn ip`Cy jo pRyrxw sRoq hY, aus bwry pu`iCAw qW auhnW AwiKAw ik Awpxy Awpy Aqy AMdrUnI SkqI ivc ivSvws Aqy jdoN mOky imly, aus nMU AzweIN nw gvwE ikauNik aus ny muV nhIN Awauxw[ auhnW nOjvwnW nMU sunyhw idMidAW ikhw ik Awpxy mW-bwp qoN is`Ko[ jy AsIN ieQy Aw ky bhuq QoVHy pYisAW nwl Aqy BwSw dI rukwvt dy bwvjUd kuJ bxy hW qW b`icAW kol kwmXwb nw bnx dw koeI bhwnw nhIN hoxw cwhIdw[

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The Punjabi Ghagra Kurti P

unjabi culture is one of the oldest, richest and colorful cultures that dates back to Vedic times. Punjabi’s are known for their cuisine, dance, music, dresses,festivals and their extravagant color filled weddings. Today, Punjabi fashion has the attention of the modern eye throughout the world. This article is to revive the memories and cherish the traditional Punjabi attire “The Ghagra Kurti.” This traditional and formal attire of Punjabi women has always been a ghagra worn with a kurti and a beautiful dupatta. In early days, ghagras were mostly made of malmal (fine cotton fabric), phulkari, bagh and patt fabrics. Ghagra Kurti is a fashion taste that is desired by most Indian women in many styles. The ghagra dress is a well designed combination of three parts, the ghagra, the kurti, and the dupatta. The ghagra is the lower part of the dress and is similar to a full length skirt. It can be made from cloth that is stitched to have a large number of free flowing frills, or stitched as a modern fishtail lehenga. The kurti is the top part of the dress (bodice), which can range from the shoulder to the knees. The dupatta is a well decorated stole/veil to cover the head or go around the neck. The dress can be decorated with floral designed hand embroidery, gems, other thread patterns and stonework. The borders are usually highlighted with gota work (Indian embroidery which shines and decorative design material fixed on each other in layer). Punjabi women have always been fancy about wearing eye catching attire as it looks attractive. The early Punjaban’s starched their malmal ghagras along with mica and when it dried up. Their ghagras shone under lights giving the women the confidence of a queen. Today with innovations in fabric, the ghagra designer’s experiment with the designing and decorating of a ghagra with a variety of available fabrics like cotton, georgette, net, crepe, brocade, chiffon, khadi and satin. A ghagra designer uses innovative designing skills and various decoration techniques like embroidery, zari, bead, and kundan work to create their masterpiece. With the advancement of fashion and creative styling, the traditional straight and flowing ghagra has slowly transformed into slim and tight fit ghagras (also known as lehengas) with fish/mermaid shape. Ghagras are a desired attire for any Punjaban and therefore it takes a honorable place in the closet of every Indian women. Many Punjaban’s wear their ghagra dress to formal occasions such as weddings, Lohri, Diwali, and Gurupurab. Every young Punjabi girl dreams to wear the best Ghagra Kurti on her wedding day. 20 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Navneet Kaur I

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The Annual Selma Nagar Kirtan, April 19, 2015.



22 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Vaisakhi is the harvest festival for the Punjabi New Year and is also the day that marks the establishment of the Khalsa Panth. The Caruthers Vaisakhi Mela took place April 18, 2015 and was filled with fun activities for children, an early morning basketball tournament, folk dances and a beautiful set-up of traditional Punjabi artifacts.

Rajpal K. Brar’s CHARKHA Betty Yee - “California State Controller visits local Indian Community”

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Business Profile

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New in Town

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Ensuring Your Wedding Dreams Come True

Marriage changes things. There are decisions to make, compromises to reach, and families to bring together. With all the excitement and joy of an upcoming wedding, it can be easy to overlook the many financial responsibilities that you and your spouse will confront. Taking care of certain financial matters early can help you start your married life on the right foot. 26 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Wedding and honeymoon expenses. Weddings can be expensive. When you and your spouse return from your honeymoon, sit down and discuss a plan to pay off any remaining expenses for your wedding. Try to pick a clear timeframe and stick with it. Changing beneficiaries. It’s important to dig out any old insurance policies and paperwork for your 401(K) and/or other retirement and investment plans. Then, check the accuracy of the information and update your contact card beneficiary information if necessary. Bank accounts. You and your spouse may choose to consolidate your finances. Review the terms of your existing bank accounts. Should you keep them? Close them? Open a joint account at the same bank? These are all questions you should bear in mind when planning your new life together. Health and auto insurance. Assess your existing health and auto insurance. In many cases, obtaining joint coverage will save you and your spouse a significant amount of money. Name changes. If you or your spouse plan to change a last name, make sure it’s done on your credit cards, tax forms, driver’s license, passport, Social Security card, voter registration card, as well as on bank accounts and insurance policies. Homeowners’ or renters’ insurance. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you’ve protected your home and other valuables with homeowners’ or renters’ insurance. In addition, you may want to extend coverage to the wedding gifts you received, and for your engagement and wedding rings. Student loans and credit card debts. Assess how much money you and your spouse owe. Consolidating assets can also mean consolidating liabilities. Plan a budget to manage any debts you and your spouse may have. Mortgages and other loans. Always make sure you’ve saved enough so that your mortgage, car payments, and/or other loan payments fit into your household budget. Life insurance policies. Getting married greatly increases your need for life insurance. Make sure both you and your spouse have appropriate coverage. In preparing for your financial future as a married couple, you will have to reevaluate some old things, prepare for some new things, and maybe even return a few borrowed things. But, being proactive about your finances may help you avoid dealing with money-related wedding blues. by: Gyan Shanker

