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You look as if you just woke up.


English with Friends and Family


What time is dinner?

This weather is not so much cold as freezing. I feel like eating out.

We haven’t seen you since college!

It was sweet of you to give me a gift.



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feel like + N./V-ing would like + N./to V. 「想要」除了用動詞 want 之外,也可以用 feel like 和 would like 來表示,學起來可讓英文表達更為豐富,不過要注意兩個片 語後面接的詞性不同!

I feel like having pizza for lunch.

I would like to have a hamburger.


Roger feels like chicken for dinner, but I feel like beef. 羅傑晚餐想要吃雞肉,但我想要吃牛肉。

Jack feels like trying stinky tofu. 傑克想要試試臭豆腐。

She would like a glass of white wine. 她想要一杯白酒。

I’d like to see your dessert menu, please. 我想要看一下你們的甜點菜單,謝謝。 82

句型 tips q feel like 的主詞是人時,和 would like 一樣都表示「想要…… 」, feel like 之後接 N. 或 V-ing,would like 之後接 to V. 或 N.。 ]

Do you feel like dessert? 你想要來點甜點嗎?


I feel like watching an old movie. 我想要看一部老電影。


I would like to see your new car. 我想看看你的新車。




w feel like 主詞為事物時,可用來描述其特性或摸起來的感覺。 ] I’m

not sure what material this shirt is made of, but it feels like cotton.


e feel like 也可表示「感覺好像…… 」,之後接名詞或子句,接子句 時與 feel as if 意思相同。

Lucy feels like I don’t listen closely to what she says. a Lucy feels as if I don’t listen closely to what she says. ]

露西感覺我沒有仔細在聽她說話。 ]

Terry feels like a bad person for forgetting to tip the waitress.

Answer: q I feel like going / I would like to go


實戰練習 q A:

to a fancy restaurant tonight. What do you think? 我今晚想要去高級餐廳。你覺得如何?

B: I think that’s a great idea. We haven’t eaten out in a long time. 我想那是個好主意。我們已經很久沒有外出用餐了。 83



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不是 A 就是 B;既不是 A 也不 是B

either A or B / neither A nor B 每到用餐時間不知道吃什麼,真是外食族最痛苦的事了,如果 有人告訴你 You can have either . . . or . . . 或許就簡單多了!其 中 either . . . or 表示「不是……就是……」 ,從兩者之中選一個; 而 neither . . . nor 則是指「不是……也不是…… 」 ,即兩者皆非 的意思。

You can have either ramen or sushi rolls.


You can order either soup or a salad. 你可以點湯或是沙拉。

Neither Tim nor Tracy is coming to the dinner party tonight. 提姆和崔西今天晚上都不會來參加晚宴。

Joan can eat neither shrimp nor crab because they make her sick. 瓊安既不能吃蝦也不能吃螃蟹,因為都會讓她不舒服。

You can either ask for delivery or pick up your order at the restaurant. 你可以叫外送,或是到餐廳取餐。 84

句型 tips q either A or B(不是 A 就是 B)和 neither A nor B(既不是 A 也不是 B)中的 A、B 詞性需相同,連接動詞時時式需一致。 ]

You could either eat ice cream or drink a milk shake. 你可以吃冰淇淋或喝奶昔。


My aunt took in a poor child that had neither home nor family. 我阿姨收留了一個沒有家也沒有家人的可憐孩子。

w either A or B 和 neither A nor B 連接主詞時,動詞與 B 一致。





Neither my sister nor her friends enjoy going dancing on 動詞與 her friends 一致 weekends. 我姊姊和她的朋友都不喜歡週末去跳舞。 動詞與 I 一致


Either Martin or I am going to pick you up this Saturday. 這星期六不是馬汀就是我會去接你。

Answers: q either the chicken or the beef w Neither dancing nor loud music

實戰練習 q A: Waiter, which main dish would you suggest ordering? 服務生,你會建議我點哪道主菜?

B: I would recommend are delicious.

