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Pocono Springs Civic Association

Fall 2011

PSCA Election Results

President’s Message

The two open Board seats have gone to Edward Geisler and Jason Trabalka. Congratulations to both of these Board members. Our special thanks to Pete Zunno for all he has done for Pocono Springs while serving as Vice President on the Board of Directors. Committee liaisons will be decided and we will need volunteers. Please think about volunteering for your community.

By Mary Ann Arciprete My job as president has been made effortless this year through the hard work of our dedicated staff and the many individuals who volunteer on the various committees. Administration, maintenance and security departments under the supervision of our General Manager, Bud Fallon, keep Pocono Springs one of the finest communities in the Poconos. During the past year some of PSCA’s accomplishments have been: filling pot-holes, repairing the bridge at the Dam, painting the guard houses, paving roads, replacing the canopy on the Island, replacing the pool pump, the purchase of an events grill and the list goes on. The Pocono Springs Newsletter has been reinstituted and is being mailed out on a regular basis. At the present time, a new gate card entry system is being installed at both gates. No longer will we have to get soaking wet on rainy days while trying to open the gate. Our gate cards will be replaced by “fobs,” which are small key-like objects that attach to your key ring. Just hit the button from inside the vehicle and the gate will open. Our finances are in excellent order. Monies are still coming in from dues and the bills are being paid on time. We have $ 538,821 in reserves. Thanks to the great job our Board is doing, I can honestly say, “Pocono Springs is the best kept secret in the Poconos!”

The new officers of the PSCA Board of Directors for 2011/2012 are as follows: Mary Ann Arciprete – President Edward Geisler – Vice President Elizabeth Knapp – Treasurer Robert England – Secretary

New Entry Gate System The new entry gate system will be up and running soon. Watch your TV and flyers at the gates for more information.

Recreation - Upcoming Events SPEED LIMIT


Halloween Party The speed limit on ALL Pocono Springs roads is 25 MPH, except where otherwise posted.

Come if you dare to the Pocono Springs Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29th, beginning at 6:00pm. A ghoulish dinner will be served at the clubhouse. There will be a witches brew or you can bring your own favorite brew. Costumes are welcome but not required. No reservations are needed and the party will not cost you anything. Families are welcome. There will be a costume contest with a prize for individual costume and another prize for a group costume. Come enjoy a frightfully good evening!

Trunk or Treat Trunk or Treat with us at the clubhouse on Monday, October 31st, beginning at 5:30pm. We will parade from vehicle to vehicle to collect candy. Afterward we will have cookies and witches brew in the clubhouse. There will be a contest for the best decorated trunk or vehicle. Judges will be trunk or treating. If you are trunk or treating, wear a costume! If you are being the trunk please bring candy to share with all the trunk or treaters.

Harvest Dinner Please join us for the Harvest Dinner on Saturday, November 12th, beginning at 6:00pm. We will have a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The cost will be $7.00 per person with everyone 10 and under free of charge. Reservations are required by Thursday, November 10th, and can be made by calling the office at 570-676-9529. Please come and enjoy dinner with friends and neighbors in your Pocono Springs community. Watch the website (, flyers, and bulletin boards for new activities in December. There will be events for young and old alike in December.

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Fall 2011

Pocono Springs News

General Manager’s Message

Getting Healthy in Pocono Springs

By Bud Fallon As I am writing this, our maintenance department is cleaning up from the recent storm. We had many trees come down across roads and unfortunately on some cars and homes. If you have been watching the news, you realize how lucky we were in terms of storm damage. Patrol has been driving around since the storm and alerting property owners of any damage that they have spotted. We will be upgrading our gate system this fall. Instead of gate cards, everyone will have a key fob that corresponds with the sticker currently on the vehicle. Our annual meeting was held on September 24, 2011 at 1:00 PM at the Clubhouse. All members in good standing were welcome. I hope everyone has a safe winter season.

