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Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016



Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

Central California is

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Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016


Contents Canada’s New Defence Minister


Digestive Enzymes


32 Gearing up for Winter

46 Gadgets & Gears

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Raji Brar HEALTH

Ignoring The Early Warning Signs of Your Body How To Create A Healthy Relationship LIFESTYLE jy qusIN lMbw smW ijauxw cwhuMdy ho qW ieh 10 kMm krny bMd kr idE TRAVEL

The Coolest Winter Holiday Destinations

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

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2016 Infiniti QX50 HUMANITY

Recognizing The Whole Human Race As One FOOD HABITS

Breaking Four Awful Habits SOCIAL

Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative Sikh Women Alliance - 5K Sohji Walk RECIPE

Thai-Style Brussels Sprouts

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016


From the editor Welcome to the December/January issue of Desi Lifestyle Magazine. Time goes by very fast, It looks like if few days back we congratulated you for 2015, now 2015 is almost gone and we are ready to welcome 2016. We all have worked very hard, some would say smart in 2015. Many of us have got success and some might have failed in their mission. It’s time to sit down and do self-analysis and analysis of your company if your plan has worked or not. Those who got success, we’d like to congratulate them. And those who didn’t get desired success, we’d encourage them to learn from their mistakes and also from the Masters of industry. As in our headline we quoted, “The Master has failed more than beginner has even tried” Be a good learner, take required education or training, make a better plan and try again. We wish you best of luck for the future. Every year we start the new year with hope that the next year will be better than the last one. Often this concept is hollow in that we tend to revert back to our old ways because they are comfortable. Our old habits overrule all those good intentions with which we start the new year. But what would happen if we actually made those New Year’s Resolutions with some meaning and make the life changes necessary to make a difference. This is the last edition of 2015, we will see you in new year. On behalf of entire Desi Lifestyle Magazine team, we wish you a prosperous new year. God bless you all. Raman Dhillon

Ismelda Del Toro

Managing Director

Office Manager

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Avee J Waseer

Ranj Bhamra Art Director

Content Manager

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Ph: 559-492-7154



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Jag Dhatt Navneet Kaur Nidhi Ransi Ranju Bains

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

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anada’s new decorated Minister of Defence Harjit Singh Sajjan has many experiences, accomplishments, and accolades under his belt, and once served as a lieutenant colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in tackling down gang crime through his work as a Detective in the Vancouver Police Department.

News of the newly appointed Minister of Defence for Canada’s highly anticipated, ethnically inclusive, and transparent Liberal Government led by Trudeau has captivated the hearts of not only SikhCanadians, but also the Indian diaspora across the globe at large.

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016


Cover Story

Harjit Singh Sajjan replaced retired Lieutenant General and Chief Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie, who advised Justin Trudeau in the realms of foreign affairs and defence prior to last month’s federal election. Shortly after the televised swearing-in ceremony on November 4, 2015 into Trudeau’s new Cabinet, Sajjan quickly became the focus of an enormous amount of social media buzz, with members of Canada’s South Asian community, and the global Indian Community congratulating him for a historically significant achievement for Sikh Canadians. A photo of Sajjan in his authentic combat stance is now circulating social media channels, magazines, newspapers, and websites– with many calling him ‘badass’ due to his impeccable ability to pull off such a look which not many people in the military can do with such vivid authenticity. The photo is very representative of Sajjan, in the sense that he is


By Amisha Sampat

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

shown wearing a flak jacket and camouflage, holding an assault rifle on a real battlefield. The realities of war can be harsh, unprecedented, and extremely risky and the aftermath difficult to deal with. This is a world Sajjan is indeed no stranger to, having spent considerable time in war environments in places like Afghanistan and Bosnia. Presently 44, Sajjan and his family moved to Canada from Punjab at the tender age of 6. His father was a mill worker, whilst his mother worked in a berry farm to ensure their children received a proper education. Sajjan grew up in the Vancouver South area (the same area where he was later elected as Member of Parliament) where he attended Sir

Charles Tupper Secondary, and soon joined the military. His wife, Kuljit Kaur Sajjan, is a family doctor and they are the proud parents of two wonderful kids in their pre-teens. It may come as a surprise for many that Sajjan was initially rejected from the Canadian Military upon his first application some twenty-six years ago. Fortunately, his hard work and perseverance paid off, and he enjoyed an illustrious and well-rounded career as a Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, a Veteran of three combat tours in Afghanistan, a Detective for the Vancouver Police Department, and now Canada’s new distinguished and honorable Minister of Defence. Additionally, he has been awarded numerous military honors and accolades such as the Meritorious Service Medal in 2013, for playing a key role in lessening the Taliban’s impact in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. This marked an important period in his career because Sajjan made a huge impression on military brass during by gathering intelligence and demonstrating tactfulness, integrity, and vigilance. Last week, he was featured in a HISTORY Channel multi-night documentary titled War Story: Afghanistan. Among many firsts, Sajjan was the first Sikh to lead a Canadian army regiment – the Reserve The British Columbia Regiment. He became a Member of Parliament in the riding of Vancouver South, where he put in extensive efforts tackling down gang crime. He was first elected in this year’s federal election, after his triumphant win over Conservative incumbent MP Wai Young.

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016


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559-277-5580 HOURS

7:30AM to 5:30 PM.

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016 11

RAJI BRAR Personality

Social Worker & Superwomen

Raji Brar is a hardworking, successful businesswoman who gives tirelessly of herself to her community, her family and her employees.


aji Brar was born in Fresno, California on November 13, 1975 to her parents Rupinder and Surjit Jhaj. At that time her parents like many other Punjabi families who settled in the Central Valley worked in the fields as farmworkers. They lived in various different communities; Mendota, Three Rocks, San Joaquin, Biola and Kerman. The family eventually moved to Bakersfield, where Raji went to High School and was involved in various different clubs and elected as Student Body Secretary during her Junior and Senior years. She later went on to College to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Masters in Health Care Administration.

Chief Operations Officer

Countryside Market & Restaurants 12 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

Today, Raji Brar is a hardworking, successful businesswoman who gives tirelessly of herself to her community, her family and her employees. Along with her family, she owns and operates different franchises throughout Kern and Tulare Counties; Subways, Taco Bell’s, Pizza Huts, Brookside and Shell Gas Stations, they employee over 300 people and have been in business for over 25 years. She has had the privilege of being the first Sikh Women ever elected to a City Council Seat in the State of California. In 2007, she was elected to the Arvin City Council. Due to

