The College of the Arts and Communication Spotlight Digital Publication (Winter 2021 Issue)

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Caroline Sanchez

March’s Alumni of the Month Department of Music You’ve worked as a freelance audio technician and technology consultant. Tell us about some of your clients and productions.

Revelations in Darkness, 2019 Green-sustainable resin, blown glass, steel, hydrophone, amp, speaker, aquatic plants and mystery snails 6’ x 4.5’ x 1.5’

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I was extremely fortunate to be thrown into the world of broadcast audio through an internship with Music Mix Mobile, a mobile recording company that was doing the live stream for the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2012. Since then, I have worked on a variety of shows – Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The GRAMMY Awards, and The MET: Live in HD to name a few. My information technology chops come from ongoing work with the Enterprise Systems team at William Paterson and has branched out into consulting for production and entertainment companies that require a technology specialist with a true understanding of their industry. All live events are supported by a technology heavy backbone and navigating that space has become a specialized job. It is a fun mix of geeky meets rock n’ roll. What advice would you offer to our Music students? Stay grounded, diversify your skillset, and never stop attending shows as an audience member. There may be moments when you feel the magic of a career in music slipping – do not panic or get discouraged. Work, even in the field of entertainment, is still work. Balancing that work with incredible personal experiences is the glue that keeps the dream intact. Tell us about your work as a poet and musician. I have been playing flute since the third grade and would not be here answering questions about a career in audio without the profound influence music has had on my life (shoutout to every music educator

I have ever had – thank you!). These days, I am playing for myself and missing the large ensemble experience terribly – it is my hope to join a community orchestra when it becomes safe to do so. I have also been writing since a young age. In the last few years, submitting poetry has been a way to extend beyond my comfort zone and learn more about the publication process. Exploring how writing and music inform each other serves as both creative release and professional development, and I’m humbled by how lucky that statement is.

“Stay GROUNDED, DIVERSIFY your SKILLSET, and never stop