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Submit any advice you are seeking to Aunty Ji via the Desi Lifestyle Magazine page on facebook. She is here to help everyone from all ages and for all concerns. Aunty Ji will keep all your personal information confidential and you may remain anonymous. “Aunty Ji to the Rescue”


Dear Aunty Ji - I’m a junior in high school and it’s time to bring up college to my parents. I’m first generation from my family to go to college and they just don’t seem to understand I want to go to school in Southern California and don’t want to do medical stuff for my future. How should I talk to them about this, I haven’t brought it up much because I am a little scared!? Dear Junior - Your situation may be resolved if you sit down and have a heart to heart with your parents. Show them the benefits of attending college in Southern California. A lot of parents do not understand the college process and may be in fear of their child being far away and without them. Show them you are responsible enough for this step and introduce them to scholarship options to help you with financing. It is also good to take them on a campus tour of the college you are looking forward to. Dear Aunty Ji - I work full time 9 - 5 M-F, and come home really tired from office work. I have two kids that are in high school and they all have demands to eat different foods each night and they all eat in their rooms, and I am the only one who cooks. I want this to change, any advice? Dear Mother of Two - You should become strict about dinner. Set a time for dinner where the entire family must sit together and eat the same dinner. This is also a good method for your family to bond and will get your children out of their bedrooms. Let them cook for themselves if they chose not to follow the house rules.

(jy qusIN AWtI jI qoN suJwA lYxw cwhuMdy ho qW qusIN dysI lweI& stweIl mYgzIn dy Pysbu`k pyj qy pu`C skdy ho[ AWtI jI hr aumr dy lokW leI Aqy hr sm`isAw leI quhwfI mdd kr skdy hn[ auh quhwfI hr jwxkwrI nUM gupq r`Kxgy qW jo qusIˆ gumnwm rih sko) “bcwA leI AWtI jI” ipAwry AWtI jI : mYN hweI skUl dw ividAwrQI hW Aqy hux smW Aw igAw hY ik mYN Awpxy mW-bwp nwl g`l krW ik Biv`K ivc mYN kI pVHweI krnI hY[ mYN Awpxy pirvwr ivc pihlI pIVHI hW jo kwlj ivc jwvWgw[ mYN Biv`K ivc mYfIkl PIlf ivc nhIN jwxw cwhuMdw sgoN sdrn kYlIPornIAW dy iek Kws skUl qoN iv`idAw hwsl krnI cwhuMdw hW[ ikrpw krky mYnUM d`so ik mYN auhnW nwl ikvyN g`l krW ikauˆik mYN ies ivSy qy auhnW nwl kdy g`l nhIN kIqI Aqy mYnUM QoVHw fr vI l`g irhw hY[ ipAwry jUnIAr : quhwfI sm`isAw dw h`l sMBv hY jy qusIN Awpxy mW-bwp nwl bYT ky idl dI g`l kro[ auhnW nUM sdrn kYlIPornIAw ivcly kwlj bwry g`l kro qy d`so ik aus kwlj qoN pRwpq kIqI ividAw dw Biv`K ivc kI lwB hY[ bhuqy mW-bwp nUM kwljW dy ivSy bwry pUrI jwxkwrI nhIN huMdI Aqy ieh fr huMdw hY ik b`cy nUM auhnW qoN ibnW GroN dUr rihxw pvygw[ auhnW nUM ieh ivSvws idvwau ik ies kdm leI qusIN iqAwr ho Aqy izMmyvwr vI ho[ auhnW nUM ies pVHweI leI pRwpq vzI&y bwry vI jwxkwrI idE ik iks qrHW ies kdm nwl quhwnUM pVHweI leI mwiek sihXog iml skdw hY[ ies dy nwl ieh vI ie`k cMgw kdm hovygw ik qusIN auhnW nUM aus kwlj dy kYNps dw dOrw vI krwE ijQy qusIˆ dw^lw lYxw cwhuMdy ho[ ipAwry AWtI jI : mYˆ hr roz somvwr qoN Sukrvwr svyry 9.00 vjy qoN Swm 5.00 vjy q`k kMm krdI hW qy jdoN Gr phuMcdI hW qW bhuq Q`kI huMdI hW[ myry dovyN b`cy hweI skUl ivc pVHdy hn Aqy hr Swm v`K-v`K qrHW dy KwixAW dI PrmwieS krdy hn[ mYˆ Kwxw bnwaux vwlI iek`lI hW Aqy auh sB Awpxy-Awpxy kmry ivc Kwxw iljw ky KWdy hn[ ikrpw krky suJwA idE ik mYN auhnW dI Awdq ikvyN bdlW? ipAwrI do b`icAW dI mW : quhwnUM rwq dy Kwxy leI QoVHw s^ˆq rveIAw Apnwauxw cwhIdw hY[ Kwxy dw smW nIXq kro Aqy swry pirvwr leI lwzmIN kro ik sB iml ky ieko ijhw Kwxw Kwx[ ies kdm nwl pirvwr dw AwpsI ipAwr vI vDygw qy b`cy vI Awpxy kmirAW qoN bwhr Awauxgy[ jy auh pirvwr dy inXmW dw pwlx nhIˆ krdy qW auhnW nUM Awpxw Kwxw Awp bnwaux leI kho[ 28 Desi Lifestyle 2015


