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Indian food is lauded for its curries, mouthburning spices and complex flavor pairings. With its use of cardamom, cayenne, tamarind and other pungent ingredients, the resulting taste combinations are unlike anything found elsewhere around the......

Vol. 1 Issue 3 April / May 2015

ON THE COVER Spring is here, and its time to make changes to our lifestyle. The sun is shining brighter, the temperature is rising, valley allergies have kicked in, flowers are blossoming, and the days are becoming longer. We all patiently wait for this weather to....

Desi Lifestyle Magazine is the only bilingual magazine that provides the best platform to connect the South-Asian community in the Fresno area of California. This magazine will encapture all aspects of lifestyle that we enjoy or wish to enjoy


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Social Recreating a Sikh Regiment in the British Armed Forces: Plausible or Implausible?






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Harry Kalsi

The Punjabi-Mexicans of the United States: Community in Decline

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The pick-up/light truck category has shown some tremendous growth in the last ten years. More than ever, trucks are becoming hybrid-functional vehicles – use for work during the day and a night out during the evening. With Ford coming out with an all-aluminum body for .....

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Ajaypal Singh Banga

Desi Lifestyle 2015


Editorial Note “You can copy someone’s work but not his brain” Our world is full of copycats – these are people who do not use their brains to create new things, but take the easy route and copy others’ ideas and work. These people may make progress in the short term and temporarily harm the originals, but the long run is never lucrative. If you look around you, people who achieve success are those who have created unique concepts and have had the courage to follow them through with planning, hard work, and passion. For example, look at Facebook and MySpace. The individual who tried to copy Facebook’s idea is no-where close to Facebook today. Likewise, there are hundreds of other examples out there as well. The one thing that copycats must keep in mind is that they can steal an idea or work, but not one’s brain. Instead of copying, it is better to get inspired from someone else’s work and try to follow them by adding some original ideas to accomplish a new concept. In any industry, there are many people who will work with you for some time, cheat you by taking some of your ideas and accounts, and then go and start their own so-called business. The biggest business tool, and mistake, they make is cutting price. Decent and businessminded people know that cutting prices means providing a lower-level service. These people do not care much for quality and levels of service. In addition, such people do not have business ethics and are destroying the industry. While everyone has right to do business, certain rules, ethics, and principles should be followed so that everyone in the industry has the opportunity to flourish. Our entire Desi Lifestyle team continues to work hard to make our magazines better in all ways possible. So please keep your suggestions, criticisms, and feedback coming. Work hard & smart and keep smiling.

“qusIN iksy dy kMm dI nkl kr skdy ho, ausdy idmwZ dI nhIN” dunIAW nkl mwrn vwilAW nwl BrI peI hY- ieh auh lok hn jo AwpxW idmwZ lgw ky koeI nvIN cIz pyS krn dI bjwey, dUijAW dy kMm jW AweIfIey dI nkl krdy hn[ iehnW lokW nMU QoVI bhuq s&lqw iml jWdI hY Aqy ieh QoVy smyN leI AslI kMm krn vwly dw QoVw bhuq nukswn vI krdy hn, pr ieh sB kuJ vkqI huMdw hY, ieh lok lMbI rys dy GoVy nhIN huMdy[jykr qusIN Awpxy Awsy pwsy ingHw mwr ky dyKoN, s&l auhI lok huMdy hn ijnHW kol Awpxy ^ud dy ivcwr Aqy socx SkqI huMdI hY, Awpxy ^ud dy AweIfIey huMdy hn Aqy iehnW AweIfIAW nUM AslIAq iv`c bdlx leI iehnW iv`c ihMmq, plYinMg Aqy s^q imhnq dw mwdw huMdw hY[audwhn dy qOr qy &ysbu`k Aqy mweI spys nUM dy^ lvo, ijs bMdy ny &ysbu`k dy AweIfIey dI nkl krn dI koisS kIqI, auh A`j ik`Qy hY Aqy &ysbu`k ik`Qy hY[iesy qrHW dIAW sYNkVy hor audwrnW vI hn[iehnW nkl mwrn vwilAW nUM ie`k g`l cyqy r`^xI cwhIdI hY ik ieh iksy dy kMm jW AweIfIey dI corI qW kr skdy hn pr ausdw idmwZ nhIN[ iksy dI nkl krn dI bjwey, ausdy kMm qoN syD lY ky ku`J AwpxW idmwZ vrq ky ku`J nvW kIqw jw skdw hY Aqy ieh s&l vI hovygw[ hr ie`k kwrobwr iv`c bhuq swry lok hn jo quhwfy nwl ku`J smyN leI kMm krdy hn, quhwnUM DoKw idMdy hn, quhwfy kuJ AweIfIey jW gRwhk corI krdy hn Aqy Awpxw kMm SurU kr lYdy hn[ sB qoN pihlW kMm auh kImqW hyTW su`tx dw krdy hn[ jo lok ibznYs nUM smJdy hn, auh iehnW dy Clwvy iv`c nhIN AwauNdy, auh jwxdy hn ik G`t kImq dw mqlb mwVI srivs[ ieh lok cMgI srivs dI pRvwh nhIN krdy, dUjw iehnW lokW iv`c scweI nhIN huMdI Aqy ieh kwrobwr dw siqAwnws mwr idMdy hn[hr iksy nUM kwrobwr krn dw h`k hY, pr scweI Aqy kwrobwr dy kwiedy kwnUMnw dI pwlxw zrUrI hY qW ky hr koeI vDIAw kmweI kr sky[ dysI LweIP stwiel dI pUrI tIm mYZzIn nUM hr p`KoN vDIAw bnwaux leI sKq imhnq krdI hY[ swnUM quhwfy suJwvW dI vI aufIk rihMdI hY[KuS rho, Awbwd rho

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Desi Lifestyle 2015

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Desi Lifestyle 2015


Cover Story


Desi Lifestyle 2015

Spring is here, and it’s time to make changes to our lifestyle. The sun is shining brighter, the temperature is rising, valley allergies have kicked in, flowers are blossoming, and the days are becoming longer. We all patiently wait for this weather to come around after a long winter of coats and boots. Many do not understand some of the important things to do during the spring to enjoy it to the fullest. You should always consider spring cleaning at the start of the weather change. It’s always a great idea to pack away heavy winter clothing, dust those blinds, and re-decorate your home environment according to the colors and temperatures you see and feel. Try opening the windows at home for a few hours a day to let the fresh air flow in and out. You should restock cleaning supplies, call someone in to shampoo the carpets, get rid of the cobwebs and bring some beautiful vases and flowers into your home. Allergies are a key topic of discussion amongst citizens in the valley area. Many suffer from grass pollen allergies and the levels are highest from spring to summer. Make sure to take care of yourself by visiting the doctor and a salt water nasal rinse here and there so you can enjoy your spring. It is also good to have a gardening plan according to what grows in which season. Consider planting flowers to spruce up the landscape at home and give your neighborhood a beautiful look. Many enjoy planting veggie patches for fresh at home vegetables. It’s the perfect weather to get out there with your family and have some back and front yard fun.

A fun activity to do during the spring is bike riding or roller blading along the local trails. Some of the local trails include the Blossom Trail, Lewis S. Eaton Trail, and Sugar Pine Trail. Think about putting together a fun wardrobe and doing a photoshoot with the beautiful flowers on Blossom Trail. Another fun activity is barbecuing. Having a barbeque at home or a local park with music, friends and family is a good way to spend quality time over the weekends. Many enjoy having picnics. You can try a potluck and set up fun games for everyone to play, such as tug-of-war, water balloon fight, charades, volleyball, flag football and many more. It also a good time to visit the beaches in this Golden State. If you prefer a cooler beach environment, head up north and for a warmer feel, just head on down south. The Central Valley is also very close to lakes such as Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake, Bass Lake and many others. You can rent a boat, jet skis and enjoy some other recreational activities. We have some of the most beautiful hikes and waterfalls in Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Sierra National Park. If you enjoy nature, you can also head out to camp or enjoy white water rafting on the Kings River. Pick up a map, safety and hazard pamphlet and head out to become one with nature. These are all fun activities for all ages if the correct safety and precautions are taken. Check out the local festivals. Vaisakhi is the harvest festival for the Punjabi New Year and is also the day that marks the establishment of the Khalsa Panth. The Caruthers Vaisakhi Mela is around the corner on April 18, 2015. Go check out the fun rides for children, the early morning basketball tournament, gidha/bhangra performances, and the beautiful phulkari’s, turbans and pakhiyan that will fill the crowd. The Annual Selma Nagar Kirtan is coming up on April 19, 2015. For a great time, help out in making a float and serve the community through seva. Many of the local farmers markets will be having events all over the Central Valley with live bands, wine tasting, selling locally grown products and fresh jams and honey. This is also the time to detox your body and rejuvenate your skin. Find outdoor workouts or yoga classes, take your pets for a walk and groom them, and head out for a jog a few times a week. Eat fruits and veggies to get ready for that summer body. Spend your spring time wisely and with a smile – don’t let this ecstatic weather and the beautiful colors pass you by.

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Desi Lifestyle 2015


Cover Story ies mOsm ivc AYlrjI swfI Z¤lbwq dw mu¤Flw ivSw huMdw hY[ polx jW prwZy dI imkdwr iehnW simAW ivc sB qoN v¤D huMdI hY Aqy swfy ivc kuJ ƒ ies qoN AYlrjI huMdI hY[ Awpxy Awp dw iDAwn r¤KidAW fwktr ƒ imilAw jwvy qy nmkIn pwxI nwl nwsW ƒ DoNdy rhIey qW jo ies mOsm dw vDyry luqP ilAw jw sky[ swfy kol ieh Xojnw hoxI AqI zrUrI hY ik AsIN mOsm Anuswr Awpxy bwZ ivc kI auZweIey[ Pu¤lW ƒ bIjxw vI ivcwrIey qW jo swfw Awpxw Gr qy Awlw-duAwlw hor KUbsUrq l¤Zy[ bhuqy lok Gr ivc sbzIAW auZwxw psMd krdy hn qW jo qwjIAW sbzIAW GroN hI pRwpq ho skx[ ieh au¤qm smW hY Awpxy Gr dy AZly qy ipCly Xwrf dw Awpxy pirvwr smyq AwnMd mwnx dw[ eys ru¤q mnpRcwry leI bhuq swry kwrj kIqy jw skdy hn, ijvyN, sweIkl svwrI, rolr blyifMZ Awid[ soco ik ikMnw mzw AwvyZw jdoN psMdIdw pOSwk ivc KUbsUrq Pu¤lW jW mihkidIAW pZ-fMfIAW dI qsvIrW iK¤cWZy[

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10 Desi Lifestyle 2015

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Harry Kalsi was born and raised in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His dad is from Adampur, Jalandhar, and his mom is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He attended high school in India before coming here in 2010. Kalsi graduated in May 2014 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Until now, Kali’s journey has been full of struggle and excitement. He has worked in the tutorial center in Fresno City College from Oct, 2010 to May 2014. For post-graduation, he did his first internship with Paramount Farms and worked there from June 2014 – Dec 2014 as a Production Supervising Assistant. Then he started working with SERPA Packaging Solutions in R&D (Research and Development) from January 2015 onwards and is presently still employed with them. Kalsi says, “The biggest achievement was finishing up my Mechanical Engineering degree in 4 years all while working full time. Time and tide waits for no one, make sure to use your time wisely. Another achievement was my active participation in fundraising events for clubs to help out the local community.” He was involved in many clubs, such as Phi Theta Kappa, Math/Engineering Club, Science Club, SASE (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers), ISC (Indian Student Club), COIO (Council of Indian Organization), etc. and he did a lot of volunteer work from community service and student affairs to fundraising. Some of his work includes organizing Bud Light’s Annual Event, selling papers, providing food to the homeless in downtown, and volunteering during Vintage Days. When we asked him if he has a mentor, he said, “Actually, there was no one who mentored me. That’s why I was able to do so many things because I was never guided by anyone. I reached out on my own and took charge of things.” His biggest inspiration and support are his parents. They are the driving force behind his small success in US. In his spare time, Kalsi enjoys watching movies, listening to music, cooking, and reading. Desi Lifestyle 2015 11


