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Not too long ago, I had a gentleman walk into my shop inquiring about security systems. Naturally I go through my routine set of questions to qualify him and really find out his needs in building his security system.......

Vol. 1 Issue 5 Aug / Sept 2015

ON THE COVER Your parenting mindset just might be the most important way to influence your children’s learning and development! As your children get back to school and resettled into their routines, take some time for yourself – to reflect on your own values about education and how you can more......

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Desi Lifestyle 2015






Humanity Organ Donation - Vivek Singh Pandher







BEAUTY AND SKIN Care In the Summer

Sunita Williams

2015 Dodge Charger


du`beI dw kwrobwrI Aqy srb`q dw Blw tr`st dw cyArmYn suirMdr pwl isMG aubrwey iksy jwx pihcwx dw mohqwz nhIN hY[ A`j q`k sMswr iv`c iksy Awm nwgirk ny aus ijMny ivAkqI PWsI dy PMdy qoN nhIN bcwey hoxy[ aus ny hux q`k ibnW iksy Byd Bwv......


10 Health benefits of turmeric


Spotlight Harley Davidson-2015 FXDB Street Bob


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Editorial Note “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline”

“supny pUry krn leI smyN dI h`d im`Qxw jrUrI”

Everyone has dreams for his or her future. For some, their dreams come true; but for the majority, they remain just that – dreams. Those who do not have dreams cannot get as far as they want in their lives as they would like. In the same breath, those who have dreams but do not pursue them also can’t get far as well. We have been working in different industries. If you see a successful company and you dream of it as a profession, there is nothing wrong with it. First of all, get proper knowledge about this profession through formal education from industry experts and from those already working successfully in the profession. By doing this, you can pre-calculate the advantages and disadvantages of the profession. By attaining the preliminary knowledge of the profession, you can better decide if it is the right profession for you. The second step is to make a checklist of the required training you will need and pursue it step by step. The most important thing is to take the proper training and go through all necessary steps rather than taking any shortcuts. The time you spend in the beginning will pay off in the long run and make you a more successful professional. Now that you are in the profession, ensure that you know the rules, laws, and regulations, and never try to bypass them. It takes less time and effort to follow rules rather than face the consequences. By taking a shortcut, or breaking laws or regulations, you can easily lose your dreams and any acquired wealth. Learning is a never ending process. Keep learning, become better day-by-day and see your dreams being fulfilled.

hr ie`k mnu`K dy Awpxy Biv`K leI ku`J supny dyKdw hY, keIAW dy ieh supny pUry ho jWdy hn pr bhuiqAW dy ie`h supny supny hI rih jWdy hn[ ijhVy mnu`K spny nhIN dyKdy, auh ijMdgI iv`c bhuqIAW pRwpqIAW vI nhIN krdy, dUjy pwsy jo supny qW dyKdy hn pr auhnW nUM pUrw krn leI koeI Xojnw nhIN bxwauNdy Aqy shI idsæw ‘c imhnq nhIN krdy, auh vI ijMdgI iv`c ijAwdw sPæl nhIN huMdy[ jykr qusIN iksy sPæl kMpnI nUM dyKdy ho Aqy ies nUM ik`qy vjoN Apnwaux dw supnw lYNdy ho qW ies iv`c koeI mwVI g`l nhIN[ pr ies spny nUM pUrw krn leI pihlW quhwnUM ies ik`qy bwry pUrI jwxkwrI lYxI pvygI, ies ieMfstrI iv`c sPælqw nwl kMm kr rhy lokW qoN jW iPær ies ieMfsrtI nwl sbMiDq sMsQwvW qoN, ies qrW quhwnUM ies ik`qy dy cMgy Aqy mwVy p`KW dI jwxkwrI pihlW hI ho jwvygI Aqy qusIN Awp PæYslw kr skoNgy ik ie`h ik`qw quhwfy leI TIk hY jW nhIN[ dUsrw kdm ieh hY ik ie`k ilst iqAwr kro ik quhwnUM A`gy iks iks qrHW dI tRying dI loV hY , Aqy iehnW nUM ie`k ie`k krky pUrw kro[ ieh g`l bhuq mh`qvpUrn hY ik hr ie`k cIjæ pUry TIk qrIky nwl is`Ko, kdy vI glq FMg qrIky nw vrqo[ tRyinMg dOrwn lgwieAw vwDU smW A`gy c`l ky quhwfy leI bhuq PæwiedymMd hovygw Aqy quhwnMU sPæl bxn iv`c shweI hovygw[ hux qusIN ies ik`qy iv`c ho, ies g`l nUM XkInI bxwE ik quhwnUM ies nwl sbMiDq swry inXmW Aqy knMUnW dI jwxkwrI hY, iehnW inXmW dI hmysæW pwlxw kro[ inXmW dI pwlxw nw krky musIbq ‘c Pæsx nwloN iehnW dI pwlxW krnW sOKw hY[ inXm Aqy knUMn qoV ky qusIN Awpxy supny Aqy pYsw, dovyN guAw skdy ho[ hmysæW is`Kx dI koissæ kro, idn-b-idn vDIAw bxo Aqy Awpxy supny pUry huMdy dyKo[

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Desi Lifestyle 2015

by Harpreet Kalsi



Your parenting mindset just might be the most important way to influence your children’s learning and development!


s your children get back to school and resettled into their routines, take some time for yourself – to reflect on your own values about education and how you can more intentionally support your children. It is important for parents to observe their child with an objective eye. Are you as a parent looking at the bigger picture? Do you want your child to be well educated? Do you wish to give your kids a happy and successful future? Desi Lifestyle 2015


Where did the summer of 2015 go? We cannot believe it is already time to go back to school. Whether you are a student looking for some study tips or a parent looking for some reassurance, our Back to School Guide will get you back on track to having a successful school year and semester. Based on personal experience, this guide will also give you advice on what to do and what not to do when you start going to school. If you’re new to the school, make sure you go explore a little and know where your classes are so that you are well prepared beforehand and don’t get lost your first day! Sometimes the school provides a map of the campus but it’s not always up to date; this makes it a good way to know where your classes take place ahead of time. Make sure you are well prepared and have everything you need for your classes ahead of time. This includes any school supplies, dorm necessities, and textbooks you may need. Making a list of all the things you need can help prevent you from overspending and getting all your supplies. Since many students will be attending school, the chances of you falling sick increase. Get all the immunization shots that you need to stay healthy, but don’t go overboard and get all your shots at once. 8

Desi Lifestyle 2015

Finally, at school you will be meeting many new faces this year. You’ll be exposed to new situations that you might have not been encountered before. The new emotions that come with meeting new people and being in new situation can often be hard to deal with. The best thing would be to make a friend or two as soon as possible to help manage these emotions. Do it in a casual way, in a social setting over something that you all may like or dislike. Don’t try being desperate as that can often lead to a bad situation. Don’t try to make too many friends all at once. Try to surround yourself with a friend or group of friends who motivate and inspire you to be on top of your education and schoolwork, not the ones that take their lives and education for granted and blow it all off by skipping classes and not completing assignments. For students who carry cell phones, there are many useful apps that can help them throughout the year and are free! Chegg has tons of textbooks that students can buy or rent. Also, they have e-textbooks that you can get via the app on your phone, ipad, laptop, etc. This becomes very helpful when you need a book to use during class but don’t want to carry the weight of one. I think it’s an amazing app that I always used.

The next highly recommended app by yours truly is Quizlet. You may or may not have heard of it but it’s an app that has flashcards, definitions of words, and study tools on it. You can go on the app, make your own flashcards (as many as you want), save them on your phone or ipad and share it with your class or your study group. It’s a good way to study certain words and topics for your classes. Remember these certain tips and you will be off to a great start! If you’re eager to get out of the school, just remember

after you graduate you will spend the rest of your life going onto a job where you will be making money and providing for your family. Take advantage of the time you have now and make it worth your while. School is not so bad! The only way to make it enjoyable is for you to make it fun. Remember: Lack of education and awareness is the root cause of our present social and economic crises.

article just may be your starting point!

