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2014-15 report to the community

Connecting Science & the CommunityŽ The Academy of Science – St. Louis

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2/24/15 4:23 PM

We Believe

• The children we engage in science and technology today are the critical thinkers and problem solvers of the future. • The decisions facing our world require a scientifically literate citizenry, informed by those with expertise in science and technology. • The St. Louis region is a brain trust of researchers, investigators, explorers, and science advocates– dedicated to fostering the next generation of STEM leaders and advocates.

We Know

• That by 8th grade, children children have determined if they have a place in science and technology. By connecting them to STEM professionals who share the rewards of their efforts, we are building the workforce of the future. • That communicating complex science and technology ideas to the public can be effectively accomplished through stories, accessible outreach, and citizen-science opportunities. • That children learn science inquiry through hands-on, relevant, project-based experiences. • That 87% of middle school students, after engaging in Academy career explorations with professionals in science and technology, report a better understanding of why it is important to take math and science; and 74% state that the experience inspired them to want to find out more about future careers in STEM fields.

We Trust

• In the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary ideas and effort. • In an engaged community of advocates of the community outreach initiatives of the Academy of Science. • In the value of a uniquely independent and community-supported organization, true to its 1856 mission, “Promoting the understanding and appreciation of science.”

Mary Burke

Chief Executive Officer

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2/24/15 4:23 PM

Our Mission

The Academy seeks to advance the public understanding of science and promote interest in the sciences to students and adults through accessible, year-round seminars and educational initiatives.

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2/24/15 4:23 PM

72 schools 66% from

disadvantaged districts

88% of students

strongly agree or agree they would like to learn more science and math in school

82% strongly

agree or agree they are capable of having a STEM career

Recent research conducted by the ACT demonstrates that even when students are accomplished in math and science, they do not gravitate toward majors in those areas without a personal connection. Teen STEM Careers provides that connection. STEM professionals work with students in interactive sessions to illustrate the rewards of a fulfilling STEM career.

Supporters of STEM Careers and our continuum of Teen Programs include Express Scripts, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, the Employees Community Fund of Boeing, Emerson Charitable Trust, the Gertrude and William A. Bernoudy Foundation, Nestle Purina PetCare, the William R. Orthwein, Jr. and Laura Rand Orthwein Foundation, the Mary Ranken Jordan and Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Foundation, Maritz, Commerce Bancshares, Inc., and the Fox Family Foundation.

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2/24/15 4:23 PM

Teen STEM Careers Laying the STEM Path to the Future

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 5

1856 – Led by Dr. George Engelmann, the Academy of Science of St. Louis was formed by the key science and education leaders of St. Louis. A state charter was requested and a library and museum were developed. The impressive collection included mounted and preserved specimens of mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish from Charles P. Chouteau.

2/24/15 4:23 PM

850 teens 22 events 93% strongly

Hundreds of middle and high school students from public, private and home schools across the agree or agree they entire St. Louis would like to learn region experience more science and hands-on, real-world opportunities in math in school science, engineering and medicine through Junior Academy. Corporations, science organizations and universities open their labs, research areas and libraries to teens at THE critical time when they are laying the science and technology path for their future. Junior Academy members realize the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to discovery and a strong, early grounding in math and science. Junior Academy offers challenging and engaging science competitions and opportunities for a full range of academic levels. Teen Science Cafes and Science at the Library allow teens to interact with science professionals in fun, informal and relaxed settings exploring trends such as nanotechnology, bionics and The Hunger Games.

Junior Academy is great! I can’t believe all of the scientists I have met! The hands-on experiences in the labswell I never imagined that I would get to be in a real research lab! Meeting teens from across the region is the best! Thank you! Mary N.

Junior Academy Member

– continued

1881 – The Academy library is the largest of its kind west of the Allegheny Mountains and contains nearly 3,000 books and 8,000 issues of scientific periodicals.

1869 – The Academy museum collections and library grow with the help of the Smithsonian Institution. Transactions, the Academy’s internationally disseminated scientific journal, helps establish St. Louis’ reputation as a center for science.

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2/24/15 4:23 PM

Junior Academy

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Scientists

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 7

1903 – The William McMillan family donates a building at 3817 Olive Street to house the Academy’s expansive collections and library. Transactions continues to be an internationally respected and distributed scientific journal.

2/24/15 4:23 PM


K-12 students

The Academy of Science St. Louis Science Fair is inquiry-based learning at its best! Students make real world connections as STEM-capable learners.

