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BBLCA Boat Rack Policy APPROVED: May 19, 2012 EFFECTIVE: April 2013

On the first Saturday of April (April 6, 2013), sign ups for boat/canoe racks will be held at the BBLCA Clubhouse starting at 10am. Boat rack space reservation fee will be $20 per year and $10 per year for a half space (canoe/kayak rack space). Boat/canoe/kayak racks will be assigned on a first come/first serve basis. The first member in line will have the first choice of the boat rack spot, etc. Only two boat rack spaces per member will be allowed to be reserved until after May 15. After May 15, if space is available, a member may reserve more than two boat rack spaces. Boat rack sign ups will continue until all boat rack spots are reserved. At that time a waiting list will be developed. On April 15th of each year the boat racks will be open for the members to put the boats in the assigned racks. If a member hires BBLCA to move the boat the staff will move the boat to the assigned spot on April 15th or later. If any boat/canoe/kayak is found to be in a reserved spot that is not assigned to that member, such boat/canoe/kayak will be removed and the member will be charged $100. All boats/canoes/kayaks must be removed from the boat/canoe racks by October 15. Boat racks are defined as any boat/canoe/kayak rack space and any storage space on BBLCA common property including boats that are chained to our chain space area.

Winter 2012

2013 Annual Dues, Trash Fee and Special Assessment

Annual Special Trash 1st install. Dues Assessment Fee TOTAL due 1/31/13

House $1661.68 $200 $105 $1966.68 Lot $1329.35 $160 N/A $1489.35 Multi-Lot $664.68 $80 N/A $744.68 Half Lots $332.34 $40 N/A $372.34

$983.34 $744.68 $372.34 $186.17

2nd install. due 4/30/13 $983.34 $744.67 $372.34 $186.17

Note – For the convenience of our members, the 2013 Annual Dues, Special Assessment, and Trash Fee may be paid in two installments. The first installment is due January 31, 2013 and the second installment is due April 30, 2013. Interest of 1.5% per month pursuant to Covenants Section 5.3-5 is charged if the first and/or second installment(s) are not paid by the due date(s).




The speed limit throughout Big Bass Lake is 25 miles per hour - or less in some areas. BBLCA’s goal is to maintain a safe environment for all who live in or visit our community. Driving 45 mph from the Main Gate to the Clubhouse instead of the 25 mph speed limit will only save you about a minute. That one minute could cost you or someone you love their life. Is this brief savings in time really worth it? Create an “I Care Parade.” Go 25 mph and everyone behind you will also be going 25 mph.

TRUNK OR TREAT! More photos and story on page 4

BBLCA employees chipped 180 brush piles free of charge for our members during the entire month of September. Thank all of you who participated in this effort. BBLCA will provide this service again in April 2013. To take advantage of this free service PLEASE remember to only put your brush pile out between April 1 (not before) to April 30 and to schedule this service with the Administration Office.

Big Bass Lake Community Association PO Box 113 Gouldsboro PA 18424

Gouldsboro, PA 18424 PERMIT NO. 9




Winter 2012

General Manager’s Report

By David Ingegneri Thank all of you who assisted our members during Hurricane Sandy. It was heart warming to see how much community spirit there is and how willing our members were to help their fellow members in a time of need. I do hope that all of you have not suffered too much during the Sandy event and that you, your family and your home are safe and secure. For those of you who have experienced damage my thoughts and prayers are with you. BBLCA was as prepared as we could be for Hurricane Sandy. In addition to preparing for this event, our staff worked around the clock during the event keeping our roads clear, fielding phone calls, responding to member requests, and monitoring our lakes, dams and drainage. We kept the Administration Office open 24/7 during the event for our members to use as a warming station with bathroom facilities, water and snacks. Power was out within the community, our Recreation Center, and at our main gate for several days. Our office phones were out for part of one day and the phone line was out at our main gate for three days. We are fortunate that we did not experience any facility damage. If any of you need any assistance with contractor contacts list or expedited permits, please contact the office as we are prepared to assist you in any manner that we can. In this issue of LakeViews, you will see information on a proposed revised policy concerning the Maintenance Zone area. The Maintenance Committee and the Board have been working on this issue for the past year. We are encouraging the membership

Upcoming Events and Activities Dec. 8

Holiday Cocktail Party 7pm-11pm, Tree Top Lounge - BYOB

Dec. 21

Adult Cocktail Party 7pm-10pm, Tree Top Lounge - BYOB Kid’s Swim Party 7pm-10pm, Rec Center

Dec. 22

Breakfast with Santa 8am-11am, Clubhouse

Dec. 24

Indoor Pool Hours 11am-3pm, Rec Center

Dec. 25

All Facilities Closed - Merry Christmas!

