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ã 重點單字 ○

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. pleasure [ `pl5.0 ] n. 愉快;喜悅 It’s a pleasure to meet you. 很高興認識你。

2. search [ s-t] ] v. 搜尋

Kenny is searching for his test grade on the list.

The Perfect Present 送禮送到心坎裡

肯尼正在表單上搜尋自己的考試成績。 ◎

3. male [ mel ] adj. 男性的

That male nurse is very friendly. 那位男護理師很友善。

4. opinion [ 4`p6nj4n ] n. 意見;看法

What’s your opinion on my new haircut? 你對我的新髮型有什麼看法?

ã 學習焦點

1. hang out 相聚;打發時間 其後以 with 接對象。

• Sandy often hangs out with her friends at

a café near her apartment.


2. 動名詞當主詞的用法 動名詞當主詞時要視為第三人稱單數,搭配單數動詞。

• Playing video games is my favorite thing

to do on weekends.


3. stop by 短暫停留;順道造訪 其後直接接地方名詞。

• I stopped by the bank on my way home. 我在回家的路上順便去了一趟銀行。

Part A 01

課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 03 慢速 MP3 67 單字例句》 CD/MP3 04

課文講解》MP3 93

手機掃一下 生動對話即時看 長度:41 秒

Benny and Joyce are at the entrance to a department store. 班尼和喬伊絲在一家百貨公司入口。

(Joyce = J ; Benny = B) J: T h a n k s f o r c o m i n g a l o n g o n t h i s

shopping trip. B: Hanging out with you is always a

pleasure.1 What are you searching2 for? J: I need a birthday present. It’s for one of

my male3 friends. B: So you need some advice from a male

friend, right? J: That’s right. Having your opinions4 would

ABC 超音波 sure 發 [ .0 ] 的音,如文中的 pleasure 和常見的 treasure、measure 等字。


____ Who is Benny? A Joyce’s brother. B Joyce’s friend. C Joyce’s husband. D Joyce’s boss. 12

be very useful. B: Well, you invited the right guy. I have

lots of opinions. J: So where do you think we should go

first? B: Let’s start at the men’s clothing. We can

stop by the floor guide to see where it is.

How about this sweater?

ã 重點單字 ○

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. sweater [ `sw5t0 ] n. 毛衣

I borrowed this sweater from Gina. 這件毛衣是我跟吉娜借的。

2. businessman [ `b6zn6s%m1n ] n. 商人 (複數為 businessmen [ `b6zn6s%m5n ])

Phil makes a lot of money as a businessman. It’s too colorful. He can’t wear it to work.

Part B 04

課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 05 慢速 MP3 68 單字例句》 CD/MP3 06

課文講解》MP3 94

菲爾從商賺了很多錢。 ◎

3. select [ s4`l5kt ] v. 選擇

Martin always selects a seat at the back of the room. 馬汀總是選會議室後面的座位。

手機掃一下 生動對話即時看 長度:50 秒

After leaving the elevator, Benny and Joyce start looking at the men’s clothing. 走出電梯後,班尼和喬伊絲開始逛男裝區。

(Joyce = J ; Benny = B) J: How about this sweater?1 It’s 50 percent

4. watch [ w3t] ] n. 手錶

That watch costs over a thousand dollars. 那只手錶要價超過一千元。

參考單字 á

chef [ ]5f ] n. 主廚 skip [ sk6p ] v. 跳過;略過 ã 學習焦點

1. 50 percent off 打五折

off. That’s a good deal. B: It’s too colorful. If your friend is a

businessman2 like me, he won’t like it. He can’t wear it to work. J: I guess clothing is a personal choice.

(They move on to the household goods department.) B: A chef’s* knife would be a good gift. I

can select3 one. J: I can’t give someone a knife. That’s bad


percent [ p0`s5nt ] 是名詞「百分比」的意思。10 percent off 表示「打九折」、70 percent off 表示 「打三折」,以此類推。

• Everything in the store is 70 percent off



2. (Sth) is a good deal. (某事物)很划算。 deal [ dil ] 是名詞「交易」。 • These flight tickets aren’t really a good deal. 這些機票不是很划算。

3. wear (clothes) to (place) 穿(衣物)去(某地) wear 的三態為 wear-wore-worn。 • You can’t wear those tiny shorts to school. 你不能穿那件迷你短褲去學校。

