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 活用ABC


Giving Compliments:

á 重點單字 1200

The Fashion Show

1. enter [ `5nt0 ] v. 進入

用英語讚美他人: 決戰時裝伸展台

You must pay NT$50 to enter the museum. 進入博物館必須付五十元。


2. interrupt [ %6nt4`r9pt ] v. 打斷;中斷 Please stop interrupting me. 請別再打斷我。


3. model [ `m3dy ] v., n. (當)模特兒 Can you model this hat for me?



Tanya looks just like a model.


譚雅看起來就像個模特兒。 2000

長度:45 秒

4. comment [ `k3m5nt ] n. 評論

The teacher read my paper and gave me some comments. 老師看了我的報告,並給我一些評論。

Part A


favor [ `fev0 ] 是可數名詞「恩惠」,在此慣用單數。 • Linda needs a favor from you. Can you drive

her to the train station tomorrow?

• I want to try both of those snacks. 那兩種點心我都想吃看看。

Danielle: Way to go! I’m very proud of you.


Robert: But I don’t think I’ll be a good




Beth: Thanks, but I need your help. I

want Robert to model3 the outfit. Then Danielle can give comments4 and tell me what you think.

• A: I ran seven kilometers this morning.

_____ q Danielle is going to enter a fashion show. _____ w Beth designed an outfit. _____ e Danielle does not want to help. _____ r Robert doesn’t think he’ll be a good model.

Beth: I designed an outfit.* I’m going to

enter a fashion contest next week.

相當於 Good job!。

 隨堂測驗‧是非題

Beth: Sorry to interrupt2 you. I need a

Danielle: What’s up?

3. Way to go! 做得好!真不錯!

B: Way to go!

課程 MP3 講解 58

favor from both of you.


2. both of + N. 兩者……

課文 正常:CD / MP3 02 朗讀 慢速:MP3 32


á 學習焦點

1. A needs a favor from B. A 需要 B 幫忙。


Danielle and Robert are watching TV. Beth enters1 the room.


compliment [ `k3mpl4m4nt ] n. fashion [ `f1]4n ] n. 時尚;流行 outfit [ `a8t%f6t ] n. (整套)服裝


Beth: You’ll be great, Robert. You look

good in everything. So what do you say, Danielle? Danielle: Sure. I’ll help you out.

ABC Talk

á 重點單字 1200

1. tie [ ta6 ] n. 領帶

I think that red tie is so ugly. 我覺得那條紅色領帶不好看。


2. button [ `b9tx ] n. 鈕釦

There’s a button on the floor. 地上有顆鈕釦。


3. direct [ d4`r5kt ] adj. 直接的

Our boss is always very direct. 我們的老闆一向直言不諱。

手機掃一下 2000


4. slender [ `sl5nd0 ] adj. 瘦的 Betty is tall and slender.

長度:52 秒


Part B



課文 正常:CD / MP3 03 朗讀 慢速:MP3 33

課程 MP3 講解 59

Robert is modeling the outfit. 羅伯特正在當模特兒展示那套服裝。

the tie.1 The buttons2 on the shirt are nice, too. 3

Beth: Be direct and honest. Don’t worry

about hurting my feelings. Danielle: Of course. I really think that you’re

talented.* Robert looks quite slender.4

talented [ `t1l4nt6d ] adj. 有天分的 hold your horses 等一下;稍安勿躁 á 學習焦點

Danielle: You look handsome, Robert. I like


Beth: It’s kind of you to say so.

Robert: Yes, I also think this shirt makes

1. Don’t worry about + V-ing. 別擔心……。 about 是介系詞,其後若接動詞,要改為動名詞 ( V-ing )。 • Don’t worry about finding a parking space. 別擔心找不到停車位。

2. You did + adj. + work. 你做得很……。 work 在此是不可數名詞。也可說 You did a/an + adj. + job.(p.14 用法),需注意此用法前面要加 a/an。 • Olive did pretty good work

on her speech. = Olive did a pretty good job on her speech. 奧莉芙的演說很精彩。

me look more slender. Can I go change clothes now?

Beth: Hold your horses.* What do you

think of the pants? Danielle: They look wonderful. You did excellent work.

