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Pocono Springs Civic Association

Spring 2012

What’s Happening in Recreation? 2012/2013 Budget Report By Karen Lesmeister

Our next event will be an Italian Dinner on Saturday February 18th. We will have an all you can eat spaghetti Dinner with Sausage and Meatballs, Salad, Bread and dessert for $8.00 per person – 10 and under free. Dinner will start at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse. BYOB. We hope everyone will come out for the hot meal on a cold evening and a chance to see others here in Pocono Springs. Please call the office at 570-676-9259 by Thursday February 16th to make reservations. Sweatshirts and T-shirts will be for sale. •

Kids of all ages come to party with the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny will be at the clubhouse on Saturday March 24th from 1:00-3:00 pm. We will decorate eggs, make a basket, and have a snack. Have your picture taken with the Easter Bunny. The cost is $4.00 per child. Please make your reservations by calling the office at 570-676-9259 no later than March 22nd.

Stroudsburg, PA 18360 PERMIT NO. 418


Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with us on Saturday March 17th. There will be a traditional corn beef and cabbage dinner, potatoes, and dessert for $8.00 per person – 10 and under free. Dinner will start at 6:00 pm at the clubhouse. BYOB. There will be activities after dinner. Please make your reservations early – no later than March 15th by calling the office at 570-676-9259. Feel free to wear Green that night. Maybe a Leprechaun will even visit.

POCONO SPRINGS CIVIC ASSOC. 331 South Turnpike Road Newfoundland PA 18445

By Elizabeth Knapp The Budget Committee and the General Manager Bud Fallon, met to prepare a budget for the coming year 2012/2013. Due to the present economic conditions, it was agreed that a freeze would be put on spending. While some line items, such as insurance premiums and fuel expenses continue to rise, we were able to present a workable budget to the Board of Directors. The budget consists of $1,787,060 in income, operating expenses $1,290,700 and capital expenses $496,360. There will still be an early payment discount of $10, credit card use fee of $8.00 and insufficient funds fee of $50.00. There is a two-payment plan available for those who would like to use it. Included in the capital budget is continuing maintenance of our roads, a new replacement security vehicle, carpeting for the office and adding money to reserves. The Board approved the new budget and we are happy to announce there will not be an increase in dues this year.



The speed limit on ALL Pocono Springs roads is 25 MPH, except where otherwise posted.

One of our forest friends here in Pocono Springs


Spring 2012

President’s Message By Mary Ann Arciprete I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. As we now approach the beginning of another year may only good things be ahead for us as a community. We start with the fact that there will be no increase in the PSCA dues. Realizing the condition of our economy, your Board of Directors acted accordingly when approving the budget. Things around us always seem to stay the same while at the same time are ever changing. Roads are paved, dumpsters emptied, buildings painted, the dam inspected, the pool made ready for the winter, salt and anti-skid has been ordered and delivered and trucks are dressed with their plows. I have high-lighted a few tasks which keep our maintenance staff busy on a daily basis. I hope everyone is enjoying their “fobs” as much as I am. Just remember when going through the back gate be aware of the vehicle leaving the guest window. If you have not picked up your key “fob” yet, you can do so at the front gate between the hours of 7:00 am and 11:00 pm. PSCA is very fortunate to have an active recreation committee. Look at the bulletin boards at the entry gates for upcoming events. As always if you have a question you can reach me at Stay warm and I hope to see you at one of our monthly Board meetings.

Pocono Springs News

PSCA Children’s Halloween Party

General Manager’s Message By William “Bud” Fallon As I look outside, it is hard to believe that it is actually January. There is no snow to be seen. It has been a mild winter so far and we have had temperatures in the 40’s. If we can make it through February and March, it won’t be too bad. The office is preparing the billing that will be going out in early February. The dues amounts have remained the same. You have $685 for a home and $490 for a lot. We have the early pay discount in the amount of $10, if dues are paid by March 15, 2012. We have pay plans available if anyone should need them. We have key fobs available at the front gate. The key fobs are replacing the gate cards we currently use. Just remember spring is right around the corner! I would like to wish everyone a Happy and healthy New Year.

Pocono Springs News Official publication of the Pocono Springs Civic Association 331 South Turnpike Rd, Newfoundland PA 18445 (570) 676-9259 •

Editor ............................................................ Mary Ann Arciprete Associate Editor .......................................................... Jack Holder Staff ....................... Bonnie Holder, Elaine Mc Mahon, Carol Swetz Office Liasion .......................................................... Alice Pinnock Security Liasion ........................................................ Captain Bob


Community Newspaper Publishers, Inc. 237 Phyllis Ct, Stroudsburg PA 18360 TEL 570.476.3103 • The Pocono Springs News, Pocono Springs Civic Association and Community Newspaper Publishers, Inc. disclaim any liability for any advertisements published herein and in no way endorse or guarantee these ads. They also reserve the right to reject any ads submitted.

