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Newsletter #6 09 May 2010 1 Day Before 2010 National Elections

Mobilization (PPCRV Poll Watching) ATF 2010, in partnership with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), will send volunteers to different poll stations to ensure clean, honest, and peaceful elections on May 10.

From Ian Agatep, ATF 2010 Non-Partisan Head Memo to ATF2010 PPCRV Volunteers:

To our fellow Ateneo PPCRV volunteers, Tomorrow is May 10. Election Day. For those of us eligible to vote tomorrow, go out and take a step towards the change we want, vote wisely and take into account what we need as a nation. Our task does not end on the 24 circles we will be shading and the feeding of our ballots inside the PCOS machines. As students who believe and work for a clean, honest and engaged elections, it does not end 6pm tomorrow. It is only the beginning. In behalf of Ateneo Task Force 2010, we'd like to thank you for coming to the orientation and taking on the challenge of safeguarding our ballot. Thank you for having that zeal and passion to serve our country, a nation that we truly love. It has been almost a year when ATF 2010 started to guide our own Ateneo community to register, to be educated, and to be ready for tomorrow's historic elections. We are all part of the bigger picture we are trying to paint. Not only as PPCRV Volunteers, but simply as Filipinos, we will be witnesses to a monumental part of our history. Not only is the automated election system incremental to a more credible democratic process but it reflects our goal to move forward as a nation. As volunteers, let us be open-minded and

be wary of the automated election process and the importance of our right to suffrage. As we protect the sanctity of the ballot,let us be ready to accept the challenges that may face us tomorrow in our own polling stations. The following people are the point persons for the areas that we have committed to provide assistance by sending in volunteers. Do contact them if you have any questions regarding your assigned area. White Plains Tots Magtoto - 09152422542 Luisa Elago - 09162605616

Miriam College/Pentecost Parish Drex Oarde - 09152408231 Gemmo Fernandez - 09176685149

St. Joseph Parish (Cubao) Paula Apines - 09158707760

Marikina Area Katrina Lee - 09178117891

St. Michael Archangel (Commonwealth) Misha Solano - 09175398963

Pope Pius (UN Ave) Rina Go - 09209196607 Ma'am Ann Manapat, OSCI Director - 09177385188

For those outside of Quezon City, please take not of the number of PPCRV's National Office and Command Center below. If possible, do try to contact your respective parishes and directly work with them. This will be more efficient since you can directly coordinate in your own areas. You may also contact Gabay Halalan hotline, the Election Concern Call Center of Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan. Also, we would like to sincerely apologize if we were not able to attend to all concerns as swift as possible as we are also preparing the team to coordinate in our efforts for tomorrow's polls. PPCRV National Office - 524-2855, 521-5005 PPCRV Command Center ( UN Ave.) - 525-6104 Gabay Halalan - 101-49 For additional information, do take note of the events and reminders in the ATF 2010 Newsletter that can be found in your respective Yahoo! Groups. Contact your said point persons above for more information. You may also send your concerns to the atf2010_nonpartisan @yahoogroups. com group. In behalf of ATF 2010, again, we our grateful to have volunteers from our own community to serve and become part of a historic expression of our right to suffrage in the May 10, 2010 National Elections. Let us, as a community, have faith in tomorrow's elections. Tomorrow's elections are growing pains in

moving forward to a better nation. Let us, as an Ateneo community, realize that it is our nation at stake. Tomorrow we are not simply Ateneans, but are Filipinos in service of our nation. Let us pray and believe in a clean, honest, and engaged elections tomorrow. It is our time, our elections, our time to build the nation.

Sincerely, Francis Ian L. Agatep ATF 2010 Head, Non-Partisan Work

Say YES to Clean and Peaceful Elections! In less than ONE WEEK, the future of our country will be in our hands once again. One last stretch before we finally contribute in making a change. As Ateneans, let's all unite and say YES to Clean and Peaceful Elections on May 10, 2010. If you believe in this, support our online signature campaign. Sign here. You can also visit and LIKE our Facebook page: YES to Clean & Peaceful Elections. As of press time, the page has gathered 619 Ateneans signatures and a total of 4, 108 likes! :D (Click and drag image to enlarge.)

