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July 1-7, 2014

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Hulk SMASHES the Albuquerque Comic Expo By Daniel Johnson

Investigative Reporter Louis Ferrigno, known for his role as The Incredible Hulk visted Albuquerque to make an appearance at the Albuquerque Comic Expo (ACE) from June 27 to 29, and expo goers had a schance to meet and greet with the iconic actor. Ace was at the Albuquerque Convention Center located at 401 Second Street NW in the east complex, and passes varied from $20 for a daily pass to $40 for a three-day pass. Ferrigno, who was born in 1951, said that by the time he was three that he had lost more than 75 percent of his hearing to ear infections which he suffered as a small child.

people was not the easiest of things for him to do because he was rejected a lot when he was younger. from a speech impediment “Being a since he was a person with a child and that it disability does not mean that you have to had to be overcome by take a second seat to learning to speak with anyone, you have to the feeling of how his take action for your- tongue moved when self because others saying words. “I am not will only respect you as much as you respect asking anyone to pat me on the back, because yourself,” he said. A person who has it is all about taking a disability has to be action for yourself and able to give 110 percent, maximizing your own because they have to personal power to be work harder than others the best that you can be,” he said. to succeed, he said. And he also said Ferrigno said that has also he suffered that dealing with

Everybody has some form of a disability be it physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally, but there is something that all people have that affects the way they perform in life, he said. “I overcame all of that by body building and building a physique that gave me admiration and respect from others,” Ferrigno said. It is all about individuals taking see HULK on page 3


Lou Ferrigno poses at Albuquerque Comic Expo.

CNM Participates in Albuquerque Comic Expo brought more than $3 million dollars to the surrounding Copy Editor economy, but the bucks will The fourth annual not stop there according to a Albuquerque Comic Expo Kickstarter account made by brings beyond just the the convention’s organizers. The Kickstarter that celebrities, geek culture vendors, and more than raised more than $20,000 10,000 visitors, the expo from 268 backers was passes a major boost to made not only to help with the funds for the conventhe local economy. The expo was held at tion to bring activities like the Albuquerque Convention a pre-party, a documentary Center from June 27 to 29 on the event, and the ACE and according to, Dungeons (a “fully realized

By Nick Stern


Panel speaker, Amanda Conner explains her love for comic conventions.

liveaction roleplaying game”). But is also funding an ongoing project with the new ACE Headquarters retail location where science fiction and comic book nerds will be able geek-out all year long. CNM participants had a big part in the convention this year as well, with holding educational panels such as The Evolution of the Comic Book Hero from the CNM Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, which went into the changes in comic book protagonists over the course of time in pop culture. Also, the Who Watches the Watchmen: the Promise and Peril of Globalization panel, presented by CHSS instructor

Ben Emery, which was an in-depth discussion about Alan Moore’s world renowned graphic novel, the Watchmen. The discussion was held with Comic Book Artist and Writer Amanda Conner, who has had her own influence in the Watchmen universe, she said. “I think my favorite part about it (ACE) is the people are really nice. I like the fans. The fans are so sweet and so fun to talk to. And before it gets really hot, the weather is gorgeous,” Conner said. The conversation between Conner, Emery and the audience ranged from the pros and cons of


Emily Debee shows her excitement for ACE.

globalization to a topic on the acceptance of extreme violence in society and the absurdity of what is not acceptable in society. Emery mentions how comics, especially Watchmen, take feminine characters and make them more powerful and able to rule than the masculine characters of the books, he said. Even at the convention, among cos-play, the costumes that could be

considered the most risqué are used for an entirely different effect, he said. “Instead of being associated with procreation, sexiness is associated with lethality,” he said. Emery said that in the spring semester of 2015 he plans on teaching a course that will be based on comic books and society,

see ACE page


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July 1-7 2014

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Correction In Volume 20, Issue 6 the story ‘Chemistry instructor makes new tools for disabled students to learn also’. Carol Martinez did not create the Universal Design Project, she is just one of the members of the team that is the Universal Design Project.

July 1-7, 2014


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Ferrigno’s advice for students with disabilities like him is to “not listen action for themselves, he said. to negativity from anyone In regards to students and always continue to be who struggle with disabil- passionate, because that ities Ferrigno said being can be your platform for scared to take action is not the future,” Ferrigno said. an option for any student Being in more than 40 of any age, but especially films and five different telefor students that suffer vision series has allowed from a disability, he said. Ferrigno to have the develAll students need to opment of a strong fan base embrace their educations and given him opportuniand if there is something ties to see the world, to that they are passionate which he said he never let about, that by all means they his disability get in the way need to show that passion for of these dreams of accomtheir educations, he said. plishing his goals.


who are obsessed with different genres of the culture and that is such a huge difand will include Watchmen ference from the way people as one of the readings cov- were treated in the past and now no one has to consider ered, Emery said. Conner said she liking anime or comic books believes the geek culture to be a guilty pleasure that is definitely got huge within kept secret, Conner said. “I think people just got the last decade and has noticed that it eventually more comfortable in their became something to not own skin being nerds and be afraid of being openly geeks. A lot of people were afraid, because back in my interested in. Today’s society is much day you used to get beat up in more accepting of people high school for that,” she said.

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Chronicle The CNM

CONTINUED him he said because there were multiple different styles of tests besides just physical fitness. There was a lot of studying, test taking, shooting, driving and high-speed pursuits that he said he had to learn to do somewhat differently with his disability. “It is not something you can just speed through or try to rush,” Ferrigno said. In regards to Albuquerque he said it is a quite town, and seems to have a nice calm before the storm of the convention this weekend.