Seniors enjoying dinner out

Please, Do Not Feed the Wildlife If you think you are doing animals a favor by feeding them, think again. Attracting animals with food can be hazardous to your health. Too many people think they are doing the right thing. In the long run everyone suffers. When you feed deer in essence you are encouraging them to stop foraging for food.

Pocono Springs News


Spring 2012

P.S.C.A. Security By Capt. Robert Nurnberger Speeding continues to be a problem. I would like to remind all property owners that the speed limit on our roads is 25mph, unless otherwise posted. This past year we have had many citations issued for speeding. Many of the citations issued, have been for speeds of 40mph or more which carries a fine of $100. Whether it is a guest or contractor, the property owner is ultimately responsible for the fine, if it is not paid. We ask that you please watch your speed and advise your guests and contractors to please obey the speed limit and stop signs as well. Several people have been fined for not stopping at a stop sign. Be advised that if you have citations that have not been paid, your key fob / gate card has been deactivated. You have 30 days to pay a fine. If you would like to appeal a citation, it must be paid in order for an appeal to be scheduled with the Hearing Board.

Local Fire Company Activities Greene Dreher Fire Company Breakfast Buffet - First Sunday of every month (except July) from 9:00am-12:30pm. All you can eat for $6; children $3; children 3 and under are free.


(570) 842-9988 Office Ext. 408 (570) 842-4273 Home Office (570) 499-6231 Cell


253 State Route 435, Suite 5 S&H Plaza Clifton Township, PA 18424

Offices throughout Northeastern PA

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Gouldsboro Fire Company Third Annual Ice Fishing Tournament - Sunday February 12, 2012 Registration begins at 7:00 AM; shotgun start at 8:00 AM; tournament ends at 1 PM Cash Prizes for 1st & 2nd bass, 1st & 2nd panfish and 1st other fish. Raffles for Fishing Equipment Prizes, gift certificates & more 50/50 Raffle Dinner to follow the tournament at the firehouse Registration Fee: $30/person and $60/team in advance. Day of event the registration is $35/person and $70/team. Call 570-842-2663 for more information or to register. Good Friday Fish Dinner - Friday April 6, 2012, 4-7 PM Menu includes: Breaded fried haddock, french fries, homemade macaroni & cheese, vegetable, beverage & dessert. Takeouts available.

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All You Can Eat Breakfast - Saturday April 14, 2012, 6-11 AM Menu includes: eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries, pancakes, toast, coffee, juice.



PSCA Fee Schedule PERMIT FEES Paint permit .............................................. $5 Tree permit ............................................... $5 Accessory Building ................................ $10 Deck permit ............................................ $10 Extension permit .................................... $50 Garage permit ......................................... $50 Well permit ........................................... $100



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Spring 2012

Christmas Eve in the Polish Tradition (Wieczerza Wigilijna) By Carol and Tom Swetz Christmas Eve starts when the first star appears, so we begin dinner at 5:30-6 p.m. The evening begins with the lighting of the candle, a prayer and the sharing of the oplatek, which is a white unleavened wafer imprinted with nativity motifs. The eldest, which could be the parent or the eldest sibling, breaks off a piece and shares it with each member starting with the oldest wishing good health, a wonderful and successful year ahead. The meal begins with a slice of homemade babka (bread) with a piece of garlic to ward off evil. The meal, which is meatless, continues with homemade borscht, which is made up of beets, potatoes, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs and sour cream. At one point in time, the soup was placed in the middle of the table in a large bowl and everyone ate from the bowl with their spoon, and it was a test to see who had the cleanest place setting. Tradition changed as new members came into the family and we now all use individual bowls. However, for those who do not eat the borscht, they have to wait for the next part of the meal until all have finished. We used to serve each part of the meal and wait for the next; but our young people cannot wait for their favorite part of the meal, which is the flounder, breaded and fried until golden, and pirogues with butter and onion. Lima beans (which no one seems to know when or why they became a part of this meal) and sauerkraut are also served. Dessert is made up of poppy seed, nut and prune logs and nut horns. Over the years all sorts of desserts are brought by other family and friends. After the meal gifts are opened. It is a the most important holiday for family as parents, children, their spouses, brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, with their significant others, gather for Polish Christmas Eve. In speaking with other Polish families, the foods may be different but the tradition seems the same. There is nothing like tradition and the younger generation promises to continue.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May you be in Heaven a half hour before the devil knows you are dead. May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

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Pocono Springs News

Christmas Parties By Karen Lesmeister We had two Christmas parties at Pocono Springs – one children’s party with Santa and a Christmas dinner in the evening. In addition to visiting with Santa the children decorated stockings and made a snowman candy cane holder. Ice cream was a hit too. In the evening we had a Christmas dinner and an interesting version of the 12 days of Christmas as well as other games. We hope to have more fun with everyone in 2012.

