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Suggestions for a little ‘me time’ this Mother’s Day, or any day

 • Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011

Bunny fun

Josh and the Easter Bunny at the event.

Great Northern Mall • 622-3926

Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Lowrey, Allen, Weber, & Samick

Immaculate Conception creates a faith-filled future, one student at a time. • Full Day Kindergarten • Pre-K - 6th grade • One of the top academic schools in a three-county area on NYS tests. • Spanish taught beginning in kindergarten • Instrumental & Vocal Music Programs • Hot Lunch Program • Art appreciation • Technology Classes integrated throughout the school

Nathan Davenport enjoyed Breakfast with the Bunny on Sunday April 17 at VFW Post 7290. The Breakfast was held in support of the North Syracuse Family Festival that will be on Saturday May 28 in Lonergan Park, North Syracuse.

• Partnership with LeMoyne College & Syracuse University • Transportation available • Tuition Scholarships available • After School Program


Book your party now....

What every child needs


601 North Way Phone: 487-1541

Prices and more at


...parties,community events and school field trips brought to your location.

or call 315-491-4900

Immaculate Conception School

8086 Oswego Rd. Phone: 652-1070


Prenatal Consultation Staff on call

24 HOURS A day!

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ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€„ď€…ď€†ď€ ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€…ď€Šď€ƒď€‹ď€…ď€ ď€Œď€‡ď€ ď€?ď€?ď€ ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€‹ď€?ď€’ď€‹ď€…ď€ ď€Žď€?ď€ ď€Žď€ƒď€†ď€ ď€?ď€…ď€’ď€‡ď€Œď€“ď€…ď€ ď€Žď€†ď€ ď€Šď€†ď€Žď€”ď€ ď€’ď€•ď€ ď€“ď€‰ď€…ď€ ď€‡ď€“ď€ƒď€Šď€Œď€Žď€–ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€„ď€…ď€†ď€ ď€‡ď€…ď€‡ď€‡ď€Œď€Žď€?ď€ ď€’ď€…ď€—ď€Œď€?ď€‡ď€ ď€˜ď€ƒď€?ď€…ď€ ď€™ď€šď€“ď€‰ď€–ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€

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400 Salt Springs Street • Fayetteville • 637-3961

ď€œď€‰ď€…ď€„ď€…ď€Šď€ ď€Šď€?ď€?ď€ˆď€…ď€ ď€ˆď€?ď€„ď€”ď€‡ď€–ď€ ď€?ď€Žď€„ď€…ď€ ď€’ď€…ď€ ď€?ď€ ď€”ď€†ď€Œď€?ď€ˆď€…ď€‡ď€‡ď€ ď€Žď€†ď€ ď€•ď€Žď€ƒď€†ď€ ď€žď€?ď€‘ď€Žď€†ď€Œď€“ď€…ď€ ď€“ď€…ď€…ď€?ď€ ď€Œď€Šď€Žď€‹ď€ ď€žď€Žď€†ď€ ď€?ď€ ď€?ď€&#x;ď€–ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€‚ď€…ď€…ď€ ď€?ď€…ď€’ď€‡ď€Œď€“ď€…ď€ ď€žď€Žď€†ď€ ď€„ď€Žď€†ď€…ď€ ď€Šď€…ď€“ď€?ď€Œď€‹ď€‡ď€–ď€



“Academic excellence in a Catholic Tradition.� Prestigious Middle States Accreditation


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6 months same as cash 06413

All pianos & organs on sale from

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Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011 • 

I hope they never outgrow the magic Here I am, back from our yearly jaunt to the “Happiest Place on Earth” – Walt Disney World in sunny Orlando, Fla. My husband and I brought our children on their sixth trip to the magical grounds occupied by fairies, villains and of course, heroes. We’ve seen our children enjoy many encounters with Mickey and the gang, ride the attractions and simply enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures that we in Central New York have not encountered as yet in 2011. They’ve grown and learned and now look forward to the trip even more each year, partly for the fun times they know are in store. I suspect it also has something to do with the break from the grind of school work and other day-to-day tasks. As they’ve gotten older, their taste in rides has also matured. They still get excited about favorite rides, but they are way beyond the Dumbo ride or “Snow White’s Not-So-Scary Adventure.” They now know that the ghouls in the Haunted Mansion can’t really get them, that lurking somewhere behind Mickey’s big nose and even bigger ears resides a human being and that, alas, the fun must eventually come to an end as we gear up to head home. My son, Jacob, has been to Disney every year of his life except his very first. His favorite ride is now Space Mountain, a ride that terrified me at his age. Cassidy, ever the thrill-seeker, now finds the Rockin Roller Coaster eclipsing Expedition Everest as her favorite ride. We spent more time on thrill rides and less time with the characters. We didn’t


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Summer camps:

The kids were all ears this year. even go on the ever-popular “It’s a Small World” ride – a sin in many a Disney fanatic’s book. The teacups – passe. Jungle Cruise – likewise. Don’t even get me started on the Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh rides. The kids were more than willing to souvenier shop, go back to the hotel to swim in the pool and just relax over a good meal – things that wouldn’t have satisfied them a few short years ago. Though it makes me sad to realize that they are getting older, there are some benefits to not dragging toddlers through the parks – very little whining among them. It occurred to me as I was packing for the trip home that perhaps my children would outgrow Disney before me – I admit to still being entranced by the whole experience. So I asked Jacob, “When do you think

you’ll be too old for Disney?” My seven-year-old looked at me for a long minute, thinking. “I don’t know,” he said, obviously pondering the question seriously. Then, more as a question than an answer, “Maybe when I’m 90?” Until he said that, I didn’t realize that the question was actually important to me. I didn’t want to think of my children ever losing that wonder – the feeling of living in the moment and just enjoying the sights, sounds and colors of Disney as they surround you. So are we going next year? Of course! In fact, we’re also taking the Disney Cruise!

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Cyndi Farrare

Ashley Allott of Minoa runs into the waiting arms of her mom, Barb.

About the photographer:

Visiting with Winnie the Pooh.

Cyndi Farrare is owner of Cyndi FarRare Images. For more information visit

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Moms: Take a break - May 8 or any old time!

 • Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011

why not:

Go out with the girls

Dress up and have afternoon tea. Or maybe grab a bite to eat at the local pattiserie. Or, if you can get dad or the sitter to watch the kids, get your fancy duds on and have a regular ladies’ night - with dancing, cocktails and, of course, conversation.

Now Accepting Applications For Fall 2011 Call to schedule a visit.

Catch up on some reading Grab a best-seller and a cozy corner and involve yourself in the latest thriller or romance. Or, if solving riddles is your thing, grab the crossword or Sudoku puzzle, take a deep breath and dive in.

Indulge in a day at the spa


Many local establilshments offer specials, including facials, manicures and massages. If you don’t have the time to commit to a full day of pampering, a mani-pedi can relax you without making the rest of your day a mad dash to get things done!

Have a date night Picture this - just you and your sweetheart - on the town! Try out that new restaurant, grab a bucket of popcorn and watch a movie at your local theater or, if you can get child care for the night, book a room at a romantic bed and breakfast.

From the stacks

Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011 • 

“Before There Was Mozart”

“B is for Blue Planet”

by Lesa Cline-Ransome and James E. Ransome; c.2011, Schwartz & Wade Books $17.99, 40 pages

by Ruth Strother, illustrated by Bob Marstall; c.2011, Sleeping Bear Press $16.95, 40 pages


