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Bagdad Sultans: The "Team From Nowhere". Two Tournaments Down, One to Go.


As a coach there are times when you dream of having a team that from top to bottom seems to have what it takes to not only compete with any team in your classification, but also the ability to shock the community by winning a state championship. While people are now starting to recognize there is something special about the 2010 Bagdad Sultan Softball team, those of us at AZSportsnetwork started recognizing there was something special way before the softball season even got started. This year we decided to cover the 1-3A Spirit-Line State Championships in Prescott. While we were covering this event we started to take notice of a team that seemed so far ahead of the rest that it was hard to believe that a small school of barely over 100+ student enrollment could not only be competing against the bigger schools but also beating them. As I watched this group of athletes compete against their 2A and 3A competition you could see that they were not afraid nor did they think that just because they were from the small town of Bagdad that they were going to expect anything less but perfection when they got on the floor to compete. As I sat and watched the Bagdad Spirit-Line compete for a state championship you had no choice but to notice how many fans were in the stands cheering for their team who was showing the entire 1-3A world that they were here not only to have fun but to take on all challengers to meet their goal of a state championship. Little by little as I watched them compete I was in awe as this team continued to get better and better until finally in the end they tied with Valley Christian for the 1-3A Overall State Championship in the Spirit-Line State Competition.

I could see girls wearing Bagdad letterman jackets and to my amazement there were a lot of the same girls that had just won state who would also be playing softball for their school as well. With girls who had already won a state championship for their school and community, it was only obvious that the same confidence displayed on the floors in Prescott would carry over to their 2010 softball season. With most people focusing in on St. Augustine and Joe City, the Lady Sultans have been quietly watching as little or no respect has been given to them as they continue to push forward with a 27-0 undefeated season as of this week. They have also won the Gila Bend and Salt-River Tournaments as well. When you look at this team it is not made up of 1 or 2 star players, but a team made up of athletes who believe that TEAMWORK and TEAMWORK only will get them to their goal of a state championship in softball. This "Team From No-Where" is still going under the radar. Not only do they not care but they are carrying that same "CHIP" on their shoulder that I saw them display when they won a state championship earlier in the year. In the end no matter how the season plays out, Coach Sandoval can feel very blessed that she was able to coach the 2010 softball team as they move forward and chase history by attempting to bring home an undefeated state championship.

#1 Joseph City, #2 St. Augustine, #3Bagdad, #4 St. David, #5 Valley Union #6 Mogollon, #7 Orme, #8 Duncan, #9 Northland Prep, #10Fredonia


2010 Week 7 In Review #10 Gila Bend Gila Monsters (7-7)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20th @ Bagdad 4-23rd @ Tanque Verde

Patagonia over #10 Gila Bend Gila Bend has dropped to the 11th spot in our rankings for the losses this last week. #10 Gila Bend over Patagonia Match-ups:

St. Gregory's over #10 Gila Bend

Notes: The Gila Monsters really took it on the chin this last week by losing a game to Patagonia and then losing another game vs St. Gregs who is right behind them in the 4th power point spot for the South Division.

Gila bend has a normal non-powerpoint game vs Bagdad which will be a very tough game to say the least. This would be a great chance to get back on track and get their confidence up. They cannot afford to lose to Tanque Verde. If they do they more than likely will not make the playoffs.

Questions: WE knew the inexperience was a question this season but something must be happening at the end of the season we may not know about whether it is injuries, eligibility issues or team chemistry. The Gila Monsters need to hit the BUTTON and get back on track very soon!


2010 WEEK 7 IN REVIEW #10 Fredonia (6-2)


IDLE #8 Fredonia 17 Northland Prep 18 In the first game, NPA found itself down three runs heading into the bottom of the eighth inning and scored four runs to earn the win.

The Lynx stayed at the 10 spot this week after losing 2 very close games vs Northland Prep. However, these were costly losses as they now drop into the #4 spot from the North heading into the playoffs.

Claire Cashman delivered the game-winning hit. Roxy Ribelin had five hits in the game and Horn added four. Horn also earned the win.