Pocono Springs News


Spring 2012

Keeping Busy in and Around Pocono Springs By Elaine McMahon After retiring from public school teaching in New York state, my husband and I moved to Pocono Springs. Our New York friends all came to visit to see our “lake house” and each in turn asked, “what do you DO here?” My first response was always, “anything we want.” Given time to think, activities here in Pocono Springs came to mind first. Clubhouse activities enabled us to meet our neighbors, many of whom became friends. There has always been an active Recreation Committee and the many members have worked countless hours to organize great activities and wonderful dinners. The Fishing Club also hosts summer dinners and fishing contests. Paddling around the lake with my camera in hand has given me many hours of pleasure and as many beautiful photographs. Sitting in the living room watching local wildlife, which includes deer, turkeys, eagles, minks, otters, beavers and bear, is another of my favorite pastimes. Sometimes our evenings are spent with friends having a meal, drinking a little wine and playing Dominos or Rummy-O. The Gouldsboro Area Foundation renovated the local train station and is always looking for new members and volunteers. They provide activities like 2 day wine trips and golf outings to raise money for their projects. Outside Pocono Springs and the Gouldsboro area there are many things to do as well. Local school districts offer free or low cost classes. For example, we enjoyed Local History classes given by Wallenpaupak and learned a lot tool. Computer courses are always available. I took some dealing with computers and photography...great! If classes are not for you, there are many performance possibilities in the area...Scranton Cultural Center offers a full line of Broadway type shows and many other concerts, lectures and productions of every kind. Some Pocono Springs residents volunteer as ushers at the Cultural Center and take advantage of the many shows and perform a much needed service to the Cultural Center. Other performance venues in Scranton are also available. Montage Mountain has the Toyota Pavilion which hosts concerts of all kinds and the Yankee AAA Farm Club plays there. The University of Scranton offers free concerts frequently and their performances are top notch. We try to attend as many as we can and enjoy them all. These performances are held in the McLean-Houlihan Center which is a beautiful old church, now a part of the University. The Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre is still another great theater. It is an original Art Deco Theater and has a full season of theater productions and concerts. We have attended several performances there and loved them. Local charities are always in need of help. Volunteers are welcome in schools, churches, hospitals and nursing homes. Food pantries and clothes closets need contributions and help to administer them. Within our own community people who live alone or are ill need help or company. A short visit could brighten their day at no cost to us. Carrying in a meal or a tray of baked goods would surely be appreciated. In addition, there are museums, galleries, parks, historic sites and restaurants of all kinds. If you ask other residents of Pocono Springs what they do here, they would probably provide even more possibilities. Keeping busy in and around Pocono Springs is not a problem for us...having time to do everything is the problem... We enjoy our community and surrounding area because we are involved!!!

Fish Club 2012 By Karen Lesmeister Season Long Contest Winners - The fishing club is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 season-long contest. We thank everyone who participated and hope everyone will consider participating in the 2012 contest. Senior First Second Third

Bass Jason Kummerer Jason McCauley Carl Pacholec

Pickerel Jason Kummerer Carl Pacholec Robert Ciardullo

Trout Carl Pacholec Derrick Giese Alex Baranovsky

Junior First Second Third

Bass Jacob Golden Jason Kummerer Jr. Zach Taylor

Pickerel Jacob Golden Brooke Collins Nick Karagoz

Trout none submitted none submitted none submitted

Fishing Club Upcoming Activities The fishing club is excited to start 2012 and is looking forward to a great year of fishing. Our next meeting will be Saturday February 4th at 1:00 pm at the office. Everyone is invited to the fish stocking on Saturday, April 7th at 10:00 am at the clubhouse. Food and beverages will be available to purchase, as will sweatshirts and tshirts. Help us put trout in the lake. Be sure to dress for the weather. Opening day of Trout is Saturday April 14th beginning at 8:00 am. The fishing club will sponsor a Trout Contest that morning from 8:00 am to noon. Everyone is welcome to participate. You do not need to be a member of the fishing club to win. At noon the year long contest for Trout will open. To participate in the season long contest you must be a fishing club member. You may join the fishing club at the fish stocking or by seeing any fishing club officer. Officers will be listed on the fishing club bulletin board after the February meeting.