These two explorers are huge fans of the Avengers characters. They both look up to Iron Man and they quote, “We like him because he flies and shoots from his body.” The little energetic one, Yuvraj loves to speak Punjabi and answers to everything in Punjabi. He told us he wants to become the president when he grows up and he will do that by studying his poems and rhymes. He enjoys giving big hugs, “Big Juppies” in his words and loves music from Gippy Grewal and Diljit Dosanjh. His older brother Keerit is his protector and makes sure not a scratch comes to his adorable young one. Keerit wants to become a doctor when he is older because he enjoys helping people. He is very involved in activities such as, soccer, basketball and karate. His favorite type of food is mostly indian cuisine and pizza. We asked Keerit if he would like to go on a trip anywhere soon and he responded, “I want to go to New York because he heard in the future cars will fly there, to visit his family and because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are from New York.”

ivAwhW, pwrtIAW leI fI.jy, swaUNf, lweItW, Fol plyAr, vytrs / bwr tYNfr, lImo dI sjwvt Aqy pRojYktr dw ieMqzwm krdy hW

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ew research that surfaced last month at the Pediatric Academic Societies’ annual meeting in San Diego indicate that kids who go to kindergarten and watch TV for a minimum of an hour everyday have increased chances of being obese than those who are not so fixated onto their screens. In recent years, the American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested a maximum of two hours a day as far as television viewing is concerned for those in the aforementioned age range, but this latest research proves that even an hour might be a little too much. Dr. Mark DeBoer from the University of Virginia conducted the research, which concluded that kids who watch one or two hours of television daily weighed significantly more than those who watched less than an hour of television daily. The study analyzed data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey that encompassed a total of 11,113 kids that studied in kindergarten. A central aspect of the research gathered data pertaining to lifestyle factors that could potentially impact a child’s educational outcome. Aside from the differences in weight and body mass indexes, the data revealed that the kids who viewed television for a minimum of an hour daily had 39% higher probability of being overweight and 86% higher probability of being obese. Studies that link increased viewership of television with obe30 Desi Lifestyle 2015

sity have been surfacing for the past three decades, and the majority of them conclude with similar results. Although in this particular study, it remained inconclusive what might link television viewership with obesity, other research has hypothesized that perhaps it’s the excessive and unnecessary exposure to fast-food advertisements. These studies claim that advertisements that are created to target this particular age group can be particularly harmful because they have a tendency to glamorize junk foods with high sugar and fat content. High exposure to television has also been associated with ‘mindless’ snacking. Interestingly enough, the same conclusions were not derived in exposure towards other forms of media such as computers and video games. Although the solution seems apparent enough, to enforce it is another story. Most parents struggle when it comes to enforcing time limits onto their child’s television usage, especially in a day and age where media has become so influential in their lives. In this fast-paced technologically driven era, it becomes important to remind ourselves time and time again that balance is key when it comes to our children’s well being.

By; Amisha Sampat

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The Asoka crew is capable of catering an event of up to 2,000 people. We have affordable prices and have been told we are the best Indian caterers in the San Joaquin Valley.

Hours of Operation:

TUESDAY - SUNDAY 11 A.M.-2:30 P.M. Lunch 5 P.M.-9 P.M. Dinner 2713 Whitson Ave. Selma CA, 93662

Tel: (559)891-0704 Cell: (559)259-1858 I Desi Lifestyle 2015 31

Mediterranean Diet, Olive Oil, And Nuts Improve Brain Health,

Memory, And Thinking Ability

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he Mediterranean diet has long been researched and touted for its many benefits. High in nutrients and antioxidants, several studies have linked this type of diet to a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke and dementia. According to a new clinical study, a Mediterranean diet rich in nuts and olive oil could be the key to delaying cognitive decline and improving brain health, memory and thinking ability in older people. The study was published online in . “Oxidative stress and vascular impairment are believed to partly mediate age-related cognitive decline, a strong risk factor for development of dementia,” the authors wrote. “Epidemiologic studies suggest that a Mediterranean diet, an antioxidant-rich cardioprotective dietary pattern, delays cognitive decline.” The Mediterranean diet includes fresh vegetables, fruits, unrefined grains, legumes and fish, and it is very limited in meat and full-fat dairy products. Previous studies already associated a Mediterranean diet with better cognitive function and a reduced risk of dementia, but these were mostly observational studies, which are less conclusive. “This was the first clinical, randomized study using a dietary pattern for good health,” said Emilio Ros, who led the study at Hospital Clinic’s endocrinology department at the University of Barcelona in Spain. “This clinical trial removes the bias and provides first-level evidence,” he added. The study followed 447 cognitive healthy volunteers between 55 and 80 years of age for a median of just over four years. They were divided into three groups: a Mediterranean diet supplemented with one liter of extra virgin olive oil a week, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with

30 grams of mixed nuts a day (including walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds), or a low-fat diet, which was used as the control group. After four years, 334 participants took part in follow-up tests. Brain function tests performed before, during and after the study concluded that the control group, who ate a lowfat diet, had a significant decrease in brain health, memory and thinking ability. The group that ate a Mediterranean diet with supplemental nuts scored best in memory tests, while the olive oil group showed better overall cognitive function (working memory, reasoning, and attention). “Our results suggest that in an older population a Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil or nuts may counter-act age-related cognitive decline. The lack of effective treatments for cognitive decline and dementia points to the need of preventive strategies to delay the onset and/or minimize the effects of these devastating conditions. The present results with the Mediterranean diet are encouraging but further investigation is warranted,” the study concludes. Although these results seem very promising, more research is needed to confirm them. Nevertheless, this is not the first time that the Mediterranean diet has been associated with improvements in health and longevity, so you can’t go wrong with opting for this kind of lifestyle. “It’s never too late to change your dietary patterns to improve your health,” lead author Dr. Emilio Ros was quoted as saying in Time. “This surprised even myself.” Courtesy of

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Free delivery to Truckstops, Hotels, Motels & Shops etc.

