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From the editor We often want others to improve but….. I was going through various quotations and I found an interesting one: “Improvement starts with I” – this quote is absolutely correct. We often want others to improve and always criticise and blame them when they don’t. As the quote says, it is better to look at yourself and see if there are areas where you can improve yourself. Improve yourself to the level where you become a role model for others. Believe me, you can impress others around you and have them improve themselves without saying anything directly. This way, the benefit is two-fold: you have changed yourself and caused change in others as well. There are those who incorporate the good values of others, while leaving behind the bad ones. This way, after some time, such individuals have an abundance of good qualities, which makes them remarkable. We are continuously trying to improve our magazine as well and always ask you for your valuable feedback. Please suggest to us the topics you would like to read about. Continue to share your views with others, and we await your feedback via telephone, email, or Facebook message… Cheers! Be happy and make others happy. Raman Dhillon

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Desi Lifestyle 2016

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From Childhood Friends to Kidney Sisters RAJDEEP & RACHEL


aj and I met in first grade. We weren’t in the same class, but became friends on the bus ride home from school. That friendship continued to grow as we moved through middle school and high school, sharing many of the same classes. She’s always been a very sweet, smart and caring friend. After high school, I moved away and the two of us lost touch. We met up a couple times in the six years I lived elsewhere around the country or world when I would come home and visit. Then I moved back home three years ago and reconnected with Raj to find that my childhood friend had been diagnosed with a rare kidney disease 2 years before at the age of 23, had already started dialysis and been placed on the waiting list for a kidney. The cause of her disease is unknown, meaning it was simply bad luck. How unfair! Here she was in her early 20s and she had to be hooked up to a machine

for 8 hours every night, had swelling due to medications and the dialysis, had trouble staying warm and more. In other words, her life as she knew it had virtually been placed on hold and now revolved around doctor visits and needing a healthy kidney. I came home from meeting her that day for lunch feeling angry and helpless. But, what could I do? Especially considering we would be a cross-ethnic match, I figured there wasn’t really a chance that I would be a match anyway. I was sure she would get a kidney from someone else. As life would have it, we both got busy and lost touch with each other, only getting together or even talking a few times over the next few years. In December, Raj posted a Facebook status stating that she may need to have a blood transfusion because her hemoglobin levels were so low. Luckily, it didn’t come to that, but it prompted me to act. Depending on the reason, needing Desi Lifestyle 2016


Cover Story a blood transfusion for a person on dialysis could mean longevity of life in terms of months versus years. In other words, there was a possibility that Raj would not be around the following Christmas. I still didn’t believe there was any chance I would be a match, but the least I could do was find out. I knew that if she were to die without a kidney and I hadn’t even bothered to find out if I were a match, I would regret it for the rest of my life. In January I sent my blood in to be tested fully expecting to hear back that I wasn’t a match. On Valentine’s Day I received a call from UCSF letting me know I was a match! I was overwhelmed with excitement, disbelief and a huge rush of emotions. The call I made to her after that was the most emotional and best call I’ve ever made in my entire life. Barring any medical findings, I was going to be able to give her my kidney! After a series of medical tests and exams, on April 24th I did just that. Both of our surgeries went very well and the transplanted kidney began producing urine immediately. She calls it the “salsa dancing kidney” due to its activeness and my love of salsa dancing. Within the first week she lost around 25 pounds as the extra fluid she retained from dialysis came off. We are now 7 weeks post-op and she hasn’t had to take blood pressure medicine for 3 weeks. We are both recovering very well. For Raj, this has been a new start to a life previously put on hold due to her disease. There’s still a long road to full recovery for her, with many visits to UCSF to monitor the kidney closely. But, now at the age of 27 she has a future again to which she can look forward. I share this story to hopefully inspire some of you to become donors. As the Fresno Bee stated some weeks back, around 7,000 people die in America every year waiting for an organ. It is especially important for minority groups to donate. Cross-ethnic matches happen, as is evident by Raj and I, but they are more uncommon. Donating your organs is a very personal decision, but you have the ability to save a life, either through live donation of a kidney or part of your liver or donating your organs after you die. Without my kidney, Raj could have become one of the 7,000. Whose life could you save? By Rachel Buhr 8

Desi Lifestyle 2016


still remember that day like it was yesterday. Ever since I was diagnosed I didn’t want to tell anyone of my condition, because for me it was very personal. When my doctor first told me that I had possible kidney failure, I did not want to believe it. This had to be a joke! But life’s not fair, we face challenges on a daily basis. And in this instance, the only thing I could do was fight and not let myself down, as well

as my family. I went into depression, I couldn’t comprehend why and how I got this. But I decided it was more important to live my life rather than feeling sorry for myself. Going to the doctors, hearing them repeat the same thing over and over, basically telling me that I had absolutely no chance of a life gets to you. I tried to reach out to friends to lessen the stress of the situation, just to talk about anything other than my

ease. You’d think your closest friends would want to be your support. On the contrary, I lost most of my good friends. And the excuses I got were it was better to leave you alone rather than bother you. How funny! I never wanted to be a bother. When I did tell someone, I was greeted more with looks of regret, rather than encouragement. However on that day, on my way to hospital on December 23rd at 6:30 pm, I gave in. I put myself out there knowing I wouldn’t get a response from anyone, but I had to try. And two of my very good friends (the other was my friend Katie Khanna) decided to donate. I couldn’t believe it! I was in shock! After being on dialysis for 4 years, it was

finally happening, an end to a long battle. Rachel was chosen because our blood types matched more. And to think that my friend from childhood was now going to be my blood sister! It’s amazing! Beyond words. I hope that the story she shared about her journey to be a donor inspires more individuals to step up and save a life. If it weren’t for people like her, I wouldn’t be alive today. I’ll forever be grateful, to them both.

By Rajdeep Beasla Desi Lifestyle 2016


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rwj dw hoieAw, pr ieh AswDwrn qy gYr mwmUlI sI[ BwvyN AMg dwn hr iksy dw jwqI PYslw hY qusIN iksy dI jwn bcw skdy ho[ ikfnI dwn krky jW ijgr dw kuJ ih`sw dwn krky jW mrn qoN bwAd hor AMg dwn krky[ myrI ikfnI qoN ibnW ho skdw hY, rwj auhnW 7000 ivcoN iek huMdI[ qusIN iks dI izMdgI bcwA skdy ho? rycl bUhr

Desi Lifestyle 2016 11

How to find the RIGHT DOCTOR

12 Desi Lifestyle 2016

Finding a doctor who is a right fit for you is much like other things in life. You would never think of buying a pair of shoes that don’t fit, than why not invest a bit of time and effort in shopping or finding a doctor. When you buy a car you research, compare features, do price comparisons, look at safety stats and eventually settle on one that checks off all the boxes.


ooking for a doctor is much like looking for a lawyer or accountant, but the obvious difference in finding a physician is you are entrusting your life to him or her. We all rely on family, friends or co-workers for suggestions and recommendations. And this is absolutely a logical and good start, but a few simple steps and suggestions can make this often difficult decision more manageable. When looking for a physician there are a key things to consider that will help navigate this process. To put it simply in California people fall into roughly four categories. Private Insurance which can be either through an employer or individual and can be a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) or HMO (Health Maintenance Organization. PPO plans typically cost more and give the insured more flexibility and options in finding doctors and hospital care. You don’t need a primary care physician and for the most part can go to any health care professional. In an HMO plan the insured is required to pick a primary care doctor, and all your health care services go through that doctor. This means that anytime you need to see a different health care professional you will need a referral. Both these systems use a network of physicians, hospitals and other professionals. PPO plans for this reason cost more than HMO plans. Then there is the federally funded program for seniors and retirees known as Medicare and the state funded income based program commonly known as Medical or Medicaid. The Affordable Care Act which is synonymously known as Obamacare is called Covered California. Covered California is where Californians who previously did not have insurance can get health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Some people can qualify for premium assistance to help buy private insurance while others may get insurance through the state’s Medi-Cal program. Most

Desi Lifestyle 2016 13

Health ances will have yearly open enrollment when people can either enroll or make changes to their plans. This open enrollment is typically from November thru January. Vision and dental plans are usually separate and not always a covered service of your health insurance plan. When looking for a doctor, a good start would be calling your insurance to check which doctors are on your network. According to recent statistics one third of Americans either do not have a primary care doctor or believe they do not require one. Having a primary care physician simplifies regular care, and the patient is able to see a doctor with a shorter appointment time. Additionally the primary care doctor follows and monitors routine health concerns, and should someone find themselves in a serious health crisis the primary care physician is familiar and aware of that person’s health status. There are a few pertinent and relevant suggestions that one can follow to find a doctor.

