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September 9-22, 2014

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Student art vandalized at Main Campus By Rene Thompson Guest Writer

Students in the CNM art department learn lessons about all sorts of things that have to do with the art world, but for Fine Arts major Hannah Mora, she ended up learning that one’s art can be violated and vandalized, even when displayed right here on CNM’s main campus. Mora said that the installation she made depicting Wonder Women at the end of the summer semester in her Art Practices I class was vandalized, as it was displayed in the front of the MS building, which had a sign that read ‘I’m a woman, not an object.’ Mora said her art was up for a week before it was damaged and picked up in pieces by her instructor Bonnie Stipe. Mora said that it was clearly not damaged because of inclement weather from that week. “It looked like someone ran and tackled her, also the way her arms were bent showed someone had put a lot of weight on the piece. “I just have a feeling that a person did it. I’m actually kind of surprised by the whole thing because this is college and we are all adults. To have this happen at a college is just shocking and it shows the mentality some people have coming into this school and it’s pretty sad,” Mora said. It took more than 24 hours to make the rendition of Wonder Woman casting her own body, as well as being able to withstand the elements, she said. The large wooden blocks within the feet and legs that were drilled into the platform were split in half, she said. “It took three hours just to tape up my body, and it took about another hour just get myself out. I specifically made it heavy on the bottom so it wouldn’t be blown over, and I covered it in enamel, so I made sure it would definitely stand up against the weather,” Mora said. The assignment for the instillation that went up two weeks before the end of the semester was to show symbolism through chosen words, she said.. Other students pieces included words such as ‘Just Breath’ on the KC hall walkway that was being newly renovated for asbestos issues, or another that wrote out ‘Grass’ on the astro turf like lawn outside of the SRC, she said. Mora also said that she was kind of glad the vandalism happened and is curious to ask a few questions of whoever allegedly vandalized her art piece. “If it was someone who did it, I would like to meet them and ask them why, because I am really curious as to what my piece did to them that made them want to destroy it; that they had these feelings toward it? Honestly would you do this to a real person? And why were you so quick to destroying my piece without really thinking whose it was and what I really put into it. Either way, I’m kind of glad it happened because it just proves my point and thank you for making my piece more successful,” she said. Mora, who is also a student employee in the TRIO office, as well as an avid cos-player and

costume designer, said she was trying to portray a message that all people deserve respect. “It’s actually really funny because the whole point of my piece is that wonder woman is a symbol for all women, because she was really the very first female super hero in the 1940’s and all for women power, love, peace, and she really stood for what women are trying to do today, which is to be more independent,” Mora said. It was not just about women equality, but that everyone deserves to have respect no matter what they do, who they are, or what they aspire to be, she said. In the cos-playing world that not everyone is treated fairly who do cos-play at conventions, and that everyone should be able to dress up like their favorite characters the way they want to without being treated badly for it, she said. “Having someone tell you that you are wrong for wanting to play the characters you love and look up to is not a very good feeling, and that is what I was trying to get across, is that people need to respect people, and that is why the wonder women piece was like a blank canvas, meaning anyone could fit into that costume,” she said. Many people at conventions PHOTO COURTESY OF FACEBOOK are treated badly because their body types do not fit what people Artist Hannah Mora strikes a pose with her art piece before it was think the character should look vandalized. like and that many people defer “The funny thing is that my piece is an object, from dressing skimpy because of comments and but what it does symbolize is exactly what was done worse, she said. to my piece, so if it was someone who did it, they That is the reason why she does not wear cerjust proved my point,” Mora said. tain costumes, because in the end it is sometimes just The damage done and the criticism the piece not worth all the negative attention it can sometimes has gotten, Mora said is something all artists or even bring, she said. cos-players have to deal with and that there will “There are many people who will disrespect you always be someone there who puts you down for when you’re in that costume. They call you names, what you do unfortunately, Mora said. they touch you, they harass you; they do all these She learned from a very young age that if somethings to you at a con and it happens multiple times,” one wants to be an artist they cannot let others dicMora said. tate what they do and that artists cannot compare It is body shaming in essence that she is against, themselves to others if they want to make it in the and whether someone is a man, woman, big, small, art world. or in a costume, that they should not be made to feel “You just have to brush it off like water off a bad about what they look like, who they are, or what ducks back, because someone is always going to go they happen to be wearing, she said. out of their way to make you feel awful about your She actually appreciates the experience piece, and you can’t let it bother you,” she said. of what happened to her art piece because it brought the issue and the meaning behind her piece more to the surface than she had ever hoped, she said.


