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Vertebrates A magazine by class 5, group 2 of Casa Nostra School. 2012

Mammals are worm-blooded and have fur or body hair. They have live babies and feed their babies with milk. Mammals breathe with lungs. Dolphin, tiger,lion, monkey, squirrel, cat, dog, wolf, whale, gorila, rabbit, giraffe, chetahs...

Isaac Masgrau and LluĂ­s Sala

Fish are cold blooded , they have fins and scales . Fish lay eggs in the water and breathe with gills.

Trumpet fish


Clown fish Bullhead fish

Amphibians are cold-blooded. Amphibians have damp smooth skin. Amphibians lay eggs in water. Amphibians breathe with lungs and gills.




Lizard Marc Teixidor and Arnau Tubert

Birds are warm blooded Birds have feathers and wings they lay eggs on land and breathe with lungs.

Carlota, Laura i Ona

Reptiles are cold-blooded. Reptiles have dry skin and scales. Reptiles lay eggs on land. They breathe with lungs.

Hui-yan Patricia Carlos

vertebrates 2  
vertebrates 2  

class 5 group 2