B: Oh, you’re right. J: Let’s take the escalator down to the

luxury goods. We should skip * the watches,4 though. They’re bad luck, too. 中文翻譯和測驗解答請見第 60 頁


q An important ______ will visit us today. w Is that ______ made of gold? e I want to ______ the best hotel. UNIT 1





登山步道全攻略 21

課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 33 慢速 MP3 81 單字例句》CD/MP3 34

課文講解》MP3 107

It was early afternoon when I got to the start of the hiking trail. I had gloves1 and a backpack2 with snacks and water. I also had a camera for taking pictures during the hike. The first part of the trail was tough.* The steps3 went up and up. I thought they would never end. At the top, I took a short rest. On the next part of the trail, I had to be careful. Roots4 and stones were everywhere. If I put my foot in the wrong place, I would fall.

ã 重點單字 ○

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. glove [ gl9v ] n. 手套(常用複數)

These gloves keep my hands quite warm. 這雙手套挺保暖的。

2. backpack [ `b1k%p1k ] n. 後背包

Why is Judy’s backpack so heavy? 茱蒂的後背包為什麼這麼重?

3. step [ st5p ] n. 臺階

The last step is broken. 最後一個臺階壞了。

4. root [ rut ] n. 根

The roots of this tree go under the sidewalk. 這棵樹的根長到人行道下面了。

參考單字 á

trail [ trel ] n. 步道 tough [ t9f ] adj. 困難的


ã 學習焦點

1. the start of + N. ……的開端 start [ st3rt ] 在此當名詞「開端;起點」。 • The start of the speech was so boring that

I almost fell asleep.


2. V. + up and up 愈……愈高(往上) up and up 為副詞片語,修飾前面的動詞。 • The balloon flew up and up until we

couldn’t see it anymore.


3. take a rest 休息一下 相當於 take a break。

• We can take a rest/break on this bench. 我們可以在這張長椅上休息一下。

ã 重點單字 ◎

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. fog [ f3g ] n. 霧

The forest looks scary in the fog. 被霧籠罩的森林看起來陰森森的。

2. thick [ q6k ] adj. 濃厚的

Thick smoke is coming from the roof of the hotel. 濃煙正從旅館樓頂竄升。


We’re all waiting for David’s return.

課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 35 慢速 MP3 82 單字例句》CD/MP3 36


課文講解》MP3 108 ◎

When I finally got to the highest point on the trail, I was disappointed.* The fog1 was so thick!2 I couldn’t see anything. Then I got lucky. As I ate my snack, the fog lifted.* In the distance, I saw an ocean of green mountains. It was a beautiful sight. On my return,3 it started to get dark, but I wasn’t worried. I remembered to bring a flashlight.4 I’ll bring it on my next hike, too. There are hundreds of hiking trails close by, and I want to try them all. 中文翻譯和測驗解答請見第 62 頁

3. return [ r6`t-n ] n. 返回;歸來

4. flashlight [ `fl1]%la6t ] n. 手電筒 My flashlight won’t turn on. 我的手電筒不會亮。

參考單字 á

disappointed [ %d6s4`p76nt6d ] adj. lift [ l6ft ] v. (雲、霧等)消散


ã 學習焦點

1. an ocean of + N. 一大片(有形的事物) 也可用來引申指「許多的;大量的」,其後多接無形的 事物。

• In spring, this area looks like an ocean

of flowers.


• We’ll have an ocean of work to do after

Chinese New Year.


2. remember to + V. 記得(去做某事) 若說 remember + V-ing,表示「記得(做過某事)」。

• Did you remember to close the back door? 你記得去關後門了嗎?

• Sara doesn’t remember meeting Arnold. 莎拉不記得和阿諾碰過面。

3. close by 附近 close [ klos ] 是形容詞「靠近的;鄰近的」。 • My house is close by, so I can walk there. 我家很近,所以我可以用走的過去。 隨堂測驗‧是非題

____ q It was almost night at the end of the hike. ____ w The writer won’t go hiking again.






ã 重點單字 ◎

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. tofu [ `tofu ] n. 豆腐

Louis put lots of tofu in his hot pot. 路易斯放很多豆腐到火鍋裡。

2. sleepy [ `slip6 ] adj. 寂靜的

Allison lives in a sleepy part of the city. 愛莉森住在市區一處安靜的地方。

3. brick [ br6k ] n. 磚塊

The roads here are covered in bricks. 這裡的路面是磚塊鋪成的。

4. fry [ fra6 ] v. 煎;炒

Irene is frying some fish for dinner. 愛琳正在煎魚當晚餐。

5. barbecue [ `b3rb6%kju ] v. 烤(肉)