The Punjabi-Mexicans of the United States: A Community in Decline

AmrIkw dw pMjwbImYksIkn BweIcwrw - pqn v`l Original Story by: Benjamin Gottlieb ( 12 Desi Lifestyle 2015

unjabi-Mexican marriages that emerged in the early 1900s in the United States, mostly due to historical requisites and uncanny cultural similarities, are now on the decline. This was shortly after the United States witnessed a wave of male immigration from Punjab through Canada. Despite this immigration wave only encompassing a few thousand people, mostly stemming from Sikh traditions, assimilation into the farming communities of the United States was a rapid transition. The Punjabis who immigrated to this region drew from their broad agricultural background and heritage, and set up peach and prune orchards in areas like Yuba-Sutter County and other rich agricultural communities across California’s Central Valley. Today, several Punjabi landowners in the same area own a significant percentage of these peach and prune orchards, thanks to their predecessors. Despite achieving notable successes in the agricultural industries in the United States, Punjabi male immigrants were heavily discriminated against, not only on a social level, but also on an economical one. Rigid immigration laws of the era also prevented them from bringing their spouses from India to the United States, which presented a unique set of challenges for this new wave of Punjabi workers. The controversial Asian Exclusion Law, for instance, prevented immigrants from China, Korea, India, and other Asian countries from attaining citizenship and owning property at the time. This law that strictly restricted immigration based on race, defines one of the darker periods of American history. As a result, Punjabi migrants suffered from exclusion and inequality during this period of rapidly transitioning demographics. Exclusionists paradoxically labeled this as a “Hindu Invasion” or the “tide of the turbans”, a term that was thrown around

every now and then at the time. The custom for the workers at the time was to have their marriages setup by their families. In wake of these new discriminatory regulations, the workers had to look elsewhere when it came to finding their wives. During the same time, several Mexicans resided along the border cities of the United States, which happened in the aftermath of the Mexican Civil War. Several of them also attained work in agricultural jobs that involved difficult labor. The land owners of many of these farms happened to be Punjabi, which created the perfect opportunity for the two cultures to interact and assimilate on some level. Cultural parallels such as a rural lifestyle and similarities in cuisine, amongst other factors, bound Sikh grooms and Mexican wives in matrimony. The same article describes a hysterical scenario wherein the Sikh groom and the Mexican wife would simply have to check “brown” on the form at the county record office, as nuances and distinctions in race were uncommon at the time. They were essentially the same race, according to the Americans anyway. Despite the difficulty in attaining specific statistics about how many marriages really took place between the two communities, studies show that each family had an average of five to six children. In a recent interview in the same article, Karen Leonard who is a professor of anthropology at the University of California attributed this decline in statistics to the children of these marriages, who did not marry within that particular community. Another factor that contributed to the shrinkage was the Luce-Celler Bill of 1946, which permitted citizenship to immigrants of Asian origin. As a result, Punjabi landowners were permitted to bring their spouses from India, which eradicated the requirement to marry outside their communities. Punjabi-Mexican marriages were viewed from a perplexing eye by these newly immigrated Punjabi women. Reports of Mexican women, some of who actually aided in the funding of the gurudwaras we see along the West Coast today, were abolished from the same gurudwaras due to negative sentiments. Even then, traces of the Punjabi-Mexican community still remain in states like California today. The ones that remain have integrated well within the greater Indian community, which is booming in California as the article states. Leonard adds that members of this new mixed generation are generally bilingual, and sometimes participate and engage proactively in both cultures – they may attend the Sikh Parade and the annual Christmas dance. Various socio-cultural and political factors may have brought these two rich and distinct cultures in matrimony at one time, thereby creating a new breed that encompassed the traditions and customs of both India and Mexico. But alas, this community is on the verge of disappearance and thrives only amongst the few that live to see it.

pMjwbI-mYksIkn ivAwh jo ik AmrIkw ivc vIhvIN sdI dy SurUAwqI virHAW ivc ieiqhwsk loVW Aqy AdBu`q siBAwcwrk smwnqw kwrn hoNd ivc Awey, hux inGwr v`l hn[ iehnW ivAwhW ivc qyzI auhnW simAW ivc dyKI geI jdoN bhuq swry pMjwbI mrdW ny knyfw dy rsqy AmrIkw v`l Awvws kIqw[ Awvws dy ies ivAwpk dOr ivc hzwrW dI qwdwd ivc lok, ijnHW ivc bhuqy is`K sMskwrW nwl qwluk r`Kdy sn, AmrIkw dy KyqIbwVI nwl sbMDq smwj ivc jzb ho gey[ bhuqy pMjwbI jo ies Kyqr ivc Awey, dw ipCokV KyqIbwVI nwl sbMDq sI[ auhnW ny XUbw is`tI-s`tr kwauNtI Aqy kyNdrI kYlIPornIAw vYlI ivc Awpxy AwVU qy pRUx dy bwg lgwey[ A`j bhuq swry pMjwbI izMmINdwr Awpxy bzurgW dI bdOlq ies Kyqr ivc bhuq swry bwgW dy mwlk hn[ BwvyN iehnW pMjwbIAW ny AmrIkw ivc KyqIbwVI dy Kyqr ivc mh`qvpUrx s&lqw hwsl kIqI, pr auhnW nMU AwriQk Aqy smwijk Kyqr ivc BwrI ivqkry dw swhmxw krnw ipAw[ smyN dy s^q pRvwsI kwnMUnW kwrx auh AwpxIAW AOrqW nMU vI Bwrq qoN nhIN ilAw skdy sn[ imswl dy qOr qy ivvwdpUrx eySIAn AYksklUSn lwA, ijsk rky nw auh dyS dw nwgirk bx skdy sn qy nw hI jwiedwd KrId skdy sn[ ies kwnMUn dy cldy ijs nwl pRvwsIAW nMU nsl dy ibnwA qy Byd Bwv kIqw jWdw sI, AmrIkI ieiqhws ivc hnyrw smW sI[ ies sdkw pMjwbI pRvwsIAW nMU qyzI nwl ho jn qbdIlI dy hlwqW ivc Asmwnqw Aqy Byd Bwv dw swhmxw krnw ipAw[ ivroDI q`qW ny ies nMU ‘ihMdU hmlw’ jW ‘p`gW dw hVH’ kih ky sMboDn kIqw Aqy hux vI kdy nw kdy ieh sqr sunx nMU imldI hY[ auhnW simAW dOrwn mYksIkn isvl jMg qoN bwAd bhuq swry mYksIkn, AmrIkI sImW dy nyVy vs rhy sn[ ku`J ku nMU AOKw qy muS`kq BirAw kMm AmrIkI KyqW ivc imilAw[ iehnW zmInW dy mwlkW ivc bhuqy pMjwbI sn ijs sdkw iehnW dovyN kOmW nMU Awps ivc nyVy Awaux Aqy iek dUjy nMU smJx dw mOkw imilAw[ siBAwcwrk sWJ ijvyN pyNfU r`K-rKwv imldw-juldw Kwxw Aqy keI hor p`KW krky keI pMjwbI g`BrUAW dw ivAwh mYksIkn kuVIAW nwl ho igAw[ aus ihstYrIkl siQqI ivc is`K lwVy Aqy mYksIkn lwVI nMU dyS vwly kwlm ivc kyvl ‘bdwmI jW BUry’ kwlm qy shI krn dI loV pYNdI sI[ AmrIkn soc Anuswr auhnW dI nsl iek hI sI[ hwlW ik AMkiVAW dI kmI kwrn ieh d`sxw AOKw hY ik ikMny ivAwh hoey pr ku`J AiDAYn d`sdy hn ik hr pirvwr ivc 5-6 b`cy sn[ kYlIPornIAw XUnIvristI dy AYNQRopOlojI ivBwg dy pRoPYsr kryn lIaunwrf Anuswr ies ruJwn ivc inGwr dw kwrx sI b`cy ijnHW ny Awpxy Awpxy BweIcwry ivc ivAwh nhIN krwey[ auhnW Anuswr hor kwrn sI auh kwnMUn ijs duAwrw eySIAn lokW nMU nwgirkqw dw h`k imilAw[ nqIjy vjoN pMjwbI izMmINdwrW hux AwpxIAW AOrqW Bwrq qoN ilAw skdy sn Aqy BweIcwry qoN bwhr ivAwh dI hux koeI loV nhIN sI BwsdI[ nvIAW AweIAW pRvwsI pMjwbI nwrW, pMjwbI-mYksIkn ivAwhW nMU hYrwnI dI nzr nwl dyKdIAW sn[ mYksIkn AOrqW ijnHW ivcoN kuJ ny p`CmI q`t qy kuJ gurduAwirAW dI auswrI leI Awpxw mwiek sihXog vI id`qw sI[ hux nwkwrwqimk jzibAW kwrn h`Q iK`c ilAw[ hwly vI kYlIPornIAW ivc pMjwbI-mYksIkn BweIcwry dy ku`J lok rih rhy hn[ lIaunwrf Anuswr ieh lok dovyN BwSwvW boldy hn Aqy dovyN siBAwcwrW nwl sbMDq smwijk gqIivDIAW ivc ih`sw lYNdy hn ijvyN is`K pryf Aqy swlwnw ikRsims fWs[ keI smwijk, siBAwcwrk Aqy rwjnIqk kwrnW ny iehnW dovyN AmIr Aqy inAwry siBAwcwrW nMU ivvhwrk sbMDW ivc bMinHAw[ ijs sdkw ieh nvIN pIVHI hoNd ivc AweI ijs ivc Bwrq Aqy mYkisko, dovyN prMprwvW Aqy irvwjW dI ivAwpkqw qy hoNd hY[ pr du`K dI g`l ieh hY ik ieh BweIcwrw Alop hox dI kwgwr qy KVHw hY[ By: Amisha Sampat Desi Lifestyle 2015 13

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Recreating a Sikh Regiment in the British Armed Forces Plausible or Implausible? is`K rYjImYNt dI ibRitS POj ivc BrqI mMnxXog jW nw-mMnxXog?


proposition that would potentially recreate a Sikh Regiment is something that is being investigated by the head of the British Army. The viability of a Sikh unit is an idea that is currently being explored by the Chief of the General Staff, which includes the potential for a reserve company. Ideally, the new unit would encompass several of the proud customs of Sikh regiments from the Army’s history.

Countless Sikh soldiers contributed their efforts in the British Army during the 19th century, during both the First and Second World Wars. More notably, 10 Victoria Crosses (VC) have been awarded for valor to soldiers that served in Sikh regiments, marking one of the most decorated regiments amidst the British Empire. Victoria Crosses are deemed the most prestigious over all other orders, decorations, and medals. The idea of revitalizing a Sikh unit has been proposed time and time again over history. The Ministry of Defense, due to anxieties that the cause would be deemed racist, halted a recent effort in 2007.

