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Curious Facts about the Capybara 「療癒系天王」

水豚君 —Michele Desmond


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You may not know its name, but you’ve

They love the water.

probably seen photos of it soaking u in hot springs on social media. This “giant 05

hamster,” or capybara, is a favorite among

Their webbed toes help them move quickly

zoogoers and animal experts alike. Here

through the water, and they can also stay

are some amusing 1 facts about these

underwateru for up to five minutes at a

charming2 creatures.

time to avoid predators.u Capybaras have even been known to sleep in the water to prevent getting sunburned.u

They are big. As the world’s largest rodent, adult

They’re highly social animals.

capybaras weigh around 50 kg. That’s as heavy as some humans! They average3

Capybaras generally live in groups of

about 1.2 m in length and

between 10 and 20. Moreover,4 capybaras

are up to 60 cm tall.


enjoy making friends with other animal

Despite their size, they

species . . . and sometimes the capybaras’

are fast runners that can

new friends use them as furniture!5 It’s not

reach speeds of

uncommon to see monkeys, rabbits, birds,

up to 35 km

and even other capybaras resting on a


an hour.


Capybaras spend a lot of time in water.






capybara’s back while it eats.

水豚的體型龐大,是世界上最大的 囓齒類(rodent [`rodxt])動物。

* 中文翻譯請參閱第 63 頁

關鍵解析 Language Notes

1. despite + N./V-ing


介系詞 despite [d6`spa6t] 指「儘管、雖然」,之後接 名詞或 V-ing,義同 in spite of。

字彙 Vocabulary * 1.

• In spite of the challenges she has faced, my sister always has a positive attitude.

* 2.

* 3.

• It is not uncommon to feel excited before a first date.


average [`1vr6d.] v.


I average about seven hours of sleep a night.

moreover [m7r`ov0] adv.


I’m too busy to take a vacation right now. Moreover, it would be rather expensive.

2. It’s not uncommon to . . . 句子解析


charming [`t]3rm6;] adj.


* 4.

a 句型 It is Adj. to V. 是以 it 為虛主詞,代替真 正 的 主 詞 to V. , 表 示 「 做 某 事 是 …… 的 」。 not uncommon 為雙重否定來強調肯定,表示「 ……是


We stayed at a charming hotel by the beach.


It’s not uncommon to see monkeys, rabbits, birds, and even other capybaras resting on a capybara’s back while it eats.

amusing [4`mjuz6;] adj.

George told an amusing story at last night’s party.

• Despite being young, Mary is quite wise. 瑪莉雖然年輕,卻很聰明。


* 5. furniture

[`f-n6t]0] n.


Gary bought some furniture for his new apartment.




soak [sok] v. 浸泡、溼透


underwater [~9nd0`w7t0] adv., adj. 在水下(的)、 在水中(的)




predator [`pr5d4t0] n. 掠食者;食肉動物 sunburn [`s9n~b-n] v. 曬傷(文中為過去分詞作形容詞用, 指「曬傷的」)

b see + O. + V-ing 表示「看到……正在做……」,感 官動詞的受詞補語用 V-ing 指動作正在進行,亦可用 原形動詞來強調事實或過程。

齧 齒 動 物 小 辭 典

• I saw Brandon running to catch the bus. 我看到布蘭登正跑著追公車。

身體看起來毛茸茸的(furry [ `f-i]) ,但其實毛又硬 又長,摸起來有點像刷子。

c while 在此作連接詞,指「當……時」。

capybara [%k1p6`b5r4]

• Patrick likes to listen to music while he does the dishes.



capybara 在拉丁文中指 「水中的豬」,但其 實水豚的基因和老 鼠比較接近!

有蹼的(webbed [w5bd])腳趾幫助 牠們在水中快速移動

hamster [`h1mst0] 倉鼠

guinea pig [`g6ni] 天竺鼠、豚鼠

Info Box

Give It a Try

第 3 行名詞 hot spring 指「溫泉」,為可數名詞,常用 複數形。 第 5 行 zoogoer 由 zoo 和 goer (常去……的人)組 成,指「常去動物園的人」; alike 在此作副詞,A and B alike 指「A 和 B 相同」。 第 27 行 social 在此指「(動物)群居的」, social animal 即指「群居動物」。


A. charming B. amusing

q To me, it’s a(n) attractive city that I would love to live in.

w My dad told me a(n) funny joke the other day. * 答案請參閱第 63 頁



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There is much to admire about

her own production 1 company and, in

29-year-old Margot Robbie. Since arriving

2017, made Time magazine’s list of the

in Hollywood from her native Australia

100 most influential2 people in the world.

10 years ago, she has been in two dozen 05


So what is Robbie’s secret to success?

movies and is one of the best actresses

Though her talent is a key factor, it’s her

in Hollywood today. She also founded

drive and her contributions3 to reshaping Hollywood for women that have made her stand out.

瑪格.羅比在電影《從前, 有個好萊塢》 (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)中全 力展現魅力,飾演知名已逝 女演員莎朗.蒂。

As an actress, Robbie is extremely


versatile. u In her breakthrough role, she starred as the tough, Brooklynaccented4 Naomi LaPaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street, clearly outshining u her 20

male costar, Leonardo DiCaprio. Robbie went on to play a wide range of other characters, including Jane Porter, Tarzan’s love interest in The Legend of Tarzan, and Harley Quinn, a crazy, roller-skating


psychiatrist,u in Suicide Squad. But it wasn’t until 2017, when Robbie played the real-life figure skater Tonya Harding in I, Tonya, 30

that her acting won the hearts of everyone. The movie, which Robbie also produced, earned her

an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.