By Elaine McMahon Pocono Springs is a great place for getting summer or winter. There are so many great activities here and being active burns calories, tones muscles, strengthens the heart and generally helps to keep the body healthy. Eating right also helps, but that is another article. Body weight determines the number of calories burned during any activity. Heavier bodies burn more calories per hour than lighter bodies. The following list of activities and calories burned per hour is based on a body weighing of 155 pounds. All of the following activities are available in Pocono Springs!

Tree Removal and Trimming Planting and Fertilization Diagnosis of Pesticide and Disease Lot Clearing and Cleanup Excavating and more...

One hour of: Basketball—317-563 calories Kayaking—352 calories (gentle pace) Bird watching—176 calories Mowing grass—176 calories (riding mower) Mowing grass—387 calories (walking/power mower) Paddleboat—281 calories (gentle pace) Rowing—211-844 calories (depending on speed) Running—563-1267 calories (5 mph-10.9 mph) Cross Country Skiing—493-1161 calories (flat land to hills) Shoveling snow—422 calories Cycling—422-844 calories (depending on speed) Sledding—493 calories Handball—844 calories Baseball—352 calories Fishing—211 calories Swimming—493-704 calories (depending on stroke and speed) Ice fishing—141 calories Walking—176-563 calories (2 mph-5 mph) Frisbee—211-563 calories

(570) 842-2586 (570) 702-2015 Emergency Service

And for those of you who are not really into all this activity, you can burn 211 calories per hour just loading and unloading your car. So load the car with good foods, come on up and get started getting healthy. See you walking around the lake!!

Pocono Springs News

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Board; My husband George and I will be unable to attend this year’s annual meeting because of out-of-town visitors. We always try to attend to show our thanks and support. Everyone who visits Pocono Sprigs is in awe of its beauty. Thanks to our maintenance, security and office workers - all of you - for allowing us to live in paradise. Sincerely, Eileen Sullivan

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Pocono Springs News Official publication of the Pocono Springs Civic Association RR 1, Box 104, Newfoundland PA 18445 (570) 676-9259 •

Editor ............................................................ Mary Ann Arciprete Associate Editor .......................................................... Jack Holder Staff ...................... Bonnie Holder, Elaine Mc Mahon, Carol Swetz, Sarah Flood-Johnson, Frank J. Kopyta Office Liasion .......................................................... Alice Pinnock Security Liasion ........................................................ Captain Bob ADVERTISING INFORMATION:

Community Newspaper Publishers, Inc. 4 Phyllis Ct, Stroudsburg PA 18360 TEL 570.476.3103 • The Pocono Springs News, Pocono Springs Civic Association and Community Newspaper Publishers, Inc. disclaim any liability for any advertisements published herein and in no way endorse or guarantee these ads. They also reserve the right to reject any ads submitted.

BINGO! Bingo has been held every week this summer and will continue to meet every Friday evening at 7:00pm through the fall. Everyone is welcome to play; however, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Thank you to all who have assisted with Bingo, especially to all the bakers we have who supply our dessert for snack. We look forward to seeing everyone this fall.

Pocono Springs News


Fall 2011


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Calm after the storm The day after hurricane Irene went through Pocono Springs some residents were without power, some had water in the crawl space, a few branches and trees down, but little to no real property damage. We were very lucky.

