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Wild Acres Lakes Property and Homeowners Association

Vol. 28 No. 3

July/August 2012

Results of the Annual Election Saturday, June 9, 2012 By Bob McCarthy, Chairman, Nominating Committee The 2012 Annual Election of the Board of Directors may be one for the books. When was the last time we saw so much politicking for votes? Thirteen candidates vying for seven open seats on the board! Proposed bylaw amendments to be voted on, or not! And, of course, what would an election in Wild Acres be like without someone or some people in the middle of the night littering our driveways with smut about our Board members/candidates past and present? On Wednesday evening June 6, 13 nominating committee members and volunteers and three board members met at the office to verify the mail-in ballots. Despite a few distractions, the committee verified 771 ballot envelopes that were received from members in good standing. On Saturday, June 9, 2012, 185 members entered the Clubhouse to vote in person for the proposed bylaw amendments. One hundred eighty three of those members actually voted for the proposed by law amendments. As reported on Election Day and in accordance with the provisions of Article 8.2 of the bylaws, none of the proposed changes passed. In addition to the mail in ballots, 85 members voted in person. Although the results for the open seats were close, Wendy Healy, Linda Clarke, Dimitry Kupershmidt, and Angela Wilson were elected to three-year terms. John Mascia, Andrei Junkevits, and Felix Rey were elected to two-year terms. In closing, I’m certain that most members of Wild Acres know that the entire election process is a difficult and time-consuming effort. Therefore, I would be remiss in not congratulating all office staff, public safety personnel and Board members who participated in this joint effort. Finally, I extend my sincerest appreciation to my nominating committee members and volunteers who gave up their personal time to ensure that the 2012 Annual Election would be a great success for all concerned. Congratulations and good luck to all Board members.

2012 Annual Meeting Results Board of Directors Election Wendy Healey ....................................................................... 406 Linda Clarke .......................................................................... 403 Dmitry Kupershmidt .............................................................. 401 Angela Wilson ....................................................................... 400 John Mascia ........................................................................... 398 Andrei Junkevits .................................................................... 392 Felix Rey ............................................................................... 387 Sofiya Takh ........................................................................... 384 Bernice Jala ........................................................................... 383 Bob Tracy .............................................................................. 380 Mayya Grinfeld ..................................................................... 376 Eileen Dellagiacoma .............................................................. 376 Myron Cowher....................................................................... 346

Bylaw Changes No changes to the bylaws were passed.

Thanks to You - Memorial Day Ceremony a Great Success! By Bernice Jala On behalf of the Beautification Committee, Co-Chairs Bernice Jala and Eileen Dellagicoma wish to thank all of those who participated in our Memorial Day Ceremony on May 26th. Thank you to Dingmans Ferry American Legion Troop 851 and Boy Scout Troop 174. We had great guest speakers: Alina Hans, Linda Clarke, Gary Connellis, Judge Steven McBride, Phil Scollo and Liz Forrest. John Wassmer, our DJ, Entertainer, Singer, donated his services for the ceremony as well as the picnic portion of the day’s events. We also would like to thank those who helped to make the entire day’s events a total success. Our recreation department, led by Dan Deets, our maintenance department led by Ed Said for all of their efforts to help our members enjoy a great day together. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Felix Rey for all his help with the classic car portion of the day. He has been doing this for a number of years and always does a great job. Robert Del Freo donated all the beautiful trophies for the classic cars. Thank you to our sponsors of the day: Arnold’s, Prime Time Meats, Luhr’s Hardware and the Forklift Cafe. These local businesses generously donated prizes for the day’s festivities. We especially wish to thank our members for being a part of this special event. Photos on page 3...

WALPOA R.R. 1, Box 500 Dingmans Ferry PA 18328

Stroudsburg, PA 18360 PERMIT NO. 439



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July/August 2012

Administration Message

Community Corner Happy Birthday June 15 – Lucas Pauley June 23 – Fernando Suarez July 5 – Anthony Marchesin July 7 – Susan Jaczko July 8 – Caitlyn Trabucco July 10 – Carl Will July 12 – Jamie Montague July 17 – Jessica Dorner July 19 – Erin Cielinski July 20 – Trevor Luna July 28 – Felix Rey July 30 – Jeff Nemeth August 1 – Joe Jala August 2 – Ali Fortino August 6 – Jeremy Jaczko

August 7 – Bob Cassimore August 15–– David Cielinski August 17 – Melissa Opalka August 20 – Samantha Dorner Happy Anniversary July 12 – Marguerite & Jeff Nemeth July 17 – Joe & Linny Luna Aug. 1 – Maureen & Fernando Suarez (25th)

Bernice and Joe Jala celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary with a dance at the Memorial Day picnic. Happy Anniversary Bernice and Joe!