this historic achievement she was named Women of The Year for Senatorial District 16 by Senator Dean Florez. She was also elected to the Governing Board of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. It was the first time ever the City of Arvin, with the worst Air Pollution in the nation was allowed a seat on that board. She also served as the Vice- Chair of the Arvin Redevelopment Agency and Secretary of the Arvin Chamber of Commerce. This year in January of 2015, she was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown as a Director to the Kern County Fair Board, another first for anyone of Indian descent. In May 2015 she was appointed by Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez as Director to the Governing Board of Kern Health Systems, the largest state funded Health Care Agency in Kern County serving over 214,000 members. In June 2015 she was appointed to the Arvin Economic Development Committee by the Mayor of Arvin, Jose Flores. She also has served as Director for the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund of Kern County for the past several years. This past summer she had the honor of being chosen by Bakersfield Life Magazine’s “20 under 40” People to Watch. She has been given numerous awards and accolades for her achievements but the one thing she is most proud of is being Director of the Bakersfield Sikh Women’s Association, which she Co-Founded along with her friends. The Sikh Women’s Association gives out scholarships to deserving students throughout Bakersfield. This year their Inaugural scholarship in the amount of $5,000 went to Miss Tarnpreet Kaur , who is now attending UC Irvine. The mission of the foundation is to give back to the community; they work with the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, local High Schools and actively engage the Punjabi community in Bakersfield to be more involved in community activities. Raji credits her success to her loving and supportive family. Watching her parents work hard instilled in her a desire to excel. She knew from early on that she wanted to be successful, so one day she could give back to her family everything they had sacrificed for her. Her parents always told her she could do whatever boys could do and do it better. They never made her feel she was ever inferior to anyone. She also feels blessed to have a very supportive husband. Too often in the Punjabi community our daughters do not get treated well in their in-laws family, however for Raji she feels very lucky that her in-laws have always been one of her biggest supporters. She has been married to her husband, Dhanwant Singh Brar for 14 years and they have two wonderful little boys; Davin, 11 and Dylan, 7. Raji Brar, is a successful business woman who finds time to give back to her community while doing her best to be a great mother, wife, daughter and sister. She is constantly thinking of ways to grow and develop her family businesses. She stays active in community endeavors and local politics. She is committed to being an integral part of the community. Her goal is to get more young women in our Punjabi community involved and help them to achieve their dreams. She is very proud of her roots in the Central Valley and her Punjabi Heritage. She is a true example of someone living the American Dream!

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016 13


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Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016 15



The busy hustle and bustle of modern day life can make us oblivious to the important warning signs our body may be trying to tell us. Most of the times, there are several symptoms that occur prior to a serious health predicament, but we often miss the signs because we think that they may just be a result of a hard day at work, or a bad argument we had with our boss or co-worker. a huge role in avoiding health complications. Pain is your body’s way of communicating vital information to you that something is off the mark and needs to be attended to. Usually, you will have some idea of what has contributed to the pain you are experiencing. However, when something happens without any explanation, for instance, you start getting headaches or chest pains that are not related to something that may have hap16 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

Unfortunately, this is not just the case at times. Our body is always talking to us, communicating vital information about what’s working and what’s not, and finally warning us of potential health hazards. It is up to us whether we take notice of these warning signs or not, and reciprocate adequately and thoughtfully. Let’s be real – if you’ve been drinking a lot, and you’re having a major headache the next day, chances are, the two incidences are interlinked. If you’ve been lifting heavy objects and/or machinery, and you’re suffering from chronic back or shoulder pains, again, chances are the two incidences are related. That does not mean they are any less serious than the latter, and should be properly examined with an experienced and reliable health professional, however, it is equally important to pay attention to signs that can otherwise be missed and occur without any explanation. It is important to trust your instinct, and not minimize health signs on a daily basis. Our bodies are more sensitive than we perceive them to be, and being conscious plays

pened this week, or last week, it is a flashing sign that you cannot ignore. According to medical experts, these pain conditions should not be taken lightly especially if they occur without warning and continue to occur for extended periods of time: 1. CHEST PAINS The majority of the time, if we pay attention to the warning

signs our bodies are trying to tell us, we can avoid unnecessary cost, time and anxiety. There are three vital warning signs that indicate something is wrong when it comes to our cardiologic health. Firstly, if the chest pain occurs for an extended duration of time, this is usually a good indicator that it may be related to something more serious. Secondly, if you are frequently experiencing shortness of breath, this is a major warning sign that your cardiologic health is at risk. Breathing should be regular, and irregularity in breathing can be a good indicator of heart-related problems such as strokes, heart failure, heart disease, etc. Lastly, if you are experiencing pain the upper body, particularly if you haven’t dealt with it before, it is a good indicator that something has gone awry. 2. SEVERE HEADACHES OR MIGRAINES

tigate the problem. Headaches and/or migraines that go on for an extended period of time can be linked to something potentially more fatal like a brain aneurysm. Here’s a statistic from Health Central – more people have died from migrainous strokes in 2014 than handguns! The seriousness of regular pounding migraines should never be underestimated. There are spectrums of migrainerelated diseases that people usually avoid thinking that ‘it’s just another headache’. If you are experiencing these often and for extended periods of time, visit your local doctor immediately.

Headaches are very common, and usually not a sign of a major health risk. They can be a result of severe stress and anxiety, lack of sufficient sleep, or just a rough night out on the town. However, if you are getting frequent headaches and/or migraines, without any explanation, this may be a real warning sign and should not go unexamined by your medical doctor. Regular headaches without any contributory causes are definitely a major flashing light. Additionally, if the headache doesn’t go away after an extended period of time, you should immediately consult a medical expert to inves-

3. A SORE THROBBING TOOTH Tooth pains can range in severity (mild, moderate, and extreme), and may feel sharp or start out of nowhere. The severity of the pain is highly dependent on the type and level of the stimulus. They cause interference whilst you are eating or drinking, particularly when the food or beverage is extremely hot or cold. There is a good possibility that the nerve within the tooth has become irritated, most likely due to the fact that the surrounding pearly white enamel has cracked. Dental infection, decay, a lost filling, a broken tooth, or tooth loss are generally the contributory factors of dental pain. Excessive tooth grinding (bruxism) is atypically a response to high levels of stress. At times, tooth pain is an indication of issues in other areas of the body such as the jaw joint, ear pain and even sometimes heart problems. 4. ABDOMINAL DISCOMFORT Chronic and repetitive abdominal pain is a surefire sign that something is wrong with your system. If the pain persists longer than three months, this is then termed ‘chronic abdominal pain’. Females are more prone to abdominal pain than men, and it affects 2% of the general population. Your MD can help you identify the possible disorders that are causing chronic abdominal pain.

There is a high probability that this is linked to functional abdominal pain. It is important that this pain has been existent for over 3-6 months, and that there is no evidence of a particular physical disorder (like peptic ulcer disease). It is equally important that this pain is enough to disrupt normal everyday functioning 5) SEVERE BACK PAIN: Usually, back pains come and go, and don’t account as a big deal. But, if you are experiencing back pain combined with these warning signs, it can possibly be evident of a serious health problem that should not go unnoticed. There have been scenarios of lower back pain, for instance, that have alarming contributory reasons. Every now and then, they can be indicative of a warning sign of cancer or an autoimmune disease. Back pain has also been associated with spinal cord damage. Warning signs include (but not limited to) fever, trauma, tingling and/or numbness in the spine region. The main purpose of these warning symptoms is to identify fractures, tumors, or infections in the spine region of your body. Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016 17



The main thing that causes relationship problems is emotional self-abandonment, which generally occurs in four ways: ignoring your feelings by staying in your head rather than being present in your body.


