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BBLCA Recreation

Thanks to all the snow we received in January, members and guests had a great time on BBLCA’s sledding and tubing hills. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend was very busy with many tubers and sledders enjoying the day off from work and school. We have many exciting events scheduled for the upcoming months. Be sure to check out future Lake Ledgers, Channel 80, and our website ( for extended hours and changes. Some upcoming events: • Feb. 16, 2013: Valentine’s Hearts & Flowers Ball, Covered Dish w/ DJ. 6pm, Clubhouse, BYOB • Feb. 18, 2013: President’s Day (Monday) Rec. Center and Indoor Pool open 11am-4:45pm • March 16, 2013: Winter Membership Meeting, 10am, Clubhouse • March 29, 2013: Admin. Office Closed. Good Friday. • March 30, 2013: Easter Egg Hunt, 1pm Rec. Center The Recreation Center & Indoor Pool is also open for the winter season. Normal hours of operation are Saturdays noon to 6:45 pm and Sundays from 11 am to 4:45 pm. Additional hours will be posted on the website, Channel 80, and in future Lake Ledgers. With all this cold weather, who can’t wait for summer to come???? This summer we are looking for new ideas and activities. If you have any ideas or suggestions for recreation programs, please contact Kim Yencho at BBLCA Recreation Department is accepting applications for summer employment. Positions available: Day/Night Supervisors, Certified Lifeguards, Pool Desk Monitors, Swim Coach, Assistant Swim Coach & Recreation Staff. Please stop by the Administration Office for an application.

BBLCA Golf Tournament August 5, 2013 Pocono Farm Country Club Proceeds benefit: Gouldsboro Ambulance Squad.

To sign up for golf, dinner or sponsorship, contact the Administration Office.

Big Bass Lake Community Association PO Box 113 Gouldsboro PA 18424

Spring 2013

BBLCA Winter Membership Meeting Saturday, March 16, 2013 10:00am, Clubhouse Complex All members are encouraged to attend! Presentation on Deer Management from outside consultant.

Breakfast with Santa

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Gouldsboro, PA 18424 PERMIT NO. 9




Spring 2013

General Manager’s Report

By David Ingegneri The year of 2012 is now behind us and we are already in full preparation mode for 2013 to complete the many projects, goals, and activities we have planned. Thanks to all of you who helped us make 2012 one of the most successful years ever at Big Bass Lake Community Association. Some of our accomplishments included being awarded Firewise Community Certification, total expenses came in under budget, increase in the use of our Clubhouse with more events than ever before, and successfully completing our Re-Certification as a Gold Star Community. Please join us at our March 16, 2013 Winter Membership Meeting where we will go into more details of our accomplishments for 2012 and goals for 2013. At the Winter Membership Meeting we will also have a special outside consultant giving us a presentation on deer management. There are many issues to discuss when it comes to deer management so we want our members to be aware of the facts and have an opportunity to ask any questions and receive answers from an outside independent perspective. So please do join us at the Clubhouse on March 16, 2013 at 10am to hear our presentations on deer management, financial report, management report and 2013 goals and objectives. I am pleased to report that we ended 2012 with total revenues above expectations and total expenses under budget. Some of the highlights of our 2012 financials included being over budget with our Workman’s Compensation cost due to a reclassification of some job categories. On the positive side, we were under budget by $13,866 with utilities, under budget by $8,874 with our vehicle fuel cost and we collected $34,352 more in transfer fees than expected. The primary reason for the increase in transfer fees was due to BBL, Inc selling 22 lots last year. Those lots now are dues paying lots so in addition to the transfer fees helping fund our reserve program the dues will help us with our future revenues. Overall 2012 was a very successful year finanTHINKING OF SELLING cially and BBLCA reREAL ESTATE? mains financially strong Handyman Services! with solid financial We’re looking for Always Affordable Jobs planning for our future. people like you! Are Our Specialty April 2013 Brush Our on-line adverstising, SINGLE FAMILY HOMES Pile Chipping marketing and free training is CONDOS • TOWNHOMES the best the Poconos has to offer. As part of our We’ll train you to succeed. ✔ Painting Firewise Community ✔ Snow Plow Call Certified status, we will ✔ Plumbing Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO ✔ Lawn again offer free bush ✔ Carpet Clean (570) 421-8950 (570) 421-5409 pile chipping services ✔ Windows



Big Bass Lake Community Association PO Box 113, Gouldsboro PA 18424

Communications Committee (editors): Barbara Cozza & Judy Clark Staff Communications Coordinator: Lori Lankford Published by...