Determine what kind of doctor you need: If you have a heart problem you will need a cardiologist, if you have stomach issues a gastroenterologist is who you would look for. But if you have just need a doctor to monitor blood pressure or diabetes you can look for a family physician or internal medicine doctor or if you don’t know who you need a primary care doctor is a good starting point. The American Board of Medical Specialties requires the doctors to maintain certification in their specialty. To see if the doctor is certified go to Each state has its Medical Board and anyone can check if the doctor they are considering has any malpractice claims or disciplinary actions against him. In California the site is mbc. to verify a license. Ask or research the doctors hospital affiliations, education, specialty, the languages spoken , years in practice , what insurances the office accepts and if they are accepting new patients. You can see a doctor if he or she don’t take your insurance but be aware that you may have to pay more. It’s a good idea to call your insurance if you plan on seeing a new doctor and ask the insurance company if that particular doctor is part of their network. Check Board Certification: The medical license allows a doctor to practice medicine but to be recognized as a specialist in a particular field they need special certification and will require regular continued medical education. This is an additional step that tells you that the doctor has had extra training in the field that they are certified in. Co-payments are established and based on the type of plan you may have: Co-payments are collected at the beginning of the appointment and the patient is responsible for it. The office should bill the insurance and once the insurance pays they will bill you for the rest based on your plan. Compatibility and Personality: You may need to see the doctor at least once to establish if the doctor listens to your concerns, is able to answer questions in a way that the patient understands and that the doctor takes the time to explain the diagnosis and treatment. Office Policies: Ask questions of the staff, how long do typically have to wait for a routine ap14 Desi Lifestyle 2016

pointment. Billing procedures for patient and insurances should be clarified. For cash paying customers who are willing to pay their bill at the time that services are provided, some doctors will offer a discount. Pay attention to the staff, are they friendly, efficient and professional. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requires the protection and confidential handling of your health information. Your privacy should be protected. Additionally patients have a right to their medical information and can request copies if they want for whatever reason. Check various different organizations like AMA Dr Finder,, National Commission for Quality Assurance,, RateMD’ or talk to your insurance company. While National Comm for Quality Assurance is largely based on self-reporting the others have reviews and comments from other patients which may prove helpful for you. Check the doctor’s site if he/ she has one. Remember that you are an equal and very important partner in your health and should be involved with your care. Feel free to ask questions, if you are getting a procedure done it is relevant and important to ask the doctor how many of those procedures he/she has done before. You should ask about the risks and benefits and ask for clear instructions. Most importantly trust your instinct and make your doctor an integral part of your wellness and health.

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views of rest of the communities. “If doesn’t matter what race you are or what you do. We all have a good and bad within us. I’m Portuguese, I might not know about the culture personally, but I feel for your people. And that doesn’t mean you hold one person accountable for the actions of another. Attacking a poor man going to work, and one just going about his day is just ridiculous” -Mark Branco, Roma Foods

"I know that it is one of the largest religions in the world. A majority of them live in India or are of Indian descent. I don't necessarily identify with Sikh culture, but I have come from a very traditional rich culture and religion and can relate to the importance of community and traditions. I was outraged. As a Latina, I am familiar with hate crimes. No innocent human should be hurt or suffer as a result of someone else's ignorance. I don't view Sikhs as Muslims, but the fact that 16 Desi Lifestyle 2016

there is so much of a focus on distinguishing the difference between the two implies that one is bad. Every category of people have good and bad apples. As a society we cannot let one bad person from one group define the group as a whole to society. As a society we should have enough intelligence to tell the difference, or educate ourselves on the subject." Michelle Santoyo

“I really don’t know much about the Sikh culture. I’m raised Catholic. However, I have Sikh friends and clients. They’re some of the nicest people I’ve known in my life; I identify them as positive hard-workers. Recently, I attended my first Sikh wedding, and it was absolutely spectacular without the need of alcohol to fuel the positive energy. Never did I feel excluded, and I loved the ambiance of the temple. Sikhs and Muslims are different. Like Christians and Mormons are different. I’m not trying to make a direct comparison; but if you can’t differentiate it’s because of a lack of research or due diligence. I think that no one should be treated differently. We should educate ourselves better, to move ourselves and others up in our small world. I pray for the slain, and hope for peace.” ~ anon

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Boutique ...Coming soon to California

Contact us at:

18 Desi Lifestyle 2016

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Written By:

Jasleen Dutt


remember in my younger years traveling all around the Lower Mainland on a daily basis in our late model import. My sister, brother, and I used to sit in the back seat while our parents sat in the front. Nothing abnormal right? It would surprise most people today that back then, hardly anybody wore seatbelts or used child 20 Desi Lifestyle 2016

mYnUM auh idn Xwd hn jdoN AsIN Coty huMdy sW Aqy Awpxy mwipAW nwL loAr mynlYNf ‘c qkrIbn hr roz hI lyt mwfl iemport ‘c jWdy huMdy sW[ myrI BYx, myrw Brw Aqy mYN ipClI sIt ‘qy bihMdy sW Aqy mMmI fYfI AglI sIt ‘qy[hux vI koeI v`KrI g`l nhIN[bhuq swirAW nUM ieh hYrwnI hovygI ik aus smyN koeI ivrlw sIt bYlt lwauNdw sI Aqy b`icAW dIAW sItW dI vrqoN krdw sI[Swied kwrn ieh sI ik aus smyN lok bhuq iDAwn nwL fRweIv krdy sn Aqy spIf ilimt dw vI iKAwl r`Kdy sn[ieh vI g`l sI ik iDAwn pwsy htwaux vwLIAW cIzW vI G`t sn[ pr A`j BwvyN b`icAW dIAW sItW inXm Anuswr zrUrI hn pr bhuq swry mwpy ies dI aulMGxw krdy hn jo iksy vI qrHW TIk nhIN[ durGtnwvW ‘c mrn vwLy b`icAW ‘coN 30% ies qrHW dy huMdy hn ijnHW leI inscq sIt dI vrqoN nhIN sI kIqI geI[bwkI ies qrHW dy huMdy hn ijnHW ny ies dI TIk vrqoN nhIN sI kIqI hoeI jW sIt bYlt

Safety seats. Maybe it was because people drove more carefully, speed limits were obeyed, and there were less distractions. Today, even though child car seats are the law, the number of parents who allow their young children to travel in cars without the use of proper child safety restraints is unacceptable. Of all children killed in motor vehicles accidents, about 30% were unrestrained, with the remaining deaths resulting from improper use of a restraint or seat belt. Most of these needless deaths are preventable.