By Ann Marie Miller Summer has arrived in Wild Acres, pools are hopping, kids are playing, walking, riding bikes, and skateboards. Please drive carefully. Public Safety has been cracking down on speeders and drivers running through the stop signs. All around the Community there are stop signs so please stop, especially around the pools and parks. Congratulations to the new Board members and to those who retained their seats. Your volunteerism is greatly appreciated. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the election process this year. Please remember to call in your guest; Public Safety is not responsible to call the resident about a guest that is waiting at the gate. Attention ATV Owners: Register with the Administration office. All ATV’s must have a WALPOA sticker and orange flag to ride in Wild Acres. Those who are registered already, please update your insurance and registration with the office to remain fine free. We would like to welcome all the new homeowners that have moved in over the last few months. I hope you received your welcome packet and if you have any questions do not hesitate to come to the office or give us a call at 828-7511. Recreation is up and running with the pools, Kids Camp, Teen Night, Movie Night, all kinds of activities to come. Please check out the calendar that is in the mailboxes and posted throughout the Community. There has recently been some vandalism around Wild Acres. Although Public Safety is actively pursing leads involving this matter, please do not hesitate to call them if you see any unusual activity. Thank you to the residents that have called and notified Public Safety of unusual activity; your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Maintenance will continue to fill pot holes on a priority basis. Please report the potholes to the office and please be patient they will be filled. The Community Yard Sale is set for July 28; please register in the office to sign up for your own home or to rent a table at the bus stop. Have a safe and happy summer!

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July/August 2012

Wild Acres World

Memorial Day Ceremony

Bernice Jala & DJ John Wassmer

Hawaiian Luau Saturday, August 4 7-11pm at Pool 2 $15 per person $7.50 children 12 & under Traditional Pig Roast & much more! BYOB Tickets must be purchased at the office no later than July 28 Boy Scout Troop # 174 Far upper right photo: Gary Connellis Photo to left of Gary: Linda Clarke

Flair Home Center 570-828-7312 Located across from Combined Energy Services and next to Failte’s Pub & Restaurant

Serving the community for 36 years At left: Ollie Simmons and Pete Phillipson

Plumbing • Electrical • Lumber Hardware • Stain • Housewares Tools • Gardening • Paint Flair Home Center



Phone 570-828-7312 Some exclusions apply. EXPIRES 12/31/2012



Wild Acres World

July/August 2012

Condolences go out to the Reich/McElrath/Glaster Family


Long-time resident of Wild Acres, John A. Reich, 91 (July 6, 1920 - June 21, 2012), passed away on June 21, 2012. He was a retired Executive for Employers Mutual Insurance Co., Wausau, WI. He attended Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Dingmans Ferry, PA and was a member of the Elk’s Lodge# 248 Wausau, WI, Masonic Lodge# 130 Wausau, WI, and the American Legion Post# 139 Milford, PA. He served in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and was a U.S. Navy WW II veteran. John was a father to Christine McElrath, father-in-law to Frank (Lou) McElrath, grandfather to Stacey Glaster and great-grandfather of Jasmine and Kendall, all of whom live in Wild Acres. John will be greatly missed but always remembered.