Restaurant • Bar • Banquet 3035 West Ashlan Ave, Fresno, CA 93722 Call us at: (559) 229-1313

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Street 750 rounded off giving it a typical cruiser stance with a stretched rake-angle. The Street 750 surprised us in the handling department as well. We expected the stability but what came as a pleasant surprise was its ability around corners. The increased ride height and resulting increase in ground clearance allows for fairly spirited cornering. And the low centre of gravity brought about from the shorter engine and overall low slung chassis mean that it’s stable and neutral in feel. You will roller rocker arms up top and eventually ground a peg a single balancer shaft on the but not before you’ve had bottom end to curb vibrations some fun and at not too and aid in refinement. Both slow a pace that it deters cylinders breathe through a you from having some single 38-mm Mikuni throttle more fun once you realize body. The power is delivthat you have reached the ered to the rear wheel by a limit of its abilities. toothed belt via a six-speed As an entry into the transmission. Anuraag J Singh Harley-Davidson family, the Looking purely at the numStreet 750 is a definite step bers, it is a quick bike. It is up from the old Buell Blast, capable of reaching 120 km/h Harley’s last attempt at a starter bike. in third gear and will go on to hit speeds It’s also friendlier than a Sportster, eswell beyond 160 km/h. However, it pecially for smaller riders and beginners. lacks the ferocity that is expected from I’m not sure if it’s the generation-benda 750cc motorcycle – agreed that this ing revolution that Harley’s advertising is an entry-level model but it will most wants you to believe, but it’s definitely probably be the first upgrade for buyers a solid entry to the lineup. A little more from single-cylinder motors. polish would have been welcome, but It may be modest in size, however, I’m very picky about the details on my the styling and attitude is spot on. bikes. I’d definitely have to attack the The headlamp with bikini fairing, the ergonomics on the Street 750 before I blacked-out cylinders, two-into-one could ride it every day. I’d need a taller exhaust and elongated seat gives it the seat, different bars, and I’d have to premium look. Harley has taken inspiramove the foot controls. I would also tion from rest of the line-up to design want to add some more custom details. this bike; the paint scheme and seat In short, there would be some pretty styling is based on the V-Rod while the good modifications to make the bike headlamp is inspired from the Nightmy own, just like every Harley owner Rod, while the single-pod instrument has done since the beginning of time. cluster is similar to the one from the Maybe this is a “real” Harley after all. 883 series. And all these elements are

The Pocket Hercules


hat do you associate a Harley-Davidson with? Strong brand identity, potato-potato sound, heavyweight motorcycles that have the ability to cruise endlessly, and high sticker price. But now you have to get used to a Harley that is small, doesn’t sound like one, and is ‘affordable’. Is that good news? The Harley Street 750 is built to attract new owners, both at home and abroad, who were probably raised on Asian motorcycles, to the Harley family. The style and finish of the Street 750 is pure Harley-Davidson and is done right. The buyer in the market for a reasonably priced, middleweight cruiser is no longer limited to an imported copy of Harley style; they can have the real thing. It took Harley 13 years to introduce an all-new engine and this one is completely different from the ones that power the rest of the lineup. Its Revolution X is a completely new 749cc 60-degree V-twin, liquid-cooled engine that makes 60 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm and redlines at 8000 rpm. HarleyDavidson traditionally does not disclose power figures but some magazines have tested the twin at around 52 PS at the wheel which is quite impressive. It uses chain driven single over-head cams with 34 Desi Lifestyle 2015

2015 Harley Davidson Street 750 Food


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strIt 750 Fuel Capacity: 13.1 liters Weight: 455 lbs Engine: Liquid-cooled, Revolution X™ V-Twin Displacement (in./cc) 46/749 Transmission: 6-Speed constant mesh spur gear Fuel Economy: 4.7 l/100 km (Combined) Price: Vivid Black $8,999 | Solids $9,359