Match-ups: NONE

#8 Fredonia 16 Northland Prep 17 In the second game, NPA was able to hold off a rally in the seventh by Fredonia and threw out the potential tying run at the plate to secure the win. Noelle Martinjako had three hits in the win and Ashley Carlson and Sarah Smith each had two hits. NPA is now 11-4

Questions: The big issue here is they will now face a #1 seed in the playoffs out of the East Division based on the playoff brackets. The loss vs Northland Prep was huge.


2010 Week 7 In Review #9 Duncan Wildkats (6-3)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: No more regular season games listed.

#9 Duncan 13 Ft. Thomas 3 Match-ups:



Duncan is an unknown quantity right now and we will see how they deal with the regional playoffs coming up. The rural teams will be Salt-river to contend with before the playoffs.


2010 WEEK 7 IN REVIEW #7 Orme (7-2)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 vs Valley Lutheran 4-23 vs Mayer ( DH)

#7 Orme 0 #3 Bagdad 12

#7 Orme 1 #3 Bagdad 13

Orme belongs in the 7 spot. They have shown they can play some great softball for the 2010 season.


Who’s Hot Ramona Coroban: Ramona has a BA of .462; 5 RBI's; 1 HR; .533 OBP; .923 SLG, and 5 Stolen Bases.

Kim Brennan, .412 BA, 9 runs, 4 RBI 3 wins

Michaela Smyly, .368 BA, 14 runs, 2 RBI

This week will show where they will stand in the West Division. They beat VL last time up and the game vs mayer is huge as well since Mayer has secured a playoff spot. If they sweep they will secure the 2nd spot in the West.

Questions: Orme has been playing some great softball and besides the losses vs Bagdad had been undefeated. The key is if this team is ready to stay with the top 5 teams.


2010 Week 7 IN REVIEW


#6 Mogollon (6-6) 4-20 vs Joseph City

#6 Mogollon 13 St. Mikes 1 ( gm1)

Mogollon is always a very tough team when it comes to the playoffs. They have one chance to move up before the playoffs vs JC.

#6 Mogollon 25 St. Mikes 7 ( gm2)


Holbrook 9 #6 Mogollon 8

Payson 16 #6 Mogollon 0

JC vs Mogollon is a huge rival but JC has usually been the favorite in these games for the past few years when Cochran has been in the circle. This game really is a big game as Mogollon can try and get the #1 seed from the North. However, if they lose they have secured a #2 seed from the North and if this plays out they have a possible 2nd round match vs St. Augustine.

St. Johns 9 #6 Mogollon 2

The Mustangs had a rough week. Questions: They hope to at least have a decent showing vs JC this week. Do they belong in the top 4 teams in the state?? One issue is it will be all about match-ups in the state tournament so if they get the 2nd seed they could meet up vs the Wolves from St. Augustine and the Mogollon staff is one of the best around.


2010 Week 7 In Review #5 Valley Union (8-3)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-19 vs Green Fields 4-20 vs St. David

#5 Valley Union 15 St. Greg's 7 VU is a top contender for the 1A state playoffs. They are finally showing signs of the teams we have seen in the past. They will either be the 2-3rd seed out of the South based on their game with St. David this week. #5 Valley Union 16

T. Verde 0


Who’s Hot! Valley Union started off very slow and were not the same state contending team I had seen in the past. However, coach has them on the right track and they are peaking at the right time.

The big match-up this week is their rematch vs the Tigers of St. David. They need to win this game not only to show us they can hang with the top 5 teams in the state but also for the power-points that the South uses to seed their top 4 teams for the tournament. VU will probably see Mayberry who has been out with a slight arm injury so that will be important. Both of these teams seem to struggle vs small-ball so lets see who uses it and plays better if used against them for this huge game at VU. Questions: Is VU ready for prime-time like in past years. They seem to be playing much better and if this is an indication of things to come they could make a run at least to the semis of the state tournament. My concern is fielding bunts vs the teams that utilize small-ball.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#4 St. David Tigers (10-3)

Games This Week:

#4 St. David 11 Tanque Verde 1

4-20 @ Valley Union 4-22 vs Green Fields

#4 St. David 10 Ajo 3

The Tigers are ranked #4 for a reason this season as they have made huge strides and with the combination of strong hitting and pitching they have put themselves in a position to contend for a state title.