We all know that getting back into the swing of a daily school schedule is tough. It takes time and dedication. Don’t beat yourself up too bad and give yourself a break if you find the first couple of weeks a little difficult. The feeling of wanting to go back to summer break is normal. Do remember that at some point, you do have to figure out how you’re going to tackle the school year or semester, so this Desi Lifestyle 2015


b`icAW dI isKlweI Aq ivkws ies g`l qy inrBr krdw hY ik quhwfw pwlx-poSx pRqI nzrIAw iks qrHW dw hY[

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10 Desi Lifestyle 2015

jdoN quhwfy b`cy skUl jw rhy hox Aqy Awpxy in`qw-pRqI kwrjW ivc ru`Jy hox qW ku`J smW Awpxy leI vI k`Fo[ ividAw pRqI quhwfI AwpxI soc Aqy kdrW kImqW bwry ivcwr kro Aqy ieh vI soco ik qusIN ikvyN smJ-bu`J ky Awpxy b`icAW dI hOslwAPjweI kr skdy ho[ mW-bwp leI ieh zrUrI hY ik Awpxy b`icAW nMU XQwrQk A`K nwl prKx[ kI qusIN cwhuMdy ho ik quhwfw b`cw au`c ividAw hwsl kry? kI qusIN cwhuMdy ho ik quhwfy b`cy dw Biv`K KuSIAW BrpUr Aqy s&l hovy[ 2015 dIAW grmIAW ik`Qy geIAW, pqw hI nhIN c`ilAw[ ivSvws hI nhIN Aw irhw ik skUl vwips jwx dw smW vI Aw igAw hY[ BwvyN qusIN ividAwrQI ho Aqy pVHweI leI koeI totkw Bwl rhy ho jW hOslw l`Bdy ho mW-bwp, swfI ‘iPr skUly vwpsI’ (Back to School) sUcnw pusqk ivc auh sB ku`J hY, ijs dI shwieqw nwl qusIN kwmXwb skUlI vrHw isrj skdy ho[ zwqI qzrby dy AwDwr qy ieh pusqk quhwnMU skUlI vrHy dOrwn, kI krIey qy kI nw krIey, bwry BrpUr jwxkwrI dy skdI hY[ jy qusIN nvyN skUl ivc Awey ho qW QoVHI Koj kro qy pqw kro ik klwsW ikQy l`gxIAW hn qW jo pihly hI idn gvwc nw jweIey[ keI vwr skUl vI nkSw pRdwn krdy hn pr bhuqI vwr ieh shI nhIN huMdy[ so smW rihMdy hI jwxkwrI pRwpq kr leIey ik klwsW ikQy l`gxIAW hn[ ieh vI suinSicq kr lvo ik jo quhwnMU cwhIdw hY, kI quhwfy pws mOjUd hY[ ijvyN ik skUl leI loVINdw smwn, hostl leI zrUrI cIzW Aqy ikqwbW[ auhnW cIzW dI ilst bxw lvo jo quhwnMU cwhIdIAW hn qW jo auhnW dI pRwpqI leI quhwnMU v`D Krcw nw krnw pey[ ikauNik bhuq swry ividAwrQI skUl ivc hwzr

hoxgy, ies nwl quhwfy ibmwr hox dI sMBwvnw v`DdI hY[ ies leI ibmwrIAW qoN bcwA leI zrUrI tIky lgvw lvo[ skUl ivc quhwnMU bhuq swry nvyN ichry imlxgy[ quhwnMU nvyN hwlwqW dw vI swhmxw krnw peygw ijnW nwl pihlW kdy vwhvwsqw vI nhIN ilAw hovygw[ nvyN lokW nwl mulwkwq nvyN hwlwq Aqy nvyN jzbwq pYdw krngy ijnHW nwl do h`Q krny muSkl swbq ho skdy hn[ ies dw suKwlw h`l hY ik CyqI nwl iek do im`qr bxwE jo iehnW jzbwqW nwl inbVx ivc quhwfI mdd krn[ ies dI Axaupcwirk qrIky nwl smwijk mwhOl ivc jo isrjnw kro[ mwXUs nw hovy ikauNik ieh BYVy hwlwqW v`l jwx dw rsqw hY[ ieko vwr bhuq swry nvyN im`qr nw bxwau[ Awpxw Awlw-duAwlw aus qrHW dy im`qrW nwl isrjo jo quhwnMU pVHweI v`l pRyirq krn Aqy auqSwh dyx, nw ik auh jo AwpxI izMdgI Aqy pVHweI nMU gMBIrqw nwl nw lYx Aqy klwsW nwl lgwx[ smwrt mobweIl PonW Aqy keI PwiedymMd AYp hn jo muPq vI hn Aqy swrw swl kMm AwauNdIAW hn[ ‘cYz’ iesy qrHW dI AYp hY ijs duAwrw ividAwrQI Axigxq ikqwbW KrId skdy hn jW ikrwey qy lY skdy hn[ iehnW kol eI pusqkW vI hn jo qusIN AYp

duAwrw Awpxy Pon, AweI pYf jW lY`ptwp qy pVH skdy ho[ ieh audoN bhuq shweI huMdI hY jdoN quhwnMU klws ivc ikqwb qW cwhIdI hY pr qusIN Bwr nhIN cu`kxw cwhuMdy[ myry i^Awl ivc ieh gzb dI AYp hY ijhVI mYN hmySW vrqdw hW[ iek hor AYp ijs nMU vrqx dI mYN purzor isPwirS krWgw, auh hY ‘kivzlYt’[ ho skdw hY qusIN ies bwry nw suixAw hovy, pr ies ivc klYSkwrf, SbdW dI pirBwSw Aqy pVHweI leI tUl hn[ ies dI mdd nwl qusIN Awpxy PlYSkwrf bxw ky &on jW AweI pYf qy syv kr skdy ho Aqy swrI klws jW Awpxy st`fI gru`p nwl vMf skdy ho[ ieh iek cMgw qrIkw hY ku`J SbdW dw mzbUnW nMU isKx dw[ vDIAw SurUAwq leI iehnW ku`J ku g`lW dw iDAwn r`Ko[ jy qusIN skUl qoN inklx leI kwhly pey hoey ho qW Xwd r`Ko gRYjUeySn qoN bwAd swrI aumr qusIN nOkrI krky pYsy kmwauxy hn Aqy Gr pirvwr leI hI pwpV vylxy hn[ ies smyN dw Ku`lH ky lwB lvo Aqy Awpxy leI aupXogI bxwE[ skUl mwVw nhIN hY[ ies nMU suKd qzrbw bnwx leI ies smyN nMU AwnMdmeI bxwau[ Xwd r`Ko ik ividAw Aqy jwxkwrI dI Gwt swfIAW mOjUdw smwijk Aqy AwriQk sm`isAwvW dw kwrn hn[ swnMU pqw hY ik skUl inXmq kwrj-kRm AOKw huMdw hY[ ieh smW Aqy smrpx, dohW dI mMg krdw hY[ jy mu`Fly ku`J h&qy AOKy l`gx qW Awpxy Awp nMU ku`J smyN leI Awrwm idE[ grmI dIAW Cu`tIAW muV qoN Aw jwx, ieh cwhq cMgI hY[ pr ieh zrUr socxw peygw ik skUl vrHy jW iCmwhI dw twkrw ikvyN krnw hY[ pr ieh lyK quhwfy leI SurUAwqI ryKw ho skdI hY[

Desi Lifestyle 2015 11

Britain and Europe’s oldest man

NAZAR SINGH Died just two weeks after he celebrated his 111th birthday 12 Desi Lifestyle 2015


great-grandfather thought to be Europe’s oldest man has died just two weeks after he celebrated his 111th birthday with a pint of Stella and a drop of whisky.

Nazar Singh, from Sunderland, who had 34 grandchildren and 63 great-grandchildren, lived through two World Wars, the Great Depression and 25 different Prime Ministers. He was born in Punjab in 1904 and was a resident in England for 50 years, moving in 1989 to the North East to live with one of his nine children. He died in the early hours of Saturday in India having travelled over to spend time with family, his grandson Harvinder Gill, 31, from Ashbrooke, Sunderland said. ‘He was an incredible chap,’ Mr Gill said. ‘He has lived a very happy and fulfilling life. ‘For the past few weeks he has been suffering with a few illnesses. He has had pneumonia but he was a fighter. ‘Unfortunately, his time has passed. It was early hours on Saturday, just before Fathers’ Day.’ Mr Singh had said the secret to his long life was a strong family, good food and happiness. The 111-year-old loved the outdoors having been born on a farm and enjoyed drinking milk and almond oil, regularly ate fruit and had a drop of whisky every night. He was also fond of Lurpak butter, ‘paratha’ (an Indian flat break) and fruit including grapes, bananas, plums, apples

and kiwi. His family said he also slept for 10 hours every night. He never had an operation, had some of his original teeth and had no problems with his hearing. The centenarian was brought up in a small village in India where his father and grandfather were both farmers. From the age of 10, he helped his family grow sugar cane, cotton, corn, wheat and later chilli, peanuts, potatoes and rice. He met his wife, Narajan Kaur, in 1932 and they became husband and wife in an arranged marriage. At 30, Mr Singh and his younger brother Naranjan, travelled to a different part of India - Quata in Sindh - which is now part of Pakistan, to find work. They spent a year there building bunkers for the army in the Second World War, before travelling back to work on their family

