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An Overview of the US IT Staffing Industry With the improvement of the US economy and the job market, the US IT staffing market is also improving. Staffing firms occupy a crucial position in IT staffing. A staffing firm has recruiters who have varied experience and skills in bringing on board the top IT candidates for its clients. These firms usually work with the HR recruitment team of a company and eventually become a part of the recruiting process of a company. If a business is looking to hire IT candidates and wants to do it really fast, then these recruitment companies are their best choice. Complex and competitive staffing process Traditionally, the recruitment process has been more like a sales process. Instead of selling a product or a service, a recruiter tries to sell a company to a candidate. But the modern recruitment process has become complex and strategic. First, there are thousands of candidates who are looking for jobs. Every recruiter is flooded with candidates’ resumes. Second, a company needs to maintain its brand and image on the internet to hire the right candidate (the same way it maintains its online brand for marketing). Candidates learn about their prospective employers, their work culture and even interact with a few of its employees via social networking sites before joining a company. Hence, a business must be able to make a value proposition to attract quality IT candidates. Categories and kinds of staffing firms Hiring is complex and multi-faceted. There are different categories of staffing service providers. For example, an employment firm may operate as a boutique staffing firm or may have a specialization like IT, healthcare or legal. Staffing companies have thorough knowledge of the kind of staffing service they provide. For example, there are staffing firms that specialize in temporary staffing or contract-to-hire staffing. The latest is the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or “customized recruitment services.” These firms combine technology with services and offer unique strategic value to their clients. Using social networking sites to find candidates Recruiters must also include social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn in their hunt for the right candidate. These social networking platforms are an important way of branding a business and also finding the right candidate. Recruiters must leverage these platforms to broaden their search for the right candidate. Growing room for innovation There is also a growing need for innovation in the recruitment market. Employment firms are always finding new strategies to add value for its clients and candidates. In today’s tightening talent market, talent acquisition can make or break a business. Staffing companies are also constantly in competition among themselves. A recruitment firm needs to be innovative to attract more clients. They must be able to leverage complex technologies and add value to their client solutions in a way that other staffing firms cannot do.

An overview of the us it staffing industry  

With the improvement of the US economy and the job market, the US IT staffing market is also improving. Staffing firms occupy a crucial posi...