Someday, you’re going to get a really gi-normous gift

any, many years from now, you’re going to be a major-league ball player. Or a concert pianist, maybe a ballerina, or a singer with a band. It’s going to be the biggest present ever. It’s so big that it That’s because you spend a lot of time practicing. Though it’s sometimes hard and can’t be wrapped, so huge that you’ll have plenty to share not always fun, practice makes perfect and you want to be as perfect as possible when with friends, brothers, and sisters. This gift comes with a lot you’re a ball player, pianist, ballerina, or singer. of responsibility, but you can handle it. Throughout his life, a young boy named Joseph practiced his violin, but only when That’s because this gift is the Earth, and it will be all yours some day. So why not start he wasn’t exploring. In the new book “Before There Was Mozart: The Story of Joseph being a good caretaker by reading “B is for Blue Planet” by Ruth Strother, illustrated Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-George” by Lesa Cline-Ransome and James E. Ranby Bob Marstall? some, you’ll read a story that’s somewhat hidden by history. If you’re like most kids, you love our planet. Maybe you even try to do good things It was breezy on Christmas Day 1739, and the slaves who worked the sugar fields were for the Earth by picking up trash or celebrating Earth Day. But did you know that, other preparing to celebrate the holiday. But up in the main house, the owner of the West than the grass and the trees, the Earth is made up of lots more? Indies plantation was awaiting the birth of his first child… If you’ve got a young reader around, you’ve probably got at least one shelf in your If you go looking for this book - and you should – you’ll probably find it in the picture house that’s filled with books that have been outgrown. The nice thing about this book book section of your library or bookstore. is that it grows with your child: share it with a 4-year-old, then keep it for the 12-year-old he’ll It might be ill-placed there, however. be someday, because “B is for Blue Planet” really is two books in one. Author Lesa Cline-Ransome and illustrator James E. Ransome have dusted off an amazing Doing dual duty, author Ruth Strother offers a quick, easystory that even adults can appreciate, but I fear that the narrative is too to-understand poem for smaller children, each accompasophisticated for toddlers, who gravitate toward picture books. Surely, nied by a colorful illustration from artist Bob Marstall. You’ll “Before There Was Mozart” can be enjoyed by them – the illustrations notice, though, that on the outer half of each letter-page The Bookworm is Terri Schlichenmeyer. Terri has are colorful, and very little-kid-friendly - but children old enough to unare longer, more thorough, more scientific explanations been reading since she was 3 years old and she derstand history, classical music, and this tale’s significance will probmeant for older kids - or for yourself, if you need a little help never goes anywhere without a book. She lives ably like it more. Overall, this is a beautiful and important book, but answering a question-filled child. on a hill in Wisconsin with two dogs and 11,000 just beware for whom you bring it home. Small children may squirm For preschoolers to middleschoolers, “B is for Blue Planet” books. with impatience at this story, but for kids 8 and up, “Before There Was will prove that Earth Day isn’t the only time to be green. For Mozart” is just perfect. them, this book is a good lesson and a good gift.

Bookworm sez

Fayetteville Free Library events

May programs include ‘Voices Alive Chorus,’ book signing, movies May Programs at the Fayetteville Free LibraryAdult Programs JOB CENTER ONE-ON-ONE ASSISTANCE Mondays through Thursdays at 2:00 PM A LIBRARIAN can help you explore careers, create or edit a resume, set up email and job feeds, and much more! Please call to register at 637-6374 x 2. MOTTO MUSICALE: THE OASIS “VOICES ALIVE” CHORUS Sunday, May 01 at 2:00 PM The Motto Musicale features the Voices Alive Chorus from OASIS, at 2pm in the reading room. HAPPY MIND BOOK SIGNING Tuesday, May 03 at 7:00 PM Author, chiropractor and happiness expert Dr. William Yoder, together with his wife Dr.

Mary Yoder, will conduct a talk and a book signing for new book, “The Happy Mind”. The Happy Mind explains that happiness is a state of mind rather than a state of affairs—an inner driving force rather than a whim of fortune. The book offers seven simple core beliefs that can allow you to experience deep and lasting happiness, and provides practical tools to help you change old patterns. Visit for more information. Registration Required. CAFE FRANCAIS Friday, May 09 at 1:30 PM Join VIOLETTE HUMSI for an enjoyable French conversation and cafe! Please register by calling 637-6374.Registration Required. AWARD WINNING MOVIE SERIES: BLACK

SWAN Tuesday, May 10 at 6:30 PM A psychological thriller set in the world of New York City ballet. An insecure ballet dancer wins the lead in Swan Lake but slowly loses her grip on sanity when a seductive newcomer is out to steal her role. rated R. 108 min. runtime. Registration Required ENHANCING YOUR SPIRITUAL INTUITION Wednesday, May 11 at 7:00 PM Spiritual Intuitive, Coleen Shaughnessy, presents on an interactive discussion on developing your psychic abilities. Registration Required. LEARN TO CROCHET Saturday, May 14 at 1:00 PM Kathleen will teach you the basics of

learning to crochet and the fireplace area will provide a cozy setting for conversation. Please bring $6.50 for supplies or your own materials. Additional Information:2 balls diff color 100% cotton worsted weight yarn, 1-2 crochet hooks, 1 yarn needle, 2 stitch markers, pencil, scissors (opt). Contact Kathleen at to sign up. FFL ANNUAL FUNDRAISER: EXPLORE THE WORLD 2011 Friday, May 20 from 7:00 PM- 10:00PM Join us for a gala evening in support of the FFL! Featuring a fantastic silent auction, a raffle for a Stickley Limited Edition Harvey Ellis Wedding Mirror and a MacKenzie-Childs Trapeze Serving Bowl, as well as gourmet food and drink, and live music! Purchase See FFL on page 6

Onondaga County Public Library events

Branches offer activities, programs for kids, teens and families Beauchamp Branch Library 2111 South Salina St., Syracuse 435-3395 For children: Funwork Homework Help

Tuesdays, May 3, 10, 17 and 24 3:00-5:00 pm Get help with homework and have fun with Mrs. Hayden. Free!

Wii & Game Fun

Fridays, May 13, 20 and 27 3:00 pm Test your skills on the Nintendo Wii and enjoy an assortment of games. And while you’re waiting to play the Wii, enjoy a range of different board games. Ages 6-12.

Story Times

Saturday, May 14 1:30 pm

Celebrate “Dance Like a Chicken Day” with a chicken dance story time and a chicken craft to go along with it! Bring your toddler or preschooler and enjoy books, songs, dance and fun! A wonderful introduction to books and reading!

Sidewalk Art Contest for Kids

Wednesday, May 18 3:00 pm Let’s create sidewalk art on the front steps of Beauchamp Library. Use your creativity and see who wins the prize for Most Outstanding Work. For all children!

The Reading Room: OnDance

Friday, May 27 3:30pm Dance Instructor Cheryl Wilkins Mitchell

will read, share basic dance poses, and have a range of dance activities for all to enjoy.

For teens: Summer Job Hunting Skills Workshop

Thursday, May 19 5:30 pm Andrea Schnobrich, Youth Service Consultant from CNY Works will be presenting a workshop that will teach effective strategies on how to search and apply for jobs and internships. The workshop will focus on job hunting strategies, writing irresistible resumes and cover letters, developing interviewing skills, networking, dressing appropriately for interviews, and useful tips to keep your job.

For families: Family Movie Fun: “Yogi Bear” Thursday, May 12 5:30 pm

Family Movie Fun: “Tron: Legacy” Tuesday, May 24 5:00 pm

Betts Branch Library 4862 S. Salina St., Syracuse 435-1940 For families: Betts Library Annual Book Sale

Wednesday, May 11–Sunday May 15 During regular library hours Get ready for summer and vacation reading by coming by the library during our Annual Book Sale! We have a good seSee OCPL on page 11

 • Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011

From the stacks

Barnes and Noble hosts book signing Barnes & Noble in Dewitt will welcome author Molly Morgan for a reading and book signing of “The Skinny Rules: The 101 Secrets Every Skinny Girl Knows” at 7 p.m. on Wednesday May 4. Skinny girls. You know the ones. Those girls who seem to eat whatever they want, yet never gain a pound. You can’t help but envy their skinny jeans and high metabolisms—but now you don’t have to. The truth is, skinny girls live by a set of Skinny Rules, whether they realize it or not. And now dietician and nutritionist Molly Mor-

gan has collected their 101 secrets so you can free your inner skinny chick and lose weight—without dieting! Drawing on the latest research and featuring insights from top experts and your favorite skinny celebs, The Skinny Rules shares the simple rules that every skinny girl follows, so that the rest of us can live like a skinny chick and look like one, too. Barnes & Noble Booksellers is located at 3454 Erie Blvd. East, Dewitt.

About the author:

Molly Morgan, RD, CDN, counsels individual and corporate clients on good nutrition through her company, Creative Nutrition Solutions. She has been featured on CNN and in national magazines like Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health and many more. Visit her website at


from page 5

event and raffle tickets at The library will be closed all day to prepare for this fundraiser. AWARD WINNING MOVIE SERIES: THE KING’S SPEECH Tuesday, May 24 at 6:30 PM The story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne, and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it. Rated R. 118 min. runtime. Registration Required. Youth Programs FABULOUS 4’S AND 5’S STORYTIME Tuesdays at 10:30 AM



A good ear is learned... We can teach it!

All children are born with talent. It needs to be awakened! All children can learn music if it’s introduced in their formative years!