motional Responsibility is the most important ingredient for creating a healthy relationship. When people do not take responsibility for their own feelings, they tend to try making their partner responsible for their own happiness, emotional safety and self-worth. As adults, happiness, emotional safety and self-worth come from how we treat ourselves and others, rather than from how others treat us. Therefore, if we are abandoning ourselves rather than loving and valuing ourselves, we will feel unhappy and emotionally unsafe, and have low self-worth. If we then blame our partner for our feelings, we participate in creating an unhealthy relationship. The main thing that causes relationship problems is emotional self-abandonment, which generally occurs in four ways: ignoring your feelings by staying in your head rather than being present in your body, judging yourself, turning to various ad18 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

dictions to avoid your feelings, and making others responsible for your feelings.Learning emotional responsibility is vital for creating a healthy relationship. Relationships thrive when both partners are kind, accepting, compassionate and empathetic. This occurs naturally once you have learned to be kind, accepting and compassionate toward yourself, but it becomes a huge challenge when you are abandoning yourself. Again, the ability to be kind with others is directly related to learning to be kind with oneself. When people take loving care of themselves and take responsibility for making themselves happy, they generally want to share their happiness with loved ones. When you learn to stay connected with yourself, you likely want to share your connection with loved ones. Warmth, affection, connection, laughter and fun flow easily when both partners have learned

how to take responsibility for their own happiness. In healthy relationships, partners thoroughly enjoy being together, but their well-being is not dependent on being with each other. Emotional dependency is the opposite of emotional responsibility. While some people enjoy being together all the time, some partners also enjoy being with their own friends or pursuing separate interests, and in a healthy relationship, they are supported in doing this by their partner. Healthy relationships have a system for learning from their conflicts and resolving their conflicts in ways that work for each partner. Healthy partners are able to listen attentively to each other’s points of view and do not get stuck in having to be right or having to win. A healthy relationship is an evolving relationship -- i.e., each partner is learning and growing through the relationship, and often through the conflicts. Conflict can provide fertile ground for learning when each partner’s intent is to learn, rather than to control or avoid being

controlled. The basis of a healthy relationship is when each partner maintains an open intent to learn about loving themselves and each other, rather than being intent on protecting/avoiding/controlling. It is the intent to learn about love that leads to being able to take personal responsibility for your own feelings. In healthy relationships, partners trust each other to not deliberately hurt each other. They support each other in what brings each person joy, and they feel joy in witnessing each other’s joy. Healthy partners, instead of being threatened by each other’s success or joy, are delighted by it. There is a spark that exists in healthy relationships that is not easy to define, but most people know what I mean by this. You enjoy being physically next to each other. You enjoy talking with your partner, playing with your partner, and sharing your feelings with your partner. You enjoy making love with each other. A spark is not a superficial thing -- it is not based on looks or status. Rather, it’s

about the deeper loving energy that exists between two people. Often, people feel a spark at the beginning of their relationship, but selfabandonment and the intent to control generally squash it. Spark is maintained by all the above ingredients, and can be maintained throughout the relationship. When you see older, long-married couples still gazing at each other with love, you are seeing the spark -- the deeper energy of love -- that exists between them. These people love each other on the soul level; time and aging take nothing away from the spark when people love each other on this deep, essence level. Due to this deeper love -- this spark -- these people are able to maintain their experience of being connected with each other throughout the trials and tribulations of relationship challenges. By doing your own inner work to become an emotionally responsible, kind and loving person with yourself and each other, you can create a healthy, loving relationship!

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jy qusIN lMbw smW ijauxw cwhuMdy ho qW ieh 10 kMm krny bMd kr idE sMswr ishq sMgTn dy 2013 dy srvyKx Anuswr ienswnW dI AOsq aumr 71 vrHy hY[ ishq ivigAwn dy Kyqr ivc hoeI au`nqI kwrn ipCly simAW ivc AOsq aumr ivc bhuq vwDw hoieAw hY[ cMgIAW vYkisn Aqy dvweIAW dI mdd nwl auhnW ibmwrIAW dI rokQwm hoeI hY jo mnu`KI izMdgI leI Gwqk is`D huMdIAW rhIAW hn[ Asl ivc ivigAwn dI mdd nwl ipClI sdI nwloN mnu`KI AOsq aumr ivc 3 dhwikAW dw vwDw hoieAw hY[ mnu`KI AOsq aumr dy vwDy dy hor kwrnW ivc, kMm-kwr leI cMgIAW shUlqW, inkwsI dw Xog pRbMD Aqy ishqmMd jIvn jWc pRqI TIk jwxkwrI dw vI Aihm Xogdwn hY[ jy qusIN lMbw smW ishqXwbI BrpUr jIvn jIauxw cwhuMdy ho qW quhwnMU Awpxw jIvn FMg Aqy Kurwk pRqI swvDwnI vrqxI pvygI[ 1. rogI bnwaux vwlI Kurwk: AqMdrusq Kurwk jIvn dI guxv`qw Gtwaux Aqy ibmwrIAW nMU vDwaux dw muK ` kwrn hY[ motwpw, twiep 2 S`kr 20 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

rog, idl dIAW ibmwrIAW, idmwg dI nwVI dw Ptxw, klYstrol Aqy keI qrHW dy kYNsr ^rwb Kurwk dI dyx hn[ Asl ivc vDyry Bwr Aqy srIrk ksrq dw ABwv, Srwb Aqy hor niSAW nwloN, vDyry ibmwrIAW nMU jnm idMdw hY[ ishq dy suDwr leI AwpxI Kurwk ivc Pl Aqy sbzIAW, rySydwr Bojn, smu`cw Anwj, G`t PYt vwlIAW du`D qoN bxIAW cIzW Aqy ishqmMd PYt vrqo[ ies dy nwl-nwl pRwsYsf Kwd pdwrQ Aqy nmk dI imkdwr Gtwau Aqy kY&In dw G`t qoN G`t pRXog kro[ TIk pwxI pIx qoN ibnW qMdrusq Kurwk ADUrI hY[ svyr dw nwSqw kdy nw C`fo, iqMn Coty-Coty Bojn kro Aqy KwixAW dy ivckwr ishqmMd snYk Kwau[ 2. Avyslw Aqy AwlsI ijaux FMg: quhwfI aumr qy sB qoN v`D Asr krn vwlw ieko-iek kwrn hY srIrk ksrq dw AwBwv[ 2015 ivc AmrIkn jrnl AwP klInIkl inaUtrISn ivc Cpy iek lyK Anuswr srIrk ksrq dy AwBwv kwrn jldI mOq ho skdI hY[ srIrk ksrq quhwfy ibmwrI nwl lVn vwly qMqr nMU vDwauNdI hY,

Lifestyle idl Aqy swh dy kMmkwr nMU vDwauNdI hY, mwspySIAW dI qwkq nMU vDwauNdI hY, pwcn SkqI, nINd nMU TIk krdI hY Aqy ifprYSn nMU GtwauNdI hY[ BwvyN qusIN bhuq ru`Jy rihMdy ho, pr Pyr vI kuJ smW ksrq leI zrUr k`Fo[ h&qy ivc pMj vwr, A`Dw GMt hr roz vrijS quhwfI aumr vDw skdI hY[ roz sYr leI jwE jW 20-30 imMt dOVo, AYroibk vrijS kro Aqy h&qy dy Aw^rI idnW ivc qYrwkI, sweIkl jW tRYikMg leI jwau[ 3. cMgI qrHW nw sOxw: quhwfI aumr ikMnI lMbI hovygI, ieh ies g`l qy inrBr krdw hY qusIN ikMnw sONdy ho[ 2007 dy slIp jrnl ivc CpI irport Anuswr mOq dI dr Aqy sOx dI imAwd dw is`Dw sbMD hY[ jo lok 6 GMitAW qoN G`t sONdy hn, auhnW dI imRqU dr auhnW lokW qoN v`D hY jo A`T GMty sONdy hn[ lgwqwr G`t sOx vwilAW ivc keI qrHW dIAW ibmwrIAW ijvyN motwpw, idl dy rog Aqy S`kr rog dw ^qrw bixAw rihMdw hY[ dUjy pwsy cMgI nINd sOx vwilAW ivc qnwA, ifprYSn Aqy idl dIAW ibmwrIAW dw ^qrw G`t huMdw hY[ hr ienswn nMU cMgI qrHW kMm krn leI AOsqn A`T GMty sOxw cwhIdw hY[ jy qusIN svyry au`T ky Qkwvt mihsUs kro Aqy idn smyN sOx nMU ic`q kry qW smJ lvo ik qusIN loVINdI nINd nhIN pRwpq kr rhy[ cMgI nINd mwnx leI rwq dw Kwxw hlkw Kwau[ sOx dw kmrw hnyrw Aqy iDAwn iKMfwx vwlw nw hovy, kosw du`D pIE, sOx qoN pihlW ieSnwn kro Aqy kmry dw qwpmwn hlkw TMfw hovy[ 4. vDyry qxwA nw r`Ko: vDyry qxwA quhwfI ishq qy Asr-AMdwz huMdw hY Aqy aumr nMU GtwauNdw hY[ qxwA srIr ivc kwrtIsol dI srIr ivc imkdwr nMU vDwauNdw hY ijs dw quhwfy idl, pwcn ikirAw Aqy ieimaUn isstm nMU kmzor krdw hY[ ibRitS mYfIkl jrnl ivc 2012 ivc CpI irport Anuswr idl dy rog Aqy idmwg dI ns dy Ptx dw is`Dw sbMD qxwA nwl hY jo ik mOq dI dr nMU vDwauNdw hY[ qxwA nMU Gtwaux nwl ishq Aqy jIvn dI guxv`qw v`DdI hY[ G`t qxwA ieimaUn isstm nMU qwkqvr krdw hY ijs nwl ibmwrI hox dw ^qrw G`tdw hY[ ies nwl ifprYSn Aqy Gbrwht dw ^qrw G`tdw hY[ ksrq, cMgI nINd Aqy mYfItySn mwnisk qnwA nMU GtwauNdy hn[ 5. isgrtnoSI: jy qusIN qMbwkUnoSI krdy ho qW aumr nMU lMbw krn leI iekdm qMbwkU dI vrqoN bMd kro[ ies nwl bhuq

