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COA Central Issue #7 8 August 2010, Sunday

COA Project Grant Application The Project Grant System basically aims to provide financial aid to your organization' s projects. Each accredited organization may submit multiple proposals, as long as all requirements are accomplished. This year's theme for the COA Project Grant is Social Relevance Development. For more information, kindly download the zip file and see the file on Project Grant Guidelines. Attachments include: 1. Project Grant Guidelines 2. Project Proposal (OSA Format) 3. Budget Proposal 4. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) 5. Essay 6. First Status Report Template 7. Post Project Report Template Deadline of Proposals: August 9, 2010 (Monday) ; 4:30 PM (for both soft and hard copies) Soft copy: Send to coaprojectgrant1011 Hard copy: Submit to MVP 205 (COA Room) For inquiries, please contact COA Finance Officer Ara Arguenza at 0917-8807088.


Watch out for the launch of the new and improved COA

Website on August 15, 2010!

The Possibility of Happiness An opportunity for learning and growth has once again presented itself to us. A talk entitled "The Possibility of Happiness" will be given by Ms. Monica L. Esgueva. Reminders for those who confirmed, the talk will be on August 9, 2010 (Monday) at 4:30-6:00PM in the OSA Conference Rooms 1 and 2.

11th International Youth Day The United Nations Association of the Philippines (UNAP) and the United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines (UNYAP) are inviting schools to participate in the11th International Youth Day (IYD) Celebration and International Youth Summit on Peace and Human Rights slated on August 10-12, 2010 at the Philippine International Convention Center. Delegates will be selected from the Council. There will be a P4,000 fee for each participant, which will cover the whole 3-day fees. If interested, please contact Kenneth Isaiah Abante (0915-4176081 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighti ng 0915-4176081 end_of_the_skype_ highlighting).


ANONG BAGO? Mock Elections on August 11-12 Sanggunian Freshman and Special Elections on August 16-17 Stay tuned for more announcements!

Have problems with your X? Then sign-up for AGIMATH+! AGIMATH+ is the Math tutorial service of the Ateneo Mathematics Society, which is held throughout the year. This is open to all Loyola Schools students. For more information, go tohttp://www.ateneoma thsociety. org/main/ oagimath. html. AGIMATH+. We get the F... out of your long test! :)

Business Cluster August 13 (Friday)

Ateneo LEX Paths in Law Seminar Faith Formation Cluster

August 9 August 13 August 9 August 14 August 10 (Tuesday) August 14 (Saturday)

YFC-A Household Week ACLC General Principles Awareness Week AtSCA National Situationer AtSCA Server’s and Mass Training Health and Environment Cluster

August 9 August 13 August 9

PMSA Tambay Week PMSA Fun Run, Media Workshop

(Monday) August 13 (Friday) August 9 (Monday) August 13 (Friday) August 14 (Saturday) August 9 (Monday) August 11 (Wednesday) August 13 (Friday) August 14 (Saturday)

LM Post-climb for Training Climbers PMSA BONDAGE: Formation Session Issue and Policy Analysis Cluster The Assembly Team Building The Assembly Policy Debates The Assembly Mock LAE Review Session 1 Media and the Creative Arts Cluster LFC Isapelikula 2 AMP Song Writing Workshop CoSA Department Training Seminar LFC Kapelikula AMP Tech Workshop MCA Release of MCA Newsletter #3 LFC FLC 2 AMP Marketing and PR Workshop AMP Jam Session Performing Arts Cluster

August 12August 14 August 9 (Monday) August 10 (Tuesday) August 11 (Wednesday) August 13 (Friday) August 14 (Saturday)

TA Walang Sugat Science and Technology Cluster CompSAT Tambay Week LeaPs Kindergarten Session with Paolo Baylon CompSAT Programming Varsity Training: Pro CompSAT Programming Varsity Training: Lite CompSAT CS21a Midterms Tutorials, IT Forums (Tie-UP Project known as ‘Triple Threat: Ad Worskshops’), Deadline of Geek Shirt Design Contest AECES Second Team Building Seminar LeaPs Tutorial Training

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COA Central #7 - 8 August 2010  
COA Central #7 - 8 August 2010  

COA Central # 7 Be active in organization events from August 9-15!