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Social Whilst addressing defense questions in the Commons, Conservative Former Defense Minister Sir Nicholas Soames encouraged ministers to abandon political correctness. Amongst other statements, he particularly highlighted the exceptional bravery and distinguished efforts made by Sikhs towards the nation, and how a very notable shortage in the Armed Forces could potentially be filled. The shortage is directly related to the decrease in the defense budget by the Government, which reduced the size of the Army by almost 20,000. The undermining of initiatives against insurgents has led to an increased need to fill this gap urgently. The British Government has sometimes been scrutinized for the augmented use of the Forces, without the appropriate expansion of resources. In the same conversation, Mr. Francois, Minister for the Armed Forces did mention taking into consideration such a proposal that was awaiting further remarks from the Chief of the General Staff. Conservative Rory Stewart, Chairman of the Defense Select Committee, proposed that a Sikh unit amidst the reserves was an “excellent idea” full of scope. Mr. Francois’s response mainly revolved around how a reserve company could potentially be created, one that would incorporate many of the great customs of Sikh regiments throughout history in the British Army. Members of government and representatives of the Armed Forces are both engaging in conversations as to how this proposal can potentially manifest itself. The Ministry of Defense had to come up with a relatively similar scheme back in 2007, after the Commission for Racial Equality suggested that the proposal could be interpreted by some people as divisive which would lead to segregation. The most recent manning statistics By: Amisha Sampat reveal that the Armed Forces have approximately 160 Sikhs amidst their ranks, with 130 of them chiefly in the Army. The British Armed Forces Sikh Association was also founded last year, due to the notable contributions of Sikhs towards the British Armed Forces. Needless to say, there is much support from such aforementioned groups about this proposal; however, concerns about plausibility are often raised. After all, it is an idea that has been proposed several times in the past without much success. Questions pertaining to whether there are enough Sikhs to create a regiment, whether there is enough appeal to join the Armed Forces in the present climate, continue to rise and challenge the idea. Moreover, the recent revelation that the British Military played a key role in advising Indira Gandhi about the fatal 1984 attack on Sikh separatists in Amritsar’s Golden Temple could have created some negative sentiments amongst the Sikh community in Britain, albeit temporarily. Last year, David Cameron had summoned an urgent investigation of the same after secret documentation with evidence on the same surfaced. These sentiments may eradicate gradually, but only time can tell if the hindrances for this proposal to manifest can actually be overcome. Needless to say, it is something that is being eyed with much optimism from all ends.

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ibRitS POj dy muKI is`K rYjImYNt dy POj ivc BrqI dy p`K dI qhkIkwq kr rhy hn[ cI& Aw& jnrl stw& is`K XUint dy ivcwr dI jWc kr rhy hn qW jo Biv`K ivc ies nMU irzrv kMpnI vjoN vriqAw jw sky[ AwdrSk qOr qy ieh XUint is`K rYjImYNt dy mwx-m`qy ieiqhws dI qrzmwnI krygw[ Axigxq is`K POjIAW ny 19vIN sdI ivc pihly Aqy dUjy sMswr Xu`D smyN ibRitS POj nwl moFy nwl moFw joV ky jMgW lVkIAW[ ieh AnUTw p`K hY ik is`K rYjImYNt dy 10 POjIAW nMU auhnW dI bhwdrI sdkw ivktorIAw kRws nwl invwijAw igAw[ ies qrHW ieh rYjImYNt ibRitS swmrwj dI sB qoN sus`ijq rYjImYNt bx geI[ ivktorIAw kRws sB snmwnW Aqy mYflW ivcoN sB qoN gOrvmeI Aqy v`kwrI snmwn hY[ is`K XUint nMU iPr qoN surjIq krn dw pRsqwv keI vwr ivcwirAw igAw[ pr minstrI Aw& ifPYNs ny ies fr qoN ik ikqy ies nMU nslvwdI ivcwr nw soicAw jwvy, 2007 nMU ies au`dm qy rok lw id`qI[ kMzrvyitv pwrtI dy swbkw r`iKAw mMqrI sr inkols soiems ny Awpxy iek ibAwn ivc is`KW vloN kIqy gey bhwdrI dy ivrly kwrnwmy Aqy dyS pRqI auhnW dy au`Gy XogdwnW nMU aucycy qOr qy aujwgr kIqw[ auhnW ikhw ik ies qrHW POj ivc ho rhI igxqI dI kmI nMU vI pUirAw jw skygw[ ies kmI dw mu`K kwrn hY r`iKAw bjt ivc ktOqI ijs kwrn POj dI igxqI ivc 20,000 dI kmI AweI hY[ bgwvq nMU kmzor krn dI pihl-kdmIN dy m`dynzr ies kmI nMU pUrw krnw smyN dI mu`K loV hY[ ibnW vsIilAW dy ivsQwr POj dI vrqoN dy mu`dy qy ibRitS srkwr dy ies p`K dI pihlW vI keI vwr Cwx-bIn ho cu`kI hY[ iesy g`lbwq dOrwn POjW bwry mMqrI imstr PRYNkoies ny vI ies p`K nMU ivcwrn dI g`l khI jo ik cI& Aw& jnrl stw& dI it`pxI dI ieMqzwr kr irhw hY[ ifPYNs islYkt kmytI dy cyArmYn kMzrvyitv rorI stIvwrt ny ieh pRsqwv r`iKAw ik irzrv ivc is`K XUint iek AwdrSk sMklp hY[ PRYNkoies dy ivcwr ies mu`dy qy kyNdirq rhy ik ikvyN irzrv kMpnI bxy Aqy ikvyN ibRitS POj ivc is`K rYjImYNt dy mwxm`qy ieiqhws nMU Awpxy ivc sMjo lvy[ srkwr dy mYNbrW Aqy POj dy pRqIin`DW ivc ieh ivcwr vtWdrw c`l irhw hY ik ikvyN ies pRsqwv nMU AmlI jwmw pihnwieAw jw sky[ 2007 ivc nslI brwbrI dy kmISn dI ies it`pxI ipCoN ik ies nMU ku`J lok ivqkrw Aqy Byd Bwv vI smJ skdy hn, minstrI Aw& ifPYNs nMU mukwbln iesy qrHW dI Xojnw ilAwauxI peI sI[ hwlIAw AMkiVAW muqwbk POj ivc 160 dy krIb is`K hn Aqy auhnW ivcoN 130 mu`K qOr qy AwrmI ivc hn[ brqwnvI POjW pRqI is`KW dy imswlIAw Xogdwn sdkw ipCly swl hI ibRitS Awrmf Pors is`K AYsosIeySn hoNd ivc AweI[ izkrXog hY ik ies pRsqwv dI bhup`KI ihmwieq vI hY pr ies dy Aml pRqI keI srokwr hn[ XkInn AqIq ivc keI vwr ies bwry crcw hoeI pr hwly q`k kwmXwbI hwisl nhIN ho skI[ ieh svwl ik ies rYjImYNt ivc BrqI leI kw&I is`K hoxgy, kI mOjUdw hwlwqW ivc hiQAwrbMd POjW ivc BrqI leI loVINdw Awvydn hY, ies pRsqwv leI cuxOqI hY[ hwlIAw iezhwr ik ibRitS AwrmI ny 1984 ivc drbwr swihb AMimRqsr ivc hmlw krn leI ieMdrw gWDI nMU suJwA id`qw sI, ny vI ibRtyn dyi s`KW AMdr nwkwrwqimk jzbw BirAw hY, BwvyN ies dw Asr QoVHicrw hI hovy[ ipCly vrHy fyivf kyimrwn iehnW ^u&IAw dsqwvyzW dI zrUrI jWc dy AwdyS id`qy sn[ BwvyN ieh jzbw hOlI -hOlI ^qm ho jwvygw, pr kyvl smW hI d`s skdw hY ik ies pRsqwv dy rsqy ivc Aw rhIAW muSiklW dw h`l ho skygw jW nhIN[ ieQy ieh kihxw gYr-zrUrI hY[ sB p`KW qoN ies pRsqwv nMU skwrAwqm qrIky nwl vyiKAw jw irhw hY[

Elephant Lounge not only serves the finest Indian creations, but has also created a menu with some of the best spiced American/ Italian food in Fresno!

HAPPY HOURS: 3pm-6pm 9pm-12am

Sunday - Thursday 11am - 10pm


Friday -Saturday 11am - 12am



$5 Appetizers Domestic Draft $2.50 Import Draft $3.50 Well Drinks $4 Margaritas & Martinis $5 House wine $4

80 W Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA, United States I Desi Lifestyle 2015 17



xperts and successful exercisers reveal the top tips and tricks they use to get the most from their fitness routines. Getting and staying fit can be a challenge. For many of us, it’s hard just to get up off the couch. So what’s the secret of people who have managed to make exercise a way of life?

Be Consistent Chase Squires is the first to admit that he’s no fitness expert. But he is a guy who used to weigh 205 pounds, more than was healthy for his 5’4” frame. “In my vacation pictures in 2002, I looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at the beach,” says the 42-year-old Colorado resident. Squires decided enough was enough, cut out fatty food, and started walking on a treadmill. The pounds came off and soon he was running marathons -- not fast, but in the race. He ran his first 50-mile race in October 2003 and completed his first 100-miler a year later. Since then, he’s completed several 100-mile, 50-mile, and 50k races. His secret? “I’m not fast, but I’m consistent,” says Squires, who says consistency is his best tip for maintaining a successful fitness regimen. “It all started with 20 minutes on a treadmill,” he says. “The difference between my success and others who have struggled is that I did it every single day. No exercise program in the world works if you don’t do it consistently.”


Follow an Effective Exercise Routine The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently surveyed 1,000 ACE-certified personal trainers about the best techniques to get fit. Their top three suggestions: • Strength training. Even 20 minutes a day twice a week will help tone the entire body. • Interval training. “In its most basic form, interval training might involve walking for two minutes, running for two, and alternating this pattern throughout the duration of a workout,” says Cedric Bryant, PhD, FACSM, chief science officer for ACE. “It is an extremely time-efficient and productive way to exercise.” • Increased cardio/aerobic exercise. Bryant suggests accumulating 60 minutes or more a day of low- to moderate-intensity physical activity, such as walking, running, or dancing. Set Realistic Goals “Don’t strive for perfection or an improbable goal that can’t be met,” says Kara Thompson, spokesperson for the International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). “Focus 18 Desi Lifestyle 2015

instead on increasing healthy behaviors.” In other words, don’t worry if you can’t run a 5K just yet. Make it a habit to walk 15 minutes a day, and add time, distance, and intensity from there.

Use the Buddy System Find a friend or relative whom you like and trust who also wants to establish a healthier lifestyle, suggests Thompson. “Encourage one another. Exercise together. Use this as an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company and to strengthen the relationship.” Make Your Plan Fit Your Life Too busy to get to the gym? Tennis star Martina Navratilova, health and fitness ambassador for the AARP, knows a thing or two about being busy and staying fit. Make your plan fit your life, she advises in an article on the AARP web site. “You don’t need fancy exercise gear and gyms to get fit.” If you’ve got floor space, try simple floor exercises to target

areas such as the hips and buttocks, legs and thighs, and chest and arms (like push-ups, squats, and lunges). Aim for 10-12 repetitions of each exercise, adding more reps and intensity as you build strength.

Be Happy Be sure to pick an activity you actually enjoy doing, suggests Los Angeles celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree. “If you hate weights, don’t go to the gym. You can lose weight and get in shape with any type of training or activity,” he says. And choose something that is convenient. Rock climbing may be a great workout, but if you live in a city, it’s not something you’ll be doing every day. Watch the Clock Your body clock, that is. Try to work out at the time you have the most energy, suggests Jason Theodosakis, MD, exercise physiologist at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. If you’re a morning person, schedule your fitness activities early in the day; if you perk up as the day goes along, plan your activities in the afternoon or evening. “Working out while you have the most energy will yield the best results,” Theodosakis says. Call In the Pros Especially if you’re first getting started, Theodosakis suggests having a professional assessment to determine what types of exercise you need most. “For some people, attention to flexibility or to balance and agility, may be more important than resistance training or aerobics,” he says. “By getting a professional assessment, you

can determine your weakest links and focus on them. This will improve your overall fitness balance.”

Get Inspired “Fitness is a state of mind,” says fitness professional and life coach Allan Fine of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. One of Fine’s tricks to get and stay motivated is to read blogs or web sites that show him how others have been successful. “Who inspires you?” he asks.

Be Patient Finally, remember that even if you follow all these tips, there will be ups and downs, setbacks and victories, advises Navratilova. Just be patient, and don’t give up, she says on the AARP web site: “Hang in there, and you’ll see solid results.”