farm. Mr Singh has six sons and three daughters: Reshem, now 77, Bachen, now 75, Karter, now 70, Sohan, now 66, Chain, now 61, Mohan, now 60, Piara, now 55, Swarn, now 53 and Harbans, now 50. They remained at the family farm in India until Mr Singh travelled to England in 1965 to join his eldest daughter who was living in Walsall in the West Midlands. He started working as a labourer and bought a house in Croft Street, Walsall in 1969, just before his wife and three sons joined him in England. He was promoted to the position of moulder and remained in that job until he retired and moved to Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, in 1989. His wife died 12 years ago from a heart attack, aged 90, after which he moved in with his son Chain, 62, in Sunderland. Following his father’s death, Chain said: ‘I am devastated. I can’t

believe it. ‘But I am very proud he made it to 111. He had a nice time on his birthday. ‘It is a great loss to the family but we are pleased he died peacefully. He had a very good life.’ Gladys Hooper, from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, became the UK’s oldest person in January when she turned 112 following the death of Ethel Lang who was 114. The oldest woman in Europe is Emma Morano, who is 115 and the second oldest living person in the world behind American Susannah Mushatt Jones, who turns 116 on July 6. The two oldest men in the world are Sakari Momoi and Yasutaro Koide, who are both Japanese and 112-yearsold.

ibRtyn dy sB qoN bzurg ivAkqI nwjr isMG Awpxw 111vW jnm idn mnwaux qoN do vIk bwAd c`l visAw

lMfn : ibRtyn Aqy Xurop dy sB qoN bzurg ivAkqI nwjr isMG, jo ik 8 jUn, 1904 nMU jnmy sn, ny Awpxw 111vW jnm idn Awpxy pirvwr dy nwl, ivskI dy pYg nwl mnwieAw[ pr jnm idn mnwaux qoN do vIk bwAd hI QoVw ibmwr hox qy mOq ho geI[ nwjr isMG, ijnHW dI pqnI dw idhWq 11 swl pihlW ho igAw sI jdoN auh 90 virHAW dy sn, d`KxI imflYNf dy sMfrlYNf ivc rihMdy hn[ auhnW dw ivAwh 1934 ivc hoieAw sI[ ies vyly auhnW qoN v`fI aumr dy 3 ivAkqI ies DrqI qy hn, AmrIkw qoN 110 virHAW dy jyrwiln tYlI Aqy jpwn qoN 112 virHAW dy swkwrI momoeI Aqy XwsUqro koAwfI[ isMG 1965 ivc ieMglYNf ivc Awey Aqy v`fy pirvwr vwly hn ijs ivc auhnW dy 9 b`cy, 34 gRYNf iclfrn Aqy 64 gRyt gRYNf iclfrn hn[ A^bwr imrr fylI ny auhnW dy pirvwr dy hvwly nwl iliKAw hY ik auhnW dI lMbI aumr dw rwj hY 10 GMty dI nINd, du`D Aqy bdwm rogn nwl iqAwr Aqy kdy kdweIN ivskI[ nwjr isMG dw kdy koeI EprySn nhIN hoieAw[ auhnW dy keI dMd hwly vI AslI hn Aqy auhnW nMU iblku`l TIk suxdw hY[ mrn vyly auh pMjwb ivc sn ijQy auhnW dy do pu`qr Aqy auhnW dw pirvwr rihMdw hY[ sB qoN mh`qvpUrx sI auhnW dI Kurwk Aqy auhnW dI sWB-sMBwl[ auh gMd-mMd nhIN sn KWdy Aqy ieh sI auhnW dI lMbI aumr dw rwj[ auhnW dy 100vyN jnm idn qoN bwAd hr swl brqwnIAW dI rwxI jnm idn qy auhnW nMU vDweI dI ic`TI ByjdI sI[ Desi Lifestyle 2015 13


Care In the Summer

Nоbоdу viеwѕ everything the ѕаmе wау. Pеорlе hаvе diffеrеnt орiniоnѕ оn bеаutу, and it аlѕо depends оn hоw you beautify уоurѕеlf. 1. Look out for cleansers with labels that have a main ingredient like glycerin, a vegetable based extract that cleanses the skin without stripping its natural oil. Sorbitol, olive oil, seaweed, aloe, and tea tree oils are also light but effective ingredients in cleansers produced by popular (and affordable) brands. All of these can help your skin in the dry summer months. 2. Apply a fake tan. Thiѕ bottled solution will hеlр tо сrеаtе ѕmооth, glowing ѕkin and mоrе defined арреаrаnсе. Exfoliate the skin before you apply to remove dead skin and built up dirt. After applying, your ѕunlеѕѕ tan will lооk grеаt аnd you’ll look 14 Desi Lifestyle 2015

amazing. This will enhance the lifespan оf уоur tаn and make it lооk mоrе likе a rеаl one. 3. An eyelash curler iѕ wоrth thе vibrance in уоur lashes. Many реорlе fоrgеt аbоut hоw fаntаѕtiс thеу can make thеir еуеlаѕhеѕ арреаr by using a gооd еуеlаѕh curler. This small step brightens your еуеѕ and makes thеm lооk bigger. You can еvеn find heated versions thаt givе you lоngеr lаѕting curls. For a cheaper alternative, use your blow dryer on your eyelash curler for 10 seconds and wait until it’s cool enough to use on your lashes.

Beauty 4. Wеаr a ѕunblосk tо hеlр уоur ѕkin рrоtесtеd. Whеn рurсhаѕing оnе, it mаkеѕ ѕеnѕе tо opt fоr ones that state they are organic or list hеаlthу ingredients аnd аntiоxidаntѕ rather than chemical based ingredients. Yоu саn kеер your ѕkin уоuthful аnd firmеr with thе uѕе of thеѕе natural ingredients. If you wear a moisturizer or makeup that includes SPF, that’s even better! 5. In some places, the summertime consists of excessive wind whereas in others it is accompanied by sticky air. Both can

make your hair unmanageable but placing your hair in a braid or pinning the hairs around your face back can help. With this, you can go about your daily routine without having to constantly tuck your hair behind your ear! Using these simple tips and tricks in your life can enhance your natural beauty little by little. Keep in mind that even the smallest changes can make a big difference, whether that’s a part in your hair or curling your lashes. They all add up to making you shine throughout the day and turning your summer worries into solved problems.

grmIAW ivc KUbsUrqI Aqy qÍcw dI sWB sMBwl hr mnu`K iek cIz nMU ieko FMg nwl nhIN dyKdw[ lokW dy KUbsUrqI bwry v`Kry idRStIkon ho skdy hn Aqy ieh ies g`l qy vI inrBr krdw hY ik qusIN Awpxy Awp nMU ikqy iSMgwrdy ho[ 1. kyvl auh klInr vrqo ijMnW ivc mu`K sm`grI glIsrIn hovy[ feh bnspqI qoN pRwpq rs hY jo cmVI dy Awpxy kudrqI qylW nMU Kohy ibnW cmVI nMU swP krdw hY[ swrbItol, jYqUn dy qyl, sIvIf, AYloz Aqy tI tRI qyl keI auGy qy mkbUl mwrky dy klInrW ivc pwey jWdy hn[ ieh sB grmI dy idnW ivc cmVI leI aupXogI swibq huMdy hn[ 2. nklI tYn lgwE[ ieh boql bMd qrl cmVI nMU mulwiem Aqy cmkdwr bxwauNdw hY[ pr ies nMU lgwaux qoN pihlW fYf sikn dI prq nMU auqwrnw zrUrI hY[ quhwfIAW plkW ivc SoKI ilAwx leI iek mdd krlr dI loV zrUr peygI[ 3. bhuqy lok ieh Bu`l jWdy hn ik auhnW dIAW plkW, krlr dI mdd nwl ikMnIAW Swndwr l`gxgIAW[ ies Coty ijhy kdm nwl quhwfIAW A`KW ivc cmk Aw jwvygI Aqy A`KW v`fIAW l`gxgIAW[ lMby smyN q`k krl nMU brkrwr r`Kx leI grm krlr

vI iml jWdy hn[ ies dw ssqw ivklp ieh hY ik Awpxy plkW dy krlr nMU 10 sYikMf q`k blo qRwier nwl grm krky TMfw hox q`k vrqo[ 4. cmVI dy bcwA leI sn-blwk dI vrqoN kro[ pr sn-blwk KrIdx qoN pihlW ieh inScq kro ik ies dy AMS rswiexk nw hox, sgoN AwrgYink Aqy AYNtI-AwksIfYNt BrpUr hox[ qusIN kudrqI AMSW nwl AwpxI cmVI dw Xovn brkrwr r`K skdy ho[ jy qusIN AYs•pI•AYP• vwlw mykA`p jW nmI dyx vwlw loSn lgwE qW hor vI cMgw hY[ 5. kuJ QwvW qy grmIAW dw Bwv hY qyz hvwvW qy ku`J QwvW qy icpicpI hvw[ dovyN hI vwlw nMU ibKrw idMdIAW hn[ pr vwlW nMU gu`q ivc guMdnw jW sUeIAW lgwx nwl ies dw h`l ho skdw hY[ ies sOKI jwxkwrI dI mdd nwl izMdgI nMU hor KUbsUrq bxwieAw jw skdw hY[ ieh iDAwn rhy ik Coty-Coty bdlwA swfy jIvn ivc v`fw Prk ilAw skdy hn[ Desi Lifestyle 2015 15