#4 St. David 13 Ajo 1 Match-ups:

Who’s Hot! Mayberry , She has been tough in the circle and has carried her team on her shoulders. Others leading the way for this team are Vargas, Lee, Jones and Garcia

They have a huge return match vs Valley Union away. They were able to win 10-7 the last time these 2 teams met but the Blue Devils seem to be hitting their peak and playing like the VU teams of old. They need to have a great game in the circle by Mayberry . She must be able to slow down the small-ball play of VU which I feel the Tigers must get under control before the playoffs. The Tigers also need to get good production out of Vargas, Lee, Jones and Garcia at the top of the order. Questions:

I am very impressed with this team but I feel that they struggle when teams play the small-ball against them. if they can get this under control then they can get to the semis at state and even more if the softball gods are shining down on them during tournament play. The other big question is staying in the #2 spot for power-points in the South.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#3 Bagdad (27-0)

Games This Week:

#4 Bagdad over Salt River

4-20 vs Gila Bend 4-22 @ San Pasqual (DH)

#4 Bagdad over V. Luth. (gm 1&2)

Who’s Hot! Leading Pitchers for the Sultans are Seniors Hannah Hunter and Amy Folan.

The Sultans are set at the 3rd spot in the rankings as they are now 27-0 and their coaches stressing teamwork has paid huge dividends for them this season. Many people are not paying attention to them but they are the real deal and looking to win a state title.


SR, Janessa Jauregui, .692 BA, 3 HR

The last teams that may have a chance to put any sort of a blemish on the undefeated record for the Sultans is Gila Bend and San Pasqual. Based SO, Marissa Jauregui, .688 BA, 1 on strength of teams it is the Gila HR Monsters who hope to take at least 1 game away from them but the GB JR, Kara Wade, .666 BA team must travel to Bagdad and although GB is in our top 10 it will be JR, Brittany Van Zee, .659 BA, 52 a hard challenge for them to win at Bagdad. stolen bases,

JR, Crystal Pacheco, .500 BA

Questions: I strongly feel that Bagdad is a team that can slip through and win a title. They have pretty much done everything needed up to the playoffs by winning 2 tournaments including the big Salt-River event a few weeks back. Based on the schedules they should be on the same side as St. Augustine if my brackets are correct. This would be a great semi-final game.


WEEK 7 IN REVIEW #2 St. Augustine (16-0)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games this week: 4-23 vs Clifton ( DH)

#2 St. Augustine 12 Patagonia 2 Match-ups: #2 St. Augustine 21 Patagonia 0 The Wolves had little trouble with the Lobos. Brink as usual is dominating the South Division and is the team to give JC trouble in the playoffs.

This last game for the Wolves is just a formality and they should not have any trouble dispensing of Clifton.

Questions: Even though they have dominated the South division I do have a few concerns:

Who’s Hot Brink and company keep mowing down their opponents and will have plenty of rest before the playoffs as their regular season is coming to an end.

They are strong 1-4 or 5 hitters and then there is a drop-off. How will this hurt them against the stronger teams. The stamina of Brink in the hot heat for the playoffs is a concern as the 3 ft has made a bit of a difference for her especially in the later innings. I also feel they could be hurt by good small-ball teams but of course easier said than done.


2010 Week 7 In Review #1 Joe City Wildcats (9-1)

#1 Joe City 20 Northland Prep 0

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 @ Mogollon 4-22 @ St. Johns 4-23 @ Northland Prep JC has been the #1 ranked team for going on 3 seasons in a row. This has tons to do with having Cochran as their ace in the circle. They are #1 for a reason and seem to be peaking at the right time.


Who’s Hot! Cochran is her name and striking out hitters is her game. She has been doing it for 3 years now and nothing seems to be slowing her down.

The big game is vs Mogollon on the 20th. Mogollon has been 2nd fiddle to JC for 2 years and they would like nothing more than to upset Joe City and take the North #1 seed away from them. This more than likely will not happen.