swrIAW ibmwrIAW qoN bcwA rhygw[ sI fI sI Anuswr lgBg 43.8 imlIAn AmrIkn qMbwkU dI vrqoN krdy hn Aqy ieh roky jwx vwly mOq dy kwrnW ivcoN pRmu`K hY[ isgrt ivc 1000 qoN vDyry rswiex hn jo ies dI vrqoN krn vwilAW leI Aqy ies dy DUMeyN ivc ivcrn vwilAW leI ^qrw hn[ ieh rswiex PyPiVAW dw kYNsr, idl dy rog, crm rog, PyPiVAW dI soj Aqy aumr dw qyzI nwl v`Dxw, dy pRmu`K kwrn hn[ jdoN qusIN qMbwkUnoSI C`fx dw mn bnwau qW l`Cx ijvyN gu`sw, Gbrwht, Bu`K dw vDxw, isr drd, KUn dw viDAw dbwA Awid leI iqAwr rihxw[ qusIN pySyvr lokW dI mdd, pirvwr vwilAW dw sihXog, dvweIAW Awid dI mdd nwl iehnW l`CxW qy kwbU pw skdy ho[

• Braces for Children and Adults • Close to your Neighborhood • Free Consultation • Spectacular Smiles & Superior Service Melissa Dempsey Dempsey Orthodontics

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Melissa Dempsey DDS. MS.

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(559) 226-7468 Date: NOV27, 2012 Fax: 559274-0722

M e g a - P r i n t s c a n n o t b e h e l d r e s p o n s i b l e f o r sgra p em l l im ng a to i cra rro l e rs Preparedby: i n c usto mer s u p p l i e dopy. c P l e a s erev i e wyour pro o f s toro h u g lhy. CRC P M S c o l o r s m u s tprov b e i d e d f o r c o l o r s p e c i fi c o r d e r s . M e gs a - P r i n t

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4005 W. Figarden Dr. (at Brawley) (559) 226-7468 T h i sori g i n a ldraw i n g i s t h excleu sive property o fMe ga- Pr i n t san d may not b e r eproduce d , d i slaye p d , or d i stri b ued t w i thou t expre s s written co n s ent.


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7. dMdW dI sMBwl nw krnI: dMdW dI shI sMBwl dw ArQ hY dMdW dw sVnw, mUMh dw sukxw, dMd drd Aqy msUiVAW dy rogW qoN bcwA krnw[ ies sMBwl dw ArQ hY ik mUMh ivcoN hwnIkwrk bYktIrIAw dw Kwqmw krnw ijs nwl swry srIr nMU v`K-v`K ibmwrIAW qoN bcwieAw jw skdw hY[ mUMh dy hwnIkwrk bYktIrIAw idl dIAW ibmwrIAW, gurdy dy rog, idmwg dIAW nsW dw Ptxw, S`kr rog, AYlzweImr Aqy keI qrHW dy kYNsr dy hox dw Kqrw vDwauNdy hn[ msUiVAW dy rogW ny sMswr dy 743 imlIAn lokW nMU gRisAw hY Aqy sMswr dI CyvIN sB qoN pRc`lq ibmwrI hY[ AmrIkw ivc hr dUjw ivAkqI msUiVAW dy rogW qoN pIiVq hY[ mUMh qy dMdW dI sPweI nwl msUiVAW dy rog Aqy hor ibmwrIAW qoN bicAW jw skdw hY Aqy aumr nMU vDwieAw jw skdw hY[ dMdW qy hr roz do vwr burS kro, roz Plws kro Aqy idn ivc do vwr mwaUQ-vwS kro Aqy hr Cy mhIny bwAd Awpxy dMdW dw cY`kAp krwau[ mUMh dy su`kx qoN bcx leI vDyry pwxI pIE Aqy ibnW im`Ty qoN icMgm cbwau Aqy im`Ty pyA nw pIE[mUMh dy su`kx qoN bcx leI vDyry pwxI pIE Aqy ibnW im`Ty qoN icMgm cbwau Aqy im`Ty pyA nw pIE[ 8. Du`p qy bcxw: Du`p dw is`Dw sbMD cmVI dy kYNsr nwl kIqw igAw hY ijs krky bhuq lokW ny Du`p ivc inklxw bMd kr id`qw[ pr Du`p ivc iblkul nw inklx nwl ishq qy mwVw pRBwv pYNdw hY[ idn dy cwnx ivc inklx nwl srIr ivc ivtwimn fI dI pYdwvwr huMdI hY[ ivtwimn fI dI kmI kwrn keI qrHW dIAW ibmwrIAW ijvyN kYNsr, idl dy rog, nwVI dw Ptxw, bl`f pRYSr dw v`Dxw, S`kr rog, ifprYSn Aqy keI qrHW dIAW ibmwrIAW dy hox dw ^qrw viDAw rihMdw hY[ 2011 ivc kYNsr AYpIfYimk AYNf pRvYSn ivc CpI iek irport Anuswr idn dy cwnx dw AYkspoXr idl

22 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

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THE COOLEST WINTER HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS NEW YORK: New York owns Christmas and, though it may be a cliché, as a festive winter getaway it cannot be beaten. From the gigantic ice rink by the Rockefeller to the tinsel strewn decorations that bedeck the windows of Macy’s and Saks, New York is winter is its entire commercial, fairylighted, Christmas carols on a loud speaker, glory. If you head out after Christmas day you’re in for a treat: Christmas sales galore and an epic New Year’s Eve.

ST. PETERSBURG: St Petersburg in winter may be bitterly cold, but it is also pure fairytale. More Westernised than Moscow, whilst still retaining that quintessential ‘Russianness’, St Petersburg is one of the most evocative cities in the world and a great place to get in touch with the labyrinthine history of Russia. From baroque palaces to frosted squares and canals; the ‘Venice of the North’ is elegant, exotic and the perfect place to get in touch with your inner Anna Karenina.

