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Smart and Sustainable


環保時尚:聰明、 永續的流行宣言 —Sean Russell

課文朗讀》正常 CD/MP3






2 / 慢速 MP3 31

world of fashion is constantly

changing. New styles1 and trends can

be hot one day and gone the next. One of 05

known as “eco-fashion,” is slowly working

圖片 / Wikipedia: Nic McPhee

designers take secondhand u clothes and

its way into clothing stores and fashion shows around the world.†


recycled rubber, recycled plastic, and even

fashion,” comes in many forms. In general,

coffee grounds† into their clothing.

it takes into account the health of the

If wearing recycled clothing doesn’t suit

environment, the health of consumers, 2 and the well-being of designers and factory


turn them into “new” garments.h There are also those who incorporate u things like

Eco-fashion, also called “sustainable 10

利用巧思,廢 棄物也可變身 時尚新裝

the more interesting trends in recent years,


you, you’ll be happy to learn that some eco-

workers. Eco-fashion companies might

clothing companies use original materials

use recycled 3 materials to make their

that are both natural and sustainable. From

products.4 While other companies throw

underwear made from bamboo to dresses

away tons of scrap h material each year,

made from banana leaves, these products

eco-companies turn these scraps into usable fabrics h for their designs. Some


contain no harmful dyesh and bleachesh or materials that pollute5 the environment. * 中文翻譯請參閱第 64 頁


關鍵解析 Language Notes

1. In general, it takes . . . 句中用法說明

字彙 Vocabulary * 1.

a in general 表示「大體上;一般來說」,作副詞用時可放 在句首或句中,相當於 generally (speaking)。 • In general, doctors advise people to get health exams at least once a year.

* 2.

* 3.

= If you take account of hotel costs for a week, we’re actually spending a lot on this trip.


recycle [ri`sa6ky] v.

回收(文中用過去分詞 recycled 作形容詞,


Both plastic and glass bottles can be recycled. * 4.

product [`pr3d9kt] n.

產品(p. 12 第 17 行的 production [pr4`d9k]4n] 為名詞,指「生產(過程)」)

You can buy this product for less money at the other store. * 5.

pollute [p4`lut] v.


The beach is polluted by people who leave their garbage behind.

• If you take into account hotel costs for a week, we’re actually spending a lot on this trip. 如果你把住飯店一星期的花費列入考量,我們這趟旅行其實 要花很多錢。

consumer [k4n`sum0] n.

The supermarket offers special deals to make consumers buy more.


b take sth into account 指「將……列入考量 ; 考慮 到……」,受詞太長或為子句時可移到 account 後面,如 文中用法。此片語也可寫成 take account of sth。


Gene prefers to wear clothes that have a casual style.


a b In general, it takes into account the health of the environment . . .

style [sta6l] n.




† 為補充說明

* u sustainable [s4`sten4by] adj. 可永續的;可維持的 u u

secondhand [`s5k4nd`h1nd] adj. 二手的 incorporate [6n`k7rp4~ret] v. 包含;加入

• The teacher took into account that Ryan was sick for most of the semester before giving him a final grade.

† work one’s way into N. 指「奮力向……邁進」,在文中指漸漸

老師給萊恩打期末分數時有將他大半個學期都在生病這件事 列入考慮。

† coffee grounds 指「咖啡渣」。台灣紡織業者研發出用咖啡渣加

2. be made from . . .