Dec. 26-29 Rec Center & Indoor Pool Hours: 12pm-6:45pm Dec. 31

Community New Year’s Eve Party 9pm-2am, Clubhouse

(Tickets are available for purchase at the Administration Office)


Big Bass Lake Community Association PO Box 113, Gouldsboro PA 18424

Communications Committee (editors): Barbara Cozza & Marjorie Haines Staff Communications Coordinator: Lori Lankford Big Bass Lake

to review the data, ask questions, and provide any comments or suggestions that you may have to the Board of Directors by February 8, 2013. Please feel free to call me any time with any questions that you may have regarding this (or any other issue) pending action item. I am also setting aside December 15th between 9am and noon to meet with anyone to discuss this action item. Members of the Maintenance Committee will also be available on December 15th to field your questions. The proposed action item in essence gives the membership the opportunity to apply for a permit to keep or put certain landscaping type items in this area that we call the Maintenance Zone in an organized and documented procedure. Again, please review the information on this action item that is in this issue of the LakeViews, available at the office and is on our website. Please do ask any questions that you may have and provide your comments and or suggestions. On October 20th, your Board of Director’s unanimously approved the 2013 Budget, Dues and Fee structure. Copies are available in this LakeViews, on our website and at the Administration Office. We are pleased to present a balanced budget with a modest 3% increase in dues despite substantial increases in some non-discretionary cost items such as utilities, trash contract and insurance. For example, our Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance went up over 40% for 2013. On the positive side, through our management efforts, we spent over $24,000 less in utilities compared to last year to date. We also continue to fund our Reserve Program at 100% (for 2013 the funding amount is $574,700). This 100% funding of our Reserve Programs allows us to make road repairs and general repairs and replacements of our assets. I do want to thank the Fiscal Committee and all the other Committees who worked so hard on providing input and preparation of our 2013 Budget. As always, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about any issue regarding Big Bass Lake Community. I also encourage you to take advantage of my “Meet the Manager Saturdays” where I am available to discuss any issue (held on the first, second, and fourth Saturday of each month between 9am and Noon – and a special Meet the Manager Saturday on December 15th). If you cannot make it in to see me during the Meet the Manager Saturday, please feel free to call me at any time. We can then either discuss your issue on the phone or make an appointment to meet face to face. Also, please remember to refer to our website or Administration Office for meeting minutes, management reports, department reports, and additional information.

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Community Newspaper Publishers For advertising information contact Chuck Wilson: or (570) 476-3103 LakeViews is a quarterly newspaper published as a community service for members of the Big Bass Lake Community Association, Inc. (BBLCA). The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the community association, its board of directors, community manager, agents, employees or the publisher. BBLCA is authorized to review and withhold from publication any submissions at its own discretion. BBLCA and Community Newspaper Publishers disclaim any liability for any advertisements or comments published herein and in no way endorses or guarantees any advertisements contained in this publication. Further, no advertisements from members or non-members shall be published when the focus of the advertisement is to comment on matters presently before BBLCA management.


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Winter 2012

ELM Park Cleanup

The ELM Committee organized the second cleanup of ELM Park on Saturday, September 29, 2012. Fifteen members and leaders of our community participated and made a huge dent in the brush that has accumulated over the years. The piles will be chipped by our maintenance department and the chips will be recycled to reestablish paths and suppress weeds. Special thanks go out to the employees who helped coordinate and provide lunch for the workers; especially: Dave Ingegneri, Steve Scorzelli, Sue Hunt, and Sue Giordano.

