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The Art of Persuasion 職場說話藝術

「說服」可以這麼說 • convince [k4n`v6ns] • persuade [p0`swed] 名 persuasion [p0`swe.4n] • win over

禮貌性 提出意見 • Could I offer my perspective on this? 我可以對這件事提出我的觀點嗎?

• What do you say to an alternative method? 你覺得其他方法如何呢?

• May I make a suggestion here? 我可以給個建議嗎?


The Art of Persuasion

你是否覺得自己的意見很難被同事或上司採納呢?或明明是 完全相同的建議,但老闆偏偏就不聽你的版本?這時職場說 話藝術就派上用場了!說話留餘地並且充份準備,絕對是職 場溝通的不二法門。

用假設語 氣使人卸 下心防 • If you’ll just give me a moment, I think I might have the perfect solution. 如果你能給我一點時間,我想我或許會有完美的 解決方法。

• That’s not a bad idea, but maybe we could approach this slightly differently. 那是個不錯的想法,但或許我們可用稍微不同的 方式進行。

• Perhaps we might consider looking at this from a different angle.

贏得對方 信任 •B  elieve me — this approach will work wonders. 相信我──這個方法會有奇效的。

• Trust me — I have everything covered. 相信我──我會處理好所有事情的。

• I think you’ll like what I have in mind. 我認為你會喜歡我想的這個方案。



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q The Direct Approach 直言不諱篇

長度 1 分 32 秒

手機掃一掃,收看 動 英文


I beg your pardon?


這句話通常會依語調而有不同的涵義。例如,本對話中的語調就顯現出說話者不悅的情緒。 行銷經理安迪(Andy)與他的創意團隊布萊兒(Blair)和克里斯(Chris)開會討論公司 新款智慧手錶的產品發表會。

A: So, after the dancers and the laser show have finished, the podiumh will rise up from the floor presenting the

那麼,在舞群與雷射秀結束後, 舞台會從地板上升起,以閃亮的 霓虹色盒子呈現這款錶。

watch in a flashing1 neon case. B: I’m sorry, Andy, but having go-go dancers is a ridiculous idea. This is a product launch, not a strip joint.

抱歉,安迪,但請舞群是個荒謬 的點子。這是產品發表會,不是 脫衣舞秀。

A: I beg your pardon? I’m not sure I appreciate your tone here, Blair. I ––

妳再說一遍?我不是很欣賞妳現 在的口氣,布萊兒。我──

seriously「當真地」在此配合著說話者的語調,可代 換為 Are you kidding? 表達出嘲諷的意思。

B: Seriously. Lasers? Neon lights? It all sounds extremely tacky.2

當真嗎?雷射?霓虹燈?全部聽 起來都超俗氣的。

A: Tacky? I’ll have you know ––


C: I think what Blair means is that for a product of this quality, an understated3 approach might be better.

我想布萊兒指的是對於有這種品 質的產品,低調的方法或許會更 好。

Key Words 字 彙 最 前 線 1.

flashing [`fl1]6;] adj.




Tim spotted the flashing lights of the police car in the distance and decided to reduce his speed. 2.

tacky [`t1k6] adj.


Janice thinks the way she has decorated her house is stylish, but I think it looks quite tacky. 3.

understated [%9nd0`stet6d] adj.


The colors in this painting are understated yet still eye-catching. 14

podium [`pod64m] n. 舞台

The Art of Persuasion

w Softly, Softly 柔性勸說篇

關鍵 用法

get sb onside




A: So, you think what I have in mind is tasteless?

那麼,你們認為我想的方案沒有 品味嗎?

C: I wouldn’t go that far, but we might tone it down a notch.h

我不會說得那麼重,但我們或許 應該含蓄一點。

B: That’s putting it lightly!

這樣講太輕描淡寫了! put 在此指「表達、表述」,跟一 般所認知的「擺放」有所不同。

C: Maybe we could consider dropping1 the dancers. They might not mesh well with our target audience.