Dear Members, I would like to thank all of you who supported me in our recent election. While I did not procure a seat on the Board, I will continue to serve our community. I will continue to attend all committee meetings, board meetings and organizing all of the events as I have done over the past several years. Our community is very important to me and I will always want to be a part of whatever it takes to make Wild Acres the best it can be. Thank you again, Bernice Jala

2012/2013 Board of Directors

Saturday, August 25 10:00am Memorial Park

Floyd Lee - Chairman Felix Rey - President (Committees: Public Safety, Recreation) Wendy Healey - Vice President (Committees: Communications) Linda Clarke - Secretary (Committees: Beautification, Rules & Regulations) Vladimir Petrushin - Treasurer (Committees: Budget & Finance, Capital) Ed Banz (Committees: By Laws, Environmental) Andrei Junkevits Dmitry Kuperschmidt John Mascia Angela Wilson Nonna Yelan

570-828-7444 Cell: 570-872-3522 *Փ«ˆ˜}ÊUÊ,i«>ˆÀÊUÊ-i«ÌˆVÊ>˜>}i“i˜Ì

— EMERGENCY SERVICE — Johnny Bee Road, Dingmans Ferry

Siding, Roofing, Decks and Remodeling by Eric Serving Pike County and Northern NJ Call Eric for Free Estimate 646-996-6496 Email: PA# 090156

Annual Dog Show

No dog is too big or too small; love comes in all sizes! Every dog has his day and this is your dog’s day to show off. We will be judging your “best friend” in three base categories – best little, medium and large dog. Winners in these categories are not determined by breed or pedigree. The best from each category will compete for Best in Show. We will also have cutest trick. Your dog can enter this category even if he did not win in his or her category. All friendly dogs are welcome and all dogs must be leashed. Please bring water for your best friend (your dog that is). Bring chairs for your comfort as well. We will be having the Pike County Humane Society to give you advice about dog and cat adoption and how to keep your pet healthy and happy. We will be sharing our 50/50 with them. You do not have to sign up in advance; just bring your dog the day of the event. In case of rain this event will be held on Sunday, August 26th. If you have any questions please call Bernice at 828-6686.


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July/August 2012

Wild Acres World

Ask The Sensei

Important Phone Numbers

By Sensei Albert Casale Q: (Port Jervis) Dear Sensei, are there any real risks of body piercing? I am 19 yrs old and my parents are not in agreement of me accepting my boyfriend’s birthday gift, which are pieces of body piercing jewelry. A lot of my friends think it’s a cool way of selfexpression. What’s your advice? A: When you are a teenager, considering body piercing, it is difficult to see eye-to-eye on this subject with others who differ with their forms of self-expression. Are there body piercing risks? I think first you should consider some of the drawbacks before getting pierced. Can you tolerate pain? Some piercings can be pretty rough for a few weeks. Do you have the money to pay for the aftercare products? Will you commit to clean your piercing every day, twice a day? A must to avoid risks. Are you willing to face others (family, friends, grandparents, job interviews) who may stare at you and judge you? What are some of the risks of body piercing? • Infection. Can lead to scarring and blood poisoning. • Allergic reaction. Some people react with rashes, swelling, difficulty breathing. • Nerve Damage. Piercing can be pushed through a nerve, severing it and making the area permanently deadened to any feeling. • Excessive bleeding. Piercing can hit a large blood vessel, has to be cauterized not pretty. • Risk of Cross-Contamination. Improperly sterilized needles can be cross-contaminated by Hepatitis, the HIV virus and many other bloodborne pathogens. • Scar Tissue. Big toughened knots that look like cysts at the base of the piercing that form for no reason. • Can’t donate blood. You cannot donate blood for one year after getting pierced-no exceptions. • Dental Risks. There are many problems that can arise from oral piercing. Chipped teeth, worn tooth enamel. Damage to the gums and jaw line. Inhaling a loose piece of jewelry into the lungs, infection and swelling of the tongue and is very unpleasant. As a teenager, if they don’t ask for your I.D. or tell you to come back with a parent or guardian, LEAVE! It’s the law. Any studio that breaks or bends the rules will do the same to others. There are many rules that have to be followed for your protection. You can minimize the risks of body piercing if you follow your aftercare instructions and monitor your piercing carefully so you can enjoy your new body piercing completely.