Next year we will continue this activity the last Saturday in April and September. Your participation is welcomed. Participants were: John Bensinger Walter Boyd ELM Marjorie Boyd ASAAC Charles Buchanan MAC, CRP, Fiscal Debbie Buchanan Jane Casagrande ELM, SAC, ASAAC Louis Casagrande Joan Halle BOD Alan Hynes Jack Rosenberg Doug Wendling Paige Wendling Evelyn Wolfer RAC Harold Wolfer PPL Task Force Dolores Wozniak ELM, SAC


Trunk or Treat 2012

By Kim Yencho, Recreation Director Halloween is traditionally a time for kids to roam neighborhoods and gather treats. However, the new trend of trunk-or-treating has brought families and neighbors together in one safe place: the Big Bass Lake Clubhouse! “Trunk or Treat” continues to be one of our most popular events in Big Bass Lake. The rainy weather on Saturday didn’t deter any of the many children and adults that came out to share candy with others and show off some spectacular costumes. The children enjoyed having Ron Smith, the juggler, entertain us all. Free cupcakes and snacks were distributed and each child got a bag filled with fruit snacks, candy, toys, and bookmarks from BBLCA. We would like to give a special thanks to the following: The Adult Social Committee for making wonderful desserts and helping serve them, Big Bass Lake Safety Department, Recreation Committee, Recreation Staff, Steve Scorzelli and the Maintenance Department, and everyone that passed out candy. As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

Winter 2012 Big Bass Lake Big Bass Lake

Winter 2012

Adult Social Activity Advisory Committee - Recent Events

By Nancy Lovaglio On September 12, 2012, 6:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse, we held our very first Hoe-Down and Pig Roast. Ninety-two people attended this event- what a great turnout! It was a catered event, and the pig was roasted outside the Clubhouse. The food was excellent, with a large assortment on the menu. We had music and line dancing with a caller. Everyone had a wonderful time. Many thanks to Kim Yencho, Recreation Director, for conducting a great event. A Covered Dish Luncheon honoring Joan and Bill Muller was held on September 19, 2012, 1:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse. Everyone helped by bringing a dish of his or her choice to share. Joan and Bill were very happy to be with everyone. This was our way of showing them both how much we appreciated everything they have done. It’s been more than ten years since Joan Muller and Diane Petroski formed what is known today as the Adult Social Activities Advisory Committee. They wanted people to meet, make friends and have organized events. Their goal was to just have fun. They organized many wonderful gatherings. There was always something that would interest almost anyone. They encouraged people to volunteer their special skills and talents. Their contributions are reflected in Big Bass today. They definitely made life at this beautiful community nicer. Bill Muller was always around to help. Every year at the Larsen Picnic, Bill would be there to BBQ hamburgers and franks. They were both very kind to anyone in need of help. They were always pleasant and smiling. Joan and Bill are making Florida their permanent home. We wish them well, thank them, and most certainly we will miss them. On Saturday, October 6, 2012, 1:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse, The Ladies High Tea took place. This event was catered by Cooper’s. The food was delicious and there was plenty of it. We had finger sandwiches, three different homemade quiches, homemade blintzes, cucumber salad, fresh fruits, homemade desserts, and a large assortment of teas. Everyone was pleased. We had male waiters, dressed in tuxedoes to serve all the ladies. They were Gaston D’Amato, Harold Wolfer, Ed Snyder, Ray Martinez, Danny Lovaglio and Jack Rosenberg. Lorraine D’Amato, our Event Planner, worked very hard decorating each table and had gift bags for the winners of the hat contest. At the end of the day each lady was given a long stem rose. A special thanks to all those who volunteered. The hat contest winners were the following: Children Best in Theme: Gabriella Sartory, 2 yrs. old Most Original: Jessalyn Aquilino, 9 yrs. old Adult Most Original: Camielle Albert Best in Theme: Loreen Aquilino.


Big Bass Lake, Inc.