nhIN sI lweI hoeI[ienHW byloVIAW mOqW qoN bicAw jw skdw hY[b`icAW dIAW sItW iqMn qrHW dIAW imldIAW hn: ienPYNts leI rIAr PyisMg ( ip`Cy nuM krky bYTx vwLIAW sItW), A`gy nUM mUMh krky bYTx vwLIAW, PweIv poAwieMt rYstRyNt Aqy bUstr sItW[jy ienHW iqMnW sItW dI shI vrqoN kIqI jwvy qW AsIN ipAwrIAW Aqy v`fmu`lIAW in`kIAW ijMdW dw v`D qoN v`D bcwA kr skdy hW[ Coty b`cy ijnHW dI aumr do swl q`k hY Aqy 20 pONf Bwr vwLy hn leI rIAr PyisMg sItW dI vrqoN krnI cwhIdI hY[ho skdw hY ik ku`J b`cy ies qrHW dIAW sItW ‘c nw bYTxw cwhuMdy hox pr isPwrs kIqy smyN Anuswr aunHW nUM ienHW ‘c hI ibTwauxw cwhIdw hY[mYN AwpxIAW b`cIAW leI ienHW sItW dI vrqoN qkrIbn 3 swl dI aumr q`k krdI rhI[AglI styj hY Agly pwsy mUMh

krky bYTx vwLIAW sItW dI[b`icAW leI ienHW dI vrqoN cwr swl dI aumr q`k Aqy 40 pONf Bwr hox q`k krdy rihxw cwhIdw hY[ b`icAW leI AwKrI styj hY bUstr sIt vwLI[ienHW nUM 8 swl aumr q`k Aqy 80 pONf Bwr jW 4’9” k`d q`k vrqxw cwhIdw hY[ieh kyvl gweIflweInW hI hn Aqy nwL hI glqI nw krn leI swvDwnIAW vI[ iksy knyfIAn rItylr qoN hI ieh sItW nvIAW KRIdo (AmrIkw dIAW sItW inXm muqwbk nhIN) Aqy nw hI smW ivhwA cu`kI kwr sIt KRIdo[ ieh vI iDAwn r`Kx dI loV hY ik jdoN q`k b`cy 13 swl dI aumr dy nw ho jwx aunHW nUM ipClI sIt ‘qy hI bhwE[ ies aumr qoN bwAd auh AglI sIt ‘qy bYT skdy hn[

Child seats come in three categories: rear-facing for infants; forward-facing, five-point restraints; and booster seat. Using each of these three systems properly will ensure the maximum safety for your precious little ones. Infants should be placed in rearfacing seats until they are 2 years of age AND at least 20 pounds. Even though some infants may become finicky, keep them rear-facing until the recommended time. I kept my daughters in rear-facing seats until they were almost 3 years of age. The next stage is the forward facing seat and children should be kept in these until they are at least 4 years of age AND 40 pounds. The final stage is the booster seat, which holds children up to 8 years of age or 80 pounds or 4’9”. Remember that these are only guidelines, but err on the side of caution. Buy new child seats from a Canadian retailer (US seats do NOT qualify) and do not use an expired car seat. Also, keep children in the back seat until they reach the age of 13, when they can travel in the front seat. Children are our most valuable asset. It is more important to spend the extra time and keep them buckled properly rather than take a chance, even for short trips around the block.

• Braces for Children and Adults • Close to your Neighborhood • Free Consultation • Spectacular Smiles & Superior Service Melissa Dempsey Dempsey Orthodontics

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Melissa Dempsey DDS. MS.

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Figarden Dr. & Brawley Ave

(559) 226-7468 Date: NOV27, 2012 Fax: 559274-0722

M e g a - P r i n t s c a n n o t b e h e l d r e s p o n s i b l e f o r sgra p em l l im ng a to i cra rro l e rs Preparedby: i n c usto mer s u p p l i e dopy. c P l e a s erev i e wyour pro o f s toro h u g lhy. CRC P M S c o l o r s m u s tprov b e i d e d f o r c o l o r s p e c i fi c o r d e r s . M e gs a - P r i n t

4005 W. Figarden Dr. (at Brawley) (559) 226-7468 T h i sori g i n a ldraw i n g i s t h excleu sive property o fMe ga- Pr i n t san d may not b e r eproduce d , d i slaye p d , or d i stri b ued t w i thou t expre s s written co n s ent.


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Local Business

Brahma Bull is known in the Central Valley for not only their delicious varieties of Indian cuisine, but have also been recognized as the Best Indian Cuisine in the Central Valley by People’s Choice for 3 years in a row since 2013.

22 Desi Lifestyle 2016


he owners, Rama and Rao Sudanagunta established this wonderful restaurant on March 29th in 1989 when not too many people knew about Indian food, nor had ever been familiar with Indian people themselves. Rama says they were scared, but once they opened and had a lot of business they were really happy to feed and help the people understand what Indian food was and where it originated from, and how to eat it. They named the restaurant after the famous Brahma Bull, that’s originally from Rama’s hometown Ongole, India, which is also where Rama learned to cook as well as she does. She learned by watching and helping her mother and grandmother in the mornings before she went to college. However, it was mainly her grandmother whom she would watch. How she wouldn’t use much oil in her cooking as well all the ingredients she put in the food, which Rama described as very tasty and healthy. Still till this day, Rama takes what she learned from her grandmother and mother’s cooking into her own cooking today. Rama’s passion to cook healthy and make people happy glows whenever you taste their food and it shows in the atmosphere of the restaurant in itself! Rama uses nothing but pure love and the freshest Indian spices and herbs into everything that she makes. From vegetarian, non-veg to gluten free or vegan, she can customize anything to your liking with advanced notice. Brahma Bull is a proud restaurant that loves to make their customers happy and feel like they are not just customers, but family.

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AUDI S3 Hits the Sweet Spot



the S3 is rated 4.5 stars/5, with pricing commencing n the highly competitive and continuously at $41, 995 for the Premium Plus Model – that’s evolving automobile market, changing the an excellent value for money given all the perks mindsets and viewpoints of people can be a and feats. Even though its only equipped with one painfully gradual process. The Audi brand first engine, the manufacturer ensured it’s a robust revealed its Allroad a decade and a half ago, as one, a turbocharged four-cylinder expending a most car enthusiasts may remember. This vehicle mind-blowing 292 horsepower. Additional features was genuinely believed to be in the ranks of the Mercedes Benzes and BMW’s of the automobile include a six-speed dual-clutch transmission with paddle shifters, termed “S-tronic” by the brand. The industry. Audi believed that it matched its 2015 Audi S3 comes in sedan form, standard with competitors in the realms that mattered the most Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive. in the industry – quality, design and performance. LOOKS: The Allroad proved to be a vehicle well ahead of Written By: It was pretty hard to miss our test drive Technik its era, marking the entry of the luxury soft-roader. Jasleen Dutt trim S3 – a beautiful taught red sedan that engulfed Hence, it should come as no surprise that one of the most distinctive and performance-driven sport the larger sedans surrounding it. “Look at me,” it said and we did. I love the colour red and this car looks sedans of the year, namely the S3, happens to be fabulous in it. Audi makes great looking, albeit conservative, birthed by the Audi brand. vehicles, and the S3 follows the brand’s design lines quite well. THE OVERVIEW: The signature front grille looks aggressive, even for such a Think of a sportier alternative to the standard A3 sedan, and you’ve got yourself the 2015 Audi S3. Its powerful and small vehicle. Inside the cabin is where Audi design really shines; the one-of-a-kind engine guarantees extra on-demand thrust, whilst maintaining the practicality and usefulness required by cabin is beautifully laid out with perfect balance for the driver. The instrument cluster and dash are like the outside – simple everyday drivers. Engine capabilities of the Audi S3 surpass in design but oh so functional. The driving indicator is a little most of its competitors in the sports sedan department. And small for my taste, especially when I was using the paddle as far as performance is concerned, the 2015 Audi S3 is an shifters. Fully equipped with luxurious leather sport seating, the incredible step up over other comparable sports sedans. Along with its condensed and advanced performance capabilities, S3 offers a firm and comfortable interior seating experience. 24 Desi Lifestyle 2016

