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By Brown Charles -

One of the more popular styles in rings today are the princess cut halo engagement rings, and for good reason. When we talk about sparkle, shimmer or even "bling", the halo style of diamond ring setting is at the top of the list.The main reason is simple: princess cut halo engagement rings have an extra "layer" of diamonds at the top of the setting that surround the main stone. This mini diamonds are also known in the jewelry world as baguettes. Now, it's important to know that baguettes by themselves are not very expensive because of their relative size. Probably 90% of your cost for an engagement ring is going to come in the main diamond that choose, and more importantly, the size! And it's no secret that size matters when it comes to diamond buying, so expect to pay considerably more as you go up in size.

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Halo style rings have a certain appeal to them because they give off a radiance that most other rings cannot. Think about it: with the main diamond surrounded by the baguettes, there is a lot more surface

area consisting of diamond material than most other rings. It's not wonder why the sparkle factor is through the roof on these. As we already covered, there is a lot more diamond material that comes with a halo cut, especially if you opt for baguettes surrounding the ring band itself. However, baguettes are relatively inexpensive and shouldn't end up costing you THAT much more in the ring. The tradeoff in the extra diamonds is the sparkle that you will get, and that will make your future fiancĂŠ very happy.

If we compare princess cut halo engagement rings with other rings such as a plain solitaire (with just a main diamond), the price should only be around 10-20% more for the halo style. It's all relative to the size of your main stone though.For instance, if you have a larger main diamond, it will take more baguettes to surround it and that will cost a bit more. If you opt for a smaller main stone, that will require less mini-diamonds. So, the bigger you go, the bigger your bill is going to be. Make sure you keep your budget in mind as there are a few places online that offer some really high quality princess cut halo engagement rings for great prices that won't leave you with an empty savings account.

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