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You Can Do

Everything Here 無所不能的便利商店 ã 重點單字 ◎

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. ma’am [ m1m ] n. 女士(對女性的尊稱) Please sit here, ma’am. 女士,這裡請坐。

2. place [ ples ] v. 放置

I placed my keys on the table, but now they’re gone.

Part A



3. medium [ `mid64m ] adj. (尺寸、號碼等)中間的

Kerry wears a medium T-shirt. 凱利是穿 M 號的 T 恤。 ○

4. ship [ ]6p ] v. 寄送;運送

Molly is shipping some gifts to her sister. 莫莉要寄禮物給她妹妹。

參考單字 á

stuff [ st9f ] n.


課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 03 慢速 MP3 67 單字例句》 CD/MP3 04

課文講解》MP3 93

手機掃一下 生動對話即時看 長度:62 秒

Anita, a customer, is carrying a box and some bags into the convenience store. 顧客愛妮塔正拿著一個箱子和幾件行李走進便利商店。

(Anita = A ; Clerk = C) A: Oops! Sorry. C: Let me help you, ma’am.1 We can place2

these things in the seating area for now. ã 學習焦點

1. for now 暫時 另一個常見的意思是「目前」。

• We can wait in the waiting room for now. 我們可以暫時在等候室裡等。

• This is all Roy has to pack for now. 這些全都是羅伊目前要打包的東西。

2. come over to (place) 前往(某地) over 在此表示「從一方至另一方」。 • Sandy came over to Jane’s house yesterday



3. (Sb) has a lot to do. (某人)有很多事要做。 • Sam has a lot to do tomorrow, so he can’t have lunch with you.

山姆明天有很多事要做,所以不能跟你共進午餐。 12

A: Thanks. Can I get a medium3 cup of coffee? C: Sure. Come over to the coffee machine.

Why do you have so much stuff?* A: I’m taking a trip tonight. I have a lot to

do before I go. Next, I need to go to the post office. C: If you’re shipping4 a package, you can do

it here. A: Really? That’s great! C: Yes. Just put your package on the counter

and write the address on this form.

Part B 03

ã 重點單字

課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 05 慢速 MP3 68 單字例句》 CD/MP3 06

課文講解》MP3 94

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. fried chicken [ fra6d ] [ `t]6k6n ] n. 炸雞

手機掃一下 生動對話即時看 長度:48 秒

The fried chicken is sold out. 炸雞賣完了。

Anita is enjoying her coffee and looking at the snacks in the freezer.

2. bank [ b1;k ] n. 銀行

The bank closes at 3:30 p.m.



(Anita = A ; Clerk = C)

3. power [ `pa80 ] n. 電力 The power is out.

A: Oh, I’d love to have some fried chicken



before I go to the bank. 2 It’s frozen, * though. C: I can heat it up for you in the microwave.

4. bill [ b6l ] n. 帳單

Our water bill is high this month. 我們這個月的水費很高。

參考單字 á

frozen [ `frozx ] adj.

A: Thanks! C: Did you say that you needed to go to

the bank? A: Yes. I need to get some cash. I also need

to pay my power bill. 3


C: You can do both of those things here.

There’s an ATM in the corner, and you can pay your bill here at the cash register. A: You really can do everything here, can’t

you? C: Almost!


ã 學習焦點

1. heat up 加熱 為可分動詞片語。heat [ hit ] 在此為動詞「加熱」的 意思。

• Martin wants to heat up last night’s



2. 附加問句的用法 若主要子句為肯定句,附加問句要用否定句;反之, 若主要子句為否定句,附加問句要用肯定句。附加問 句的主詞要用人稱代名詞,be 動詞或助動詞須與 not 縮寫。

• Charlene is from France, isn’t she? 中文翻譯和測驗解答請見第 59 頁



夏琳是法國人,是嗎? I’d love to have some fried chicken. It’s frozen, though.

• Jacob can’t speak Korean, can he? 否定句




I can heat it up for you in the microwave.

____ What does the woman want to do at the bank? A Send money. B Get money. C Pick up a bill. D Get a credit card. UNIT 1







課文朗讀》正常 CD/MP3 19 慢速 MP3 74 單字例句》CD/MP3 20

課文講解》MP3 100

There once was a castle with a garden in the back. A duke* planted it to feed1 white snails.2 When the snails grew fat, the duke’s cooks boiled them and served them on silver3 dishes.4 The snails didn’t know what this really meant. They thought it was an honor.* Now, no one lived in the castle, and only two white snails lived in the garden. They had no children of their own. However, they raised a common snail as their son. Their son never grew fat, but he did grow older. Soon, it was time to find him a wife. 中文翻譯和測驗解答請見第 60 頁


ã 學習焦點

《 快 樂 家 庭 》 是「 童 話 之 父 」 安 徒 生(Hans Christian Andersen 1805-1875)的作品。他的童話故事創作大致 可分為三個時期:早期純粹為兒童而寫,作品帶有天真爛 漫的氣息;中期為成人而寫,作品風格轉為寫實;後期則 是直接描寫現實生活的故事,但故事中仍保有童話敘述的

1. There once was... 從前有……。 once 在此表示「從前;昔日」。也可將 once 與 was 對調,說成 There was once...。 • There was once a little boy who lived on

the moon.