If you’re going on a lengthy drive such as a road trip, the back seat is snug and may present a hindrance if adults are seated in the back. For a family like ours, where we have three young girls, this was not a problem. THE DRIVE: After getting over the sheet beauty of the vehicle, we knew we had to drive it. Even when we attended the A3 launch event in Vancouver late last year, this was one vehicle that many journalists were waiting to get their hands on. One of the most immediately noticeable aspects is the lightweight nature of the S3, despite the fact that it weighs a hefty 3,449 pounds. You honestly cannot tell that the car is this heavy. Matched with a great engine and lightning quick steering, you can throw the S3 into almost any obstacle course and it will shine. With its low profile tires, the ride isn’t as smooth as I would like as a daily commuter, but you get used to it pretty quickly. Under the Dynamic setting, the suspension makes the drive even a bit firmer, but the handling capabilities are even further enhanced. I took the S3 around an off-ramp and this rocket

showed almost no body roll. Coupled with the fact that this is a Quattro, you could do donuts safely in rain or snow, or even on pavement if you wanted to. The most enjoyable aspect of the vehicle wasn’t the driving (don’t get me wrong, I loved driving it), but more the ease of parking. In Vancouver, the parking spaces seem to be getting smaller and smaller. But with the S3, I had a luxury sports car that I could whip into a parking spot with full confidence. Like the Mini Cooper Countryman S, these are the kinds of practical vehicles that provide excellent driving experience matched with easy parking in downtown Vancouver. LAST WORDS: I thoroughly enjoyed my week with the S3. While maintaining an elegant style, this vehicle provides all the thrills one would have expected. Overall, the Audi S3 is a progressive, performance-based and technologically advanced sports sedan, fully equipped with an advanced all-wheel drive system and a great engine. As I was telling my husband, this could very well be my next car! Desi Lifestyle 2016 25



AYs 3

lgwqwr bdl rhI Aqy mukwbly vwLI AwtomobweIl mwrikt dy lgwqwr bdlwA kwrn ij`Qy lokW dI soc ‘qy vI Asr pY irhw hY au`Qy ku`J kSt vI ho irhw hY[Swied bhuq swry kwrW dy SOkInW nUM cyqy hovy ik l`g B`g fyF sdI pihlW AOfI vwilAW ny AwpxI pihlI Awlrof kwr sVk ‘qy auqwrI sI[ ieh lgdw sI ik ieh vhIkl s`cmu`c hI mrsIfz bYNz Aqy bI AYm fbilaU dy brwbr dI sI[ kMpnI dw ivcwr sI ik ieh ieMfstrI dIAW hor kwrW dI iksm, ifzweIn Aqy c`lx ‘c brwbr dI sI[ Awlrof lgzrI swPt rofr vjoN AwgU swbq hoeI[ ies leI ieh bhuq hYrwnI dI g`l nhIN ik AYs 3 AOfI bRWf dI hI au`qrAiDkwrI hY[ srsrI Jwq jy stYNfrf ey 3 sIfYn dw sportIAr bdl vyKo qW quhwnUM ieh 2015 AOfI AYs 3 ‘c imlygw[iesdw SkqIswlI Aqy invyklI iksm dw ieMjx loV pYx ‘qy vDyry SkqI vwLw hI nhIN sgoN fRweIvrW v`loN Aws kIqI jWdI loV Anuswr vI hY[ jy sports sIfYn ifpwrtmYNt ‘c vyKIey qW AOfI AYs 3 AwpxIAW keI mukwbly dIAW kwrW qoN vwDU hY[ij`QoN q`k ies dI pRPwrmYNs Bwv pRdrSn dI g`l hY 2015 AOfI AYs 3 mukwbly dIAW sports sIfYnW qoN ikqy A`gy hY[ ies dI drjwbMdI 5 stwrW ‘coN 4.5 kIqI geI hY[ ies dy pRImIAm pl`s mwfl dI kImq 41,995 fwlr hY- ies qrHW dIAW shUlqW leI ieh kImq vI bhuq vDIAw hY[ ies dy inrmwqwvW dw kihxw hY ik ies dw BwvyN ie`k hI ieMjx hY pr trbocwrjf 4 islMfr hox kwrn ies dI SkqI 292 hwrspwvr dI hY[ies dy vwDU PIcrW ‘c, 6 spIf ifaul kl`c tRWsimSn pYfl iSPtr nwL hY, ijs nUM “AYs- tROink “ dw nWA id`qw igAw hY[ 2015 AOfI AYs 3 sIfYn POrm ‘c AwauNdI hY Aqy stYNfrf ‘c AOfI kuAwtro Awl vIl fRweIv vwLI[ ichrw muhrw ieh ikvyN ho skdw sI ik tYkink itRm AYs 3- ijhVI ik lwl rMg dI sohxI sIfYn ijhVI kol KVHIAW v`fIAW sIfYnW nwloN v`KrI sI dI

26 Desi Lifestyle 2016

tYst fRweIv dw nzwrw nw ilAw jwvy[ ies qrHW lg irhw sI ik ieh kih rhI hovy,” myry v`l vyKo!” AsIN ies v`l vyiKAw qW mYnUM qW ies dw rMg hI bhuq ipAwrw l`gw[ ieh kwr ies rMg ‘c bhuq vDIAw ids rhI sI[ AOfI v`loN pihlW vrgIAW bhuq vDIAw idsx vwLIAW kwrW bxweIAW jw rhIAW hn[ ies qrHW hI ieh kwr dI id`K vI bhuq vDIAw hY[ijs qrHW dI ies dI AglI isgnycr PRMt igRl l`gI hoeI hY auh ies qrHW dI CotI vhIkl ‘qy bhuq sjdI hY[ ies dI kYibn hY ij`Qy AOfI dw ifzweIn cmkW mwrdw hY[ fRweIvr dI shUlq nUM mu`K r`K ky kYibn nUM pUry smqol vwLI bxwieAw igAw hY[vyKx nUM qW BwvyN ieMstrUmYNt kl`str Aqy fYS sDwrn lgdy hn pr AMdroN bhuq vDIAw Aqy loV muqwbk hn[ myry muqwbk fRweIivMg ieMfIkytr ku`J Cotw hY[ Kws krky audoN jdoN mYN pYfl iSPtrW dI vrqoN kr rhI sI aus smyN ies qrHW mwlUm huMdw sI[ ies dIAW sport sItW ‘qy bhuq vDIAw lYdr dI vrqoN kIqI hoeI hY[ies ‘c bYTxw bhuq Arwmdwiek hY[ aus qrHW qW ipClI sIt kwPI hY jy lMby sPr ‘c ip`Cy bwlg bYTy hox qW QoVHw AOKw hY[ pr swfy pirvwr ijs ‘c iqMn CotIAW b`cIAW sn, nUM sPr ‘c koeI muSkl nhIN AweI fRweIv ies vhIkl dI suMdrqw vyKx qoN bwAd swnUM pqw l`gw ik ies dI tYst fRweIv vI krnI hY[ jdoN ey 3 dy lONc krn smyN vYnkuvr ‘c iesnUM vyiKAw sI qW AsIN vI au`Qy phuMcy hoey sI qW aus smyN bhuq swry p`qrkwr vI ies nUM clw ky vyKx leI auqsk sn[ BwvyN AYs 3 dw Bwr 3449 pONf hY pr iPr vI ieh hlkI PulkI jwpdI hY[ s`cI g`l qW ieh hY ik qusIN ieh nhIN kih skdy ik ies dw ieMnw Bwr hovygw[ Bwry ieMjx nwL hlky qyz styirMg vwLI AYs 3 nUM qusIN iksy vI muSkl rwh ‘qy pw skdy ho pr iPr vI ieh Swn nwL jwvygI[ twier G`t au`cy hox kwrn, mYN rozwnw fRweIv krn vWg qW pihlW v`Krw mihsUs kIqw pr qusIN CyqI hI ies dy AwdI ho jWdy ho[ ies dI