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Winter 2012

Maintenance Zone Executive Summary

The Maintenance Advisory Committee (MAC) has concluded its work on the BBLCA Maintenance Zone, and has approved an action item by the MAC voting members on June 9, 2012. This Action Item was sent to the BBLCA Board of Directors for their review and approval. The BBLCA Board of Directors are currently reviewing the Action Item and are asking the BBLCA membership to review the pending Action Item and provide comment by February 8, 2013. Please review the material, ask any questions, and provide your written comments or suggestions to the Administration Office or via e-mail at You can contact the Administration Office or the MAC with any questions you may have. Also, the General Manager and MAC will be hosting a special “Meet the Manager” Saturday session on December 15th, 2012, between 9am and noon at the Administration Office to answer any questions about this proposed revised policy. What is the Maintenance Zone? The Maintenance Zone (MZ) action item will address the issue of maintaining the road side property in our community. As defined in our report, the MZ is defined as a strip of property that runs along side the BBLCA roads, and is an important part of the BBLCA maintenance activity. Why do we need a Maintenance Zone? The MZ is a vital part of a safe and attractively maintained community. The MZ is the area where snow is pushed off of the road surface in the winter, as well as the area that must be properly maintained for safe pedestrian travel in the summer. Does the MZ address all existing set backs, easements, right-of-way issues? No. This MZ action item was purposely designed to address future MZ issues and does not address existing set back, right of way, or easement issues that have come before the BBLCA. Why did the Maintenance Advisory Committee address this issue? This action item was the results of past BOD requests to address the property that is adjacent to BBLCA roadways and property owners. The MZ is a direct result of the Maintenance Advisory Committee’s mandate. Is the Maintenance Zone the same as the easement that each property has within the front, back and side property lines? No. The Maintenance Zone is a strip of property that runs along side the BBLCA roads and is property that is owned by BBLCA. The easement is property that is on the members’ property and is owned by the member but utility companies and BBLCA have the right to use. Proposed Action Items reads as follows: Permitting process for improvements to the Maintenance Zone Amend the current rule which reads: “With the exception of an Address Number, nothing else (including name sign) is allowed to be placed on the BBLCA Roadway property which is usually 20-25 feet (depending on the section) from the center of the road without written BBLCA approval.” Proposed to read: With the exception of an Address Number, [a sign identifying the address E-911 Number is required for all homes and lots (minimum 3” reflective lettering must be clearly visible from the roadway)], nothing else (including name sign) is to be placed in the maintenance zone, which is usually 20-25 feet (depending on the section) from the center of the road to the members’ property. The exception to be; BBLCA permitted items, only with written BBLCA approval, will be allowed to be placed in the Maintenance Zone. Upon completion, the improvement will be allowed to stay in place until it is revoked by BBLCA, at which time the permitted improvement will be removed at the members’ expense, or by BBLCA personnel at the members’ expense. Properties currently in violation of the maintenance zone are not grandfathered. During a period of registration, 12 months, all members with improvements in the maintenance zone will register those improvements with BBLCA. BBLCA cannot be held responsible for damage to any personal property in the MZ Background BBLCA – Maintenance Advisory Committee (MAC) The BBLCA – MAC makes this recommendation to the BBLCA Board of Directors (BOD) concerning the Association’s roadside property that BBLCA owns via fee simple absolute that is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a right-of-way easement, and will now be referred to as the Maintenance Zone, and a recommended permitting process. Definition: The community owns via fee simple absolute (FSA) an area from the road center line, outward for 25 feet to the members’ property (20 feet Section A). This area

will be referred to as a Maintenance Zone. This Maintenance Zone must be sufficient for the unimpaired community maintenance activities of snow plowing, weed mowing, utility maintenance, road maintenance, culvert maintenance, tree cutting/trimming, line of sight safety and walking area and general safety. The current BBLCA rules state that the members may not put anything in this Maintenance Zone with the exception of one address number sign. This policy will allow for permitting of certain items in this maintenance zone for all future improvements. Permitting: From the time of implementation of this permitting process, any improvements a property owner requests, in the maintenance zone, requires a permit to be issued by BBLCA. A property owner will submit an application, defining the improvements along with a certified plot plan. BBLCA will approve any permit it finds reasonable, considering maintenance activities, aesthetics and safety. A degree of permanence will be determined by BBLCA, as might impair future maintenance requirements, and will be a consideration in approving the permit. Submission: An application will normally be approved within seven days. Permit will allow for the owner to complete the project within 30 days, with a reasonable allowance for one 30 day extension. Upon completion, the improvement will be allowed to stay in place until it is revoked, due to the requirements of BBLCA.