Description: Help your preschooler get ready to read as we enjoy stories together and build important early literacy skills. FIRST STEPS Wednesdays at 9:30 AM A language building program using music, movement, rhymes and stories. For toddlers up to age 3 who have graduated from Cuddletime TERRIFIC 2’S AND 3’S Wednesdays at 10:30 AM Nurture a love of books with your 2 or 3 year old. We will learn letters, sounds and words as we share stories, songs and rhymes CUDDLETIME Thursdays at 11:30 AM Enjoy rhymes, songs, stories and more with your baby at this language building program. For babies not yet walking and an adult Teen Events TAG- TEEN ACTION GROUP Monday, May 9th at 6:00PM At this meeting of the TAG we will be in the Teen computer lab designing flyers to promote the FFL Teen Summer Reading Programs. No previous computer design experience necessary. Anyone in grades 6-12 is welcome! (Registration Required). GAME ON! Friday, May 27th at 11:00AM Enjoy this day off of school at the FFL playing brand new games on the Wii and Xbox Kinect. Bring your friends! Snacks available for purchase.

Computer Programs TECH TIME Tuesday, May 03 at 10:00 AM Staff assisted one-to-one computer lab time. Please let us know what topic you need to cover when registering. Registration Required. BLOGS & WIKIS Tuesday, May 03 at 7:00 PM Need help deciding how to build your online presence? Explore blogs, wikis and other online tools for building a website. Registration Required. TECH TIME Thursday, May 05 at 1:00 PM Staff assisted computer lab. Please let us know what you need when you register. Registration Required. TECH TIME Monday, May 09 at 4:00 PM Staff assisted one-to-one computer lab time. Please let us know what topic you need to cover when registering. Registration Required. INTRODUCTION TO MS WORD Thursday, May 12 at 7:00 PM Introduction to Microsoft Word. Registration Required. TECH TIME Wednesday, May 18 at 3:00 PM Staff assisted one-to-one computer lab time. Please let us know what topic you need to cover when registering. Registration Required. TECH TIME

OCC to host spring concerts

Musical skills that last a lifetime Convenient DeWitt Location



• Piano/Keyboard • Ear Training • Percussion • Music Reading


Spring Concerts I & II will be held at 3 p.m. Sundays May 1 and 8 at Storer Auditorium. This event is free and open to the public with free parking. The most convenient lots are Lots 3 or 4 directly behind Ferrante Hall and Storer Auditorium. Featured performances, in order of appearance, will include: May 1, 2011 Onondaga Community College Concert Choir, directed by Richard Mc-

Cullough Onondaga Community College String Ensemble, directed by Jaqueline Wogick Onondaga Community College Wind Ensemble, directed by John Flazer May 8, 2011 Onondaga Community College Latin Ensemble, directed by Sean Connors Onondaga Community College Singers, directed by Richard McCullough Onondaga Community College Jazz Band, directed by Steven Frank

Thursday, May 19th at 10:00 AM Staff assisted one-to-one computer lab time. Please let us know what topic you need to cover when registering. Registration Required. TECH TIME Monday, May 23 at 2:00 PM Staff assisted one-to-one computer lab time. Please let us know what topic you need to cover when registering. Registration Required. EASE INTO EBOOKS Monday, May 23 at 3:00 PM Learn tips for how to use your e-reader device and download and transfer ebooks onto your Sony Reader, Nook or Ipad. Registration Required. TECH TIME Thursday, May 26 at 5:30 PM Staff assisted one-to-one computer lab time. Please let us know what topic you need to cover when registering. Registration Required. BUILDING A BASIC WEBSITE Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00 PM Learn how to use online tools to build a basic website. Registration Required. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Fayetteville Free Library is located at 300 Orchard Street, Fayetteville and can be reached at 637-6374 or online at The library is open Monday through Thursday 9am – 9pm, Friday and Saturday 10am – 5pm, and Sunday 1-5pm.

Canoe, kayak beginning May 7

The perfect outdoor activity for the whole family this spring and summer is canoeing/ kayaking at Beaver Lake Nature Center. Beginning May 7, the Canoe/Kayak Dock will be open weekends 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and visitors will be able to explore the lake’s edge in search of beaver lodges, turtles, herons and birds of prey. Paddlers may bring their own canoe/kayak or rent one from the Visitor Center. Canoe/Kayak rentals will be available for $8 per hour and $2 for each additional hour. At 6 p.m. on Saturday May 28 a guided Kayak Tour will be offered.This will be an opportunity to drift across the still waters of Beaver Lake looking for great blue heron, painted turtles and beaver lodges.There is a $5 program fee for each kayak. Participants may bring their own kayak or use one of the Centers’s for an additional $8. Beaver Lake Nature Center, an Onondaga County Park, is located at 8477 East Mud Lake Road, three miles west of Baldwinsville off of Route 370. For more information, call the Nature Center at 638-2519 or

Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011 • 

Minimize your ‘growing pains’ Terry Ettinger gives advice for starting a garden

Ettinger said there is no need to be limited to the conventional. “Most people imagine a vegetable garden to be a square patch somewhere in the back yard,� he said. “They think of it as a square or rectangle in the back corner, but that might not make the most sense.� “Choosing the correct location for the garden is important,� Ettinger said. “Think about having to drag a hose 100 yards to the back corner of your yard to water the plants. Instead, why not put the garden closer to the water source, even next to the house?� One client of Ettinger’s planted a garden behind an attached garage. “There was a path from the driveway around to the door that wound through their vegetable garden, so you would walk through it to get into the house,� he said. “It was actually quite beautiful and functional at the same time.� Another option Ettinger suggests is incorporating fruit and vegetables into your general landscaping. “Vegetables are not ugly,� he said. “Why not line your walkway with colorful leaf lettuce instead of impatiens? Or mixing tomato plants in with your marigolds? They are then easily accessible and add to your landscape.� For those who don’t want to highlight the vegetables, but like the idea of having them within easy reach, Ettinger suggests planting them behind shrubs or along the side of the house.

2. Grow what you love

It is not necessary to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. “People have pre-conceived notions of what they should grow – peppers, peas, beans, squash – but if they don’t typically eat these vegetables on a daily basis, why grow them?� Ettinger said the gardener should ask themselves, “What do I like? Typcially, people will say, ‘I like a good tomato in my salad,’ and that’s what they should grow. The same thing for herbs – if you use a particular herb a lot, that is what you should grow.�

3. Simplify while minimizing aches and pains

If you have issues with your knees, shoulders or back, why make things harder than they need to be? Make a raised bed for your garden. “You could make a raised garden with many materials – cinderblocks, landscaping timber or natural or synthetic [garden] stone,� he said. “You could either bring the garden up waist-high or could have it be high enough where you could

sit to weed and harvest.� Anotherpossibility,forthose who don’t need to have a huge garden, is to pot your plants. “There is no need for heavy terracotta pots any more, with lighter resin versions available,� Ettinger said. “You could plant anything – beans, tomatoes, herbs and even berries or leafy greens like lettuce or spinach, and put them on your porch or deck. This makes them easy or water, weed and harvest.� “Imagine pulling into your driveway, and on the way into the house, picking some tomatoes, radishes and Swiss chard for your salad,� he said. “How easy is that?�

4. Plan your space

Although Ettinger stresses that most vegetables and fruits can be grown in Central New York, there are some species that might be better purchased from the local grocer rather than grown at home. “Artichokes, while grown locally in both Onondaga and Oswego counties, are a lot of work for a low yield,� he said. “Potatoes, although delicious when homegrown, take up a lot of space and are therefore not practical. The same goes for sweet corn.� Some vegetables grow prolifically, to the point where one might actually have too much of a good thing.

“Zucchini grows well,� Ettinger said. “But you have to ask yourself, how much zucchini can I eat? You might like a vegetable, but can get very sick of it after a while. In that case, keep low the number of plants in your garden.�


4DIPPM"HF4VNNFS1SPHSBN wait We can’t ou! to see y

About Terry Ettinger

Ettinger’s interest in growing plants began when he spent time as his grandfather’s shadow on his farm in northern Illinois. His experience includes ten years of post-secondary education at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, the University of Minnesota-St. Paul, and the SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, more than five years as a horticulture specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension, more than 25 years of experience in the field of landscape horticulture and certification as both a certified nursery and landscape profession and arborist. Since March of 2008 he has managed the teaching and research greenhouses at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse. He is the host of “The Weeder’s Digest� on News Radio 1069 and 570 WSYR, and “Garden Journeys� on Time Warner Cable’s YNN news stations throughout upstate New York. He also wrote “Let’s Get Growing� a weekly column, for Eagle Newspapers.

MF2] LJ S>8 5J] M;2 CTJ@LP SLTP Qql{ ‹~ fŠ “““0h{˜0~lf0h}x 5vqht }{ C‹{q}„ vq{t }„ hfvv Pqht :„jij„qht Â¸ĂƒĂ ÂžĂ—Ă—Ă‹ÂžĂ Ă‹ĂƒĂ›

staff have planned activities including themed ďŹ eld trips, events, music, art and community service, while still building skills and knowledge. Breakfast, lunch and snack provided.