fYnwimk sYitMg hox kwrn sspYNSn fRweIv mzbUq bxw idMdI hY[ vDIAw hor g`l hY ik ies dw kMtrol jW hYNfilMg hor vI vDIAw hY[mYN ies nUM AwP rYNp vI lY ky geI pr ies ‘qy koeI Asr nhIN ipAw[qusIN ies nUM hr qrHW dy mOsm ‘c vDIAw clw skdy ho koeI Prk nhIN ik mINh jW snoA pYNdI ho Aqy sVk vI BwvyN iksy qrHW dI hovy[ ies vhIkl dw sB qoN AnMd dyx vwLw pihlU fRweIivMg nhIN ( mYnUM glq nw smJ lYxw, mYnUM qW ies nUM clwaux ‘c bhuq AnMd AwieAw), pr ies nUM pwrikMg krnw bhuq vDIAw hY[hux pwrikMg dIAW QwvW qW hor CotIAW huMdIAW jw rhIAW hn pr ies kwr nUM bhuq vDIAw FMg, pUry ivSvws Aqy sihj nwL pwrk kIqw jw skdw hY[[ ijvyN imnI kUpr

kMtrImYn AYs hY, ieh kwr ij`Qy clwaux ‘c AwnMd idMdI hY au`Qy fwaUntwaUn vYnkuvr ‘c bhuq sihj Aqy Arwm nwL pwrk vI kIqI jw skdI hY[ ku`J AwKrI Sbd AYs 3 nwL mYN pUry hPqy dw AwnMd mwixAw[ ies dw stweIl hI vDIAw nhIN sgoN ies vhIkl v`loN Aws kIqIAW jwx vwLIAW KuSIAW vI pRdwn kIqIAW jwdIAW hn[smu`cy qOr ‘qy AOfI AYs 3 bhuq nvIn, Swndwr prPOrmYNs dyx vwLI, qknIk p`KoN nvIn sports sIfYn hY, ijs dw ieMjx hI bhuq vDIAw nhIN sgoN iesdw isstm Awl vIl fRweIv vwLw hY[ mYN qW Awpxy pqI nUM d`s rhI hW ik jy koeI hor kwr lvWgI qW auh ieh hI hovygI[

Workers Compensation Commercial Agriculture Health & Disability Home & Auto Financial Services


Your Most Valuable Partners in Insurance

1635 Shaw Avenue Clovis, California 93611

P: (559) 324-7333 F: (559) 324-7336 VISALIA OFFICE

3924 West Caldwell #B Visalia, CA, 93277

P: 559-372-8184 F: 559-372-8194

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For Increased Sexual Stamina. There are several supplements and tips that all claim to be able to boost a man’s sexual stamina and improve his performance. What many men do not know is that there is a secret that vegans know. Research is tentatively suggesting that when you eliminate meat, fish, and dairy products from your daily diet you will see an improvement in your stamina. While this is still not scientifically proven, there are certain foods that all vegans eat that make it possible for them to last longer in the bedroom. The sex secret vegans know While you don’t have to give up the occasional steak or cheeseburger, men who add the following foods to their diet are generally healthier and able to perform better sexually. Whole Grains and Oatmeal Eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast can help increase the testosterone level in your 28 Desi Lifestyle 2016

body. This is important since testosterone is the male hormone that controls sexual arousal and libido. Oats and whole grains are high in the amino acid L-arginine which has long been used to treat erectile dysfunction. The amino acid works with nitrogen in the body to improve blood flow to the penis. This makes it easier for men to get and sustain an erection. Spinach and Leafy Greens Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale Swiss chard, and broccoli all contain magnesium which is crucial for proper circulation. The mineral helps to dilate the blood vessels which make it easier for men to become aroused. Spinach also contains the nutrient folate which is also important for good circulation. It is able to remove the plaque that can build up on the arteries and cause blood flow to be restricted to the male sex organ.

Oranges, Peaches, and Grapefruit Any man who wants to improve their sexual performance and their overall health needs to consume at least 200 milligrams of vitamin C per day. Not only can the powerful vitamin boost your immune system, researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch also found that it can improve the count and quality of a man’s sperm. The study consisted of 75 men between the ages of 20 to 35 who were heavy smokers and had already reported having a low sperm count. The men were divided into three groups, with one taking a placebo. These men showed no improvement in the quality of their sperm. The other two groups each took 1000 or 200 milligrams of vitamin C, and while both showed improvement, the most

significant was from the men who received the higher dose. To get your daily dose of the important vitamin many nutritionists recommend eating plenty of citrus fruits. Do Vegans Know the Secret? While vegans will emphatically state that they do know the secret to having a great sex life, researchers are also quick to point out that this is not entirely true. There is no denying that your physical health plays a large role in your ability to perform sexually, and a vegan diet is considered healthy. Vegans have a lower risk of developing circulation problems, and generally have higher levels of testosterone which both can help them last longer and perform better sexually. What a meat free diet doesn’t

address are any emotional issues that might be affecting your performance in bed. Depression, stress, and low selfesteem can also make it difficult for a man to become aroused. In addition, researchers are now claiming that certain fats are actually good for the health of your heart. Summary If you decide that you want to try a vegan diet it should be to improve your stamina and overall health. In most cases simply adding more whole grains, citrus fruits, and leafy greens is more than enough to boost testosterone for a healthy and satisfying sex life. If you do decide to make a drastic dietary switch to a vegan lifestyle, it should be done under the guidance of a nutritionist. Desi Lifestyle 2016 29

30 Desi Lifestyle 2016

What is Valentine’s Day

By: Ismelda Del Toro

February has long been a month of romance. It is the month associated with Valentine’s Day celebrations. We have, time and again, heard the name St. Valentine being uttered before us in this season of love. But just who is this St. Valentine? Why is this month associated with love and romance?


alentine’s day came into practice as it is today. The origin of this lovers day goes back as early as 270 A.D and started with the clash between a kindly priest and a mighty ruler.

Every year, the fourteenth day of the month of February has millions across the world presenting their loved ones with candy, flowers, chocolates and other lovely gifts. In many countries, restaurants and eateries are seen to be filled with couples who are eager to celebrate their relationship and the joy of their togetherness through delicious cuisines. There hardly seems to be a young man or woman who is not keen to make the most of the day. The reason behind all of this is a kindly cleric named Valentine who died more than a thousand years ago.When Claudius II met Valentine, he was said to have been impressed by the dignity and conviction of the latter. However, Valentine refused to agree with the emperor regarding the ban on marriage. It is also said that the emperor tried to

vert Valentine to the Roman gods but was unsuccessful in his efforts. Valentine refused to recognize Roman Gods and even attempted to convert the emperor, knowing the consequences fully. This angered Claudius II who gave the order of execution of Valentine. Meanwhile, a deep friendship had been formed between Valentine and Asterius’ daughter. It caused great grief to the young girl to hear of his friend’s imminent death. It is said that just before his execution, Valentine asked for a pen and paper from his jailor, and signed a farewell message to her “From Your Valentine,” a phrase that lived ever after. Today, Valentine’s Day is one of the major holidays in the U.S. and has become a booming commercial success. According to the Greeting Card Association, 25% of all cards sent each year are “valentine”s. The “valentines”, as Valentine’s Day cards are better known as, are often designed with hearts to symbolize love. The Valentine’s Day card spread with Christianity, and is now celebrated all over the world. Desi Lifestyle 2016 31