Community Newspaper Publishers For advertising information contact: Chuck Wilson at or (570) 476-3103

LakeViews is a quarterly newspaper published as a community service for members of the Big Bass Lake Community Association, Inc. (BBLCA). The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the community association, its board of directors, community manager, agents, employees or the publisher. BBLCA is authorized to review and withhold from publication any submissions at its own discretion. BBLCA and Community Newspaper Publishers disclaim any liability for any advertisements or comments published herein and in no way endorses or guarantees any advertisements contained in this publication. Further, no advertisements from members or non-members shall be published when the focus of the advertisement is to comment on matters presently before BBLCA management. Big Bass Lake

during the month of April. We do ask that you call the office when your brush pile is ready for chipping to take advantage of this free service. The brush piles and limbs should be no larger than 5 inches in diameter and within 3 feet from the edge of the road in front of your property. In fairness to all members, please do not put your brush piles out before April 1. Brush piles put out before April 1 will be charged the normal fee of $35 per half hour again in an effort to be fair to the entire membership. Please do take advantage of the free service. We thank you in advance for helping us keep our community fire wise and aesthetically pleasing for all. Electronic Recycling Days Although it has been our official policy during the past two years, effective January 24th, 2013 it is now against PA State Law to dispose of most electronic devices such as televisions, monitors, computers and laptops in our trash compactors or open top containers. The State and our trash hauler will now impose fines if we dispose of these items in our trash (reference Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act). Members can dispose of these items free of charge at Apex Waste Services in Dunmore between Monday and Saturday (see office or web site for specific times and directions). Also, for the convenience of our members we will be hosting two free electronic recycling days at our Maintenance Complex from 10am to 1pm on March 16th and again on August 24th. See the office or our web site for additional details. Covington Industrial Park Lot 5 Update As previously reported to our members on our announcements on our website, bulletin boards and in e-mail blasts, Covington Township did approve adding 16 acres to Lot #5 to allow for a potential 501,600 square foot building with 193 truck parking spots on that property. BBLCA will continue to work with the developer and Covington Township to monitor the potential environmental impacts to our community. We have also proposed a revised lighting ordinance that we are hopeful Covington Township will adopt. BBLCA Boat Rack Policy Our revised boat/canoe/kayak space policy will go into effect on April 6, 2013. If you want to reserve a spot for your boat, canoe or kayak you must rent a space for the season at a rate of $20 (boat) or $10 for a half spot (canoe or kayak). The Board approved policy was mailed to all homeowners and is included in this issue of the Lake Views. Reservations for spots will begin on April 6th at the Clubhouse starting at 10am. Spots will be assigned on a first come/first served basis. Please see the full policy for more information. BBL, Inc Corporate Restructuring Most of you have probably heard that Big Bass Lake, Inc (BBL, Inc) has announced they are in the process of a corporation restructuring. BBL, Inc is not legally affiliated with Big Bass Lake Community Association (BBLCA) but they are of course connected to our community. BBL, Inc has assigned a new management company to manage and maintain the central water and sewage customers and system. Also, they have announced that they will no longer manage rental properties and they are looking for a buyer for the Welcome Center. The BBLCA Board of Directors met at an open public meeting on January 12th and voted unanimously not to take over the management of the central water and sewage system or to purchase the Welcome Center. BBL, Inc has been cooperative with us during this transition and we have committed to working with the new entities and to provide any assistance that may be requested. 2013 Road Projects Our bid specifications for our asphalt overlay projects were advertised starting on February 8th. Bids for the major work are due to us by March 1st. This work tentatively includes replacing eight culverts and asphalt overlay on portions of Cardinal Drive, Sheffick Drive, Lyman Lane, and a smaller portion of Lake Natalie Drive. We will also be recoating the Big Bass Lake main gate area parking lot and repainting the parking lines/ arrows to create a safer traffic flow in this area. This major road work should be completed by Memorial Day with other minor road work being completed later in the year. We do apologize in advance for any traffic inconvenience this will cause while our road work contractors complete this much needed work. As always, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about any issue regarding Big Bass Lake Community. I also encourage you to take advantage of my “Meet the Manager Saturdays” where I am available to discuss any issue (held on the first, second, and fourth Saturday of each month between 9am and noon). If you cannot make it in to see me on Meet the Manager Saturday, please feel free to call me at any time. We can then either discuss your issue on the phone or make an appointment to meet face to face. Also, please remember to refer to our website or administration office for meeting minutes, management reports, department reports, and additional information. Thank you for making Big Bass Lake Community Association an award winning, Firewise Certified, Gold Star Certified and one of the premier communities in the Northeast. Big Bass Lake


Spring 2013

BBLCA Boat Rack Policy

ELM Park Cleanup

On the first Saturday of April (April 6, 2013), sign ups for boat/canoe racks will be held at the BBLCA Clubhouse starting at 10:00am. Boat rack space reservation fee is $20 per year and $10 per year for a half space (canoe/kayak rack space). Boat racks will be assigned on a first come/first served basis. The first member in line will have the first choice of the boat rack spot, etc. Only two boat rack spaces per member will be allowed to be reserved until after May 15. After May 15, if space is available, a member may reserve more than two boat rack spaces. Boat rack sign ups will continue until all boat rack spots are reserved. At that time a waiting list will be developed. On April 15 of each year, the boat racks will be open for members to put boats in their assigned racks. If a member hires BBLCA to move the boat, the staff will move the boat to the assigned spot on April 15 or later. If any boat/canoe/kayak is found to be in a reserved spot that is not assigned to that member, such boat/canoe/kayak will be removed and the member will be charged $100. All boats/canoes/kayaks must be removed from the boat racks by October 15. Boat racks are defined as any boat/canoe/kayak rack space and any storage space on BBLCA common property including boats that are chained to our chain space area.

