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May 28, 2013 o






Distance learnings new deal: Online courses roll out revamp By Daniel Montaño Staff Reporter

Starting in the fall 2014 semester, students taking online classes can expect to see some changes to the familiar distance learning website, Blackboard, said Audrey Gramstad, Administrative Director of distance learning. The new Blackboard will include two new software packages and a standardized distance learning classroom intended to allow students to focus on learning course material rather than on how to navigate through it, she said. “A lot of students have called me about distance learning, having an issue with the fact that every course looks different.


If you take five online courses, all five of them look and navigate differently, so my staff and I came up with something called the distance learning classroom,” she said. The new DL classroom, which is being tested this semester in two online courses that are part of a pilot program, will look very similar to the current Blackboard site but will be designed to be more user friendly, she said. The DL classroom will have a taskbar on the left hand side that will include direct links to assignments, discussions, technical help and a ‘start here’ portion that will include syllabus, course and instructor information, said Gramstad. “That helps simplify the navigation so that instead of hunting for

‘How do I contact my instructor?’ or ‘Where do I get tech support?’ It’s always in the same place for every course,” she said. The new software packages will expand on the current Blackboard login page by including different channels and modules, much like myCNM, which is a profile-based platform that is personalized to the individual user, she said. Blackboard will also include new file sharing capabilities which, in conjunction with Blackboard’s current instant messaging system, students can use for study and discussion groups, or accessing library, counseling and other student services, she said. “We’re trying to get all see

Upcoming changes: Blackboard courses •  All online classes will have the same format. •  The toolbar on left hand side will have direct links to all important course information. •  All courses will now have a quick and easy “Start here” module. •  The blackboard calendar will have all assignments and due dates for all online classes being in assignments. •  Student support will be located in the bottom left-hand side of courses. •  Allows faculty to focus on content of courses instead of building from scratch


A behind-the-scenes look at the changes in the Nursing program

Students petition to keep cadaver practice By Jamison Wagner Staff Reporter

• Editor’s Note: This story is a follow up clarification to the article in Volume 19 Issue 1, “Nursing program drops vital courses.”

By Jamison Wagner Staff Reporter

CNM is partnering with UNM and NMSU in rolling out the new curriculum for the Nursing program the spring semester, 2014 said Diane Evans-Prior, Nursing Program Director. The new program is state-wide; there are fifteen other public schools in New Mexico rolling out this new curriculum, and CNM is the first to do so at the community college

level, she said. The changes have been in the works since 2009 and are ready to be implemented, she said. “The college has to adapt to changing trends in education, to what our community partners are looking for in an entrylevel Nursing practitioner,” she said. Nursing has changed from what it was ten years ago or even five years ago and the curriculum has to adapt and evolve to

reflect those changes in Nursing itself, she said. “The major change is not that we are eliminating requirements or lowering standards, but we are increasing accessibility to the program itself,” she said. The current curriculum requires a lengthy number of required classes and the classes did not get removed, but are now integrated into the program itself to be done in later terms, she said.

see CHANGES on page


Health major students are currently petitioning to keep the practice of cadavers from being dropped by spring of 2014, said Dr. Anne Michels, full-time Biology instructor. The instructors were informed in February of this year that the school will be discontinuing practice on human cadavers, she said. The classes that will be affected are Anatomy and Physiology I and II along with their labs; these classes are taken by Nursing majors as well as many other healthcare majors, she said.

Students will be looking at plastic models and computer images instead, which will be less realistic compared to an actual human body, she said. “I know that a lot of the students and quite a few instructors would like to keep the cadaver practice going. But, neither group was really given a say in this decision even though it affects us,” she said. The administration has not given the instructors much information as to why this is being cut, she said. “Apparently the cost is why the administration is cutting the practice, but this is not by any means one of the most expensive

Biology labs, not even close,” she said. From where the instructors stand, the administration did not look at any other options, she said. “It seems to me that somebody just picked it, said it was expensive and did not even show that it is expensive,” she said. While the cadaver program is a significant expense, it is not the most expensive, so this seems arbitrary to the instructors, she said. The students have written a petition requesting that the cadaver practice be continued and so far in 11 days they have see

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2 | The CNM Chronicle


May 28, 2013

Bulletins To submit items for Campus Bulletin, please email news item with a maximum of 150 words to: or call 224-4755. ECOS Accepting New Members The Executive Council of Students is accepting new members. ECOS meets every Friday at 4:00 p.m. in ST12-A. For more information email

Student Film Club Looking for New Members DAT, a student film group, has just formed and is looking for new members. Students interested in making films are welcome. Students do not have to be in the film program to participate. Email Madison Coss at for more information.