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City of KERMAN K

erman was originally built as a railroad station called Collis back in the late 1800’s. It was renamed Kerman after two gentlemen, William Kerckhoff and Jacob Mansar, purchased about 3000 acres. They subdivided the land and eventually, others started settling there. Today, the city has about 15,000 residents and continues to grow. Over the last two decades, hundreds of Punjabi families have moved to Kerman. They’ve made their homes next door to Mexicans and work alongside them in fields, either farming or driving trucks to haul produce. The small city has great schools, parks and excellent recreational programs for the youth and seniors. Kerman and the City Council have planned, financed and developed the necessary support infrastructure to properly accommodate this growth. A local Punjabi, Bill Nijjer, holds a seat in the city council. The city is proud that it has one of the lowest crime rates in the Fresno County. They have a harvest festival in the fall and an excellent Christmas parade during the winter. One of the best things about Kerman is its diversity. Close to 12 percent of the population is Punjabi. They have the largest Punjabi section of any public library in the USA. You can walk down the aisles and find a book in English or Punjabi on almost every topic related to Punjabi culture, history, arts, and much more. Fourteen years ago, the Indian community lobbied to have Punjabi taught as a foreign language at the high school level and became one of only a few California school districts to offer the courses as an elective approved by the University of California system. The small town is full of many businesses owned by Punjabis, such as Lucero’s Market, JS Auto Sales, Guru Commercial Auto Brokers, U-Save Liquor, Handy Stop Liquor, Kerman U Save, 7 Star Market, and Fastrip . Kerman places great emphasis on quality of life, while still keeping a small-town flavor. This beautiful town has rich, flat farmland and reminds many of the natural beauty of northwest India’s Punjab. 20 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Councilman BILL NIJJER Bill Nijjer, from village Raipur Arian, Dist. Nawan Shahar, Punjab, was born to Sardar Gurbax S. Nijjer and Surinder K. Nijjer. He has one brother, Gurtirth S. Nijjer. His great grandfather, Sardar Ganda Singh, was in the army during British rule and upon retirement, was awarded 50 acres of land near Lyallpur. His family migrated to the USA freshly after the 1984 Sikh Riots. He has been married for eleven years and has two sons named Arjan Singh and Karm Singh. His wife, Harmandeep K. Nijjer, is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Upon graduation from CSUF in Business Administration/ Information Systems, Nijjer wanted to practice in the real estate industry. He was a home mortgage consultant and his ultimate goal always was to sell commercial properties. His specialty now is industrial properties, agricultural and retail business. He is currently working for Berkshire

Hathaway. The City of Kerman is a Council-Manager form of government. Once policies are set by the Mayor and Council, it is the job of the City Manager, his staff, and the city department directors to implement these policies as the executive body. The City Manager is selected by the Mayor and Council and is responsible for hiring all of the city department directors. As City Council, Nijjer’s job is to enact ordinances, set policies, and develop an annual Legislative Agenda for the City of Kerman. He also oversees the city budget and capital improvements program. He makes sure there are an adequate number of police officers keeping the residents safe for which he leans on the Chief of Police for that advice. They hold bi-weekly council meetings to address issues and concerns in the community. During the political campaign, Nijjer realized how difficult and time consuming the process was. “It’s great talking to real folks with real problems,” he said. His wife and kids are his inspiration to succeed. His brother, parents and in-laws are always there to support him. Without all of them and their sacrifices, he wouldn’t be where he is today and would not have taken the decision to run for City Council.


Manpreet Tiwana A new officer is patrolling the streets of Kerman, CA. Young officer Manpreet Tiwana is breaking the norm of Indian women having limited authority. She says it would have been difficult to work a job like this back in Punjab. She has acquired a degree in the dental field and has achieved her Masters of Business. Tiwana is a 24-years-young officer working the graveyard shifts. She quotes, “I like working nights. Graveyard is kind of fun. That’s when all the good stuff happens.” Ms. Tiwana spends her time with her community trying to help resolve issues that arise. There is a large population of Punjabis living in Kerman, CA and having an officer of the same descent makes it easier for people to open up. Officer Tiwana claims her next challenge will be to learn Spanish to help serve the South American community in a much more valuable way.

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Business Profile

International Women’s Day The Sikh Institute - Fresno, Gurdwara Singh Sabha celebrated International Women’s Day. The Europeans declared International Women’s Day to be March 08. This day celebrates the struggles women faced to achieve equal economical and political rights. Women all over the world joined together and celebrated in a very diverse way, such as crafts markets, political conferences, rallies, performances, parades and other fun activities. We spoke to some strong women leaders from our community, Guddi Ranu and Guddi Sidhu, who helped in putting the event together. They said that the event was well-attended and built increased social awareness.

Consulate General of India Consul General of India - San Francisco Ashok Venkatesan came out to CSUF to tour the agricultural department and speak to many students from various departments. Later in the evening, it was discussed to attempt to build a connection with the Dean of Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana, Punjab and CSUF to collaborate a joint venture in the near future. Photo courtesy : Neeta Machhike 24 Desi Lifestyle 2015


New in Town

Holi The Indian Student Club from CSUF again organized an outstanding Holi event this year. This festival of colors took place March 15, 2015 at the J.E. O’Neill Park, with tons of color and unlimited entertainment from the DJ Malhi Entertainment Team. Photo courtesy : Day N Night Video

Bollywood Night

Fowler High has done it again. The Indian club put together a beautiful event full of color and music for about 220 guests. President Jaspreet Dhillon of the Indian club says, “This year’s event was amazing. Everyone loved the energy from our local team Bhangra Bloodline. Seva Beauty did a great job with the mehndi for the girls and DJ Malhi did a great job with the music.” Photo courtesy : Navi Aulakh

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Relationship Relationships amongst individuals has a strong tie to happiness and learning about life. Maintaining a healthy relationship amongst your loved ones is tough in this busy world. Love is the key factor that keeps the bind of a relationship together. Love is a strong feeling of attraction you have for a significant other in a romantic way.

26 Desi Lifestyle 2015

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS What is a healthy relationship? A healthy relationship involves couples being open with each other when upset or if something is on their mind. Bottling up your feelings and thoughts is not mentally healthy. It is also very important to respect your loved ones beliefs and values, and being supportive. If there are situations in life where you do not agree with one another, do not resort to pushing each other away, but instead come to an agreement and compromise. It is also a good idea to try new things together, explore the world, and try to learn about each other. Two of the Biggest Issues in Relationships: PRIVACY & TRUST! If you look around you, you will see many couples checking each others phones, questioning one another about their whereabouts, and keeping passwords to social media sites. If your relationship has any of these issues, then there is no privacy nor trust. There has to be space, and things you enjoy without your significant other for mental stability. You should participate in events and pursuit your hobbies with friends, co-workers, colleagues and other family members without your partner sometimes. If Your Relationship Feels Like it is in a Rut: Do not automatically suppose divorce or breaking up is the answer. Most couples resort to marriage/couples counseling or therapy. Counseling or therapy has helped many couples revive their relationships and helped them remember why the individuals fell in love in the first place, and creates a better understanding for one another.

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Pet Corner

Desi Road King

Jag Brar

Make & Model:

2014 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Jagmohan Singh Brar - 22yrs - CSU Fresno Business Management Work: Conner Logistics Courier Service - Help parents with Trucking and Farming Almonds Modifications : Custom Performance Exhaust - Recaro Racing Seats - Eibach Lowering Kit Larger Turbo Upgrade - Forged Rotating Assembly - Cold-Air Intake Upgraded Fuel System for E-85 Fuel - Pirelli P6 Tires - Custom Painted Wheels Launch Control - Upgraded JL Audio Sound System - Brembo Brakes with Stoptech Rotors - Short-Shifter - Custom Built Diffuser

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THE BORN EXPLORER Ranveer Singh Bansal Ranveer Singh Bansal Lets take a look into this little explorers world. Ranveer loves to play soccer and is fascinated by toy trucks such as big rigs. His favorite television show is Thomas & Friends, CID and favorite movie is Dhoom 3. He loves to dance to bhangra music and this cutie’s favorite song is “Navan lee lia truck tere yaar ne, babbian de chal chaliye.” He adores Superman because he says, “He can blow fire out.” In the future, Ranveer wants to be a painting artist, and hopes to go to Vancouver, BC for a fun trip and to meet his cousins.

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ServiceS • • • • • • •


Call Today: 559. 392.1185

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t may seem like somewhat of a far-fetched proposition, and should certainly not take away from our regular workout sessions which entail their own obvious benefits (red wine can’t give you toned abs), however, a new study by the University of Alberta has concluded that resveratrol, a key ingredient in red vino, can provide the same benefits to the body as a regular workout session. Jason Dyck, who led the study at the university, concluded that the results could be especially beneficial to those that face some sort of hindrance when it comes to approaching their workout. Regular intake of resveratrol was proven to noticeably enhance physical performance, heart functioning, and muscular agility in a very similar manner to a gym workout. Over the decades, a tremendous amount of research has surfaced about the health benefits of red wine. Red wine has been associated with lowered cholesterol levels, increased lifespan, protection against specific types of cancers and dementia, enhanced mental functioning and lowered blood pressure. There have been several studies indicating that red wine, when consumed in moderation, can help balance blood sugar levels in people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Scientists and medical experts have recommended a small glass of red wine appropriate for daily consumption. In fact, a small glass of red vino contains the same amount of active ingredients as some anti-diabetic drugs. Researchers believe that the key ingredient – resveratrol – can profoundly aid in stimulating insulin secretion. The fact that it can protect your heart only adds as an icing on the cake. The key is moderation as part of a calorie-controlled diet. The same facts do not, however, hold true for other types of wine such as white and rose. There are numerous other ways to incorporate resveratrol as part of your daily diet – blueberries, peanuts, cranberries, peanut butter, red grapes, – are all fine examples. Red and purple grape juices may encompass some of the same heart-healthy advantages as red wine. Resveratrol supplements are also another option to consider, although there is speculation as to how effectively it can be absorbed into the body. Finally, a health routine that appeals to us avid red wine aficionados. Time to stock up on the Shiraz.


WE MAKE EVERY CATERING AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE ipCly dhwikAW qoN rYf vwien dy ishq pRBwvW qy bhuq Koj hoeI hY[ rYf vwien bwry ieh ikhw jWdw hY ik ieh kolYstrwl GtwauNdw hY, aumr ivc vwDw krn ivc shweI huMdw hY, ku`J Kws qrHW dy kYNsr qoN bcwx ivc mddgwr, mwisk kwrj vDwx Aqy bl`f pRYSr Gtwaux ivc shweI huMdw hY[ ku`J AYsy AiDAYn vI hoey hn jo is`D krdy hn ik QoVHI mwqrw ivc ies dI vrqoN nwl Skr rog dy mrIzW dw SUgr lYvl sMquln huMdw hY[ swieMsdwnW Aqy fwktrW ny QoVHI mwqrw ivc ies dI rozwnw vrqoN bwry vI ikhw hY[ AslIAq ivc rYf vwien dy iek Coty glws ivc qkrIbn aunHy q`q huMdy hn ijMnHy SUgr dI dvweI ivc[ KojkwrW dw ieh ivSvws hY ik ‘rYsvrYtrOl’ ieMsulIn dI pYdwvwr nMU lwgqwr pRBwvq krdw hY[ ieh q`Q ik ieh quhwfy idl dI vI r`iKAw krdw hY[ sony qy suhwgw hY[ pr kuMjI hY sMjm ivc ies dI vrqoN[ pr ieh hkIkq hor vwien, ijvyN vweIt jW roz leI shI nhIN[ BwvyN sunx ivc ieh g`l s`cweI qoN kohW dUr l`gdI hY Aqy ies nwl auh pRwpqI vI sMBv nhIN jo ik vrijS nwl huMdI hY ijvyN iekyhrw srIr, pr XUnIvristI Aw& AYlbrtw dy iek qwzy AiDAYn ivc is`D huMdw hY ik rYf vweIn ivc iek AYsw q`q hY ijs dw pRBwv swfy srIr qy auh hI hY jo ik bkwiedw vrijS dw[ jysn if`k ijnHW ny ies AiDAYn dI AgvweI kIqI, ny AYlwn kIqw ik ijnHW ivAkqIAW leI vrijS mumikn nhIN, auhnW leI nqIjy lwBkwrI is`D hoxgy[ rYf vweIn ivc pwieAw jwx vwlw q`q ‘rYsvrYtrOl’ srIrk smr`Qw, idl dy kwrj Aqy mws-mySIAW dI PurqI leI ausy qrHW hI aupXogI hY ijvyN vrijS hor keI qrIikAW nwl AsIN AwpxI Kurwk ivc ‘rYsvrYtrOl’ ilAw skdy hW-ijvyN blubYrI, mUMgPlI, kRYnbYrI, lwl AMgUr Awid[ lwl Aqy jwmnI AMgUr swfy idl dI ishq qy auh Asr hI krdy hn jo rY`f vwien dw hY[ splImYNts qoN vI AsIN ieh lwB pRwpq kr skdy hW, pr ieh ivklp ivcwr ADIn hY ikauNik iehnW dy srIr ivc Kqm hox dI pRikirAw qy ku`J suAwl KVHy hn[ ishq pRikirAw bwry jo soc rYf vwien dI vrqoN nMU rokdI hY, hwly ADUrI hY[ smW hY ies AMgUr dy bytI nMU stwk krn dw[

The Asoka crew is capable of catering an event of up to 2,000 people. We have affordable prices and have been told we are the best Indian caterers in the San Joaquin Valley.