Sikh youth by the name of Vivek Singh Pandher was the victim of a catastrophic and sudden death, which was the after-effect of a heat stroke at the Paradiso Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre. The horrific loss of Pandher was even more disconcerting to his loved ones because of his tender age, magnetic personality, and giving nature. Pandher was only 23, and passed away at the Vancouver General Hospital last week, when he was transferred to Vancouver for additional treatment. Doctors stated that the heat 16 Desi Lifestyle 2015

stroke was caused due to alarmingly high temperatures that led Pandher’s heart to stop beating. In addition, he experienced a significant amount of brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The day that Pandher suffered the heat stroke, temperatures were abnormally high which led to the unfortunate incident. Heat strokes are known to cause considerable damage to the brain as well as other internal organs. Typically, they are an aftereffect to extensive exposure to hot weather, and at times, in combination with dehydration, which results in the disintegration and breakdown of the body’s internal temperature control system.

His loved ones described Pandher as charismatic, encouraging and ambitious. Pandher was to graduate from the University of BC, where he was undertaking his studies in electrical engineering. He also enjoyed videography and photography as his hobbies, and had an artistic demeanor about him. His sister, Kirad, stated in an interview that he was an individual who loved life and every element of it, and kept a list of things he wanted to do, such as skydiving. Pandher was adamant about donating his organs when

he passed away, which consequently and miraculously saved the lives of seven other individuals who were urgently in need of organ transplants. Based on recent statistics by BC Transplant, over 560 individuals are currently waiting for an organ transplant in this province. The requirement for transplants is significantly higher than the number of organs available for transplants, creating a sense of urgency in filling this void. The story of Pandher signifies the thin line between life and death, and how an unfortunate chain of circumstances can ultimately rob us from everything we have.

Vive kS ingh Pan dher

isMG dy AMgW ny 7 lokW nMU nvIN izMdgI id`qI ivvyk AMg dwnI sn Aqy auhnW dy AMg 7 hor jwnW nMU bcwaux leI lgwey jwxgy[ ivvyk dI CotI BYx ikrq pMDyr ny ivvyk bwry jwxkwrI idMidAW ikhw ik auh hr iek leI Aqy hr iek leI, hr vyly mOjUd rihMdy[ ikrq ny ikhw ik auh bhuq zMumyvwr Aqy AwdrSk ienswn sn Aqy auhnW dI mOjUdgI ivc hr koeI mh`qvpUx Aqy ijauNdw-jwgdw mihsUs krdw sI[ ivvyk ny 23 swl dI aumr ivc vYnkUvr jnrl hspqwl ivc dm qoV id`qw jdoN auhnW nMU Aglyry ielwj leI vYnkUvr ilAW igAw[ A`q dI grmI kwrn auhnW nMU lU l`g geI ijs kwrn auhnW dy idl dI DVkx bMd ho geI Aqy AwksIjn dI kmI kwrn idmwg dy sYlW dw kwPI nukswl hoieAw[

By Amisha Sampat

ikrn pMDyr Anuswr auh cmqkwrI ivAkiqqv dy mwilk sn Aqy ijs nwl vI auh g`l krdy, auh aus dw ho ky hI rih jWdw[ ivvyk ny Agly swl XUnIvristI Aw& bI•sI• qoN grYjUeyt hoxw sI ijQy auh ielYktRIkl ieMjInIAirMg pVH rhy sn[ PotoAW iKcxIAW Aqy vIfIE bnwxw auhnW dw SOk sI[ ikrq ny ikhw ik auhnW dw Brw horW leI vI pRyrxw sroq sI[ aus kol hmySW auhnW kMmW dI ilst huMdI sI jo auh krnw cwhuMdy sI ijvyN skweI fweIivMg Awid[ auhnW AwpxI izMdgI nMU BrpUrqw nwl jIivAw hY[ auhnW ieh iliKAw vI sI ik auh auhnW 1% lokW ivcoN hn jo AwpxI izMdgI qoN KuS Aqy sMquSt hn[ ikrq ny ikhw ik auh horW nMU vI izMdgI nMU AwpxI qrj qy jIx dI pRyrxw idMdy sn[ Desi Lifestyle 2015 17


inaUklIAr swieMsdwn is`K bixAw dIEfors isMG tIkgur, ijs dw pihlw nwm dIEfors snYiln sI hwlYNf dw mUl invwsI hY Aqy d`KxI nIdrlYNf ivc jMimAw-pilAw[

1954 ivc jnmy dIEfors ny 20vIN sdI dy 6vyN dhwky ivc pnpy ih`pI klcr nMU vI nyiVauN dyiKAw hY[ 1977 ivc mkYnIkl ieMjInIAr dI ifgrI pRwpq krky ie`k swl f`c POj ivc syvw kIqI Aqy 1980 ivc iPizks ivc ifgrI hwsl kIqI[ 1985 ivc Awp ny AYkspYrImYNtl inaUklIAr iPizks ivc XUnIvristI Aw& ieMfhovn qoN mwstrz kIqI Aqy nYSnl tYlIkwm (PTT-KPN-TNO) Koj ivBwg ivc kMm krnw SurU kIqw[ dIEfors ny 2009 q`k iesy ivBwg ivc kMm kIqw jdoN q`k auhnW AwpxI jldI irtwiermYNt nhIN lY geI[ sMn 1971 qoN 2010, dIEfors kuVIAW qy muMifAW dy skwaut dl dy skwaut mwstr rhy[ auh sQwnk, KyqrI Aqy rwStrI p`Dr qy skwaut jQybMdIAW ivc ivcr ky hr kwrj krdy rhy Aqy AMqrwStrI jYmbUrI AwstRylIAw (1985) Aqy nIdrlYNf (1995) ivc bqOr skwaut mwstr ih`sw ilAw[ auhnW 2010 ivc skwaut C`f id`qw jdoN auhnW nMU l`gw ik auhnW nMU dsqwr ivc dyK ky hor lok Ax-suKwvW mihsUs krdy hn[ 18 Desi Lifestyle 2015