Beth: Thanks. I appreciate that. All right.

I’m ready to enter the contest. 中文翻譯和測驗解答請見第 63 頁

 隨堂測驗‧填空題

q You shouldn’t __________ about making

her happy. w Helen did good __________ at the meeting today. e Larry is __________. He won’t lie to you. r Victor wants to be more __________. t The jacket has five __________. 13

 世界好望角


á 重點單字 2000

1. Dragon Boat Festival

[ `dr1g4n ] [ bot ] [ `f5st4vy ] n. 端午節 Gina doesn’t have to work on Dragon Boat


吉娜端午節那天不用上班。 2000

2. treasure [ `tr5.0 ] n. 珍貴的人事物

Wang Chien-Ming is a treasure in Taiwan. 王建民是臺灣不可多得的人才。


3. youth [ juq ] n. 青年時期

Dragon Boat Festival:

A Chance to Share

Your Culture 端午節:文化交流 的好時機

The writer wrote a book about her youth. 那位作家寫了一本有關她自己年少時期的書。


4. primary [ `pra6%m5r6 ] adj. 主要的

Our primary problem is that we don’t have enough people. 我們主要的問題是人力不足。


poet [ `po6t ] n. 詩人 emperor [ `5mp4r0 ] n. 皇帝 banish [ `b1n6] ] v. 放逐 Westerner [ `w5st0n0 ] n. 西方人 (Western [ `w5st0n ] 表示「西方的」) á 學習焦點

1. remember 的用法 (文中用法)  「紀念」

• The government built a statue to remember

the hero. 政府建了一座雕像以紀念該名英雄。  「記得」

• I don’t remember Connie’s birthday. 我不記得康妮的生日。

2. bring people together 凝聚大眾 bring together 表示「使結合」。 • Music can bring people together. 音樂能凝聚人心。


ABC 超音波 sure 發 [ .0 ] 的音,如文中出現的 treasure 和常見的 pleasure、measure 等。



課文 正常:CD / MP3 16 朗讀 慢速:MP3 46

課程 MP3 講解 71

In ancient China, Qu Yuan was a poet* and a national treasure.2 After the emperor* banished* Qu Yuan, Qu Yuan jumped into a river. Every Taiwanese person learns this story in his or her youth.3 Today we have Dragon Boat Festival to remember Qu Yuan. People also celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and other countries. For Westerners,* the primary4 reason for the holiday is boat racing and having fun. However, in Western countries, this holiday has another important purpose. It brings people together.

A Window on the World

á 重點單字 2000

1. crowd [ kra8d ] n. 群眾;人群(crowds of + N. 表示 「成群的……」)

Crowds of tourists watched the fireworks. 成群的觀光客欣賞那場煙火。 2000

2. altogether [ %7lt4`g5\0 ] adv. 總計

The business trip will be six days altogether. 出差天數總計為六天。


3. barbecue [ `b3rb6%kju ] v. 烤肉

Monica always invites me to barbecue with her family. 莫妮卡總會邀請我和她的家人一起烤肉。


4. introduce [ %6ntr4`djus ] v. 介紹

The teacher introduced jazz music to his students. 老師向學生們介紹爵士樂。


performance [ p0`f7rm4ns ] n. Fri


課文 正常:CD / MP3 17 朗讀 慢速:MP3 47

課程 MP3 講解 72

One of the USA’s biggest Dragon Boat events is in Boston. Crowds 1 of people gather there to celebrate. Altogether, 2 about 20,000 people attend. This is a chance for Asians in America to enjoy their culture. People barbecue 3 and have other activities. They also introduce 4 their culture to others. They put on performances* and let people try Asian food. Sharing is a big part of the festival. You can join in on the fun. Why not find a foreign friend and show him or her your favorite parts of Asian culture? 中文翻譯和測驗解答請見第 65 頁


á 學習焦點

1. join in on (sth) 加入(某事) 通常用於某事已在進行中的情況。

• I don’t want to join in on this arguement. 我不想加入這場爭論。

2. Why not + V.? ……吧! 此句型用來表示「提議」。How about + V-ing? 也可表 達相同語意。

• Why not buy some snacks at the night

market? 在夜市買些點心吧!