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September 9-22, 2014

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Current students qualify for a free general parking pass and AbqRide bus pass. Name, schedule, and student ID number are required. Main Campus, SSC111, MondayFriday 8am-5pm Montoya Campus, TW207, or Westside Campus, WSII-104, 8:00am-12:30pm/1:30pm-5:00pm The South Valley Campus (Admissions Office) and Applied Technology Complex (Front reception desk) can also provide the bus pass to the CNM community. For a general parking pass, vehicle and drivers license information must be provided. To register your vehicle, log in to myCNM and follow links from the “transportation” section. The passes can then be obtained at the Main campus Student Activities Office.

The weekly study session for any chemistry subject. Meet people and get your homework done at the same time! We always have free coffee and snacks. Saturdays 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Main Campus JS Hall, Room 301 Contact Tim Torress at for more information

‘The Mystery of Irma Vep’ will be playing at The Vortex Theater new location at 2900 Carlisle. A hilarious spoof on supernatural creatures by former CNM student Bryan Lambe, and directed by Susan Erickson, a CNM theater instructor. Showing Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m. from October 10 to 25, with the final week feature will run on the Thursday, October 30, at 7:30 and two special Halloween performances on October 31 at 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $22 for general admission and $15 with student ID. Reserve or purchased online at or call 505-247-8600.

Mindfulness at CNM The film “The Mindfulness Movie” will be showing on Friday, Septermber 12 at 12 p.m.1:30 p.m. in SB 100. This is a free event as a kick off to starting to create a ‘CNM Mindful Community’.

Student Planning to Attend Graduation Ceremony? Don’t Forget to Submit Grad Application If you are planning to participate in the Fall 2014 Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, December 06, 2014 at Tingley Coliseum, don’t forget that you must submit a graduation application for your degree or certificate by Friday, October 17, 2014 by 5 p.m. For specific instructions on how to complete the graduation application process, log on to myCNM, and click on the “Students” tab at the top of the page. Then, in the Graduation and Change/Update Your Major channel on the right of the page, click on “Your Guide to Graduation.” Follow the instructions on this page to complete your graduation application.

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The Executive Council of Students (ECOS) is looking for new students to join the CNM student government this semester. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be enrolled for at least 3 credit hours, have a letter of recommendation, and be willing to be an active student in the CNM community. Aglow International 2014 For more information or to apply to ECOS US National Conference students can pick up an application in the Student Services building in room 201, student “CARRY HIS PRESENCE” will be held life office of Main campus. at the Albuquerque Convention Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Join over 2000 Join Physics League Aglow women and men from around the United States, for this strategic gathering of The CNM Physics League is a chartered warriors and champions. Come expecting to student organization with a goal of supporting discover a new dimension of what it means to physics students. be carriers of His presence into our daily lives. Physics league meets every Saturday in JS 303 OCT. 31 GUEST NIGHT FREE! at Main Campus for a study session from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the CNM Math League. The Magnificent Meryl Contact the president, Jenny Smith at or the secretary, Joseph “The Iron Lady” wil be playing at The KiMo Dennison at for more Theater as part of The Magnificent Meryl information. event. Meryl Streep plays an elderly Margaret CNM Shooting Club Thatcher talking to the imagined presence of her recently deceased husband as she struggles The CNM Shooting Club is accepting to come to terms with his death while scenes new members and has openings for board from her past life, from girlhood to British members. If you are interested please contact prime minister, intervene. the Faculty Advisor of the Club, Dr. Lisa M. Sunday September 14, 2 p.m.-3:45 p.m. Orick-Martinez at LISAO@CNM.EDU or Doors open at 1:30 and tickets are $5-$7 for 224-4000 X50062 ages 13 and up.

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September 9-22, 2014

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As I sit here looking out into the empty space in front of me, I’ve come to realize that the environment I’m in is the one that I created, so there is no reason for me to frown or be unhappy because whatever it is that has the potential to disrupt my peace of mind, and affect me in a way that causes me to become a negative minded person, is only happening to me because I’m allowing it to reside inside my brain. I’ve given it a home where it can eventually breed more negativity inside me, which in turn will affect my relationships with those people around me, even the ones that I love and care so much about. So now I’ve learned how to create a bond with myself, so that I carry such a positive attitude around with me that negativity would feel like an alien inside of my brain whenever it tried to enter it. So my brothers and sisters…let’s try to be the light that can help guide those that find themselves in a dark place because of the many different struggles and obstacles that life can throw at you. I feel that when I rise I’m going to make room for you to rise also, because I would feel like less than a man if I left you while you were struggling, especially after all the times we struggled together.