或許我們可以考慮拿掉舞群。他 們可能無法與我們的目標族群搭 得很好。

A: Well, since you put it like that. Sorry. I have to take this. It’s an important client.

嗯,既然你都這麼說了。抱歉, 我必須接這通電話。這是位重要 的客戶。

B: How did you manage to get him onside like that? I’ve been plugging away for weeks, and he just wouldn’t listen.

你是怎樣讓他聽你話的?我已經 試了好幾個禮拜,他就是不肯 聽。

A: It’s not what you say, but how you say it. You need to learn the art of diplomacy.2

重點不是妳說什麼,而是妳怎麼 說。妳得學一下交際的藝術。

Key Words 字 彙 最 前 線 1.


drop [dr3p] v. 拋棄 Seeing that no one agreed with his plan, Declan decided to drop the idea. diplomacy [d6`plom4s6] n.


You have to use diplomacy when dealing with our boss as she can be very short-tempered.

hrase Focus / 片語威力通 • tone down


If you want the manager to accept your design for the Web site, you’ll probably have to tone it down a bit. 如果你要讓經理接受你的網站設計,你或許須表達得含蓄點。

• mesh with


This slogan does not mesh well with our brand image. 這則標語跟我們的品牌形象不太搭。

字彙補給站 h

notch [n3t] ] n. 等級

• plug away


Peter is optimistic and will continue to plug away in the face of any setbacks. 彼得很樂觀,面對任何挫敗仍持續嘗試。


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Out of This World:

My Love from the Star Generates Billions Around Asia

星星的億萬經濟學 The K-drama “My Love from the Star” tells

meeting in Taiwan in March, 3,000 tickets were

the romantic story of an alien h man and an

sold in an hour even with prices as high as

earthlingh woman. Despite its implausible1 plot,


the series triggered2 a new round of Korean Wave in Asia. The numbers showed that one in four Koreans watched the series, and it also met with amazing success in China, where it was streamedh more than 1.3 billion times and sold for US$30,000 per episode. When Kim Soohyun, the male lead, held a fan

Commercial sponsors benefited from the series. The Line app, originally not particularly popular in Korea, was installed3 700,000 times in three months because the male and female leads in the show send messages with it. Among Line emoticons, the ones related to the show were the most downloaded in China and Hong Kong.

電視劇小辭典 • K-drama

韓劇(為 Korean drama 的簡稱)

• Korean Wave 韓流(1990 年代後期興起的韓國 文化勢力)

• lead [lid] (戲劇等的)主角



圖片提供 / flickr、翻攝自 SBS 官網

李輝京(S&C 集團小兒子,朴海鎮飾)



My Love from the Star Generates Billions Around Asia

一分鐘看《來自星星的你》 • 韓國 SBS 電視台製播的連續劇,由編劇朴智 恩和導演張太侑聯手打造。

• 全智賢睽違 14 年的電視劇作品,也她是繼韓 國影史最賣座電影《神偷大劫案》後再度與金 秀賢搭檔。

• 以《朝鮮王朝實錄》中記載 1609 年的不明飛 行物體記錄為基礎,描述在地球生活 400 年 的外星人與著名女星墜入愛河的浪漫喜劇。

Key Words 字 彙 最 前 線 1.




install [6n`st7l] v.


installation [%6nst4`le]4n] I need to install the latest version of this smartphone app as my current one is out of date. 名

Taiwan, a deluge4 of smartphone users 4.

deluge [`d5l%jud.] n.


A deluge of protesters descended on the parliament building.

lead experienced sales growth of 195 percent in Korea and sold out elsewhere in Asia. Meanwhile,

trigger [`tr6g0] v.

The band’s popularity triggered a wave of similar artists looking to cash in on their success.

客任務》中的子彈時間(bullet time)所拍攝。

downloaded them using circumvention software.† The YSL lipstick used by the female


I can never get into horror movies as I find the plots so implausible.

• 男主角都敏俊靜止時間的超能力是採電影《駭

Although the emoticons were not available in

implausible [6m`pl7z4by] adj.


shoot up


The unemployment rate in the city has shot up over the last few months.

rent in Seoul’s Mok-dong district, where the apartments of the leads are located, has risen 5-10 percent. Tourism to Korea shot up5 10 to 20 percent in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013.