受到全球時尚界的認同與採用。 入回收塑膠等製成的特殊纖維衣,排汗、除臭又環保。



A be made from B 表示「A 由 B 製成」,但由成品看 不出原來的製作材料。

• This cheese is made from goat’s milk. 這種起司是用山羊奶製成的。

+ 文中的 underwear made from bamboo 及 dresses

made from banana leaves 為關係子句的省略, made from 前面分別省略了 which is 和 which are。


scrap [skr1p] n. 小塊碎布;廢料、廢金屬


fabric [`f1br6k] n. 織物;布料


garment [`g3rm4nt] n. (一件)衣服;成衣服飾


dye [da6] n. 染料、染劑


bleach [blit] ] n. 漂白劑

若從成品 A 看得出原料 B 時,則用 A be made of B。

• The store sells dresses made of the finest silk. 那家店販售以最上等絲綢製成的洋裝。

若原料不只一種,要舉例說明其中有什麼成分時,可用 A be made with B 表示,如 p. 12 第 12–13 行用法。

• The ice cream is made with fresh fruits. 這種冰淇淋是用新鮮水果製成。

Give It a Try


q 一般來說,女孩比男孩還早學會說話。

, girls learn to speak at an

earlier age than boys. w 你在計算交通時間時必須把塞車造成的耽擱列入考量。 You must traffic delays when calculating travel time. * 答案請參閱第 64 頁




At the Beach 圖解字典:海水浴場 課文朗讀》正常 CD/MP3


r w






j f



q go kayaking [`ka61k6;] 划獨木舟

y go waterskiing [`w3t0%ski6;] 滑水

w g  o Jet Skiing [d.5t] [`ski6;] 騎水上摩托車

u goggles [`g3gyz] 泳鏡

e g  o snorkeling [`sn7rky6;] 浮潛

i go surfing [`s-f6;] 衝浪

r g  o sailing [`sel6;] 駕駛帆船

o s  urfboard [`s-f%b7rd] 衝浪板

t ride a banana boat [b4`n1n4] [bot] 玩香蕉船

a g  o windsurfing [`w6nd%s-f6;] 玩風浪板


o t

a y




; 2)

s a  beach umbrella [bit] ] [9m`br5l4] 海灘傘

j a  floating ring [`flot6;] [r6;] 泳圈

d sunglasses [`s9n%gl1s6z] 太陽眼鏡

k s  eashells [`si%]5lz] 貝殼

f a cooler [`kul0] 冰桶

l a  beach ball [bit] ] [b7l] 海灘球

g a  deck chair [d5k] [t]5r] 折疊躺椅

; a  kickboard [`k6k%b7rd] 練習用浮板

h s  untan lotion [`s9n%t1n] [`lo]4n] / sunscreen [`s9n%skrin] 防曬乳

2) a bikini [b6`kin6] 比基尼泳衣(swimsuit 指「(女生穿

插畫 / 張家榮





Reaching for 實踐你的 Your Dreams 夢想 24

課文朗讀》正常 CD/MP3 課程講解》MP3


21 / 慢速 MP3 46

1. The First Step

手機掃一掃 收看 動 英文

Gavin, Hank, and Whitney are chatting after class. G Gavin

W Whitney

H Hank

長度: 1 分 38 秒

G: That was an interesting lecture.1 What Professor Hughes said has really made me think about my future. W: Me, too. Having dreams is fine, but nothing can happen until we move from dreaming to doing. G: My dream will take a while to achieve,2 though. You see, I want to climb Kilimanjaro.† H: The highest mountain in Africa? There’s no way that you’ll do that.† You’re not in good enough shape, and that trip will cost a fortune.3 G: I could save up, and then after college . . . H: You’re just dreaming. Come back to the real world. (Looks at his watch) See you later. I have to catch my next class. (Hank leaves.)

關鍵解析 Language Notes

after all 的不同意思 a 表示「畢竟;說到底」,用來補充說明,強調所要考慮 的事情,如對話中用法。

• You should consider going to graduate school. After all, you’re smart enough. 你應該考慮讀研究所。畢竟,你夠聰明。

b 表示「終究;還是」,用來表示儘管先前這麼認為,但 結果是不同的情況。

• We had thought about going to the movies, but we decided not to go after all. 我們原本有考慮要去看電影,但終究還是決定不去了。

W: Forget him. If you really want to climb a mountain, I’m confident4 that you can do it.

字彙 Vocabulary

G: Thanks, Whitney. Hey, what about you? What are your goals?

* 1.