Last September, 15 members and leaders of our community participated and made a huge dent in the brush that has accumulated over the years. Our Maintenance Department chipped the piles, and the chips were recycled to reestablish paths and suppress weeds. Everyone is welcome and lunch will be provided. Meet at ELM Park at 10:00am and please wear gloves to protect your hands.

APPROVED May 19, 2012 EFFECTIVE April 2013

Free Brush Pile Chipping During the Month of April 2013 BBLCA will offer free brush chipping services during the entire month of April. To use this service, you must call the office and place the brush pile and limbs no larger than 5” in diameter within 3’ from the edge of the road in front of your property during the month of APRIL 2013 only. In fairness to all members, brush piles put out before April will be charged the normal fee of $35 per half hour. If you can not participate in this free service, please help us maintain our FireWise Community Status:

Brush Piles & Fallen Trees/Limbs • •

• • •

Please remove brush piles, fallen trees/limbs from your property. Brush Piles can be taken to the Maintenance yard for free seven days per week 9am-4pm (holiday excluded). Please call the office first so staff can make sure the gate is opened for you. Brush Piles can be removed from your property by staff for a fee of $75 per truckload. Brush Piles on your property (front yard next to the road) can be chipped by staff for a fee of $35 per half hour. Brush Piles and downed trees can be removed from your property by the contractor of your choice (BBLCA can not recommend but we have a list of contractors). Any & All Brush Piles over one cubic yard that are on your property must be removed from your property within 30 days from the date they were first established.

THANK YOU for helping us keep our community fire wise and aesthetically pleasing.

April 27, 2013 @ 10:00am ELM Park - wear gloves - lunch will be provided

Camera Club Reorganization

Next meeting: March 15, 2013, 10:30am at AO In order to broaden the subject matter at our meetings, we are considering changing our name and emphasis to a Camera/Computer Club. This would tie together the world of photography, electronics, and software. At this meeting, we will discuss the direction the club could take in an effort to achieve a wider appeal to the BBL Community. EVERYONE WELCOME! Contact: Doug Adams 570-843-5049




• Family Owned & Operated • 24 Years Experience • Rated #1 on Angie’s List

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Spring 2013

Calendar of Events March-May 2013 March 2013

Location Water Aerobics Rec Center Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Water Aerobics Rec Center Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Cards & Games Admin. Office Water Aerobics Rec Center Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Water Aerobics Rec Center Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Cards & Games Admin. Office Water Aerobics Rec Center Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center “The End of the Winter Blues” Covered Dish and gift exchange Clubhouse Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Clubhouse Water Aerobics Rec Center Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Cards & Games Admin. Office Water Aerobics Rec Center Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Water Aerobics Rec Center Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Cards & Games Admin. Office Good Friday - Admin. Office closed Admin. Office Water Aerobics Rec Center Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center Easter Egg Hunt Rec Center Easter - All Facilities closed

3 6 7 10 13 14 17 20 21 24 27 28

Time 10am 12pm-6:45pm 11am-4:45pm 5pm 6pm-9pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 11am-4:45pm 5pm 6pm-9pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 6:00pm 11am-4:45pm 5pm 6pm-9pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 11am-4:45pm 5pm 6pm-9pm 7pm closed 10am 12pm-6:45pm 1pm

If you rented your Big Bass Lake vacation home through Big Bass Lake, Inc. and you want to continue to rent your home, we would like to talk to you. Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Wilkins and Associates has a full time, full service Vacation Rental Department. Our office rents homes weekly, for the season and weekends in many of the best vacation communities throughout the Poconos. • On Line Advertising • Better Homes and Gardens – a name you can trust • On Line Booking a real plus

• Corporate Rentals available • MasterCard and Visa welcome

Call Patricia Blank Toombs VP Vacation Rental Dept. 570.421.3475 or 570.839.4174 email: | B R AT

25 E


• Affordable Commission packages to choose from

2 013

Water Aerobics Indoor Pool Hours Cards & Games Water Aerobics Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Water Aerobics Indoor Pool Hours Cards & Games Water Aerobics Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Water Aerobics Indoor Pool Hours Cards & Games Water Aerobics Rec Center & Indoor Pool Pizza Party-Catered BYOB Rec Center & Indoor Pool Water Aerobics Indoor Pool Hours Cards & Games Water Aerobics Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours

May 2013

NOTICE - Big Bass Lake Owners!