One of our local residents looking for lunch

Pocono Springs News


Fall 2011

Checker Aerobus Completes Cross-Country Run from San Francisco to New York City Pocono Springs resident, George Laszlo, arrived home on August 24th, completing a successful cross-country journey with his newly purchased 1973 Checker Aerobus. Accompanied by his nephew, Patrick Sullivan, the team traveled close to 7,000 miles from coast to coast. Rather than drive straight across the USA, George and Patrick zigzagged through 19 states to take in sites such as San Francisco, Muir Woods, Shasta Dam, Portland Oregon, Seattle, Yellowstone Park, the Grand Tetons, Salt Lake City, Vail Colorado, Pike’s Peak, Bent’s Fort Kansas, Hannibal Missouri, Ames Iowa, Chicago, Kalamazoo Michigan, and Pittsburgh. On August 26th, the pair finished the trip by driving through Times Square in Manhattan. With the Aerobus now parked at Laszlo’s house here in the Poconos, neighbors have been stopping by to admire the car. “The reaction of our neighbors to this car is pretty much the same as we experienced during our trip” said Laszlo. “They all think that it’s awesome and can’t believe that such a car was a normal production’vehicle. Of course, everybody wants to know how many miles it gets to the gallon. For the record, it’s somewhere between 12 to 15 mpg depending on road conditions.” Of course, people don’t just want to look at the Aerobus but also get a ride in it. As promised in the last Pocono Springs News, Laszlo has been taking people around Crystal Lake since arriving home. Thinking back on the trip and these rides, Laszlo says “the most satisfying thing for me is seeing how the car brings smiles to everyone’s face. The reactions are truly priceless.” Anyone who is interested can read about the trip and see photos on The Viral Road web site. It can be found at For now, a day by day bulletin is available and includes photos of places visited on each day of the 50-day journey. Photo galleries are also available for Oregon and Colorado. Laszlo intends to post photos for all the other states and some videos as well over the coming weeks. So, visit the site every few days to see what’s new.

OWL Committee Annual Report Adopt-a-Highway — Committee members and volunteers picked up litter along our designated area and our back roads in May. More than 50 bags were filled. We hope to have another pickup before hunting season begins. Septic Tank Cleaning — For the past several years we we’ve had a discounted agreement with Koberlein. This year 17 homeowners participated in the program. Next year we will sponsor a well water and radon testing program. Applications will be available in the spring. Pocono Wildlife Rehab Center — Kathy and Eric Uhler were here over the 4th of July weekend with some of their favorite animals. Over 150 people attended the program. PPL Northeast/Pocono Reliability Project — Chairman Make Sexton has been attending PPL’s public meetings regarding the construction of new power lines, towers and substations in the North Pocono area. At the last meeting, he was told that one potential location would be close to us but not on our property. I would like to thank the following members for volunteering their time: Mike Sexton, Chairman; Erika Geisler; Allie Geisler (junior member); Harry Hedglin; Rob Kakareka; Frank Kopyta; Alice McAfee; Marge Nawrocki and Larry Tobin. Also other members of the community who pick up trash along our roads. Respectfully submitted, Elizabeth Knapp, Liaison

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Pocono Springs neighbors Sarah Lessing, Heather Lessing, JR Alfieri, Donny Lessing and Becca Dransfield with the Aerobus before their ride around Crystal Lake

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Fall 2011

Pocono Springs News

Pocono Springs Civic Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - July 16, 2011 The regular scheduled monthly meeting of the Pocono Springs Civic Association was called to order by Mary Ann Arciprete on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 9:00 AM at the clubhouse. ROLL CALL — Present: Mary Ann Arciprete, President; Peter Zunno, Vice President; Elizabeth Knapp, Treasurer; Robert England, Secretary; Daniel Galatro, Director; Edward Geisler, Director; Carol Swetz, Director and William Fallon, General Manager. APPROVAL OF MINUTES — Mary Ann Arciprete called for any additions or corrections to the minutes of Saturday, June 25, 2011. Edward Geisler made one correction. It is as follows: In regards to the arrests with the quad thefts, they did not steal 32 quads, it was 28. The charges against them total 32. Being no additions or additional corrections, the minutes of June 25, 2011 are accepted as written. Daniel Galatro makes a motion to accept the minutes. Carol Swetz seconds the motion. All in favor. The official minutes are on file in the Pocono Springs Civic Association Office.

GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT • We sent a check in the amount of $150 to the Gouldsboro Volunteer Fire Company for their annual picnic. • The pool was inspected and everything checked out well. • Our geese permit has been approved. • Water aerobics and swim lessons have been well attended. P.S.C.A. SECURITY REPORT — Several state agencies were on property for various reasons. Eleven letters were sent out to property owners whose recreational vehicle insurance has expired. Sixty seven letters were sent out for lot maintenance. Patrol spotchecked several homes. The Game Commission was called in regards to a bear. NEW BUSINESS • Daniel Galatro - Talked to the Maintenance Supervisor about the large sign at the back gate. He will be making some repairs to it. • Carol Swetz - The kitchen was closed when many people were looking to buy lunch. They did not show until about 2:30. Can we post a sign when they are going to be late? Response: Yes we can. • Peter Zunno - After Labor Day, we will have key fobs for entry. It will have buttons for the front and rear gate. We are allotting two per household or lot. Any additional key fobs will be $20. We will use the same stickers in use now.

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COMMITTEE REPORTS • O.W.L. – We had 137 people attend the Wild Life Program. She has another program that teaches people about living with animals. There was no meeting this month. • Recreation – A family BBQ will be held on August 20th. The pool will be open. The pool will close at 5pm to set up for the BBQ. • Security – Daniel Galatro has four people for the committee. They are as follows: Jason Trabalka, Harry Hedglin, Joseph Slowik, Larry Colin and Karen Shirhall. Carol Swetz makes a motion to accept the new members. Elizabeth Knapp seconds the motion.

(570) 698-6672

ADJOURNMENT A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Peter Zunno; seconded by Edward Geisler.

TREASURER’S REPORT — Our cash balance at the beginning of the month was $1,597,599.09. Income this month totaled $93,764.50. Dues were collected this month in the amount of $88,602.91. Our expenses totaled $128,960.87. Our cash balance at the end of the month was $1,562,402.72.

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Respectfully Submitted, Robert England Secretary

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Pocono Springs News


Fall 2011

Fish Club Report

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Fishing Club Has Busy Summer The Pocono Springs Fishing Club has had a busy summer. We thank everyone for their support and participation this summer. In April the fish stocking was well attended and we had beautiful weather to add the fish to the lake. The opening day of trout was raining but that did not stop the avid fishers. The Opening Day of Trout contest winner was Carl Pacholec. Second place was Calvin Pacholec and third place was Derrick Giese. As soon as the opening day contest ended the season long contest opened and will run through Labor Day until 6:00 pm. On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we had the first of three Kid’s Fishing Contests. We had 28 kids participate. First Place was Grace Hamilton with a Bass that weighed just over 2 pounds. Second was Dillon Archangel and third place went to Michael Griffin. The Opening day of bass brought our anglers back to the waters. First Place went to Alex Baraovsky. Second place went to Carl Pacholec and third place was a 3 way tie between Serge Baraovsky, Jason Kummerer and Robert Ciardullo. In June we had the Fisherman’s social to share our fish stories with anyone who was willing to listen. The evening at the clubhouse was well attended and the food was good. Thanks to everyone for their support. Next was the July kids fishing contest with 36 participating. First place went to Christine Federico, Second to Gina Marie Pettigano and third place went to Grace Hamilton. What happened to the boys this Saturday? The Pickerel contest saw many familiar faces. First place went to Carl Pacholec, second place to Jason Kummerer and third place to Rich Lippman. Many thanks to Elray Karagoz, for sponsoring a bass fishing contest on Saturday August 21st. We had 24 participants and the grand prize winners were Derrick Giese and Carl Pacholec. On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend we had the third kids fishing contest. 23 kids were fishing this nice day. First place went to Jacob Golden with a bass. Second place went to Grace Hamilton with a Perch and third place went to Jake Millet with a Sunny. Thanks to all the kids who participated this summer in the contests. On Saturday we also had the fish fry. The weather was nice and the crowd was steady. The fish was tasty and the fish fry was a good way to wrap up the summer and look forward to good fall fishing. Hope everyone had a nice summer and has a fall full of fishing.

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Community newspaper, Pocono Springs POA, Newfoundland PA

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