2. N. + of (one’s) own (某人)自己的…… • Alex just bought an apartment of his own. 艾力克斯剛買了一間屬於自己的公寓。

3. 助動詞 do 當「的確」的用法 助動詞 do (does/did) 可用來強調語氣,表示「的確; 確實」,置於原形動詞前。

• This flower does smell good. 這朵花聞起來的確很香。

4. find (sb) (sth) 幫(某人)找(某物) 相當於 find (sth) for (sb)。

• Peter’s feet were cold, so I found him

some slippers to wear.


• You’re all wet! Let me find a towel for you. 你全身都濕透了!我找條毛巾給你。


ã 重點單字 ○

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. feed [ fid ] v. 餵食 (feed-fed[ f5d ]-fed)

Linda only feeds her kids healthy food. 琳達只給小孩吃健康的食物。

2. snail [ snel ] n. 蝸牛

The snail’s shell is so pretty. 那隻蝸牛的殼好漂亮。

3. silver [ `s6lv0 ] adj. 銀(製)的

Maggie asked her husband to buy her the expensive silver necklace.

Across → q give food to w an animal e a place with many plants Down↓ r something to eat on t Danny drinks from a _______ cup. y There _______ was a very old king. 1.

4. 5.

瑪姬要她先生買那條昂貴的銀項鍊給她。 ○

4. dish [ d6] ] n. 盤子

2. 6.

Sally dried all of the dishes. 莎莉把所有的盤子都擦乾了。

參考單字 á

duke [ djuk ] n. 公爵 honor [ `3n0 ] n. 榮耀








課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 41 慢速 MP3 85 單字例句》CD/MP3 42

課文講解》MP3 111

Ms. Taylor was famous for being very generous.2 One evening, someone knocked on her door. It was a man. He looked very sad. “Ma’am, can you please help?” he asked. “There’s a poor family down the block.3 The husband was a manager,4 but he lost his job. His wife is too ill to work. If they can’t pay their rent soon, they’ll have to live on the streets.”


with the Rent

「租」人為快樂之本? ã 重點單字 ◎

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. rent [ r5nt ] n. 租金

How much is your rent? 你的租金是多少?

2. generous [ `d.5n4r4s ] adj. 慷慨的

It was generous of Nate to offer us dinner. 奈特很大方,請我們吃晚餐。

3. block [ bl3k ] n. 街區

There are three convenience stores on this block. 這個街區有三間便利商店。

4. manager [ `m1n6d.0 ] n. 經理

Our manager will go on vacation next week. 我們經理下週會去度假。

參考單字 á

landlord [ `l1nd%l7rd ] n. 40


“That’s terrible!” said Ms. Taylor. “Of course I’ll help, but who are you?” The man smiled and said, “Their landlord.”* ã 學習焦點

1. A knocks on B’s door. A 敲 B 的門。 knock [ n3k ] 是不及物動詞「敲;擊」的意思。

• A strange man just knocked on my door and then left. 一名陌生男子敲了我家的門後又離開了。

2. Can (sb) please + V.? 可以請(某人)(做某事)嗎? 帶有禮貌性要求對方的語氣。

• Can Andrew please come to the front and speak? 可以請安德魯到前面來說幾句話嗎?

3. (Sb) loses (one’s) job. (某人)失業。 job [ d.3b ] 是「工作」的意思。 • Everyone lost their jobs when the company



ã 重點單字 ◎

○ 為 1200 字 ◎ 為 2000 字

1. cough [ k7f ] n. 咳嗽

Did the doctor give you some cough medicine?


醫生有給你咳嗽藥嗎? ◎

2. stomachache [ `st9m4k%ek ] n. 胃痛;肚子痛 Kyle didn’t eat lunch because he had a stomachache. 凱爾沒吃午餐,因為他肚子痛。

3. fever [ `fiv0 ] n. 發燒

How high is Amber’s fever? 安柏發燒到幾度?

4. exam [ 6g`z1m ] n. 檢查;檢測

The kids get hearing exams once a year. 小朋友一年會做一次聽力檢查。

參考單字 á

definitely [ `d5f4n6tl6 ] adv.


ã 學習焦點

1. in bed 在床上 注意介系詞要用 in。

• Glenn is sleeping in bed now. 葛倫現在在床上睡覺。

2. get better 變好


課文朗讀》 正常 CD/MP3 43 慢速 MP3 86 單字例句》CD/MP3 44

課文講解》MP3 112

Billy was very sick one morning. He had a bad cough,1 a stomachache,2 and a high fever.3 He stayed home and rested in bed all day, but he still didn’t get better. So, his mom took him to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor did an exam.4 When he was finished, he asked Billy, “Now, what bothers you the most?” Billy thought this question over for a little bit. Finally, he said, “What bothers me the most? It’s definitely * my little sister.”

better 在此是 well「健康的;安好的」的比較級。 • I hope Holly gets better soon. 我希望荷莉早日康復。

3. for a little bit 一會兒;一陣子 此為口語用法,相當於 for a little while「一小段 時間」。

• Let’s sit in the park for a little bit. 我們在公園裡坐一會兒吧。


____ What was NOT wrong with Billy? A A cough. B A painful stomach. C A headache. D A high temperature.

中文翻譯和測驗解答請見第 62 頁 插畫:霸子



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