Questions: The Cochran led team is very tough. The extra 3 ft has made a bit of difference but overall there is not much people have been able to do against this JC team. They do have a new coaching staff so that could come into play at the state tournament from a coaching experience standpoint. But they are still the heavy favorite to win 3 in a row with about maybe 4-5 teams that could upset them at state.

Shauna Judd warms up at Wrangler Classic.

#1 Willcox,

#2 Benson,

#3 Bourgade,

#4 San Manuel,


#6 Hayden, #7 Camp Verde, #8 St. Johns, #9 Miami, #10 ALA




#10 Arizona Lutheran (10-2)

Games This Week:

#10 ALA 15 PCDS 4

4-20 vs Estrella Foothills 4-22 @ Antelope

#10 ALA 5 Valley Lutheran 4

The Coyotes hang onto their #10 spot for week 8 by continuing to win games.

Match-ups: The game vs EFH will show us all late in the season how good ALA is looking as we get close to playoff time. EFH is a 3A title contender and just beat BC 2-1 so this is a very good gauge for us to see if ALA is ready to jump into the top tier of 2A softball.

Questions: It is all about competition and being ready to roll with the traditional powers in 2A. This ALA team has a good chance of upsetting some teams but we will see this week with the game vs EFH.


2010 WEEK 7 IN REVIEW #9 Miami Vandals (11-4)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 vs San Tan Foothills 4-23 @ San Carlos

#6 Hayden 18 #9 Miami 3: Miami stays at our #9 spot but were close to moving down in our rankings. Morenci 6 #9 Miami 3 #9 Miami 6 Morenci 5 Match-ups:

NOTES Miami did not have the greatest week but they did split with Morenci keeping them in the hunt for a good spot in the brackets come playoff team.

Although this week it looks like victories on paper, Miami has to stay focused and play hard. They face a SC team and this is a good rival game. I know SC is down this year but you just never know.

Questions: The Miami team is up and down but remember they tend to be tough come playoffs and are usually Giant Killers in the playoffs as they usually play good defense and pitching usually comes thru for them.

Jen Rocha

Globe vs Miami


2010 Week 7 In Review


#8 St. Johns (8-7) 4-20 vs Show Low 4-22 vs Joseph City Payson 9 #6 St. Johns 4:

#6 St. Johns 9 Mogollon 2:

St. Johns stay at the #8 spot for the week 8 rankings. They had a tough week 7 but they are playing tough competition which should help them come playoff time. Match-ups:

Round Valley 9 #6 St. Johns 4

St. Johns has another very tough week as they take on an up and coming very hot Show Low team. They need to continue and improve heading into the last weeks of the season. After SL they will take on Cochran and their #1 ranked team who is peaking just right this season in their attempt for a 3peat under Cochrans arm.

Questions: It is very hard to gauge just how good this team is because of playing an almost all 3A east schedule and that is not an easy task. This hard schedule should help them come playoff time.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#7 Camp Verde Cowboys (9-4)

Games This Week:

#7 Camp Verde 11 Chino Valley 1

4-20 @ Wickenburg 4-21 @ Northland Prep 4-23 vs Chino Valley

Mingus 9

Camp Verde was the Cinderella story last season and they are in our #7 spot and will be dangerous come playoff time.

#7 Camp Verde 0

Cowboys Head Coach Debbi Miller felt her team didn't hit the ball as well as they should have, but that the Mingus team hit the ball very well. "Mingus just hit the ball, they're going to make contact," said Miller. "We knew that. If we hit like they did we could have made it closer." "For three innings we played tough," said Miller. "If we had hit like we know how, it would have been closer.

Who’s Hot! Roque has been hot in the circle for Camp Verde. Shelby Mulcaire slides into second against Sedona. VVN/Jon Pelletier

Match-ups: Camp Verde still has a tough week as any of these teams can beat them if they lose focus. NP has been playing good ball and Wick is always dangerous. Plus add in Chino which is a rival game and you never know how the game will be in the end.

Questions: CV continues to get better and that is key for this team. The will not come in as a sleeper this year. Cami Ligon after attempting a bunt Friday at Mingus. VVN/Sean Morris


2010 Week 7 In Review #6 Hayden Lobos (10-2)

#6 Hayden 18 #9 Miami 3

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 @ #7 Coolidge

Hayden stays at our #6 spot as they had a nice win vs the #9 Vandals from Miami.