Hours of Operation:

TUESDAY - SUNDAY 11 A.M.-2:30 P.M. Lunch 5 P.M.-9 P.M. Dinner 2713 Whitson Ave. Selma CA, 93662

rYf vwien aurHy aurHy-vrijS prHy pryyH

Tel: (559)891-0704 Cell: (559)259-1858 I Desi Lifestyle 2015 31


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pMjwb vwsqy ieh bVy mwx vwlI g`l hY ik ivSv pRis`D AmrIkn kMpnI mwstr kwrf dy mu`K kwrjkwrI AiDkwrI Aqy AmrIkn-BwrqI ibzns kwaUNsl dy cyArmYn Ajypwl isMG bWgw {Ajy bWgw} nUM AmrIkn rwStrpqI brwk abwmw ny 6 PrvrI nUM bhuq hI mh`qvpUrn “ AfvweIzrI kmytI Pwr tryf pwilsI AYNf nwgOSIeySn” dw mYNbr inXukq krn dw AYlwn kIqw hY[ rwStrpqI aubwmw ny AYlwn kIqw ik AmrIkw bwhr qoN Awax vwly iehnW bu`DIjIvIAW dy qzrby Aqy zhwnq dw lwhw lYx iv`c mwx mihsUs krdw hY[ Ajy bWgw ies pdvI qoN ielwvw 2014 iv`c ivSv dy 100 srv sryST mu`K kwrjkwrI AiDkwrIAW {} iv`c vI cuixAw igAw sI[ auh ieklOqw BwrqI sI ijsnUM ies swl ieh mwx pRwpq hoieAw sI [ ieh swlwnw sUcI vkwrI AmrIkn mYgzIn,hwrvrf irivaU duAwrw iqAwr kIqI jWdI hY[ sUcI iv`c AmyzOn kMpnI dw sI.eI. au.jYPrI bIjoz ie`k nMbr Aqy Ajy bWgw 64vyN nMbr qy hY[ ies ilst iv`c auh sI. eI. au.Swiml kIqy jWdy hn ijnHW ny AwpxI kMpnI dI qr`kI leI lMby smy q`k zmInI qOr qy Tos nqIjy id`qy hn[ Ajy bWgw dy ADIn mwstr kwrf ny bhuq qr`kI kIqI hY[ Ajy bWgw 2010 iv`c mwstr kwrf dw sI[ aus dy ADIn SyAr holfrW dw munwPw 169%, ‘qy bzwrI pUMjIkrn vD ky 66 kroV AmrIkn fwlr ho igAw hY[ Ajy bWgw sUcI ivcly 13`c AwauNdw hY, ijhnW dI nwgirkqw auhnW dI kMpnI dI nwgirkqw qoN v`KrI hY[ ies ilst iv`c hornW qoN ielwvw ieh hn; issko isstm dw john cYNbrz, X`m brWfz dw fyivf novYk, nYtPilks dw rIf hysitMgz, kYnn dw PUjIau mIqwrweI, stwrb`ks dw hwvrf Sulz, vwt ifznI dw rwbrt iegr, AYfIfws dw hrbrt hynr Aqy nweIkI dw mwrk pwrkr[ sUcI iv`c kyvl auh sI. eI. au. Swiml kIqy gey hn jo do swl dw kwrjkwl pUrw kr cu`ky hn[ Ajy bWgw dw jnm 1960 iv`c KfkI, pUny iv`c hoieAw sI 32 Desi Lifestyle 2015

ijQy aus dy ipqw POj iv`c qwienwq sn[ aus dw pirvwr mUl rUp iv`c jlMDr dw rihx vwlw hY[ as dy ipqw s. hrBjn isMG bWgw AwrmI qoN bqOr lYPtInYNt jnrl irtwier hoey hn[ aus dw v`fw Brw AYm. AYs. bWgw vI ie`k mShUr sI. eI. au. hY[ Ajy bWgw dI pqnI dw nwm irqU bWgw hY qy ausdIAW Aid`qI 21 swl Aqy jXoiqkw 17 swl, do bytIAW hn[ AwrmI iv`c hox kwrn aus dy ipqw dI bdlI jgHw jgHw huMdI rihMdI sI[ ies leI aus dI skUlI pVHweI vI v`K v`K skUlW, ijvyN iskMdrwbwd, jlMDr, id`lI, hYdrwbwd Aqy iSmlw iv`c hoeI[ bWgw ny bI.kwm syNt stIPn kwlj id`lI XUnIvristI, qy AYm.bI.ey. v`kwrI ieMfIAn ieMstIicaUt AwP mYnyjmYNt{AweI.AweI.AYm} Aihmdwbwd qoN kIqI[ Ajy bWgw ny Awpxw sPr nYsly kMpnI qoN SurU kIqw sI[ 13 swl q`k aus ny ivkrI, mwrkIitMg Aqy pRbMDn iv`c inpuMnqw nwl izMmyvwrI sMBwlI[ ies qoN bwAd aus ny pYpsI kMpnI iv`c nOkrI kIqI[ jdoN Bwrq dI ArQ ivvsQw iv`c audwrqw AwauxI SurU hoeI qW iesny pYpsI dy vpwr nUM Bwrq iv`c PYlwaux iv`c mu`K Xogdwn pwieAw[

Personality ies qoN bwAd bWgw ny 1996 qoN lY ky 2009 q`k istI gru`p iv`c nOkrI kIqI[ aus ny istI gru`p dw kwrobwr AmrIkw, XUrp, Arb dySW qy APrIkw iv`c PYlwaux iv`c BwrI Xogdwn pwieAw[ istI gru`p nUM C`fx qoN pihlW auh ies kMpnI dw eySIAw pYsIiPk dw qy kMpnI dy bYNikMg, ienvYstmYNt Aqy krYift kwrf Awid dy ivsQwr leI ijMmyvwr sI[ auh istI gr`up dI sInIAr mYnyjmYNt Aqy AYgjYkitv kmytIAW dw mYNbr sI[ Ajypwl isMG bWgw mwstr kwrf qoN ielwvw hyT ilKy AhuidAW qy kMm kr irhw hY; auh krwPt PUfz dw borf mYNbr, eySIAw suswietI dw trstI, Bwrq-AmrIkn ibzns kONsl dw cyArmYn, Bwrq-AmrIkn dw mYNbr, AmrIkw dI ivdySI sbMDW bwry kONsl dw mYNbr, dI ieknOimks kl`b AwP inaUXwrk dw mYNbr, inaUXwrk hwl AwP swieMs dw trstI, nYSnl Arbn lIg dw borf mYNbr, mwsko skUl AwP mYnyjmYNt dy slwhkwr borf dw mYNbr, borf AwP PweInYNSIAl srivs rwaUNftybl dw mYNbr, inaUXwrk istI bYly AYNf pwrtnriSp AwP inaUXwrk istI dw mYNbr, vIl kOrnl mYfIkl kwlj Aqy AmrIkn rY`f krws dw borf mYNbr hY[ aus nUM Pwrn pwilsI AYsosIeySn mYfl 2012 qoN ielwvw AnykW mwn snmwn iml cu`ky hn[ Ajy bWgw 2009 iv`c mwstr kwrf kMpnI iv`c AieAw sI[ mwstr kwrf dy borf AwP fwierYktr ny AprYl 2010 iv`c AYlwn kIqw ik Ajy bWgw julweI 2010 qoN kMpnI dw[ ies qoN ielwvw aus nUM kMpnI dy borf AwP fwierYktr iv`c vI Swiml kIqw igAw hY[ aus ny rObrt sIlYNfr qoN pd gRihx kIqw hY, jo 1997 qoN mwstr kwrf dw Aw irhw sI[ aus v`loN idKwey gey Tos nqIijAW ‘qy mwstr kwrf dI qr`kI iv`c idAwnqdwrI nwl pwey ih`sy kwrn aus nUM ieh mhwn snmwn imlAw hY[ ies nwl Bwrq dw ‘qy pMjwb dw nwm au`cw hoieAw hY[

MasterCard announced on April 12, 2010 that Ajay Banga, previously MasterCard’s president and chief operating officer, had been named by the Board of Directors to serve as the company’s president and chief executive officer, effective July 1, 2010. The company also announced that Banga would become a member of MasterCard’s Board of Directors, effective immediately. Banga, 50, succeeded Robert W. Selander, who had been MasterCard’s chief executive officer since March 1997. On Thursday, February 5, 2015, President Barack Obama appointed Banga to serve as a Member of the President’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. Presently, he is also the Chairman of the US-India Business Council (USIBC) representing more than three hundred of the largest international companies investing in India. He is also a member of Board of directors of The Dow Chemical Company, Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Member of International Business Council of the world Economic Forum. Born into a Sikh family in Khadki outside Pune, Maharashtra in India where his father, an army officer, was posted. The family’s origin is from Jalandhar in Punjab. His father is retired lieutenant-general Harbhajan Singh Banga who is a decorated army general of Indian Army. He is also the younger brother of another well known CEO M S Banga. blrwj isMG is`DU AYs.pI.

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Free delivery to Truckstops, Hotels, Motels & Shops etc.

Restaurant • Bar • Banquet 3035 West Ashlan Ave, Fresno, CA 93722 Call us at: (559) 229-1313

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This Is Why Indian Food Is So Delicious Indian food is lauded for its curries, mouth-burning spices and complex flavor pairings. With its use of cardamom, cayenne, tamarind and other pungent ingredients, the resulting taste combinations are unlike anything found elsewhere around the world.

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It’s the lack of overlapping flavors, scientists say But scientists in India have now discovered exactly why Indian food is so good — it’s the fewer number of overlapping flavors in ingredients. Researchers at the Indian Institute for Technology examined how frequently overlapping flavor compounds factored into a dish’s ingredients. They reviewed thousands of recipes on, scrutinizing the subtle molecular-level differences that distinguish the cuisine, reports the Washington Post. “We found that average flavor sharing in Indian cuisine was significantly lesser than expected,” researchers wrote. In Western cuisines, ingredients are usually paired together for their similar flavors. However, an average Indian dish includes at least seven ingredients, most of which do not contain overlapping flavors. Cayenne, green bell pepper, coriander and garam masala are usually paired with ingredients that have no chemical overlap, but each ingredient brings a unique component when incorporated into the final meal. This creates knockout dishes for a cuisine that uses approximately 200 of the estimated 381 ingredients known in the world.