W: I’ve never told you this, but I’d really like to open my own bakery.

* 2.

G: That doesn’t seem difficult. I’ve tasted the stuff you’ve baked, and I’d be your first customer.

* 3.

W: The baking part is easy. But a bakery is a business after all, and I know nothing about running a business.

* 4.

G: Remember what Professor Hughes said. To reach your goals, you need a step-by-stepu plan— W: And you need to write that plan down. Hey, let’s start this week! * 中文翻譯請參閱第 68 頁


lecture [`l5kt]0] n.



The lecture will be held tomorrow at the university.

achieve [4`t]iv] v. (經努力)完成、達到、獲得 Maggie achieved the best score on the test.

fortune [`f7rt]4n] n.


The houses in this area of the city cost a fortune.

confident [`k3nf4d4nt] adj.


I’m confident that I can do the job well. † 為補充說明




step-by-step [~st5pba6`st5p] adj. 循序漸進的

† Kilimanjaro [~k6l4m4n`d.3ro](吉力馬扎羅山)海拔 5,895 公尺,位於非洲的坦尚尼亞,是全球第四高峰,被稱為「非 洲屋脊」。

† there’s no way (that) S. + V. 表示「不可能……」。


課文朗讀》正常 CD/MP3 課程講解》MP3


22 / 慢速 MP3 47

2. On the Right Track A week later, Hank runs into Gavin and Whitney, who are talking excitedly to each other. H Hank

W Whitney

手機掃一掃 收看 動 英文

G Gavin

H: Hey, guys! What are the two of you so excited about?

長度: 1 分 38 秒

W: (Holding up her notebook) We’re going over our goal-reaching strategies.1 H: Oh, that. So, tell me, what have you written, Whitney?

關鍵解析 Language Notes

instead of 和 instead 的用法 i n s t e a d o f 為 片 語 介 系 詞 , 表 示 「 而 不 是 ……; 代 替……」 ,後接名詞或 V-ing,可置於句首或句中。

W: First, I’m going to take some classes in marketingu and management2 next year. This will help me understand what running a business is all about.

• Instead of waiting in the rain, we should go inside.

H: OK. Is that all?


W: No. I’m also going to work in a bakery over the summer to gain3 some hands-onu experience.

• He didn’t go on holiday this summer. Instead, he stayed in the city and worked.

H: Good for you. How about you, Gavin? Are you still dreaming about Kilimanjaro? G: It’s no longer just a dream. I’ve turned it into a goal now. (Shows Hank his notebook) H: (Reading) “Climb Kilimanjaro in 2017.” In four years? G: It will give me time to earn the money for the trip and to get in shape. H: How exactly are you going to do all that? G: I’ll work during the summer, and I’ve made a list of weekend hiking trips that will help me get started.


= We should go inside instead of waiting in the rain.

instead 為副詞,表示「作為替代;反而」,可放在句首


= He didn’t go on holiday this summer. He stayed in the city and worked instead.

字彙 Vocabulary * 1.

* 2.

W: Hank, instead of just listening to our goals, why don’t you tell us yours? There must be something that you’d like to achieve in life.

* 4.

G: Maybe. But if you give it a shot, you just might turn that fantasy into reality. * 中文翻譯請參閱第 68 頁

strategy [`str1t4d.6] n.


management [`m1n6d.m4nt] n.


The company is being run by an experienced management team. * 3.


A strategy for maintaining good health is to eat and sleep well.

(Hank raises his eyebrow in doubt, and Whitney gets annoyed.)

H: Sure, there is. I’ve always wanted to be a famous actor, but I think that’s more a fantasy4 than a goal.


gain [gen] v.


John has gained a few pounds since he stopped exercising.

fantasy [`f1nt4s6] n.


Vera has fantasies about being a member of the royal family.



† 為補充說明

* u marketing [`m3rk6t6;] n. 行銷 u

hands-on [`h1ndz`3n] adj. 實際動手做的;親身實踐的

† give it a shot 表示「嘗試一下」。


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