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The Internet is saturated with them. All over the place they promise to pay you gross amounts of money by hardly lifting a finger. Its hard to know which online work from home job is legit. Below are tips and tricks to help you find the best legitimate work at home jobs without being scammed. 1. Do your research - search online about scam reports on certain programs that you find online. People aren't afraid to voice their opinion when they've had a bad experience. One or two bad reviews aren't anything to necessarily worry about, but if you consistently hear about programs cheating people out of thousands of dollars, it certainly is time to look elsewhere. 2. Do they guarantee payment - In my book, to be considered as one of the best legitimate work at home jobs they most definitely have to have a payment guarantee and/or a money back guarantee. If they don't there may be a reason for it. 3. Look for contact addresses - If it is legitimate work from home job you should be able to find contact information readily available. Do not spend your money if the information is not present, there are ways of tracking website contact information, but why go through the hassle if they don't hand it to you on a platter. 4. Trust your instinct - If you feel like your being sucked in and get that bad gut feeling, maybe the work at home job you are considering isn't right for you. Most people have a six-sense about online scams. 5. Online Paid Surveys - There are legitimate online paid surveys that offer great payout. Be wary of the ones that run you in to circles, you may never finish them. Legitimate online paid surveys will often require a payment to access their directory. Nothing quality is ever free. 6. Look for authority - Authority sites and trusted names will often do research on the products they promote. If a legitimate website has information about legitimate work at home jobs it might be a good sign. Keep in mind the source! 7. Take in to consideration that the best things in life are rarely ever free. Some companies require payment to use their system. You still get paid, but in order to use their database and information they may charge. Remember to look for their online guarantee! By following these simple guidelines, you have already saved yourself from most of the scams

online. Be sensible, yet follow your gut instinct and you will be well on your way to find the best legitimate work at home jobs.

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