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Glam5 Boutique Coming soon

in Central Valley California

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FIRST DRIVE 26 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

San Diego, CA: The information package from Infiniti said it all: the new QX50 has, “the body of a crossover, [but] the heart of a coupe.” That’s a pretty bold statement to make about this, or any, vehicle in this category, and one I was anxious to explore. So, when I was invited to beautiful San Diego to drive the newest iteration of Infiniti’s compact SUV family, how could I resist.


ven though Infiniti’s usage of the “Q” and “QX” branding may not be popular with people who were used to the “G” status, sales numbers tell a completely different story. Over the past 3 years, Infiniti sales numbers have been consistently increasing, so much so that you can see it on the roads. The new QX50, which is pretty much a refreshed and updated EX37, is a welcome addition. For 2016, the front has a lower fascia, new LED lights, and a great-looking new grille, which is similar to its older siblings. The side mirrors now feature integrated turn signals and the rear has a refreshed bumper and lighting, more in line with the Infiniti look. The most apparent upgrade is with its size: it’s now 113mm longer, which results in a 109mm increase for rear legroom (100mm more knee room). With the front seat set to my perfect driving position, I nestled into the back seat and was surprised that it was roomier than it appears – compared to the EX, much better. Now, not to be overly concerned with rear legroom, it still might be lacking for some people. Infiniti also confirmed that for the new model, there won’t be a short-wheel base option. The inside of the vehicle is where the luxury status of Infiniti becomes clearly evident. All materials are top notch and available in some great colour combinations. There’s stitching, real leather, and real wood finishes. I did find strange the three vertical strips on the passenger side dashboard – no clear purpose and in my opinion, takes away from the look. Most buyers won’t mind though. The infotainment system is similar the one in other Infiniti models and performs well. The best part is the 360-degrees surround camera system – Infiniti was the first to offer this technology and I think it’s one of the best innovations for any vehicle. So does this crossover actually drive like a coupe? Our test route took us from downtown San Diego to the back desert roads and foothills of the California coast, where there were boundless opportunities to really open up the engine. Infiniti has kept the 3.7L V-6 that pumps out 325-hp and in my opinion, it’s the perfect powerplant for this vehicle. Whenever needed, power was available and let me tell you, this thing is torquey. What’s even better is the superb handling – the mix of power, steering, and handling really makes you wonder if you’re driving a crossover, because it darn well feels like a coupe. But so many times, my fingers reached for the non-present paddle shifters. Sure, there is a sport-mode and you can go through the gears via the shifter, but it’s not the same feeling. After about 64 miles, we stopped at Julian Pie Company to enjoy the area’s best pie. One of my colleagues scraped his plate clean; he said the pie was that good. During the break, we explored the QX50 a little more. The cargo area is abundant and as a new-class first, power folding rear seats, a feature normally found in higher-end models. Flip a switch to fold or raise the 60/40 rear seats; I did find, however, that at times, the rear seat belts got stuck in the latch when the seats were fully raised, making me lower them again and

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then manually keep the belt away. Getting back to the cargo area, I guarantee that, with the rear seats in the upright position (i.e. not folded), the QX50 will hold a full-size stroller and some luggage as well. After the pit stop, my driving partner Neil Vorano took the pilot’s seat and I had a chance to explore the crossover/coupe some more. I found the seats, heated of course, to be quite comfortable, considering we spent close to 6 hours in them. For Canada, only AWD will be available whereas US buyers can choose from either AWD or rear-wheel. Since we were able to drive both, Neil and I both agreed that the AWD had slightly more body roll, but that being said, it doesn’t take away from the driving experience. For Canadian buyers, the AWD will provide the necessary traction that they have come to expect from Infiniti for our weather patterns. You have to hand it to Infiniti for providing great venues for

vehicle launches. Journalists were treated to lunch at the ubertrendy and posh Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, where only luxury vehicle owners need apply. After our meals, Neil and I headed back towards San Diego, passing lime orchards, a place where we just had to stop….to, you know, test the all-wheel drive functionality. Once we got the thumbs-up from the farmer tending the orchard, we made our way amidst the lime trees and took some great photos. And a few limes didn’t hurt either. The final leg of the test drive took us through some urban areas, the coastline, and finally back to our hotel in downtown San Diego. I can honestly say that the new QX50 will likely make a presence in the Canadian market; the vehicle has a great engine, a luxurious interior, and the build quality you would expect from Infiniti. So, in the end, does the 2016 QX50 have the body of a crossover and the heart of a coupe – you bet!

By: Jag Dhatt

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wishes you a very C O N N E C T I N G



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Gearing up for Winter

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Anthony Jarantilla Vehicle Installation Manager

The cold months are upon us, and now is a good time to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming temperature drops. Besides winter tires, changing the fluids and wiper blades, your vehicle’s electrical system can use some love, too. For the average driver (travelling approx. 22,000KM a year), your c a r battery should be changed every 4 to 5 years. When batteries are on their way out, they don’t really give any warning signs. Usually what happens is, on a cold winter day or night you get in your vehicle and when you try to start it, it will either really struggle to start or, it just won’t start. This is because when a battery is on its last stage, it is most susceptible to damage in the summer months due to heat. Extreme heat conditions are a battery’s enemy; however, during those summer months, there isn’t a need of much cold cranking amps (CCA) to start your vehicle. It’s during the winter months where the CCA’s are needed and that’s when a worn battery shows its age, when you need it the most. So the rule of thumb is to change your vehicle’s battery every 4 to 5 years. Remote starters are another great item to have for colder months, if installed and used properly. The main thing about a remote starter is the convenience factor. You can safely start your vehicle from the comfort of being inside (provided the car is parked outside). The best way to use a remote starter is to let the car idle just long enough so the fluids can move in the engine and also, you’re not sitting in a cold car waiting or leaving the keys in the ignition while you wait inside. I do not recommend idling a car excessively with the remote starter though because excessive idling is bad for the motor and wastes fuel. Just use it long enough to get everything going, then drive the car nice and easy until it gets up to operating temperature. A remote starter unit is also great for 32 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016


d w mOsm swfy isr ‘qy hY[ies leI hux hI auh smW hY ijs ‘c qusIN AwpxI vhIkl nUM srdIAW dy TMF vwLy mOsm leI iqAwr kr skdy ho[ies smyN kyvl srdIAW vwLy twier bdlxw hI kMm nhIN sgoN vweIpr blyf Aqy ibjleI kwrj pRxwlI v`l vI iDAwn dyx dI loV hY[ auh fRweIvr ijhVw AOsqn swlwnw 22,000 iklomItr kwr clwauNdw hY leI zrUrI hY ik auh hr cwr jw pMj swl bwAd bYtrI bdl lvy[ jdoN bYtrIAW dI qwkq Kqm hox vwLI huMdI hY qW iksy iksm dI icqwvnI dI inSwnI nhIN AwauNdI[ g`l ies qrHW huMdI hY ik jdoN keI vwr qusIN srdIAW nUM kwr stwrt krn lgdy ho qW ieh jW qW bhuq AOKI stwrt huMdI hY jW stwrt huMdI hI nhIN[ ieh vI huMdw hY ik Kqm ho rhI bYtrI grmIAW ‘c grmI nwL vI Krwb ho jWdI hY[ Aiq dI grmI bYtrI dI duSmx hY[ pr grmI dy mhIinAW ‘c quhwfI vhIkl nUM stwrt krn leI sI sI ey (kolf krYNikMg AYNps) dI loV vI nhIN pYNdI[ ieh srdI dy idnW ‘c hI loV pYNdI hY auh vI audoN jdoN ik quhwfI bYtrI qkrIbn Kqm ho geI huMdI hY[ies krky sunihrI inXm ieh hI hY ik AwpxI bYtrI cwr jW pMj swl bwAd bdl lE[ jy shI FMg nwL lwey Aqy vrqy jwx qW rImot stwrtr srdI dy mOsm ‘c bhuq vDIAw hn[ rImot stwrtr dI mu`K g`l hY ies nwL imldI shUlq[ jy kwr bwhr pwrk kIqI hoeI hY qW qusIN AMdr bYTy hI kwr nUM stwrt kr skdy ho[ rImot nwL stwrt krn dw vDIAw FMg ieh hY ik ku`J smW kwr nUM stwrt rihx idE[ieh ies krky hY ies dy qrl TIk QW phuMc jwx[ rImot stwrtr dw ieh Pwiedw hY ik nw qW quhwnUM kwr ‘c bYT ky ies dI aufIk krnI pvygI Aqy nw hI cwbIAW iv`c C`f ky aufIkx dI loV hY[ mYN qW ieh hI isPwrS krWgw ik kwPI smW kwr nUM stwrt rihx idE[mYN ieh vI nhIN kihMdw ik loV qoN v`D smyN q`k ies nUM stwrt rihx idE[ h`doN v`D smyN kwrn ij`Qy qyl dI PzUl KrcI hovygI au`Qy motr leI vI TIk nhIN[ku`J smyN bwAd jdoN ieh TIk qwpmwn ‘qy Aw jwvy qW ies nUM qor lE[rImot stwrtr trbo AYplIkySn vhIkl leI vI vDIAw hY ikauN ik ieh trbo tweImr nUM du`gxw kr skdw hY[jdoN trbo vhIkl nUM zor nwl clwieAw jWdw