-Donald Seals

The Stylist

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She dealt with different pieces and fabrics She suggested multiple items to each of her clients Different styles gave her endless inspirations She used those inspirations to inspire others From soft and plain looks to dramatic and edgy She styled piece upon piece constructing a masterpiece She gave feedback and thoughts on the clothing For this is what she loved She was happy to create new styles for new identities Each one reflected a special meaning for both girls She showed off her new styles like the store was a runway She provided meaning and style in all she did Pictures and recognition lead to confidence I accepted her money and she accepted my style She made it her own with jewelry and perfume She said she’d come back soon to walk the runway My style became her style and she took control An adventure that saves time and money And for that, she will return

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September 9-22, 2014

The CNM STEMulus Center helps to crea By Guadalupe Santos-Sanchez Staff Reporter

The new CNM STEMulus Center has new and innovative ways of educating students and is making history for CNM, said Chief Community Engagement Officer at CNM, Samantha Sengel. The STEMulus Center is a new forum for students and citizens alike to receive training and education for jobs that are in high demand in Albuquerque, she said. “It’s for anyone in the community, students can choose this, but this isn’t meant to replace the college, we’re hoping this is a new way to engage folks into higher education and CNM, this is meant to kind of create those different ways to think about education, so folks can think differently about engaging in attaining a certificate or an associate’s degree,” Sengel said. STEMulus is another way to achieve CNM’s goals to create the workforce of today and tomorrow, Sengel said. The mayor has stated several times that he wants the city to make huge movements towards being the most entrepreneurial city in the country, she said. This is also CNM’s commitment to growing our local economy and workforce, she said. “It’s really just about being very current and innovative and different, trying a different approach, 40,00 people a year choose the traditional CNM choices, but our community needs more, more training and more education , there are 60,000 citizens just in our region that are under educated,” she said. In the end it is about obtaining the trained and educated workforce needed to build our economy, she said. According to, the STEMulus Center will have four course areas: the Deep Diving Boot Camp, the FUSE Makerspace, Fast Track Business Administration Degree, and the IGNITE Community Accelerator. As part of the STEMulus Center and to give the students a stage, there is the PNM Pop-Up Pavilion that is a portable space for presentations, workshops, lectures, and special events, according to The credit programs, such as the Fast Track Degree, are eligible for Financial Aid, Sengel said. The non-credit programs like the Deep Diving Coding Boot Camp are not because at 40 hours a week they are non-traditional in comparison to credit programs, she said.

The Deep Diving Coding Boot Camp costs $5,000 in tuition, Sengel said They are working to convert the non-credit programs into credit programs, she said. John Mierzwa, Director of CNM STEMulus Initiatives created the Deep Diving Coding Boot Camp as a web development and programming boot camp. “In talking with CNM it sounded like the perfect fit because at the STEMulus Center one of the planned activities was a coding boot camp,” he said. The Deep Diving Coding Boot Camp is an intensive 9-week, 40 hours a week coding boot camp, Sengel said. The Deep Diving Coding Boot Camp is the only program fully underway at the center, she said. The FUSE Makerspace will contain carpentry, electrical, welding, and 3D printing shops and will likely be located in another space due to the lack of square footage, she said. In the FUSE Makerspace, people will be able to create prototypes of their ideas so that they can then go out and pitch them to businesses, she said. The Fast Track Business Administration Degree is another intensive program in which students can receive their Business Administration Associates Degree in 15 months. The whole program will be downtown and classes will be only at night, Sengel said. The Fast Track Degree has a tuition rate of $7,000 for the whole degree, she said. The IGNITE Community Accelerator programs are to help locals start-up and grow businesses, she said. “We’re really trying to promote entrepreneurship in the community because in New Mexico a lot of our economy is built on small businesses, really we’re trying to build that entrepreneurial spirit and embrace that, you don’t have to work for a big corporation to have a career or really great options,” Sengel said. Mierzwa will also be overlooking the other technology programs at STEMulus Center, such as the Cisco Networking Academy and the Cyber Security Academy. The STEMulus is currently equipped with two classrooms where they will be having courses in which city workers will be trained in Mental Health First Aid, Sengel said.




September 9-22, 2014

The CNM Chronicle


ate the workforce of today and tomorrow



p Dive Coding BootCamp

PNM Pop-Up Pavilion

Fast Track Business Administration Degree

E Community Accelerator


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September 9-22, 2014



CNM BOOKSTORE 725 University Blvd SE /CNMBkstr

September 9-22, 2014


The CNM Chronicle


Letter to the editor This letter was submitted by a CNM student expressing their opinions on the CNM nursing program and are those of the individual writer and do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the CNM Chronicle or its staff.