2 3 6 9 10 13 16 17 20 23 24 27 29 30 31

April 2013

1 4 5 8 11 12 15 18 19 22 25 26 27 29

Water Aerobics Cards & Games Water Aerobics Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Cinco de Mayo Water Aerobics Cards & Games Water Aerobics Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Happy Mother’s Day Water Aerobics Cards & Games Water Aerobics Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours “Black & White Affair” Catered with DJ, Dress is Black & White only (Casual, Formal, Dress-up) Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours Water Aerobics Cards & Games Water Aerobics Larsen Beach Big Bass Beach Outdoor Pool Hours Clubhouse Hours Larsen Beach Big Bass Beach Outdoor Pool Clubhouse Memorial Day - Admin. Office closed Larsen Beach Big Bass Beach Outdoor Pool Clubhouse Cards & Games Water Aerobics - Cancelled Big Bass Lake

Location Rec Center Rec Center Admin. Office Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center Admin. Office Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center Admin. Office Rec Center Rec Center Clubhouse Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center Admin. Office Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center

Time 5pm 6pm-9pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 11am-4:45pm 5pm 6pm-9pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 11am-4:45pm 5pm 6pm-9pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 6pm 11am-4:45pm 5pm 6pm-9pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 11am-4:45pm

Location Rec Center Admin. Office Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center

Time 5pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 11am-4:45pm

Rec Center Admin. Office Rec Center Rec Center Rec Center

5pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm 11am-4:45pm

Rec Center Admin. Office Rec Center Rec Center

5pm 7pm 10am 12pm-6:45pm

Clubhouse Rec Center Rec Center Admin. Office Clubhouse Larsen Beach Big Bass Beach Clubhouse Clubhouse Larsen Beach Big Bass Beach Clubhouse Clubhouse Admin. Office Larsen Beach Big Bass Beach Clubhouse Clubhouse Admin. Office

6pm 11am-4:45pm 5pm 7pm 10am 11am-6pm 11am-7pm 11am-7pm 9am-7pm 11am-6pm 11am-7pm 11am-7pm 9am-7pm closed 11am-6pm 11am-7pm 11am-7pm 9am-7pm 7pm Big Bass Lake


Spring 2013

Breakfast with Santa

LIST and SELL your Big Bass Lake home with us! • We specialize in marketing vacation homes and Big Bass Lake is a prime vacation community to sell – year round • We’re the BEST at Internet Marketing and you’ll find us on all the major home selling sites • Weekend appointments are always welcome B R AT



25 E

2 013

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Spring 2013

Big Bass Lake Spring 2013 Septic Pumpout April 15-19, 2013 Solids Tank up to 1000 gallons: $220 Tanks > 1000 gallons add 24¢/gallon (Regular Koberlein price is $265)

Sandmound System: $290 These systems have two tanks: a solids tank and a pump tank

Digging off cover by Koberlein - $40/foot Call the office at 842-6388 to sign up by April 10, 2013 You will need to indicate your type of system, whether access covers are accessible or need to be dug off by Koberlein, and if you will be present. If present, you may pay the driver; if not, mail your check payable to “Koberlein Septic” to: Koberlein Septic, 188 Beach Lake, Honesdale PA 18431. 570-698-6672 Include E911 number and street address in the memo section of your check. Credit cards also accepted.

Santarelli & Sons Oil 443 Main Street Peckville PA 18452

(570) 489-7690 Big Bass Lake

BBLCA Septic System Management Plan APPROVED 4/21/12

Each Big Bass Lake Community member who owns a property on which a treatment septic tank is located within the Big Bass Lake Community Association (herein called BBLCA) which includes all BBLCA members including those that are part of the Big Bass Lake Water/Sewer Company shall comply with the following by December 31, 2014: Provide documentation to BBLCA that they have had their treatment septic tank on their property cleaned or inspected by a State of PA licensed inspector/ pumper/hauler within the past two (2) years (after 4/1/2010) or by 12/31/2014. The inspection of a treatment septic tank must show that treatment septic tank is not filled with solids or scum in excess of one third (1/3) the liquid depth of the tank whichever is later or the scum blanket depth exceeds three inches. Provide BBLCA with a current BBLCA Sewage Disposal System Inspection receipt, in a form approved by BBLCA, documenting date on which treatment septic tank was cleaned or inspected by a State of PA licensed pumper/hauler, documenting that solids and or scum blanket in septic treatment tank has not reached a depth that requires cleaning in accordance with criteria stated above. The completed current BBLCA Sewage Disposal System Inspection form Receipt must be submitted to BBLCA by December 31, 2014. Or, provide documentation that your septic tank is less then five years old (installed or replaced after 4/1/2007). Notice to Comply/Notice of Non-Compliance: BBLCA will give notice by personal service or by United States mail, to the person member who owns property on which the treatment septic tank is located, directing and requiring that person member to clean the treatment septic tank and provide BBLCA with a receipt documenting date on which treatment septic tank was cleaned or inspected, in accordance with the management procedure maintained in the BBLCA Office and which may change from time to time. Violations and Penalties: Any person member who violates provisions of this regulation shall be subject to a fine of $250.00 (Two hundred and fifty dollars) plus $50.00 (fifty dollars) for each six months of non-compliance. Effective Date: 4/21/2012


Gouldsboro Chimney Furnace Cleaning (570) 676-5253

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Stainless Steel Liners & Caps • Woodstove & Fireplace Inserts Installed Wooden Chase Chimneys Rebuilt and Repaired Masonry Chimneys Rebuilt and Repaired Gas or Oil Chimney & Furnace Cleaning • Fireplaces • Wood & Coal Stoves Animals and Any Other Blockages Removed