hwrly fyivfsn hux pihlW nwloN G`t Bwrw Aqy G`t kImq vwLw AwieAw hY[ hwrly fyivfsn 750 aunHW ivAkqIAW leI ijhVy eySIAn motrsweIklW dI vrqoN krdy sn[ibnw S`k ies strIt 750 motrsweIkl dI id`K pihly vrgI hY pr ies dw Bwr nw bhuq izAwdw qy nw hI bhuq G`t hY Aqy ies dI kImq vI zwiez hI hY[pihlW kwPI Bwry motr sweIkl huMdy sn[ BwvyN aunHW nUM ijMnw mrzI clwauNdy qW rho pr aunHW dIAW kImqW vI bhuq hn[pr hwrly ‘c isPq ieh hY ik ieh nvyN gwhkW leI kwPI idl iK`cvW hY[ ies qrHW dw motr sweIkl iqAwr krn nUM ies kMpnI nUM 13 swl l`gy[ ies dw rYvolUSn AYks iblku`l nvW hY[ies dw rYvolUSn AYks iblku`l nvW 749 sI sI 60 ifgrI vI tivMn ilkuief kUlf ieMjx hY, jo 4000 Awr pI AYm ‘qy 60 Nm tork bxwauNdw hY Aqy 8000 Awr pI AYm ‘qy rY`flwienz[Awm qOr ‘qy hwrly vwLy pwvr nUM igxqIAW imxqIAW ‘c nhIN d`sdy pr ku`J mYgzInW ny vILH ‘qy 52 pI AYs ‘qy tYst kIqw hY[ ies dy dovyN slMfr 38 AYm AYm dy hn[ ies dw Akwr qw BwvyN drimAwnw hI hY pr ies dw stwiel bhuq vDIAw hY[ AsIN ies dI siQrqw dI Aws krdy sW pr kwrnrW ‘qy clweI kmwl dI hY[ ies dy nIvW hox dw Bwv hY ik ies dI zmIn nwL pkV v`D hY ies leI ies dI siQrqw vI vI izAwdw hY[ieh bweIk dy ifzwien leI hwrly ny hor motr sweIklW qoN pRyrnw leI hY[ ies dI pyNt skIm Aqy sIt stwiel vI- rOf Anuswr hY jdoN ik hY`f lYNp nweIt-rOf vrgw[ies dw isMgl- pOf ieMstrUmYNt kl`str iblku`l 883 sIrIz vrgw hI hY[pr iPr vI ies dI id`K v`KrI hI hY[ jy ies dI spIf dI g`l krIey qW ieh qIjy gyAr ‘c GMty ‘c 120 iklomItr jw skdw hY Aqy ies dI spIf 160 iklomItr q`k phuMc skdI hY[ pr ies ‘c 750 sI sI vwLI jwn nhIN[pr ieh Swied isMgl slMfr ieMjx ‘c qwkq dy vwDy dI SurUAwq hY[ ies ‘c hY`f lYNp Aqy hor lwieAw igAw smwn vI vDIAw hY[ ies dI hYNfilMg ny vI swnUM kwPI pRBwivq kIqw[ ieh purwxy ibaul blwst nwloN vI ie`k kdm A`gy hY Aqy ies dI svwrI sportstwr nwloN vI vDIAw hY[ ies qrHW ieh Coty k`d vwLy Aqy pihlW pihlW clwaux vwilAW leI vI vDIAw hY[ pr myry iKAwl ‘c ies dI sIt ku`J au`cI hoxI cwhIdI sI[ bwrW ku`J v`KrIAW hoxIAW cwhIdIAW sn Aqy Pu`t kMtrol vI ies qrHW dy nhIN hoxy cwhIdy sn[ jy QoVHw pwils hor kIqw jWdw qW ies dy kihxy hI kI sn? kihx dw Bwv ik ies ‘c ku`J hor qbdIlIAW krn nwL ieh hor vDIAw bx jwxw sI[ pr iPr vI ieh ‘AslI’ hwrly hY[ Desi Lifestyle 2015 35

DRK Technology & Innovations Shopping



SOUND UPGRADES ARE WORTH IT swaUNf ApgRyf dw Pwiedw hI huMdw hY

Anthony Jarantilla Vehicle Installation Manager


he 12-volt industry is beginning to change and we are at the forefront of the new generation of install. New cars are now heavily computer controlled (CANBUS network systems) and technicians have to have a deeper understanding of how they work and install products that will interface best with these systems. It’s an exciting time because now you’re starting to see more of an interaction between different kinds of technologies. You can now use your phone to remote start your car and even have GPS tracking and security features (i.e. Viper SmartStart®), and when you get in your vehicle, you can immediately connect your phone and play the music on it through the sound system and have the ability to do hands free calling. Some vehicles already come with these features from the factory, but many don’t have these options outfitted. Going to a reputable installation shop, you can retro fit virtually any vehicle to get the features you want and need. If you’re looking to upgrade your head unit to take advantage of some of 36 Desi Lifestyle 2015

these features, now’s an exciting time. Many double din screens will give you the ability to integrate with your smartphone for hands free calling, enable screen mirroring and other integration features; but the new cool feature from brands like Alpine Electronics, Kenwood and Pioneer is the ability to have gauges visible on your double din screen. Companies like Idatalink Maestro® now allow your aftermarket head unit to safely integrate with the factory computer so you can maintain factory options like Microsoft Sync® and UConnect® and allow you to see vehicle information (available ve-

Anthony Jarantilla

Vehicle Installation Manager for Visions Electronics, Surrey BC location “Social Media Director – 12 Volt for The 12Volters by Visions Electronics. Been in the 12 volt industry for 9 years.”

hicle information will vary) that was not made available to the consumer. This is great for pickup truck owners who tow and/ or haul a lot because

now they can see information like transmission temperature or exhaust gas temperature (depending on the vehicle’s configuration). The last time I checked, EVERYONE likes music. Adding a sub-woofer is the best bang for your buck when it comes to increasing sound quality in your vehicle. What people don’t realize is a sub-woofer accounts for about 30% of your music. By not having one, there is a lot of music the artist intended you to hear that you won’t be able to because regular mid-range speakers are not designed to play these low bass tones. Also, adding a sub helps the other speakers last longer, because they no longer have to attempt to play the bass tones they were never really designed to replicate in the first place. Gone are the days of super large set ups that take up the whole rear of your vehicle (which you can still get it if you’d like). Customers are now leaning towards sound solutions which sound great but are more hidden or take up minimal space within the vehicle so that functionality can also be maximized. There are lot of great bass solutions where we can custom fit sub woofers so that they don’t take up much space. Also, companies like JL Audio with their Stealthbox® build a wide variety of high quality vehicle specific enclosures with sub woofers.