字彙補給站 h

alien [`el64n] n. 外星人(文中作修飾語)


earthling [`-ql6;] n. 地球人(文中作修飾語)


stream [strim] v. 視頻播放


,標題兼取字 † out of this world 原指「極好的、無與倫比的」 面義「不是這個世界的」來點出《星》劇所締造的成功以及男 主角為外星人的身分。 , † circumvention [%s-k4m`v5n]4n] 指「規避、繞行」 circumvention software 即所謂的「翻牆軟體」。 中譯

韓劇《來自星星的你》描述外星男與地球女的浪漫愛 情故事。劇情雖不合理,該劇卻在亞洲引爆新一波韓流。數 據顯示每四個韓國人就有一人收看;而該劇在中國也獲得驚 人的成功,視頻點閱數超過 13 億次且單集版權費達三萬美 元。男主角金秀賢三月在台灣辦粉絲見面會時,儘管最高票 價達新台幣五千元,三千張門票仍在一小時內搶購一空。 贊助廠商可說是《星》劇的受惠者。因為劇中男女主角 常用 Line 來對話,讓原本在韓國沒有特別受歡迎的 Line 三 個月內安裝數達 70 萬次。在 Line 的貼圖中,和該劇相關 的貼圖下載率在中國與香港居冠。儘管這些貼圖未在台灣推 劉世美(劇中飾演女明星,劉寅娜飾)


出,大量的智慧型手機用戶還是透過翻牆軟體下載。女主角 所使用的 YSL 口紅在韓國業績成長 195%,並在亞洲其他地 區出現斷貨情形。此外,男女主角住處的所在地首爾木洞, 房租因此上漲 5-10%。今年第一季的赴韓旅遊人數也較去年 同期成長了 10-20%。 39


The Right Application 漂亮求職信寫作大全


application letter cover letter 求職信 opening [ `op4n6;]

dedicated [ `d5d4%ket6d]

n. (職位的)空缺

adj. 敬業的

position/post n. 職位;職務

vacancy [ `vek4ns6] n. 缺額

attach [4`t1t] ] v. 附加

enclose [6n`kloz] v. (在信函中)附帶

diligent [`d6l4d.4nt] adj. 勤奮的

enthusiastic [ 6n%quz6`1st6k] adj. 熱忱的

professional [pr4`f5]4ny] adj. 專業的

reliable [ r6`la64by] adj. 可信賴的



互動版》正常 MP3 - 17 / 慢速 MP3 - 43 朗讀版》Audio CD - 17





新鮮人求職信 寫作要點 Upcoming vacancies

Dear Mr. Winterbottom: My friend, Alfie Ramsey, informed me that there might be an

Mention how you know about the post.

opening at your company for an online copy editor. I have


therefore attached my résumé in the hope that you might consider me for the role. Having just graduated with a B.A. in journalism from the

Give an outline of your educational background and experience related to the post.

University of Texas at Austin, I am eager1 to put into practice all that I have learned over the past four years. As you will see

概述你的教育背景以及與職務 相關的經驗。

from my résumé, I have had experience as a writer and editor, contributing2 to the university’s award-winning magazine and spending two months interning3 at the Web site of the Austin-based TV station KVUE. In addition to my eye for detail and top-notch4 copy-editing

Sell yourself by describing your skills and positive personal characteristics.

skills, I would like to stress that I am a diligent, dedicated and

描述自己的技能與正面的個人特 質來推銷自己。

enthusiastic employee. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Offer suitable close. 給予合適的結語。

Sincerely, Glen Hoddle

Key Words 字 彙 最 前 線 1.

eager [`ig0] adj.


contribute [k4n`tr6bjut]


v. 為……寫稿(+ to)


hrase Focus / 片語威力通 3.

intern [6n`t-n] v.


top-notch [`t3p`n3t] ] adj.

• put into practice

實習 最優秀的


Biz magazine 125