He said the last time he was in the city was about 20 years ago for a body building competition. “I love the dry weather here, because back in New York when I was growing up I hated the stickiness of humidity and having to take two showers a day,” he said. A big convention like ACE is something he has never done in New Mexico, he said. Ferrigno said that he is also excited about this show because there is a great culture in this city, and he trusts he has a huge fan base here.

“I am basically here to have a good time and support the ACE Convention and myself,” he said. It is very exhilarating for him he said because the expo has got comic books, Q & A sessions, as well as expo goers being able to meet with the celebrities, and that this was a great show for people of all ages.

Conner also said loves the different conventions like ACE and what they provide the community with which is basically a chance to get together and be a part of something bigger and allows everyone to go a bit crazy for the stuff they love. “It’s like some people go to football games and baseball games for their geek culture; we go to comic book conventions and love to see cos-players for our

geek culture. This is sort of the equivalent of going to a ball game for people who love comics and science fiction,” Conner said. Fine Arts major Emily Debee, who was with Gamer’s Anonymous at the event said, that the game store partnered up with GameStop this year to bring new and different gaming tournaments to the event. Debee said her favorite part of the expo was all of the different costumes

people wear, and that there were fewer costumes this year, but that the turnout was still incredible regardless. Debee also mentioned that she thinks the comic convention and celebrity culture helped bump the geek culture to the incredible size it is now, she said. “It’s always been big to the people who are in it. I love ACE, it’s so cool to come here every year and find out that there are

people who live in New Mexico who are into the same games as you and into the same anime as you,” Debee said. Debee also noticed how ACE has grown from more of a local thing into a larger event with more people coming from out of town in costume every year, and she said she expects it to keep on getting bigger and better each year.


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Everything from acting to being a Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles County has allowed Ferrigno the opportunity to gain wisdom and experiences that can never be replaced, he said. “I decided to go through the Sheriff’s academy because I have always been fascinated with law enforcement, since my dad was a Lieutenant in the NYPD and I wanted to be able to give back to the community,” Ferrigno said. Going through the academy was not easy for

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23. Italian capital. 24. She has nine lives and loves milk. 26. A wealthy bussinessman that uses gadgets and technology to help the people. 28. Mythical Greek that is known for his strenth, and is son to Zeus ruler of Mount Oylmpus. 29. He can walk through walls and has passion in his religious convictions.

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1. He came back from the depths of hell to get his revenge. 3. He was bit by an insect. 4. A visible mass of liquid droplets or frozen crystals made of water. 5. Start of summer month. 9. Russian president 10. Verging on madness. 11. Word Gordon Ramsey yells often. 13. Big, red, and loves cats. 15. Type of poison plant. 16. Four legged friend.

17. Has sharp claws when he needs them. 18. He can manipulate metal. 19. Mind reader. 20. He may use a wheel chair to get around, but he can stop time at the flick of a switch, among other things. 21. He uses technology he developed to stay alive. 25. Rainforest in South America 27. Is needed when someone says bless you.

By Rene Thompson with

4 | The CNM Chronicle




One of the most anticipated events of the Albuquerque Comic Expo is the costume contest, where cos-players flock from all over, even from out of state to win the convention’s contest for the coveted prize of $500 in gift cards. The third and second place prizes were $100 and $200 worth of gift cards to be spent at the convention, according to Contest organizers capped the entries to 50 people on a first come, first served basis, and cut out the pre-judging portion, which had taken the majority of the day during previous years. Participants were judged by their originality, presentation, craftsmanship, hair and make-up, as well as how similar their costumes were to the sources that they were inspired by to enter the contest. Such as with contest winners and couple, J.G. Perrish and Jessica Sarabia who said they had worked a total of 156 hours on PHOTO BY RENE THOMPSON creating and perfecting their costumes of the Rhino and Black Cat ACE’s contest winners, Jessica Sarabina and J.G. Perrish, show off their from the Spiderman comics series. “We like to cos-play from the same genre as a couple,” Sarabia said, award-winning costumes. while Perrish added “We usually like to do more obscure characters.” Both costumes were completely home-made from head-to-toe, and little details were added throughout both costumes to include hade-made claw gloves and a realistic looking rhino horn. Sarabia and Perrish both agreed that the costume contest is their favorite part of the convention and that they liked the new format for how the contest was ran this year. “I had some doubts at first, but it ran really smooth and I like the format that they came up with,” Perrish said. Although the winners were honored to win the best in show first place prize, they were humble about their win, explaining that’s it really about meeting like-minded people and building a better community. “It’s about having that mutual respect for each other, and wanting to be there to cheer everyone else on— it doesn’t matter who wins. The whole idea of the cons is to be able to meet people with the same passions as you,” Sarabia said. Perrish said that while standing in line to get on stage they PHOTO BY RENE THOMPSON could tell that everyone was pretty nervous, but that they also Completely hand-made costumed group in the ACE costume contest. got to learn how much effort and time the other contestants put into their costumes as well. “They inspire you just as much as you inspire them,” he said. other local events, as his company delves into an array of artistic Perrish, who owns a production company called Piggs-Filth media to include costume making. Productions, said that he hopes to get local cos-players together for Perish said that he hopes to teach how to make quality costumes to people who want to learn about costume-making. “I want to teach this and help people learn, so that the competition can get better; cause that’s what it is all about, is showing people your beautiful art,” he said. For more information on help with costumes for next year’s ACE convention or to see what Piggs-Filth Productions is all about, go to PiggsFilthProductions.


Costume contestants wait during the judging process.

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Issue 7, Volume 20  

Issue 7, Volume 20 of The CNM Chronicle

Issue 7, Volume 20  

Issue 7, Volume 20 of The CNM Chronicle