12 volt ieMfstrI ‘c bdlwA Awauxw SurU ho c`ukw hY qy AsIN ies nMU ieMstwl krn vwLI nvIN pIVHI dy mohrI hW[ nvIAW kwrW ‘c kMipaUtr koL hux bhuq izAwdw kMtrol huMdw hY (CANBUS nY~tvrikMg isstm) tYknISIAnw nMu hux ienHW vwry hor fuMGyrI jwxkwrI pRwpq krn dI loV hY ik ieh iks qrRW kMm krdy hn Aqy shI qrIky nwL sB ku`J ies qrW ieMstwl krnw Awauxw cwhIdw hY qW ik ieh sB ies isstm nwL bhuq cMgI qrW kMm kry[ ieh ie`k bhuq hI idlcsp smW hY ikauNik qusIN vyK skdy ho ik v`K v`K qknwlojIAW ny Awps ‘c ie`k dUjy nwL imL ky kMm krnw SurU kr id`qw hY[ qusIN hux Awpxy Pon qoN hI AwpxI kwr nMU irmot stwrt kr skdy ho ie`QoN q`k ik ies ‘qy sikaUrtI PIcr (ijvyN ik vweIpr smwrtstwrt) Aqy jI pI AYs trYikMg vI kr skdy ho, Aqy jdoN qusIN AwpxI kwr ‘c dwKl huMdy ho qW qurMq Awpxw Pon AwpxI kwr dy swaUNf isstm nwl knYkt krky sMgIq vI sux skdy ho Aqy Pon h`Q ‘c PVy ibnHW hI kwl vI kr skdy ho[ kuJ vhIkl ienHW swry PIcrW nwL PYktrI qoN hI l`gy AwauNdy hn pr izAwdw vhIkl ienHW PIcrW qoN vgYr hI imLdy hn[ pr ieh sB kuJ jo qusIN cwhuMdy ho jW ijs dI quhwnMU zrUrq hY qusIN qkrIbn hr vhIkl ‘c iksy vDIAw ieMstwl krn vwLI dukwn qoN ieMstwl krvw skdy ho[jykr qusIN ienHW PIcrW dw lwB lYx leI Awpxy kwr stIrIE nMU A`pgRyf krn dI soc rhy ho qW hux bhuq hI vDIAw smW hY[ bhuq swrIAW fbl ifn skrInW quhwfy smwrt Pon nwL knYkt hox dI Xogqw r`KdIAW hn qW ik qusIN hYNfz PrI kwl kr sko, iesdy nwL nwL ieh skrIn imrirMg Aqy hor PIcrW nwL lYs hn[ pr sB qoN luBwvW PIcr jo ik AlpweIn ielYktROinks, kY`nvu`f Aqy pwieEnIr vrgIAW kMpnIAW vloN auplBD hY auh hY, quhwfIAW gyjW ijnHW nMU qusIN AwpxIAW fbl ifn skrInW ‘qy vyK skdy ho[ Idatalink Maestro vrgIAW kMpnIAW hux quhwfy AwPtr mwrikt stIrIE nMu ieh Xogqw idMdIAW hn ik qusIN sur`iKAq qrIky nwL AwpxI kwr dy PYktrI

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OTHER SERVICES Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody, Guardianship, etc..) Contracts (Rental Agreement, Promissory Note etc..)

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Name Changes Many other services are provided

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559.221.2581 Low Income can qualify you for a free GREEN CARD,CITIZENSHIP & WORK PERMIT!!


516 W. Shaw., Suite # 200 Fresno, CA 93704 Desi Lifestyle 2015 37

DRK Gadgets & Gears Shopping

Apple Watch

Mountain Hardwear Optic 6 Tent

This is probably the most anticipated smart watch this year. According to Apple, the new Watch is the most personal device yet, an incredibly precise timepiece, and provides an entirely new watch to stay in touch. Add in the fact that it can monitor and track your fitness, heart rate, and activity level, and you’ve got a pretty versatile Watch. Starts at $449.


Nike Women’s Free 4.0 Flyknit

GADGETS &GEARS Ju n e / J U l y 2 015

If you’re a frequent runner, then invest in a great pair of running shoes. The new Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit is an ultralight shoe that provides great support, has exceptional flexibility, and promotes a more natural footstrike. The Waffle outsole lugs help absorb impact and add responsiveness. Get out, run, and enjoy nature. $189

With summer almost upon us, it’s time to get outside and spend some time camping. The Optic 6 Tent is an award-winning tent that provides 86-square feet of space in which adults can stand up without ducking. Capable of sleeping 6, the Optic 6 Tent provides for great scenic views with the fly’s rolled back. $399

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Aerin Rose de Grasse Perfume A true, classic rose scent, Aerin’s Rose de Grasse comprises rose centifolia handpicked in Grasse, rose otto from Bulgaria and Turkish rose absolute for a beautifully floral heart. Feminine, elegant and sophisticated, the instantly recognisable rose is tempered with violet wood, ambrox and musk. $185 38 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Get everything you need to start building a better body at home, or anywhere else you go - get stronger, build muscle, lose weight and improve flexibility. The TRX Home Kit includes two anchoring options, a workout guide, six digital workout videos and is supported by the TRX App - available for Apple devices and coming soon on Android. $199

What does your coffee say about you?