NOTES This was a nice solid win after losing to PRCA last week. Hayden needed this win to get back on track.

Coolidge will be a very good test for Hayden entering the last weeks of the season. The Lobos have a ton of tradition and they must keep the errors down vs a very fast Coolidge team who is making noise in the 3A division.

Questions: Errors, errors, and errors! Hayden must take care of the errors if they even hope of having a chance at the 2A state title. If they can do this they are a title contender.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#5 Pusch Ridge Christian (8-3)

Games This Week:

#4 PRCA 22 Baboquivari 3

4-19 @ Santa Cruz 4-20 @ Desert Christian 4-24 vs San Miguel ( DH) PRCA is a very good team and are our #5 team in the 2A classification.

. #5 San Manuel 10 #4 PRCA 1



The game this week is vs the always dangerous Santa Cruz team who is a top team year in and year out. PRCA will have to deal with a very good hitting and pitching team. They need to play error free ball just to even have a chance to stay in this game.

The PRCA #5 ranked team lost to a very good SanManuel team and moved down to the #5 spot in DC has been playing much better as our rankings. of late but the Lions should not have any problems getting the win.

Questions: The Lions have the pitching and are a good hitting team. At times they do have those errors but if they can take care of a lack of focus as a younger team they can go far in the playoffs.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#4 San Manuel Miners (11-1) 4-19 @ San Miguel 4-23 vs Baboquivari

#5 San Manuel 21 DC 1:

The Miners jump up to the #4 spot after beating PRCA. They are a legit contender for the state title.

Match-ups: #5 San Manuel 10 #4 PRCA 1:

NOTES The Miners had a huge win vs the PRCA Lions. SanManuel is looking to redeem themselves after losing last year in the playoffs in a game they felt they should have won.

The games this week are all about getting the power-points to try and get a top 8 seed in the 24 team playoffs this year. neither of these teams should be able to stay close and the Miners will look ahead to their game vs PRCA next week.

Questions: SanManuel has all the intangibles to win a state title. With tradition and history in their past you wonder if in the end this takes a toll on the teams from SM. If they stay focused they have a legit chance at the title with good pitching and hitting.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#1 Bourgade Catholic (10-2)

Games This Week:

#1 Bourgade 7 VC 0

4-20 vs South Pointe (DH) 4-23 vs NWC


#1 Bourgade 2

#3 EFHS 2

Bourgade had a rough week and now they are at our #3 spot with their loss vs SCA who has not been the top 10 team they displayed by beating BC.

#1 Bourgade 1 Match-ups:

Who’s Hot! Jacqueline Aguilar (P): Jacqueline's BA is .652; 13 RBI's; .719 OBP; .783 SLG; 5 SB; 0.91 ERA; 37 K's; 4 Wins. Marisa Corbajal (P): Marisa;s BA is .677; 13 RBI's; .703 OBP; .742 SLG; 3 SB; 1.17 ERA; 33 K's; 5 Wins.

This is not the time for any letdowns so BC must stay focused and not allow any distractions that may have cost them a loss vs SCA.

Questions: The loss vs EFH is of no concern. However, the loss vs SCA was and hopefully this was just something that will not repeat itself come playoff time. BC feels this is their year so we will see if they can continue their strong play entering the playoffs.


2010 Week 7 IN REVIEW #2 Benson (18-6)

#3 Benson 12 Tombstone 0

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-22 vs Florence Benson moves into the #2 spot and the Benson staff has this team peaking heading into the playoffs. Match-ups:

#3 Benson 15 Morenci 5

Who’s Hot Kayla Haro, BA of .513; 29 RBI's; 1 HR; .512 OBP; .803 SLG; 2.22 ERA; 129 K's; 14 Wins.

Staci Ramirez , .463 BA, 37 runs, 15 RBI, 20 stolen bases

Stephanie Ramirez, .479 BA, 22 runs, 27 RBI

Chelsey Layton, .438 BA, 29 runs, 8 RBI Alex Cooper, .429 BA, 29 runs, 23 RBI

The game vs Florence is a very good match as the Gophers are much improved and are a top 5 team in the state in the 3A classification. If the Safford game has been canceled this would be a solid win heading into the 24 team playoffs.