250 schools 4,500 top students

$60,000 in scholarships and awards

literate workforce of the future.

Recent research demonstrates the value of project-based learning for a STEM

The Academy’s Science Fair is the premier STEM Fair in St. Louis, with more than 50,000 K-12 students representing 250 schools throughout the region. Close to $60,000 in scholarships and awards are presented, including Most 529 College Savings accounts. High School students who have completed collegiate level research also compete for scholarship awards, and two students represent the Fair at the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair. Monsanto Fund and SunEdison continue their traditions as strong corporate citizens through their support of this high-impact demonstration of scientific learning and discovery.

– continued

1915 – Membership broadens to include teachers, laboratory staff, and college students. 1917 – Library consists of 50,000 volumes.

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 8

1923 – A special memorial issue of Transactions is published to honor the outstanding work of Academy member, Dr. Charles Henry Turner, researcher and educator.

2/24/15 4:23 PM

Science Fair

Bringing Science Inquiry to Life

1930s-1941 – Academy sponsors work of scientists during the Great Depression—including investigation and collection of artifacts of Native Americans in the Mississippi River Valley. Historical and valuable artifacts became part of the collections of the Academy, the Smithsonian, and the Missouri Resource Museum.

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2/24/15 4:23 PM


students and adults

60 events 113 speakers 31% more

STEM professionals this year

19 new Partnership

The Academy offers a broad range of science speakers, tours, and community wide public talks, workshops and citizen science events, catering to all ages and backgrounds. Most events are free, and others are a very modest fee.

Science Seminars feature all the trending topics that are shaping our future, from the Higgs boson and the fate of the universe to quantum computing. STEM professionals increase public awareness of science and its powerful role in our public and private lives.


Series include Art & Science in partnership with Craft Alliance; Conservation Conversations and Science Seminars in partnership with the Saint Louis Zoo; On Science in partnership with OASIS; On the Menu; Pioneering Science in partnership with Kirkwood High School; and Perspectives on Science & History in partnership with the Missouri History Museum.

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2/24/15 4:23 PM

Science Series

Connecting Science & the Community速

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 11

2/24/15 4:23 PM

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES For the Year Ended December 31, 2014

Revenue Grant revenue

$ 227,000



Membership dues


Gifts in-kind


Special events


Investment revenue for operations

264,937 3,295

Other income


Total Revenue

O�������� E������� Program services Management and general Development Total Operating Expenses

R������ M���� E�������

579,773 44,869 99,473 724,115


Operating Expenses 2014 $ 579,773

Program services

$ 44,869

Management and general

$ 99,473


A full 100% of your gift goes directly toward programs thanks to an exceptionally generous donor covering our administrative and fundraising expenses. Audit, financial position and 990 available at

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 12

– continued

1958 – The Academy increases science education. Museums of Science and Natural History are established at Oak Knoll Park. The Hall of Man, the Transparent Woman, the Stories of Flight, and Lighting draw hundreds of thousands of visitors.

2/24/15 4:23 PM

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION For the Year Ended December 31, 2014

Current Assets $ 234,763



Accounts receivable Pledges receivable


Pledges receivable-rent


Prepaid expenses


Total Current Assets

321,740 8,514,644

Investments Pledge Receivable - Rent


Equipment and Improvements

217,208 $ 9,612,778

Total Assets Current Liabilities

$ 142,737

Accounts Payable


Accrued Payroll Total Current Liabilities


Net Assets 8,790,376

Unrestricted Temporarily restricted


Permanently restricted

21,050 9,445,830

Total Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

2014 finances page B.indd 1

$ 9,612,778

1971-1984 – The Academy endorses the St. Louis Zoo-Museum District and development of a Science Center in conjunction with the James S. McDonnell Planetarium. The Academy transfers priceless collections but maintains organizational autonomy.

11/18/15 9:33 AM

817 students

and adults

50 teams 113 species 89% of students increased their knowledge of science careers

85% of students

felt connection to and civic pride for the park

BioBlitz is a citizen science f lash inventory of the ecosystems of St. Louis area parks. Teams of public volunteers led by biologists, naturalists and environmental enthusiasts search natural areas, listing as many different species as they can find. BioBlitz produces a timely and relevant snapshot of comparative data.

BioBlitz epitomizes the collaborative mission in pairing scientist team leaders with science advocates of all ages. Participants develop a new appreciation of these very special places. BioBlitz is generously funded in part by Laclede Gas Charitable Trust, Ameren and the Technology Entrepreneur Center.

