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start space


This June, we are hosting our first pop up exhibition showcasing the work of talented young people. We are a local group that nurtures the creativity of young people, hosting pop up shows and art fairs across London in hope to create a gateway to get new and raw talent noticed.

with fellow artists allowing people to share, discover and discuss their artwork. StARt space believes in providing a platform to support young creative talent. We are working towards facilitating sustainable opportunities and creating professional relationships between young people and the

The exhibition, Raw London celebrates creativity and fresh talent providing a platform for young artists to showcase their work in a professional context, which may often be for the first time. We aim to form a creative hub; an arts and community platform where you can share and upload work. We want to create a dialogue

creative industries in London. By providing a platform and showcasing the work of these young people at stART space we can give the opportunity for those who may not have the financial start up to get their work seen. We hope to develop this programme to help and give young artists a vital stepup into the creative industry.

‘Raw London’ exhibits work from young artists; the aim of the exhibition is to form and create a gateway to get new and raw talent noticed and begin to the formation of our young creative arts community and network. The exhibition features nine artists; Kate Ashton, Jade Blue, Elliot Fox, Jade Ellis, Conor Green, Lucy Houghton, Federica Landi, Lucy Sandana and Mac Scott. Providing a broad range of work, the artists were encouraged to showcase their talents and create work in any medium.



elliot fox ‘The Bridge’

Elliot is currently studying BA Fine Art Painting at Camberwell College of Arts. The majority of his work is made up of mixed media paintings which explore the use of collage, various paint mediums and print making. All of his work is auto-biographical and underpinned by a strong conceptual identity which is taken from his day to day experiences.



Federica Landi ‘Untitled’

Federica is a young Italian photographer currently based in London. Along with a BA in visual art from the Academy of Fine Art of Florence in 2009, she attended the American school ‘Santa Reparata International School of Art’ where she experimented and widened her knowledge of photography. Late 2009, Federica moved to London to attend a Master in fine art photography at London College of

Communication. To Federica, photography is a fundamental tool of investigation and revelation of identity and echoes of stories that are often not there anymore. In her works, subjective experiences merge with the environment, turning it into a world of affects and allegories. The work showcased at the exhibition, is based on writings about phenomenology of perception. 11


jade blue ‘3 ²’

Jade is a 20 year old student currently in her second year studying BA Photography at London College of Communication. Jade’s series aims to create a new perspective of the possibilities of digital in the photographic arts today. Her exploration and exploitation of digital focuses purely on the visual aesthetics, with minimal and distinctive compositions. Jade’s aim was

to explore the possibilities of digital technologies within her photographic practice. The final installation of the prints also reflect Jade’s interest in the form and geometric shapes visible in modern art. The title of the series ’3²‘ reflects the nature of the geometric element she was keen to portray with the sole focus being on the visual aesthetics; form, shape and line.




kate ashton ‘Like Francesca’

Kate has always admired the work of the awe inspiring Francesca Woodman; the sheer fact that her entire body of work and credibility is founded on only 120 images, astounds Kate. Her collection of images have been inspired by Woodman greatly, also to some extent from her own curiosity of how photographing such intimate and honest

dramatically. Kate left the images completely unedited, untouched and raw to further their honesty and to try and make each moment photographed more powerful in its own right. With this series, Kate wanted to say something about femininity, self exploration and beauty, not only to reflect on Woodman’s work, as it cover these ideas abundantly, but also images of someone can alter to strengthen her understanding the atmosphere of a scene so and perception of these things.

http:// 15


Conor Green ‘The Bird Race’

Conor is a 20 year old student studying BA Graphic Design at University of the Creative Arts. Conor aims to challenge the ideals behind graphic design, seeing himself as more of a conceptual designer. This allows Conor to not be restricted to the same medium or format, and often explores a variety of processes and methods

that take him out of his comfort zone and applies the right amount of pressure to help him find new and different ways to portray a message. Through this he has worked in fashion design, creative writing, pottery, sculpture, moving image, light manipulation and interactive installation with many other mediums in between.



Jade Ellis ‘Oxford Street’

Jade is a 20 year old student currently studying BA (hons) Photography and is in the second year of her degree at London College of Communication. Jade’s interest in street photography has inspired this particular project. She is keen to explore all aspects of this genre of photography and has been inspired by other artists including Gary Winogrand and Mark Cohen. When photographing ‘the street’ Jade focuses on exploring the relationship people have with their surrounding space and also the idea of a persons boundaries; challenging herself with the space and the people around her. These images were taking on 35mm, with black and white film. When photographing the street, Jade likes to leave some aspects of the photographs to chance, as she feels this is more exciting for the images and for herself. However, she wants to push the boundaries of the space and the people, and explore small details and moments which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. 19


Lucy Houghton ‘Excess’

Lucy Anne Houghton is currently a student at Hampstead school in North West London. Lucy is studying History, English Literature, Maths and Art A Levels. When Lucy finishes Year 13 she would like to go on to study either History of Art at University, or undertake an Art & Design Foundation course. Lucy also has a strong interest in Architecture which influences her artwork. For her submission to stART space, Lucy has made work around the

theme ‘Excess.’ Lucy began to immerse herself in the excess of architecture in our society and also the excess of her own personal opinion. An inspiration for this project was a recent Exhibition by David Hockney held at the Royal Academy which was based around his own personal take on his surrounding environment. To respond to this work, Lucy decided to draw her street and to make the work as bold as possible to exaggerate what she see’s everyday, and find beauty in the mundane. 21


lucy sadana ‘Youth: 21 till I die!’

Lucy Sadana is a 21 year old student from London, studying BA (hons) Advertising at London College of Communication. Lucy’s project ‘Precious Youth: 21 till I die!’ is about her fear of ageing and her youth dying. She preserves the objects in a perspex box which describe her youth. For Lucy she always longed to be older when she was younger; imagining herself wearing the clothes she wanted and dancing in nightclubs. Now she has reached 21, Lucy feels it has come so quickly and her youth seems to be

perspex box are those found on her bedroom floor after a night out. A high heeled show which had been worn to death on the dance floor, a torn pair of fishnet tights, the wine glass she was drinking before she went out, the mug she was drinking from when she got home, her signature eye bracelet which eventually broke and her makeup with the used makeup wipes. By doing this Lucy is freezing a moment in time; a moment she never wants to forget. Lucy feels that the perspex box creates a very intimate feel just like a

slipping away. For Lucy the notion of clubbing is an important aspect of being 21. The objects presented in the

photo album, which also holds a memory. She likes to think that this will take her back in time when she gets older. 23


mac scott

‘A Life In Pictrues’ Mac is a 19 student who is currently studying Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts. Mac works in an eclectic mixed media form, utilizing cropped black and white images of people, places and moments in history. Mostly focused on composition and placement, it follows a pathway, based on an idea or simple word or thought. ‘A life in pictures’ consists of a large photographic

35mm projector/viewer. The projector, similar looking to an old analog television holds a round carousel slide holder, which takes 80 separate 35mm slides. When in use the images appear on a front screen or instead are projected out the rear. The project was based on the author George Orwell, the projector was used in response to there being no moving images of Orwell in existence. 25 Facebook search ‘stART space’ @stART_space 26


stART space 2012


stART space - RAW LONDON  
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