Westside, Rio Rancho Writing Group Meets to Share Writing, Inspiration The Westside/Rio Rancho Writing Group meets twice a month to share a love of creative writing and to inspire each other. The group spends the onehour meeting time doing short writing exercises and sharing their work with each other. Everyone who writes or loves writing is invited to attend. Writers of all genres are welcome. For more information contact Rebecca Aronson at

Law Access New Mexico Offers Free Individual Consultations Low income CNM students who have legal issues or questions have a free civil legal service available to them. CNM has contracted with Law Access New

Mexico for the provision of legal services to CNM students who fall within 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. Students may call Law Access directly – 998-4529 and identify themselves as CNM students; or Students may contact a Connect Achievement Coach to sign up for on-campus individual consultations. Law Access Attorney Sandi Gilley comes to each campus twice a month to meet with students in need of legal assistance. For more information about this free program, contact Law Access, NM directly at 998-4529 or speak to Connect Achievement Coach Chioma Heim at 224-4080.

Free Bus and Parking Passes

Job Connection Services invites CNM students and graduates to attend free Employability Workshops

Locations to pick up stickers: • Main- Student Activities/ ID office. • Montoya and WestsideStudent ID office. • South Valley and Rio RanchoAdmissions office • Advanced Technology CenterFront desk

careers. The organization holds meetings once a month and requires members to maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. To learn more or to attend informational meetings go to

Achievement Network (Veterans CAN)

Project Feed the Hood is hosting a community meeting at The International District Community Garden on Thursday, May 30 at 6 p.m. located at 1410 Wellesley on the corner of Ross and Wellesley. We will discuss the progress this season and how to continue to build the foundation in the community. Dinner and refreshments will be provided. For more information contact Stefany at 918-0376 or solivas11@ Also visit facebook. com/projectfeedthehood or

at Main (SSC-207) and Montoya (TW-105) campuses. Presented in two 45-minutes sessions, the workshops focus on résumé writing strategies and offer tips and pointers for answering job interview questions effectively. Veterans College Registration is easy! 1. Go to: https://cnm-csm. php 2. Follow directions to sign-into your Symplicity account 3. Click on the “Events” tab 4. Click on title of workshop you wish to attend 5. Click on the “RSVP” box

Current students qualify for a free general parking pass and AbqRide bus pass. The passes can be obtained at the Main campus Student Activities Office. Name, schedule, and student ID number are required. For a general parking pass vehicle and drivers liscense information must be provided. To register the online parking system for the free general parking sticker log-in to myCNM and follow links from the “transportation” section.

This class, and the flash drive class, are highly recommended for new computer users and will prepare you for more advanced computer classes. Take Basic Computer Skills for Adult Learners. The next class starts Friday June 7th from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.; and costs only $39!

You’re done! You will receive a confirmation email. For more information: 224-3060.

FUN CLASSES YOU ASKED FOR! Want to impress your friends and colleagues about how to use your iPad? Do you want to learn more than the basics about your iPad? The Workforce Training Center is offering Introduction to the iPad Friday June 28th from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. The class is only $49, but is filling up quickly. Be sure to enroll soon to guarantee a place! Are you returning to school in order to get a really good job? Is this the first time you have needed to use a computer? Computer skills are necessary for almost every job. Develop your confidence and master basic skills needed to succeed on your home or work computer!