. Both


w A: Would you like to hang out with us tonight? We were thinking about going to a night club. 你今晚想跟我們一起出去嗎?我們考慮要去夜店。


interests me, so I think I’ll stay home. 跳舞或吵雜的音樂,我都沒興趣。所以我想我還是待在家裡好了。





so + 助動詞 /be 動詞 + N.

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表達「 ……也是」時可以用這個句型來表示,例如妹妹和姊 姊一樣穿紅色的裙子就可以說:The elder sister is wearing a

red dress, and so is the younger one.,將重複的部分用助動 詞代替,這比說 . . . and the younger sister is wearing a red dress, too. 簡潔多了。

The elder sister is wearing a red dress, and so is the younger one.


I am allergic to peanuts, and so is my brother. 我對花生過敏,我弟弟也是。

I would like to order a set menu, and so would my date. 我想要點套餐,我的約會對象也是。

My husband loves fast food, and so do I. 我先生喜歡速食,我也是。

The salad contains too many tomatoes, and so does the pizza. 這盤沙拉裡有很多番茄,披薩也是。


句型 tips q 本句型用來肯定附和主要子句的看法 ,依照主要子句的動詞改成助 動詞或 be 動詞來表示,而單複數跟著後面的名詞作變化:

S. + ]

V. . . . , and so + 助動詞 be 動詞 . . . , and so + be 動詞

+ N.

I want to go to McDonald’s, and so does Jimmy. 我想去麥當勞,吉米也是。


Jogging is good for your health, and so is biking.





w 欲表達否定附和時,將 so 改成 neither(兩者皆非、也不)或 nor (也不、也沒有),其他用法相同。

S. +

否定助動詞 + V. . . . , and neither + 助動詞

be not . . . , and neither + be 動詞

+ N.

q neither、nor 本身即帶否定意思 ,之後不需再加 not。 w neither 為副詞 ,與主要子句之間需加上 and,nor 為連接詞 , 直接用逗號連接即可。

Ellen can’t stand the taste of durian, and neither can Andrew. a Ellen can’t stand the taste of durian, nor can Andrew. ]

艾倫無法忍受榴槤的味道,安德魯也沒辦法。 Answer: q and neither does Sam / nor does Sam


Potato chips are not a healthy snack, and neither is candy.

a Potato chips are not a healthy snack, nor is candy. 洋芋片不是健康的點心,糖果也不是。

實戰練習 q A: I don’t want to have dumplings tonight,



B: In that case, let’s have ramen. 那樣的話,我們就吃拉麵吧。




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need sth + want + V-ing require need、want、require 這幾個動詞都指「需要」,主詞為事物 時,受詞用動名詞來表示,帶有被動語意。

These apples require washing before being peeled.


The dishes need washing. 這些碗盤需要清洗。

This plant requires watering at least twice a week. 這棵植物一星期至少要澆水兩次。

These walls want repainting. They look old and dirty. 這些牆要重新粉刷。它們看起來舊舊髒髒的。

This beverage needs shaking before you can drink it. 在你喝之前這飲料需要搖一搖。


句型 tips q 主詞為事物時,need 之後接 V-ing,以主動形式來表達被動含 義,相當於 need to be + p.p.。

The table needs wiping before plates and utensils can be placed on it. a The table needs to be wiped before plates and utensils can be placed on it. ]

在盤子和餐具擺上桌子前,桌子需要先擦一下。 ]

These clothes need folding before they can be put away.


a These clothes need to be folded before they can be put



away. 這些衣服在收起來之前需要折一下。

,主詞為事物時,後面需接 V-ing, w want、require 指「需要…… 」 一樣以主動來表達被動含義。 ]

Your nails are too long; they want cutting or else they might break. 你的指甲太長了,它們需要剪一下,否則可能會斷掉。


This job requires standing for long hours. 這份工作需要長時間站立。

實戰練習 Answers: q require soaking w needs reheating

q A: Do these beans



B: There is no need. We can cook them as they are now. 不需要。我們可以現在就拿來煮。

w A: What’s wrong with your soup? 你的湯怎麼了?

