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Cansu Aksu architect | architectural portfolio

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Curriculum Vitae Competitions -selected works-

Izmir Selcuk Cultural and Youth Center Ahlat Youth Camp

Professional Works -selected works-

Korean War Memorial and Visitor Center (Participant) Konak Municipality (Honorable mention) Teski Headquarters (Honorable mention) Balat Mixuse Balat Housing BayrampaĹ&#x;a Residences NilĂźfer Residences No:2

curriculum vitae |

contact information

Cansu Aksu Architect 08.10.1991, ÇANAKKALE

Address | Dikilitaş, Beşiktaş - ISTANBUL E-mail | Phone number | +90 546 870 36 58 LinkedIn | QR code for online |


Cansu Aksu Architect

Education Çan Ibrahim Bodur Anatolian High School_09.2005-06.2009 Average grade: 94.77 / 100 Yıldız Teknik University | Faculty of Architecture_09.2009-06.2015 Average grade: 3.39 / 4.00

Internship Fehmi Kobal Design Architects_2015 Nişantaşı, İSTANBUL Baraka Mimarlık_2013 Kuzguncuk, İSTANBUL BFTA Mimarlık_2012 Kalamış, İSTANBUL Fibrobeton Yapı Elemanları_2011 Shangri-la Bosphorus Hotel Beşiktaş, İSTANBUL

Skills AutoCAD Rhino Revit Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Sketchup Microsoft Office Model

++++++ ++++ ++ +++++ ++++ +++ ++++ ++++ ++++++

Certificate Autodesk Revit Certificate_2018 İKSV Design Bienalle Pre-Events / Imperfection_2012 ‘Happy Designs with Recycled Materials’, with Özlem Yalım Özkaraoğlu Jeunesse et Reconstruction / Vebret, France_2011 ‘Renovation of dry stone wall of the old churchyard surrounding the church’

Language Turkish English German

‘native language’ ‘upper-intermediate,B2’ ‘elementary,A2’

curriculum vitae

Professional Experience (FKD) Fehmi Kobal Design Architects_2015-2018 junior architect - 3,5 years (TA) Tamirci Architects_2019 (Collaborate with TA on a project basis-Freelance) architect - 1 year

Competitions Professional Works Korean War Memorial and Visitor Center _TA Cultural | 1.500 m² | Lüleburgaz,TR | 2019 Participant Mosque Design Competition_TA Religious | 600 m² | Mardin,TR | 2019 Participant NapoliCall: New Service Center for the First Italian Railway Hotel&Office | 2.000 m² | Napoli,ITL | 2019 Participant

Balat Mixuse_FKD Retail, Office&Residential | 200.000 m² | Bursa,TR | 2016 (preliminary design_schematic design) Balat Housing_FKD Residential | 140.000 m² | Bursa,TR | 2016 (preliminary design_schematic design) Bayrampasa Residences_FKD Residential | 64.000 m² | İstanbul,TR | 2016 (preliminary design_schematic design)

YAC; Kid’s Factory Design Competition Cultural&Educational | 27.000 m² | Laveno-Mombello,ITL | 2019 Participant

Hilltown Shopping Center_FKD Retail&Hotel | Completed | 210.000 m² | İstanbul,TR | 2017 (construction documents)

Ahlat Youth Camp Educational | 6.100 m² | Bitlis,TR | 2017 Participant

Nilüfer Residences No:1_FKD Residential | 45.000 m² | Bursa,TR | 2017 (preliminary design_schematic design_design development)

Izmir Selcuk Cultural and Youth Center Cultural&Educational | 6.500 m² | Izmir,TR | 2016 Participant

Nilüfer Residences No:2_FKD Residential | 45.000 m² | Bursa,TR | 2017 (preliminary design_schematic design_design development _building permit documents)

Balıkesir Municipality_FKD Civic Building | 42.000 m² | Balıkesir,TR | 2016 Participant TESKİ Headquarters_FKD Civic Building | 30.000 m² | Tekirdağ,TR | 2015 Honorable Mention Konak Municipality_FKD Civic Building | 24.000 m² | İzmir,TR | 2015 Honorable Mention