Ages 5-12 6:30am-5:30pm 6/24-9/6 Located at: Four Square COGIC 218 Webster Ave. Syracuse, NY

‰žif˜ C‹{q}„ S}‹„ 5nfx~q}{‡nq~Âł ‰| 8Â’j{Š‡ D 2lj‡ ĂƒÂ‰ÂžĂƒ% ¨Ûà H8H48PQ>@M ¨×| M8P 8W8JS

0VSDBSJOHBOE Our caring and experienced




1.Think outside of the‘box’

He reminds homeowners, however, that vegetables do best in full sun. “Tomatoes will bear some fruit in the shade, but they will produce a great deal more in sun,� he said. “If you have a shady backyard but a sunny front yard, why not have your garden in front? Again, vegetables are not ugly.� For those of you dealing with wildlife gnawing at your veggies, Ettinger recommends utilizing large cage enclosures for plants or visiting his website,, to view more elaborate enclosure projects.


By Jennifer Wing With the start of spring, many feel a rejuvenation of both spirit and energy. Some will begin scrubbing and cleaning the inside of their homes; others will turn their attention to yard work outside. They will rake up remnants of fall’s harvest of leaves, assess the condition of their perennial shrubbery and begin their shopping list for annuals to add to their home’s landscaping. Among the many tasks homeowners may decide to tackle: growing a vegetable garden. Terry Ettinger, owner of Terry L. Ettinger Horticulture Consulting Services, is well aware of the enthusiasm and drive behind the creation of a place in which to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit. “People like to be outside, in the fresh air, and like the notion of eating food they have grown themselves,� said Ettinger, who also works as an instructional support specialist for the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He is also cognizant of the many pitfalls that come with growing a garden. “It’s a lot of work,� he said. “But there are ways to have a garden that makes sense for your life and lifestyle. People are busy nowadays, going from here to there, driving kids to activities, etc. When creating a garden, everyone has a notion of what should be done, but creating a garden to fit into your everyday life can be complicated.� Ettinger recommends the following to make a garden that works for you:

 • Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011

For mom

Mother’s Day Annual Garden Tour and Art Exhibit promise spring delights

Pee Wee & Hot Shot Tennis )PU4IPU"HFT

Pee Wee - Ages 4-6


July 5-8 (4 day camp 80) July 13-15 (3 day camp 60) +VMZt+VMZt"VHVTU "VHVTUt"VHVTU EBZTFTTJPOT  $




May 1st. On-line ticket sales end May 1st. After May 1st, tickets are $10 at all sale locations and at the gate. Children under 8, free admission. Buy tickets in Marcellus at Baltimore Woods Nature Center, Key Bank, the Chocolate Pizza Company; in Skaneateles at Creekside Books and Coffee; in Manlius at the Chocolate Pizza Company; in Auburn at the Auburn Public Theater; in Onondaga Hill at Silver Spring Farm Market. Contact Baltimore Woods Nature Center at (315) 673-1350 or at for more information.

Drumlins Tennis Club

In brief Rummage, bake sale set

WHAT: Mommy and Me of CNY Baby/Kids Rummage & Bake Sale WHEN: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday May 14 WHERE: Liverpool Elks Lodge3730 Cold Spring Rd. Baldwinsville WHAT: Your one-stop shop in your search for quality used maternity, infant, & toddler items.

JuniorCamp Instructional Camps Days, Monday - Friday 1pm - 4pm Beginner Camp: ages 8-18


Adv. Beginner & Low Intermediate: ages 10-18 0òFSFE+VMZ EBZDBNQ


Intermediate Camp: ages 10-18 0òFSFE+VMZ EBZDBNQ


All Levels Camp: ages 8-18





bring picnics, spread out blankets, and linger all day. Opportunities for nature photography, outdoor painting and drawing abound. Browse the Art Exhibit and enjoy unique works of art for sale by talented local artists. Find special pieces to treasure, as well as gifts for summer weddings and other occasions. Events are held rain or shine. The garden is handicapped accessible. Parking is free. All proceeds benefit Baltimore Woods Nature Center. Tickets are $5.50 on-line at or by credit card at (315) 673-1350, and $5 at area locations through


On Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8th, 2011 from 11am to 4pm, the private gardens at Sycamore Hill Gardens, 2130 Old Seneca Turnpike, Marcellus, will be open to the public. The over 30 acres of themed gardens feature 500,000 flowering bulbs, 700 varieties of trees, thousands of perennials, an evergreen maze, a folly, and ponds filled with colorful Japanese Koi fish waiting to be fed. Sculpture and statuary are strategically placed throughout. In the bell gardens, visitors ring bells and sound gongs, layering the gardens with an audible texture. Encouraged to enjoy the gardens, people

Blast off for art

Get a taste of camping ... in the kitchen

;q{lj„‡{f~ Q‹xxj„ 5fx~ June 27th - August 26th ‰|ÃÃ

D Yjjtv˜ :qjvi S„q~‡ D 6fqv˜ 2„Š‡  5„fkŠ‡ D Qhqj{hj³ 5}}tq{l³ H‹‡qh f{i x‹hn x}„j

D Q{fht‡ M„}’qiji D 8–~j„qj{hji QŠfkk

Ages 5 to 8 ÛO¸| fx  àO¸| ~x :jj ž ¨ÃÛàd“t

‰à|| ;„f{Š 4v’i0 Q˜„fh‹‡j D ×ÛÞ×ú%

Hf˜ ‡ql{ ‹~ k}„ f{˜ {‹xgj„ }k “jjt‡


er Art Cam m m u p S SIGN UP TODAY!

Campside Treat Gets Revamped

S’mores is one of the most popular desserts enjoyed around the campfire and at cookouts. Now you can enjoy the flavor of this delectable dessert without the fuss of toasting marshmallows over an open flame. S’mores history dates back to the early 20th century. While the actual recipe origin is unknown -- considering most camping recipes were passed down from generation to generation -- the first printed recipe for s’mores appeared in 1927 in the Girl Scout Handbook. S’mores were popular campside treats because of the portability of ingredients. It was easy to pack a bag of marshmallows, a box of graham crackers and a few bars of chocolate. The combination of sticky marshmallow, smooth, rich chocolate and crunchy graham crackers provides a perfect melding of flavors. However, s’mores weren’t the first pairing of these ingredients. Mallomar cookies and Moonpies also featured these ideal components. To make a delicious dessert that builds upon the s’mores flavors and theme at your next summertime event, try this recipe for Frozen S’mores Cake.

New activities each week Sketch in the galleries Explore outdoor sculpture Use a variety of materials Keep your child’s imagination active this summer!

Session I: July 18-22 Session II: July 25-29 Session III: Aug. 1-5

• Overnight camp for grades 3-12 and for youth and adults with developmental disabilities • Sailing, canoe and kayak • Drama and art • Nite owl • Wilderness survivor • Geocaching


DISCOUNTS for multiple sessions & Everson Members!

Key Bank

Scholarships Available!!!


Half Day & Full Day Sessions!

Download the brochure at


See S’mores on page 11 email:

Everson offers popular summer camp


Full Day Session (ages 8-12 only) - 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. The full brochure, including pricing and registration form is available at, on the education page, and also at the museum. Participants can register by calling Amy Goodall-Ayres, education manager, at 474-6064 x 303. The operation of the Everson Museum of Art is made possible with funding from the Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation, Syracuse University, County of Onondaga, the Central New York Community Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. For more information, visit everson. org or call 474-6064. About the Everson Museum of Art: The Everson Museum of Art, whose roots extend to 1897, is internationally recognized for its extensive and significant collection of ceramics, its pioneering art video collection and its distinctive structural design by the noted architect I.M. Pei. In addition to exhibitions, the Everson presents a monthly Contemporary Film Series, regular Artists Open events and a wide variety of art education programs for adults and children. The Everson is open to the public Tuesday – Friday and Sunday Noon – 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  For more information please visit


The Everson Museum of Art has announced the schedule for its popular Art Blast! Summer Art Camp for children ages 4-12. Scholarships, made possible by Key Bank, are also available. Sessions begin July 18, and registrations are now being accepted. Children who attend Art Blast! Summer Art Camp will enjoy new and exciting activities each week. Students will work with a variety of materials, sketch in the galleries, explore the Everson’s outdoor sculpture, and more. “The generosity of Key Bank will make it possible for children to have this creative, energizing experience, who may not otherwise be able to,” said Steven Kern, executive director. “We are excited to be able to offer these scholarships, and we hope now we can accommodate all who wish to attend.” Those interested in applying for a Key Bank Scholarship are asked to mail or email a letter of need to Amy GoodallAyres, Education Manager, agoodall@ or 474-6064 x 303. A wide selection of session dates and times are available. Session I: July 18-22 Session II: July 25-29 Session II: August 1-5 Half Day Session AM - 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Half Day Session PM - 1 – 4 p.m.

Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011 • 

401 Harrison St., Syracuse, NY 13202 • (315) 474 6064

1 0 • Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011

May 2011

Ten steps to safeguard your identity HESC offers tips for protecting your personal information Identity thieves are on to you. Your identity can be stolen in ways you don’t even realize until you get a credit card statement with purchases you didn’t make, are denied for a major purchase or a collector calls for a payment. Here are ten steps you can take to keep your identity secure provided by the New York State Higher Education Services Corp (HESC), the state’s student financial aid agency that helps people pay for college: 3 Be careful about disclosing your personal information, such as your mother’s maiden name, your Social Security number or other clues to your personal information, such as your pet’s name. 3 Secure your online and ATM passwords and PINs. Consider encrypted software that can secure all your passwords like Password Safe, RoboForm or similar pro g rams. Avoid kee ping bank PINs in your wallet or with your checkbook. If

The New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) is the state agency that has been designated by the Governor’s office to administer the NY GEARUP Program. Funding for NY GEARUP is provided by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. NY GEARUP at Syracuse University receives $567,000 in funding that is matched 100 percent by in-kind services for a total funding of $1,340,000. HESC helps people pay for college by providing a comprehensive range of financial aid services, including

you must write your PINs and passwords, keep them in another location, away from your personal computer. 3 Take your credit card receipts from ATMs, stores, gas stations or restaurants and shred them when you get home. Thieves dumpster dive to get personal information. 3 Thieves may spy for PIN numbers while you’re using ATMs, so be aware of your surroundings and be wary of anyone who is too close to you when making ATM transactions. 3 Be sure to finish your ATM transactions completely. Watch for the screen that signals your transaction is complete and remove your receipt. If you don’t, the next customer may find an ATM slip hanging from the slot with the screen waiting for an additional response. How tempting! 3 Trash can be treasure— purchase a good cross-cut shredder and use it. Shred everything that contains identifiable information on it including bank statements, bills, credit card slips, even the pre-approved credit card offers you may receive. You may be unwittingly throwing valuable infor mation about yourself into the trash. 3 Check your mailbox daily. Don’t let mail accumulate in your box. Often, those pre-

the Tuition Assistance Program, guaranteeing student loans, and administering the nationally recognized New York’s College Savings Plan. New York State is a leader in the national financial aid community, providing more grant money to college students than any other state.

screened credit card offers may contain personal information or include special offer codes that can be used when calling a toll-free number by someone misrepresenting themselves as you. Shred these. You can stop getting these offers by contacting the official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website: 3 Beware of social engineering schemes such as pretexting or phishing. Sharp con artists may call you on the phone and misrepresent themselves as officials from a bank, credit card company, or retailer and ask you to “confirm” secure, personal infor mation. Unless you initiated the call, do not give this information. Beware also of unsolicited emails that appear to be from a legitimate company asking for personal information for verification purposes. Pretexting by phone, phishing by email and other fraudulent methods of obtaining private information are illegal. 3 When online shopping, be sure the website is secure. Look for the yellow closed lock or unbroken key before entering your billing information and credit card number. 3 Schedule regular checkups. Just like health checkups, you should obtain an annual

credit check for yourself. By federal law, all consumers are entitled to a free, yearly credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). Review it carefully, watching for any incorrect addresses, credit accounts or other information and report errors or suspected fraud to each credit bureau immediately. The only authorized source for free annual credit reports is Other sources may offer a free report only after subscribing to their service. Learn more ways tech-savvy thieves steal identities by visiting the Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft website.

CONTACT US NY GEARUP @ Syracuse University



Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011 • 1 1


For children: Story Time with Miss Mandy

Thursdays, May 5, 12, 19 and 26 10:30 am A lively mix of stories, songs, and rhymes make this a special time for you and your child. Story times are a fun way to help your child develop skills they will need to be ready to read.

Bedtime Stories

Wednesday, May 25 6:45-7:15 pm

Visit the library on your way to bed and Miss Mandy will read you stories. Come in your jammies for this 30 minute evening story time if you like. Stories are selected for children between 3 to 6 years of age but all are welcome.

Robert P. Kinchen Central Library The Galleries of Syracuse 447 South Salina St. 435-1900 For children: Butterfly Craft

Saturday, May 7 11:00 Join us in Children’s World to make a fun craft.


Saturday, May 21 11:00 am YogaKids activities build strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration using traditional yoga poses presented in a kid-friendly manner.

For teens: Theatre Club

Fridays, May 6, 13, 20 and 27

S’mores Frozen S’mores Cake 1 quart vanilla ice cream 1 quart chocolate ice cream 10 or 12 graham cracker squares 1/4 cup melted butter 1/2 tablespoon sugar 1 jar of hot fudge 1 bag mini-marshmallows 2 tablespoons water Vegetable shortening Crush graham crackers in a zipperlock bag or pulse in a food processor until made into crumbs. Add sugar and melted butter to the crumbs, mix and press into the bottom of a spring-form pan. Bake at 350 F for 10 minutes, or until the crust browns a bit. Soften ice cream by letting it sit out of the freezer for a few minutes. Use a spatula or spoon to spread the chocolate ice cream over the cooled graham cracker crust. Spread desired amount of fudge topping over the chocolate ice

3:00-4:30 pm Kids ages 13-17 are invited to read, discuss and perform both their own poetry, as well a timeless poets from the past to present.

Paine Branch Library 113 Nichols Ave. Syracuse, NY 13206 435-5442 For children: Teddy Bear Story Times

Friday, May 13 3:00-4:00 pm Children are invited to join children’s librarian Ms. T for a “Tulip Day” drop-in craft. They can create their own little paper tulips with supplies provided by the library. Don’t miss it!

Children’s Book Week

Wednesdays, May 4, 11, 18 and 25 10:00 am Children ages 2 to 5 and their families are invited to enjoy picture books, finger plays, flannel boards and more. Please register in advance by visiting the branch or by calling 435-5442.

Huntington Elementary School Art Show Throughout May

The annual Huntington School Elementary Art Show will be on display in the Children’s Room throughout the month of May. The art students of Mrs. Terry Cameron will display their artwork. Reception

Saturday, May 7 10:00 am Reception to honor the Huntington School Elementary art students of Mrs. Cameron. Students, families and friends of the art students are cordially invited.  Refreshments will be served. 

Soule Branch Library 101 Springfield Road Syracuse, NY 13214 435-5320 For children: Preschool Story Time

Thursdays, May 5, 12, 19 and 26 10:30 am Please join our children’s librarian, Ms. T., and enjoy stories, songs and finger play with your three to five year olds in the welcoming and inviting children’s area of the library.

Tulip Day Drop–In Craft

from page 9

cream. Then spread the softened vanilla ice cream over the fudge layer. Coat a microwave-safe bowl with a thin layer of shortening. Add most of the marshmallows, reserving a few for garnish, and the water to the bowl. Microwave for about a minute to a minute and a half until the marshmallows are melted. Top the vanilla ice cream with the melted marshmallows. Place the cake in the freezer overnight to harden. When ready to serve, place the garnish marshmallows on top and drizzle with a little melted hot fudge. You can use a kitchen torch or a barbecue lighter to add a little browning to the garnish marshmallows to make them look like they were toasted over a fire. Slice and enjoy quickly before it melts. This cake also makes a great alternative to a store-bought ice cream birthday cake.

May 2 through May 8 Visit the children’s section of the library and check out children’s book award nominees in celebration of children’s book week. Perhaps you will be inspired to write your own story! Contact Ms. T for more details.

Fridays, May 13, 20 and 27 3:30 pm Join us for an afternoon of fun playing board games. We have modern board games and traditional games. Socialize with friends and play games while surrounded by books, librarians and knowledge.

Wednesday, May 18 5:30 pm On Point for College, Inc., is an organization dedicated to making higher education accessible to low-income youth who feel college is out of reach due to economic, academic and other barriers. Meet an OnPoint for College representative and find out how to make a college education part


Summer registration is now available online at Classes are filling quickly. Don’t wait! Manlius Pebble Hill School 5300 Jamesville Road DeWitt, NY 13214 PH: 315/446-2452 FX: 315/446-2620

For children: Animal ABCs

Saturday, May 14 10:30 am The Rosamond Gifford Zoo presents an exciting hands-on literacy series featuring live animal visitors, touchable animal artifacts, refreshments and lots of silly zoo fun. The program builds on the Imagination Library Project that is geared toward children from birth to age 5 and their parents.