“Solving a problem is entirely different from finishing a task. A task is simply something given to you and you do it, no questions asked. A solution is something you craft yourself. It involves you going through the entire process of looking through the options and deciding which tools and resources you'll use to finish the job and recording everything you've done for the next people.� These were the words of our Sanggunian President, Rob Roque, when our small team met around a month ago, to conceive what is now Ateneo Task Force 2010 or simply ATF 2010.

Statement of the Ateneo Task Force 2010 for Clean and Honest Elections May 9, 2010 Grounded on the principles of social involvement and believing in the voice of the youth in the Ateneo, the Ateneo Task Force 2010 was formed to provide avenues for our community to not only be aware of the politics taking place around us but to more importantly get this community involved in this important moment in our country’s history. Student leaders who are part of organizations (Council of Organizations of the Ateneo), the university dormitory (Ateneo Resident Students’ Association) and the student government (Sanggunian) are responding to this call for youth involvement in our battle against apathy. This initiative is in partnership with Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), the Office of Social Concern and Involvement (OSCI) and the Office of Student Activities (OSA). Our task was simple—to prepare and get our students involved, especially our registered Ateneans who will vote on Election Day, May 10, 2010. Yet the solution was nothing close to easy. Providing volunteer work for both partisan and non-partisan initiatives meant taking on two challenges that needed ample research, preparation and a whole lot of execution.

With youth and energy on our side, and equipped with the resources of today’s information age, we took upon ourselves the challenge posed by our realization that voting on May 10 is not enough, the realization that the act of voting in itself constitutes only a part of the bigger picture of being truly politicized and democratic in the context of a society teeming with issues that we seek to be addressed. From the issues of Ondoy and the Maguindanao Massacre, to issues on education, poverty, corruption, land reform, public health, environment, local government, we have learned that these are the realities our candidates must address and that we have a big responsibility to engage them to make sure that the become responsive to these realities. As students, we took the challenge of supporting the candidates we believe in and participating in efforts to educate our communities through Gabay Halalan and Voters’ Education, and protecting the sanctity of the ballot through Poll Watching come Election Day. We sought these avenues to engage our passions and consequently form us toward being more engaged citizens, and to awaken the spirit of our batch of Ateneans to continuously and responsibly take part in this bigger picture. From registering to voting, our goal as a community to be part of the change we want to see continues even after Monday. Our task does not end with our informed votes – the 24 circles in our ballots that we will be shading and feeding into the PCOS machine. As students who believe and work for clean, honest, and engaged elections, this project only marks the beginning of our

commitment as the youth of this country to peacefully and prudently fight for democracy in a society we will soon lead ourselves. A vital part of that commitment is the realization that there are a lot of things to change when our time comes, just as much as we must fervently hold on to the values we learn from our Ignatian education. We as an Ateneo youth stand and continue to pray towards an election that is credible—an election that will forward the youth’s voice–our voice–to the Filipino community. An election that we know we have to take part of to see the change we want to see in the future. Undersigned are the ATF 2010 core team, students of the Loyola Schools community who took a part in our signature campaign for Clean and Peaceful Elections, and youth from all over the internet who believe, pray, and hope for clean, honest, and engaged elections. --Attached is a copy of the List of Ateneans who signed Signature Campaign for Clean and Peaceful Elections.

May 10 is Election Day Be a responsible voter! Know your candidates. Know who and, more importantly, what you are voting for. Attached is an Election Primer which includes PDF files of National Candidates Profiles (Presidentiables, Vice Presidentiables, and Senatoriables), Party List, and aVoter Guide. These can also be found in the Ateneo Task Force 2010 Facebook page. Still undecided about who to vote for? Ateneo Task Force 2010 makes it one step easier for you! Watch and listen to what these Ateneans have to say about their candidate: Noynoy Aquino | Dick Gordon | Nicanor Perlas | Gibo Teodoro Special thanks to Dave Anastacio, Documentations Service Head of the Office of the COA Secretary-General, for his great effort in making the videos. If you still don't know where you will be voting, you may find it in the COMELEC Website.