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Expo Rental

AYkspo rYNtl Twenty five years ago in a residential home in the city of Fresno CA, a family business was being created. Party rentals, bounce houses, cotton candy machines, etc. The family owned business came up with the name EXPO rentals. “Going to trade show was the success for my father Mario Viramontes, “ Sarah Strebel daughter of Mr and Mrs Viramontes. With out the experience of the trade shows Expo would not be there where they are today. Expo out grow the home business and continues to grow. With their new location at 3714 N. Valentine Ave Fresno Ca. Their services reaching through out California and continuing to add more rentals to the so ever growing market of “Party Rental” Expo rental has grown over the past years, they have expanded to audio visual, DJ service, tents, linens, floral, flatware, dishware, food service, staging, lounge furniture etc. The meaning behind Expo Rentals logo symbolizes; X= means check mark, checking everything on the list. Reassuring the customers their experience with Expo rental is smooth sailing, worry free. The “O” represents Diversity, Core Values, Integrity, Customer service, and lasting memories. The Expo Rental employees take great pride in customer service. There is no cap on size to cater your party. “We believe in creating happiness and lasing memories” , “Customer service isn’t costly but priceless” Sarah “Give us the opportunity to gain your business, we stand behind our products and great service, our sales team is in full force. Expo Rental user friendly website www. gives you the opportunity to search all your party rental needs. If you need a more hands on experience the staff at Expo Rental has a “floor show” were you can see and touch the products even have a tour in their warehouse. With over 25 years of experience Expo Rental will cater to your family parties, community events, weddings, tailgate events, showers even to a Trade Show. Desi Maxx Media Group is honored to have contract with Expo Rental, for the West American Truck Show. We had a great experience with the staff at Expo Rental, that they will be doing our 2nd annual Truck Show this year. Desi Lifestyle is happy to feature Expo Rental for the April/May issue. 36 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Business Profile A`j qoN 25 swl pihlW PrYjno kYlIPornIAw dy iek Gr qoN iek pirvwrk vpwr dI SurUAwq hoeI[ pwrtIAW leI krwey dw smwn, bwaUNs hwaUs, kwtn kYNfI mSIn ieiqAwidk[ ies pirvwrk vpwr nMU nwm id`qw igAw ‘AYkspo rYNtl’[ vIrwmWEuts dMpqI dI DI swrw strIbl Anuswr tryf SoA qy jwxw aus dy ipqw mwrIE vIrwmWEts dI kwmXwbI dw v`fI kwrx sI[ tryf SoA dy qzrby qoN ibnW AYkspo auQy nw huMdw ijQy A`j auh hY[ AYkspo v`Ddw igAw Aqy nvIN jgHw 3714 nwrQ vYilntwien AYvIinE PrYjno kYlIPornIAw ivKy qbdIl ho igAw[ hux ies dw kwrj Kyqr pUrw kYlIPornIAw sI[ lgwqwr v`DdI pwrtIAW leI ikrwey dy smwn dI mwrikt dIAW loVW pUrIAW krn leI bhuq swrw smwn jmHW kIqw[ ipCly swlW ivc AYkspo rYNtl vpwr ivc kwPI vwDw hoieAw hY Aqy ies ny Awpxw AiDkwr Kyqr PYlwA ky fI jy suivDw, AwfIE ivXUAl, tYNt, Pul, Kwxw, styj, PrnIcr, BWfy qy plytW Awid vI Swml kr ley hn[ AYkspo rYNtl dw logo hY ‘AYks’ ijs dw Bwv hY ‘cYk-mwrk’ Bwv ilst Anuswr sB TIk hY[ ieh Awpxy KrIdwr nMU hOslw idMdw hY ik AYkspo rYNtl nwl auhnW dw qjrbw suKd, Awrwm dyh Aqy icMqw mukq hovygw[ ‘O’ dw Bwv hY suvIDw, scweI, v`Krw-pn, kdrW-kImqW Aqy cMgIAW XwdW[ AYkspo rYNtl dy krmcwrIAW nMU Awpxy gwhkW dI syvw dw bhuq mwx hY[ ‘‘swfw ivSvwsw KuSIAW Aqy cMgIAW XwdW bnwaux ivc hY[ gwhkW dI syvw mihMgI nhIN bySkImqI hY[‘’ ‘‘swnMU syvw dw mOkw idau qy AsIN Awpxy smwn Aqy syvw nwl quhwfIAW KuSIAW ivc vwDw krWgy[‘’ swrw ny ikhw[ AYkspo rYNtl dI vrqoNkwr p`KI vY`b sweIt qoN qusIN AwpxI pwrtI dI loV dIAW sB zrUrI cIzW l`B skdy ho[ jy vDyry qzrbw cwhuMdy ho qW AYkspo rYNtl dy Plor SoA qy iehnW cIzW nMU vyK skdy ho jW vyArhwaUs dw c`kr vI lw

skdy ho[ Awpxy 25 swl dy qzrby nwl AYkspo rYNtl quhwfIAW pirvwrk pwrtIAW, smwjk pRogrwm, ivAwh-SwdIAW, god-BrweI, tryf SoA Awid sB qrHW dIAW loVW nMU bwKUbI pUrw kr skdw hY[ dysI mYks mIfIAw gru`p nMU vYst AmrIkw tr`k SoA leI AYkspo rYNtl nwl juVy hox qy mwx hY[ AYkspo rYNtl nwl swfw Awpxw qjrbw bhuq vDIAw hY Aqy pUrI aumId hY ik iehnW nwl swfy dUjy swlwnw tr`k SoA dw qjrbw Swndwr rhygw[ dysI lwiePstwiel nMU Awpxw ApRYl-meI AMk AYkspo rYNtl leI k`Fx dI AiqAMq KuSI hY[

OTHER SERVICES Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody, Guardianship, etc..) Contracts (Rental Agreement, Promissory Note etc..)

Green Card Citizenship Work Permit Visa

Name Changes Many other services are provided

Call for inquiry

559.221.2581 Low Income can qualify you for a free GREEN CARD,CITIZENSHIP & WORK PERMIT!!


516 W. Shaw., Suite # 200 Fresno, CA 93704 Desi Lifestyle 2015 37

DRK Technology & Innovations Shopping

Quell For people with chronic pain -- especially if there’s a tendency to become addicted to painkillers -- this calfmounted TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit may be a godsend. The company claims Quell can reduce pain from diverse maladies such as sciatica, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and more in as little as 15 minutes.

Parrot H2O

Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph Automatic


The Timewalker Chronograph is a truly elegant timepiece characterised by the multitude of functionality that is harmoniously composed upon its dial. With a small-seconds, half-hour, twelve hour sub-dial and an aperture for the date gracing its surface, the dial affords a highly practical, as well as suave, aesthetic. This prodigious functionality is complemented by the precise automatic movement that powers it, culminating in a sophisticated testament to Montblanc’s brilliance.


You no longer need to worry about your plants when you go away: Parrot’s got you covered. The company updated its Flower Power sensor with a water-bottle attachment. Just screw in a standard bottle and grab your plane ticket; the device automatically waters your plant.


Kensington Long Heritage Trench Coat There were a bunch of skateboardy, scootery transportation gadgets at the show, but my favorite is the OneWheel, an odd-looking motorized and connected rolling balance board. It looks like the most fun to use and seems like it gives you a relatively passive workout -- the best kind! -- at the same time. The prototype first appeared on Kickstarter a year ago and soon it will be ready to ship. 38 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Blame the stars of Sex in the City if your significant other wants this. The Kensington is a modern fit trench coat, tailored to the body, with a tapered waist and slim set-in sleeves. The coat is made in England from cotton gabardine, invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879. The tightly woven cloth is protective against wind and rain, while being lightweight and breathable.

Shark Wheel

Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker

Can you re-invent the wheel? Well, apparently so and now it’s square. The Shark Wheel is the “intersection between a cube and a sphere” and looks set to transform the skateboard world with improved speed and slide control. With inspiration from shark teeth, this revolutionary design will now make it possible to even ride over rough and wet surfaces.

Apple iPhone 6

Have you always wanted an iPhone but were reluctant because of the puny screen size? Well Apple fans, be excited because the iPhone 6 now boasts a 4.7” screen (iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5” screen). You get a great phone that’s housed in a seamless transition of glass and metal materials. The Retina HD display is amazing, as is the new A8 chip. Definitely worth a look.

This automatic bread maker, with YeastPro, mixes, kneads, leavens, and bakes bread using micro-processor technology. The YeastPro dispenser automatically releases yeast at the proper time, which helps ensure the perfect bread. Bake three loaf sizes (M, L, & XL). The Crust Colour Control allows you to adjust the colour setting to light, medium, or dark.

Wet Brush

Briggs & Riley Wheeled Garment Bag Tired of carrying your suits in a suitcase or shoulder bag? The new Briggs & Riley Wheeled Garment Bag delivers exceptional quality and durability, all while making sure your apparel stays neat and tidy. From its self-repairing YKK zippers and divided pockets to the aircraft-grade telescopic handle and low profile wheels, this garment bag is a must for the business traveller.

Do your girls cry when you try to de-tangle their hair? If yes, get the Wet Brush because it’s simply the best detangling brush. Available in an assortment of colours and shapes, the Wet Brush is the solution to your girls’ wet eyes.

Desi Lifestyle 2015 39

HOME REMEDIES FOR FATTY LIVER DISEASE In simple terms, fatty liver disease means an accumulation of fat in the cells of the liver. It’s normal to have fat in the liver, but when more than 5 to 10 percent is fat, it can be considered fatty liver disease. A buildup of fat in the liver makes it vulnerable to further injury, which can cause inflammation and scarring. There are two types of fatty liver disease: alcohol-induced and non-alcoholic. The main cause behind alcohol-induced fatty liver is excessive alcohol consumption. In nonalcoholic fatty liver, fat builds up in the liver for reasons unrelated to alcohol. Apart from excessive alcohol consumption, risk factors for fatty liver disease include high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, viral hepatitis, rapid weight loss and malnutrition. In general, people with fatty liver disease have no symptoms, especially in the beginning. However, some people may experience abdominal discomfort, fatigue, loss of appetite, a general feeling of being unwell and vague discomfort. This is why proper diagnosis is important before starting any treatment. Currently, there is no effective treatment for fatty liver disease. However, it is a reversible condition and can usually be treated with simple lifestyle changes, dietary changes and easy–to-follow home remedies.

Here are the top 10 home remedies for fatty liver disease: 1. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is one of the best remedies for fatty liver disease. It helps get rid of fat accumulated in and around the liver and promotes weight loss. Moreover, it encourages healthy liver functioning and reduces liver inflammation. • Add 1 tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water. • Optionally, add a little honey. • Drink it 2 times daily, before your meals. • Follow this remedy for a few months. 40 Desi Lifestyle 2015

Health 2. Lemon Lemon contains high amounts of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps the liver produce enzymes called glutathione. Glutathione neutralizes toxins, thus lemon helps the liver with detoxification. Also, a 2014 study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology found that a compound present in lemons called naringenin helps ease liver inflammation. • Squeeze the juice of ½ lemon in a glass of water. Drink it 2 or 3 times a day for several weeks. • Alternatively, add 2 to 3 chopped lemons to a jar of water. Drink this water at regular intervals. 3. Dandelion The herb dandelion works as a powerful liver tonic, hence it can be used to treat fatty liver disease. It helps detoxify and metabolize fat accumulated in the liver and promotes proper liver function. Also, a 2013 study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology found that dandelion leaf extract helps in the prevention and treatment of obesity-related nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. • Add 1 teaspoon of dried dandelion root to a cup of hot water. Cover and steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain, add a little honey for taste and drink it. Drink 3 cups of this herbal tea daily for a few weeks. • You can also add fresh tender dandelion leaves to salads, or eat cooked dandelion leaves as a side dish. Note: Do not use this herb if you are diabetic or pregnant. 4. Green Tea According to a 2013 study published in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine, green tea with high-density catechins improves liver function and fat infiltration in patients suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Green tea helps block the amount of fat stored in the liver and improves liver function. Moreover, regular intake of green tea reduces body weight and fat percentage. • Drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea every day to get rid of fatty liver disease and protect your liver. • Green tea is also available as an extract in liquid and capsules. Consult your doctor before taking supplements. 5. Turmeric Packed with valuable antioxidants, turmeric is another effective home remedy for fatty liver disease. According to a 2008 study published in the journal China Pharmaceuticals, turmeric can help prevent fatty liver disease. However, more research is still needed. Turmeric improves the body’s ability to digest fats so they do not accumulate in the liver. It also aids the liver detoxification process. • Mix ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of water and boil it. Drink it twice daily for a couple of weeks. • You can also mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk and drink it once daily. • Turmeric supplements are available as capsules and tinctures. Talk to your doctor to determine the proper dosage for your condition. 6. Licorice You can also use licorice to cure liver problems like nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. According to a 2012 study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research, licorice root extract helps decrease transaminase activities of enzymes called ALT (alanine aminotransferase) and AST (aspartate aminotransferase) in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It also prevents liver damage due to heavy metals and toxins. • Add ½ teaspoon of licorice root to a cup of hot water. Cover and allow it to steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain, add a little honey and drink this tea 2 times a day. • Alternatively, mix together 1 tablespoon of licorice powder and 2 teaspoons of honey and have this once daily for several weeks. • If taking licorice supplements, consult your doctor first as they may interfere with certain blood pressure, diabetes and corticosteroid medications.

