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The Bet

〈打賭〉是俄國小說家兼劇作家安東.契訶夫 (Anton Chekhov, 1860–1904)的短篇故



—Synopsis by Ted Pigott


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事。契訶夫為現實主義大師,擅長以精簡的文 字刻劃眾生百態,如本篇中律師與銀行家的知 出乎意料,發人深省。

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night, a banker was hosting a party.

A question was raised: Which is worse,

the death penalty1 or life imprisonment?u A young lawyer stated that while both were 05

immoral,2 at least life in prison allowed a person to go on living. The rich banker disagreed. “I’ll bet two million dollars that you couldn’t last five years in solitary confinement.†” The young


man replied, “I’ll take the bet, but I would stay not five but fifteen years.” They decided that the young lawyer would live in a room on the banker’s property. He could neither leave the room nor receive visitors. 15

Indeed, he could not have any contact with people. The banker would give him books and a musical instrument, but if the lawyer left the room, even for a moment, he would lose the bet. The first year of the man’s imprisonment was


difficult. To relieve3 his depression,4 he played the piano and read lighthearted u novels. The next year, the man stopped playing the piano and spent his time reading the classics. Then, the man stopped reading and began writing.


However, he usually ended up in tears, tearing up in frustration5 what he had written. * 中文翻譯請參閱第 66 –67 頁



Classics Corner

The Bet•

關鍵解析 Language Notes

字彙 Vocabulary

1. not A but B、neither A nor B 的句型

* 1.

The credit card company will charge you a late fee as a penalty if you don’t pay your bills on time.

接文法上結構對等的字詞,意思分別是: 2.

不是 A 而是 B

* 3.

既不是 A 也不是 B

• I was unable to find Steve; he was neither at work 皆介系詞片語 nor at home.

* 4.

近的 B 作變化。

* 5.

• Not Roy but his brothers are on the bowling team. 加入保齡球隊的並非羅伊而是他的兄弟們。



2. end up

depression [d6`pr5]4n] n.


frustration [fr9s`tre]4n] n.



† 為補充說明

imprisonment [6m`pr6zxm4nt] n. 監禁(life imprisonment 指「終身監禁;無期徒刑」) lighthearted [`la6t`h3rt6d] adj. 不嚴肅的;輕鬆 愉快的

† solitary confinement [`s3l4%t5r6] [k4n`fa6nm4nt]

• Neither I nor my sister likes to play hockey. 我和姊姊都不喜歡玩曲棍球。


Exercise is good for releasing frustration.


動詞搭配 his brothers, 用複數形

relieve [r6`liv] v.

Mindy’s depression is affecting her eating and sleeping habits.


+ not A but B 及 neither A nor B 作主詞時,動詞要搭配較


Patsy drank some hot lemon tea to relieve her sore throat.


neither A nor B

immoral [6(m)`m7r4l] adj.

Ken doesn’t eat meat because he thinks it’s immoral to kill animals for food.


• Shaun stays slim by eating not candy but fruit when he wants a snack.

penalty [`p5nyt6] n. (因違法或違反規定所受的)懲罰 (death penalty 指「死刑」)

not . . . but . . . 和 neither . . . nor . . . 都是用來連

not A but B


指「獨居監禁」 ,為興起於十九世紀的一種囚禁方 式,受刑人不准與他人接觸以避免互相影響。

動詞搭配 my sister, 用第三人稱單數形


此片語後面接補語,說明某人事物最後的狀況或結果, 常見的補語型態有:

介系詞∕副詞(片語) 結果……(文中用法)

end up +




Give It a Try


q George is so rich that he has ____ one ____ three cars.

• I have no idea how my wallet ended up in the closet. 我不知道我的皮夾最後怎麼會在衣櫥裡。

• We were supposed to go to the movies, but we ended up staying at home because of the rain. 我們本來要去看電影的,但最後因為下雨而待在家裡。

• After hiking for miles, we ended up lost in the middle of a forest.