Still at lost with the first ever automated elections? The Ateneo Task Force 2010 prepared these voting tips for you. (Click and drag image to enlarge.)

It’s YOUR country, YOUR elections, and YOUR time to build the nation. VOTE on May 10.

Al Jazeera's News on Election Fears: Short Feature of how ATF 2010 Fits into the Bigger Picture From the News: "These university students are doing what they to make sure all goes well on election day. They've conducted mock polls to educate voters on the new system, and even run a call center to help those with election related questions." Watch the full video here: the short feature of the ATF2010 efforts runs at 1:45. It shows how our efforts are aligned with the needs of the election.

Gabay Halalan in TV Patrol Gabay Halalan, at your service! Yes! Gabay Halalan was recently featured in ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol Halalan 2010 segment. Watch the video here.

Ateneo Task Force 2010 Shirts: NOW AVAILABLE! :D Can’t vote? That’s not a problem. Why not promote the elections (importance of voting and responsible voting) by wearing this shirt—the official Ateneo Task Force 2010 shirt—on May 10? It will not only serve as an outfit on Election Day but also a souvenir of your contribution to our country during this momentous time. The shirts are available for PHP120 for ATF2010 Volunteers and PHP240 for nonvolunteers. To order, kindly email ateneotaskforce2010 and indicate the following: full name, ID number, cellphone number, if you’re a volunteer/nonvolunteer, shirt design (the ballot box or the election checklist), and size*. (You may click the picture and drag to another tab to see full shirt layout.) *Sizes are bigger than usual (one size bigger). Sizes available XS, S, M, and L. If you're usually an S-size shirt, order the XS and so on and so forth.

Shirt Design:Front

Shirt Design: Back

Calling all Ateneans! Make a difference in the May 10 Elections! Join NON-PARTISAN WORK to help with Voters' Education and Poll Watching, or PARTISAN WORK to promote your candidates. (Want to watch the Youtube video instead? Watch ithere.) For questions or to sign-up and become part of history, visit us at MVP 220 or email us at ateneotaskforce2010 Visit our Facebook Page: Ateneo Task Force 2010

Be updated with ATF 2010 activities! Read about ATF2010’s final stretch of activities relating to our National Elections in the Ateneo Task Force 2010 Newsletter. You can read our past issues here.

Date Time May 7 (Fri) – 9:00-12:00 NN; 14 (Fri)

Event Gabay Halalan (24 Hours)

Venue CTC-313

PPCRV Mobilization;


12:00-3:00 PM; 3:00-6:00 PM; 6:00-9:00 PM; 9:00-12:00 MN; 12:00-3:00 AM; 3:00-6:00 AM ;

6:00-9:00 AM; May 10 (Mon) TBA

2010 National Elections

Gabay Halalan, at your service! Starting May 7 until May 14, Gabay Halalan will be operating for 24 hours. You may ask election-related questions through their hotlines: 101-49 (for PLDT subscribers) and(02) 902-0400 (for Globelines, Globe, and TM subscribers) . They also accept incident reports regarding the elections in your place. Everyone is also invited to volunteer as a tele-educator, documentor, or researcher. Visit their website and sign-up as a volunteer. They are operating in CTC-313. Gabay Halalan was featured in TV Patrol last May 6. Watch the feature here.

It's YOUR country, YOUR elections, YOUR time to build the nation. Facebook Page | Watch the ATF 2010 Video ATF 2010 Inquirer Article | Al

Jazeera News on Elections

Visit our partners! Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB) | Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) | Office of Social Concern and Involvement (OSCI) | Ateneo School of Government


and the Commission on Elections

ATF2010 Newsletter #6 - 09 May 2010  

Ateneo Task Force 2010 Newsletter #6 Tomorrow's the big day! Let's help one another in making this a CLEAN, HONEST and ENGAGED ELECTIONS.

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