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RAM 1500 EcoDiesel T

he pick-up/light truck category has shown some tremendous growth in the last ten years. More than ever, trucks are becoming hybrid-functional vehicles – use for work during the day and a night out during the evening. With Ford coming out with an all-aluminum body for the F150, Dodge had to be innovative so that it didn’t get left behind. Thus, last year, the Ram 1500 became the first light-duty truck to be fitted with a diesel powerplant, and most of us loved this option. Now add the classexclusive Active-Level Four Corner Air Suspension, Multi-Link coil spring rear suspension, and In-floor Storage system, and you’ve got a great truck. For 2015, the Ram remains mostly unchanged from the 2014 model, with the exception of some minor cosmetic upgrades. It’s a great looking truck, and in my humble opinion, neck-and-neck with the F150 as the best looking truck on the market. My cousin, who owns a GMC Sierra, took offence to my top choices and I explained that the Ram and F150 have a more aggressive look, and thus, my personal favourites; my reasoning still didn’t satisfy him, though. Even though the Ram 1500 is the baby of the Ram-series, make no mistake, it’s still a big truck, and based on your cab and box configuration, it can become a behemoth pretty quickly. Some of the things I really like include the front grille, projector headlamps and the RamBox Management System, which makes storage in the streamlined box area quite simple. On the inside, depending on your trim of choice, the cabin can be mistaken for that of a large luxury sedan. Supple leather seats, leather steering wheel and trim, and all the bells and whistles you can hope for with respect to technology, convenience, and safety. I’ve said it before; nowadays, almost every vehicle can configured with all the features that were only available in luxury cars, and these options are now available in trucks. Yes, trucks are no longer just your in42 Desi Lifestyle 2015

dustrial workhorses and the Ram 1500’s interior is a great balance of workspace and luxury. Where the Ram 1500 really shines is under the hood, where the fitted EcoDiesel Jag Dhatt powerplant is the same one found in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Fire up this baby and you’ll feel a slight rumbling in the floor boards, thanks to the 3.0-liter turbo diesel motor. While power is only a mild 240 horses, the EcoDiesel puts out an impressive 420 lb-ft of torque, all while delivering surprisingly great fuel economy. Dodge states that regardless of powerplant, the Ram series have the best highway fuel economy in its class. Stomp on the gas pedal and the 7,000 pound truck really moves; the only real hiccup is the minor turbo lag, but it’s only at low rpms. At cruising speeds, I found passing to be a breeze. The Ram 1500’s ride is quite comfortable, thanks to the classexclusive air suspension. Matched with the 20” tire and wheel package on our Laramie test vehicle, at times, we forgot we were riding in a truck. There’s minimal body roll under regular driving conditions and the suspension soaks up all road imperfections. Steering, for a truck of this size is also quite good. I could see myself taking my family in this vehicle on long road trips. In fact, one of my friends, who just got back from California in his 2014 EcoDiesel Laramie, said he loved the ride and comfort of the truck. The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is not the most budget-friendly truck when it comes to initial investment. Sure, the diesel option will set you back an extra $4,500 compared to the base V6, but make the upgrade. With its high torque, great looks, tonnes of interior space, and impressive cab and cabin options, the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is definitely worth it.



fOj rYm 1500 eIkofIzl

ipCly 10 swlW ‘c ip`k A`p/ lweIt tr`k kYtygrI ny Swndwr qr`kI kIqI hY[ieMny pihlW kdI vI nhIN sn ijMny hux hweIibRf PMkSnl vhIkl bxy hn[ ienHW nUM idn Br kMm leI vrqo Aqy Swm nUM GuMmx iPrn leI[ jdoN Porf ny swrI AlmInIAm bwfI vwLw AYP 150 bxwieAw qW fOj vwLy vI ip`Cy nhIN rihxw cwhuMdy sn ies leI aunHW nUM vI ku`J nvW krn dI loV peI[ ies leI ipCly swl aunHW ny bxwieAw rYm 1500, ijhVw pihlW lweIt ifautI tr`k sI ijs ‘c fIzl pwvrplWt iP`t kIqw igAw [ ieh qbdIlI swfy ‘coN bhuq swirAW ny psMd kIqI[ hux klws - AYksklUisv AYkitv- lYvl Por kOrnr eyAr sspYNSn, mltI- ilMk kOiel spirMg rIAr sspYNSn Aqy ien Plor isstm dw vwDw kr idE, ies qrHW quhwnUM bhuq vDIAw tr`k iml skdw hY[ ij`QoN q`k 2015 dy mwfl dI g`l hY ieh 2014 dy mwfl qoN bhuqw bdilAw nhIN[ hW, ies dy AMdrly ih`sy ‘c ku`J iSMgwrI vwDy kIqy gey hn[ idsx nUM ieh bhuq sohxw tr`k lgdw hY[ myrI quC ijhI smJ Anuswr mwrikt ‘c sB qoN sohxw l`gx ‘c ies dI AY`P 150 nwL brwbr dI t`kr hY[ myry kzn ijs kol jI AYm isAwrw hY, ny jdoN mYN aus nUM ies bwry ies qrHW dw vDIAw d`isAw qW aus nUM cMgw nhIN l`gw[ mYN aus nUM ivsQwr ‘c d`isAw ik rYm Aqy AY`P 150 dI hmlwvrI id`K izAwdw vDIAw hY[ mYN ikhw ik ieh myrI injI rwey hY; pr myrI ieh dlIl vI aus nUM sMquSt nhIN kr skI[ BwvyN rYm 1500 rYm lVI dw b`cw hI hY pr ieh smJx ‘c glqI nw krnw ikauN ik kYb qy bwks dy myl bxqr nwL ieh bhuq qyzIvwlw bx igAw hY[ ijhVIAW cIzW mYN bhuq psMd kIqIAW hn aunHW ‘c Swml hY PRMt igR`l, pRojYktr hY`flYNps Aqy rYmbwks mYnyjmYNt isstm ijhVw sDwrn qOr ‘qy inscq kIqy bwks eyrIey ‘c hY[ AMdr dy pwsy, ieh qW quhwfI psMd Anuswr hY pr kyibn dw ies qrHW BulyKw pYNdw hY ijvyN ik ieh koeI v`fI lgzrI syfYn hovy[ ies dIAW sItW nrm qy lckIly lYdr dIAW hn, lYdr dw styAirMg vIHl Aqy itRm Aqy auh swrIAW g`lW jo qusIN iksy vDIAw qknIk shUlq Aqy sur`iKAw vwLI vhIkl ‘c cwhuMdy ho[ ijs qrHW mYN pihlW kih cu`kw hW ik A`j k`lH qW hr vhIkl ‘c ku`J vwDw krky ies nUM aunHW mwrikt ‘c imlx vwLIAW vwLIAW lgzrI vhIkl vrgw bxwieAw jw skdw hY[ v`fI g`l ieh ik ieh AwpSn qW hux tr`kW ‘c vI imldy hn[ hW jI tr`k hux quhwfy kMm dw vhIkl nhIN irhw [ rYm 1500 dw AMdrlw ih`sw hux vrkspys Aqy lgzrI dw sumyl hY[ rYm1500 dy hu`f dy AMdrly ih`sy dI pUrI cmk dmk hY[ikauN ik ies dw eIko fIzl plWt iblku`l aus qrHW dw hI hY ijs qrHW gRYNf cYrokI ‘c hY[jdoN ies bcUMgVy nUM stwrt kro quhwnUM Plor borfW ‘c hlkI ijhI grjvIN Avwz suxweI idMdI hY[ieh sB 3.0- iltr trbo fIzl motr krky hI hY[ ies dI pwvr qW sDwrn 240 hwrs dI hI hY pr ies dw eIkofIzl bhuq vDIAw 420 pONf- PIt tork bxwauNdw hY[ ies dy nwl hI ies dI iPaul dI Kpq kwrn vI kwPI Pwiedw huMdw hY[fOj vwilAW dw kihxw hY ik jy pwvrplWt dI g`l nw vI krIey qW vI ies SRyxI ‘c rYm dI hweIvyA ‘qy cldy smyN iPaul dI bhuq b`cq huMdI hY[ jdoN hI gYs pYfl ‘qy pYr d`bdy hW aus smyN hI 7,000 pONf dy Bwr vwLw tr`k A`gy vDx l`g pYNdw hY; kdy ihckoly v`jdy hn pr ieh trbo dI QoVHI dyrI

kwrn hY pr ieh audoN hI huMdw hY jdoN Awr pI AYm G`t hox[ jdoN qyzI nwl c`ilAw qW mYnUM l`gw ik mYN hvw qoN A`gy jw irhw hW[ mYnUM rYm 1500 dI svwrI Arwmdwiek l~gI, ijs dw ishrw ies iv~c klws-AYksklUisv AwDuink eyAr sspYnSn nUM jWdw hY[ lYrymI tYst vhIkl dy 20 ieMc twier Aqy vHIl pYkyj ies qrW myl KWdy hn ik ies nUM clwaux smyN AsIN ieh Bu~l gey sI ik AsIN ie~k tr~k clw rhy hW[ swDwrwn frwieivMg hwlqW ‘c ies iv~c kwPI G~t bwfI rol hY Aqy ies dI sspYnSn sVk dIAW AprUxqwvW nUM Awpxy AMdr smW lYNdI hY[ tr~k dy ies Awkwr Anuswr styirMg, kwPI cMgw hY[ mYN Awpxy Awp nUM ies vhIkl iv~c Awpxy pirvwr smyq lMmI Xwqrw ‘qy lY ky jw skdw hW[ Asl iv~c myrw ie~k dosq, jo ik kYlIPornIAw qoN Awpxy 2014 eIko fIzl lYrymI dI svwrI krky AwieAw sI, ny mYnUM d~isAw ik aus ny ies tr~k dw sPr Aqy Awrwmdwiek svwrI nUM bhuq psMd kIqw[ SurUAwqI invyS leI rYm 1500 eIko fIzl bhuqw bjt dy AnukUl nhIN hY[ XkInn, bys vI-6 mwfl dI qulxw iv~c fIzl AwpSn leI quhwnUM 4500 fwlr v~D dyxw pYNdw hY pr ieh ie~k Apgryiff mwfl bx jWdw hY[ iesdw hweI twrk, sohxI idK, vwDU AMdrUnI spys, p®BwvSwlI kYb Aqy kYibn AwpSn, rYm 1500 eIko fIzl nUM ibnw S`k ies dy lwiek bxw idMdI hY[ Desi Lifestyle 2015 43


