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Lithia Springs High School

Science Department “where curiosity feeds the cat�

Cavina Anderson You are doing a great job with your activities and student rapport

Yaquetta Crockett Good job with classroom procedures and differentiation this week

Janet Hobbs Good job monitoring and explaining activators to students in class

Kent Rigdon Good job developing graphic organizers to explain difficult concepts to your students

Markia Hines and Antoinette Pascal Great job with station activities and interactive lessons in the computer lab

Brett Robertson

Great job with hands on activities and classroom management

Marcey McNeal, Debra Pender and Robin Simmons Great job with remediation activities and the wave activator and brainstorm this week

Brianna Burns Good job with hands on activities and stations in Anatomy

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"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." -- Henry Brooks Adams

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LSHS Science Highlights  

science, highlights, teacher

LSHS Science Highlights  

science, highlights, teacher