e’ve all heard the saying “tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.” But if you tell me what kind of coffee you drink, I’ll tell you who you really are. The days when the vast majority of Canadians thought of coffee only as a cup of filtered or instant coffee are long gone. Specialized coffee shops have become very popular

and recently, single-serving systems like the Keurig systems, have taken up residence on Canadians’ kitchen counters. Customers are discovering a wide variety of coffee products and enjoying high-quality coffee in the comfort of their own home. According to survey results from the book The You Code and the website, your type of coffee can say a lot of things about your personality. If you want to know something about someone you just met or are wondering what that handsome gentleman who just ordered a macchiato might be into, read these matching coffee-personalities: • Latte drinker: These people like to please others, and are often indecisive. They tend to be neurotic. Sound like anyone you know? Perhaps your best friend who can never ever decide what to order at a restaurant? Take the lead: order her a latte. • Cappuccino drinker: Obsessive and controlling, they are also creative, honest, and motivated. They make excellent friends but get bored with unimaginative people. Sound like your boss? Or that nosy, control freak colleague of yours? Next time you buy them a coffee, make it a cappuccino, and they’ll be in seventh heaven. • Mocaccino drinker: These folks are ready to try anything. Considered to be trendsetters, they’re also adventurous and courageous, and like to indulge themselves when it comes to food. Let’s face it: We all dream of being this person. So bring on the mocaccinos. • Macchiato drinker: Cerebral and refined, they linger over life’s small pleasures. You can rely on them in any situation. So next time someone orders a macchiato, pay attention. These results might not be true for everyone but with all the varieties of coffee available today, you’re sure to find one you love. The new Van Houtte Specialty Collection offers these specialty coffees, designed for Keurig K-Cup systems. You can find them on, in grocery stores and certain retailers. (News Canada)

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Jeep Thrills 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara


Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

Jag Dhatt


kay, I’ll be honest from the get go – I love Jeeps and I’ve owned three so far. There’s something about your first vehicle that always stays with you; my first, a two-door 1991 4.0 High Output Jeep YJ, painted in midnight blue, was probably the most fun vehicle I’ve ever owned. No, it didn’t have air-conditioning, power windows or door locks, and the seats were somewhat comfortable, although only for front passengers. But the YJ was versatile and had character, and that’s what made it special. I could take it to the beach, with no top and doors, or clean it up and step out of it in a suit for a formal function. Great memories for sure, but let’s move on with the review. No longer is the Jeep Wrangler a two-door setup, and many owners are happy with the change. 40 Desi Lifestyle 2015


Since 2007, the Wrangler has been available with fourdoors, hence labeled the Unlimited. The 2015 Unlimited Sahara still retains the look of the Wrangler, with its square body structure, tall ride height, and the signature 7-slot grill (to signify it’s availability in all 7 continents). Our test Jeep, including the hard top, was painted Firecracker Red; not my personal colour of choice, but it will make a statement, especially if you’re wanting to stay secluded in the back country. Integrated fog lights at the front and a full-sized spare mounted on the back complete the package. The Wrangler’s look is overall simplistic and utilitarian, which is exactly what this Jeep is built for. Getting into the Unlimited Sahara is a chore if you’re new to the vehicle – yes, it’s high so just get used to it. The extra ride height is there when, and if, you go off-roading. The cabin is where you’ll notice the most significant changes as compared to the older Wranglers. Now, the Unlimited Sahara comes complete with power windows and door locks, automatic climate control, heated seats, a 6.5” touchscreen with navigation, steering mounted controls, chrome/ leather wrapped shift knob, a subwoofer, and bright interior accents. But under all this “luxury” there’s still the wash-out interior with removable carpet and drain plugs, in case you need to power wash the interior – aahh, good ‘ol Jeep. Rear passengers now enjoy good space and seating, although the smaller rear doors make entry and exit a little cumbersome. Jeep has made engine choice very simple: you can only get the 3.6 liter Pentastar V6, which puts out 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. The Pentastar is a great motor and provides the same low-end torque and umph of the 4.0 HO straight-six engine that was in my 1991 YJ. Our test vehicle was equipped with the 5-speed automatic (6-speed manual is available), which is probably the transmission of choice for most families. Granted, you’re not going to win drag races, but for a Wrangler, it’s pretty quick, with 0-60 run times of about 8.4 seconds. So, you have to ask, how does the new 2015 Unlimited Sahara drive? This part of the review is going to be slightly lop-sided as most of my driving was within the city; however, I did have some hours to take it off-road. On the negative, the Wrangler Unlimited isn’t the most impressive on-road vehicle; steering is quick, but feels disconnected from the road and lacks feedback. Some of this can be attributed to the big 18” OWL tires, which are built more for off-road rather than asphalt. Combine the steering with a limited turning radius, and you’ll find parking, especially parallel, to be tedious in the initial stages. Once you get used to it, no problem. The ride is a little rough, yet definitely not harsh or punitive – it’s much better than my ’91 YJ, but doesn’t really compare to a modern, fully-enclosed SUV or crossover. My kids actually liked the minor jolts when going over speed bumps on the way to school: “Go over more bumps, Dada,” was all I heard, and of course, I obliged. On the highway, the four-door Wrangler’s body shape does affect its fuel economy. With a boxy design and lack of much aerodynamics, this isn’t a vehicle built to be

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara driven as a regular highway commuter. Fuel economy is rated at 14.8 L/100 km city and 11.7 L/100 km highway – not bad, but not great. During my time with the Wrangler Unlimited, there was continuous rain for most of the week. Although my kids couldn’t enjoy the Jeep in all its naked glory, it did allow me to re-live, er, rather test, its capabilities on some muddy off-road terrain, where the Jeep feels right at home. A friend’s empty farm acreage was a great location to get the Jeep dirty. In

