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Actor’s Studio 2011-2012 af ilm Actor’s Studio is a hand s-on, 8 m ont h film act ing course, taught in English with ver y small groups, here in Sitges. You will learn i m prov, scene work and au diti on techniqu es whil e having the opportu ni t y to audi tion f or afilm’s m an y f i lm proj ects. Be part of an internati onal student bod y in one of the f ew acti ng programm es taught in English i n the Barcelona area. You will work al ongside st ude nts f rom the other f ilm programm es, such as Introduction to Film, Di gital Feature Fi lm , Cinem atography, et c. and you wil l have the opportunit y to a udi tion f or af ilm’ s m an y p rojects, incl uding a f eaturelength f ilm. In addi tion to your classes, you wil l have the opport uni t y to participate i n a variet y of filmm aking lab exercises. Our small classes m ean there will be pl ent y of tim e to anal yze your recor ded per f orm ances. The classes will be d ivided up into i mprovisation, scene work and preparing f or an audi tion. In the scene wo rk classes you wil l learn how to use the im agi nat ion yo u hav e unle ashed in yo ur im provi sation cl asses to bri ng em otion t o your scenes. In the a udi tion classes you will not onl y learn how to quickl y break do wn a s cene but also how to use t he m ost im portant tool you have: You. Our goal, in t he A ctor’s S tudi o, is not onl y f or you to expl or e what i t is t o be an actor, but also to have a wid e range of act ing experien ces. Yo u wi ll leave thi s cours e wi th an im pressive reel that wi ll include acti ng bef ore the camera and in front of an audience. You wi ll be able to go int o a casting si tuat ion or onto a f ilm set al ready a ware an d prepar ed. W e hope you will l eav e h ere not onl y underst andin g the cr af t of acting, but also th e rol e you have to play in this art . Limited spaces. DURATI ON:

October 15, 2011 – June 1 5, 201 2

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