turbo application vehicles, as it can double as a turbo timer. When a turbo vehicle is run hard, the oil that circulates in the turbo can get very hot, and it’s not advisable to just shut down the vehicle immediately. Most manufacturers recommend the vehicle idle for a short period of time to allow the oil to circulate and cool down. The remote starter can do this for you; that way, the vehicle can idle locked, and it will shut down after the amount of time you set it to, and you can go about your business. Finally, upgrading the ground wires under the hood might be worthwhile too. You can purchase “grounding kits” online or have them custom made in a shop like mine. This is a controversial upgrade as it is hard to measure its effects on the vehicle once it has been installed. Typically, the ground wires are added from motor to chassis, and battery to chassis on top of, or by replacing, the factory ground wires. This upgrade is more noticeable on older cars where the wiring is older and may have corrosions or is possibly fraying. I do this to all my vehicles as a measure of preventative maintenance. By making sure all the grounds are good, I know that all the electronics are receiving the correct amount of voltage for them to operate better. This could mean, easier starting, less head light dimming, smoother idle, etc. Make sure you don’t wait until it’s too late, and prepare yourself and your vehicle for the upcoming winter months.

hY qW trbo ‘c jwx vwLw qyl bhuq grm ho jWdw hY[ ies leI ieh slwh hY ik cldI vhIkl nUM bhuq CyqI bMd nhIN krnw cwhIdw[bhuq swr kwrW bxwaux vwLy ieh slwh idMdy hn ik ku`J smW vhIkl nUM KwLI c`lx idE qW ik qyl GuMm sky Aqy TMFw ho sky[ ieh kMm rImot stwrtr nwL kIqw jw skdw hY[ ies nwL ieh vhIkl nUM jdoN lOk vI l`gw rhygw Aqy ieMjx ku`J smW c`l ky quhwfy inXq kIqy smyN ‘qy bMd ho skdw hY[ qusIN ies qrHW vDIAw FMg nwL Awpxy kMm ‘qy inkl skdy ho[ Aglw zrUrI kMm hY ik h`uf dIAW qwrW nUM A`pgryf krnw[ qusIN AwnlweIn ‘qy ‘grwaUNifMg ik`t’ KRId skdy ho jW iksy myry vrgy dI Swp qoN bxvw skdy ho[ ieh A`pgRyf bVw pycIdw ijhw hY ikauN ik jdoN ieh ienstwl ho jWdIAW hn qW ienHW dI imxqI AOKI hY[ ieh qwrW Kws qOr ‘qy motr qoN cYsI Aqy bYtrI qoN cYsI dy au`pr jW PYktrI dIAW grwaUNf vwierW bdlx leI lweIAW jWdIAW hn[ ieh A`pgryf purwxIAW kwrW ‘qy vDyry ivKweI idMdw hY[ au`Qy ieh GsIAW hoeIAW ivKweI dy skdIAW hn[ sMBwl dy bc bcwA leI mYN ieh swrIAW vhIklW ‘qy krdw hW[ cMgI qrHW kMm krdy rihx leI mYN ieh vI zkInI bxwauNdw hW ik kI swrIAW qwrW rwhIN shI voltyj jw rhI hY[ ies dw is`tw huMdw hY sOKI stwrt, hY`flweItW dI rOSnI nw Gtxw Aqy swP suDrI clweI vgYrw[ ieh zkInI bxwE ik qusIN aufIkdy nw rihxw Aqy aufIkdy aufIkdy qusIN bhuq dyrI kr bYTo[ies leI AwpxI vhIkl qy Awpxy Awp nUM Aw rhI srdI dy mOsm leI iqAwr kr lE[

Workers Compensation Commercial Agriculture Health & Disability Home & Auto Financial Services


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1635 Shaw Avenue Clovis, California 93611

P: (559) 324-7333 F: (559) 324-7336 VISALIA OFFICE

3924 West Caldwell #B Visalia, CA, 93277

P: 559-372-8184 F: 559-372-8194

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n 1998, Ravinder Singh Sidhu, Founder of Khalsa Aid, joined the Executive Committee at the Singh Sabba Gurudwara Slough in the United Kingdom.

At this time, most of the discussions in meetings revolved around the forthcoming tri-centenary of the Khalsa. Several ideas were proposed by different committee members, as to how this momentous event should be commemorated. Sidhu made a plea that this important occasion should be celebrated in a way that transcends the Sikh Community itself and recognizes the hardships faced by people beyond the Sikh Religion. Around the same time, the Kosovo region witnessed a massive refugee crisis and substantial ethnic tensions resulting in a war-like environment. Numerous hungry Kosovar refugees were regularly seen in news broadcasts, as they struggled to cross the cold mountainous borders in search of a better and safer life in Albania. These people suffered daily, whether it was due to the harsh atrocities of the war, the scarcity of food available, or maneuvering their way across the harsh winter conditions.

By Amisha Sampat 34 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

This refugee crisis ensued for a long period of time, and the horrific nature of these refugees’ lives during this transitioning period became an im-

portant contributory reason for Sidhu to get involved in these matters. The thought that entered his mind was the amount of food that would be given out at the forthcoming Khalsa celebrations, and the scarcity of food these migrants faced, whilst making their difficult journey across the mountainous terrain. This brought about the concept of Khalsa Aid which is principally a humanitarian relief agency founded by Sidhu in 1999, based largely on the teachings of the Sikh Gurus who preached the well-being of all citizens irrespective of race. Soon after launching, Khalsa Aid successfully provided relief efforts in several disasters, largely through the donations of members of the Sikh community globally, with its principle funding obtained by local Sikhs. It has relentlessly dedicated itself to providing humanitarian relief in areas that are undergoing a crisis, disaster or any other type of emergency scenario. The principle thing that separates Khalsa Aid from other humanitarian organizations is the transparency that can be observed in its systems -- the organization doesn’t believe in the idea of making a profit

or money out of a disaster, and ensures that the donations are properly handled, without being disclosed to any group or individuals. As simplistic as it sounds, the Khalsa Aid motto is one of the most difficult to come to terms with for many people around the world today. If one were to scrutinize the chaotic social, political, ethnic, and religious divisions that take place in our society today, it can easily be reflected that people around the world are not applying the Khalsa motto. Wars, atrocities, and terrorist activities continue to occur regularly around the globe. Ethnic divisions have become commonplace in several sectors of society. Regularly on our television sets and in the newspapers, we see people of every religion misusing the interpretation of a particular religious text to justify their bad deeds. It is now more than ever that the Khalsa Aid motto needs to be embraced in order to save society from the everyday tensions, risks and threats it faces. The world would be a better place if everyone treated others with dignity, empathy, love, and compassion irrespective of race or religion.

Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016 35


BY BREAKING THESE FOUR AWFUL HABITS A healthy well-balanced lifestyle is all about the fundamentals…Are you getting it right? World Health Organization recently concluded that the average life expectancy according to its 2013 research survey was 71 years. Despite the stresses, negative dietary and exercise habits associated with the modern-day lifestyle, our life expectancy is actually increasing (thank god!), due to innovations and advancements in the areas of medicine, technology, and science.

By: Amisha Sampat


or example, innovations in vaccines have significantly improved modern-day health professionals’ ability to counteract diseases effectively. Before these advancements, there was no effective treatment for these diseases and illnesses hence people would die earlier. However, this does not mean we are not conscious about our well-being and health. Science and medicine can only go so far, but the rest is up to you. In North America, particularly, health hazards such as Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, strokes, cancers and heart disease still pose as serious health hazards. Here are some horrible health habits

36 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

you can break immediately… ELIMINATE JUNK, PROCESSED, AND HIGH-SUGARY FOODS… Pretty straight forward, right? Not for most of us. Being mindful and attentive of what you put in your stomach at all times is not as easy feat in the modernday lifestyle. We always tell ourselves to break the rule every now and then, but how often do you we really break the rules? Not only are these foods terrible for your physical appearance, vitality, and well-being, they are also a major contributing factor towards obesity, type 2 diabetes, strokes, heart disease, high cholesterol, dementia, and several forms of cancer.

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Food Habits

STOP SKIPPING PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES FROM YOUR DAILY SCHEDULE… Being conscious of your diet is only part of maintaining your overall well being. The other extremely significant part is physical exercise, which is a daunting challenge for most. A lot of us are overwhelmed by maintaining our work-life balance that we forget to incorporate physical exercise at least three times a week. This is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to maintaining your longevity. There are several fun ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily schedule, if you use a little imagination. Join a badminton club, go to your local indoors pool, take up capoeira, or another fun dance class of your choice. Try Yoga-Pilates or Cross-fit. It has also been demonstrated that working out in groups can be more effective to stick to because of the simple fact that it provides a stimulating and social environment in which to work out. If all else fails, try to take the stairs to your apartment or office daily. Every little bit makes a huge difference. STOP USING CAFFIENE TO MAKE UP FOR YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP… Back to basics, again. But a healthy balanced lifestyle is all about the basics. If you are sleeping less than six hours a night, you are already at risk of dying prematurely than people who get eight or more hours of sleep. Consistently poor sleeping habits lead to major health complications in the future such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

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ELIMINATE EXCESS DRINKING, SMOKING OR RECREATIONAL DRUG USE… Perhaps the biggest vices of the modern-day lifestyle, drinking, smoking and recreational drug use all have their associated risks in hampering your health, well being and vitality. All of them also have disastrous effects on your lifespan, with several researches published on how they contribute to you dying at a much earlier age. There are many reasons as to why these are popular choices for many modern-day consumers – they are used to relieve stress and boredom, a form of escapism and entertainment, and even as self-medication to deal with personal issues.

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BPSHI [ Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative ] The Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative (BPSHI) is an organization that facilitates clinics for underserved populations on a regular basis.


he various components of these clinics include screening for BMI, blood pressure, and blood glucose, followed by a doctor consultation at the end. Fresno BPSHI works at various worship sites located throughout the central valley including Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Selma, and Caruthers and we provide thousands of people with access to personalized healthcare and education. In addition to the intake vitals we perform, we also work in partnership with patients to teach them how their lifestyle choices affect their health. Aiming to create a widespread and lasting impact, the Fresno chapter of BPSHI seeks to expand our services to different underserved populations and continually train new volunteers. Our goal is to create a well-rounded patient experience supported by information and expertise from medical specialists in collaboration with other non-profit organizations that supports BPSHI’s mission statement. We strive to eliminate health and social disparities within underserved and underprivileged populations by providing access to health education for the betterment of the mind, body, spirit. I found my passion for healing while volun-

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teering with BPSHI. I recently cared for an elderly woman who was found to have incredibly high blood pressure. I realized her situation was more complex as she explained to me how she could not afford her medications and had not been able to see her doctor. I had hit a wall; my position did not allow me to diagnose or prescribe the generic medication that would help treat her condition. All I could do was listen to her which was enough for her. I, on the other hand, was unsatisfied. My council and I decided to get in touch with her doctor who had the authority to take further action to correct the situation. I ran after her to explain that we were able to get in contact with her doctor who would be able to help her further and in that moment she grabbed my hands to thank me. I felt in those hands worn by hardship, an anticipation for a better future for her health. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a common condition we often see while serving the Punjabi community. Hypertension is due to pressure of the blood against arterial walls over a long period of time causing a weakening of these blood vessels. Hypertension develops over many years with several factors that may play a role in the development. Such

factors include smoking, obesity, increased consumption of salt or alcohol, stress, older age, family history of high blood pressure, and lack of physical activity. However in most cases of diagnosed hypertension, the specific cause cannot be determined. This is called essential hypertension and often times there are no signs and symptoms, even if the person’s blood pressure is extremely high. It is important to check your blood pressure regularly. Many doctors recommend checking it at least once a year during your physical exam, but if you have been diagnosed with prehypertension or hypertension, then checking your blood pressure on a regular basis is recommended. This is where BPSHI comes plays an important role. As in the story above, we are able to offer accurate blood pressure readings for people concerned about their

Hypertension develops over many years with several factors that may play a role in the development. Such factors include smoking, obesity, increased consumption of salt or alcohol, stress, older age, family history of high blood pressure, and lack of physical activity... health in between doctor’s visits and help address any concerns they may have. Alexandria Hobbs, Co-President Fresno BPSHI. Co-President: Alexandria Hobbs Co-President: Manpreet Kaur Secretary: Gursimranjit Tiwana Public Relations: Aman Mann Off Campus Liaison: Navi Mann Chapter Adviser: Aman Gill Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016 41

Sikh Women Alliance 5K Sohji Walk Sikhism is one religion in which women have always played an important role. Exemplary role models, from Mai Bhaggo to Bebe Nanaki, from Mata Gujri to Mata Khivi, and from Mata Sundri to Rani Jindha, have all blazed a path of selflessness, devotion and service to mankind.

