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July 29- August 4, 2014

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Work-study qualified By Daniel Johnson

Investigative Reporter Students can go through the MyCNM website and access the financial aid page to locate the information needed to start the process of a loan, federal or state funded aid, or to qualify for work-study positions within the school, said Lee Carrillo, Senior Director of Financial Aid, Scholarships and Veteran Services. All students need to fill out the FASFA form to qualify for financial aid, he said, but once the FASFA form is filed electronically it will be submitted and reviewed by the financial aid department. And once reviewed a student will be informed of what they qualify for, he said. “Almost anyone who comes into the school can qualify for

loans, aid, or some form of work-study,” Carrillo said. There are currently two different types of financial aid assistance, he said. The first is need based he said, which allows a student that qualifies the opportunity to collect assistance from state and federal funds, as well as becoming work-study qualified. The second is no need work-study, which means that a student that may not qualify for assistance but they could still qualify to work on campus as a student work-study, he said. “Most no need work-studies can still receive loans as well as working for a paycheck,” he said. Work-study allows students an opportunity to get a job at one of the seven CNM campuses, he said. A work-study employee can work up to twenty hours a

week and earn from $8.50 to $9.50 an hour, he said. The rate of pay all depends on what the job duties are and what position a student would be in at the current job, he said. “There are few jobs that pay $9.50 an hour but they do exist,” Carrillo said. If a student is work-study qualified they will again need to access the MyCNM page to look for work-study jobs, he said. Some paper work will need to be filled out in the financial aid office at main campus if a student is hired as work-study, he said. If a student is under the age of 24, then they will need their parents tax information as well as their own, if they are over 24 and had a job in the past they will need their own tax information, he said. “Most of the filing process can be done on-line but if a student ever has any questions

they can feel free to visit us in the financial aid office with any questions they may have,” Carrillo said. Everybody that comes to CNM has a financial advisor available to them he said and they are always willing to help students that need it as well. At this point in the year it is essential that a student submits their paperwork as quick as possible to get qualified because as of right now it is late in the season, he said. “If a student wants to get it going they should start now and come in to get on the right path to succeed,” Carillo, said. For more information on what is offered to students via financial aid, go to depts/financial-aid or make an appointment with a financial aid advisor at 224-3090 .


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July 29-August 4, 2014

To submit items for Campus Bulletins, please email news item with a maximum of 150 words to: or call 224-4755.


Free Bus and Parking Passes Current students qualify for a free general parking pass and AbqRide bus pass. Name, schedule, and student ID number are required. For a general parking pass, vehicle and drivers license information must be provided. To register, log in to myCNM and follow links from the “transportation” section. The passes can then be obtained at the Main campus Student Activities Office.

New Student Orientation During this orientation, you’ll learn important information you need to know to succeed at CNM. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet other new students, get to know the campus, and have some fun! You must register 24 hours before for the orientations by going to the cnm calendar and selecting register in the event. Westside Campus - August 1, 1 p.m. 4 p.m. Main Campus - August 5, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Contact CNM Outreach Services at 224-4677 or for more informaiton.

Student Government Meetings ECOS members are invited to the weekly student goverment meetins. Main Campus ST-12A - Fridays, 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Student Clubs

Open Chemistry Study Sessions

The weekly study session for any chemistry subject. Meet people and get your homework done at the same time! We always have free coffee and snacks. Saturdays 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Main Campus JS Hall, Room 301 Contact Tim Torress at ttorres44@ for more information

The Executive Council of Students


PNM Butterfly Pavilion Enjoy hundreds of butterflies in this immersive seasonal exhibit, weather permitting. Now until Saturday, August 16 at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Gardens. Free with price of admission.

Thursday Jazz Nights Dan Dowling Quartet and Cathryn McGill will be playing at the Outpost Performance Space, August 7, 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Dan Dowling Quartet features Pat Rhoads, John Griffin, and Andy Poling, drums, and 2014 Women of Influence and Creative Albuquerque Bravos Award winner Cathryn McGill, is a singer/songwriter/producer/ actress whose style has been described as “gospel cooked jazz and blues.”

The Executive Council of Students (ECOS) is looking for new students to join the CNM student government this semester. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be enrolled for at least 3 credit hours, have a letter of recommendation, and be willing to be an active student in the CNM community. For more information or to apply to ECOS students can pick up Zepparella at the an application in the Student Services Launchpad building in room 201, student life office of Main campus. Zepparella, an all girl Led Zeppelin Tribute Band will be playing at the Join Physics League Launchpad July 31, 9 p.m.- 12:30 p.m. Tickets $12 through holdmyticket. The CNM Physics League is a chartered com. Ages 21 and up. student organization with a goal of supporting physics students. Marilyn!! Physics league meets every Saturday in JS 303 at Main Campus for a study Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray, and session from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the Arthur O’Connell star in ‘Bus Stop’ CNM Math League. in which a cowbow falls in love with a Contact the president, Jenny Smith at saloon singer and tries to take her away or the secretary, to get married and live in Montana. Joseph Dennison at jdennison2@cnm. July 30, 7 p.m.- 8 p.m. at the KiMo edu for more information. Theater. Open to al ages, tickets $5-7.