Build a Bookshelf

White Branch Library 763 Butternut St. Syracuse, NY 13208 435-3519 For families: Friday Fun! Game Days

For teens: OnPoint for College

of your future.

Wednesday, May 11 3:30 pm These tabletop shelves are easy to assemble and a perfect place to store all your library books and DVDs. After assembling the shelf students will have an opportunity to decorate it.  Space is limited so advance registration is required. For children 8 years and older.

Grow a Pizza Herb Garden

Tuesday, May 31 3:30 pm What makes pizza taste so great? Is it the crust, the sauce, or the gooey cheese?  Yes to all! But it is also the seasoning.  After listening to a story, children will have the opportunity to create a small Italian herb garden; just the thing for scrumptious homemade pizza. For children ages 8-12; younger if accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

Manlius Pebble Hill Summer Programs 6 weeks of...

Kinder Place, Fun Place and Summer Place for ages 4-13 runs from June 27 through August 5. Two weeks of professionally run theater beginning August 8. Hope to see you soon!

We’ve added more than 25 new Summer Place classes, and all your favorite counselors are returning. We're located in DeWitt, just 10 minutes from downtown Syracuse. Call 446-2452, ext. 157 for more information or login to


lection of fiction, non-fiction, paperback, audio books, cookbooks, movies, and music. Bring your children- there are plenty of teen and children’s books also. The final three days are a “Buck-a-Bag” blowout! Don’t miss the first part of the final installment of J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series.

from page 5

1 2 • Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011

Things Sun May 1 African Violets Show. 10 AM-4:30 PM. Plants on display and available for purchase. Beaver Lake Nature Center. Free with admission. 6382519. Literature Live: Little Critter! Noon-5 PM. Meet Little Critter and enjoy literature-related activities for the whole family. Included with admission. Strong Museum of Play, Rochester. 585-410-6359. Pizza & Books. 1-2:30 guys, 3-4:30 girls. A lively interactive book club for students in grades 4+. Manlius Library. Free. Pre-register. 682-6400. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 2 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Woodies & Hoodies. 2 PM. Enjoy a slide presentation on ducks followed by a hike to the beaver pond. Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center. 748 State Route 183, Amboy. $3/person, $12/family, under 3 free. 963-7286. 30 Years of Premieres. 4 PM. Featuring the Syracuse Children’s Chorus. Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse University. 478-0582. Mon May 2 Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 6 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Bedtime Stories. 6:30 PM. Come in your pajamas. Onondaga Free Library. 492-1727. Tue May 3 Sciencenter Math Time. 10:30 AM. Story and math activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Sciencenter, Ithaca. Included with admission. 607-2720600. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 2 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Childbirth Prep Class for Couples. 6:30-8:30 PM. Sponsored by Doulas of CNY. Ophelias Cafe. 407 Tulip St, Liverpool. $80. Pre-register. 455-6MOM. Rock in Harmony. 7:30 PM. Le Moyne College Chamber Orchestra plays the music of Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, and more. Le Moyne College. 445-4523. Wed May 4 General Wellness Seminar. 6 PM. Learn tips for a healthy, fulfilling life. West Genesee High School. Free. 4872279. Multiple Moms Mingle. 6:30 PM. Club for mothers and expectant mothers of multiples. Ruby Tuesday’s, Dewitt. Free. 308-0277. YogaKids. 6:30 PM. For ages 4-10. Onondaga Free Library. Pre-register. 492-1727. Thu May 5 CNY Autism Society of America. 7-9 PM. Jowonio School. 3049 E. Genesee St, Syracuse. 447-4466. Star Party. 8:30-10:30 PM. Use

telescopes to look at planets, stars and more in the night sky. Baltimore Woods. $8/person or $25/family. Preregister. 673-1350. Fri May 6 Family Fun Dance Party. 5:30-8 PM. Juice box and popcorn for every child. KidzClub Indoor Play and Party Place. 219 County Route 57, Phoenix. $8/child, adults/free. 695-2211. Sat May 7 Hiawatha Lake Fishing Derby. 8-11:45 AM. For ages 16 and under. Prizes for largest and smallest fish. Bring your own bait, tackle, and pole. Onondaga Park, Strathmore. 4734330. Home Depot Kids Workshops. 9 AM-noon. Children ages 5-12 accompanied by an adult learn about tool safety while building from project kits. Each child also receives an apron and pin. Free. Pre-register at your local Home Depot. Fiesta de las Aves. 10 AM-4:30 PM. Celebration of migratory birds and Latin American culture. Bilingual animal demonstrations, activities, puppet shows and more. Rosamond Gifford Zoo. 435-8511. Wildlife Festival. 10 AM-3 PM. Live birds of prey, kids games and activities, BBQ, pies, live music, raffles, prizes, hikes and paddles, farmer’s market, wildlife exhibitors, and more. Montezuma Audubon Center. 2295 State Route 89, Savannah. $3/adult, $1/kids ages 5 and up, under 4 free. 365-3588. LEGO Mystery Build. 10:30 AM. Kids ages 6-12 can bring their own legos and create a themed masterpiece in 40 minutes. Dewitt Community Library. 446-3578. Astronomy Day. Noon-4 PM. Special presentations and the opening of the new LunarViewer exhibit. Sciencenter, Ithaca. (607) 272-0600. Magic Circle Children’s Theatre. 12:30 PM. Interactive children’s theater featuring Snow White. Spaghetti Warehouse, Syracuse. $5/person. Preregister. 449-3823. Sun May 8 Sycamore Hill Gardens Tour. 11 AM-4 PM. Tour the 25 acre themed, private gardens at 2130 Old Seneca Turnpike, Marcellus. $10/person, under 12 free. 673-1350. Mother’s Day Galaxy Golf. Noon-5 PM. Free round of science-themed miniature golf for moms. Sciencenter, Ithaca. $4/other golfers, under 3/free. 607-272-0600. Drop-in Family Art. 1-5 PM. Children and accompanying adults can make art collectively. Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn. $5/ project. 255-1553.



Mon May 9 Maxwell Movie Night. 6 PM. Family friendly films. Maxwell Memorial Library. Free. 672-3661. Teen Action Group. 6 PM. Meeting of TAG for students in grades 6-12. Fayetteville Free Library. 637-6374. Tue May 10 Sciencenter Storytime. 10:30 AM. Story and related science activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Included with admission. Kids under three receive free admission. Sciencenter, Ithaca. 607-272-0600. Keep It Natural. 10:30-11:30 AM. Nature walk and outdoor education program. Baltimore Woods. $8. 6731350. Wed May 11 Childbirth Prep Class for Couples. 6:30-8:30 PM. Sponsored by Doulas of CNY. Ophelias Cafe. 407 Tulip St, Liverpool. $80. Pre-register. 455-6MOM. Thu May 12 Trail Tales. 1 PM. Ages 3-5. Stories and walk with a naturalist. Free w/park admission. 638-2519. Fri May 13 Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 7 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Sat May 14 Folksmarch. Family-friendly fun walk sponsored by the YMCA. Pratt’s Falls Park, Pompey. $3.50/adult and $1/child. Free for first timers. 6767366. Mommy & Me - CNY Rummage & Bake Sale. 9 AM-2 PM. Over 20 families participating with a wide variety of pregnancy, nursing, baby, and household goods. Liverpool Elks Lodge. 3730 Cold Springs Rd, Baldwinsville. 558-3480. LEAP Literacy Project Read-AThon. 9:30 AM-8:30 PM. Daylong storytime event to support the LEAP Literacy Project. Barnes & Noble, Dewitt. 449-2948. Literature Live: Froggy! 10 AM-8 PM. Meet Froggy and enjoy literaturerelated activities for the whole family. Included with admission. Strong Museum of Play, Rochester. 585-4106359. Cazenovia Healing & Wellness Fair. 10 AM-4 PM. Natural healing and wellness vendors, including Doulas of CNY. American Legion Post, Cazenovia. Free. 455-6MOM. Big Rig Day. 11 AM-3 PM. Kids and their families can climb aboard some of the Syracuse City’s big trucks and enjoy face painting, bounce houses, and miniature golf. Burnet Park. Free. 473-4330. Magic Circle Children’s Theatre. 12:30 PM. Interactive children’s theater featuring Snow White. Spaghetti

