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| THURSDAY, MAR 13 – MAR 19, 2014 | VOL. 11 NO. 11

IRIE MOMENT Aston Lue (L) of Ocho Rios Foods enjoys a Jamaican moment with a patron at the Jamaican Experience Expo held at the Eastmonte Civic Center in Altamonte Springs, Orlando. Marcell Sutherland photo SHOW AND TELL Charles Hill (L) and Nancy Stanley of 1st World Imports showing off their brands at the Jamaican Experience. Marcell Sutherland photo

'BOASSY' INTRO Expo organizer, Sandy Isaacs (L) introduces Candice Buchanan of National Weekly at the Jamaican Experience event in Orlando, Florida. Marcell Sutherland photo

LOL..! Dr. Sue with her book, “Ode to Miss Lou from the Soul of Dr. Sue,” laughing out loud with a patron at the JE Expo in Orlando. Marcell Sutherland photo

JOB WELL DONE Natasha Wright (L) expressing a heartfelt thank you to Jai Rose (R), lead singer of the Jai Rose Band, after a stunning performance at the Lush Fusion grand opening. Contributed

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER Natasha Wright (L) and Richard Gordon (R) general managers for Lush Fusion Grill stopped for the lens at the grand opening. Contributed

NICE SMILE Benita Dixon, author of the book, “A Seed of Possibility,” showing off her radiant smile at the Expo. Marcell Sutherland photo

HANGING TIGHT Daniel Pareja of Gaming Graphics (L), Dana Pareja of Fabulosity Décor (C), and Sheri Smith (R) of Greater Minds Inc. huddle for the camera at the grand opening of Lush Fusion Grill, last Saturday in Cooper City. Contributed

CHECK OUT MY MENU Natasha Guadeloupe, executive chef at Lush Fusion showing off the menu. Contributed


March 14th Edition