Working directly with CNM’s VetSuccess on Campus program, Veterans CAN is a nearpeer AmeriCorps program designed to offer critical supports to stduent veterans and their dependents. The program offers specific, individualized gidance related to veteran benefits such as the GI Bill, transferring and appealing college credits, tutoring, housing, and/or any additional support you need to be a successful student. AmeriCorps member Nicholas Aragon is located in the Student Acativites Office at CNM’s main campus: (505) 224-4342 Stop in today!

Join Phi Theta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Upsilon Chi chapter honor society is looking for new members. Phi Theta Kappa supports the Community College Completion Challenge by providing resources and encouraging members to stay in school and complete their degree or certificates. There is a yearly membership fee. PTK offers many sources to excel in college and future

Attention International District community members.

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May 28, 2013

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Editorial by the cnm chronicle editorial board

It is a right and not a privilege to know exactly what is being put into foods and how they are made. Most people do not know that the majority of food being consumed in America contains some ingredients that are genetically modified in some way. Monsanto has been in the news a great deal lately because of the bill passed in March deemed the “Monsanto Protection Act” or HR 933; section 735. This controversial bill bars federal courts from being able to stop the sale or planting of genetically modified or genetically engineered seeds, and many Americans are upset at these privileges given to GM and GE seed corporations. New Mexico has joined with other states to make it a law to label these so called “Frankenfoods” in order to know what is really in our food with the SB18 bill, introduced by Senator Wirth (D-Santa Fe). Unfortunately

| 224.3636

Jack Ehn faculty adviser editorial board

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The CNM Chronicle

this bill was affirmed “dead” on January 31 by Senator Wirth and Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez. Many other countries have outright banned GM and GE seeds and pesticides for many reasons such as the devastation caused by chemicals and pesticides to insect populations, the damage to regular crops unable to grow near any GM crops, as well as making farmers sick from chemical and pesticide use, and has also been proven to cause tumors and shorten life spans of lab animals. When is our country going to open its eyes to what GM and GE foods really can do to people, as well as understanding that we need to fight for our rights to know what exactly is in the foods we are all consuming. If we let our government pass laws that protect these companies and let them deny bills designed to inform people that some foods are truly manmade and manufactured, then we are a part of the problem.



Once more into the breach

Trek : Into Darkness” is a well-executed sequel

By Jamison Wagner staff reporter

Fans of the J.J. Abrams reboot Star Trek storyline will likely be delighted with his latest addition to the franchise in the form of Star Trek: Into Darkness. From the well-done acting delivered by all the characters to some outstanding special effects and a fast-paced storyline, the movie keeps you ‘engaged’ throughout. Spoilers ahead! Chris Pine (Star Trek, Rise of the Guardians, Unstoppable) delivers as an excellent Captain Kirk. He comes off as brash and reckless at the start, but as the story progresses he matures, and at the conclusion, delivers a speech that shows him to be a level-headed and responsible leader and captain.

Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Margin Call, Heroes) makes a superb young Spock. While initially seeming indifferent and completely unemotional, he shows the depth of a character who struggles not to feel because he cares too much. Every character has their defining qualities, from the steely-eyed Sulu to the nervous and enthusiastic Chekov; or the ill-tempered but warm Dr. McCoy. Uhura comes across as frightened but courageous and willing to do the job anyway. Carol Marcus is tenacious enough to seek the truth regardless of the risk to herself. Great characters, all of them, and a credit to the original actors. It is Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, The Hobbit, War Horse) who

truly steals the show with a command performance as the villain of the piece that must be seen to be believed. From shedding a tear for his lost crewmen; to his frightful resolution as he threatens the Enterprise with absolute annihilation if Spock does not comply with his demands,. Cumberpatch dominates the screen from start to finish. The heroes can only shine when matched against a truly menacing foe, and as Kahn, Cumberbatch delivers a performance that would do Ricardo Montalban (villain of the original Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn) proud. The special effects are well executed and give the movie that extra edge when it comes to having a great science fiction flick. From when the Enterprise rises from the sea like a massive leviathan

of the deep, to when San Francisco suffers catastrophic damage as a starship crashes; the visuals will keep you on the edge of your seat. The camera work is well done and you can readily see what is going on; thankfully this movie does not suffer from the overuse of lens flare like the 2009 Star Trek did. Overall, the story is a great rework of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn as it fits with the continuity of the alternate universe created by the 2009 Star Trek reboot. This movie is a wild ride from beginning to end and well worth watching. Perhaps I am too generous with my praise, but I know that I will be watching it more than once on the big screen.