• How about going to the park? 去公園吧!  隨堂測驗‧填空題

q __________, the price is NT$25,000. w Let’s __________ some fish tonight. e Why is a __________ of police outside that

building? r Joe wants to __________ baseball to his daughter.


 人物專訪



Life of

Music 黃裕翔的音樂人生


q  圖 qw 提供:劉士毅先生

初次和黃裕翔見面,他就以熱情的笑容迎 接我們,帶我們參觀了「爸爸辦桌樂團」 的工作室。燦爛陽光灑在工作室的一角, 裕翔與我們侃侃而談,說到一半,他將指 尖置於黑白琴鍵上,隨即彈奏出一段悅耳 且能觸動人心的旋律。音樂對裕翔而言是 什麼?邀請你與我們一同貼近黃裕翔的音 樂世界。

課文 正常:CD / MP3 23 朗讀 慢速:MP3 53

Huang Yuxiang is a young musician1 from Taichung. Yuxiang is blind,2 but he has managed to become an excellent piano player. He became well-known after he starred3 in a movie called Touch of the Light. The movie tells the story of his life. Yuxiang discovered music when he was only two years old. He heard his cousin playing a children’s song on the piano. Yuxiang sat at the piano and copied the melody.4 He started music lessons a year after that. Today he plays in piano concerts,5 and he is a member of the group Baba Band. Yuxiang doesn’t just perform.6 He also writes music for Taiwanese movies and commercials,* and for fun. For Yuxiang, music isn’t only about making money. It is the most important part of his life. He told ABC Magazine his opinions on music in Taiwan, and about why he loves music. 中文翻譯和測驗解答請見第 66-67 頁


In Person

á 重點單字 2000

á 學習焦點

1. musician [ mju`z6]4n ] n. 音樂家

Yo-Yo Ma is a really good musician. 馬友友是位很出色的音樂家。


• Victor is a doctor from America.

2. blind [ bla6nd ] adj. 失明的

Anne is blind in one eye. 安的一隻眼睛失明。


1. (Sb) is a + N. + from (place). (某人)是來自(某地)的……。 維克特是來自美國的醫生。

2. manage to + V. 設法(做某事) manage [ `m1n6d. ] 在此是動詞「設法做到」之意。

3. star [ st3r ] v. 主演 (star-starred-starred)

• Jack managed to stay awake all night.

Robert DeNiro starred in my favorite movie, The Godfather: Part II. 勞伯 ‧ 迪尼洛主演我最愛的電影《教父第二集》。

4. melody [ `m5l4d6 ] n. 旋律

That song has a nice melody.


3. (one’s) opinion on (sth) (某人)對(某事)的看法 opinion [ 4`p6nj4n ] 是名詞「看法;意見」的意思。


• I don’t know Dianne’s opinion on your

5. concert [ `k3ns0t ] n. 音樂會;演唱會


The concert is going to start tomorrow.



6. perform [ p0`f7rm ] v. 表演

Julie gets nervous when she performs for a lot of people. 茱莉在很多人面前表演時會緊張。


commercial [ k4`m-]4l ] n.


ABC 超音波 整理 ou 的發音: [ 9 ]:如文中出現的 young、touch、cousin 和常 見的 enough、country 等字。 [ u ]:如文中出現的 group,以及常見的 soup、 through、youth 等字。

 隨堂測驗‧選擇題

黃裕翔 生日:1987 年 4 月 15 日 學歷:國立臺灣藝術大學音樂系

獲獎: 「史坦巴哈音樂藝術協會」 獨奏和重奏雙料冠軍 「希朵夫鋼琴大賽」獨奏冠軍

演出作品: 《天黑》、《逆光飛翔》 參與配樂作品: 《序曲》、 《水蜜桃阿嬤》、 《奇蹟的夏天》、 《青春拉拉隊》、 《逆光飛翔》(全片配樂為黃裕翔 與溫子捷共同打造)等

______ q Where is Huang Yuxiang from? A Taipei B Tainan C Taichung D Keelung ______ w When did Huang Yuxiang become well-known? A after he played in a concert B after he was in a commercial C after he was in a movie D after he became a teacher ______ e How old was Huang Yuxiang when he started music lessons? A two B three C four D five


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