Indian Chief



fter more than half of century of rough years, Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company finally began to stand on its own two feet. The latest example, the Indian Chief Vintage, is essentially a modern interpretation of the original iconic classic heavy cruiser, but with well-thought out improvements and enhancements. In the process, the company was able to eliminate most of the issues that seemed to have afflict the earlier attempts in reviving this icon. Based upon the Indian Chief that was first introduced in 1922, the Indian Chief Vintage is a classic-looking bike with a modern centerpiece at its heart. Vintage indeed, as the 2015 Indian Chief Vintage bike really looks as if it comes from the middle of the last century. The Vintage Chief is a good-looking retro two-wheeler that has just enough contemporary touches to make it both highly comfortable and performance-oriented. It was a great day when Polaris Industries bought Indian’s rights as the whole lineup of Chief Indians is now meticulously designed and offer great performance. The two-tone paint options, which date back some 8 decades, represent one of the most iconic features in the Indian Chief’s appearance. This means that besides solid red and thunder black, Vintage models will now be offered in two-tone combination of these two, plus red/ivory cream and willow green/ ivory cream combinations. Design-wise, the ultra-comfortable seat and spacious saddlebags feature new desert tan leather designed to withstand the elements. This sealed, high-quality leather is strong and durable, perfectly complementing the traditional Indian Motorcycle style. The protective windshield features Indian’s Quick Release Technology, so it can be installed or removed in just minutes. With the all new Vintage key fob in your pocket, climb on the bike, push a button and ride. If you misplace the fob, don’t worry; just use the individual security code that you pre-programmed into the ignition – impressive. The Thunder Stroke 111 engine delivers an incredible 119 ft-lbs of torque and features styling that pays tribute to legendary Indian Motorcycle engines of the past. Even though the bike is heavy, weighing over 801 pounds on an empty tank and 835 pounds with full 44 Desi Lifestyle 2015

tank of gas, it still performs quite well and offers an enjoyable ride. The engine produces a rich exhaust note from the true dual exhausts. The exhaust is acoustically engineered to eliminate high-pitched sounds, so what you really hear is Indian thunder. One of the classic elements of an Indian Motorcycle is the vintage badging. Ever since the Indian script logo was first created in 1910, this feature has made the Indian Motorcycle badging a hallmark of this historic brand. Recognizable full valenced fenders, standard since 1940, are also here, Anuraag J Singh as is the aforementioned retro-styled engine with corresponding exhausts. Gauges consist of a tank mounted electronic speedometer and odometer which together display all the relevant info. Standard equipment includes ABS, cruise control and keyless start too. The telescopic 4.7-inch fork travels 46 mm and is responsible for front suspension, while rear suspension is made of a single 3.7-inch shock. Braking feels a little vague and soft on initial application, but have good feel and plenty of effect, with just a little bit of front dive. The ABS is very smooth and non-intrusive. The 2015 Indian Chief Vintage has a 20.8 liter fuel tank that allows solid range for a standard/cruiser motorbike. Fuel economy is rated at 6.36 L/100km in the city and 5.35 L/100km on the highway for a 6.03 L/100km combined. Prices start from $ 23,399 for a Thunder Black model, while the solid red costs $24,499. On the other hand, if you want to make an impact, selecting the two-tone colour combinations will set you back a little more money. The bottom line is that you may be able to find a faster bike with sportier attributes, but you’re not likely to find a more pleasant ride or one that stirs a more positive emotional response. I give the 2015 Indian Chief Vintage a thumbs up. It is a smooth, well balanced iconic style bagger.


ieMfIAn cIP




swl qoN bwAd AwKrkwr Bwrq dI motr sweIkl ieMfstrI Awpxy pYrW ‘qy KVH geI hY[ ies dI qwzw imswl hY ieMfIAn cIP ivMtyj [ ies nUM bxw ky lgdw hY ik kMpnI ny pihlIAW sm`isAwvW nMU h`l kr ilAw hY[ kMpnI v`loN ieh motr sweIkl pihlI vwr 1922 ‘c bxweI sI[ieMfIAn cIP ivMtyj ies qrHW lgdI hY ijvyN ik ieh AqI AwDuink idl vwLI m`D sdI dI hovy[ ivMtyj cIP idsx ‘c bhuq shuxI motr sweIkl hY[ies nUM kwPI nvIN id`K id`qI geI hY[ieh clwaux ‘c Arwmdyh hox dy nwL nwl vDIAw pRPwrmYNs dyx vwLI vI hY[ polrys kMpnI v`loN ies dI swrI lweIn dy h`k lY ley hn[ ivMtyj cIP vyKx nUM bhuq sohxI lgdI hY[ ies dI purwxI id`K nUM hor iSMgwirAw igAw hY Aqy ies nUM suDwr ky ies dI svwrI Arwmdyh Aqy vDIAw pRPwrmYNs vwLI bxweI geI hY[ ies dy rMgW dy AwpSn 80 swl purwxy hn[hux ieh sOilf rY`f Aqy QMfr blYk rMgW qoN ibnw pl`s rY`f / AweIvrI kRIm Aqy iv`lo gRIn/ AweIvrI kRIm rMgW ‘c vI ieh iml rhI hY[ ij`QoN q`k ifzweIn dI g`l hY ies dIAW sItW vI bhuq Arwmdyh hn Aqy Swndwr sYflbYg vI hn[ vriqAw igAw lYdr vI Swndwr iksm dw hY[ ivMfSIlf vI nvIn PIcrW vwLI hY[ij`QoN q`k QMfr strok 111 ieMjx dI g`l hY ies dI 119 ft-lbs of torque hY[ies dy bwkI PIcr ies dI purwiqnqw dy pRqIk vI hn[ies bweIk dw Bwr KwlI tYNk ‘qy A`T sO pONf hY[ pr iPr vI ies dI prPwrmYNs bhuq hI vDIAw hY[do AYgzwst isstm kwrn ies dI Avwz vI bhuq vDIAw Aqy gVHkvIN hY[ ies dy tYNk ‘qy l`gy ibjleI spIfomItr Aqy AofomItr hr zrUrI jwxkwrI idMdy hn[ies dy stYNfrf ie`ikaupmYNt ‘c ey bI AYs, krUz kMtrol Aqy ibnw cwbI stwrt Bwv d`b ky stwrt kIqw jWdw hY[brykW lwaux smyN bhuq sihj mihsUs huMdw hY[ 2015 ieMfIAn cIP ivMtyj motr sweIkl dy qyl tYNk dI smr`Qw 20.5 iltr dI hY[jy ies dy qyl dI Kpq vyKI jwvy qW Sihr ‘c ieh 6.36 iltr/100 iklomItr hY jdoN ik hweIvyA ‘qy ieh 5.35 iltr/100 iklomItr q`k hY[QMfr blYk mwfl dI kImq $23,999 hY jdoN ik sOilf rY`f $ 24,499 fwlr dw hY[ pr jy qusIN QoVHw vDIAw id`K vwlw bxwauxw cwhuMdy ho qW ies leI QoVHy hor pYsy Krcxy pYxgy[ies qrHW qusIN tU-ton klr kMbInySn vI lY skdy ho[ AwKrI g`l ieh hY ik qusIN ies nwloN qyz motrbweIk qW lY skdy ho pr ies vrgw Arwmdyh svwrI vwLw nhIN[ieMfIAn cIP ivMtyj ie`k auh bweIk hY ijs dI ies dw hr svwr isPq krdw hY[ mYN 2015 ieMfIAn cIP ivMtyj nUM bhuq vDIAw smJdw hW[ ieh ie`kswr c`lx vwLw stweIlbYgr hY[

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Henry Ford’s

{ Model T}

hYnrI Porf { mwfl tI } AwpxIAW klwisk kwrW ‘c aus kwr qoN ibnw hor ikhVI kwr Swml krW ijs nwL AwtOmobweIl dw Xu`g SurU hoieAw? hW p`kI g`l hY ik keI kwrW bxIAW ijnW c Swml hn mShUr mwfl tI, smyq rYnsm Eolfz, kwrl bYNz, vweIlm mybYc [pr hYnrI Porf kyvl 93 imMtW ‘c hI pUrI dI pUrI kwr bxw lYNdI sI[ hYnrI Porf dI mwfl tI hI kyvl pihlI kwr nhIN sI[Asl ‘c Porf ny mwwfl tI qoN pihlW qkrIbn 20 mwfl bxwey sn[ ieh g`l 1903 qoN SurU hoeI sI[ pr 1914 dy mwfl tI qoN KuS Porf vwilAW ny ies dw ieMnw auqpwdn kIqw ijMnw nw kdy suixAw Aqy nw hI vyiKAw[ieh mwfl tI bhuq hI idl tuMbvIN kwr hI nhIN sgoN ies nUM Awm AmrIkn AwpxI 4 mhIinAW dI qnKwh nwL KRId skdw sI[ Porf tI mwfl knvrtIbl Aqy hwrftOp ‘c KRIdI jw skdI sI[ ies ‘c 2.0 iltr ienlweIn cwr slMfr ieMjx sI Aqy ies dI 20 hwrspwvr dI qwkq sI Aqy ieh GMty dI 70 iklomitr spIf q`k jw skdI sI[ ieh ieMjn kYrosIn, pYtrol, jW eIQonol vI cl skdw sI[ pr ptrol dI kImq G`t hox krky iesnUM qrjIh id`qI jWdI sI[ ikauNik mwfl tI hor kwrW nwloN guMzwieS vwlI hY ies krky ieh hr pwsy ids rhI hY[kwrn ieh ik ies dy mukwbly ‘c pihlW hor kwrW nhIN sn, Aqy lokW ny ies dy AwnMd nUM mwixAw, Aqy auh AwpxI mrzI Anuswr sPr kr skdy sn[ frweIvr iqMn pYr kMtrolW rwhIN trWsimSn nUM kMtrol kr skdw sI jdoN ik Qrotl nUM styirMg rwhIN kMtrol kIqw jWdw sI[ ieh c`lx ‘c Awrwmdwiek sI [ jdoN 1925 ‘c hvw vwly twier Awey audoN iesdI igxqI hor vD geI[ mwfl tI dw AwKrI auqpdwn 1927 ‘c hoieAw[ ies kwr ny Awtomoitv ieMfstrI nUM hI nhIN bdilAw sgoN ieh v`Ko-v`KrIAW ieMfstrIAW ‘c PwiedymMd vI is`D hoeI[

Written by: Jag Dhatt


hat better vehicle to include in our classic car than the one that began the automobile era by utilizing the mass producing assembly line? Sure, there were other cars built before the famous Model T, including ones built by Ransom Olds, Karl Benz, and Wilhelm Maybach; but Henry Ford perfected the assembly line and was able to produce a complete car in about 93 minutes. The Model T was not Ford’s first vehicle; in fact, Ford had designed close to twenty prototypes before the Model T, going as far back as 1903. But happy with the design and engineering of the Model T, Ford pushed production in 1914 to amounts never seen or heard of before. Not only was the Model T an attractive vehicle, it could be purchased by the average American with about four month’s salary. Ford’s Model T could be bought as a convertible or hardtop 46 Desi Lifestyle 2015

and was fitted with a 2.0 liter inline four-cylinder engine that produced 20 hp and could reach a top speed lose to 70 km/h. The engine could be run on kerosene, gasoline, or ethanol, but gasoline became preferred due to its decreasing costs. Since the Model T was “affordable” compared to other cars, they began to be seen all over. Sure, there wasn’t much competition either, but people enjoyed the comfort levels of this car and now, could travel at their discretion. The driver controlled the transmission by three foot pedals, while throttle was controlled with a lever on the steering column. Ride comfort was good, but increased significantly when balloon tires were introduced in 1925. The Model T’s last year of production was in 1927. Not only had this car changed the automotive industry, but was instrumental in the use of vehicles in various industries.

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