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Please, Please Don’t Feed the Deer!

By Sandy McClure Bensinger You’ve heard it all before. You’ve heard it from leaders at Big Bass Lake Community Association. You may have read it in the newspaper or on the Web. Pennsylvania game officials are saying it. And you may have chosen to ignore the pleas. But now, it’s even more important not to feed the deer in our community. It’s an exciting experience to see these beautiful creatures come into your yard. It’s fun to have your grandchildren view them up close. When they look thin in the winter, you may feel sorry for them. But a disease known as Chronic Wasting Disease, which kills deer, has found its way into Pennsylvania. It’s the reason why states like Illinois and New York have made it illegal to feed deer. When deer congregate to accept handouts of food and come together in close contact with each other, it is more likely that diseases, like Chronic Wasting Disease, will spread. Here in Big Bass Lake, as in other locations, there are many other reasons not to feed deer, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Deer are Specializing in Customer Satisfaction Route 507 • Gouldsboro John Huniyack, Proprietor attracted to and 842-8421 stay in an area

Winter 2012 Big Bass Lake

where they are fed. As their numbers grow, it leads to “long-term degradation of the habitat.” Deer deforest an area (you have seen it in BBLCA) by eating everything they can reach and clearing the forest floor. If we want to preserve our green areas, we need to stop feeding the deer. The game commission describes it as “worse than a belly-ache” for deer. Studies have documented the death of some deer when they were fed “highly digestible, high energy, low fiber” food, like corn. When deer are fed by humans, it alters their behavior and their normal avoidance of humans. Domesticating deer and making them dependent on humans for food can only cause future problems. Beautiful bucks with impressive antlers have been spotted in the community this Fall. In the Spring, we see fawns and their moms. Enjoy viewing them all. But for the good of the community and for the protection of these special creatures, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T FEED THE DEER. Remember that Big Bass Lake Community Association has a No Deer Feeding Rule that we all should adhere to. If you would like more information, visit the Association Office for a copy of the Pennsylvania Game Commission pamphlet, Please Don’t Feed the Deer.

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Winter 2012

Thanksgiving Gathering

This year’s Thanksgiving Gathering was a catered event at the clubhouse. There were 70 members and guests that came out to enjoy a wonderful dinner provided by this year’s caterer Gravin’s Deli. Everyone enjoyed the food and each other’s company. We have a lot to be thankful for!



Winter 2012 Big Bass Lake

Comments/Questions/Responses from Board Meeting Open Forums

The candidate’s day facilitator and Board Secretary sometimes consolidate and/or edit questions to facilitate the event. The Election Committee will review the process.

Summer Membership Mtg. July 21, 2012

Comment/Question: His system in on public sewer—does he still need to have his holding tank pumped out? Response: Yes. It should be inspected or pumped before 2014 to be in compliance with the BBLCA Septic Policy.

Comment/Question: A member stated that no plastic bags should be put in with the recycling bin and that the members should be educated about this rule.

Comment/Question: Did BBLCA ever do a noise study in Covington Industrial Park? Response: Yes. BBLCA is still in litigation with VersaCold regarding the noise issue.

Comment/Question: Stated that if someone sees a member placing plastic bags in the recycling, they should speak up and let them know this is not allowed.

Comment/Question: Why isn’t BBLCA taking VersaCold to court? Response: BBLCA is still in litigation with VersaCold trying to work to mitigate the noise level.

Comment/Question: A member of the Maintenance Committee noted that the Maintenance Committee works with the Association regarding signage at the dumpsters, the signage is very clear about the trash/recycling procedures, and that they have performed spot checks at the recycling bins and trash compactors.