Warehouse, Syracuse. $5/person. Preregister. 449-3823. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 2 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Warbler Watch. 2-4 PM. Guided hike for all ages. Montezuma Audubon Center. 2295 State Route 89, Savannah. $5/child, $7.50/adult, $20/family. 365-3588. Sun May 15 Folksmarch. Family-friendly fun walk sponsored by the YMCA. Pratt’s Falls Park, Pompey. $3.50/adult and $1/child. Free for first timers. 6767366. Native Plant & Herb Sale. 11 AM-2 PM. Baltimore Woods. 673-1350. Literature Live: Froggy! Noon-5 PM. Meet Froggy and enjoy literaturerelated activities for the whole family. Included with admission. Strong Museum of Play, Rochester. 585-4106359. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 2 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Mon May 16 Monday Kicks. 10 AM-2 PM. Playful learning activities for ages 2-6. Strong Museum, Rochester. $. 585263-2700. Nature’s Little Explorers. 10-11 AM. Hands-on learning about the natural world for kids age 3-5 and an adult. Baltimore Woods. Pre-register. $12. 673-1350. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. Noon. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Teen Book Discussion Group. 7 PM. For grades 6 and up. Dewitt Community Library. Free. Pre-register. 446-3578. Tue May 17 Sciencenter Animal Time. 10:30 AM. Animal-related story and craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Sciencenter, Ithaca. Included with admission. 607-272-0600. MaterniTEA. 6:30-8 PM. Food and sharing with the Doulas of CNY. Ophelias Cafe. 407 Tulip St, Liverpool. Free. Pre-register. 455-6MOM. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 7 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Wed May 18 Duct Tape Crafts. 4 PM. Kids age 6-12 can make wallets, flowers, and more. Dewitt Library. Free. Pre-register. 446-3578. YogaKids. 6:30 PM. For ages 4-10. Onondaga Free Library. Pre-register. 492-1727. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 7 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Thu May 19 Th3. 5-8 PM. A common day each month where 17 Syracuse visual art venues are open to recognize and Continued on page 13

support local artistic achievements. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 7 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Sensory Processing Disorder Support Group. 7 PM. Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Foundation Parents-Connections Group for parents of children with sensory processing issues. Beecon Baptist Church. 4800 Rt 31, Clay. 247-4195. Fri May 20 Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type. 6 PM. Preview of the upcoming Gifford Family Theatre show. Barnes & Noble, Dewitt. 449-2948. Pancake Pig Storytime. 6:30 PM. Hear stories and visit with Pancake Pig from Laura Numeroff’s books. Barnes & Noble, Clay. 622-1066. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 7 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Sat May 21 Kids Performing for Kids. 10 AM-5 PM. Robotics, speech and debates, singing, music, and a variety of performances by kids. Strong Museum, Rochester. Admission. 585-263-2700. Downtown Living Tour. Noon-6 PM. See downtown’s finest examples of urban living. $. 422-8284. Sportsology Opening Weekend. Noon-4 PM. New exhibit featuring hands-on activities that teach the

science behind sports. Sciencenter, Ithaca. (607) 272-0600. Magic Circle Children’s Theatre. 12:30 PM. Interactive children’s theater featuring Snow White. Spaghetti Warehouse, Syracuse. $5/person. Preregister. 449-3823. Flower Fairy Fun. 1 PM. Learn how to make your very own flower fairy friend. For ages 6-10. Onondaga Free Library. Pre-register. 492-1727. Sensory Friendly Time at the MOST. 5:30-7:30 PM. Sensory-friendly exhibits and information. Sponsored by the CNY SPD Parent Connections. MOST. $. 415-7074. Sun May 22 Sportsology Opening Weekend. Noon-4 PM. New exhibit featuring hands-on activities that teach the science behind sports. Sciencenter, Ithaca. (607) 272-0600. Mon May 23 OCC Lacrosse Team Visit. 6:30 PM. Meet the winners of the 2010 NJCAA National Championship and listen to a story about lacrosse. Onondaga Free Library. 492-1727. Wed May 25 Home School Expeditions. 1-2 PM. Discover the wonder of science in the great outdoors. Baltimore Woods.



$12. Pre-register. 673-1350. Thu May 26 Trail Tales. 1 PM. Ages 3-5. Stories and walk with a naturalist. Free w/park admission. 638-2519. Environmental Coffee House. 6:30-9 PM. Coffee, open mic, and environmental presentations. Montezuma Audubon Center. 2295 State Route 89, Savannah. 365-3588. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 7 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Fri May 27 Home School Nature Series. 10 AM-noon and 1-3 PM. Hands-on learning about the natural world for home-schooled children ages 6-13. Montezuma Audubon Center. 2295 State Route 89, Savannah. $7/child. Pre-register. 365-3588. Game On! 11 AM. Teens can play games on the Wii and Xbox Kinect. Fayetteville Free Library. 637-6374. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 7 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Literature Live: Maisy! 10 AM-8 PM. Meet Maisy and enjoy literaturerelated activities for the whole family. Included with admission. Strong Museum of Play, Rochester. 585-4106359. Magic Circle Children’s Theatre. 12:30 PM. Interactive children’s the-

ater featuring Snow White. Spaghetti Warehouse, Syracuse. $5/person. Preregister. 449-3823. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 7 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Sun May 29 Sciencenter Tactile Time. 10:30 AM. Toddlers and preschoolers explore their world through touch. Sciencenter, Ithaca. Included with admission. (607) 272-0600. Literature Live: Maisy! Noon-5 PM. Meet Maisy and enjoy literature-related activities for the whole family. Included with admission. Strong Museum of Play, Rochester. 585-4106359. Memorial Day Concert. 2:30 PM. Sponsored by the Syracuse City Department of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Programs. Palace Theatre, Eastwood. Free. 473-4330. Syracuse Chiefs Baseball. 6:30 PM. Alliance Bank Stadium. $. 474-7833. Tue May 31 Sciencenter Earth Time. 10:30 AM. Earth-related story and craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Sciencenter, Ithaca. Included with admission. 607272-0600. Children’s Writers & Illustrators. 7 PM. Meet CNY’s own children’s writContinued on page 14

Dr. Chris La Russa

Dr. James E. Brown, Jr.

3 year olds through 6th grade Elementary School Accredited by the Middle States Commission Offering Faith, Knowledge, Discipline, Morals, and Dividends for Life since 1931. Providing your child with academic excellence in a positive and personal environment!

3219 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13206

Dr. Richard Waldman

Dr. Suchitra Kavety

792 1/2 N. Main St. N. Syracuse, NY 13212 701-0500 13195


Tours available. Call for an appointment.


Jane Fields, CNM

Kandice Kowalewski, RPA-C

770 James St. Syracuse, NY 13203 422-2222

Dr. Melissa Brown

Dr. John Rosser

4302 Medical Center Crive Fayetteville, NY 13066 329-7222



Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011 • 1 3

1 4 • Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011

Things ers and illustrators. Barnes & Noble, Dewitt. Free. 449-2948.

Child Health Plus from New York State and Total Care provides free or low-cost health insurance for children who qualify up to age 19. Child Health Plus coverage includes: No Co-Pays

Well-Child Visits


Vision, Hearing, Speech

Hospitalization & Surgery

Emergency Care

Much More!

Total Care is the oldest and largest Medicaid Managed Care plan in Central New York, serving Onondaga, Oswego, Cortland and Tompkins counties. With more than 1,000 providers, from primary to specialty care, Total Care “has you covered.” Physician Visits

Your Own Primary Care Physician


Lab & X-Ray

Vision Care

Much More!

Family Health Plus is New York State’s health care program for adults who don’t have insurance but whose income is too high to get Medicaid.

Family Health Plus benefits* include: Physician services

Inpatient & outpatient health care

Dental services

Prescription drugs & smoking cessation products**

Lab tests & x-rays ER & emergency ambulance services Diabetes supplies & equipment

Vision, speech & hearing services Drug, alcohol & mental health treatment Much more!