圖片 / 達志影像


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Growing up, Margot Robbie knew she had to fight her way to the top. She was born on a farm in Queensland, Australia, and her father abandoned 5 the family when Robbie was little,


leaving her mother to raise her and her three siblings. u While studying drama in high school, Robbie held three jobs to help make ends meet. Later, she got a role in a popular Australian TV


soap opera after calling the company multiple6 times and refusing to take no 圖片 / 達志影像

for an answer. Three years later, she left the show for Hollywood.


Besides acting, Robbie has done

women stronger representation8 in the

notableu work in film production. With I,

movie business—and that’s certainly a

Tonya under her belt, Robbie took on new


welcome contribution.

projects such as Birds of Prey, featuring

* 中文翻譯請參閱第 65-66 頁

Harley Quinn, and Promising Young Woman, about a tragedy-stricken, 7 55

vengeanceu-seeking young woman.

What DoYou Think?

It’s not surprising that female

What were you surprised to learn about Margot Robbie? • I didn’t know that she . . . or that she . . . • I was surprised that she . . . and that she . . .

characters are the focus of these films. Speaking publicly, Robbie pointed out that many women in Hollywood have to 60

“struggle for the right to earn a living, [and] the right to be heard.” Through acting and film production, Robbie gives

國家城市小辭典 h


Australia [7`strelj4] n. 澳洲 補 Australian [7`strelj4n] adj. 澳洲的(第 44 行) Queensland [`kwinz~l1nd] n. 昆士蘭省(位於澳洲東 北部,為澳洲第二大省)




False Memories or Parallel Realities? 曼德拉效應:錯誤記憶 還是平行現實? 24


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group agreed, while others mentioned

reminiscing with someone about an event,

that Nelson Mandela had not died in

only to discover that you both remember

prison. Actually, he’d been released in

things quite differently. Usually, you’d put

1990, become president of South Africa,

it down to a poor memory, but what if it


and died in 2013. Broome was so shocked at this that

things differently? What if it was millions?



Here’s a common situation: You’re

wasn’t just one person who remembered


—Owain Mckimm

she started an investigation. 4 It turns

In fact, this isn’t a “what if?” situation.

out she wasn’t the only one who’d

It’s known as the Mandela Effect, and it

experienced this. People have memories

was first noticed in 2009 by paranormalu


of movies that never existed, and famous

researcher1 Fiona Broome. Broome was

words that were never spoken. There is

chatting with people about the South

even a group who clearly recall5 seeing

African activistu Nelson Mandela, and she

maps showing that New Zealand was

remarked2 how tragic3 it was that he had

northeast of Australia (it’s southeast). So

died in prison in the 1980s. Many in her


what in the world is going on? * 中文翻譯請參閱第 68 頁

曼德拉效應( Mandela Effect [ m1n`d5l4 ] [6`f5kt])是指沒有關聯的一群人不約而同對過去發生 的一些歷史有著相同的錯誤記憶,而且還能詳細地描 述相關經歷與細節。

Mandela 1918–1985?

The fact is . . .



關鍵解析 Language Notes

1. S. + V., only to + V. 結果卻……;不料……

字彙 Vocabulary * 1.

之外、令人驚訝或失望。 * 2.

* 3.

• My doctor told me there was no medical reason for my sleep problems, so she put it down to stress. 我醫生跟我說我的睡眠問題沒有醫學理由,所以她把它歸 因於壓力。

b what if . . . ? 表示「要是……怎麼辦?」,後面可接 直說法(如文中用法),也可用假設法來表示與事實相反 的情況。

remark [r6`m3rk] v.

說起、談論 n. 談論、評論

tragic [`tr1d.6k] adj.


Charlotte lost her son in a tragic car accident last year.

2. Usually, you’d put it down . . . 句子解析

a put sth down to sth 指「把……歸因於……」。


The teacher remarked that all of his students had passed the test.


Usually, you’d put it down to a poor memory, but what if it wasn ’ t just one person who remembered things differently?

researcher [`ri~s-t]0] n.

Researchers carried out a study on the health benefits of quality sleep.

only to + V. 接在子句後面,用來強調結果出乎意料 • Ted walked into the classroom, only to find that he was the only one there.


* 4.

investigation [6n~v5st4`ge]4n] n.


The government official is under investigation for participating in illegal activity. * 5. recall

[r6`k7l] v. 回憶起;記得 From what I recall, the post office is about two blocks from here.

u u



paranormal [~p5r4`n7rm4l] adj. 超自然的;科學無 法解釋的(為字首 para-「超越」加上 normal「正常的」組合而成) activist [`1kt6v6st] n. 社會運動人士

• What if I have a question that isn’t answered on your website? 要是我的問題在你的網站上沒有解答怎麼辦?

• What if something bad happened to you on your trip? 如果你旅途中發生了不好的事情要怎麼辦?

Info Box 第 30 行 in the world 常接在疑問詞後面用來加強語 氣,表示「到底;究竟」,與 on earth 意思相同。

3. it turns out (that) + S. + V. 結果是……; 最後變成……

turn out 在此指「原來是……;結果發現……」,虛主 詞 it 代替 that 子句,that 可省略(如文中用法)。 • It turns out that shipping by boat is much cheaper than shipping by air. 結果發現船運比空運便宜多了。

平行現實(parallel reality [`p5r4~l5l] [ ri`1l4ti ] )也稱為「平行宇宙」 ( parallel universe [`jun4~v-s]),是一種常見於科幻作 品中的假說,即在我們已知範圍外還有許多不 同的世界或宇宙存在,彼此如平行線般 沒有交集。

Give It a Try A. remarked


B. recalled

C. tragic

q I remembered you saying that you had a younger brother.

w Alex has not gotten over the sad events of her childhood.

e John said that his nephew had grown much taller since the last time they saw each other. * 答案請參閱第 68 頁


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