B: It’s not hot enough. I think it


湯不夠熱。我想湯需要重新加熱。 89




in addition to + N./V-ing

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in addition to 是很常見的片語,比如說,除了蘋果派,還 想吃炸雞就可以說:In addition to apple pie, I would also like to order some fried chicken.,記得用這個片語時,後面所提及 的人事物有包括在內哦!

In addition to apple pie, I would also like to order some fried chicken.


Hank would like a milk shake in addition to the drink he has already ordered. 除了已點的飲料外,漢克還想要一杯奶昔。

In addition to asking Richard to come to dinner, Aaron also invited John. 除了請理察來吃晚餐,亞倫也邀請了約翰。

These French fries need pepper in addition to ketchup. 這些薯條除了番茄醬外還需要胡椒。

In addition to disliking strawberries, I also don’t like blueberries. 除了不喜歡草莓之外,我也不喜歡藍莓。 90

句型 tips q in addition to 為片語介系詞 ,之後接名詞或 V-ing,表示「除 了……還有」,包括後面的受詞 ,意思相同的介系詞還有 besides、 as well as。 ]

In addition to paying for my meal, Chris also paid for Nicole’s meal. 除了付我的餐費,克里斯還付了妮可的。


In addition to Chinese and English, what other languages do you speak? 除了中文和英文外,你還會說什麼其他語言?





This restaurant is known for its food as well as its quality service. 這間餐廳以食物和優質服務著稱。

w「除了……之外」不含後面受詞時,要用 except (for)。 ]

Except for broccoli, I like to eat all types of vegetables. 除了綠花椰之外,我喜歡吃各種蔬菜。

e in addition 作副詞用,表示「此外;而且」。 ]

We had ice cream, cake, and many other treats in addition.

Answer: q In addition to hamburgers and hot dogs


實戰練習 q A:

, I also have some grilled chicken breasts. 除了漢堡和熱狗外,我還有一些烤雞胸肉。

B: Wonderful. May I have one chicken breast and one hot dog, please? 太好了!我可以拿一片雞胸肉和一支熱狗嗎?





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整體 +

be made up of be composed of + 部分 consist of

make up、compose of 和 consist of 都可用來表達「組 成、構成」的意思,不過要注意主詞為「整體」時 ,make up 和 compose of 要用被動語態,而 consist of 則無被動用法,要用 主動來表示。

This pizza topping is made up of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and mushrooms.


What is this dish made up of? 這道菜是用什麼做的?

This stew is made up of food that was left over from yesterday’s dinner. 這道燉菜是用昨天晚餐吃剩的食物做的。

The restaurant staff is composed of fifteen people. 餐廳員工是由十五個人所組成。

Our set menu consists of an appetizer, an entrée, a drink, and one dessert. 我們的套餐包含一道開胃菜、一份主菜、一杯飲料和一份甜點。 92

句型 tips q made up of、composed of、consist of 都可用來表示「(整體) 由……組成、構成」 ,用法如下,注意 consist of 無被動用法:

be made up of 整體 +

be composed of

+ 部分

consist of ]

This band is made up of a singer, a drummer, and a guitarist. 這個樂團是由一名主唱、鼓手和吉他手組成的。

The menu is composed of dishes from different parts of Europe.





這份菜單是由歐洲各地的菜餚所構成。 ]

My small apartment consists of a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. 我的小公寓包含一間臥室、一間廚房和一間衛浴。

w make up、compose 也可用「部分」作主詞,用法如下: 部分 + ]

make up compose

+ 整體

Three boys and five girls make up the group. 三個男孩和五個女孩組成這個團體。


Scientists from different fields compose the research team. 來自不同領域的科學家組成這支研究團隊。

實戰練習 Answer: q It is composed of

q A: What is in this cocktail? 雞尾酒裡面有什麼?


orange juice, pineapple juice, and rum. 它是由柳橙汁、鳳梨汁和萊姆酒所組成。 93

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