Better Sound Quality Through a Factory Head Unit

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oday’s newer vehicles now come with an impressive array of standard and available features when it comes to creature comforts. Factory stereos now have available features like Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to play digital media (USB drives & phone connectivity) and some even have factory backup cameras. Manufacturers have definitely been paying attention to what the after-market is providing for solutions, and rightfully so. The after-market is the test bench, to see which innovative products driver consumer demand. Screens, back up cameras, USB and Bluetooth connectivity and even “premium sound systems” would not be in today’s modern vehicles if the after-market did not prove their value. However vehicle manufacturing is a business and when it comes to audio quality, the best components and materials can’t be used in most run of the mill vehicles because it will drive the cost up too much for many consumers. So for the music enthusiast that wants more from their vehicle, while maintaining the factory head unit, the after-market has the answer. Many of today’s new vehicles have functions integrated into the factory head unit, i.e. climate controls and other vehicle information, so changing the head unit may not be an option. Or a customer may want to have a “stealth audio system” and drawing attention to a fancy new head unit is not the goal. The first task is obtaining signal from the factory sound system so the amplifiers have something to interpret. This can be accomplished by using a simple line output converter or a digital sound processor (Audio Control, Match, Alpine Electronics and JL Audio all have solutions available). It all depends on how much the customer has budgeted for the sound system and how good they want the system to sound. 32 Desi Lifestyle 2016

Anthony Jarantilla Vehicle Installation Manager

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Adding a new amplifier is the next step. Running an amplifier with sufficient power will give you the control you need to obtain more sound quality. Whether you keep the stock speakers in or run new ones, you’ll be happy that you bought an amp. My favourite type of amplifier I like to install for my customers, is installing a good quality 5 channel. It’s not much more money than a dedicated amp for just a sub, but you’ll be able to also amplify the speakers as well. This will give you a very balanced sounding system without breaking the bank. Changing out your speakers will really help gain more clarity from your system. If you’re not going to amplify them and just run off head unit power you should only run entry level after market speakers. The more expensive speaker are great but they require more power to run, so if you don’t run an amp, the entry level speakers will probably sound better in that particular application. Also adding sound deadening material (I.e. Dynamat) will help give the speakers a better foundation and reduce resonance, even if you don’t want to change out your speakers. To round off you stealth audio system, you’ll want a sub woofer. To get better sound quality you don’t have to go crazy. A single 8 inch or 10 inch sub woofer will do the trick. Adding a sub woofer helps add depth to your music because it can produce tones regular speakers can’t. Instruments like bass guitars and drums can’t really be heard without a sub woofer. JL Audio’s Stealthbox line up is a collection of vehicle specific enclosures with subs that are designed to sound great in your vehicle while taking up minimum space so you don’t lose practicality from your vehicle.

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Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard

New Polaroid Socialmatic Digital Camera

One of the latest trends is the hoverboard. The Razor is a self-balancing scooter that has a super smooth, hoverboard like ride. You can glide, spin 360 degrees and turn on a dime with a simple shift of your foot. Up to 115 minutes of continuous use.


RimBlades Scuffs


This new Polaroid has a retro look and feel, but with all the current technology, like a 4.5” touchscreen, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a built-in printer for colour prints. Perfect for the selfie-lover who needs her prints pronto.

FEB / MAR 2 016

Star Wars X-Wing Cuff Links

If you’re fed up with curbing your wheels, look at purchasing RimBlades. This unique, and stylish, product protects your wheels from curb rash. Available in a variety of colours at an economical price, RimBlades Scuffs are a great product for your vehicle.

Montblanc Rollerball Do you want to make a statement when signing those business deals? Then make sure you use a Montblanc. This rollerball is finished in deep black precious resin, complete with platinum coated fittings and the Montblanc emblem on the cap top. 34 Desi Lifestyle 2016

It’s been almost 30 years since the original Star Wars film was on the big screens. With the release of “The Force Awakens”, what better way to capture the legacy and show your loyalty than wearing these X-Wing cuff links. Available in silver or silver plating, your man will always have the Force with him.

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CVTR Trailer

Giveaway Lunch Checks presented to local charitable organizations


n Thursday, January 14th, the Fresno Trucking brotherhood came together to honor three local charities in our community. Everyone from great names in the industry to humble ones such as myself, sat at one table at the local restaurant Andiamo’s (located in the heart of Clovis), and broke bread in the name of goodwill. Mike and Christine Shuemake of Central Valley Trailer Repair (CVTR) donated a Great Dane Trailer Van as a raffle prize recently at the WATS Trucking Show held in September of 2015 to raise money for the charities. With tickets held at a price of $100, the WATS Trucking Show was able to sell 320, raising a grand total of $32,000 for Community Food Bank, FreeWheel Project, and the Jakara Movement. Kam-Way Transportation won the trailer, and Founder and President Kam Sihota decided to donate an additional $10,000 to the charities, raising the total to $42,000. Read more about these great organizations below, and see how you can contribute and make a difference. 36 Desi Lifestyle 2016

Community Food Bank is a charity dedicated to ending hunger in the

Central Valley, and have provided food to more than 200 agencies in Fresno, Madera, Kings, Kern and Tulare Counties and serve over 280,000 people each month totaling over 38 million pounds of food served in the fiscal year 2015. Communication and Events Manager Renée Nuanes of Community Food Bank said that with the donation they would be able to feed up to (amount/individuals). Please check out their website: to get more information.

Owner and Founder Tony Hoffman of FreeWheel Project, is a retired elite BMX professional racer. He had a vision to start a foundation to reach out to the youth, encourage them, and find ways to beat the odds by giving them opportunities that would otherwise seem impossible. By targeting “at risk” youth, the kids gather in one location. They share ideas, and connect through one common interest, sports. Tony also wanted the kids who participated in the Freewheel Project programs, (one being the B.A.R.S program (Behavioral & Academic Restoration through Sports)), to be equipped with leadership skills, academic mentoring, substance abuse education/prevention, and counseling. To learn more about the FreeWheel Project, go to

Jakara Movement has been a staple in the Fresno Sikh community since the early 2000’s. Their mission is to inspire our youth to understand Sikhism through creative leadership development, community organizations, and social activism as read on their website The Jakara Movement involves the Sikh youth in various activities, such as volunteering within the community to strengthen their understanding of their identity and faith. Members of Jakara have gone on to grow the cause through a community radio station, camps for youth, and the Paaras Youth Center, a tutoring facility located in West Fresno. For more information on the Jakara Movement and ways to volunteer, check out their website and become an active volunteer. Or if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer tutor at the Youth Center, the address is: 5470 W Spruce Ave, Suite 103, Fresno, CA 93722. “There is no greater joy, nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life” –Sister Mary Rose McGeady

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quhwfI AglI pwrtI swfy nwl Free delivery to Truck stops, Hotels, Motels & Shops etc.

Restaurant • Bar • Banquet Call us at: (559) 229-1313 3035 West Ashlan Ave, Fresno, CA 93722 38 Desi Lifestyle 2016




besity and overweight problems are on the increase amongst Americans of all hues, including Indian Americans. These traits are negatively related to one’s effective activity and diligence. It is in this context that I describe and recommend eating of OKRA, and also other important Asian vegetables. Okra is highly nutritious, tasty and popular among Punjabis.


Okra is also known as lady finger, and not gent finger; because of its slimness and beauty. Its other names include quimbombo or guigambo(Spanish), bhindi or bhendi (Indian). Okra varieties in America include Lee, Emerald, Annie oaklley, Perkins spineless, Draft green long pod, and others. Originally from Africa, okra is now cultivated throughout the tropical and warm temperate regions of the world.