idEfors dw jnm Aqy pwlx poSx romn kYQoilk vjoN hoieAw, pr nIdrlYNf dy hornW vsnIkW dI qrHW Awp vI Dwrimk kwrjW ivc rucI nhIN sn lYNdy[ 90ivAW q`k auhnW dI Drm pRqI rucI ^qm ho geI Aqy auhnW crc jwxw hmySW leI bMd kr id`qw[ 2009 dI bsMq ivc Awp ny is`K Drm bwry jwxkwrI ieMtrnY`t qoN pRwpq kIqI[ ies qoN pihlW Awp nMU is`K Drm bwry koeI jwxkwrI nhIN sI Aqy iek KojI dI qrHW is`K Drm bwry jwxkwrI hwsl kIqI[ 2009 dIAW grmIAW Awaux q`k Awp ny Awpxy Awp nMU ‘is`K’ AYlwn id`qw[ Awpxy ies AYlwn qoN auh Awp hYrwn sn ikauNik auhnW dw AiDAwqimkqw v`l kdy vI JukwA nhIN sI[ BwvyN auhnW ny ‘sweIbr is`K’ bnxw soc ilAw sI pr aus nIdrlYNf ivc vsdy sQwnk is`KW nMU imly Aqy ‘is`K ien hwlYNf’ nwm dI jQybMdI ivc Awpxw Xogdwn pwaux l`g pey[ ieh jQybMdI smu`cI f`c is`K BweIcwry leI kMm krdI hY[ SurU-SurU ivc dIEform ny is`K swKIAW dw AMgRyzI qoN f`c BwSw ivc qrzmW kIqw[ ies auprMq auhnW gurduAwirAW ivc Awaux vwly sQwnk invwsIAW Aqy sYkMfrI skUlW qoN Awaux vwly ividAwrQIAW nMU f`c BwSw ivc lYkcr dyxy SurU kIqy[ Pyr auh bYljIAm ivc skUlW ivc p`g sm`isAw dy sulJwA leI juVy rhy Aqy keI swl sQwnk is`KW dI mdd kIqI[ A`jk`lH auh f`c BwSw ivc inqnym dw aulQw kr rhy hn[ ies dy nwl auh f`c BweIcwry ivc kMm kr rhy hn qW jo sQwnk lok ‘pMj k`ikAW’ dI AihmIAq smJ skx[ idEfors hux vI skUlW, gurduAwirAW Aqy f`c lokW dIAW iek`qrqwvW ivc is`KI qy lYkcr idMdy hn[ auh nIdrlYNf dy is`KW dI rwStrI p`Dr qy iek numwieAw jQybMdI bnwaux leI kwrjSIl hn, jo rwStrI p`Dr qy srkwrI Aqy gYr-srkwrI jQybMdIAW nwl rwbqw bxw sky[ sQwnk tI•vI• stySn ‘Aomroiep brwbn’ jo ik brwbn sUby dIAW ivl`Kx S^sIAqW nwl rUbrU krwauNdw hY, ny 2014 ivc dIEfors nwl iek ieMtrivaU idKweI jdoN auh s`cI-su`cI rihq dy DwrxI bx ky AMimRq C`kx dI iqAwrI kr rhy sn[ Akwl purK dI imhr sdkw Awp ny 2014 ivc AMimRq CikAw Aqy dIEfors snYiln qoN dIEfors isMG tIkgur bx gey[

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NASA’s The Man On Mars Team


is its most experienced member! It’s a proud moment for India. A day after the successful lunch of another ISRO rocket, comes the news that Astronaut of Indian origin Sunita Williams will be one of four astronauts who will fly commercial space exploration flights by Boeing and SpaceX. She is the most experienced member of the four member crew.

20 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Commercial spaceflights carrying astronauts to the International Space Station are set to begin in 2017, and will restore US access to space after a sixyear hiatus following the retirement of the space shuttle program in 2011.


hese distinguished, veteran astronauts are blazing a new trail -- a trail that will one day land them in the history books and Americans on the surface of Mars,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. The most experienced astronaut of the quartet is Sunita Williams, 49. Williams is a Navy captain and helicopter pilot who has already spent nearly a year (322 days) in space. She holds the record for total cumulative spacewalk time by a female astronaut, at 50 hours and 40 minutes, NASA said. Doug Hurley, 48, a retired Marine colonet has piloted two space shuttle missions, including the final one STS-135 in July 2011. The others Eric Boe, 50 and Robert Behnken, 44 are both Air Force colonels who have flown on two space shuttle missions each. “We are excited to have such an experienced group of astronauts working with the Commercial Crew Program, Boeing and SpaceX and ultimately flying on the companies’ flight test missions,” said NASA Commercial Crew Program Manager Kathy Lueders. Boeing is expected to be the first commercial company to carry a NASA astronaut to space aboard its CST-100 ship in late 2017. SpaceX has not yet announced a target date for its first crewed flight of the Dragon spaceship. The California-based company headed by Internet entrepreneur

Elon Musk suffered a major setback last month when its Falcon 9 rocket exploded shortly after launch, destroying the Dragon cargo ship it was carrying toward the International Space Station. A cause has not yet been determined for the blast, which was the third accident in eight months involving cargo headed to space. Orbital’s Antares rocket exploded after takeoff in October, and Russia lost track of a Progress supply ship in April. NASA has funneled $4.2 billion to Boeing and $2.6 billion to SpaceX to help the companies build a successor to the space shuttle and to encourage competition in the aerospace industry. In the meantime, the world’s astronauts fly to the ISS aboard Russian Soyuz spaceships at a cost of $70 million per seat.

Desi Lifestyle 2015 21


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ieh Bwrq leI mwx dw smW hY[ ieMfIAn spys irsrc AwrgynweIjySn (ISRO) dy iek hor s&l rwkyt dwgx qoN bwAd iek hor ^br AweI ik BwrqI mUl dI pulwV XwqrI sunIqw ivlIAm auhnW cwrW ivcoN iek hovygI jo ik boieMg Aqy spysrAYks dI vpwrk pulwVI Koj aufwn clwauxgy[ auh ies 4 mYNbrI tIm sB qoN vDyry qzrbykwr mYNbr hn[ pulwVI XwqrIAW nMU AMqrwStrI pulwV stySn q`k lY ky jwx vwlIAW iek vpwrk aufwnW 2017 ivc SurU hoxgIAW[ ieh aufwnW AmrIkw dy ‘pulwV q`k phuMc’ pRogrwm nMU muV qoN surjIq krngIAW jo ik 2011 ivc bMd ho igAw sI[ nwsw pRbMDk cwrlI bolfn ny jwxkwrI idMidAW ikhw ik ieh pRmu`K Aqy qzrbykwr pulwV XwqrIAW dw SONk hY Aqy ieh auhnW dI QW ieiqhws dIAW ikqwbW ivc bxweygI[ iehnW 4 pulwV XwqrIAW ivcoN sB qoN qzrbykwr sunIqw ivlIAm hY[ 49 swlw ivlIAm nyvI dI kpqwn Aqy hYlIkwptr pwielt hY ijs ny hux q`k 322 idn pulwV ivc ibqwey hn[ nwsw Anuswr auhnW ny hux q`k 50 GMty 40 imMt pulwV ivc qur ky ibqwey hn jo ik iesqrI pulwV XwqrIAW dw hux q`k dw irkwrf twiem hY[ syvw mukq mYrIn krnl, 48 swlW f`g hrlI do pulwVI vwhnW dy pwielt rhy hn[ 50 swlW AYirk bo Aqy 44 swlW rwbrt bYNkn vwXU sYnw dy swbkw krnl hn Aqy dohW ny do vwr pulwV Xwn ivc aufwn BrI hY[

nwsw dy vpwrt krU dy pRwjYkt pRbMDk kYQI lUfr ny ikhw ik swnMU ies g`l dw mwx hY ik ieMny qzrbykwr pulwV XwqrI swfy nwl ies pRogrwm qy kMm kr rhy hn[ boieMg pihlI vpwrk kMpnI hY jo nwsw dy pulwV XwqrIAW nMU Awpxy sI AYs tI - 100 ivc 2017 nMU pulwV ivc lY ky jweygI[ spysAYks ny hwly Xwn ‘frYgn spysiSp’ dI aufwn dI iq`QI hwly inSicq nhIN kIqI[ kYlIPornIAW dy ieMtrnYs ivvsweI AYln msk dI kMpnI nMU aus vyly v`fw Jtkw l`gw jdoN ipCly mhIny auhnW dw rwikt ‘PYlkn 9’ dwgx qoN ku`J smW bwAd nSt ho igAw[ ieh AMqrwStrI pulwV stySn v`l frYgn mwl-jhwz iljw irhw sI jo ies dy nwl hI nSt ho igAw[ ies dy qbwh hox dy kwrx hwly q`k pqw nhIN l`gy pr ipCly mhIinAW ivc ieh pulwV v`l jwx vwly 3 mwl-vwhk jhwz nSt ho cu`ky hn[ Awribtl AMtwrs dw ivsPot AkqUbr ivc hoieAw Aqy rSIAw dw splweI jhwz ApRYl ivc pulwV ivc gvwc igAw sI[ nwsw ny pulwV audXog ivc mukwbly dI Bwvnw ilAwaux leI Aqy ies audXog dw hONslw vDwaux leI boieMg nMU 4.2 iblIAn fwlr Aqy spysAYks nMU 2.6 iblIAn fwlr dI mwlI iemdwd id`qI hY[ pr hux dy smyN leI sMswr dy pulwV Xwqrw leI 70 imlIAn fwlr Krc krky rSIAw dy soauj pulwV Xwn qy pulwV dI sYr kr skdy hn[

• Braces for Children and Adults • Close to your Neighborhood • Free Consultation • Spectacular Smiles & Superior Service Melissa Dempsey Dempsey Orthodontics

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Melissa Dempsey DDS. MS.