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 14

2/24/15 4:23 PM

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 15


Citizen Science in Action

2/24/15 4:23 PM

Since its inception, the Academy has promoted the

recognition of impressive scientists in the St. Louis area. This tradition continues with the Academy Fellows Induction and Annual Outstanding St. Louis Scientist Awards. The Fellows of the Academy is a prestigious association of St. Louis scientists and engineers of national reputation. The Fellows organization creates opportunities to tap into the wealth of science and technology resources in our area for recommendations and insight. Many Academy Fellows are recipients of an Outstanding St. Louis Scientist Award.


Glenn C. Conroy, Ph.D.

Joseph J. H. Ackerman, Ph.D.

Joel D. Cooper, M.D.

Ramesh K. Agarwal, Ph.D.

C. Thomas Cori, Ph.D.

Constantine E. Anagnostopoulos, Ph.D.

Michael Cosmopoulos, Ph.D.

Charles L. Armstrong, Ph.D.

Linda Cottler, Ph.D.

Raymond E. Arvidson, Ph.D.

Ramanath Cowsik, Ph.D.

Cheryl S. Asa, Ph.D.

Jerome R. Cox, Jr., D.Sc.

Allen R. Atkins, Ph.D.

Roy Curtiss, III, Ph.D.

John P. Atkinson, M.D.

Ralph G. Dacey, Jr., M.D.

Bruce R. Bacon, M.D.

William H. Danforth, M.D.

M. Carolyn Baum, Ph.D., O.T.R.

Michael R. DeBaun, M.D., M.P.H.

Roger N. Beachy, Ph.D.

Kevin L. Deppermann

Robert B. Belshe, M.D.

Enrico Di Cera, M.D.

Carl M. Bender, Ph.D.

Dale Dorsett, Ph.D.

Stephen M. Beverley, Ph.D.

Milorad Dudukovic, Ph.D.

Pratim Biswas, Ph.D.

Timothy J. Eberlein, M.D.

Gregg Bogosian, Ph.D.

Sean R. Eddy, Ph.D.

Richard D. Bucholz, M.D.

Sarah C. R. Elgin, Ph.D.

Will D. Carpenter, Ph.D.

Alex S. Evers, M.D.

James C. Carrington, Ph.D.

Claude M. Fauquet, Ph.D.

William John Catalona, M.D.

David A. Fischhoff, Ph.D.

Bernard R. Chaitman, M.D.

Robert T. Fraley, Ph.D.

Babu Chalamala, Ph.D.

Carl Frieden, Ph.D.

Pana Charumilind, Ph.D.

Richard H. Gelberman, M.D.

Govindaswamy Chinnadurai, Ph.D.

George W. Gokel, Ph.D.

Dennis Choi, M.D., Ph.D.

Ursula W. Goodenough, Ph.D.

C. Robert Cloninger, M.D.

Jeffrey I. Gordon, M.D.

Graham A. Colditz, M.D., Ph.D.

George S. Graff

– continued

1991-1995 – The Academy opens independent science education and outreach office and provides scientists to speak at schools and organizations. Fellows created to honor extraordinary scientists and engineers.

2006 – 150th Anniversary The Academy dedicates Outreach & Education Center and Library. First Academy BioBlitz. New spirit of community/science collaboration in Science Seminar Partnerships.

2000 – The Academy assumes responsibility for the Greater St. Louis Science Fair.

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 16

2/24/15 4:23 PM


Professional Science Recognition

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 17

2/24/15 4:23 PM

Duane Grandgenett, Ph.D.

Marcus E. Raichle, M.D.

Charles R. Granger, Ph.D.

Peter H. Raven, Ph.D.

Maurice Green, Ph.D.

Robert E. Ricklefs, Ph.D.

Gregory R. Heck, Ph.D.

Alexander Rubin, Ph.D.

S. Allen Heininger, D.Sc.

Yoram Rudy, Ph.D.

John E. Heuser, M.D.

J. Evan Sadler, M.D., Ph.D.

Charles M. Hohenberg, Ph.D.

Daniela Salvemini, Ph.D.

David M. Holtzman, M.D.

Joshua R. Sanes, Ph.D.

Heidi R. Hope, Ph.D.

Krishnan K. Sankaran, Ph.D.

Robert Horsch, Ph.D.