Rating of “Star Trek: Into Darkness” Story:











4 | The CNM Chronicle


May 28, 2013

Protesters stroll down Copper Ave. and Third St. to rally support during the march against Monsanto demonstration.

1500 turn out to s By Rene Thompson Editor-In-Chief


Culinary Arts major Benjamin Hansen sitting at the starting point of the march at Central Ave. and University Blvd.

The Albuquerque March Against Monsanto had a great turnout, with more than 1500 people attending, said event coordinator Chris Perkins. Organizers confirmed that two million people marched in 50 countries worldwide to protest the Monsanto Corporation and the use of genetically modified foods. The Saturday May 25 march began at UNM campus and ended at Civic Plaza downtown. Benjamin Hansen, Culinary Arts major, said

the reason he was marching against Monsanto is because Monsanto puts their profits and wealth above the common good, above people and the right to information for sustainable life. “GMOs are untested and unknown and I think people have the right to know whether they’re eating them or not. Also, there have been quite a few correlations in the die off of bees we’ve been having because of the pesticide chemicals produced by Monsanto,” he said. When asked about the SB 18 bill that was shut down by 23 senate votes in January that would have brought the

labeling of GM foods to New Mexico, Hansen said he thinks it is unfortunate that our elected state representatives do not think that their constituents have a right to know what they are eating. “What Monsanto is doing is trademarking life when they are able to pass a patent on their seeds into law, and they’re making it so they’re not liable for damages that their products might be causing, and for me it is very blatant that they know what side effects are occurring with their products, which they have passed into law so they are not held accountable for later on,” he said.


May 28, 2013

The CNM Chronicle



say “No to GMO” Organizers that rallied the march had food truck vendors from TFK Smokehouse and Conchita’s Creations, as well as organic fruits and starter plants, guest speakers, music, a raffle and an arts and crafts contest for children. “The organizers had shuttles taking people to and from the original site to the final event at Civic Plaza, which made it much easier for people to get back to their cars after the march,” said member of Food and Water Watch, Eleanor Bravo. Kaitlin Delozier, Liberal Arts major, said she went to the march in support of food

grown naturally, not genetically modified. “Everything tastes so much better and is better for you when foods are naturally grown and not full of additives and preservatives, which really are not good for anyone,” she said. Laws passed for Monsanto have changed the way farmers use seeds, she said. Farmers cannot reuse seeds grown from their own crops and must buy new seeds every season, she said. “It puts plenty of farmers in a bad position, and I’m sure there are farmers that don’t want to grow these


crops; they want to grow good and nutritious foods to feed people, but unfortunately they’re stuck with using Monsanto because of the corporate seed monopoly,” she said. Delozier said she was glad to see such a big turnout and support for this cause, and she hopes that things will change in the future and food will be sustainable without being genetically modified. For more information on GM foods or to volunteer go to


Liberal Arts major Kaitlin Delozier stands at the finish line of the march against Monsanto at the Albuquerque Civic Plaza.


6 | The CNM Chronicle Student spotlight


May 28, 2013

Student comedian: From the mic to the keyboard Fletcher hopes to distribute the DVD Senior Reporter performances at the Ever heard the one Hastings stores in about the web designing Albuquerque and sell The CNM Chronicle stand-up comedian? Curt them online, he said. Fletcher, Digital Media Fletcher said he major, said he plans to attended CNM for a blend his degree with year, back when it was comedy to bring charac- known as TVI, before ter to the laughing craft. deciding to pursue Fletcher has been stand-up. He recently performing stand-up decided to return to comedy for 10 years earn his degrees. and said he plans to use “I moved back here what he has learned to a couple of years ago. I help promote comedians wanted to get to get an through web design. associate degree in Digital “Since there’s a lot of Media and go to UNM video editing involved and for journalism because Photoshop and InDesign, comedy doesn’t pay that I’m going to help come- well sometimes,” he said. dians build websites for Cracking jokes themselves to make a since 1984, Fletcher little bit of extra money said he found his funny while I’m traveling, bone when he used to because comedians don’t sneak out past his bedhave websites promoting time to watch late-night themselves,” he said. comedy on television. Fletcher recently “I would always see filmed a live performance my mom watching standat The Box Performance up comedy on TV and Space and plans to make just watching her laugh, and edit videos to accom- just watching one person pany his jokes for his stand there with a microupcoming DVD, he said. phone making a bunch of Once finished, people laugh was pretty By Adriana Avila