A. not, but

B. neither, nor

w We didn’t know what to do with the old clothing, so we ended up ____ to charity.

A. given it

B. giving it

e Howard suffered from deep ____ after his wife died.


• Hans started out poor but ended up a millionaire.


A. penalty

B. depression * 答案請參閱第 67 頁




A Time to Get Organized 25

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1. Falling Behind

做好時間管理好處多 手機掃一掃 收看 動 英文

Jimmy bumps1 into his classmate Angie, and his books and papers fall to the floor. A Angie

J Jimmy

關鍵解析 Language Notes

wish 的用法 長度: 1 分 24 秒

動詞 wish 在對話中表示「但願;真希望」,用來表達與現 在事實相反的期望,後面要接假設語氣的句子,句型為:

A: Whoa, Jimmy. Where’s the fire?† J: (Picking up his books and papers) Sorry, Angie. I’m on my way to† a rehearsalu for the play. Then I have to meet with some of the members of Movie Club. And there’s that math test tomorrow . . . A: Gosh, Jimmy. Are you OK? You sound pretty stressed. J: I’m exhausted!2 With the clubs and meetings, duties as class president, 3 the play, and homework, I don’t have time to sleep. And I’m still behind in everything I do. A: It sounds like you bit off more than you can chew.† J: But I love everything I do. I don’t want to give anything up. I just wish I could manage4 my time better. A: Well, time management can help, but part of that is avoiding overload.u J: So what do I do? A: You can start by prioritizingu the things you need to do. What’s most important? J: I guess that would be homework, and then being class president. I have a responsibility to the other students. A: OK. So, another time management tip is saying no to things. What are you going to say no to, the play or Movie Club? J: (Sighing) I guess I don’t have time to watch movies anyway . . .

S. + wish +

S. + were . . . S. + V-ed S. + could V.

• I wish I were better at playing the piano. 但願我的鋼琴彈得再好一點。

• Eric wishes he could go out, but his father won’t let him. 艾瑞克希望他可以外出,但他爸爸不讓他出門。

字彙 Vocabulary *1. bump

[b9mp] v.


撞;碰(bump into 在對話中指「撞到」,還


As I turned around, I bumped into a woman behind me. *2.

exhaust [6g`z7st] v.

使精疲力竭(對話中的 exhausted 為


Taking care of a new baby has exhausted Jenny completely. *3.

president [`pr5z4d4nt] n. (class

主席;某組織的最高職務者 president 指「班代;班長」)

Susan was chosen to be the new class president. *4.

manage [`m1n6d.] v.

管理;經營(第七句的 management

[`m1n6d.m4nt] 為名詞)

Jack gave me some good advice on managing stress. u


† 為補充說明

*u rehearsal [r6`h-sy] n. 排演;彩排 u

overload [`ov0%lod] n. 超載;超出負荷


prioritize [pra6`7r4%ta6z] v. 按優先順序處理

† Where’s the fire? 用來對匆忙的人表示「你急著要去哪裡?」 † on one’s way to . . . 指「在某人去……的路上」,後面常接某 地點或場合。

† bite off more than one can chew [t]u] 字面意思是「咬超 過某人能夠咀嚼的東西」,引申指「沒有量力而為」。

* 中文翻譯請參閱第 71 頁


Daily Conversation

A Time to Get Organized •


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23 / 慢速 MP3 49

2. Getting Ahead

手機掃一掃 收看 動 英文

A month later, Angie sees Jimmy with one of his teachers. P Mr. Parks

J Jimmy

A Angie

長度: 1 分 24 秒

P: I’m impressed at how much your grades have improved this past month. J: Thank you, Mr. Parks. I’ve been focusing more on my studies these days. P: Well, it shows. Keep up the good work, Jimmy. (He leaves.) A: Wow! Someone seems more in control of his life. J: Yes, I am. I think I’ve finally mastered time management. Now, I make a daily1 plan and put a time limit2 to each task.3 A: That sounds very organized. J: I even have an app on my phone that sends alerts4 to me so I know when to move on to the next task. A: That’s a good idea. J: And since I’ve learned to say no to new afterschool activities, I’ve been able to cut out a few distractions.u A: So, less multitasking and more focusing. And are you still falling asleep during your classes and meetings? J: No. I have time to sleep and eat healthy meals now. This gives me more energy, so I’m able to work better. In fact, I’m even ahead in most of my school projects. A: You know, I think my life could benefit from better time management, too. What did you say the name of that app was? J: Let me show you . . .