Optimum Outlet _FKD Retail | Completed | 140.000 m² | Istanbul,TR | 2018 (re-licence /only building permit documents) M1 Kartal Shopping Center_FKD Retail | 35.000 m² | İstanbul,TR | 2018 (design development_construction documents) PTT Academy Buildings - Education Facility_TA Educational | 15.000 m² | Balıkesir,TR | 2019 (design development_construction documents _building permit documents) PTT Academy Buildings - Hotel Facility_TA Hotel | 23.000 m² | Balıkesir,TR | 2019 (design development_construction documents _building permit documents)


competitions | -selected worksÄ°zmir Selcuk Cultural and Youth Center Ahlat Youth Camp

selected works



Selçuk Cultural and Youth Center Participant Culture&Education | Competition | 6.500 m² | İzmir,TR | 2016 Team | Nergis Kahraman, Cansu Aksu

Selçuk Cultural and Youth Center is lo-

the main arteries.One of the main pur-

cated in the center of Izmir. It was aimed

poses was to flow people from both

to establish a relationship with the envi-

sides.One of the main factors limiting

ronment by questioning the issues such

design was the existing trees. In or-

as how the cultural and art activities

der not to touch any of these trees, the

could meet with urban and young peo-

structure was withdrawn, where the en-

ple.The field was first approached with

trance mass was positioned any a rhyth-

the desire to create a transparent social

mic entrance was provided with the

space.Important axes were maintained

trees.The entrance mass was located in

in terms of compatibility with the sur-

the middle of the parcel and served a

rounding physical context.The parcel; in

central role.Various functions faced the

terms of position; there is a front fac-

streets formed between the structures

ing the density of housing in the east

in order to maintain the street texture.

as well as being o frontier adjacent to

Thus, new social corridors were created.



general requirement According to the competition schedule, the total requirement is defined as 6.500 sq. This program includes functions such as cafe, restaurant, workshops, conference halls, cinemas.

8m 6m


8m adapting the scale to the environment This program has been adapted to this area by considering the human scale and the scale of the surrounding buildings. Existing trees were decisive in this placement.

central entrance and event space The main entrance is located in the center of the area in connection with other units. This area is also planned as a central event space to create a sense of community.

activity garden around the mass Different activities can be done simultaneously in the gardens around the masses.

1036 street

10 36 t ee str

5043 street


5014 street


3 5002 street

kubilay street


5028 street



istiklal street

| siteplan

1 | Cafe 2 | Workshops 3 | Entrance

4 | Open-air cinema 5 | Restaurant 6 | Conference Hall

| programme Based on the competition program, the plan was designed to allow users to interact and socialize throughout the year. The building groups were supported by activity gardens related to the function of the building in a way to allow indoor and outdoor activities by taking human scale into consideration.

a.2 a.6 a.3

a.5 a.1 a.4

c.4 c.2 c.1

b.1 b.3 b.2


d.2 d.1 d.3


a.workshops a.1 | info-desk a.2 | dance classroom a.3 | music classroom a.4 | changing room a.5 | courtyard a.6 | storage total:175sq b.1 | kitchen b.2 | cafe b.3 | toilet total:190sq

c.entrance c.1 | main information c.2 | lobby / lounge c.3 | activity area c.4 | open-air cinema

d.conference hall d.1 | upper foyer d.2 | conference hall d.3 | technical room d.4 | preparation room



Ground floor plan (Âą0.00) total area : 1930sq

elevation |


c.7 c.5 c.6 a.8


b.6 b.5

a.workshops a.7 | theater classroom a.8 | toilet

d.6 d.2


d.5 d.7

d.8 b.4 | kitchen b.5 | cafe b.6 | toilet

c.entrance c.5 | office c.6 | terrace c.7 | toilet



d.conference hall d.5 | balcony d.6 | rest room d.7 | technical room d.8 | preparation room total:325sq

First floor plan (+3.00 /+4.00) total area : 920sq


| open-air cinema The main idea was the same space can assume different functions or different occasions.The central entrance is not only part of the landscape but it is also an extension to the cinema for hosting a much larger crowd watching activity.For open-air cinema, interior folding doors become the projection screen for an outdoor cinema.On the other hand, interior and exterior folding doors opened, the indoor cinema becomes a stage for the outdoor amphitheater.Because the stage is indoors, it has all the technical benefits of stage equipment.