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Spring 2013

805 Tomahawk Drive, Kutztown PA 19530 Phone: 484-641-5156

Be Environmentally Friendly! Recycle your old, unwanted, broken and outdated electronics and appliances

Free Electronics Recycling Day SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 2013 10:00AM to 1:00PM

North Pocono Students Honored For Recycling Efforts

Article reprinted from The student-run recycling program at North Pocono High School was given a Certificate of Recognition from the Lackawanna County Commissioners for its runner-up finish in the Greensylvania Fall initiative. The youngsters recycled 3.6 pounds per student, which entailed placing bins in the classrooms and cafeteria to collect newspapers, plastic bottles, cans and other general office products. Pictured third from left is Big Bass resident Luc Friessnig, (grandson of Marie Macklin and the late Joe Macklin). Well done Luc!

Big Bass Lake Maintenance Complex 227 Fox Farm Road, Gouldsboro PA

(another event is scheduled for August 24, 2013) Items that can be recycled FREE of charge: Desktop/Laptop Computers LCD/CRT Monitors Printers/Fax Machines/Floor Copiers Copiers/Scanners/Print Cartridges Gaming Systems Calculators/Adding Machines Exercise Equipment/Metal Items DVD Players/VCRs/Filing Cabinets

Items that can be recycled for a fee: Refrigerators - $30 Floor Freezers - $30 Air Conditioners - $20 Dehumidifiers - $20 Washers & Dryers - $10 each Dishwashers - $10 Car Batteries - $5 (sealed lead acid) Hard Drive Destruction (offsite) - $10 per drive, includes a Certificate of Destruction. Document Shredding Service (offsite) - $10 per standard paper size box, includes a Certificate of Destruction.

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Spring Hill Chimney Service

Pictured left to right: Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien, Commissioner Jim Wansacz, Luc Friessnig, Willard Cleveland and Victoria Froese, students; Michael Motsko, teacher; and Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley


Telephones/Cell Phones Televisions Stereos & Speakers/Cables & Cords Smart Boards/Keyboards & Mice UPS Battery Backups/Laptop Batteries Audio Visual Equipment/Plotters Microwaves/Small Appliances Projectors

2 013

1938 Pocono Blvd., 2nd Floor Mt. Pocono, PA 18344 Call 570.839.4174 Big Bass Lake direct: 570.842.1924 Call her direct: 570.862.3868 |


Spring 2013

BBLCA Food Catering Services BBLCA now offers catering services for our members. Whether you are renting one of our building rooms or want to pick up your food at our clubhouse we can now provide you with this service 7 days per week. Our food vendor does ask for a minimum 48 hours notice and a minimum order of $50. Please consider giving this a try so we can continue to offer this service. Additional special request orders can usually be accommodated. To place an order call (570) 842-6388. Big Bass Lake

Please, Please Don’t Feed the Deer!

By Sandy McClure Bensinger You’ve heard it all before. You’ve heard it from leaders at Big Bass Lake Community Association. You may have read it in the newspaper or on the web. Pennsylvania game officials are saying it. And you may have chosen to ignore the pleas. But now, it’s even more important not to feed the deer in our community. It’s an exciting experience to see these beautiful creatures come into your yard. It’s fun to have your grandchildren view them up close. When they look thin in the winter, you may feel sorry for them. But a disease known as chronic wasting disease, which kills deer, has found its way into Pennsylvania. It’s the reason why states like Illinois and New York have made it illegal to feed deer. When deer congregate to accept handouts of food and come together in close contact with each other, it is more likely that diseases, like chronic wasting disease, will spread. Here in Big Bass Lake, as in other locations, there are many other reasons not to feed the deer, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Deer are attracted to and stay in an area where they are fed. As their numbers grow, it leads to “long-term degradation of the habitat.” Deer deforest an area (you have seen it in BBLCA) by eating everything they can reach and clearing the forest floor. If we want to preserve our green areas, we need to stop feeding the deer. The game commission describes it as “worse than a belly-ache” for deer. Studies have documented the death of some deer when they were fed “highly digestible, high energy, low fiber” food, like corn. When deer are fed by humans, it alters their behavior and their normal avoidance of humans. Domesticating deer and making them dependent on humans for food can only cause future problems. Beautiful bucks with impressive antlers have been spotted in the community this past fall. In the spring we’ll see fawns with their mothers. Enjoy viewing them all. But for the good of the community and for the protection of these special creatures, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T FEED THE DEER. Remember that Big Bass Lake Community Association has a No Deer Feeding rule that we all should adhere to. If you would like more information, visit the Association Office for a copy of the Pennsylvania Game Commission pamphlet, Please Don’t Feed the Deer. Big Bass Lake


