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Reference: Bizoppers Opportunity BizOppers – Work from Home Scams? Have you signed up for websites that promised to help you earn money from home? Did it turn out that these websites are just a scam? One who constantly looks for work from home opportunities on the Web has probably read about BizOppers. Like many websites, BizOppers claims to be a good tool and program that one can use to earn from home. Is it true and legit or is it just one of the work from home scams that victimized lots of people in the past? BizOppers Is an MLM Program Before you sign up, note that BizOppers is a multilevel marketing program. It is designed to help people market what they have to offer (i.e. products and services). There are tools and resources to help the free members learn effective marketing techniques. When you join, you have three spots to fill so you need three people to be on your sublevel. Each of them can then invite three more people whom you may also interact with. As the leader, you can also help your three members (on the 2nd level) find people to fill in their three spots. You and one of your three members still get commission through the members on the 3rd level. BizOppers Is a Social Network Communication is the key to probably everything. The founders of BizOppers know this by heart. Making BizOppers more than just an MLM program is great. BizOppers also have the features of a regular social network. You can post a status and see others’ status. You can like posts. You can comment on posts. You can write on others’ walls. You can also share links. Moreover, BizOppers being a social network becomes a much more effective marketing program. If you run a business from home, you can easily offer your products and services to other members. Most members are businesspersons who are more concerned about offering their own products and services than availing yours but most people know that even businesspeople also become consumers at one point or another. In your BizOppers profile, you can list down what you offer and what you need to give other members a heads up.

Membership in BizOppers You can join BizOppers for free. It is not one of the work from home scams and you cannot lose anything if you will do your job as a marketer. You just have to provide a valid email address and indicate your full name. You will then be able to enjoy the site as a free member. You can interact with other members, add friends, update your status, etc. You can also invite other people to join the MLM program. On the other hand, BizOppers also offer a gold membership. It costs $29.95 per month. Being a gold member, you can enjoy many other bonuses aside from the $15 you get for your members' first month and $2.50 for their following months. Other bonuses include matching bonus and ongoing matching bonus. What You Ought to Know Is BizOppers one of the work from home scams? A short answer is no but it definitely requires a small monthly fee and some marketing efforts. Members are encouraged to switch to gold membership. After all, $29.95 a month is nothing when all bonuses are summed up especially if your network gets bigger.

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