13 | 14


Ahlat Youth Camp Participant Culture&Education | Competition | 6.100 m² | Bitlis,TR | 2017 Team | Şule Arslan, Dilara Demiralp, Nergis Kahraman, Cansu Aksu

Youth is inconceivable and therefore

When the zonation is combined with en-

cannot be defined.Youth can only be

vironmental data, it provides the most

expressed and their existence can be

suitable locations for physical and mental



development. The region is defined as the

1992).The project area which has a large

area of socio-cultural. Thanks to the low

area within the urban texture; it is close

ratio of construction area, it is possible

to the centers of historical importance of

to create a considerable open/semi-open

the city and is associated with the coast.

area for public use. It is appropriate to plan

With these features, the project area gains

the conference as a singular and separate

its potential of accessibility and attraction.

mass. In this way, this will provide a place

The form of the water-trench has a dom-

where all Ahlat people can come directly,

inant role in zoning in the project area.

meet and share their mental activities.

15 | 16

pitched roof (competible with winter conditions)



continuity (continuity of social zone in terms of floor plan and building volume)

social zone solution for winter conditions

social zone solution for summer conditions


Mono Block Mass

Boathouse and Beach Zone

Partial Units

Comunity with Connection

Instinction of Gathering

Public Events and Sport Areas

Camping Zone

| pathway Accessibility on the north and south axis is provided by a continuous path placed on a route that can be the ground of actions such as walking, running and cycling. A secondary path is added between the project area and the stadium. It is aimed that the relationship of the region with the stadium is strengthened in terms of physical activity. It is taken into consideration that the building sizes in the urban texture are not above a certain size and that most of the housing buildings are located in the garden. The functions in the program are intended to hold close to each other without interrupting the interrelationships and to hold on to open field functions such as tennis courts, football pitches.

17 | 18


4 6

3 9 3 8 1 2


10 11

12 15



16 | siteplan

1 | Reception 2 | Restaurant 3 | Accomandation 4 | Spa

5 | Conference Room 6 | Open air cinema 7 | Open recreational area 8 | Park

9 | Ahlat Stadium 10 | Cafe and restaurant area 11 | Toilet and shower 12 | Boathouse

13 | Beach Zone 14 | Camping Area 15 | Event and sport area 16 | Pedestrian access



7 4

4 4

2 5 6 1 9

4 4 3


ground floor plan total area:2.227 m2 1 | entrance 2 | restaurant 3 | office and lobby 4 | accomandation 5 | spa

6 | activity space 7 | tennis court 8 | basketball 9 | volleyball

4-4 elevation

3-3 section

19 | 20

1 1


1 1

first floor plan

total area: 1.140 m2 1 | accomandation 2 | fitness center



second floor plan total area: 431m2

1 | accomandation

| typology Instructors room 30 m2

Double room 30 m2

Disabled room 36 m2

Suit room 45 m2

| architectural model


| architectural model

elevation |

23 | 24

professional works | -selected worksKorean War Memorial and Visitor Center (Participant) Izmir Konak Municipality (Honorable Mention) TESKI Headquarters (Honorable Mention) Balat Mixuse Balat Housing BayrampaĹ&#x;a Residences NilĂźfer Residences No:2

selected works

25 | 26

professional works

Korean War Memorial and Visitor Center Participant Culture | Competition | 1.100 m² | Lüleburgaz,TR | 2019 Team | Can Tamirci, Ezgi Koçak, Furkan Şanlı, Derya Yapıcıoğlu, Simge Çil, Cansu Aksu

The space organization in this project




aimed to provide the user with a moment of

sharp contrast to the characteristic

calmness for the commemorative activity.


With the circular ramp, the visitor moves

This contrast is focused on isolat-

away from the landscape texture in


the field and takes a imaginary journey


from a familiar reality to a new reality.