Board Meeting August 18, 2012

Comment/Question: A member said that a wonderful job has been done on the roads and thanked maintenance and the volunteers for a great job cleaning up Elm Park. Comment/Question: Stated that he would like to see a walking trail around Larsen Lake. Comment/Question: A member of the ELM Committee noted that a walking trail around Larsen Lake would not be possible as some of the property is privately owned. Comment/Question: A member thanked the manager for his help with a fundraising event. Comment/Question: Likes the new boat rack policy but does not like the fees which have been established. Response: The new boat rack policy that goes into effect in 2013 allows for an exclusive use rental of the boat rack space rather than a free non-reserved space. Comment/Question: Thinks dues should cover all amenities including boat racks. Comment/Question: When culverts are replaced, they should be the same height as the other culverts as it causes drainage problems. Response: The manager stated when culverts are replaced they are replaced at the same elevation or height. The culvert that was questioned was checked and it was replaced at the same elevation as the damaged culvert. Comment/Question: Asked if airboats are allowed on the lakes. Response: Only by Princeton Hydro and Allied Biological (BBLCA lake contractors) to monitor our water quality at the lakes and to apply treatments. Comment/Question: People walking on the roadways should be walking into traffic. Comment/Question: Asked about the lot purchased by the Association from a member. Response: The lot was located in an area where right of ways or easements might be valuable to the Association for future use. The board voted to accept this lot back with the condition that dues and taxes were paid up to date and that the owner pay closing costs. Comment/Question: What did the Association pay for the lot? Response: Nothing. All past dues, taxes, transfer fees and closing costs were paid by the seller. Comment/Question: How many homes are for sale in BBLCA? Response: Approximately 55 at this time but that varies. Comment/Question: Understands the rationale for fees for badges but why are there fees associated with the boat racks? Response: It is a matter of being fair to all members. Some members have reported that they have five boats or more and take up more spaces on the racks just because they are free. Also we have experienced problems throughout the previous years with members wanting “prime spots”, members getting upset when someone else uses a spot they wanted to use, etc. The fee represents a cost for the member to have an exclusive use rental of the boat rack space. Comment/Question: Why doesn’t the association simply build more boat racks? Response: BBLCA has added additional boat racks but due to limited space there is limited room to expand and build more racks. Comment/Question: Could the number of lots change in Big Bass Lake? Response: The Bylaw covenants state the parameters for additional lot acquisitions and state that the maximum number of lots to be developed within BBLCA is 1756. However, it is unlikely that the number of houses and lots will change from the present 1677. Comment/Question: Thinks the reason the PPL line was moved closer to Big Bass was because of the townships’ political positioning. Comment/Question: Questioned why some of the questions may not have been asked on candidates’ day. Response: Due to time constraints we usually do not get to all questions.

Comment/Question: A past committee chair expressed disappointment about not being re-appointed as a committee chair for the current year. Comment/Question: Opposed to the financial aspect (fee) for the boat rack policy and would like to see it reversed. Response: The Board adopted a revised boat rack policy effective in 2013 to address problems associated with the past boat rack policy. Comment/Question: Regarding brush cleanup on members’ property, does BBLCA monitor this? Response: Yes. Letters of non-compliance are usually done on a weekly basis. Comment/Question: Wished the new Board members well and advised them that they may have to ask questions. He also supported the concerns of the past committee chair who was not reappointed. Board Meeting September 15, 2012 Comment/Question: Asked about the status of legislation where members’ taxes are decreased because homeowners associations pay for their own road maintenance and other costs. Response: House Bill 202 has not been voted on nor has it been passed. It would allow a unit owner in a common interest ownership community (planned community) to deduct 75% of his or her association assessments (or dues) from his or her personal income tax. The purpose of this legislation is to address the problem of residents of associations paying taxes for municipal services that are often not provided to them. Introduced in the PA House by Representative Mario Scavello (R-Monroe County) on January 25, 2011. CAI Legislative Action Committee continues to be involved with this issue in Pennsylvania and supports language in a bill similar to what New Jersey adopted several years ago. Comment/Question: Asked if the letter and petitions which are being sent to PPL will also be sent to the PUC. Response: Yes. However, BBLCA may send additional information once we review PPL’s application to the PUC. Comment/Question: An ASAAC member thanked Kim Yencho for her help and support. Comment/Question: Asked if the letter to PPL that will accompany the petitions will be available for the membership to see. Response: Yes. It is on our website and available for review at the Administration Office. Comment/Question: Asked if there were amendments in the Committee Handbook where a participant of a committee does not have to attend three meetings to become a member. He stated that there may have been instances wherein individuals have become members without attending three meetings. Response: With the exception of appointed committee’s or panels, BBLCA Committee Handbook states that members must attend three consecutive committee meetings before becoming a voting member of that committee. Comment/Question: Asked for information regarding budget range guidelines for the Fiscal Committee. Response: Board Chair Ms. Ameen said the Board had given a +/-5% range for the 2013 budget and the fee schedule would be reviewed on a case by case basis. Comment/Question: Noted that his property is along Route 507 and many people are turning around in his driveway and driving on his property. Response: We have met with the home owner to discuss his possible options. A member suggested to him during the meeting open forum period that he consider using big boulders to be placed in strategic locations so that vehicles do not enter his property. October 20, 2012 Comment/Question: Asked if the 10% reserve expense variance as approved in the Reserve Expenses Resolution was per line item and if there was an overage, where would the cost come from. Response: Yes it is per reserve expense line item. Any variance in the reserve expense would come from the reserve funds. Comment/Question: Does BBLCA own both sides of the Larsen Dam?