By: Tejinder Purewal

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The very essence of Sikhism states that all are created equal be it man or woman. We in the present age have countless examples of service and kindness and it is up to us Sikh women to maintain this pure, pious and proud tradition of Vand Chakna. Sikh Women’s Alliance is a nonprofit organization that was started with the sole intent to bring women together, and provide a medium for Seva and service. The distinct and separate identity of the Sikhs has often been the target of misunderstanding and misidentification. This has repeatedly been the cause of hatred and violence towards Sikhs in America. In North America where half a million Sikhs reside and flourish, we still continue to be misrepresented. Evidently more awareness and education is pivotal and necessary. Sikh Women’s Alliance or SWA

wanted to focus and bring forth the concept of Kaur Seva since service is inherently imbued in Sikh religion. This organization was started in 2013, by a handful of women. As women and mothers we understand how instrumental we are in teaching our kids about religion, culture and traditions. The basic principle of civic mindedness and selfless service therefore became a natural evolutionary path for this organization. Our mission highlights seva(public service) while raising awareness about the Sikhs. We aim to do this by supporting and collaborating with existing non-profit organizations. The framework and fiber of the American society can only be enriched when we help as individuals and give back to the very communities we live in. In its three short years of existence SWA has successfully undertaken

several different projects. Some of those projects are, care packages for children in Foster Care, feeding the homeless monthly, community food bank and canned food drive, care packages for Marjoree Mason, Holiday toy Drive and providing scholarships to needy students. We have also collected and contributed books to Sheriff Mims reading project. All these endeavors and undertakings are only possible because of the generous support of our sponsors and membership drives. We are an all-volunteer organization and proud to say that all our proceeds are filtered back to the community in a variety of different ways. Most Californians are either aware or have heard that November has been declared Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month. Various groups and organizations have worked steadfastly to make this happen. And to this effect SWA hosts our annual Sikh Sohji or Sikh Awareness walk in November each year at Woodward Park. The objective was to hold the walk in a public place to encourage and educate our fellow Americans about who the Sikhs are. This year we also honored the recipients of the SWA scholarships at this walk. The scholarships are available to any high school senior who is headed to college or university as long as they exemplify good grades, community service, good character and need. To keep in tune with our mission of raising awareness we require that anyone applying for a scholarship write an essay, which requires the applicant to research and be able to reiterate some basic tenets of Sikhism and its principles. This year’s walk on Nov 7th 2015 was a great success. We handed out scholarships to three deserving valley students. Ravinder K Kang from Central High School who is pursuing higher education at Fresno State, Yesenia Sanchez from Roosevelt who is enrolled in the Nursing program at Fresno State, and Charles Paul Singh from Sunnyside High who is currently attending UC Davis. Students with Bhagat Puran Singh Health initiative provided free health checks, while Sikh Council of Central Calif, Jakara and Desi Lifestyle magazine provided pamphlets on Sikhism, water assistance to walkers and photographs of the event. PCA has steadfastly helped SWA with support and delectable food each year. The SWA walk has the enviable position of being one of the only 5K’s which provides fresh and delicious chole bhaturay to the

pants for lunch. Needless to say the walk preemptively is a great idea. Most of SWA’s projects and causes are provided by women who have sensed a shortcoming and SWA attempts to fill the void. Memberships and donations sustain us and are the sole means of funding these undertakings. Suggestions, ideas, and projects are looked at for feasibility and always welcome and appreciated. We believe that positive change and growth can only happen when we collaborate and collectively move towards the larger good of the community. If this in any way motivates you or resonates with you and you are passionate about social

service and volunteerism, please consider becoming a member. We aim to keep the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib as the central and focal point of all our endeavors and uphold the teachings of Sikhism. For more information, suggestions and comments please email us at kaurseva@ or follow us on our Facebook or our website. Upcoming events are usually posted on Facebook. For mail correspondence our address is: Sikh Women’s Alliance 1187 N Willow Ave, Ste 103 Po Box 146 Clovis, CA 93611 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016 43


Digestive Enzymes


hese little gems are a necessity for life and existence. Enzyme’s offer assistance in breaking down all the things that contribute to growth and energy from food. Simply put-we need them. When following such strict diet protocols, when one is allowed to indulge in a rich food meal, or perhaps unknown family prepared foods, and restaurant eating which usually consists of things that you have not been regularly eating, digestive enzymes help ease the discomfort of bloating, gas and the overall feeling of “yuck” and fullness which will likely occur. Many formulas are available to assist the breakdown of fats, protein, and carbohydrates (complex and simple). Antacids are a band-aid to stomach problems and can leach out other vitamins and minerals, rather than what is required, which is to assist the breakdown the foods and encourage nutrient uptake. The formulas I suggest are designed to work with the foods you most regularly eat, Vegetarians would suit the needs of a starch and vegetarian based formula. For meat eatersProtease and pancreatin based formulas. All things considered, pharmacy’s have an “old school” product that works wonders and, is very inexpensive, Beano works to help breakdown, beans (as its name implies) oatmeal, and other grains, lettuce, and broccoli. It’s great to have this handy at all times and works fast, and immediately goes to work. A closer look at supplemental enzymes and their actions. Lactase: Breaks down lactose in milk to make it possible for people with lactose intolerance to 44 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016



consume dairy without digestive problems. Lipase: A digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down lipids (fats), in particular triglycerides, which are fatty substances in the body that come from fat in the diet. Protease (I & II): The enzymes needed to digest protein. Amylase (Alpha & Beta): The enzymes that break down starch. Invertase: Utilizes sucrose (sugar). Lipase: Assists the break down fats in food so they can be absorbed in the intestines. Dawn Thornton Cellulase: Responsible for cycling of nutrients and used to tear apart the glycosidic chains in cellulose, found in lettuce,cabbage,tubers, all vegetables contain cellulose. Cellolose is the most difficult for our body to break into, and digest. Glucanase: Used to break down carbohydrates,and sugar (glucose0 Xylanase: Breaks down carbohydrates into Xylose, one of eight sugars that are essential for human nutrition.

Thai-Style Brussels Sprouts Serves 6-8 1 1/2 pounds Brussels sprouts 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons fish sauce 1/3 cup chopped roasted peanuts


1. Trim and halve the Brussels Sprouts length-wise through the stem side. Set aside. 2. In a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together the olive oil and fish sauce. Add the Brussels sprouts and toss until thoroughly coated. Set aside for at least 5 minutes. 3. Put a 8 to 10-inch cast iron skillet over a high flame. When a drop of water dripped on the pan sizzles, dump the sprouts into the pan and then quickly arrange as many as possible flat-side down. Cook until most of the liquid evaporates, then begin to agitate the pan, flipping the spouts until most have a charred exterior, about 5 to 7 minutes total. Taste one; it should be crisp yet tender and well browned in spots Toss with the chopped peanuts and serve immediately.

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Sony Xperia X5

Columbia Hellfire Down Jacket

When you’re hitting the slopes you’ll need an ultra-warm, down-insulated jacket to keep you warm during frigid hours outside. This Hellfire Jacket packs a 550 fill power down insulation and Omni-Heat thermal reflective lining. And though athletic coats sometimes add bulk, this one fits snug enough around your core so you won’t look like a cream puff. The adjustable storm hood adds additional protection around your head, while the zipclosed pockets keep hands snug. JAG D H AT T ’ S

Virginia Johnson Scarf

GADGETS &GEARS D E C 2 015 / JA N 2 016

With the launch of Spectre this week, Sony’s new Xperia X5 is sure to make a global impact. It features a 23-megapixel camera, 5.2” full 1080p screen, fingerprint scanner, and is waterproof and dust resistant. If it’s good enough for Bond, then it’s good enough for you.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3

When it’s winter, it’s not just about the right sweater or the right pair of boots...without the perfect scarf, your look is gonna be terribly incomplete and cold! This Virginia Johnson scarf may be on the pricy side, but it offers great styling and incredible warmth, without being bulky.

Bogs Kids Classic High

With kids spending lots of time playing outside, it’s important to keep their feet warm and dry. These Bogs feature a neoprene upper with rubber overlay and outsole. They also have the same insulation technology that is used in diving suits. Easy pull-on handles and 100% waterproof. 46 Desi Lifestyle 2015/2016

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to use allseasons in the winter. Don’t risk it! Get a set of the new Xi3’s and you’ll be driving with full confidence. The Xi3 features a greater number of tread blocks, micropumps to absorb water, and Flex-Ice compound that will stay flexible when the temperature dips.

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