Questions: I feel this team is ready to get back the title but this season many teams are looking to win the title and the concern for Benson is they tend to have at least 1 bad inning in certain games so if they can eliminate this in their game they can win the title.


2010 Week 7 In Review #1 Willcox (12-3)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 @ Bisbee Willcox takes over the #1 spot in our rankings for week 8 after a good win vs Florence and a BC loss.

#2 Safford 5 #2 Willcox 1


#2 Willcox 11 Bisbee 4

Willcox goes to Bisbee against the young Pumas who have been up and down all season. The Cowgirls cannot allow for any letdowns now that they have their #1 spot in our rankings and especially with the playoffs weeks away.

#2 Willcox 9

#8 Florence 4


NOTES With Bourgade Catholic losing to SCA Willcox vaults into the #1 spot even though they lost to the undefeated Safford team. They had a very good win vs a good Florence team and that shows Willcox is peaking just in time for the playoffs.

Consistency has to be the issue and staying focused as they enter the playoffs. The 2A is up for grabs and Willcox has a great chance to get that title they have been looking for.



Estrella Foothills takes the field.

#1 Winslow,

#2 Safford,

#3 Estrella Foothills,

#6 Show Low, #7 Coolidge,

#4 Santa Cruz,

#5 Snowflake

#8 Florence, #9 River Valley, #10 Round Valley

2010 WEEK 7 IN REVIEW #10 Round Valley Elks (9-4)


4-20 @ Payson 4-23 vs Alchesay #10 Round Valley 9 Window Rock 1 The Elks stay at the #10 spot in this weeks rankings. #6 Show Low 12 #10 Rnd. Valley 6

#10 Round Valley 9 St. Johns 4

Payson 6 #10 Round Valley 3

Match-ups: The race in the East is tightening up as the Elks will face Payson again and they need to try and revenge their last loss to stay in contention for a high placement in the power rankings and a good seed come regionals.


Who’s Hot! Collette Morris: BA .676 ; 14 Runs; 19 RBI's

Brooke Quetel: BA .600 ; 10 Runs; 2 RBI's

Katie O'Neill: BA .533 ; 16 Runs; 11 RBI's

Round Valley was on fire but the last few weeks they seem to be struggling. The staff is a doing a good job with the program and should give teams fits come playoff time.

2010 Week 7 In Review #9 River Valley Dust Devils (8-5)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 @ Tonopah Valley 4-22 vs Parker

Lake Havasu 8 #9 River Valley 4

#9 River Valley 9 Parker 6 Click to read story:

Lady Dust Devils beat Parker, 8-6 By DANIEL McKILLOP /The Daily News

Who’s Hot!

Rachel Wiseman: BA .579; 3 Runs; 3 RBI's. Elizabeth Estes: BA .478; 9 Runs; 2 RBI's.

River Valley got a much needed win vs Parker and they stayed at the #9 spot in our rankings.

Match-ups: Big games this week vs Tonopah and Parker. They ned to get the powerpoints and also stay ahead of Parker in the West Region. This should be a great game.

Questions: How good has the conference and region scheduling helped prepare RV for the state playoffs if they get in?

GOOD RIP: Lady Dust Devils’ Rachel Payne connects against Parker during River Valley’s home win on Wednesday. DANIEL McKILLOP /The Daily News

2010 Week 7 In Review #8 Florence Gophers (8-5)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 vs San Carlos 4-23 vs San Tan Foothills

#4 Santa Cruz 2 #8 Florence 1

The Gophers stayed at the 8 spot in our rankings this week even after losing a game vs Willcox.

#2 Willcox 9 #8 Florence 4 Match-ups: This week should be a good weak to work on items and get ready for the South Regions.

Who’s Hot! Questions:

Ariel Hunter: BA .529; 16 Runs; 13 RBI's; and 2 HR's. Sarah Lynn: BA .466; 18 Runs; 24 RBI's and 1 HR.

The huge issue for Florence is their willingness to believe they can win games and especially the games vs top teams. Coach has them improving each day and they are hitting the ball much better.