Spring 2013

Pennsylvania Property Tax/ Rent Rebate Program

By Rob O’Donnell, Safety Director The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program benefits eligible Pennsylvanians age 65 and older; widows and widowers age 50 and older; and people with disabilities age 18 and older. The income limit is $35,000 a year for homeowners and $15,000 annually for renters and half of Social Security income is excluded. The maximum standard rebate is $650, but supplemental rebates for qualifying homeowners can boost rebates to $975. Who can File: • Age 65 or older • 50 if widowed or widower • Permanently disabled as per Social Security Income Requirements: • Sliding scale maxing out at $35,000 • One Half of Social Security Income is excluded Applications must be postmarked by June THINKING OF SELLING 30, 2013. The PA-1000 REAL ESTATE? booklet, used to apply We’re looking for Let us manage your rental! for rebates, is available Realtors like you to sell SINGLE FAMILY HOMES in late February at “your” community! CONDOS • TOWNHOMES www.revenue.state. ✔ Free In-House Training ✔ We’ll Collect The Rent or by calling, ✔ Learn To Sell On-Line ✔ We’ll Handle Maint.–Repairs ✔ New Licensees Welcome toll-free, 1-888-222✔ We’ll Handle Tenant Calls ✔ Affordable Fees 9190. Call


Thomas R. Wilkins, CEO

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Spring 2013 Big Bass Lake Big Bass Lake


Spring 2013

Dog Licenses for 2013 Available at County Treasurer Offices

PR Newswire – Friday, November 30, 2012 HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvanians can purchase annual dog licenses from county treasurers beginning Dec. 1. State law requires all dogs three months and older to be licensed by Jan. 1 each year. “A dog license is an inexpensive way to keep peace of mind in the event your dog gets lost,” Agriculture Secretary George Greig said. “It’s your dog’s ticket home, and it’s the law.” An annual license is $8.45 and a lifetime license is $51.45. If the animal is spayed or neutered, the annual fee is $6.45 and lifetime is $31.45. Discounts are available to older adults and people with disabilities. A new website,, helps dog owners access a dog license application, county treasurer contact information, Pennsylvania’s dog laws and an online tip form. “This new website is a resource for all your dog licensing questions,” Greig said. “We’re making it easier for you to stay in compliance with the law and provide that extra protection for your dog.” Licensing fees support the department’s Dog Law Enforcement Office, which is responsible for ensuring the welfare of dogs, regulating dangerous dogs and overseeing annual licensing and rabies vaccinations. Owners who fail to license their dogs could face a fine of up to $300 for each unlicensed dog. For more information, visit or call the Dog Law Enforcement Office at 717-787-3062. Media contact: Samantha Elliott Krepps, 717-787-5085 SOURCE Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Lackawanna County Dog Licenses Go Online

Published November 29, 2012, STAFF REPORT First, it was online marriage license applications. Now the dogs are getting their day. Beginning in December, dog owners in Lackawanna County will be able apply, pay and print their dog licenses online under an agreement approved Wednesday by the county commissioners. To use the online system, dog owners may visit the website, www.padogli, and follow the instructions on the main page, said Treasurer Edward Karpovich, whose office handles dog licensing in the county. “The system - I’ve seen it - is very user-friendly,” he said. “It’s fast and it’s secure.” Mr. Karpovich said there is a $2 fee for the use of the online service. It is on top of the annual license fee, which can range up to $8.45. Once the online application and payment have been finalized, residents will be able to print their licenses on the spot. The treasurer’s office will receive automatic notification and mail the dog tags to the owner, generally within a few days. Mr. Karpovich said his office is providing the service as a convenience to county residents but also to protect the county’s dog population. The county’s 911 emergency dispatchers as well as dog wardens will have around-theclock access to the online database to facilitate the speedy and safe return of lost dogs to their owners, even on holidays and weekends, he said.

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Comments/Questions/Responses from Board Meeting Open Forums November 17, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting Question/Comment: Asked if Mr. Yerke is on Covington Township’s Board of Supervisors. Answer/Response: Yes. The current Covington Township Board of Supervisors are: David J. Petrosky ~ Chairman ~ Term Expires 12/2013 Thomas M. Yerke ~ Vice Chairman ~ Term Expires 12/2017 Marlene Beavers ~ Member ~ Term Expires 12/2017 Charles Lindner ~ Member ~ Term Expires 12/2015 John Brostoski ~ Member ~ Term Expires 12/2015 Question/Comment: Said there was a problem with staff not knowing how to operate the sound system at the Clubhouse at an event at the Clubhouse several weeks ago. Answer/Response: The manager stated that he was not aware of any issues but will look into that and insure that all staff members that work the clubhouse events are aware of the sound system operations. He also said that there are written directions posted at the sound system room on how to use the system. January 12, 2013 Special BOD Meeting Question/Comment: Asked if Mr. Forti from BBL Inc. would extend the January 19th deadline to purchase the Welcome Center and take over the management of the BBL Water and Sewer companies? Answer/Response: Unknown at this time. Question/Comment: Asked if there were any other members on the water or sewer system besides members of the Association. Answer/Response: It is believed that there is one member on Phillips Road who is part of the system but not BBLCA members. Question/Comment: He noted that the water and sewage financial data provided was an unaudited list of information. He said that more information should be provided such as the last three years tax returns, a look at repairs performed on the systems, insurance, etc. Answer/Response: We did receive the past year’s tax records and additional financial records for the BBL Water & Sewage. Question/Comment: Asked if one could determine by the billing if there are any other outside members of the water and sewer companies. Answer/Response: The billing confirms that the number of members on the system provided including the one non-BBLCA member on the system is in concert with the billing. Question/Comment: Said that the Association should practice due diligence before any decisions should be made in favor of purchasing the Welcome Center. He stated the building was old and may need repairs. Question/Comment: Stated that the Board should consider all the potential uses of the Welcome Center. Question/Comment: Verbalized a list of inspections and materials that should be provided to the Association for the Water & Sewage Company. Question/Comment: Asked if the utility companies would be governed by our bylaws. Answer/Response: No Question/Comment: Asked the Board to walk away from any offers—it is not beneficial for the Association to be involved in the operation of water and sewer companies. Question/Comment: Asked the Board to walk away from purchasing the Welcome Center. Answer/Response: The Board voted at this meeting not to pursue the purchase of the Welcome Center, nor manage the Water & Sewage Co. January 19, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Question/Comment: Questioned why legal expenses did not show on his copy of the Profit & Loss Statement. Answer/Response: These items are included on the Profit & Loss Statements in the General Ledger Line items: 5507 Legal, 5507A Legal Collections, and 8060 CIP. Total cost for all 2012 legal fees were $19,258.