Barbara A. Schaal, Ph.D.

Scott J. Hultgren, Ph.D.

Milton J. Schlesinger. Ph.D.

Alberto Isidori, Ph.D.

Sondra Schlesinger, Ph.D.

Martin H. Israel, Ph.D.

Robert D. Schreiber, Ph.D.

Ernest G. Jaworski, Ph.D.

Irene T. Schulze, Ph.D.

George B. Johnson, Jr., Ph.D.

Alan L. Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D.

Kattesh V. Katti, M.Sc.Ed, Ph.D., D.Sc.

H. Gerard Schwartz, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.

Elizabeth A. (Toby) Kellogg, Ph.D.

Karen Seibert, Ph.D.

Evan D. Kharasch, M.D., Ph.D.

Robert M. Senior, M.D.

Charles Kilo, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E.

Larry J. Shapiro, M.D.

Ganesh M. Kishore, Ph.D.

Sherman J. Silber, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Samuel Klein, M.D.

Patricia E. Simmons, Ph.D.

Stuart A. Kornfeld, M.D.

Jeffrey Skolnick, Ph.D.

Don R. Kozlowski

Eduardo Slatopolsky, M.D.

Toni Kutchan, Ph.D.

Raymond G. Slavin, M.D.

William M. Landau, M.D.

William S. Sly, M.D.

James V. Leonard

Donald L. Snyder, Ph.D.

Timothy J. Ley, M.D.

Stuart A. Solin, Ph.D.

Stephen H. Lipstein, MHA

Ananthachari Srinivasan, Ph.D.

Jennifer K. Lodge, Ph.D.

Philip D. Stahl, Ph.D.

Susan E. Mackinnon, M.D.

Joan E. Strassmann, Ph.D.

Robert Magill, Ph.D.

Claude N. Strauser, P.E., P.H., L.S.

Philip W. Majerus, M.D.

Nobuo Suga, Ph.D.

Elaine R. Mardis, Ph.D.

Janey S. Symington, Ph.D.

Paul S. Markovits, Ph.D.

Barna A Szabo, Ph.D.

Garland R. Marshall, Ph.D.

Steven L. Teitelbaum, M.D.

Mildred Mattfeldt-Beman, Ph.D., R.D.

Alan R. Templeton, Ph.D.

James M. McKelvey, Ph.D.

Jessie L. Ternberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Gerald Medoff, M.D.

George E. Thoma, Jr., M.D.

Brian J. Mitchell, Ph.D.

Erik Trinkaus, Ph.D

Kelle H. Moley, M.D.

Jonathan S. Turner, Ph.D.

John C. Morris, M.D.

Emil R. Unanue, M.D.

Aubrey R. Morrison , M.D., F.A.C.P., F.R.C.P.(C), F.R.C.P.(I)

David C. Van Essen, Ph.D.

Robert W. Murray, Ph.D.

Robert H. Waterston, M.D., Ph.D.

Philip Needleman, Ph.D. Charles W. Oertli, P.E. John W. Olney, M.D. Stephen R. Padgette, Ph.D. Patricia G. Parker, Ph.D. G. Alexander Patterson, M.D. William A. Peck, M.D. Carlos A. Perez, M.D. Frederick J. Perlak, Ph.D. Jane E. Phillips-Conroy, Ph.D. Richard E. Pinckert, Ph.D. Helen M. Piwnica-Worms, Ph.D. Kenneth S. Polonsky, M.D. Ettigounder Ponnusamy, Ph.D. Mabel L. Purkerson, M.D. Ralph S. Quatrano, Ph.D.

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 18

Lihong Wang, Ph.D. Patty Jo Watson, Ph.D. Virginia V. Weldon, M.D. Clifford M. Will, Ph.D. Luther S. Williams, Ph.D. Richard K. Wilson, Ph.D. Kevin A. Wise, Ph.D. William S. M. Wold, Ph.D. Thomas A. Woolsey, M.D. Mark S. Wrighton, Ph.D. Gregory Yablonsky, Ph.D. George Yatskievych, Ph.D. Frank C-P Yin, M.D., Ph.D. Wayne Yokoyama, M.D. Paul A. Young, Ph.D. Rudolph N. Yurkovich Charles F. Zorumski, M.D.

2/24/15 4:23 PM

Thank you!

. . .for giving the joy of science to more than 70,000 students and adults annually.