4WD mode, I was able to drive through mud, on flat and hilly terrain, with no problem; the Jeep just kept moving without a glitch. This year, Vancouver wasn’t blessed with much, if any, snow, but I bet that this Jeep would perform exceptionally well in winter conditions. After the muddy farm, I took the Jeep on some off-road trails in the Abbotsford area, where again, I had no trouble on terrain of any type. When a manufacturer puts a Trail-Rated emblem on the truck, you know it’s tried and tested and the Wrangler Unlimited doesn’t disappoint. Ever since Jeep introduced the Unlimited version in 2007, giving buyers more options, Wrangler sales have steadily increased over the years. Just look around and you’ll notice a lot of shiny, clean Jeep Wranglers on the road, whether twodoor or four-door. Granted, most of these probably won’t see dirt trails or back country roads, but that’s not why people buy them. The Jeep Wrangler has poise, character, charm, strength, and of course, amazing off-road capability. How much do I like the Wranglers? Well, all my Jeeps had the same bumper stickers: “God Drove a Jeep” – enough said.

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2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara


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P: (559) 324-7333 F: (559) 324-7336 VISALIA OFFICE

3924 West Caldwell #B Visalia, CA, 93277

P: 559-372-8184 F: 559-372-8194

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Texting Slang With technology advancing faster than it has ever been in previous years, the human race is producing new technological products with ne such device being near and dear to our hearts: our precious cell phones. Cell phones can range from flip phones up to smartphones, but the beauty lies in the texting with the new generation, molding it into something of their own. Texting is the one way that we use cell phones to keep in touch with people around the world, whether through an app or a carrier. Teenagers of this day and age are seemingly abbreviating their own words to form a connection between one another through texting and social media, which often confuses older adults. For example, LOL stands for laughing out loud and is also one of the few very common abbreviations that is used in daily messaging amongst many people. Another one is LMAO which stands for “laughing my a$$ off” (an exaggeration). There happen to be many cases where a parent begins to text their son or daughter and have to constantly ask for a translation for the abbreviations that naturally become a part of a teenagers voacbulary. It is now normal between young adults to “invent” new words. An example is fleek, which means to be precise or bae, which means before anything else. There’s also weak (very funny) and OMG (oh my gosh). A common phrase people use is “i’m weak” to let someone know they can’t stop laughing. These words have become a part of a new trend and they have become popular amongst the younger generation. As the years go on, newly invented words keep popping up. So parents and adults, don’t become discouraged if you don’t understand! Eventually everyone gets to a point where they don’t understand the ways of the younger generation. There are plenty of abbreviations that other adults can use to communicate with one another which can come in handy like BRB (be right back), TY (thank you), GN (good night). and IDK (i don’t know). All of these can be used on a daily basis and you won’t feel left out either. With that in mind, don’t forget that though you aren’t a teeanger (or maybe you are) you definitely can type like one! By: Nidhi Ransi

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Bi-Monthly Horoscope Gemini (May 21 - June 20) : It’s time to get busy at work. Your boss is expecting a lot from you, and you will deliver. This is a good time for you to take on any projects you have in mind. You are very creative and considered a person with bright ideas. You will be successful at everything you plan to tackle. Mars, which is the planet of ambition has been in your favor since May 11 and on. May 18, the planet Mercury has moved in but keep working towards your goals patiently. Your love life is mentally spiced up this month. Use a lot of verbal communication with your partner to spark up the romance to another level.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) : Your days are going to seem a little rough and patchy but keep your head up high. Have confidence in better days. Do not promise anything big at the moment because you might not be able to fulfill those promises. Take on a smaller workload and complete that first before taking on any other assignment whether it is at home, work or socially. Right now is the time to take care of your physical and mental health. Focus more on yourself than your significant other’s care till you are fully believing in yourself again.

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aieteur Falls is a waterfall on the Potaro River in Kaieteur National Park, central Essequibo Territory, Guyana. It is 226 metres (741 ft) high when measured from its plunge over a sandstone and conglomerate cliff to the first break. It then flows over a series of steep cascades that, when included in the measurements, bring the total height to 251 metres (822 ft). While many falls have greater height, few have the combination of height and water volume, and Kaieteur is among the most powerful waterfalls in the world with an average flow rate of 663 cubic metres per second (23,400 cubic feet per second). Kaieteur Falls is about four times higher than the Niagara Falls, on the border between Canada and the United States and about twice the height of the Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa. It is a single drop waterfall. Upriver from the falls, the Potaro Plateau stretches out to the distant escarpment of the Pakaraima Mountains. The Potaro River empties into the Essequibo River which is one of the longest and

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widest rivers in South America. On April 24, 1870 Charles Barrington Brown, one of two British geologists appointed government surveyors to the colony of British Guiana (now known as Guyana), became the first European to see Kaieteur Falls. The other surveyor was James Sawkins. Brown and James Sawkins arrived in Georgetown in 1867 and did some of their mapping and preparation of geological reports together, some in separate expeditions, but Sawkins had taken a break from his work when Brown came upon Kaieteur. At the time of discovery Brown did not have time to investigate Kaieteur Falls closer and he returned here one year later when measurements of the waterfall were made.

Brown’s book Canoe and Camp life in British Guiana was published in 1876. Two years later, in 1878, he published Fifteen Thousand Miles on the Amazon and its tributaries. According to a Patamona Indian legend, Kaieteur Falls was named for Kai, a chief, or Toshao who acted to save his people by paddling over the falls in an act of self-sacrifice to Makonaima, the great spirit. Another legend though was told to Brown by Amerindians in the night of discovery of falls: Kaieteur has been named after an unpleasant old man who was placed in a boat and shoved in the fall by his relatives. Thus the fall was named “Kaieteur” what means - “old-manfall”.

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