Wild Acres Administration Office ........................ 570-828-7511 Wild Acres Public Safety (non-emergency) .......... 570-828-9052 Wild Acres Public Safety (EMERGENCY ONLY) ...... 570-828-9700 Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance ........... 570-828-2345 Delaware Township Fire Dept. ........................... 570-828-2223 Delaware Township Offices ............................... 570-828-2347 Dingmans Ferry Post Office ............................... 570-828-2812 Verizon .......................................................... 800-483-5000 Met Ed Electric ................................................ 800-545-7741 Penn American Water Co. ................................. 800-565-7292

Register your ATV If you’ve already registered your ATV, please bring in your new registration and insurance cards when the old ones expire. This way, we can make you an updated WALPOA registration card to carry while riding. If you have not yet registered your ATV, please stop by the office to fill out a WALPOA ATV registration form. Also, we will need your ATV registration card, insurance declaration page stating that you have Comprehensive AND Liability coverage, and insurance card. There is a one-time $25 fee. Thank you.



Wild Acres World

July/August 2012

Fun at Pool 2

Mia Pauley and Bella Foster share a juice box on a hot day

Dancing between dips in the pool

July/August 2012

Lifeguard John Latini keeps a watchful eye on a group of kids ready to jump into Pool 2.

Wild Acres World



Wild Acres World

July/August 2012

Recipe Corner With summer upon us, many of us think of salads. Here are some great ideas for side dishes or the main event. Ham Salad from Collette Miller 3 cups coarsely ground ham 2 hard cooked eggs, chopped 1/2 cup chopped celery 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup diced sweet pickle or relish 2 tsp. prepared mustard dash black pepper In medium bowl stir together all ingredients. Makes about 3 3/4 cups, enough for 6 sandwiches. Carol Raikakos shares her Hot Chicken Salad 1 1/2 cups cooked chicken 1 can (8oz.) pineapple tidbit 1/3 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup diced celery 1/4 cups chopped almonds 1/4 cup diced green pepper 3/4 teaspoon salt dash of pepper 1 can (8oz.) refrigerated crescent rolls 1 egg beaten Combine chicken, pineapple, mayonnaise, celery, almonds and green pepper. Add salt and pepper, toss lightly. Set aside. Separate crescent roll dough into eight triangles. On a greased sheet pan arrange the triangles in a circle with bases overlapping, narrow tips pointing outward (the open center should be about three inches in diameter). Top by spooning chicken salad in a ring around bases of triangles, packing firmly to insure right shape; then fold dough tips around the filling and tuck them under ring. Brush with beaten egg, bake at 350 twenty-five, until golden. Serve hot. It makes a savory main dish for four or a sizzling snack for eight.

Bernice Jala offers two cool and refreshing side dishes 3 cups carrots 1/2 cup raisins 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon brown sugar dash salt optional: 1 cup chopped apple, or well-drained crushed pineapple, or 1/2 cup chopped celery. It usually takes about 5 or 6 carrots to make 3 cups. Soak the raisins in a cereal bowl of warm water. After soaking them for a few minutes, drain them and squeeze them dry with your hand. In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine the shredded carrots, raisins, mayonnaise, lemon juice, sugar, one or more of the optional ingredients and salt. Mix it all up and chill it until serving time. Overnight Slaw 1 med head cabbage – shredded 1 med red onion – thinly sliced 1/2 cup chopped red pepper 1/2 cup chopped green pepper 1/2 cup sliced stuffed olives 1/2 cup white balsamic vinegar (or plain white vinegar) 1/2 cup oil 1/2 cup sugar 2 tsp. Dijon Mustard 1 tsp. each salt, celery seed and mustard seed In a 4 qt. bowl, combine the veggies and olives. In a saucepan, combine remaining ingredients; bring to a boil. Cook and stir for 1 minute. Pour over veggies and stir gently. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Mix well before serving. If any of our members have a special recipe they would like to place in Recipe Corner, please feel free to call Bernice at 828-6686 or drop it off at the office.

Classifieds BOAT FOR SALE - Walker Bay 8 Dinghy. Good condition. L8’3" x W52" x D21; Weight: 71 lbs.; Weight Capacity: 425 lbs. Call 973-216-4775.

HOUSE FOR RENT OR SALE BY OWNER - Wild Acres - 3 bedroom 2 full baths ranch house for long-term rent or sale. On a very private court, open ranch, cathedral ceilings, walk to the pool and lake, seasonal lake view, new carpet. Rent for $950.00/sale $95,000. 646-523-7990.