2013-2015 MAJOR DONORS

Dr. and Mrs. Philip and Marjorie Alderson

Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Debbie Franklin


Dr. and Mrs. Daniel and Norma Fraser

American Concrete Institute Missouri Chapter

Dr. and Mrs. Carl and Sari Frieden

Dr. Constantine Anagnostopoulos Dr. Charles R. Granger Anonymous

Greater St. Louis Dental Society

Dr. and Mrs. John and Andrea Atkinson

Greensfelder Attorneys at Law

Ms. Denise R. Baker and Mr. Andrew J. Knott

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Cathy Gutjahr

Ms. Janet Baum A.I.A. Dr. and Mrs. Roger and Teresa Beachy Gertrude and William A. Bernoudy Foundation Boeing Dr. Jeffrey Bonner and Dr. Melody Noel Bonner Richard Bosch, Ph.D. Breckinridge Capital Advisors Dr. and Mrs. Will and Hellen Carpenter Mr. Robert Caulk and Ms. Anne O’Callaghan Centrics Dr. and Mrs. Brian and Vicki Clevinger Ms. Kimberly Coleman

Dr. Michael Gross

Dr. and Mrs. S. Allen and Margot Heininger Dr. Katherine Henzler-Wildman HOK Holton Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin and Eileen Hulsey Dr. and Mrs. Martin and Margaret Israel Mr. David Isserman and Ms. Anna Berger Isserman Dr. and Mrs. Ernest and Pauline Jaworski Dr. Sean Joe Mary Ranken Jordan and Ettie A. Jordan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Kathleen Kalin

Dr. and Mr. Lynn and Joe Cornelius

Dr. Toni Kutchan

Dr. William H. Danforth

LMI Aerospace

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doerner East-Central District Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri East-West Gateway Council of Governments Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Eberlein Drs. Sarah and Robert Elgin Emerson Charitable Trust Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis Enlighteneering

Laclede Gas Charitable Trust Dr. Jennifer K. Lodge and Dr. Marshall Michener Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Maritz Maryville University Drs. James and Rosalie McCarter Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Sandra McCormick Mr. and Mrs. John and Anne McDonnell

Express Scripts Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. James and Anne McLaren

Dr. and Mrs. Graham Fisher

Drs. Judith and Gerald Medoff

Fox Family Foundation

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2/24/15 4:23 PM

Ms. Kimberly Michel Missouri Botanical Garden Missouri History Museum Missouri Humanities Council Monsanto Company Monsanto Fund Dr. and Mrs. John and Lucy Morris Dr. and Mrs. Philip and Sima Needleman Nestle Purina Petcare Novus International

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Saint Louis Science Center St. Louis Business Journal St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society St. Louis Public Radio Ms. J. J. Stupp Mr. Robert Stupp Stupp Brothers Bridge & Iron Company Foundation SunEdison

Mr. Ben Oberkfell and Ms. Laura Hayden

Dr. and Mr. Janey and Stuart Symington

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Sue Oertli

Technology Entrepreneur Center Dr. Jessie L. Ternberg

Dr. Paul Olivo

Thompson Coburn LLP

William R. Orthwein and Laura Rand Orthwein Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. George and Lois Tomazi

Peabody Energy

University of Missouri - St. Louis

Dr. and Mrs. William and Patricia Peck

University of Missouri St. Louis Biology Department

Ms. Kendra Perry

Mr. Marc Vanacht

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Cynthia Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Lida Wagner

Drs. James and Leslie Peterson

Washington University in St. Louis Department of Cell Biology & Physiology

Philpott Family Foundation Dr. Mabel Purkerson Dr. and Mrs. Ralph S. and Lee Anne Quatrano Drs. Peter and Patricia Raven Dr. Robert Ricklefs and Dr. Susanne Renner Saint Louis University Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Washington University in St. Louis Institute for School Partnership Washington University in St. Louis School of Engineering & Applied Science Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine Neuroscience Program Webster University

Saint Louis Zoological Park

Wentzville School District 4

Saks Charitable Foundation

Dr. David Carl Wilson

Dr. Martha Schlicher and Mr. Frank Kartmann

Mr. Jim Wilson

Dr. and Mrs. H. Gerard and Sally Schwartz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Mary Anne Sedey Dr. Larry Shapiro and Ms. Carol-Ann Uetake

Dr. and Mrs. William S.M. and Susan Wold Dr. and Mrs. Tom and Cynthia Woolsey Dr. Mark Wrighton and Ms. Risa Zwerling