Question/Comment: When the Special Assessments ends in 2014, will the special assessment decrease? Answer/Response: Yes that special assessment was for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 only. The Special Assessment will end in 2014 and there are no current plans for an additional special assessment. Question/Comment: Asked if the Welcome Center is part of the package of BBL, Inc.’s restructuring. Answer/Response: Yes. Question/Comment: He also asked if the Association abandoned the members who are on public sewer and water. Answer/Response: No; BBLCA has not abandoned any members. The Board acted on behalf of the community as a whole. Ideally, a reputable company or entity will take over the management and maintenance of the sewer and water customers in a professional manner. Question/Comment: Since super storm Sandy, there are trees leaning toward power lines. Answer/Response: Any tree that is on a power line or leaning toward a power line is reported to PPL. BBLCA cleared numerous trees that were in our roadways and in our common areas after Sandy. Question/Comment: Asked that a tree on Cardinal Drive be looked at since it is leaning toward a power line. Answer/Response: The GM said he will notify the Facilities & Operation Director to inspect the tree. Question/Comment: Regarding the Committee Goals, she stated that it is very difficult to find members to write articles for the newspaper. She said that the ELM Advisory Committee needs new members and fresh ideas. Answer/Response: Agreed and acknowledged that the ELM Committee does a very commendable job of providing articles for the LakeViews. Question/Comment: Regarding Covington Industrial Park and VersaCold, is the Association still in legal negotiations? Answer/Response: Yes. Also, during the summer and fall, VersaCold commissioned several sound studies on BBLCA property and at the Covington Industrial Park site. The Association has not yet received the results of this sound testing. Question/Comment: Said that he witnessed the VersaCold hired company doing sound readings on his property. Question/Comment: Asked if the Statute of Limitations on the legal negotiations was up. Answer/Comment: No. The lawsuit was filed before any stature of limitations expired.


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Orphaned Opossums

The BBLCA Administration Office receives many calls and requests throughout the day. Most of the time staff has the answers or knows who to refer the question to. However, recently we received a phone call that created a situation that we didn’t know how to respond to. The call came from a member who witnessed a car hitting an opossum (a.k.a. possum). Our staff responded to the scene and found a mother opossum deceased with four live baby opossums attached to the mother. Well this situation was not in any of our policy manuals. What to do? Internet to the rescue! We found which had directions on what to do for this exact situation. Our staff quickly removed the infant opossums from the mother and kept them warm. We then searched for a facility that was willing and able to take care of the orphaned opossums. That took about ten calls and some snickers from some of the institutions and wildlife officials we called.

We were finally able to find Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in East Stroudsburg that was willing and able to care for our found orphans. Our staff member, Kelly Stewart, was more than willing to transport the orphans to Stroudsburg, since the Wildlife Center said they did not have anyone available to come get the orphans. This story comes with a happy ending. We heard from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center that they were able to save the orphans, and they were eventually released back into the wild to live out their lives. A special thank you to staff members Kelly Stewart, Lori Lankford, Sue Giordano and Mike Scorzelli who all pulled together and responded above and beyond the normal call of Septic Tank Cleaning • Drainfield Cleaning Sewer duty to help save the wildlife at BBLCA. Rooter Service • High Pressure Jetting SEPTIC PUMPS - Alarm and Repair Service

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Free TV, Monitor and Computer Recycling

Apex Waste Services in Dunmore is offering free TV and computer recycling to households. Call (570) 344-7812 with any questions. Recyclable items may be dropped off at Apex, 13 Peggy Parkway, Reeves Street, Keystone Industrial Park, Dunmore PA weekdays 8am-4pm or Saturdays 7-9am Electronics that will be accepted for free recycling include: All televisions, including old console units. All computer equipment, including CPU’s, laptops, monitors, keyboards, printers, mouses, scanners, battery backups, cables and any other equipment that connects to a PC. Note: These items cannot be disposed of in the BBLCA dumpsters since they are considered “hazardous waste materials.” Big Bass Lake


