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NON-FICTION ‘Shakespeare’s Restless World’ by Neil MacGregor

‘Australian War Memorial: Treasures From a Century of Collecting’ by Nola Anderson

Allen Lane HB $39.99 From Neil MacGregor, the acclaimed creator of A History of the World in 100 Objects and the Director of The British Museum, comes a unique, enthralling exploration of the age of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare lived through a pivotal period in human history. With the discovery of the New World, the horizons of old Europe were expanding dramatically. Life was exhilaratingly uncertain. What were Londoners thinking when they went to see Shakespeare’s plays? What was it like living in their world? In this book MacGregor looks at 20 objects from Shakespeare’s life and times, and uncovers the fascinating stories behind them. He weaves the histories of the objects into the words of Shakespeare’s plays themselves to suggest to us where his ideas about religion, national identity, the history of England and the world, and human nature itself, may have come from.

Murdoch HB $89.99 The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is one of Australia’s most iconic institutions. Originally conceived during the turbulent years of WWI, it was opening in 1941 and has grown to become one of our most important symbols of national identity. Australian War Memorial: Treasures from a Century of Collecting tells the story of the Memorial and the National Collection – one of the most significant military history collections in the world. With specially commissioned photography that presents familiar icons as they have never been seen before, as well as hundreds of lesser known – and some surprising – treasures from this vast collection, this stunning book is both a commemoration of all those who have served and a tribute to the enduring qualities that forged a nation.

‘Lost At Sea’ by Jon Ronson Picador PB $29.99 From the author of the bestselling, The Psychopath Test comes a new collection of stories about the weirdand weird and wonderful. Jon Ronson is fascinated by madness, strange behaviour and the human mind, and he has spent his life exploring mysterious events and meeting extraordinary people. In this book Robson investigates the strange things we’re willing to believe in. From the pop singer whose greatest passion in life is the coming alien invasion and the scientist designated to greet those aliens when they arrive to stories about amateur nuclear physicists, assisted-suicide practitioners, the town of North Pole and Alaska’s Christmas induced high school mass-murder plot. Incisive and hilarious, poignant and maddening, revealing and disturbing – Ronson writes about our modern world and the foibles of contemporary culture with wit and humanity.

COOKING by Bill Granger

‘Easy: 100 Delicious Dishes for Every Day’ by Bill Granger

‘Limoncello and Linen Water’ by Tessa Kiros

Harper HB $49.99

Murdoch HB $59.99

Bill Granger has always been passionate about food and cooking. He takes pride in presenting delicious food that is simple, fresh and looks irresistible. This easy going approach to food has always been Bill’s philosophy and is an important element of his enduring popularity. Easy is Bill’s tenth book and it offers 100 ‘easy’ solutions to the age old question of “what will we have for dinner?” From livening up a pork chop to working wonders with a tin of beans to making dessert from apples in the fruit bowl, Easy offers a collection of fantastically achievable recipes. This is a great gift for the first-time home cook.

Respected cookbook author Tessa Kiros celebrates the heritage of Italy, the country she has chosen to call home, in Limoncello and Linen Water. This charming book is a tribute to the women in our lives, mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers - and the I important lessons that we learn from them. With accessible, delicious recipes ranging from robust family dishes to quirky cakes and old-fashioned preserves, this beautifully designed and photographed book is destined to become a family heirloom. This is the eighth book by Kiros, whose previous titles include Apples for Jam and Falling Cloudberries.

ART & DESIGN ‘Hokusai’ by Jo Matthi Forrer Prestel HB $175 This monumental book follows the full spectrum of Hokusai’s life and work, from his ffirst prints to his most accomplished productions. Including 350 colour reproductions, each stage of Hokusai’s artistic development is presented within the context of Japanese cultural history. In addition to placing him among contemporaries from his native country, the book discusses the profound influence Hokusai had one European artists, particularly the Impressionists. Matthi Forrer, one of the world’s leading authorities on the artist, vibrantly interweaves brilliant reproductions from every period of Hokusai’s life with fascinating commentary. Presented in a luxurious largeformat edition, and specially bound to allow it to lie flat when fully opened, the book offers a comprehensive prespective combined with the latest scholarly findings.

‘The Bike Book: Lifestyle. Passion. Design.’

‘Houses Designed for Families’ Gary Takle

teNeues HB $99

Think HB $59.95

The feeling of freedom experienced on a bike is like nothing else in the world. With that first liberating ride comes a boundless joy that is never to be forgotten. The bike is the most efficient and eco-friendly means of human transportation. But today bikes are much more than a simple means of transportation. Bikes are cool, they’re ‘in’, they’re a lifestyle choice. A plain, understated urban bike can be every bit as fascinating as a carbon-fibre time-trial bike built for minimum wind resistance by supercomputers. Classic bikes from Britain, France and Italy have inspired a retro trend, with fixies and single speed bikes being all the rage. The Bike Book contains a fantastic collection of the world’s most expensive, innovative and trendiest bikes made by bike builders from around the globe. This is the perfect gift for the lycra loving person in your life.

Having a family requires an adaptation of your lifestyle. In addition, it requires you to think about how your home will best fit your needs. Houses Designed for Families, shows how any home can be tailored to suit a family’s individual requirements and tastes without compromising on aesthetics. With examples on how to position rooms to maximize privacy, traffic flow and noise control, this book has something for every homeowner. The houses on display, most of them Australian, will show you that having a family doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your personal tastes and sense of style. Many different decorating styles are featured and the book also shows you how fixtures, finishes and furniture can be combined to maximize a visual tone.

Christmas Reading Guide 2012 Non Fiction  
Christmas Reading Guide 2012 Non Fiction