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COA Central Special Issue 30 June 2010, Wednesday

RecWeek2010: DiverseCity Manual NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!! Know more about the 49 COA Organizations, Confederation of Publications, Sanggunian and Other Student Groups. Click

here or download the file attached to this mail. :) Special thanks to the Manuals Team of the RecWeek2010 Core.

49 avenues of engaging your passions. 9 ways of empowering the nation.

1 COA. Engage your passions to empower the nation. Be an organization member. Be part of the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo.

Begin the journey to

DiverseCity RecWeek 2010,

from June 28 - July 2 at the MVP Roofdeck.

aCOA’y org member, aCOA’y kasapi.

Dahil bawat org member, kasapi ng COA.

BUSINESS CLUSTER (BC) Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management (ACTM), AIESEC-Ateneo de Manila University (AIESEC-AdMU), Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (AJMA), Ateneo Lex (A-LEX), Ateneo Management Association (AMA), Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association (MACA), Ateneo Management Engineering Association (MEA), Ateneo Management Economics Organization (MEcO)

FAITH FORMATION CLUSTER (FFC) Ateneo Catechetical Instructional League (ACIL), Ateneo Christian Life Community (ACLC), Ateneo Student Catholic Action (AtSCA), Youth for Christ-Ateneo (YFC-A)

HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT CLUSTER (HEC) Environmental Science Society (ESS), Loyola Mountaineers (LM), Ateneo PEERS, PreMedical Society of the Ateneo (PMSA)

INTER-CULTURAL RELATIONS CLUSTER (ICR) Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura (ALAC), Ateneo Student Exchange Council (ASEC), Ateneo CELADON

ISSUE AND POLICY ANALYSIS CLUSTER (IPA) Ateneo Debate Society (ADS), Ateneo Economics Association (AEA), The Assembly, Ateneo Statistics Circle (A-Stat), Development Society of the Ateneo (DevSoc), ENterteynment para sa TAo, Bayan, LAnsangan at DiyOs (ENTABLADO), Ateneo Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Union (Ateneo-HPAIR)

MEDIA AND THE CREATIVE ARTS CLUSTER (MCA) Association of Communication Majors (ACOMM), Ateneo Musicians Pool (AMP), Collegiate Society of Advertising (CoSA), Loyola Film Circle (LFC)

PERFORMING ARTS CLUSTER (PAC) Ateneo College Glee Club (ACGC), Ateneo blueREPERTORY (blueREP), Company of Ateneo Dancers (CADs), Tanghalang Ateneo (TA)

SECTOR-BASED CLUSTER (SBC) Ateneo-Gabay, Kaingin, Kythe-Ateneo, Musmos, Ateneo Special Education Society (SPEED), Ateneo Student Trainers (STRAINS), Tugon

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER (STC) Ateneo Chemical Society (ACheS), Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society (AECES), Ateneo Mathematical Society (AMS), Ateneo Biological Organization (BOx), Computer Society of the Ateneo (CompSAt), League of Ateneo Physicists (LeaPS), Management Information Systems Association (MISA), Ateneo Psyche

Council of Organizations of the Ateneo COA Facebook Page | COA RecWeek2010: DiverseCity FaceBook Page RecWeek2010: DiverseCity Manual www.coacentral. com | www.ateneosanggu. com

COA Central Special Issue - 30 June 2010  

COA Central Special Issue Download the RecWeek Manual Online. 2 DAYS LEFT!

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