關鍵解析 Language Notes

cut out 的不同意義 a 表示「去除、戒除(某事物)」,受詞通常為對身心健康 有害的事物,如文中用法。

• Cutting out bad habits may take some time. 改掉壞習慣可能需要一些時間。

• My dentist said I should cut out soda if I want to protect my teeth. 我的牙醫說我想保護牙齒的話就應該戒掉汽水。

b 表示「(從紙、布等)剪下;切下」。

• These pictures were cut out of a magazine. 這些圖片是從一本雜誌上剪下來的。

c 表示「不讓(某人)參加;把(某人)排除在外」。

• We want to cut Franklin out of the family’s vacation plans. 我們想將富蘭克林排除在全家的度假計畫之外。

字彙 Vocabulary *1.

daily [`del6] adj.



Ken used to jog once a week, but now he does it as part of his daily routine. *2.

limit [`l6m6t] n.


There is no limit to what you can learn through books. *3.

task [t1sk] n.


Our first task is to find out what’s causing the problem; then, we can fix it. 4.

alert [4`l-t] n.


The government gave out an alert that a storm was approaching. * 中文翻譯請參閱第 71 頁 u



distraction [d6`str1k]4n] n. 使人分心的事





Ordering Fast Food 速食店點餐英語 Part


課文朗讀》正常 CD/MP3


Cheeseburger Value Meal Bacon Burger Combo Meal Chicken Wrap Combo Meal Fried Chicken Family Meal

$5.99 $7.49 $7.99 $15.99


Picture Dictionary 圖解字典

Look, we don’t have to wait in line. 妳看,我們不用排隊耶。

Let me see if I’ve brought the coupons.



t 堡配料


bun [b9n]


mustard [`m9st0d]


pickle slice [`p6ky] [sla6s] beef patty [bif] [`p1t6] bacon [`bek4n]




ketchup [`k5t]4p] 番茄醬


cheese [t]iz] 起司 lettuce [`l5t6s]

q m  enu board [`m5nju] [b7rd] 點餐看板


w s  lush machine / frozen drink machine [sl9] ] [m4`]in] [`frozx] [dr6;k] 冰沙機 e s  oft serve machine [s7ft] [s-v] 霜淇淋機 r s  oda fountain [`sod4] [`fa8ntx] 汽水機

28 插畫 / 張家榮

Side Orders French Fries Onion Rings Popcorn Chicken Beef Pita

Desserts $1.99 $1.99 $2.99 $3.99

Apple Pie Ice Cream Cheesecake Churro

Drinks $1.49 $1.99 $2.29 $2.99

Soft Drink Juice Frozen Drink Iced Coffee

Ordering Fast Food•

Live Talk

$0.99 $1.29 $1.49 $1.49

i What would you like to order?

Here’s your food. 這是您的餐點。




Thank you!



Please give me a cheeseburger value meal. 請給我一份起司漢堡超值餐。





t c  ash register [k1] ] [`r5d.6st0] 收銀機

o taco [`t3ko] 墨西哥袋餅

y s  traw dispenser [str7] [d6`sp5ns0] 吸管盒

a b  urrito [b4`r6to] 墨西哥捲餅

u q  ueue barrier [kju] [`b1r60] 排隊引導分隔帶

s n  achos [`n3t]oz] 起司玉米片

i d  rive-through window [`dra6v~qru] [`w6ndo] 得來速窗口


d c  hurro [`t]uro] 吉拿棒


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