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Expressing identity  through consumerism

Shifting/ Fluid/ Changing/ Evolving

Fragmented identity/  Multiple identities

Pick n mix/ Bricolage

Use Maffesoli and  postmodern  concepts of identity  to explain the ‘rite of  passage’ extract from  This Is England


Play/ Trying on/  Experiment

Subject/ subjectivity

Identity is discovered;  it is not innate

Consider: acceptance; affirmation; togetherness; collectivity

Let’s try them on

Where’s the Doc Marten sign?

You’re looking good

What a transformation!

So am I in the gang  then? Honestly, have I really got to go?

Who are you?

Cheers for today. It’s been the best day of  my life.

ThisIsEngland and Identity  

Shifting/ Fluid/ Changing/ Evolving Expressing identity through consumerism Fragmented identity/ Multiple identities Pick n mix/ Bricolage T...

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