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Special Issue #3 | 10 Aug 2011, Wednesday

The Sector-Based Cluster's PasaHero PasaHero is SBC's year-long Volunteerism Series. All events are open to all Ateneans!

Musmos Silip is hosted by Musmos Organization. For more information, visit: or contact Aubrey Ang at 09273456358. Sign-up for a slot: formkey=dHdPazVhZnpyQi0xcmk3QlpYWXpBVmc6MQ

DEPED NLTS-GO is hosted by Ateneo CODE. CODE will be screening Ateneans to facilitate high school student leaders from all over the country on October in Baguio. All slots are taken already.

Rally for Good Governance The Ateneo Task Force Blue Residences CALLS the ATENEO COMMUNITY to Join the rally for GOOD GOVERNANCE on August 12, Friday, 4pm at gate 2.5 Katipunan Ave!

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Ateneo Task Force Blue Residences with the Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng mga Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila (Sanggu) The Council of Student Organizations of the Ateneo (COA) Ateneo Resident Students Association (ARSA)

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Blue Christmas Subcore Recruitment

Be your own star by helping the kids shine and be the BIDA for one special day. Join a Blue Christmas subcore! Sign up for your desired committee from August 8 -21! Fill this up first: bcore-2011 , then for the subcore you want to apply for: Facilitator The committee that will bring happiness and excitement to the children of Blue Christmas by training the volunteers to become the most awesome Ates and Kuyas. bcore-2011-faci Logistics Generally, we are the Committee with the walkie talkies ensuring everyone is at location. We talk the talk and surely walk the walk. We are the Logistics Committee and we create the momentum from the start by giving the best spaces for Blue Christmas. bcore-2011-log Programs The Programs Committee is in charge of making sure that Blue Christmas is the highlight of the Christmas season through amazing performances, games and activities.

Marketing The committee dedicated in pursuing possible sponsors and benefactors in order to provide resources that will make the Blue Christmas experience worthwhile and enriching for the children. bcore-2011-marketing Secretariat Mobilization The committee that coordinates with different organizations for the recruitment of children who will come to Ateneo and share the Christmas spirit with us. s-subcore-2011-secmob Promotions The committee that will make Blue Christmas 2011 an event to remember by making awesome promotional materials for one of the biggest Christmas events in the Ateneo. bcore-2011-promos Like Blue Christmas 2011: BIDA Star on Facebook for future updates!

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COA Central Special Issue # 3 - 10 Aug 2011  

PasaHero, Rally for Good Governance, Blue Christmas

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