2010 WEEK 7 IN REVIEW #7 Coolidge Bears (9-3)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 vs Hayden 4-22 vs South Pointe

#7 Coolidge 16 South Pointe 4

The Bears stayed at the #7 spot for week 8 in our rankings.

Match-ups: #7 Coolidge 20 Empire 9

The big game is vs Hayden. The Lobos are a good 2A team and the bears will be tested as they head into the South regional tournament. The bears need to stay with their style of play and allow for their speed to give Hayden some trouble.

Who’s Hot The entire Coolidge team is playing great and heading into state should be a chance for them to win a few games and upset the traditional powers.

Questions: Just how good can this Bears team be entering into the playoffs this season? I think if you look at their wins this season at tournaments we may see them upsetting and advancing to the semis.

by Sean Higgins, Mary Juarez attempts to tag a Fountain Hills baserunner

2010 Week 7 In Review #6 Show Low Cougars (10-4)

#6 Show Low 12 Rd Valley 6

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 4-21 4-23 4-24

@ St. Johns @ Blue Ridge vs Snowflake @ Alchesay (DH)

#6 Show Low 14 Blue Ridge 3 Show Low stays at the 6 spot in our rankings but have a very tough schedule this week.

Who’s Hot! Andy Staten - The Independent Rani Gamboa begins her swing on a home run shot over the left-center-field fence

Match-ups: The Cougars will be tested this week as they have huge games vs 3 very good teams starting off with St. Johns and ending with Snowflake. These are must win games and they need to at least split with BR and Snowflake at the worst.

Questions: Show Low has been hot and cold as a team and they need to get on one track before they get to the state playoffs. The East is very tough and they need to be mentally strong for this week.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#5 Snowflake Lobos (8-4)

Games This Week:

#5 Snowflake 6 Blue Ridge 1:

4-20 vs Ganado (DH) 4-22 vs Holbrook 4-23 @ Show Low

#5 Snowflake 12 Payson 3 In a game riddled with errors the Lobos stayed on track as they pounded out 12 hits and never looked back as they went on to the easy victory.

The Lobos are a top team who can win the title as they stay in our top 5 rankings for week 8.

Match-ups: The games this week will have them get in line for the state tournament and region playoffs. The game vs Show Low is especially big as it is an The Lobos took a 3-0 lead after 1 but the Bulldogs got a run back in the 2nd East Conference game. making the score 3-1 Snowflake. But in the 3rd and 4th inning Winslow Questions: struck for 6 runs taking the 7-3 lead which they would never relinquish as Snowflake has a very good team. The the Lobos went down in defeat. key is competing with the top teams in 3A and getting a good seed and not having to play a top team right away in the state tournament. #1 Winslow 7 #5 Snowflake 5

Who’s Hot!

Natalie Elkins: Natalie has a BA of .403; 33 Runs; 14 RBI's; and 1 HR.

Stephanie Binnie: Stephanie has a BA of .400; 11 Runs; and 8 RBI's.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#4 Santa Cruz Dust Devils (12-2) 4-19 vs PRCA 4-21 vs San Miguel 4-23 @ Empire #4 Santa Cruz 2 #8 Florence 1

Santa Cruz stays in our 4 spot this week and only do not move up because of the teams ahead of them who are very tough teams.

#4 Santa Cruz 12 Ftn. Hills 4 Match-ups:

Who’s Hot!

Tiffany Ibarra: Tiffany has a BA of .606; she has 36 Runs, 34 RBI's; and 7 HR's.

Tori Gil: Tori has a BA of .449; she has 24 Runs; 22 RBI's; and 3 HR's.

Karissa Guerrero: Karissa has a BA of .400; 14 Runs; and 5 RBI's.

The main game is Monday vs PRCA who is a very good 2A team. Santa Cruz is a traditional 3A power and this year is no exception. PRCA must make sure and stay close early on if they want a chance to win this game. Tiffany Ibarra is a monster at the plate and she is one of many who can flat out hit the ball.

Questions: The only question is what type of seeding will they have in the playoffs and we already know they can win it all.