Want to get paid to learn journalism? The CNM Chronicle is now accepting

applications for the following positions

All applicants must be work study qualified, be able to work a 20 hours a week, with a flexible schedule and a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Staff Reporter Applicants must: Have passed ENG 1101 Have at least two terms remaining at CNM Expository writing (ENG 2200) or Journalism (JOUR 1171) a plus Advertising Sales Applicants must: Be able to canvas surrounding CNM campus areas Have reliable transportation Have valid drivers licence, registration and insurance Distribution Assistant Applicants must: Have reliable transportation Have valid drivers licence, registration and insurance Editor Applicants must: Have knowledge of Associated Press style writing a plus Have ability to edit grammatical errors, sentence structure, and overall quality of writing Be able to tutor writers/reporters

Please email resumes to Rene Thompson at


Classifieds Need part-time nurse assistant to care for female senior citizen in Albuquerque. Call 505 550-6000. Full-size futon with metal frame. Great condition. asking $95 Please call: 505-238-1829 Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer. $25. 890-2836. EXCELLENT CONDITION! 2007 Mustang GT/CS, Black, 66,590 miles. $16,000 OBO. Call Sean or Jennifer 321-6685. PERSONAL CHEF: to prepare vegan meals one day/week in private residence, NE Alb. foothills. Big kitchen, beautiful surroundings. Must be nonsmoker. References, NMDL, reliable vehicle, background check, drug testing & fingerprints required. Payroll. Compensation DOE. Please call (505) 858-3406 9am-9pm. DIALYSIS NURSE: Excellent Pay, unique opportunity for private duty nurse to do home hemodialysis in private residence in NE Alb. foothills. Beautiful surroundings, peaceful and quiet workplace. Employer is healthy, upbeat, and has been on home dialysis for over twenty years. Looking for caring, conscientious, dedicated nurse. We will train. Must have IV or phlebotomy experience. Must be non-smoker. References, NMDL, reliable vehicle, background check, drug testing & fingerprints required. Payroll. Compensation DOE. Please call (505) 858-3406 9am9pm.


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July 29-August 4, 2014

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(Summer) break the monotony By the Chronicle Editorial Board Before students get to binge watching on Netflix or catching up on video games and napping, students should take the time to get out in the world and seek something beyond their computer screens this coming break. There really is so much one can do to subside the boredom that comes with having a couple weeks off, such as getting out into nature, and New Mexico has much of that to offer including the Sandia Mountains that are right in all of our backyards, to Cochiti Lake that is only 50 minutes away. New Mexico has many breath-taking landscapes and surrealistic camping sites far off the grid to choose from as well, that are all within an afternoon’s drive, so if this is the route you might want to take over the break, has a comprehensive list of great places to choose from on their explore New Mexico page. There are also an array things to do in the city, and taking the time to pamper oneself can do wonders when coming back for a grueling semester, such getting an inexpensive mani/pedi or massage, or just relaxing with family and friends at a bar-b-que.

Albuquerque is truly diverse when it comes to culture as well, and one could even have an art scavenger hunt with friends, go to the museums in Burque, or go on a brewery and/or winery tour (with designated driver of course), as Albuquerque has a large assortment of home-brewed beers and wines accessible at an array of locations. For more information on any of these suggestions, check out Either way, find something that you can enjoy doing over the break besides catching up on what the internet or boob-tube has to offer, and seek out what New Mexico has to offer instead, which will help in actually getting something out of having the time off, and will feel like your weeks off were not wasted away with trivial time suckers. Sometimes it just takes someone saying we need to get out of here and do something in order for it to happen, so get out this break and have an adventure all your own, and gain some great memories with the people you love, so you can come back, hunker down, and be ready to get back to the grind of pursuing your dreams of a better education. The Chronicle hopes everyone has a great break and relishes the rest of the summer season.

Financial aid, a three-ring circus By the Chronicle Editorial Board

Getting through the FASFA process and attempting to get Financial Aid can be somewhat of a circus for some students. What students have to understand is that the Financial Aid Department deals with close to 30,000 students, and many are having the same issues as you are right now. So if you are having issues with Financial Aid and it is frustrating the hell out of you, seek advice from other students in their experiences and dealings with the financial aid department and see how other students dealt with their issues, because chances are it is not as bad as it seems. Sometimes it can just be a form missed during filing or information that was overlooked, and can be remedied with a quick appointment with a financial aid advisor. Also, many students do not actually know that they can qualify for grants and scholarships without applying for student loans,

and can even become work-study qualified without getting all that financial aid has to offer. Right now there are more than 100 student work-study positions offered throughout all the seven CNM campuses, which offer an array of positions, including here at The CNM Chronicle. Due to the firing freeze we are hiring for more than 10 positions in an assortment of positions, including staff reporter, ad sales, and distribution (Please see our hiring ad on Page 2). There are many opportunities to thrive here at CNM, and it may take some patience to get through the process, but there are many ways of acquiring funds here and the school knows we need those extra funds and will help students in getting them, you just have to know who will actually help. So, to the people wondering if you qualify for financial aid or workstudy, make an appointment with a Financial Aid Adviser at 224-3090.

Jack Ehn faculty adviser editorial board

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July 29-August 4, 2014

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