For the Turks who participated in the Ko-

The reliefs on the inner surface of the

rean war, being there is quite foreign. In

railing (following the route of Turkish

this context, the internal space designed

troops from Iskenderun to Busan) aim

is concerned with being foreign to the land.

to make the visitor feel this journey.



The layout and geometry of the circu-



lar ramp, one of the main decisions that


determine the design, is similar to the

the sky is the distinguishing feature

Turkish experience of alienation in Korea.

that determines the monument area.



form and



becomes the


landscapes. and


relationship of





indirect, the



27 | 28

landscape New landscaping decisions that settle and differentiate from the local flora without dominating it cannot be separated from the unique nature of the land.

monument The monumental water wall, which contains two of the protected trees in the area, is designed to keep the visitor alone with the memory of the soldiers who went to the Korean War.

circular ramp The layout and geometry of the circular ramp, which is one of the main decisions determining the design, is similar to the experience of alienation experienced by the Turks in Korea.

transparent surfaces Transparent surfaces surrounding the permanent exhibition area (differentiating from the ground) throughout the circulation change the visual relationship of the visitor who visits the exhibition with the ceremony area.

interior partition walls Apart from the exhibition area, the internal partition walls define the complementary elements of the building program, such as the library, administrative units and the hall of honor.

basement floor building program The exhibition area, which runs clockwise from the entrance hall and parallels with the ramp, is the most dominant function on this floor.

| sections

basement floor plan (-6.00) total area: 1.100 m2

ground floor plan (Âą0.00)

professional works

| perspective

31 | 32

professional works

Izmir Konak Municipality Honorable Mention Civic Building | Competition | 24.000 m² | İzmir,TR | 2015 Team | Fehmi Kobal, Behiç Şensoy,Selim Sıdal, Ezgi Koçak, Mustafa Eğretli, Gizem Altuğ, Ezgi Başlı, Cansu Aksu

As part of the new urban renewal Proj-

building via a ramp that sets the base

ect in İzmir The Municipality of Kon-

for the municipal building. Consdering

ak has asked for a new building at thia

the mild Eagean weather the idea of

old run down part of the city. Our aim

connection between inside and outside

was to design a building as well an ur-

space in this building becomes very crit-

ban park to revitalize the public activity

ical in term of design. Some of the as-

around the new building both for com-

pects of the buiding areas such as the

mercial activities and public recreation-

main lobby, cafe and restaurant facilities

al zones. New building was to become

culd be totall opened to the outside al-

a natural expantion of the park. From

lowing this civic building to become

the park side public is drawn in to the

part of the public life and activities.

33 | 34



| siteplan

1 | Konak Municipality 2 | Square 3 | Recreation area


4 | Mevlana mosque 5 | Town square 6 | Mevlana primary school

Konak Municipality

7 | Fire station 8 | High school 9 | Melez

town square


| connection between ramp and city park The Town Hall is designed as a natural extension of the city park. The City Park does not see any buildings approaching the project, and a ramp that welcomes visitors is designed as a natural extension of the park. This ramp takes visitors from the park to the first floor, with terrace and cafeteria functions. It is also an activity terrace, cafĂŠ and so on. should be considered as a Public Space designed for activities

professional works

4 5 9


ground floor plan total ara:1.788 m2

35 | 36

| plans and section

second floor plan total ara:1.788 m2

fourth floor plan total ara:1.802 m2

sixth floor plan total ara:1.586 m2

professional works

| perspective

37 | 38

professional works

TESKI Headquarters Honorable Mention Civic Building | Competition | 30.000 m² | Tekirdağ,TR | 2015 Team | Fehmi Kobal, Behiç Şensoy,Selim Sıdal, Cansu Aksu

Teski is the Tekirdağ Municipality’s infra-

the landscape and opens out towards

structure department looking for a new

the city with strong visual connection

center and facilities for their offices. Our

from above. .This building was de-

proposal stems from the steep nature of

signed together with the Cultural Center.

the site which allows the building to be

The square formed between these two

placed in the hill and eventually opening

buildings is planned as an urban in-

out in to the city with a facade but to-


tally burried under on the high side

cultural activities. It can serve as a

of the site. Public could walk over the

main backbone for the planned trans-

roof which basically becomes apart of

formation of the city in the future.





