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Is it possible to find legitimate work from home jobs or are they all, to put it simply, scams. Most of us would love the opportunity to earn our incomes from the comfort of our own homes but we are put off because we are afraid of taking the risk of falling for a scam, but believe me when I say there are legitimate work from home jobs out there if you know where to look. Don't be of the mindset that if you have to pay for something it must be a con, this simply isn't true. Even legitimate work from home jobs will have people to pay and costs of their own. A perfect example is paid surveys, it takes the owners of these sites time and effort to build there list of companies so they need to charge to make up for that time and effort, and also if it's a really good site their support. Now I'm not saying go to the first paid survey site you find and become a member as many aren't legitimate work from home jobs in fact about 85% of paid survey sites are scams, but once you've found the sites that do genuinely work then they are worth the initial fee as you will earn it back very quickly and then any other profit is yours. Another area you can find legitimate work from home jobs in is affiliate marketing, again that doesn't mean jump straight in but you can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing although you will almost certainly need a guide to do so, as with survey sites these guides have a price but they aren't overly expensive and if you put the guide to use they will make you a lot of money, far more than what you will earn doing surveys, In fact affiliate marketing is the best of all the legitimate work from home jobs in my opinion as the rewards are limitless. Of course there are areas that aren't legitimate work from home jobs and should be avoided such as any data entry jobs, these are nearly all complete scams or the ones that do work may allow you to earn about $10 a week. So the simple answer is yes you can find legitimate work from home jobs, you may need a little help to get you there but they do exist in areas such as paid surveys, affiliate marketing and wholesaling/dropshipping so don't believe everything is a scam. One last thing you should never pay for sites which claim to give you a list of legitimate work from home jobs, a lot of these sites are scams and others are simply sites they are paid to recommend. You can find the legitimate work from home jobs through review sites and forums where people give an honest opinion and not a paid one.

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