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Business Profile

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New in Town

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t’s a good time to be a fan of muscle cars. As you read this, Chevrolet is set to unleash its all-new 2016 Camaro; Ford is readying the latest Shelby-edition Mustang, the GT350, with the most powerful naturally-aspirated engine the company has ever produced; and Dodge has two muscle car models, the Charger and Challenger, both available in 707-hp Hellcat trim, the most potent of three V8-powered hotrod versions. But these cars are not all about appealing to motorheads. Both the Camaro and the Mustang can now be specified with turbocharged four-cylinder engines, a nod to the current craze for coaxing performance potential out of a fuel-efficient, smalldisplacement motor. Turbocharging isn’t on the menu at Dodge, but their engine line starts with the company’s 3.6-litre Pentastar V6, a motor that also powers the brand’s minivans, crossovers, and SUVs. It’s when you consider family-friendliness that the Charger starts to look interesting: as a four-door sedan, it stands out from the Mustang, the Camaro, and Dodge’s own Challenger as a more attractive family vehicle option. While a family car with V8 power is awfully appealing to gearheads like us, the idea of buying gas for a daily-driven Charger Hellcat is decidedly less enticing, and that’s where the thriftier V6 engine comes in. The 3.6 may trade power for better fuel economy, but as we discovered in a week driving an all-wheel drive SXT model with the Rallye Appearance Package, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With 292 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque (300 and 264 with the Rallye package),

26 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Chris Chase

2015 Dodge Charger the 3.6 is no monster when pitted against the Charger’s 1,900-kg curb weight (a rear-drive model is about 100 kg lighter), but the eight-speed automatic transmission translates that output into decent, if unexciting, acceleration. More satisfying is the nicely-tuned exhaust that makes the engine sound more interesting than its pedestrian roots would suggest. Punch the sport mode button on the centre stack: the transmission will hold gears longer in acceleration, and downshift more quickly in highway passing maneuvers. Sport mode also sharpens throttle response, giving the illusion of more power. There’s a fair expectation that a big sedan will be comfortable, and the Charger mostly meets it. The front seats are broad and supportive without being too aggressively bolstered. My quibbles are that the bottom cushion was a bit firm for long stints behind the wheel and the headrest is positioned quite far to the rear, with no fore-and-aft adjustment. No such trouble in the rear, where the seats are softer and offer plenty of legroom. Rear-seat passengers will note that the closest thing to their heads is the rear window, which extends further into the roofline than in most sedans. Dodge has made massive progress in interior quality in the last few years, and it shows in the Charger. Our tester’s red-and-black combo looked sharp, and only the hard plastics on the lower dash panels gave away that this car starts out as a relatively inexpensive big sedan. The Chrysler Uconnect touchscreen display proved as responsive and easy to use here as in other Chrysler vehicles I’ve tested, and the ‘Beats’ stereo that comes bundled in the Rallye package sounded pretty good. Chrysler’s tech extends into the Charger’s gauge cluster, where a colour screen between the gauges displays either trip information or the driver’s choice of a near-ridiculous amount of other data. You can choose to view digital representations of analog fuel and engine temp gauges; they look slick, but the tiny red gauge “needles” are tough to see at a glance. Likewise, the speedometer markings are a bit vague, so I tended to call up the available digital speed readout. Wide-opening doors make it easy to get in and out, but the only interior door pull is in the armrest, which ends up very far away when the door is open. We drove this car from our home in Ottawa on an 11-day road trip to New Brunswick and PEI, and packed the car accordingly; it took some creativity, but we fit two large suitcases and plenty of other gear in the trunk. On the down side, loading cargo requires a high, SUV-like lift over the rear bumper. In the past, large cars were known for pillowy rides, but that’s not the case here: the Charger rides firmly (almost too much so)

on rough pavement, and it was only with the weight of our luggage on board that I found the car comfortable over most surfaces. One small last nitpick: the foot-operated parking brake stands out here, since Chrysler has moved to electric parking brakes in

many of its other models. For my tester’s $45,550 price tag, the Charger came with niceties like adjustable pedals, auto-dimming driver’s side mirror, power-adjustable steering column, and the upgraded stereo. The technology package included useful safety kit such as blind spot and cross path detection (the latter of which proved very useful in this long car), adaptive cruise control, forward collision and lane departure warning, and advanced brake assist. Navigation and a backup camera were also included, among other items, making this car a strong value for fans of safety and convenience. All that considered, perhaps the best thing about the Charger is that even in my test car’s relatively basic form, it still turns heads, as the kid riding in the back of the Dodge Dart we passed on the highway and the 20-something guy crossing the street in front of us at a red light can attest. A V6-powered Charger may not be a muscle car like its eight-cylinder siblings, but it’s still got attitude, and that goes a long way when you’ve sacrificed some performance in favour of everyday practicality. by: Gyan Shanker

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OTHER SERVICES Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody, Guardianship, etc..) Contracts (Rental Agreement, Promissory Note etc..)

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Green Card Citizenship Work Permit Visa

Name Changes Many other services are provided

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559.221.2581 Low Income can qualify you for a free GREEN CARD,CITIZENSHIP & WORK PERMIT!!


516 W. Shaw., Suite # 200 Fresno, CA 93704 Desi Lifestyle 2015 29




urmeric, also known as curcuma longa, is a very common herb. Often referred to as the “Queen of Spices,” its main characteristics are a pepper-like aroma, sharp taste and golden color. People across the globe use this herb in their cooking. According to the Journal of the American Chemical Society, turmeric contains a wide range of antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also loaded with many healthy nutrients such as protein, dietary fiber, niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc. Due to all these factors, turmeric is often used to treat a wide variety of health problems.

30 Desi Lifestyle 2015

1. Prevents Cancer Turmeric can help prevent prostate cancer, stop the growth of existing prostate cancer and even destroy cancer cells. Multiple researchers have found that the active components in turmeric makes it one of the best protectors against radiation-induced tumors. It also has a preventive effect against tumor cells such as T-cell leukemia, colon carcinomas and breast carcinomas. 2. Relieves Arthritis The anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric are great for treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, turmeric’s antioxidant property destroys free radicals in the body that damage body cells. It has been found that those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis who consume turmeric on a regular basis experience much relief from the moderate to mild joint pains as well as joint inflammation. 3. Controls Diabetes Turmeric can be used in the treatment of diabetes by helping to moderate insulin levels. It also improves glucose control and increases the effect of medications used to treat diabetes. Another significant benefit is turmeric’s effectiveness in

helping reduce insulin resistance, which may prevent the onset of Type-2 diabetes. However, when combined with strong medications, turmeric can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It is best to consult a healthcare professional before taking turmeric capsules. 4. Reduces Cholesterol Level Research has proven that simply using turmeric as a food seasoning can reduce serum cholesterol levels. It is a known fact that high cholesterol can lead to other serious health problems. Maintaining a proper cholesterol level can prevent many cardiovascular diseases. 5. Immunity Booster Turmeric contains a substance known as lipopolysaccharide, which helps stimulate the body’s immune system. Its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents also help strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system lessens the chance of suffering from colds, flu and coughs. If you do get a cold, a cough or the flu, you can feel better sooner by mixing one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk and drinking it once daily. 6. Heals Wound Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent and can be used as

THE BORN EXPLORER He is shy but opens up after talking to him for a little bit. He also speaks Punjabi very well. For his age he’s on the move constantly, always moving and doing something. Ansh loves to play with his little sister and takes care of her all the time. He wants to be Spider Man in the future because he can jump backwards and attempts to practice on the trampoline.

an effective disinfectant. If you have a cut or burn, you can sprinkle turmeric powder on the affected area to speed up the healing process. Turmeric also helps repair damaged skin and may be used to treat psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions. 7. Weight Management Turmeric powder can be very helpful in maintaining an ideal body weight. A component present in turmeric helps increase the flow of bile, an important component in the breakdown of dietary fat. Those who wish to lose weight or treat obesity and other associated diseases can benefit from having one teaspoon of turmeric powder with every meal. 8. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease Brain inflammation is suspected to be one of the leading causes of cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric supports overall brain health by aiding in the removal of plaque build-up in the brain and improving the flow of oxygen. This can also prevent or slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

One of his favorite hobbies is playing soccer and his favorite TV shows are Curious George and Thomas Train. He likes the punjabi song Mittran da boot by Jazzy Bains and loves to dance bhangra, just like his dad! Unlike most kids, he looks forwards to go to school and waits eagerly to ride the school bus each day. Though he is unique, he loves one thing that most other kids also love: candy! He likes big trucks & trailers and loves to visit Legoland.

9. Improves Digestion Many key components in turmeric stimulate the gallbladder to produce bile, which then improves digestion and reduces symptoms of bloating and gas. Also, turmeric is helpful in treating most forms of inflammatory bowel disease including ulcerative colitis. However it is important to bear in mind that people suffering from any kind of gallbladder disease should not take turmeric as a dietary supplement as it may worsen the condition. It is best to consume turmeric in raw form when suffering from a digestive problem.