2010 Week 7 In Review #3 Estrella Foothills (21-6)

FROM THE DESK OF COACH P Games This Week: 4-20 vs ALA 4-22 @ Wickenburg

#3 EFHS 11 Wickenburg 1

#3 EFHS 2 Bourgade 1 The Wolves took a 2-1 lead in the 1st inning and the game stayed that way for the victory. Kasia Smith went the distance and had 9 ks, 2 BB, 2 hits and no earned runs in the circle to get the Win.

#3 EFHS 15 Chino V. 0

The EFH team stays in the 3 spot and the only reason they are not any higher is because of those other real good teams.

Match-ups: Two good games this week to keep the Wolves sharp. ALA will be looking to make a name for themselves at the expense of Smith and company. Wick is far from the team they have been in the past but EFH will still have to stay focused.


Who’s Hot!

Tatum Reedy: Tatum's BA is .536; 36 RBI's; 45 Hits; 39 Runs; .570 OBP; .881 SLG; and 6 SB's.

Kasia Smith (P): Kasia's BA is .481; 23 RBI's; 38 Hits; 27 Runs; .539 OBP; .646 SLG; and 8 SB's. Her ERA is 1.01, 210 K's; and 19 wins.

In the past I felt EFH has always beaten themselves. This year they need to keep chemistry up and stay focused and away from costly errors.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#2 Safford Bulldogs (24-0)

Games This Week: 4-20 @ Pima 4-23 @ Globe

#2 Safford 5

Safford stays undefeated at 24-0 and is #2 in our rankings.

#2 Willcox 1

Sophomore Aundria Zuniga-Romero pitched seven innings against Willcox and allowed zero earned runs. Five different Bulldogs drove in runs, including Aundria Zuniga-Romero, Brittany Zuniga-Romero, Alexis Aguirre, Addy Lines and Chantel DeBruler. #2 Safford 14 Tombstone 0

#2 Safford 6

Thatcher 1

Match-ups: This week will be fairly easy as they enter into the South region tournament next week. Questions: How good are they?! They have all the tools to win state but many teams are also capable and the Bulldogs are one of the teams ready to win it all.

Who’s Hot! Peru by Preston Lindsey Aundria Zuniga-Romero (P): Aundria has .544 BA; 52 RBI's; 43 Hits; 36 Runs; 13 HR's; .577 OBP; and 1.152 SLG. She has an ERA of 0.69; 85 K's; and 12 wins. Peru, batting .356 with 21 runs scored.


2010 Week 7 In Review


#1 Winslow Bulldogs (14-0)

Games This Week:

#1 Winslow 10 Tuba City 0

4-20 vs Holbrook 4-22 vs Window Rock ( DH) 4-23 @ Valley

#1 Winslow 14 Ganado 0

The Bulldogs once again have the top spot for this weeks rankings. A very disciplined team that feels they are due for the title this year.

#1 Winslow 10 Hopi 0 Match-ups: #1 Winslow 7 Snowflake 5 The Lobos took a 3-0 lead after 1 but the Bulldogs got a run back in the 2nd making the score 3-1 Snowflake. But in the 3rd and 4th inning Winslow struck for 6 runs taking the 7-3 lead which they would never relinquish as the Lobos went down in defeat.

Who’s Hot! Jennifer Yazzie (P): Jennifer has a BA of .561 ; 47 RBI's; 46 Hits; 5 HR's; .581 OBP; .939 SLG; 3 SB's. Her ERA is 1.38 ; 85 K's; and 10 Wins. Mireya Ulibarri, .443 BA, 33 runs, 23 RBI Mallory Smith, .435 BA, Felicia Nagle, .380 BA, 26 runs, 29 RBI Kyli Parsons, .380 BA, 20 runs, 26 RBI Gabby Stacey, .373 BA, 33 runs, 14 RBI 24 stolem bases

These games should be no issue but they keep their sites focused on the region tournament and then a good placement for the state playoffs. Questions: Is there a team more complete from top to bottom than Winslow?! They are ready and the only question that needs answered now is can they bring the trophy home!! Pictures compliments of Becky Harris




1-3A Weekly Softball Rankings - Week 8  

The first issue of the softball rankings for 1-3A.