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5 Core Essentials A Rap Producer Should Have For An Online Business Before you begin to read this understand the right MINDSET is key. Life rewards those who help others reach their goals.

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These 5 elements are a must for any rap producer with a online business. My name is CNOTE and I am going to tell you precisely what you as a music producer should possess in your business. I have been studying the latest in music marketing “intensely� for the last 15 months. So, I put this .PDF together to assist you in understanding the different layers involved in running a successful music business online. I want to congratulate you for taking the proper steps towards reaching your goals.

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Let's jump right in... The first core essentialYou need dope sounds and a way to make the beats, instrumentals, drum kits and loops.

1. Dope sounds and way to produce the music you will provide clients. This might include a DAW (digital audio workstation), drum kits, VST's, MPC's, drum machines, live instruments, mic, computer, etc. Copyright Š 2014 All Rights Reserved


2. A website for your brand to establish authority online. In order for you to have a thriving online music business in 2014 it's a MUST! Not a good look to a potential client when you send them to a soundcloud or reverbnation page. There is nothing wrong with those sites at all... ...but for a serious hip hop producer like yourself, you want to control exactly how your image and brand is represented on the internet. Think about this... What if one day “out of the blue” those sites shutdown. You would lose all that hard work you put into building those accounts. Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved


I highly recommend... Getting a domain name from GoDaddy and hosting from, they are affordable. Also, easy to operate and manage. Download and install wordpress because they have many options when it comes to themes (design) to best suit your intention. The best type of website to have is a... BLOG!!! Preferably a membership site. The reason for this is so you can update and add content on a regular basis, which goggle and other search engines love. A membership site can offer future clients great content with free membership level and huge benefits on pro level for paying clients. Try MemberSonic or Wishlist Copyright Š 2014 All Rights Reserved


The third core essential... Would be an auto responder. 3. An auto responder; an automated system you set-up to send emails to interested people that signed up to your mailing list.

IMPORTANT: Building an email list is vital for any online business. I personally use, but there are others like that provide great service, too. Hip Hop Producers should send emails that build a relationship between them and the readers on their email list. I send my subscribers valuable tips, videos, reports, articles and other content that can help solve a problem they might have. Copyright Š 2014 All Rights Reserved


4. Social media accounts for networking and building brand awareness.

Here are the main social networks music producers with online businesses use everyday... ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Facebook Youtube Twitter Goggle+ Linkedin Instagram Pinterest Forums

The point of this is to get your message to the masses and build relationships with future business partners and clients. Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved


Last but not least... ...the fifth core essential is... 5. A PayPal business account to collect all that cash you will be making! Music producers selling beats, drum kits, loops and etc. should have a way to collect payment for digital products sold online. A PayPal business account cost nothing at all. Once your business grows you might want to consider a merchant account. You can use sites like and to sell rap instrumentals. Use PayPal buttons for other products such as drum kits and loops you choose to sell. Tip: Store the product on secure page on your site or somewhere like GoggleDrive (free) and SendSpace (paid upgrade) $10/m. Copyright Š 2014 All Rights Reserved


1. Equipment and Dope sounds

5. PayPal Business Account

2. Website

5 Core Essentials

3. Auto Responder

4. Social Media Accounts

Here is a recap of the 5 core essentials a Rap Producer should have for an online business. For more valuable tips and information visit Our New facebook group OnlyTips4RappersandProducers Copyright Š 2014 All Rights Reserved


5 Core Essentials For Rap Producers  

The main 5 elements music producers need when operating a business online.

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