July/August 2012

Olympic Games With the Summer Olympic Games starting at the end of July, we thought you might enjoy some fun Summer Olympic facts... • •

• •

• • • •

This year, London is hosting the Summer Olympic Games. The Summer Olympic sports are archery, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, canoe / kayak, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, gymnastics, handball, judo, modern pentathlon (shooting, fencing, swimming, show jumping, and running), mountain biking, rowing, sailing, shooting, soccer, swimming, synchronized swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, track and field, triathlon (swimming, biking, running), volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, and wrestling. The early Olympic Games were celebrated as a religious festival from 776 B.C. until 393 A.D., when the games were banned for being a pagan festival (the Olympics celebrated the Greek god Zeus). In 1894, a French educator Baron Pierre de Coubertin, proposed a revival of the ancient tradition, and thus the modern-day Olympic Summer Games were born. The United States has won more medals (2,189) at the Summer Games than any other country. The five Olympic rings represent the five major regions of the world – Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceana, and every national flag in the world includes one of the five colors, which are (from left to right) blue, yellow, black, green, and red. Up until 1994 the Olympics were held every four years. Since then, the Winter and Summer games have alternated every two years. The first Olympics covered by U.S. television were the 1960 Summer Games in Rome by CBS. A record 202 countries participated in the 2004 Olympic Summer Games in Athens. Only four athletes have ever won medals at both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games: Eddie Eagan (United States), Jacob Tullin Thams (Norway), Christa Luding-Rothenburger (East Germany), and Clara Hughes (Canada). Larrisa Latynina, a gymnast from the former Soviet Union, finished her Summer Olympic Games career with 18 total medals—the most in history.

Wild Acres World


Beautification Announces

Annual Community Breakfast and Home & Garden Tour Saturday, July 14 Breakfast 9:00am to 11:00am $5 per person Prepared and served by our volunteers! French Toast, Eggs, Sausage, Fruit cup, Coffee, Tea and Juice

Home & Garden Tour 11:00am to 2:00pm $5 per person

Come to both events for only $9. Tickets will be sold at the Clubhouse on the day of the event July 14. Last tour tickets will be sold at 1:00pm. Sign up in advance at the office or call Bernice or Joe Jala at (570) 828-6686. (It isn’t necessary to sign up in advance, but it is helpful so we have an idea of how many people to expect.)

John Siegel Landscaping and Property Maintenance • Walkways • Stone Work • Patios • Planting • Retaining Walls • Maintenance

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July/August 2012

Thunderstorms and Lightning All thunderstorms are dangerous. Every thunderstorm produces lightning. In the United States, an average of 300 people are injured and 80 people are killed each year by lightning. Although most lightning victims survive, people struck by lightning often report a variety of long-term, debilitating symptoms. Other associated dangers of thunderstorms include tornadoes, strong winds, hail, and flash flooding. Flash flooding is responsible for more fatalities—more than 140 annually—than any other thunderstormassociated hazard. Dry thunderstorms that do not produce rain that reaches the ground are most prevalent in the western United States. Falling raindrops evaporate, but lightning can still reach the ground and can start wildfires. Facts About Thunderstorms • They may occur singly, in clusters, or in lines. • Some of the most severe occur when a single thunderstorm affects one location for an extended time. • Thunderstorms typically produce heavy rain for a brief period, anywhere from 3 0 minutes to an hour. • Warm, humid conditions are highly favorable for thunderstorm development. • About 10 percent of thunderstorms are classified as severe—one that produces hail at least three-quarters of an inch in diameter, has winds of 58 miles per hour or higher, or produces a tornado. Facts About Lightning • Lightning’s unpredictability increases the risk to individuals and property. • Lightning often strikes outside of heavy rain and may occur as far as 10 miles away from any rainfall. • “Heat lightning” is actually lightning from a thunderstorm too far away for thunder to be heard. However, the storm may be moving in your direction! • Most lightning deaths and injuries occur when people are caught outdoors in the summer months during the afternoon and evening. • Your chances of being struck by lightning are estimated to be 1 in 600,000, but could be reduced even further by following safety precautions. • Lightning strike victims carry no electrical charge and should be attended to immediately Know Your Thunderstorms and Lightning Terms Familiarize yourself with these terms to help identify a thunderstorm hazard: • Severe Thunderstorm Watch - Tells you when and where severe thunderstorms are likely to occur. Watch the sky and stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, or television for information. • Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Issued when severe weather has been reported by spotters or indicated by radar. Warnings indicate imminent danger to life and property to those in the path of the storm What to Do Before a Thunderstorm To prepare for a thunderstorm, you should do the following: • Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall and cause injury or damage during a severe thunderstorm. • “If thunder roars, go indoors” because no place outside is safe when lightning is in the area. We want everyone to stay indoors until 30 minutes have passed after they hear the last clap of thunder. Summary of Lightning Safety Tips for Inside the Home • Avoid contact with corded phones • Avoid contact with electrical equipment or cords. If you plan to unplug any electronic equipment, do so well before the storm arrives. • Avoid contact with plumbing. Do not wash your hands, do not take a shower, do not wash dishes, and do not do laundry. • Stay away from windows and doors, and stay off porches. • Do not lie on concrete floors and do not lean against concrete walls. Guidelines for what you should do if a thunderstorm is likely in your area: • Postpone outdoor activities.