Postage for Big Bass LakeViews has been underwritten in part by the advertisers on this page.

Winter 2012

Comments/Questions cont. Response: BBLCA owns the entire Larsen Dam and spillway. However, there are access issues to get to the dam and spillway but not as bad as our other dams were. BBLCA is the permit holder for the dam/spillway and responsible for all repairs and maintenance. Comment/Question: Would like to have the third boat rack at Lake Natalie moved because in his opinion, it is an eyesore. Response: BBLCA has tried to address the concerns of this member and has made several proposals including planting trees to obstruct the view of the boat rack from the homeowner’s home. Also, BBLCA has removed two of the three boat racks at this location. The third boat rack cannot be moved without placing it in the township new set back requirement or in an area that would not restrict parking, safe access to the dry fire hydrant or safe ingress/egress to the access area. Comment/Question: Regarding the Clifton Township police survey sent to all registered voters, he thought that the Board should write a letter to advise the township of the Board’s official position on the matter. Response: Board Chair Ms. Ameen said the Board would discuss but that a letter would not necessarily be sent. Board Vice Chair Mr. Greenwood stated that it is a resident issue not a community issue.

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BBLCA Golf Tournament August 5, 2013 Pocono Farm Country Club Proceeds will benefit the Gouldsboro Ambulance Squad. To sign up for golf, dinner or sponsorship opportunities, contact the Administration Office.

Please bring toys

NEW and UNWRAPPED to the BBLCA Administration Office and place in the designated TOYS 4 TOTS box by December 14. Thank you!

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Free TV, Monitor and Computer Recycling

Apex Waste Services in Dunmore is offering free TV and computer recycling to households. Call (570) 344-7812 with any questions. Recyclable items may be dropped off at Apex, 13 Peggy Parkway, Reeves Street, Keystone Industrial Park, Dunmore PA weekdays 8am-4pm or Saturdays 7-9am Electronics that will be accepted for free recycling include: All televisions, including old console units. All computer equipment, including CPU’s, laptops, monitors, keyboards, printers, mouses, scanners, battery backups, cables and any other equipment that connects to a PC. Note: These items cannot be disposed of in the BBLCA dumpsters since they are considered “hazardous waste materials.” Big Bass Lake


Winter 2012

Gouldsboro Area Gatherings

By Judy Clark Sometimes we don’t learn about special events going on right here in our local community until it’s too late to attend. Here are some upcoming events you may want to put on your calendars now as well as information about area churches.


Gouldsboro United Methodist Church Corner of Main & Fourth Sts. (570) 842-7139 Sunday School 9:30-10:15am; Worship Service at 11am; “Gouldsboro Café” coffee time at 10:30am; all are welcome. Choir Practice: Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm. You do not need to be a member of the church; call Jacqui Adams at 843-5049 with questions. Upcoming Events • Christmas Bazaar: Saturday, Dec. 8, 9am-3pm, Hand made crafts, lunch and bake sale. Call Sue Klein for information or to reserve a table, 842-6106 • A Gospel Christmas: Sunday, Dec. 16, 7pm. Call Jacqui Adams at 843-5049 if you would like to be a part of the choir for this musical presentation. • Christmas Eve Service: Monday, Dec. 24, 8pm • Super Bowl Saturday Soup Sale: Saturday, Feb. 2, 10am-3pm

Grace Lutheran Church Main Street (570) 842-6409 Sunday School 9:30am; Worship Services 10:45am Upcoming Events • Free Community Dinner: 4th Monday of the month 5-7pm. No dinner in December.