Ansh Passi 3 yrs. 6 months old & Zaara Passi 1 year old. Desi Lifestyle 2015 31

Health 10. Prevents Liver Disease Turmeric is a kind of natural liver detoxifier. The liver detoxifies the blood through the production of enzymes and turmeric increases production of these vital enzymes. These vital enzymes break down and reduce toxins in the body. Turmeric also is believed to invigorate and improve blood circulation. All of these factors support good liver health.

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Given the numerous health benefits of turmeric, adding this powerful herb to your diet is one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your life. You can add turmeric in powder form to curries, stir fried dishes, smoothies, warm milk and even to spicy salad dressings. Turmeric can be taken in pill form also. However, turmeric should not be used by people with gallstones or bile obstruction.

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P: (559) 324-7333 F: (559) 324-7336 VISALIA OFFICE

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P: 559-372-8184 F: 559-372-8194

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34 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Harley-Davidson® of Fresno Spotlight on the

2015 FXDB Street Bob


hen it comes to motorcycles, there’s one name that people will never mistake for another: HarleyDavidson. The Street Bob® model features cast fuel tank medallions with classic styling that oozes the iconic Harley-Davidson attitude. Consider it your badge of honor bolted on the side of the fuel tank so everyone can see exactly how you roll. The Street Bob can be personalized for that perfect fit, function and Harley style in more than 2,000 different combinations of parts and accessories.

The knowledge of what makes an engine truly move a rider runs deep at The Motor Company, and it was put to good use when creating the Twin Cam 103™ engine. Perfecting every cubic inch of this 103™ engine pushing design and technology forward. Doing it all without compromising one bit of HarleyDavidson’s unique styling. The performance and durability are a direct result of the untold miles logged on the V-Twin since 1909 and the proud heritage that comes from a century’s worth of commitment to life on two wheels.

Old-school looks meet new-school engineering. The Street Bob® motorcycle takes the tradition of bare bones street custom forward with its classic, essential bobber style and massive amounts of black finish. It’s an aggressive, unpolished street attitude that pulls no punches and delivers only what you need, nothing you don’t.

Fire up the Twin Cam 103™ engine and feel the low-end torque unleashed. Thanks to the lightweight piston design, delivery of the added power is more refined than ever. Then put your foot on the shifter and feel how the engine and Six-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission were designed to work together. Six speeds. A strong driveline and strong internal parts. Low routine maintenance and a low cruising rpm couldn’t feel better.

As part of its back-to-basics street custom style, the Street Bob® model’s powertrain was designed along classic, minimal lines. Along with the retro-style air cleaner cover, stamped with The Motor Company Bar and Shield, this gives the engine an authentic old-iron soul and genuine Bobber presence. You want a ride that rumbles—not begs for mercy—when you lean on it a little. The Six-Speed Cruise Drive® transmission provides smooth, quiet shifting and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you get a better match between engine turnover and road speed. It’s a rare ride when a bike responds like this, and a low growl goes a long way when you’re opening up the road ahead.

Feast your eyes on the Twin Cam 103™ engine and there’s no mistaking its roots. From the classic edge of the cooling fins to the clean lines of cases and covers, this is authentic HarleyDavidson style through and through with an attention to detail you won’t find from any other motorcycle company. Low-profile, kicked back for profiling down the boulevard and hugging corners. Let your boots fall where they may, naturally to the mid-mounted controls and rider foot pegs on the Street Bob® model. An easy reach and tight rider triangle is confidence-inspiring for new riders eager to set off on their journey and riders whose legs run slightly shorter than others. Desi Lifestyle 2015 35

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Local Events In Fresno GHG Dance Academy

GHG Dance Academy organized 7th International Youth Festival on July 25,2015 promoting drug free environment for our youth. Youth camp ran from July 10th, 2015 to July 25th 2015 finishing with day long festivities at Roeding Park Fresno CA.

International Yoga Day in Fresno

International Yoga Day was celebrated in Fresno on June 20th, a day ahead of the official date at the advice given by the local participating yoga studios in order to avoid conflict with Father’s Day celebrations. In view of the sizzling hot weather, the celebration was moved from the Peace Garden at California State University, Fresno to an air conditioned hall at the university. A copy of the program is attached. The program was observed from 5 to 7 pm which included short speeches and the prepared video message from The Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. The message was displayed on a large screen for the benefit of the audience. The powerful message was highly appreciated by the audience. Many of them the saw the face

of the Prime Minister Modi for the first time. About 130 people attended the celebration and about 90 participated in the yoga exercises, including Pranayama, conducted by different yoga studio instructors. The program was organized under the leadership of Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor, Prof. Emeritus at Fresno State in collaboration with Council of Indian Organizations of the Central Valley, India students club at Fresno State, Peace and Conflict Studies program at Fresno State, Hindu Temple of Fresno, Raja Yoga Meditation Center of Fresno and seven local yoga studios. Participating local yoga studios included Blue Moon Yoga, Coil Yoga, Fresno State Yoga, Perfect Balance Yoga, Sister’s Yoga, Yoga Center of Fresno and Yoga for Living. Desi Lifestyle 2015 37




GPS and Dash Cams Better Safe than Sorry jI pI AYs Aqy fYS kYmry APsos nwloN sur`iKAw BlI


ot too long ago, I had a gentleman walk into my shop inquiring about security systems. Naturally I go through my routine set of questions to qualify him and really find out his needs in building his security system. What I found out was he drove a 2006 Ford F-250, which had been stolen and eventually recovered. The driver’s door had been punched out and the ignition tumbler needed to be replaced due to the thief damaging it in order to steal the vehicle (no factory immobilizer). The biggest problem was the customer used the vehicle for work. It had on the back, a full storage canopy and at the time, it was full of valuable tools and supplies. So while the police were spending time trying to locate the vehicle, the customer was losing business, because he could not operate, thus directly affecting his cash flow. Most of the tools had been taken out and most likely resold on the street. And to top it off, the vehicle is somewhat tainted just knowing someone has violated the vehicle with the sole intention of quick personal gain at the expense of another individual. The customer and I had a good heart to heart conversation and I was able to spec out and install a security system that would monitor the truck as well as the rear storage, disable the starter line when armed, and the system would notify him if the vehicle were ever tampered with. We even installed a Smartphone integration module so he could control and GPS track the vehicle all from his phone (as long as the vehicle and he were within cell phone 38 Desi Lifestyle 2015

reception). In hind sight if he had made the investment from the beginning, there would have been a very good chance the thief would not have been able to steal or even attempt to tamper with the vehicle at all. The customer is still running his business and quite well. He just acquired a second truck and we will be outfitting it with a proper security system as well. In today’s highly competitive markets businesses have to optimize operations to have

an edge. Businesses with fleets are no exception. Understanding how a fleet is being run can help cut unnecessary costs and boost efficiencies. Consider installing GPS trackers in vehicles. They do not limit autonomy for employees but allow an employer to analyze exactly how and where their vehicles are running for daily activities. Schedules and routes can be optimized by using tools like this which will save time and fuel costs. Having GPS trackers also adds security for a business owner investment in their vehicles and their contents. Many thieves will steal the whole vehicle and bring it to a secured location; that way, they have more time to go through the vehicle and its contents. For entrepreneurs who may only run one or a few vehicles, using a product like Viper SmartStart

Anthony Jarantilla Vehicle Installation Manager

in conjunction with their Viper security system is an easy way to track and control the vehicle via their smartphone or computer. Another useful tool to help protect drivers on the road is using a dash cam. Many accidents happen without witnesses and it’s very difficult to figure what actually happened after the accident. Utilizing this tool will make sure the authorities can see what actually happened, making sure insurance premiums for a business are not affected if the driver was not at fault. If you’d like to know if your vehicle is a common target for auto thieves, please review this Top 10 list of stolen vehicles in Canada from the Insurance Bureau of Canada. top-ten-stolen-cars.

Desi Lifestyle 2015 39

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Desi Lifestyle 2015 41

ASK AUNTIE JI Dear Auntie Ji, I’m going to be leaving my town soon for college, which means that I will be away from all of close friends and family. Though I know that I’ll make new friends there, I am too close to them to forget about the ones I hang out with daily. I am also close to my family and even the thought of being without them breaks my heart. How can I survive college without them? Dear Homesick, Being homesick is totally normal! Think of it this way: you leaving for college means that you are now living independently. Use this to your advantage! Making new friends and being more active can introduce you to new opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Calling or even skyping your loved ones every once in a while can give them assurance that you’re doing fine and you can still catch up with them. But don’t forget that you are away for a reason, so make it worth your while.

