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Issue #15 | 18 September 2011, Sunday

ASEAN Students' View on China Photo Show Guizhou University presents the ASEAN Students' View on China Photo Show sponsored by Ministry of Education, China. This is a photography contest which pertains to students who have studied in China or have taken photo subjects promoting ASEAN-China relations. For project details, download the files here: Internal deadline for submission of entries if Oct. 7, Friday. All entries are to be submitted to the Office of International Relations, 2F Bellarmine Bldg.

Move.PH Online Multimedia Competition Move.PH is on a quest for compelling stories — about leaders, movers, ordinary folks who make a difference or impact the lives of other people. Stories build community and create bonds that organize our past and shape our future. What affects you affects others. We believe our country moves forward faster if we share and build our dreams together. We ask for stories in various forms — either essays, photo essays, video, or multimedia — a compelling view into your world today. Tell us about classmates, parents, teachers, policemen, kasambahays, ordinary folk with colorful and inspirational stories. Or recreate events that changed your life and shaped you. Or weave your dream of our future. Tell us your Story. Make your world MOVE our world. You may get the contest details on the official Move.PH page on Facebook. Watch the intro video:

For more information, contact KD Suarez at

blueREP's Black Prom

Based on Stephen King's CARRIE, Black Prom is the story of how Carrie White, a girl tormented and bullied by her classmates, discovers telekinetic powers just in time for her Senior Prom - a night no one will ever forget! For ticket inquiries, contact Aldrich Alcantara at 09158454454!

Also, for more information, you can like us on Facebook at and at


Gabay's Food Sale Tired of Caf and JSEC Food? Want to try something new?

Then go to to Gabay's Food Sale entitled "Nom Nom sa Prom" at the LS Promenade next week, September 19 to 23 and eat with us! Mapapa-NOMNOM ka sa sarap!

Psyche's Psychology Week Here comes PSYCHOLOGY WEEK!

Go through the STAGES OF LOVE and experience what it's like to float around like the lava in lava lamps. ♼ Day 1 (Monday) - The Enchantment Day 2 (Tuesday) - The Power Struggle Day 3 (Wednesday) - The Fork in the Road Day 4 (Thursday) - The Process Day 5 (Friday) - The Goal

See you there!

Psyche's Coupling 101 Stressed from all the requirements in class? Take a break with yet another PsychED Talk as the one word that frees us of all the weight and pain of life is LOVE ♼ Join us as we celebrate the 5 Stages of Love during Psyche Week and start it with a blast!

September 19, 2011 4:30 - 6:00PM at CTC 105 COUPLING 101 with Mr. Johann Andrew Sagmit! See you guys there! Invite your friends as well! And remember, the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return (Moulin Rouge).

ACTM's Numina Find out what the New Rules of Beauty are!

Visit our Exhibit of entries in the Archeology wing of the Power Plant mall from Monday to Saturday Awards night is on Saturday, September 24, at 5PM.

ACheS' Tutorials Having difficulty finding the RIGHT ELEMENTS for you to understand your chemistry subjects? Worry no more because we know the RIGHT FORMULA for you to score high in chemistry!

Say goodbye to your ENTROPIC grades because with ACheS Tutorials, we can set-up a chemistry review session for you, your block, your class, or a small group! To book/schedule a tutorial or for more information, please see the Services corner of the AChes Website (

AMS' AGIMATH+ Trapped inside mathematical obscurities and having a hard time deciphering them on your own? You don't have to do it alone!

Announcement from AgiMath+ Tutorial Service of Ateneo Mathematics Society:

• •

Please be noted of the following dates: Sept. 26, 2011 (Monday) is the FINAL day for sign-ups for requesting tutorials (One-on-one, Group, Class, or Org). Sept. 30, 2011 (Friday) is the FINAL day for Tutorials (One-on-one, Group, Class, or Org). To sign up, go to

Week-long events

ACTM Numina Exhibit at the Power Plant Mall MCA Week LFC Tambay Week Gabay Food Sale + Rummage Sale Psyche Psych Week

19 September, Monday

A-Stat Battlefield Alpha ASEC Ultimate Bonding Experience Musmos Leadership Training Seminar 2 AMS Financial Literacy Seminar Day 2

21 September, Wednesday

ASEC Buddies Orientation blueREP "Black Prom" SBC Friendship Hour 3: Tugon SPEED SPLAT Newsletter release

22 September, Thursday

ACOMM Sophomore Tracks V-log blueREP "Black Prom"

23 September, Friday

ACLC Formation Session 2, GP Year Launch LM Applicant's Written Test ASEC Buddies Orientation AEA Film Showing MCA Hoopla ACOMM Sophomore Tracks V-log AMP Creatives Workshop CoSA Announcement of winners of Orange Cup 2; Ad Talks 3 Gabay Last GA Musmos Comedy Show ACheS Evals GA AMS Financial Literacy Seminar Day 3

24 September, Saturday

AtSCA Area Overnight ACLC Leadership Development blueREP Closing Night of "Black Prom" Kythe CLP 3 Musmos 13th Area BOx Beach Clean Up

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