10 |

cool,” he said. As an adult, , Fletcher is now travels as a standup comedian and said he enjoys performing for younger crowds. “I did a show for the Lobo football team a few years ago right before their ball game. That was pretty awesome. They were a really really good audience,” he said. Fletcher also caters to the seasoned who have long since crippled their funny bones. “The last time I performed was in Arizona in a casino for old people. It’s hard to make old people laugh. They always say that they had a good time but they never laugh. I don’t know if they’re afraid to laugh, like something might come out, I don’t know,” he said. Fletcher got his start at Laffs Comedy Club, where he performed every week, eventually gaining enough momentum to take his show on the road, he said. Fletcher said he is also co-writing a script

for a movie that he and a friend are creating. “It’s called ‘The Consequences of a Feeble Mind.’ It’s about these two idiots and we’re

about half-way done with it now and hoping to start filming sometime in the fall,” he said. For more information on what the funny guy is


doing, visit his website at or email him at

November 27, 2012

Chronicle Crossword : TV will rot your brain

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P c c O p $ L m m S In C e in

May 28, 2013


Continued from Page 1

services online so that distance learning students have same access as face-to-face students. If a student asked for a button where they could access health services or veteran’s services, we would add it,” Gramstad said. The new software will allow instructors to share information common from one course to another, she said. “So instead of each


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“Students would drop classes and retake them, one, two, three times because their grade is not good enough. What is this doing for progression? By the time students finally start the program, the minimum number of semesters is eight. The reality? Twelve to fifteen. Students should


Continued from Page 1

collected almost 700 signatures, she said. A similar event happened at UNM a few years ago; many students signed a petition to keep cadavers in the undergraduate anatomy labs but the cadavers were


The CNM Chronicle


faculty person creating their own little discussion board or their own little tutorial, they can put it in a repository from which they can share it with any other faculty members that would use that same kind of material,” Gramstad said. Brahm Woody, Liberal Arts major and instructional technician for SAGE, is currently taking an online class and said he hopes the new Blackboard will be more stable.

“We had someone taking finals last fall and Blackboard crapped out. I contacted the Blackboard supervisor at the SRC and I was told it was a vendor issue. So there was nothing we could do on our end,” Woody said. Gramstad said that most of the problems associated with Blackboard’s stability have to do with issues unrelated to Blackboard errors, but that the new content sharing ability will

help to clear clutter from Blackboard, which should contribute to a more smoothly running site. Margaret Segura, Business Administration major, has taken three classes online and said that she hopes CNM makes communication with online instructors easier and that she is happy more resources will be available through Blackboard. “I work with disability resources and I

have had a lot of issues, so if everything is put into one place there will be less confusion and more success.” Segura said. Alyssa MonetWinters, Diagnostic Medical Stenography major, has taken six courses online and said she hopes that the new Blackboard will be more reliable and she hopes contacting instructors will be easier. “Being able to contact your instructors better would be nice,

because email doesn’t get through to the teachers and you end up being unable to talk to them,” MonetWinters said. Although the basic changes have already been chosen, the new Blackboard is only in its beginning stages and things might be added or changed depending on the feedback the distance learning staff receives from students and faculty, Gramstad said.