42 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Dear Auntie Ji, Lately I have been stressing out about work, family, and financial stability. Everything is going great now, but I tend to overthink few things and it makes me wonder about my future. How can I prevent myself from stressing out about unnecessary things? Dear Overthinker, If everything is going good now, negative thinking can take a toll on your work and family. Keep in mind that stress is good for your health, but too much can be dangerous and overpowering. You should consider doing some research on different things you can do that can help you keep your stress in control, such as yoga or exercising. You can also read about the 4-7-8 breathing exercise in this issue, which is a natural way to destress yourself using breathing techniques. Think positive and find a way to distract yourself by using a favorite hobby of yours.

ipAwry AWtI jI, mYN Awpxy Sihr qoN dUr nvIN jgHw qy kwlj ivc pVHweI leI jw rhI hW[ ies dw mqlb hY mYN Awpxy pirvwr Aqy im`qrW qoN dUr ho jwvWgI[ mYnMU ieh vI pqw hY ik myry nvyN im`qr bx jwxgy pr mYN Awpxy hux dy dosqW dy bhuq krIb hW qy myry leI auhnW nMU Bu`lxw nwmumikn hovygw[ mYN Awpxy pirvwr dy vI bhuq nyVy hW Aqy auhnW qoN dUr jwx dy i^Awl nwl myrw idl duKdw hY[ kI mYN auhnW qoN ibnW kwlj ivc rih skWgI? ipAwrI Edry hoey, Gr dw EdryvW hoxw suBwivk hY[ ies nMU ies FMg nwl ivcwro[ kwlj leI jwxw Bwv KudmuKiqAwrI nwl rihxw[ ies mOky nMU Awpxy lwB leI vrqo[ nvyN dosq bxwE[ quhwfIAW gqIivDIAW quhwfy leI nvIAW sMBwvnwvW aujwgr krngIAW[ Awpxy ipAwirAW dy sMprk ivc rihx leI qusIN auhnW nwl &on jW skweIp dy zrIey rwbqw r`K skdy ho Aqy auhnW nMU vI hOslw rhygw ik qusIN suKIN sWdI ho[ ieh nw Bu`lo ik ies dUrI dw koeI mksd hY Aqy ies nMU Awpxy vwDy leI vrqo[ ipAwry AWtI jI, ipCly ku`J simAW qoN mYnMU Awpxy kMm, pirvwr Aqy AwriQk sur`iKAw dI icMqw ho rhI hY[ BwvyN sB ku`J TIk-Twk c`l irhw hY, pr iPr vI mYN ku`J cIzW bwry izAwdw socdw hW qy Biv`K bwry icMiqq rihMdw hW[ mYN ikvyN ies PjUl dI icMqw qoN Awpxy Awp nMU mukq r`K skdw hW[

AWtI jI nMU p`uCo

ipAwry izAwdw socx vwly, jy sB TIk c`l irhw hY qW ieh nwkwrwqimk ivcwr quhwfI GrylU izMdgI Aqy kMm qy Asr kr skdy hn[ ieh iDAwn rhy ik swkwrwqimk icMqw quhwfI ishq leI cMgI hY, pr vDyry icMqw ^qrnwk swibq ho skdI hY[ qusIN Koj kro ik ikhVIAW cIzW nwl quhwfw qnwA kMtrol ivc rihMdw hY, ijvyN ik vrijS, Xogw Awid[ qusIN ies kMm ivc 4-7-8 swh dI vrijS bwry vI pVH skdy ho jo swfy qnwA nMU kudrqI qOr ‘qy kwbU ivc r`KdI hY[ soc hmySW swkwrwqimk r`Ko Aqy SOk Aqy rucIAW duAwrw Awpxw iDAwn icMqw Aqy qnwA qoN htwaux dI koiSS kro[

Desi Lifestyle 2015 43


Arb dySW iv`c duKIAW dw Awsrw,

AYs.pI.AYs. aubrwey du`beI dw kwrobwrI Aqy srb`q dw Blw tr`st dw cyArmYn suirMdr pwl isMG aubrwey iksy jwx pihcwx dw mohqwz nhIN hY[ A`j q`k sMswr iv`c iksy Awm nwgirk ny aus ijMny ivAkqI PWsI dy PMdy qoN nhIN bcwey hoxy[ aus ny hux q`k ibnW iksy Byd Bwv dy 38 pMjwbI, 1 hirAwxw, 3 hYdrwbwd, 2 mhWrwStr, 2 XU.pI. 1 sRI lMkw, 4 bMglw dySI Aqy 8 pwiksqwnIAW smyq 58 dy krIb ivAkqI PWsI dy PMdy qoN bcw ky nwmxw K`itAw hY[ iehnW kysW au`pr muAwvzy dI rwSI {bl`f mnI} Aqy vkIlW dy Krcy Awid pw ky krIb 25 l`K AmrIkn fwlr {krIb 15 kroV ru.} dw Krcw Aw cu`kw hY[ aubrwey dw jnm 13 AprYl 1956 nUM mwqw AMimRq kOr dI ku`KoN nMgl twaUniSp iv`c hoieAw ij`Qy aus dy ipqw s. pRIqm isMG nMgl fYm iv`c bqOr mkYnIkl ieMjInIAr nOkrI krdy sn[ aubrwey do BYxW Aqy do BrwvW iv`c dUsry nMbr ‘qy AwauNdw hY[ aubrwey dw pirvwr 1947 dI vMf vyly pwiksqwn qoN AwieAw sI qy kwlj rof ropV ivKy v`s igAw sI[ aus dy ipqw jI dI mOq ho cu`kI hY qy mwqw jI Aqy Cotw Brw p`ky qOr ‘qy mohwlI rihMdy hn[ aubrwey dy ipqw jI dI bdlI qlvwVw fYm ‘qy hox kwrn aus ny srkwrI hweI skUl qlvwVw qoN dsvIN kIqI qy auQoN hI AweI. tI.AweI qoN fIzl mkYink dw do swl dw kors kIqw[ srkwrI kwlj ropV qoN prY`p krn qoN bwAd auh nOkrI Aqy kwrobwr iv`c pY igAw[ aubrwey ny izMdgI iv`c bhuq SMGrS kIqw hY[ aus ny sB qoN pihlI nOkrI 1975 iv`c pMfoh fYm {ihmwcl pRdyS} bqOr ieMjx mkYink 392 ru. mhInw dI qnKwh ‘qy SurU kIqI sI[ 1976 iv`c auh 500 ru. mhInw ‘qy slwl fYm {jMmU kSmIr} nOkrI krn l`gw[ 1977 iv`c auh du`beI jw ky ie`k kMpnI iv`c mkYink dI nOkrI krn l`gw[ 1981 iv`c aus ny vwps qlvwVy Aw ky pRIqm isMG isMG sMnz nwmk kMstrkSn kMpnI KolHI qy v`fy p`Dr ‘qy TykydwrI krn l`gw[ aus ny pMjwb iv`c AnykW sVkW, pu`l, nihrW, sIvryz qoN ielwvw ibAws-goieMdvwl swihb rylvy lweIn 44 Desi Lifestyle 2015

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Desi Lifestyle 2015 45

Lululemon Sweat & Go Bag

Energetics Rope Pro

This bag is a triple-duty winner. It can be used as a carry-on, tote, and a gym bag, thanks to the wet/dry compartment that keeps sweaty gym clothes separate. This could pretty well be a lady’s perfect all-purpose bag.

Fitbit Activity Monitor



Don’t have enough time to get in some cardio activity while on business trips. Toss this weighted Energetics rope into your suitcase or carry-on and you’ll get a great cardio workout in one of the quickest and most convenient ways possible.

AU G / S E P T 2 015

It seems like there are countless ways to monitor your activities (or lack thereof). Not only does the Fitbit track your steps and calories burned, it also monitors your sleep and wakes you up with a silent alarm; no need for a wake-up call anymore.

K2 Alexis Boa

Contigo Water Bottle

It’s always a great idea to keep hydrated. Not only will this BPA-free water bottle carry water (or your favourite cool beverage), you can chuck it into any bag thanks to its leakproof design. Available in a variety of colours.

46 Desi Lifestyle 2015

With the warm days and evenings, strap on a pair of these high-end performance inline skates and head to the Stanley Park seawall. The Alexis Boa offers everything a woman could wish for in a general-purpose inline skate; they’re speedy, stable, comfortable, supportive, and well-ventilated.

Desi Lifestyle 2015 47

48 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Desi lifestyle AS 2015  
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