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Spring 2012

Pocono Springs Civic Association

Board of Directors Meeting November 19, 2011 The regular scheduled monthly meeting of the Pocono Springs Civic Association was called to order by Mary Ann Arciprete on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 9:00 AM at the clubhouse. ROLL CALL Present: Mary Ann Arciprete – President, Edward Geisler – Vice President, Elizabeth Knapp–– Treasurer, Robert England – Secretary, Daniel Galatro – Director, Jason Trabalka – Director, Carol Swetz – Director and William Fallon–– General Manager. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Mary Ann Arciprete called for any additions or corrections to the minutes of Saturday, October 15, 2011. Being no additions or corrections, the minutes of October 15, 2011 are accepted as written. Daniel Galatro makes a motion to accept the minutes. Carol Swetz seconds the motion. All in favor. The official minutes are on file in the Pocono Springs Civic Association Office. TREASURER’S REPORT Our cash balance as of October 1, 2011 was $1,140,586.53. Income this month totaled $11,751.66. Our expenses totaled $168,800.86. Our cash balance at the end of October was $983,537.33. A draft of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year is in your packets. GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT • Mike Sexton spoke of the new PP&L route. Three towers will be going in. It will run from Lake Wallenpaupack to North Pocono. The route will not interfere with our community. Building will start in 2016 to be completed by 2026. • We are collecting toys for Toys for Tots. The deadline is December 12, 2011. • The back gate reader is operating properly now. • Enclosed in your board packets is an inventory list for the maintenance department. • Two poachers were caught on the back gate road.

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Pocono Springs News

P.S.C.A SECURITY REPORT • On November 17, 2011, the Security Committee had their first meeting. Hearing Board members were informed that the Hearing Board and Security Committee will be merging. Karen Shirhall read the minutes of the meeting. The committee discussed bringing back the Neighborhood Watch. Ms. Shirhall suggested having a course on report writing for all security personnel. The Board agrees. Lehigh Police will be patrolling the rear gate road and working with the Game Warden, as well as patrolling the community. Next security meeting in December and then meetings will be held bi-monthly until April. Meetings are open to all residents. OPEN BOARD DISCUSSION Daniel Galatro - Fine for not wearing a helmet while on a recreational vehicle should not be $100. It should be lowered. The rules say it should be a warning, $25, and then $50. The guard was misinformed. The ticket is wrong. The rules are mainly for the safety of children on recreational vehicles. They should get a warning. The ticket will be voided. Board members voted. From now on warnings will be given to anyone not wearing a helmet on a recreational vehicle. COMMITTEES • Buildings, Grounds & Roads – The Maintenance employees have done a great job on the road. They are filling in shoulders so that it makes it easier for them to plow during snow storms. • O.W.L. – Fracking was discussed. It is a method of fracturing rocks so that natural gas can be harnessed. They are not restricted as far as toxins go. Wayne County is allowing companies to drill for natural gas. The new lines for PP&L will go north of Pocono Springs. • Recreation – The committee met on 11/22 to discuss the Halloween Party. A second meeting was held to clean up and plan the harvest dinner. The committee would like to have two new members approved. They are Melinda Rivera and Larry Tobin. Elizabeth Knapp makes a motion to accept the new members. Edward Geisler seconds the motion. ADJOURNMENT - Edward Geisler makes a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jason Trabalka seconds the motion. Respectfully Submitted, Robert England Secretary

Alice Pinnock Recording Secretary

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Emergency Telephone Numbers Security (570) 676-4400 Office (570) 676-9259 Rear Gate (570) 676-9585 Clubhouse (570) 676-4100 Ambulance/Fire/Police Newfoundland 9-1-1 Ambulance/Fire/Police Gouldsboro 9-1-1

Pocono Springs News


Spring 2012

Gouldsboro Area Foundation

Wed-Sat. Aug 22-25 GVFC Grounds - Gouldsboro Picnic GAF booth offering bottomless cup of coffee, dessert, gifts and raffle items.