• • • • • •

Get inside a home, building, or hard top automobile (not a convertible). Although you may be injured if lightning strikes your car, you are much safer inside a vehicle than outside. Remember, rubber-soled shoes and rubber tires provide NO protection from lightning. However, the steel frame of a hard-topped vehicle provides increased protection if you are not touching metal. Secure outdoor objects that could blow away or cause damage. Shutter windows and secure outside doors. If shutters are not available, close window blinds, shades, or curtains. Avoid showering or bathing. Plumbing and bathroom fixtures can conduct electricity. Use a corded telephone only for emergencies. Cordless and cellular telephones are safe to use. Unplug appliances and other electrical items such as computers and turn off air conditioners. Power surges from lightning can cause serious damage. Use your battery-operated NOAA Weather Radio for updates from local officials.

Avoid the following: • Natural lightning rods such as a tall, isolated tree in an open area. • Hilltops, open fields, the beach, or a boat on the water. • Isolated sheds or other small structures in open areas. • Anything metal—tractors, farm equipment, motorcycles, golf carts, golf clubs, and bicycles What to Do During a Thunderstorm If you are: Then: In a forest Seek shelter in a low area under a thick growth of small trees. In an open area Go to a low place such as a ravine or valley. Be alert for flash floods. On open water Get to land and find shelter immediately. Anywhere you feel your hair stand on end (which indicates that lightning is about to strike): Squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet. Place your hands over your ears and your head between your knees. Make yourself the smallest target possible and minimize contact with the ground. DO NOT lie flat. What to Do After a Thunderstorm Call 9-1-1 for medical assistance as soon as possible. The following are things you should check when you attempt to give aid to a victim of lightning: • Breathing - if breathing has stopped, begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. • Heartbeat - if the heart has stopped, administer CPR. • Pulse - if the victim has a pulse and is breathing, look for other possible injuries. Check for burns where the lightning entered and left the body. Also be alert for nervous system damage, broken bones, and loss of hearing and eyesight. Information acquired from

Do Not Feed Wild Animals Why? Primarily, because you can create an unnatural dependency on your part for their supply of food. If that is interrupted, they can be in trouble. If it is a bear you can be in trouble. Once a bear learns food is available at a certain location he/she will aggressively pursue it. If it is not at the usual site, they have been documented, having destroyed screened porches trying to find where “their” food is. Encouraging them to eat from your hand (or even close to you) is like playing Russian roulette. You have no way of knowing what noise or scent or action will cause a bear to feel threatened and react violently. Can you or your child out-wrestle 400 pounds of bear with 2” claws? Think about it. Wild animals are just that - wild - and should be observed from a respectable distance. If you put food out to attract birds, it is best to find a way to hang the feeder at least six feet in the air to prevent the bears from taking it.

July/August 2012

Wild Acres Community-Wide Yard Sale Park Road Dingmans Ferry

Saturday, July 28 9:00am-4:00pm At your house or at the Wild Acres Bus Stop (Tables are available to rent at $10 each) Must reserve by: Wednesday, July 25 Sign up at the office either way, so your address can be added to the list. The list of addresses will be available the day of the sale at the front gate.

Wild Acres World



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