The College of the Arts and Communication Spotlight Digital Publication (Fall 2019 Issue)

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Chloe Borthwick December Student of the Month Department of Music

What is your major and when will you graduate? I’m a double major in Jazz Voice and Classical Oboe (both performance). I will graduate Spring 2022. What is your favorite WP Music class and why? I’m currently in Professor Weidman’s Jazz Piano class which I really enjoy because piano is not at all my primary instrument so I’m posed with a lot of challenges that I wouldn’t normally be posed with on the instrument. Since I usually accompany myself on piano while singing, it’s broadened my understanding of composing and using the instrument more efficiently. What advice would you give to students pursuing a major in Music? Accept every opportunity presented to you and keep yourself booked up. I’m tremendously more productive when my schedule is packed and I always make time for personal music projects outside of school. I’m currently taking 21 credits as well as producing and releasing music, teaching piano lessons and regularly rehearsing/gigging with my band. Taking opportunities in and out of school no matter what they are have proved to be a fruitful mantra for myself. I truly think that every musical situation - no matter how incredible or awful is worth the time. I’ve learned so much from awful gigs with awful people, and great gigs with great people, whether they paid a lot or nothing at all. What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned at William Paterson University? You get out what you put in. What inspires you? Self-made, successful females. What are your musical aspirations? To watch Chloe Borthwick’s in-person interview, click below:

I would love to establish my own name and perform my own music, but I really am eager to be a part of any & every vein of the industry, whether it be recording, writing, playing in pits, teaching, etc. I really do enjoy everything I’ve done thus far professionally and since it’s in a field I love, I find it hard to be picky about what I’m going to be doing long-term. Please share more information about yourself.

Chloe Bee & Co. is my band’s name, we’ve been playing a lot around my hometown (Warwick, N.Y.) and New Jersey, playing my original music and some covers. It’s fun music that my band members and I are super dedicated to, so I’d love to see some WP students at an upcoming show. I also recorded one of my songs, Wet Cement with SEA student Seamus Ronan, with the help of WP students: Caelan Cardello, Griffin Ross and alumnus Tom Killackey. Hopefully, you’ll hear it on streaming platforms soon!