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Council of Organizations of the Ateneo

Central Board Elections 2012-2013: Electoral Form



Name of Candidate

TAN, Eldridge Myles L.

Yr & Course

3 BS Management Engineering

Position Aspired for *Put a check ( )

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President Chief of Staff VP – Special Projects VP – Organization Strategies and Research

    

VP – Training and Development Secretary General Finance Officer Cluster Head Cluster Secretary-Treasurer

Cluster (for Cluster Head / Secretary-Treasurer Candidates)


Are you running as part of a coalition? *Put a check ( ) If yes, what is the name of the coalition? (if applicable)



o n/a

ESSAY. Explain in 100 words or less why you want to run for the position and the key points of your platform.

I am running for the position of President because of the growth I have seen and experienced in my organizations and COA. I believe that orgs have the capacity to spark much change in an Atenean’s life; and COA has the potential to help organizations reach greater heights. I believe that my experience as an active org member, ExTeam member, and now as a COA EB member can help me realize that potential. My platform focuses on empowered representation, synergized administration, community formation, and sustainable externalization that lead to a stronger community of organizations that promotes mutual support and growth.

PLEDGE I, Eldridge Myles L. Tan , attest to the facts contained in this Certificate of Candidacy and in all other documents required by the Commission on Elections of the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo (COA). I thereby give the COA and the Office of Student Activities permission to evaluate the facts contained in all the documents I have submitted to the COA Commission on Elections. I swear to uphold the rules stipulated in the COA Code of Electoral Procedures and by the COA Commission on Elections with full awareness that the violation of the said rules would result to possible sanctions as stipulated in the COA Code of Electoral Procedures. It is my sincere intention to promote a free, honest, and clean election.

Eldridge Myles L. Tan Signature Over Printed Name *Submission qualifies as candidate’s signature*

01/20/2012 Date

Excellence Synergized. Room 205, Manny V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines||4266001 loc. 5050|| Fax: 4260795 ||

Council of Organizations of the Ateneo

Central Board Elections 2012-2013: Electoral Form

II. RESUME *Use Ateneo Placement Office’s (APO) One (1) Page Format, See Sample Resume below”

Eldridge Myles L. Tan 09178000789 ♦ 4772680 ♦

EDUCATION Ateneo de Manila University | BS Management Engineering (Magna Cum Laude Cand.) Mar 2013 HSK Chinese Proficiency Level 4

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Council of Organizations of the Ateneo | Finance Officer 2010-Present • • • • • • • • • •

Spearheaded the restructuring of the COA Project Grant System resulting in 100% increase in project grantees and 200% increase in applicants Approves, submits, and monitors the budget of the Central Board. Reports council expenses to external bodies and recommends actions for finances Serves as a consultant to accredited student orgs regarding finance and marketing. Manages efforts to form sustainable partnerships with institutions and companies. As Faith Formation Cluster EB Mentor, monitors the activities of the Faith Formation Cluster as well as mentors the Cluster Head and Secretary-Treasurer. As Committee on Administrative Relations EB Mentor, monitors the performance of the committee and represents the council in representative engagements. As Finance and Marketing Executive Team Head, mentors growth of individual F&M ExTeam members and organizes deployments to other projects. As Recruitment Week 2010 Manuals Head, ensured the efficient production and distribution of RecWeek manuals and contributed significantly to the implementation of the project leading to 87% of the undergraduate population joining an organization. As COA Magazine Layout Editor (2010), in charge of developing the over-all image of the magazine and overseeing design, production, and distribution.

Ateneo Commission on Elections | Commissioner • Made significant contribution in the planning of the Sanggunian General Elections, including the transition from a manual to an automated election system. • As Promotions Commissioner, ensured the efficient promotion of the general elections, including design, production, and logistics. Ateneo Christian Life Community | Project Head • As Caroling Logistics Head, in-charge of the finance, promotions, and logistics of the organization’s caroling season, resulting in significant solicitation figures. Ateneo Management Engineering Association | Core Member • As Sophomore Council Year Development Council Member (2010-2011), plans and implements projects that aim to form a stronger MEA community • As Office of Corporate Social Responsibility Core Member, contributes in implementing various projects that promote CSR in Ateneo.

SKILLS & INTERESTS I am fluent in English, Filipino, and Mandarin. Proficient in graphic design software, I enjoy conceptualizing ideas and executing in a graphic art form. Comfortable with working in groups or independently, I am organized, systematic, and driven in accomplishing tasks. I am keen to detail and work well with projects that aim to communicate an idea with a target audience. I value creativity and simplicity in design and in problem-solving. My passion for graphic design and computer software leads me to exploring new CSR Initiatives and green technologies in my leisure time. I enjoy meeting and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.

Excellence Synergized. Room 205, Manny V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines||4266001 loc. 5050|| Fax: 4260795 ||

Council of Organizations of the Ateneo

Central Board Elections 2012-2013: Electoral Form


Strengthening organization presence through EMPOWERED REPRESENTATION      


Maximizing impact through SYNERGIZED ADMINISTRATION     


Establishing a stronger identity for COA through the services it provides. Integrating mediums of communication (especially in transparency efforts) for stronger impact. Streamlining services to provide focused, defined, and relevant services to organizations, while opening opportunities for more specialized services on a case-to-case basis. Creating more avenues for relevant and meaningful tie-ups amongst organizations (quality over quantity) by promoting proactive organization dialogue through CHeSTs. Innovating the role of the Special Projects Department as the main coordinating body of various projects in the council and organizations.

Deepening organization support through COMMUNITY FORMATION     


Focusing on proactive lobbying efforts to create an environment that is more supportive of organization activities and core competencies. Engaging the Council of Representatives in actively participating in council matters through open CB meetings, forums, or through the CHeSTs. Training and empowering the Cluster Heads and Secretary-Treasurers to proactively push for agenda relevant to organizations, more than being “representatives” or liaisons. Innovating the role of the Organization Strategies and Research Department as the main pointperson for representative agenda. Maintaining open communication lines with offices and departments. Lobbying for an expansion of organization rights in the Magna Carta of Undergraduate Student Rights, in partnership with the Sanggunian.

Forming a more supportive community of organizations Institutionalizing and strengthening EB Circles (Presidents/COR, HR, SG, FO) as a support system between org EB counterparts to improve knowledge management and foster a stronger sense of community between organizations. Improving mutual accountability and support within the CB for stronger inter-cluster relationship through a strengthened mentoring system and CHeST buddy system. Further establishing the roles and services of the Office of the Chief of Staff and Training and Development Department in the formation of the COR and member organizations. Promoting organization life to the Ateneo community beyond an introduction to COA, through an expanded campaign that involves the active participation of the Central Board and COR in various organization activities.

Fostering organization growth through SUSTAINABLE EXTERNALIZATION    

Providing organizations with opportunities to externalize through constant communication with other external bodies. Continuing dialogues with other universities for networking with the establishing of NCR Org Councils Association. Reevaluating the value of the Committee System and the possible addition VP for External Affairs to spearhead and organize externalization efforts of the council. Creation of Organization Counterparts and Partners Database for easier networking.

Excellence Synergized. Room 205, Manny V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines||4266001 loc. 5050|| Fax: 4260795 ||

Eldridge Tan for COA President  

Eldridge Tan for COA President

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