*some limits may apply to certain benefits. **administered by the Medicaid Fee for Service program

ONGOING EVENTS Childbirth Preparation & Refresher Classes. St. Joseph’s Hospital. $. 448-5515. Creative Arts Academy Auditions. Ongoing for grades 7-12. Community Folk Art Center. 442-2230. DivorceCare Support Group.  7 PM Mondays. Northside Baptist Church. 7965 Oswego Road, Liverpool. 6523160. Farmers Market. 4-8 PM Tuesdays, 10 AM-5 PM Thursdays, 7 AM-2 PM Saturdays. CNY Regional Market. 4228647. Fleet 204 Hobie Cat Mad Catter Regatta. May 20-22. Oneida Shores Park. 676-7366. Galaxy Golf. 10 AM-5 PM TuesdaySunday. 18-hole science-themed miniature golf course. $4/person. Sciencenter, Ithaca. (607) 272-0600. GriefShare Support Group.  7 PM Mondays. Northside Baptist Church. 7965 Oswego Road, Liverpool. 6523160. High Point. 6:45-8:15 PM Wednesdays. Faith-based songs, games, and activities for kids in kindergarten through grade 5. Community Wesleyan Church. 112 Downer St, Baldwinsville. Free. 638-2222. Kiddie Café. 10 AM-2 PM Wednesdays. Puzzles, coloring, kids music, snacks, and fun. Fayetteville Free Library. 637-6374. Morning Bird Walks. 7:30 AM Wednesdays & Saturdays. Beaver Lake Nature Center. 638-2519. Music & Movement Class. 10 AM & 6:15 PM Thursdays. For ages 1-4 and a caregiver. KidzClub Indoor Play and Party Place. 219 County Route 57, Phoenix. $50/6 week session. Pre-register. 695-2211. Newborn Care Class. 6-8:30 PM Wednesdays and 2 nd/3 rd Mondays. St. Joseph’s Hospital Room 5313. $20. 448-5515.  Onondaga Lake Skatepark. Waivers required. $. 453-6712. Public Fishing. 9:30-11:30 AM Saturdays through May 28. Carpenter’s Brook Fish Hatchery, Elbridge. $5/person. Pre-register. 451-7275. Sciencenter Showtime! 2 PM Saturdays. See science in action with an interactive presentation. Sciencenter, Ithaca. Included with admission. 607272-0600. Small Business & Personal Finance Seminars. Various topics, dates, and locations. Sponsored by Cooperative Federal. 473-0223. Story Art Wednesdays. 4:30 PM Wednesdays. For kids age 5-10. Maxwell Memorial Library, Camillus. Free. 672-3661. Summer Reading Program. May 24-September 6. For kids in grades 16. Barnes & Noble, Dewitt & Clay.



Teen Art Program. 4-6 PM Wednesdays and Thursdays. Liverpool Art Center. 101 Lake Drive, Liverpool. $60/month. 234-9333. Teen Game Day. 2 PM Wednesdays. Dewitt Community Library. 446-3578. Weekend Walks With A Naturalist. 1:30 PM Saturdays & Sundays. Beaver Lake Nature Center. Free w/admission. 638-2519. Wellness Walking Group. 10 AM Mondays & Wednesdays. Beaver Lake Nature Center. Free w/admission. 638-2519. Weekend Wildflower Walks. 2-3 PM. Baltimore Woods. 673-1350. Yoga. 5:30-7 PM Fridays and 1-2 PM Sundays. All levels welcome. $5/class. Zen Center of Syracuse. 492-6341. YogaKids. 4:30-5:30 PM Thursdays for ages 4-7; 5:45-6:45 PM Thursdays for ages 8-11; 3-4:15 PM Sundays for tweens/teens. CNY Yoga Center. 101 1 st St, Liverpool. $. 622-3423.   STORYTIMES Barnes & Noble Clay. Preschoolers, 10 AM Thursdays. Grades K-3, 7 PM Friday. 622-1066. Barnes & Noble Dewitt. Preschoolers 10 AM Thursdays. 449-2947. Betts Branch Library. Thursdays 10:30-11 AM, starting September 10. 435-1940. Dewitt Community Library. Baby Bop ages 4-18 months, Thursdays at 10:30. Toddler Time ages 18 months to 3 years, Tuesdays at 10:30. Preschool, Wednesday at 10:30 AM.  Preregister. 446-3578. East Syracuse Free Library. 10:30 AM Tuesdays for birth-age 3, 10:30 AM Wednesdays for ages 3-4. 4374841. Fayetteville Free Library. Preschool for ages 2&3, Tuesdays at 10:30 AM. Preschool for ages 4&5, Wednesdays at 10:30 AM. First Steps for up to age 3, Wednesdays at 9:30 AM. Cuddletime for babies, Thursdays at 11:30 AM. 637-6374. KidzClub. 10 AM Wednesdays in May. Story & craft. KidzClub Indoor Play and Party Place. 219 County Route 57, Phoenix. $. 695-2211. Maxwell Memorial Library. Preschool for ages 3-5, Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:30. Stories with Sally for 3 and under, Wednesdays at 10:30. Toddlers age 1-4, Saturdays at 10:30 AM. 672-3661. Minoa Library. 10:30 AM Wednesdays. 656-7401. NOPL Brewerton. 10:30 AM Mondays for ages 2-4. 11-noon Mondays playgroup for ages 6 months-5 years. 676-7484. NOPL Cicero. 6:30 PM Mondays (family story hour), 10 & 11 AM Tuesdays, 11 AM Wednesdays. 699-2032. NOPL North Syracuse. 6:30 PM Tuesdays (family story hour), 10 & 11 AM Wednesdays, noon Thursdays. 458Continued on page 15



Syracuse Parent and CNY Family • May 2011 • 1 5


Silverman Planetarium. Zoo in the Sky, 11:15 AM weekends and school holidays. Winter Skies, 3:15 PM weekends and school holidays. MOST. Admission. 425-9068. Sportsology. Opens May 21. Learn the science behind sports. Sciencenter, Ithaca. (607) 272-0600. Teenage Competitive Art Exhibition. May 7-21. Featuring artwork from local students. Community Folk Art Center, 805 E. Genesee Street. 4422230. Tinkertoy: Build Your Imagination. Through May 30. Strong Museum of Play, Rochester. $. 585-410-6359.

6184. Onondaga Free Library. 11 AM Tuesday for ages 6-15 months, 10:15 AM Wednesdays and Thursdays for ages 2-3 years, 11 AM Wednesdays and Thursdays for ages 4-5 years. 492-1727. Pottery Barn Kids. 11 AM Tuesdays. Carousel Center. 423-5215. Read & Play Storytime. 11 AM & 1 PM Wednesdays. For ages 2-4. Salina Free Library. 454-4524. Toddler Book Club. 10:30, 11:30 AM, and 12:30 PM Mondays. Strong Museum, Rochester. Free with admission. 585-410-6359. EXHIBITS & SHOWS Click, Clack Moo, Cows That Type. May 24-June 18. Gifford Family Theatre, LeMoyne College. $10/children, $15/ adults. 445-4523. Face to Face: Portraits and the American West. Through early May 2011. Rockwell Museum of Art, Corning. (607) 974-4254. IMAX Movies. Toy Story 3 and more. MOST. $. 425-9068. Made in NY. Through May 29. Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn. $3. 255-1553. Museum of Young Art. 10 AM-6 PM Tuesdays-Thursdays and 10 AM-3 PM Saturdays. Syracuse’s first museum dedicated to children’s art. One Lincoln Center. 424-7800.

CBA Summer Sizzle 2011


Chess Camp, Study Skills, Lacrosse, Creative Writing, Football, Art, kickboxing, yoga, Basketball, Video game creation, Soccer and more! 13575

315-446-5960 Ext. 1503



Fun For Kids on our website


Parents, help your children learn about money and savings online at: “Dollar The Dragon”

MAIN OFFICE 35 Oswego St. Baldwinsville 638-0233

LIVERPOOL 105 Second St. Liverpool 457-1280


NORTH SYRACUSE 201 North Main St. North Syracuse 458-6543 Each depositor insured to at least $250,000

Temporarily increased from $100,000 to $250,000 through 12/31/2013


Find on our website:


                !"        #

!$                               %   &    ' !          (  !          $ )  '         ' &      '          $                                                      )' *  '      '    + ' %  ,  *   ' - .        

       ' !

"$   /,  /$    /,  .,  00* ,  - 1  2   ,   .   ,!       !!  

       $ )' 3 4 /$ ,  ' /,  1$ 3 1  *         ' ! "$


 5   '    

   ' 6 7  /  *  867/*9 )' 3 4 /$   /,  /$  !  '            '      '   ! ,    !   ,   $







 : #;< * ,  - !    #;<  $ )' ! "   ! ! ' -$  !       ' .,  - ' '   ,! ''    ,   '   ,     ' '           ,    $

 ! "#$ %

 &  '   (  

 )#"                      %     *         

 ! & + 

  ,   +              +   *  

     ,      /$

     "#$       +         '        -  .        /    0  


                ! "     #

$! % &  $    '())*)((*'+& "   !     , -  - .% - !      &   !  ! !  !    $      &




= ;    

Parent May 2011  

Parent May 2011

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