Those wishing to join the organization please contact any active member, attend a monthly meeting or stop by the station when open. For events room rental contact Jeannie Kurash at 842-6129. Visit us on the web at

Sat. Sept 1, 9 AM - Flea Market & Bake Sale Accepting donations of homemade baked goods. For table rentals contact Marilyn Croak/ Diane Tice at 842-8584/848-2446

Officers President ............................................ Marilyn Croak 842-8584 Vice-President ......................................... Tom Jones 842-1257 Treasurer ...................................................... Pat Cole 881-4596 Secretary .................................................. Diane Tice 848-2446 Strategic Planner ............................... Jeannie Kurash 842-6129 Calender Of Events The Gouldsboro Area Foundation headquarters and manages the Gouldsboro Train Station. A museum is operated by the Gouldsboro Historical Society offering historical exhibitions, GAF gift shop and a full service events room (rest rooms, kitchen & seating for 60) available for rent. The Gouldsboro Train Station will open to the public Saturdays in May 2012, 10 AM-2 PM and closing for the winter months after Christmas. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month 7PM at the train station. We welcome new volunteers & members to attend. Without volunteers & membership we would be unable to continue the functions and events for the Gouldsboro area and train station. We wish to thank everyone for their continued support.

Sun. October 7, 11 AM - Steamtown Train Excursion Approx arrival 11:15 am. “Great Gatsby Pocono Tour” theme ride. Donated home baked goods appreciated. Contact Marilyn Croak/Diane Tice at 842-8584/848-2446 Sat-Sun. Oct 13-14 - NY Finger Lakes Wine Tasting Tour Weekend trip leaving the station 6am Sat. returning early Sun. evening. $395 for 2 (two) people includes tour bus, hotel, brunch, wine tasting fees, box lunch and fall foliage stroll. Contact Kathy Skillman at 862-3868. Wed. Oct 31 - Halloween Witches Waltz Begins at twilight. Cider and treats served to young and old alike. Enjoy the witches antics at the Train Station. Sun. Nov 18 - Turkey Block Shoot Bring your shot gun, closest to the bull’s eye wins a turkey for Thanksgiving! Held at the Gouldsboro American Legion. Contact Tom Jones for details 906-9333.

Tues. March 27, 6 PM, - Volunteer Appreciation Membership drive welcoming new & old volunteers. Relax; enjoy a drink and bite to eat.

Sun. Nov 25, 11 AM - Steamtown Train Excursion Approx arrival 11:15 am. “Victory Train; a military homecoming” theme ride. Donated home baked goods appreciated. Contact Marilyn Croak/Diane Tice at 842-8584/848-2446

Sat. April 21, 7 PM, GVFC - Night At The Races $15 per person. Advance tickets w/full table (seats 8) and lifetime open, 6pm. Buffet served 6:15pm and beverages. Post time 7 pm.

Sun. Dec 2, 11 AM - Steamtown Train Excursion Approx arrival 11:15 am. “Dickens Christmas Express” theme ride. Donated home baked goods appreciated. Contact Marilyn Croak/Diane Tice at 842-8584/848-2446

Sat. May 26, 9 AM - Flea Market & Bake Sale Accepting donations of homemade baked goods. For table rentals contact Marilyn Croak/ Diane Tice at 842-8584/848-2446

Sat. Dec 8 - Christmas in Gouldsboro Events throughout the day starting with breakfast with Santa; free pancake breakfast for children, crafts and a special dancing DJ. Followed by an entire day of events throughout the village, ending with caroling, the Christmas tree lighting and drawing for the “Case of Corks” at the station.

Mon. June 4, Paupack Hills CC- Golf Tournament Registration 8 am. Shot gun start 9 am. Awards dinner, prizes. Contact Jerry Halloran/Ed Skillman at 842-1772/267-5358 for details. Sat. June 30, 9 AM - Flea Market & Bake Sale Accepting donations of homemade baked goods. For table rentals contact Marilyn Croak/ Diane Tice at 842-8584/848-2446

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Sat. July 14, 11:00 AM - Steamtown Train Excursion Approx arrival 11:15 am. “Americana Freedom Train Excursion” theme ride. Donated home baked goods appreciated. Contact Marilyn Croak/Diane Tice at 842-8584/848-2446 Sat. August 19 - Fashion Show Cool weather and back to school fashions modeled by area youth at the Gouldsboro United Methodist Church. Tickets $15, children under 10 $7.50. Contact Jeannie Kurash for tickets 842-6129


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Bingo Starts April 13 Bingo will be starting Friday April 13th at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse. We thank everyone who helped with bingo last year. We look forward to another successful season with Bingo and dessert during our break. We appreciate all the bakers who bring dessert to share for break. Coffee is available for a donation. Did you know… Researchers prove that Bingo helps increase mental fitness? Researchers prove that the majority of people play the game of Bingo not for money but the fun it provides them. We hope to see everyone for a fun evening of games and a chance to meet and talk with others.

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