be getting a master’s degree at the end of that, not an associate degree,” she said. This is not unique to CNM and the model for the program is echoed throughout the country, she said. The new curriculum is intended to make the Nursing program a lot more accessible, she said. Students can now finish the requirements in two semesters, or one, but that is

more difficult, she said. The basic proficiencies have not changed, nor has the required percentage for the HESI exam, she said. If anything, standards have increased a bit since the GPA requirement was raised from 2.5 to 2.75, she said. Now if the students have enough credits and have met the other requirements, they can register for the new classes,

she said. As a result, it will be more like the other programs CNM offers, she said. Students can now start the basic core courses and take Anatomy & Physiology II and Developmental Psychology concurrently with their Nursing classes, she said. The core courses in the Nursing program historically have not been enough to make full-time so our

students have had difficulty meeting their financial aid requirements, she said. “The really exciting thing is that we are fully partnered with UNM and NMSU now so all of our classes that are applicable to a Bachelor’s of Nursing will transfer completely,” she said. That is a total of 96 credit hours that CNM offers that will transfer for a B.S.N. that requires about 120

credit hours, she said. “Students can get those credits at CNM and may enroll at UNM, which means students will be able to graduate with both an associate and a bachelor’s,” she said. “We will offer this with the first group in 2014, but there are a few fine details to finish,” she said.

eliminated anyways, she said. CNM is now the only college in the Albuquerque area where undergraduates are able to study cadavers, she said. The Chronicle did attempt to reach out to the administration but they were not available for comment

at the time of this article being published. If students not currently involved in the petition effort want to help fight this, they should e-mail President Winograd, Vice President Gunthorpe, Dean Calabro and Associate Dean Martin, Michel said.

President Winograd: Vice-President Sydney Gunthorpe: Dean Richard Calabro: rcalabro@ Associate Dean Linda Martin: “We the students

are requesting cadavers remain an instructional tool at CNM. This very valuable tool is a rare experience that allows students to visualize anatomical parts of a real human. Models and two-dimensional images cannot compare to being able to

see and touch organs that a human cadaver provides. In addition, many of the cadavers provide the opportunity to see disease and the attempts to treat disease. We are thankful for your consideration in this matter.”


8 | The CNM Chronicle


May 28, 2013

“May the Schwartz be with you” Inhabitants of Burque host film and food festival

By Shaya Rogers Managing Editor

Summertime is all about enjoying the outdoors and the Film and Food Festival created by Inhabitants of Burque wants to give Burquenos the chance to do just that, said creator and operator Leo York. On Sunday, June 2 at Bataan Park from 3 to 10 p.m., members of the community can enjoy a free showing of the ‘80s cult classic film “Spaceballs,” he said. “It is an event to give families and individuals a chance to enjoy a day in the park with movies, acro yoga, and any other activities people would like to do in the park,” York said. The event was created to give people more options for things to do in the summer and anyone is welcome, he said. “I want to make this a community event where people can enjoy a beautiful park, the outdoors, community bonding and time with their friends and loved ones,” he said. A friend of York’s runs the Boiler Monkey food

truck and came to him with the idea, he said. “I agreed and I do the permits, sound, film, event organizing and promoting of the event,” he said. The Supper food truck has also helped with organizing, he said, and the two food trucks will be there on the day of the event to sell food, he said. The event creates an opportunity for members of the Albuquerque community to get to know one another, while enjoying spending the day outside, he said. Although the movie starts at 5, attendees are encouraged to come around 3 if they want to participate in activities like yoga, hula hooping, juggling or anything else they may be interested in and to bring things to share, he said. York plans on continuing the event throughout the summer as long as he can before the weather turns cold, he said. “I hope to bring the community together and to make an awesome event for everyone to enjoy on the weekend,” he said.


Inhabitants of Burque are hosting a film and food festival with a free screening of “Spaceballs.”

Any businesses interested in sponsoring or getting involved with the event are encouraged to contact Inhabitants of Burque, he said. “We are also taking sponsorships for businesses that would like to be involved and would like to promote their business to a large and diverse group of people from the city,” he said. For more details visit InhabitantsofBurque

Film and Food Festival When: Where: Sunday, June 2 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Film showing: Spaceballs

West of Carlisle on Lomas Bataan Park, ABQ


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