39 | 40

A block

B block


cultural center


A block

B block

cultural center


A block



cultural center

B block


professional works

| siteplan

1 | TESKI B Block Headquarters 2 | TESKI A Block Headquarters 3 | Cultural Center

4 | TekirdaÄ&#x; Municipality 5 | TESKI Square 6 | Cultural Square

3. floor plan (+13.50) total ara:3.461 m2

41 | 42

| plans and section

professional works

| perspective

43 | 44

professional works

Balat Mixuse (preliminary design_schemathic design) Retail,Office&Residential | 200.000 m² | Bursa,TR | 2016 Team | Fehmi Kobal, Selim SĹdal, Cansu Aksu

Our aim is to create a public space

the new urban fabric at this part of the

within the project that has some his-

city.The residential blocks are placed

toric influences from the city of Bursa.

around the central core of the Project

There are many old buildings such as

placed on the perimeter.The buildings

mosques, hans and hammams in Bursa.

are broken in to several blocks in order

One of them is KOZAHAN built in 1491.

to break the scale of the Project. Brick is

This building has great spaces for public

extensively used on the facades in ref-

life and we wanted to bring element of

erence to the old architecture. There are

theis building in to our design. We have

several types of residential units, 3 to 4

designed streets and public squares

bedroom apartments, terraced houses at

that would eventually become part of

the top of the buildings with roof gardens.

45 | 46

professional works

Bayrampaşa Residences (preliminary design_schemathic design) Residential | 64.000 m² | İstanbul,TR | 2016 Team | Fehmi Kobal, Murat Bilsay, Selim Sıdal, Cansu Aksu




Bayrampaşa This



located of







residental project with small




seperate the for


base the





street side retail facade, design to

basically loft type housing providing


flexible modern living environment for



closed use







the residents.At the same time,



are common areas like swimming pool,

tion of the inner courtyard is to-

fitness, children’s playground and so-


cial facilities in the base structure.


northwestern existing



47 | 48

professional works

Balat Housing (preliminary design_schemathic design) Residential | 140.000 m² | Bursa,TR | 2016 Team | Fehmi Kobal, Murat Bilsay, Cansu Aksu

Our aim is to create a living environ-

of continuous residential blocks with

ment that has outside connection with

pitched roofs.These are more like a loft

the Street life rather than a closed gated

type apartments, smaller in size, of-

community. We have designed gardens

fering modern city living with 2 and

with water elements as well as recre-

3 bedroom units. The other group is

ational zones within the Project.


placed in the middle part of the Proj-

shops placed on the Street side would

ect. This group is called Lake Houses

eventually become part of the new urban

and placed in the middle of an artifi-

development structure at this part of the

cial lake. The areas are much generous

city. There are two types of housing blocks

at these housing units, providing large

in the Project. One is the Town House

balconies, open terraces and gardens.

concept which is basically on the outer

These units offer more luxurious sizes

Shell on the Street side, comprised

and has 3, 4 and 5 bedroom apartments.

49 | 50

professional works

Nilüfer Residences No:2 (preliminary design_schemathic design_design development_building permit documents) Residential | 45.000 m² | Bursa,TR | 2017 Team | Fehmi Kobal, Murat Bilsay, Selim Sıdal, Cansu Aksu

The residential project is designed in

In this project, The opinion represent

Nilüfer district of Bursa.This project has

a totaly

two options and this option is called

the building placed is in the cen-

No:2.It designed as two continuous blocks

ter and the open space is around.

with pitches roofs. In the option No:1, ıt

As opposed to the opinion 1 there

is designed one continuous block with


multiple pitched roofs.The roof and the

sign of the building facades as the

building Shell defines the outside pe-


rimeter of the project which is a shell

Facade systems continues al the way

like closed, protective side of the project.

to the roof as one continious Shell.


opposite approach where

courtyard.But approach






51 | 52

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