Dr. Karen Siebert

Dr. and Mrs. Peter and Diane Wyse Jackson

Dr. and Mrs. William and Margaret Ann Sly

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne and Lynn Yokoyama

Dr. and Mrs. David and Karen Smoller

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph and Leslie Yurkovich

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2/24/15 4:23 PM

Give the Joy of Science JOIN FELLOW BRILLIANT MINDS TO BUILD A BRIGHTER FUTURE Membership in the Academy Members receive advance notice of programs led by today’s leading-edge scientists, invitations to members-only events, and a Junior Academy membership. Your generous gift today builds the doctors, engineers and physicists of tomorrow. A full 100% of your gift provides free programs for more than 70,000 students and adults annually.

James B. Eads Society Eads Society members are devoted to improving our quality of life through science with a generous gift of $500 or greater annually. Eads Society members receive private receptions with notable science speakers, special invitation to Eads Society receptions, special recognition in Report to the Community, and three Junior Academy memberships.

Charles P. Choteau Society Members of the Charles P. Choteau Society are committed to continuously connecting science and the community. Enjoy the feeling of giving a larger gift–but spread comfortably over the course of a year.

Dr. George Engelmann Society Engelmann Society members are devoted to building a brighter future by making a bequest to the Academy. Please consider The Academy of Science of St. Louis when making your estate plans. Your gift can be any size; you can specify a percentage or specific dollar armount in your will. Or you can name the Academy as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. Please consult your financial advisor or legal counsel to provide for the Academy.

Junior Academy Junior Academy membership includes members-only scientific field trips, advanced registration privileges, and Academy-sponsored science challenge contests. Memberships for students in grades 6 - 12 are $30 for one student or $40 for a family.

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 21

2/24/15 4:23 PM

BOARD OF TRUSTEES AND STAFF Executive Committee Benjamin H. Hulsey, J.D. President Kenneth L. Wagner, J.D. Vice President Robert L. Caulk Treasurer J.J. Stupp Assistant Treasurer Jennifer K. Lodge, Ph.D. Secretary Philip O. Alderson, M.D. Of ficer Frank Doerner Of ficer Janet R. Jackson, Ph.D. Of ficer Trustees & Ex-Officio Parviz H. Ansari, Ph.D. Janet Baum, AIA Jeffrey P. Bonner, Ph.D. James C. Carrington, Ph.D. Norma Clay ton Brian Clevinger, Ph.D. Graham Fisher, Ph.D. Dean L. Frank lin, J.D. Thomas George, Ph.D. Victoria Gonzalez Charles R. Granger, Ph.D. Charles Hoessle Rick Holton, Jr. Carissima Hudson, Ph.D. David Isserman Frances Levine, Ph.D. Paul S. Markovits, Ph.D. James P. McCarter, M.D., Ph.D. Judy Medoff, Ph.D. Charles W. Oertli, P.E. James C. Peterson, Ph.D. Mabel Purkerson, M.D.

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 22

Ralph S. Quatrano, Ph.D. Peter H. Raven, Ph.D. Barbara Schaal, Ph.D. Martha Schlicher, Ph.D. William S. Sly, M.D. David A. Smoller, Ph.D. James A. Stemmler, J.D. Janey S. Symington, Ph.D. George Tomazi, P.E. Bert Vescolani Cheryl Watkins-Moore, M.B.A. David Carl Wilson, Ph.D. Greg Wilson, D.Sc. Peter Wyse Jackson, Ph.D. H. Gerard Schwartz, Jr., Ph.D., P.E. President Emeritus Thomas A. Woolsey, M.D. President Emeritus George E. Thoma, M.D. President Emeritus Staff Mary E. Burke Chief Executive Of ficer Denise Baker Development Director Denise Charles, CPA Chief Financial Of ficer Pegg y James Nacke Director of Special Projects and Events Rose Jansen Director of Speakers for Science Ashley Newport Administrative Assistant for Special Projects and Events Carolyn Noe Community Science Programs Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator

2/24/15 4:23 PM

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 23

2/24/15 4:23 PM

To support the Academy’s mission as a donor, speaker, or volunteer please contact: The Academy of Science – St. Louis 5050 Oakland Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63110 314.533.8083

2014 Report to the Community 2.indd 24

2/24/15 4:23 PM

2014-15 Report to the Community  
2014-15 Report to the Community  

Every year, the Academy publishes an annual report to inform the community about its initiatives and accomplishments.