Spring 2013

Gouldsboro Area Gatherings

By Judy Clark Sometimes we don’t learn about special events going on right here in our local community until it’s too late to attend. Here are some upcoming events you may want to put on your calendars now as well as information about area churches. North Pocono Area Vacation Bible School July 29-Aug. 4; contact Judy Clark for information. (570) 842-0830 North Pocono Cluster Lenten Services - All services start at 7:00 pm: Thurs., Feb. 21: St. Catherine’s Church Thurs., Feb. 28: Moscow United Methodist Church Thurs., March 7: Crossroads Assembly of God Thurs., March 14: Maple Lake United Methodist Church Thurs., March 21: St. Eulalia Gouldsboro United Methodist Church (Corner of Main & Fourth Sts.) Sunday School (9:30 am-10:15 am). Worship Service at 11:00am. “Gouldsboro Café” coffee time at 10:30 am; all are welcome. Choir Practice Thursdays 6:30 pm-7:30 pm; you do not need to be a member of the church; call Jacqui Adams at 843-5049. Upcoming Events Easter Egg Sale: Peanut Butter or Coconut $8.50/dozen. Call Becky 842-8738 by 3/4. Maundy Thursday Service: March 28, 7 pm Mother’s Day Dinner: May 4, 5 pm Craft Show & Bake Sale: Saturday, May 25, 9:00 am-3:00 pm Chicken BBQ: Sat., June 1, 1-7pm. (take-out only) Call Gary Klein (570-842-6106) Flea Market: Saturday, August 3, 9:00 am–3:00 pm Chicken BBQ: Sat., August 24, 1-7pm (eat-in/take out) Call Gary Klein (570-842-6106) Grace Lutheran Church (Main St.) Sunday School 9:00 am. Worship Services 10:15 am. “Women of the ELCA” first Wednesday of the month 7pm. Morning Bible Study & Soup Lunch: Thursdays 11am; materials provided; soup lunch served. For questions contact Pastor Tom at 842-6409. For more general information call Jean Unger (842-3549) or Karen Lewis (877-2428). St. Rita’s Catholic Church (Main St.) Mass Saturdays 5:30 pm; Sundays 8:00 am and 9:30 am. Ongoing Pierogies Sale, $7; call the church office to order. Call the Church Rectory at 570-842-4995 between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm for more information. Gethsemane Baptist Church (Route 435, Daleville) Sunday School 10:00 am; Worship Service 11:00 am, Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer, 7:00 pm Pastor John Nemo - Church Phone is (570) 842-8742 St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, (Church Street, Moscow) Masses are held Saturday evenings at 5:00 pm., and Sunday mornings at 7:30, 9:00 and 11:30 am. Reconciliation/Confessions are celebrated Saturdays at 3:30 pm in the Eucharistic Chapel. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. The office phone is (570) 842-4561. St. Catherine’s Knights of Columbus Council #6050 meets in Kelly Hall under the church on the second Wednesday of every month. The Fourth Degree meeting is at 7:30 pm, followed by Third Degree meeting at 8:00 pm. The fourth Wednesday of every month is a social meeting. For more information about programs at St. Catherine’s, you can contact Dot Blash at (570) 842-6759.

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HISTORIC GOULDSBORO GROUPS & EVENTS Gouldsboro Historical Society – meets the third Monday of every month at 11:00 am at the Lutheran Church on Main Street in Gouldsboro. New members welcome. Gouldsboro Area Foundation – The Gouldsboro Area Foundation has its headquarters in the Gouldsboro Train Station and also manages the station. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month at 7 pm; new members are welcome to attend. The Gouldsboro Train Station contains the GAF gift shop (with Gouldsboro souvenirs) and a full service events room (rest rooms, kitchen, & seating for 60) available for rent. Contact Jeannie at 842-6129 for details. A museum in the train station is operated by the Gouldsboro Historical Society offering historical exhibitions. The Train Station museum and store open to the public Saturdays, 10 am-2 pm beginning in early April. Upcoming Events: Dates and times were not available at press time. Call the individuals below for details. Night at the Races - Firehouse; pay at the door; doors open 6:00pm, post time 7pm; buffet and beverages provided. Call Diane Tice (570-848-2446). Fashion Show - United Methodist Church; tickets: Jeannie (570-842-6129). Starting in May, the train station will be open Saturdays 10am-2pm and we are looking forward to many train excursions and themed train stops at the Gouldsboro Train Station. Flea Market and Bake Sale - Sat., May 25, 9am, train station; for table rentals call Marilyn 842-8584. Golf Tournament - Paupack Hills CC, Greentown. Registration 8am, Shotgun 9am, awards dinner. Call Jerry at 842-1772. Flea Market and Bake Sale at the train station; for table rentals call Marilyn 842-8584.

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