As a student of Central New Mexico Community College since 2010, I had been working diligently to compete my coursework for my Pre-health Sciences degree to transfer to the University of New Mexico: College of Pharmacy. As many students do, I changed my major in the fall of 2013 to nursing because I decided that I wanted to continue my career in the healthcare industry by providing more of a hands-on approach to the medical field. I want to be a part of the change people see in their health and recovery processes. After speaking with a CNMCC Nursing advisor, I was informed that they were eliminating the waitlist for the nursing program due to the high demand. The nursing program has supposedly undergone a ‘revamp’ in their selection process to include a pre-screening through the Coordinated Program Entry Office, for potential applicants. From my understanding, the selection committee for the nursing program was going to review the applications and only allow students, who meet the criteria, to register for the nursing classes at CNMCC. Previously, CNMCC Registration didn’t allow anyone to register for the courses, if you didn’t meet the criteria or due to incomplete/unsatisfactory pre-requisites. Let me be the first to inform you that nothing has changed, therefore, I don’t see how this New process has any benefit for the students! What really bothers me (and I’m sure many others) about this whole process is that CNMCC chooses the students who are eligible to register for Nursing 1010 & 1015 classes (NOT the best qualified applicants), notifies you via email, and on registration day; you are STILL competing with over 200 students to get into the small amount of spots! The classes for fall 2014 filled up in less than 3 seconds, then the whole CNM system CRASHED! I was prepared and ready 30 minutes prior to the 9am registration time and date to register for the courses and was so happy that I was one of the chosen ones. With a 3.7 G.P.A. for my nursing coursework (3.0 overall) and a 91% on the HESI A2 Exam, with 100% in 3 out of 6 sections, 90% and above in 2 other sections, and my lowest score being in the mid 80’s; I was so happy to finally be able to register for the Fall 2014 matriculation and finally move on in my new found love of nursing. I have completed ALL the required classes to be taken throughout the nursing curriculum, minus the nursing specific courses and have nothing else to take. Little did I know, nor was I informed, that I was STILL competing with everyone and their mother to get into the classes. I HAD JUST AS GOOD OF A CHANCE OF GETTING INTO THE PROGRAM AS SOMEONE WHO MET THE MINIMUM

REQUIREMENTS OF A 2.75 G.P.A. AND MINIMUM SCORES OF 75% ON THE HESI A2!! After not getting into the program, I called the Department of Health and Wellness and Public Safety (HWPS) at CNM and asked what happened to the system and if all the spots were filled. The informed me that they had been flooded with phone calls due to angry applicants for the nursing program and yes, all the spots had been filled. She also informed me that the president of CNM, Dr. Katharine W. Winograd, feels that, because this is a community college, every student deserves the same chance to register for the program and doesn’t agree with making nursing an Academic Ranking program. WHAT?! This is a mindset that Dr. Winograd is stuck in from when CNMCC USED to be a vocational institute. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have someone who performed well in their classes and graduated amongst the highest in their class caring for me when I am in need of medical attention and support. Why doesn’t CNM base their Nursing Applicants by Academic Ranking? That’s one of the major reasons for them becoming a community college! This doesn’t make sense to me at all. We want the best of the best to continue their careers, in the medical field especially! This tells me that Dr. Winograd doesn’t care at all about the QUALITY of her graduates, but only cares about the QUANTITY. I feel this whole process should be reevaluated and Dr. Winograd and the CNM College of Nursing selection committee should seriously reconsider how they select their students. Due to CNMCC’s lack of care for producing successful Nursing Graduates, I have decided to move forward with other Nursing School options, along with many other deserving applicants, no matter what the cost of the school. CNMCC is certainly missing out on a great opportunity with this program, and I’m sure many others. It’s a scary and disappointing thought that CNMCC is perfectly content with putting people’s lives in the hands of minimally successful graduates that don’t plan on furthering their education and sticking with the vocational school mentality, rather than progressing forward with the community college ideology. You’re only as good as the graduates you produce! Great job Central New Mexico Community College!! Disgruntled Nursing Applicant, Aaron Rivera


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September 9-22, 2014

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Issue 13, Volume 20  

Issue 13 of Volume 20 of The CNM Chronicle

Issue 13, Volume 20  

Issue 13 of Volume 20 of The CNM Chronicle