St. Rita’s Catholic Church Main Street (570) 842-4995 Mass Saturdays 5:30pm; Sundays 8am, 9:30am. Ongoing Pierogies Sale; call the church office to order. Call the Church Rectory at 842-4995 9am-3:30pm for more information.

Several BBLCA members joined other local residents, all from the Gouldsboro Area Foundation (GAF), in October as they welcomed more than 200 passengers on a train excursion from Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton. The theme for the well-attended event was The Great Gatsby, and enactors from GAF portrayed Bonnie and Clyde, flappers, mobsters, Keystone Kops and well-attired ladies.

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Gethsemane Baptist Church Route 435, Daleville (570) 842-8742 Sunday School 10am; Worship Service 11am; Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer 7pm Pastor John Nemo

St. Catherine’s Catholic Church Church Street, Moscow (570) 842-4561 Mass Saturdays 5pm and Sundays 7:30am, 9am, 11:30am. Reconciliation/Confessions celebrated Saturdays at 3:30pm in the Eucharistic Chapel. Office hours Monday-Friday 9am-4pm; office phone 842-4561. St. Catherine’s Knights of Columbus Council #6050 meets in Kelly Hall under the church the second Wednesday of every month. The Fourth Degree meeting is 7:30pm, followed by Third Degree meeting at 8pm. The fourth Wednesday of every month is a social meeting. For more information about programs at St. Catherine’s call Dot Blash at 842-6759. Historic Gouldsboro Groups & Events • Gouldsboro Historical Society – meets the third Monday of every month at 11:00 a.m. at the Lutheran Church on Main Street in Gouldsboro. New members welcome. • Gouldsboro Area Foundation – Headquartered in the Gouldsboro Train Station and manages the station. Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month at 7 PM. New members are welcome to attend. • The Gouldsboro Train Station contains the GAF gift shop (with Gouldsboro souvenirs) and a full service events room (rest rooms, kitchen & seating for 60) available for rent. Contact Jeannie 842-6129 for details. A museum in the train station is operated by the Gouldsboro Historical Society offering historical exhibitions. Open to the public every Saturday 10am-2pm. Upcoming Events Christmas in Gouldsboro Sat. Dec. 8 - Gouldsboro Fire House. Start with breakfast with Santa, free pancake breakfast for children, crafts and a special dancing DJ. Events throughout the town all day, ending with a raffle, plus caroling, and tree lighting at the Train Station.

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Free Brush Pile Chipping in April 2013 BBLCA will offer free brush chipping services during the entire month of April 2013. To use this service you must call the office and place the brush pile and limbs - no larger than 5” in diameter - within 3’ from the edge of the road in front of your property during the month of APRIL 2013 only. In fairness to all members, brush piles put out before April will be charged the normal fee of $35 per half hour. If you cannot participate in this free service next April, please help us maintain our FireWise Community status by doing the following: BRUSH PILES & FALLEN TREES/LIMBS • Remove brush piles, fallen trees/limbs from your property. • Brush Piles can be taken to the Maintenance yard for free, 7 days a week, 9am-4pm (holiday excluded). Please call the office first so staff can make sure the gate is opened for you. • Brush Piles can be removed from your property by staff for a fee of $75 per truckload. • Brush Piles on your property (front yard next to the road) can be chipped by staff for a fee of $35 per half hour. • Brush Piles and downed trees can be removed from your property by the contractor of your choice (BBLCA can not recommend but we have a list of contractors). • Any & All Brush Piles over one cubic yard that are on your property must be removed from your property within 30 days from the date they were first established.

February 2013

THANK YOU for helping us keep our community FireWise!

570-842-8276 Route 435, Gouldsboro Plaza


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