Okra is an annual or perennial plant having woody stems growing 3 to 6 feet high. It is grown for its fibrous fruits or pods containing small round mucilaginous white seeds.

By Dr Arjan Josan Desi Lifestyle 2016 39


Source: USDA Nutritional database (http//

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Nutrition As is apparent from the nutritional values table below, okra is very low in calories. Okra, raw


Nutritional value per 100 g (3. 5 oz) - Energy 129 kj (31 kcal) - Carbohydrates 7.03 g - Sugar 1.20 g - Dietary fiber 3.2 g - Fat 0.10 g - Protein 2.00 g - Water 90.17 g

The green pod is generally consumed, though at times red and burgundy pod okra may also become a specialty. Okra production in the United States (California, Florida and Texas) is mostly from June through November. They are imported from Mexico and some other countries the year round, but peak period still remain to be summer months. During this period okra pods are available at most grocery stores including oriental markets. According to USDA recommendation, the storage life of okra can be 7-10 days when storage temperature is maintained at 45 -50 F with relative humidity of 90-95%. 40 Desi Lifestyle 2016

It has no saturated fats, but is a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins (not given in the table) which are recommended in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs. The mucilage of okra pods contains a form of soluble fiber that relieves constipation conditions. The high amounts of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamins A, B, C, folates, iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium, act as antioxidants and are good for eye, bone and heart health.


Recipes and dishes using okra pods are numerous. Both saline and minimally saline cooking methods are used depending upon the taste of the individual. However, the best cooking methods, as in all vegetables, are those that keep the nutritional value of okra pods intact. The cooked leaves of okra are also used as a powerful soup thickener. A well known soup dish using fresh okra in America is gumbo. The boiled pods are also used in soups and stews. Roasted and grounded okra results in a powder that is brewed as a coffee substitute. Obviously, okra is a highly nutritious, green edible vegetable. Eat it and be happy.

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aUrjw (31 Kcal) kwrbohweIfryt 70.3 gRwm SUgr 1.20 gRwm KurwkI rySy 3.2 gRwm icknweI .1 gRwm pRotIn 2 gRwm pwxI 90.17 gRwm

motwpw Aqy vDyry Bwr, hr AmrIkn leI ibmwrI Aqy soc dw kwrn bxdw jw irhw hY, BwvyN auh BwrqI mUl dy AmrIkn hI ikauN nw hox[ ieh ivSySqwvW nwkwrwqmk p`KoN swfy audm, lgn Aqy imhnq nwl juVIAW hn[ mYN iesy sMDrb ivc hI iBMfI Aqy hor eySIAn sbzIAW dI jwxkwrI, loV Aqy gux sWJy kr irhw hW[ iBMfI pOSitk, svwd qy bhuq guxkwrI hY Aqy pMjwbIAW ivc bhuq lokipRX hY[

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iBMfI nMU ies dI KUbsUrqI Aqy pqly-pn krky iesqrI dI auNgl (Lady Finger) ikhw jWdw hY[ spYinS ivc ies nMU gueIgYNbo vI kihMdy hn[ AmrIkw ivc keI pRkwr dI iBMfI auplbd hY, ijvyN lI, AYmIrYlf, prikMn spwienlYs, frwPt gRIn, lWg pOf Awid[ mUl rUp ivc A&rIkw qoN ies dI pYdwvwr SurU hoeI, hux ieh sMswr dy bhuqy grm Aqy tRwpIkl KyqrW ivc ies dI KyqI huMdI hY[


ieh sdw bhwr bUtw hY ijs dw qnW kwTIdwr huMdw hY Aqy k`d 3-6 Pu`t q`k jw skdw hY[ ies nMU ies dy Pl krky augwieAw jWdw hY[ies ivc koeI iqRpq icknweI nhIN huMdI Aqy ieh pRotIn, KurwkI rySy, Kixj Aqy ivtwimnW dw BMfwr hY, ijs nMU kolYstRwl Aqy Bwr Gtwaux vwly pRogrwmW ivc vriqAw jWdw hY[ iBMfI ivcly gUMd vrgy pdwrQ ivc GulxSIl rySw huMdw hY jo ik kbz qoN Cutkwry leI shweI is`D huMdw hY[ ies ivc au`qm mwqrw ivc ivtwimn Aqy Kixj pwey jWdy hn, muK qOr qy ivtwimn ey, bI, sI, Polyt, lohw, kYlSIAm, mYgnIz Aqy mYgnISIAm Awid jo AYNtI-AOksIfYNt vjoN kMm krdy hn Aqy A`KW, h`fIAW Aqy idl dI ishq leI cmqkwrI is`D huMdy hn[


iBMfI dIAW hrIAW PlIAW hI vDyry qOr qy vrqIAW jWdIAW hn, BwvyN lwl Aqy jwmxI iksmW vI ivSyS bxdIAW jw rhIAW hn[ AmrIkw ivc ies dI KyqI kYlIPornIAW, PlOirfw Aqy tYkss ivc huMdI hY Aqy auqpwd dw smW jUn qoN nvMbr hY[ ies nMU mYkisko Aqy hor dySW qoN vI AwXwq kIqw jWdw hY[ ies smyN dOrwn iBMfI v`K-v`K gOsrI storW qy pweI jWdI hY[ USDA dI isPwirS Anuswr iBMfI nMU 45-50 f qwpmwn ivc, ijQy nmI 9095% hovy, 7 qoN 10 idnW leI r`iKAw jw skdw hY[

pkwaux sbMDI jwxkwrI :

iBMfI dIAW PlIAW dI sbzI bnwaux leI Fyr swrIAW ivDIAW mOjUd hn[ hr iek dy svwd Anuswr, Kwry Aqy G`t Kwry qrIikAW nwl

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Meet Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon,

The Only Indian Air Force Officer To Win The Param Vir Chakra

42 Desi Lifestyle 2016

Personality But Nirmaljit never lost sight of those two Sabres and quickly settled his aim on one of them. “I am getting behind one but the other is getting an edge on me,” is how Sekhon had described the situation to his controllers. But as soon as he made contact with the Sabre in front of him, he could feel the air getting thicker on his own tail. While he was busy neutralizing the Pakistani aircraft in front of him another Sabre had come up on his tail. Nirmaljit, in order to evade the Sabre behind him, started going in circles and it seemed for a while that Nirmaljit had succeeded as the Pakistani commander Andrabi’s voice crackled on the radio, “Three is Winchester” meaning he had exhausted his ammo. Sekhon had successfully hit one Sabre and set another one ablaze which was seen heading towards Rajauri sector covered in smoke. During the dogfight, Sekhon’s fighter sustained heavy damages and he failed to eject out of the Gnat as the flight control system had failed. Sekhon went down with the aircraft but his legacy was established on that day in the mountains. Coming out on top of six Pakistani Sabres had odds of 1:6, and Sekhon did it in style making the enemy run for cover. Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon was awarded India’s highest wartime medal for gallantry, the Param Vir Chakra for his exploits in the field, and thereby, he became the only officer from the Indian Air Force to be decorated with the prestigious award.


irmaljit Singh Sekhon was born in the village of Isewal Dakha in Ludhiana District of Punjab. Sekhon hailed from an army background as his father Tarlochan Singh Sekhon was a flight lieutenant. He was commissioned as a Flying Officer in the Indian Air Force in 1967. Pakistan Air Force, during the war of 1971, had decided on the strategy to neutralize Amritsar, Pathankot and Srinagar airfields as they were crucial to their plans at the time. No. 26 squadron, based at Peshawar, was assigned with the task to carry strikes on Srinagar Airfield. Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon was on readiness duty with “The Flying Bullets” of IAF, flying the Folland Gnat fighter aircraft based at Srinagar. When his airfield was attacked by PAF’s Force F-86 Sabre jets, Sekhon rolled for take-off as the No. 2 behind his leader Flt. Lt. Ghumman in a two-Gnat formation.  The daily attacks by Sabres had caused damage to the runway but the repair gangs always ensured that the runway was never out of permanent service. So, when the Sabres of Pakistani commander Changazi, Dotani, Andrabi and Mir attacked the airfield carrying 500 lbs bombs each, Sekhon lost no time in singling out the first Sabre Pair, which was forming its original position after the bombing run. Nirmaljit’s leader Lt. Ghuman lost contact with the wingman, and therefore, Sekhon was left with six Pakistani Sabres on his tail gunning for his aircraft.

