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Special Issue #6 | 14 September 2011, Wednesday

Blue Christmas 2011: BIDA Star Volunteer Sign-ups EXTENDED! Missed your chance to volunteer? Don't worry! Volunteer recruitment is extended 'till the end of the week! Help make Blue Christmas 2011: BIDA Star a day where kids could twinkle with joy and shine with laughter. Reach out. Make a kid smile. Be a Blue Christmas volunteer!

Facilitators A facilitator has direct interaction with the kids. They are the ones in charge of taking care of the kids the whole day: keeping them company, ensuring their safety, playing with them and most importantly, paint a smile on the face of each and every kid assigned to them! Class Hosts A class host can be an individual or a group that prepares kid-friendly program filled with enriching activities for the children. Activities range from singing, dancing, art, or anything that will make the children happy and excited - your imagination is the limit. Class hosts share their time and talent and have fun with the kids in the morning of Blue Christmas day. Logistics Volunteers A logistic volunteer ensures the smooth flow of the program. They take care of all behind-the-scene operations from set-ups, to food distribution, mobilization, and even monitoring the kids Recruitment is extended 'til Sept. 16 still at the Kostka extension. Don't miss this chance again, see you there! Also, don't forget to visit for more updates.

COA Project Grant Finalists No word is enough to describe the great projects that have participated in this year's Project Grant Expo. We are proud to present the status of all the applicants! Congratulations to all, especially the Blue Ribbon projects! See you in the Final Round, on September 23!

Blue Ribbon ACheS-MACA, BOx, LFC, MEcO, SPEED Red Ribbon AMS, ACheS, ACIL, AECES, AESS, ADS, ALAC, A-Stat, ENTABLADO, Ateneo Gabay, Kythe-Ateneo, Musmos, PMSA, Psyche Gold Ribbon AtSCA, blueREP, Celadon, MEA, Musmos, SPEED

COA Merchandise Proud org member? Are you an active agent of excellent synergy in your org? Then this shirt and this lanyard is for you!

Visit to order. Deadline of orders is on September 15, Thursday, 11:59pm, and payments on September 16, Friday, 4:30pm.

JGSOM Week 2011: SOM City Where great things are built. September 12-19, 2011.

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COA Central Special Issue # 6 - 14 Sept 2011  

Blue Christmas 2011, COA Project Grant, COA Merchandise, SOM Week 2011

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