Many people barbecue on Moon Festival. 很多人中秋節會烤肉。

6. cheese [ t]iz ] n. 起司

I want extra cheese on the pizza. 我的披薩要多加一點起司。

參考單字 á

capital [ `k1p4ty ] n. (某種工業、活動等集中的)重要都市

mining [ `ma6n6; ] n. 礦業;採礦 stinky [ `st6;k6 ] adj. 臭的 ã 學習焦點

1. make (sth) by hand 用手工製作(某物) 注意要用單數的 hand。

• My grandfather made this bookcase

by hand.


2. the + adj. + way ……的方式 視為副詞片語,置於動詞(及其受詞)之後。

• This video helps people quit smoking

the easy way.


課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 47 慢速 MP3 88 單字例句》CD/MP3 48

Just 15 minutes from Taipei City, there is a special place to go for a snack. It’s a sleepy 2 little town called Shenkeng. Once it was a very busy mining* town, but today it is famous for its tofu. In fact, people call it the tofu capital of Taiwan. In Shenkeng, people make tofu by hand the traditional way. It has a pleasant texture and a smoky taste. Walk into any of the brick3 buildings on the old street, and you will find it. Cooks are frying 4 tofu, barbecuing 5 tofu, and putting it in soup. You can find tofu cake, tofu cheese,6 and even tofu ice cream. Of course, you can also find stinky* tofu everywhere. Shenkeng is a stinky tofu lover’s dream. t 遠近馳名的深坑豆腐,其軟嫩的口感(texture [ `t5kst]0 ])與煙燻的(smoky [ `smok6 ])風味 是一大特色。


ã 重點單字 ◎ 課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 49 慢速 MP3 89

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. swallow [ `sw3lo ] v. 吞嚥

Don’t swallow your food so fast.

單字例句》CD/MP3 50

吃東西不要狼吞虎嚥。 ○

David is waiting for Angie under an old tree.

2. surprised [ s0`pra6zd ] adj. 感到驚訝的

Brian was surprised when he saw his gift. 布萊恩看到禮物時很驚訝。


3. cabbage [ `k1b6d. ] n. 高麗菜

Cabbage is expensive now because of the typhoon.

(David = D ; Angie = A) D: There you are! I thought you got lost.


A: How could I get lost? I just followed my

Mom wants Andy to buy a bottle of soy sauce.

nose here from the bus stop. D: Doesn’t it smell amazing? I love the

smell of stinky tofu. It makes me hungry. A: It makes me nervous. This is my first

time trying it.

4. soy sauce [ s76 ] [ s7s ] n. 醬油 媽媽要安迪去買一瓶醬油。

5. sour [ sa8r ] adj. 酸的

Are those oranges sweet or sour? 那些柳丁是甜的還是酸的?

6. spicy [ `spa6s6 ] adj. 辛辣的

Many Indian dishes are very spicy.

D: Really? Then let’s get some here. The

line is long, so it must be good.

許多印度料理都很辣。 參考單字 á

pickled [ `p6kyd ] adj.


(They wait in line for some stinky tofu.) A: All right. I’m taking my first bite. (She

takes a bite and swallows 1 it.) That’s actually delicious. I’m surprised!2 D: Try some with pickled* cabbage3 and soy

sauce4 on it.

ã 學習焦點

1. There you are. 你來了。 此句型多用人稱代名詞,與 be 動詞要倒裝。

• A: Is Theo coming? 西奧來了嗎?

B: I think so. There he is! 應該吧。他來了!

A: Mmm… The sour5 taste of the cabbage

goes well with the tofu. D: Let’s keep going. I want to try the spicy


tofu next.

2. This is (one’s) first time + V-ing. 這是(某人)第一次(做某事)。 • This is Rose’s first time seeing snow. 這是蘿絲第一次看見雪。

3. A goes well with B. A 和 B 很相稱。

A: I’ll be so full by the end of this day! 中文翻譯請見第 63 頁

well 在此是副詞「好地;恰當地」。

• White wine goes well with seafood. 白酒和海鮮很搭。



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