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‘‘Protein – Supplement Varieties vs. Food


he specific of proteins, these are large, also, naturally occurring. complex molecules that play many ISOLATED Whey Protein is virtually fat-free. It is critical roles in the body. Protein does extremely low-lactose (milk sugar) who are very most of the work inside our cells and are sensitive to the (low) lactose levels found in whey required for the function, and regulation of the concentrate. Whey isolate tends to taste slightly body’s tissues and organs, the largest being our better than whey concentrate too, its consistency, skin. and mix-ability is slightly thinner, without the fat. Proteins are made up of hundreds to thousands Water mixing is advised, due to the quick acting of smaller units called amino acids, which are absorption of this protein, milk will compromise attached to one another in long chains. There this and also add lactose to a low lactose product. are 20 different types of amino acids that can CONCETRATED Whey Protein is the most cost be combined to make a protein. The sequence effective by weight, It has a low lactose level that is of amino acids determines each protein’s unique well tolerated by most lactose-sensitive people. It 3-dimensional structure and its specific function. contains a small amount of fat and carbohydrates Kind of confusing, to most scientifically speaking. (sugar). Typically it is the best-selling variety of Dawn Thornton The basics of how they benefit you as an athlete protein, due to availability, cost. Consistency and are the following, growth and development, texture, is smoother and slightly thicker. Water or immunity, enzymatic functions, specific milk can used with this protein. hormonal signaling. Enzymes carry out almost CASEIN Protein casein is a milk protein derivative. all of the chemical reactions that take The majority of the protein (80%) in milk is casein, place in our cell enzymes are made of the terms “milk protein” and “casein protein” amino acids. Messenger proteins, are one-in-the-same. The difference or “signaling proteins” transmit between whey and casein is that whey signals to coordinate biological is absorbed in the digestive system processes between different quickly, whereas casein is absorbed cells, tissues, and organs. One slowly. Taste and mix-ability similar primary hormone, built from to a concentrate protein, as it is this, growth hormone. already a milk protein, and naturally Supplements vs. Food casein based, water mixing is best, Although food should be but milk is fine as well. the first source, and priority, HYDROLYATE/HYDROLYSED naturally vitamins and protein are the newest generation minerals are more abundant of protein supplements to be in food, as the animal sourced introduced to the market, these proteins we eat, by default have been partially broken down by we are absorbing the vitamins exposing the protein (isolated whey they eat (some). Example would and blends there-in) to enzymes, low be “grain-fed “beef or poultry, and heat and or acid(s) that tear apart the or ‘Omega-3’ enhanced dairy and bonds that link the amino acid chains allowing eggs. Protein powders would need to be for more immediate absorption. It is open to fortified with these, and likely that the amount discussion as to whether if these are the BEST in the need for ODA (optimal daily allowance) of these market, also are extremely costly. With the fragility of these fortified products, you can take a multivitamin, for a lower cost hydrolyzed forms, it is encouraged that they be water mixed and and optimal dose, for that ODA. The varieties of protein in the no cooking or baking with them. It should be noted that isolated market are vast. Leaving one with their head spinning, asking and concentrate whey proteins are already easily digested, themselves “which is the best for me?” Listed below are the 4 as compared to food being ultimately slow. The difference is most common whey protein powder varieties in the market, all marginal in absorption. For those with severe malabsorption derivatives of milk. The protein content of whole milk consists of concerns, this would be ideal for that use. 20% whey protein, and 80% casein, with fat and carbohydrates 44 Desi Lifestyle 2016

vDwE Kwxy dy svwd svwdI Aqy pOSitk slwd dy leI slwd bxwaux vwlIAW cIjæW qwjæIAW lE[ slwd ivc pµugrIAW dwlW Aqy iB`jI ikSimS dI vrqoN krky svwd vDwieAw jw skdw hY[ • slwd dw svwd vDwaux leI aus ivc v`Kry sws Aqy mswilAW dI vrqoN kr skdy ho[ • slwd ivc Anwr dy dwxy imlwE, svwd izAwdw cµgw l`gygw[ • ic`lI sws jy Kqm hovy qW A`Dw cmc jYqUn dw qyl Aqy A`Dw cmc isrkw imlw idE[ ies dI vrqoN slwd dI fRYisµg dy leI kr skdy ho[ • ieflI nrm bxwaux leI aus dI sm`grI ivc do cmc iql dw qyl imlw idE[ svwd kuJ v`Krw l`gygw[ • v`Kry svwd vwlw imlk Syk pIx leI iksy vI PrUt jYm dy iqµn cmc du`D ivc imlwE Aqy blYNf kro[ iPr Pir`j ivc r`K ky TµFw-TµFw pIE[ • fosy ƒ nvW svwd dyx leI aus dy imkscr ivc QoVHw ijhw myQI dwxw imlw idE


559-277-5580 HOURS

7:30AM to 5:30 PM.

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8 Bollywood Movies To Look Forward To In 2016

This movie is a comedy drama that portrays the journey of a teenage detective who sets out to find his missing father. Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Govinda are in the leading roles in this film.

It would be interesting to see the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan become his own fan in this movie. This revolves around the journey of a fan, who is so obsessed with an actor and also looks like him, to India to meet him. With a promising and fresh cast including Ileana D Cruz and Vaani Kapoor, let’s see if Shah Rukh can impress all his fans with this movie.

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Based on Charles Dickens’ historic novel ‘Great Expectations’, Fitoor will see Rekha, Tabu, Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor in the leading roles. It will be worth seeing how this movie can live up to the expectations of the audience.

Period films always make our heart miss a beat, thanks to the grand and amazing cinematography and great plot. Gear up as Ashutosh Gowarikar is all set to amaze us next year with one more historical account from the time of Indus Valley Civilization. The movie ‘Mohenjo Daro’ will see Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead and will unfold the discovery of the historic city.

A crime thriller set in the backdrop of Gujarat in 1980s, this movie has Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mahira Khan in lead roles. With such a powerpacked cast and a hard-hitting social cause, this movie is a much awaited one for sure.

Loosely based on the 2010 Korean thriller ‘The Man From Nowhere’, this John Abraham and Shruti Hassan starrer ‘Rocky Handsome’ will be an interesting watch for all the viewers. The movie tells the story of a man who takes revenge from the drug mafias after they take away an eightyear-old girl with whom he shares a special bond.

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The first part surely left us all mesmerized and awestruck with the huge grandeur and amazing cinematography. But what was even more interesting was the concept of ending the movie at a mysterious point that made everyone go crazy to find out what is going to happen next. Slated to be released later in 2016, the second part is surely going to be one of the most sought-after movies of the year.

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Gurpreet S. Ranu - CELL: 559.288.1375 A cross-cultural and a multi lingual movie, this action thriller is filled with elements of suspense and will star Jackie Chan, Ileana D Cruz, Amyra Dastur, Aarif Rahman and Sonu Sood among others.

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